Doctor Who (1963–1989): Season 17, Episode 11 - The Creature from the Pit: Part Three - full transcript

Trapped face to featureless face with the alien creature, the Doctor tries his best to communicate with it. Meanwhile, as Adrasta's group tries to break through metallic bio-blockage created by the creature, bandits raid her palace for every scrap of metal they can find, including an alien shield that harbors powers no one suspects.


Doctor, come back.

Hello there.

Steady. Steady.

You're standing on my scarf.

Doctor! Don't just stand there,
help him, he's trapped.

-I've never seen anything like it.
-I have.

Anyway, the Doctor's behind there
and we've got to get him out.

It's as hard as rock.

It'll take gunpowder
to blast a hole in this.

And even then...

It's him. He's alive.

How do you know it's him?

It's, uh, part of my profession.

We'll, we've got to get through,
so get on with it.

-You. Go and inform the Lady Adrasta.

You. Give us a hand
to smash a hole in this.

Maybe if we tried at the edge here.

-Come on. Down here.

There's only one guard at the side gate.

Good. What do we do about him?

Well, Edu's gone to have
a chat with him.


Lovely little talker, is Edu. Come on.

What is it?

Message for my lady
from the Guardmaster.

-The Creature has been found...
-I'll take him. It's all right.

-...a sort of shell to protect itself.
-I've got to check his circuitry.

Don't worry.
I'll take the responsibility.

K9. Are you recharged?

Very nearly, mistress.

-Be ready.
-I always am, mistress.

You saw all this with your own eyes?

Yes, my lady.
The Guardmaster is awaiting your orders.

Guard, the prisoner must not
communicate with the tin animal.

What were you up to?

I told the guard.
Checking K9's circuitry.

-My lady...

My dear, bad news, I'm afraid,
about your friend the Doctor.

-He's dead?
-Nobody can tell at the moment.

-What do you mean?
-The guard says he's trapped in the Pit

-with the Creature.
-Well, then, we must get him out.

How? My men can't break through
the shell the creature has woven.

A shell?

If we are to rescue the Doctor,
we have to break through the shell.

Could K9 do it? Has he enough power?


Impossible to say

until the molecular structure
of the material is evaluated.

I hope, for the Doctor's sake,
you are strong enough.

And strong enough
to kill the Creature, too.

Come on.

Guard, lift me down.

Pure cadmium.
That didn't come from this mine.

Nugget of iron.

Iron ore I could understand,
but pure iron...

I wonder where it came from?


Friend. Friend.

All right. It's all right.

Look. You can see I'm not armed, eh?

I won't hurt you.

How could I hurt you?
I mean, how?

You've got beautiful skin.

Extraordinary skin.

Green veins.

Chlorophyll? I wonder.

Well, if it's chlorophyll you need,
you've come to the right place.

Chlorophyll? I wonder.

No, don't get frightened.
It's all right. It's all right.



There. There.
That's not so bad, now, is it, hey?

Good girl. Good boy.

You're a problem, you know?

You're aware of me,
yet you haven't got any eyes.

Haven't got a mouth.
At least not one that I can see.

Come to think of it,
you haven't even got a head.

So, how do we communicate? Hmm?



I am the Doctor. Friend. Friend.

Hello. I am the Doctor. Friend. Friend.

Nothing. Not a thing.

How are we going to
talk to each other, eh?

Why can't we talk to each other?

How do you communicate
with your own kind? Hmm?

Steady. Steady, friend. There you are.

Easy. Friend. Friend. Friend.

What's that? A picture?

I've seen that somewhere before.

Okay, come on in.


-Who are you?

Where have you come from?
Stay there. Don't move.

Look, I'm not armed.

Are you alone? Intruder.
Turn out the guards!

Come on, my lovely boys.

Let's see what Lady Adrasta has for us.

Even the door, the bolts and the hinges.
All metal.

Quick, my lovely boys. Quick,
before the guards get back.

Bring everything.





Hey, what's this?

I don't know. If it's metal, bring it.

Hey, it's warm!

I don't care if it's on fire.
If it's metal, bring it.

The wheel is burning!

-I've never seen metal like that before.
-Ridiculous. Here, let me try.

-It's not hot at all.

Oh, it's metal, all right.

It's not tin or silver.

-Guards coming!

-How many?
-Too many for us!

Yeah, we'd better get out of here.

-Quick. Let's see where this leads to.
-They're coming!

Quick. Quick. All of you. Down here.

Maybe it leads to
Adrasta's treasure vault.

So, that's what you want.

Easy, easy. Shh.
You do want it, don't you?

What's it for? Is it a weapon?
What is it?

Oh, come on. At least say something.

Communicate. Give me a sign.

I wish I knew how far I could trust you.

Still, you haven't harmed me yet. Much.

All right. I'll get it for you.

But I want you to promise...
That's a stupid thing to say.

You can't even speak.
How can you promise me anything?

All right. Be good, hey?

Stay here.


Bits of shell. Bits of eggshell.

No, no. It's all right. It's all right.
It's all right. All right. All right.

Look. I'm not going to take them.
I'm not going to take them.

There you are.

I can take a hint.
I can take a hint. Yeah.

If you ever do find your mouth,
wherever it is,

you've got a lot of explaining to do,
my friend.

All right. All right.
I said I can take a hint.

I'm off. I'm off. I'm off.
Bye-bye. Bye-bye. Bye-bye.

-Who are you?
-Oh, don't bother about that now.

My friend's trapped in there.

-The Doctor?

Oh, I... I beg your pardon.
Do you know him?

-Yes, very well.
-Oh. Nice fellow.

Do you know the celestial circumstances
of his birth?

-The what?
-When was he born?

Oh, about 750 years ago, so he says.

I thought you were dead.
Why haven't you died?

I'm sorry, my lady,
it was an oversight.

Why didn't the Creature kill you?

A favourable conjunction
of the stars, my lady.

Well, we'll just have to see that

they don't continue like that
for much longer.

-It's hopeless, my lady.

What is, you fool?

We can't get through, we've tried.
My lady, it's hopeless.

The Doctor's behind there.
We must at least try.

Nothing is hopeless, Guardmaster.
Not if you value your commission.

I stand corrected, my lady.

Guards, come on.

Don't worry, my dear.
My men will try to do their best.

It's made of identical material
to that broken shell

we saw when we landed.

Try the metal animal on it.
Perhaps he can break through.

K9, do your best.

That is what I am programmed to do,

If you do get through,
kill the creature.

Do you understand, Romana? Kill it.

I understand.

I am programmed not to kill,
except in self-defence.

Oh, I think that can be arranged.

You ready, K9?

If the guards will stand well back.

What a haul! What a haul!

I'm rich! I'm rich!

-We're rich.
-Yeah, we're rich, of course!

Didn't I tell you, my beautiful boys?

Didn't I tell you we'd find it all
in Adrasta's palace?

Yeah. You told us.
Now, shh! Let's get going.

Now, look at that.

Look at that. Do you know what that is?


I haven't seen a piece of zinc
as big as that

for, oh, 20 years or more.

-Oh, come on, Torvin.

The guards must be after us by now.

Beautiful. Beautiful.

Hey, Torvin, look!

Hey, don't drop it.
Whatever you do, don't drop it!

A light.

I've never seen metal like that before.

It's beautiful.

Torvin. Are you...

Are you all right?

I feel...

The material is too strong.

I am in danger of depleting
my power packs.

It's all right, K9.

Why has the animal stopped?

Because if you want to
kill the Creature,

K9 must have some power left.

But so far, it's had no effect
on the shell whatsoever.


I weakened the shell,
but the material is self-renewing.

What do you mean? What does he mean?

He means that whenever the material
is weakened,

the atoms recombine,
the molecules reconstitute themselves

to form an even stronger material.

Correct, mistress.

So, all that ray has done, in fact,
is to temper the original material?

That's about right. Yes.

My dear, your electric dog
is infernally stupid.

How in heaven's name are we supposed to
break through the shell now?

Men, redouble your efforts!

No, wait.
We're not going to do it like that.

We must think.

Hello, everybody.

-Doctor! Are you all right?
-Yes, I'm fine.

I was so worried about you.

Oh, you shouldn't be worried.
Time Lords have 90 lives.

-How many have you got through, then?
-About 1 30.

-How did you do it?

I demand you tell me
how you broke through the shell.

Ah. I asked the Creature very nicely.
''My pleasure,'' it said.

Liar! The Creature can't talk without...

Guardmaster, take a look.

I'll go with him.

Your luck's still holding out.

It is, rather, isn't it?

You must have been born under
a particularly favourable

conjunction of celestial circumstances.

-I was.
-What sign were you born under?

Crossed computers.

-Crossed what?

It's a symbol of the maternity service
on Gallifrey.


It's all clear, my lady.

-No sign of the Creature?

Why did it let you get away?
Why didn't it kill you?

Well, I don't know.
Why don't you ask it?

Incidentally, how did you know with such
certainty that creature couldn't talk?

What do you know about it?

And why do you want it killed
so badly? Hmm?

You ask too many questions, Doctor.

Karela. Take the girl, the tin animal
and some men. You know what to do.

-No, no. Please.
-Afraid for the Creature, Doctor?

No, I'm afraid for them. Have you
any idea what that Creature can do?

I know one thing, Doctor.

It can't get out of this pit by itself.

Go on, Karela. Hold him.

In case he tries to warn
his creeping friend.


All right, K9.

Mistress, blasting has proved too much
for my power packs.

If I am to conserve my energy,
I shall need a rest.

All right, K9. I'll carry you.

-Call them back.
-Be silent.

You could be sending them
to their deaths, you know.

-Ready, dog?
-I am ready.

I take back what I said about
this being your lucky day.

-I think, on second thought,

-it may be the monster's.
-Well, thank you.

I wonder what sign it was born under?

What a pity
you didn't bring your charts.

You could have worked it out
for yourself.

-What is it?
-Adrasta's evil eye is on me.


Lady Adrasta,
they've been gone a long time.

How far away was the Creature
when you saw it?

Ooh, I don't know.

A few hundred yards along the passageway
there was a big cave, it was in there.

-We should have heard something by now.

Look, why don't I go?

-No! Ah, no.

-My lady.

You will go.

-What, me?
-Yes, you.

Go down to the passage, into the cave
and come back and tell us what you see.

Oh, why me?

Maybe it isn't your lucky day.

I don't think that's at all funny.

If you don't go, my friend,

that guard standing behind you
will cut your throat from ear to ear.

Have you ever thought of taking up
another line of work?

I don't think astrology is your forte.

Oh, my lady. Ah!

-Nothing, my lady.

-The cave's empty.

-The Creature's gone.

We discovered a passage
at the back of the cave.

Guard, hold her.

And make sure the dog's pointing
against the rock.

Where does the passage lead?

I don't know.
I sent the guards down after it.

You realise what this means, Adrasta?

It means a great green blob
several hundred feet long is loose

somewhere in these passageways.

An angry green blob.
A green blob you tried to kill.

Karela, take the girl,
the tin animal and some guards,

go down into the Pit,
find the Creature and kill it!

Adrasta, you're insane.

You have some idea of
what that creature can do.

Can you imagine?
At the moment, it's reasonably friendly.

But if K9 shoots it...

-It will get very angry.

Then, Doctor, you had better make sure
that K9 manages to kill it.

What, a creature that size?
He's only a little dog, you know.

Don't try to be clever, Doctor.

K9 is quite capable of killing
the Tythonian.

-The what?
-The Creature.

-I thought you said Tythonian.
-I meant the Creature.

You've bitten off more
than you can chew, haven't you?

Doctor, I mean to have
that Creature dead.

Romana will make K9 kill it.

No, no, she won't. She won't.

She'll refuse, you know.
Won't you, Romana?

Yes, I'll refuse.

Then Karela will kill her.

Point the dog against the rock!

Did you hear that, Romana?

Karela's going to kill you,
and you with your hair all messed up.

Doctor, I can't do anything
about my hair if I'm holding K9.

Oh, so you are. I didn't notice.
Here, let me help you.

K9, ready, fire!

No, Romana! No!

No, get away from me!

Frightening, isn't it?

Don't let it get me.
You mustn't let that thing get me!

It'll kill me!

Do you think?
Why should it want to kill you?

It didn't want to kill me.
Did you, old fella?

Yes, I believe he wants to kill you.

Keep it away from me.
It's... It's going to eat me!

Oh, come on. You know it doesn't
really eat people, don't you?

But you know what it does eat

and you haven't been letting it
get any, have you?

No. You just stuck it in a pit
and threw people at it.

Oh, she did indeed.

Yes, I wouldn't be surprised
if it wanted to kill you.

I wouldn't be surprised at all.

Now, Doctor.
I mean to have that creature dead.

Romana, train K9's ray on it.

-Don't do it, Romana.

Or the Doctor dies. Six seconds, Romana.

Get away from here. Get away!

Or the Doctor dies!

No. No! No!

No! No! No!

No! No!