Doctor Who (1963–1989): Season 16, Episode 26 - The Armageddon Factor: Part Six - full transcript

The Doctor, having met another Time Lord named Drax in the caves, teams up with him to try and defeat the Shadow, but Drax shrinks him instead of his Mute captor then turns the shrinking ray on himself, allowing the Shadow to claim the Key to Time. Meanwhile, everyone finds out that Princess Astra, herself, is the sixth and final segment of the Key to Time. And once it is assembled, nothing stands between the Shadow and absolute power of the Universe...except the Doctor!

I suppose you realise that, once
I give the Shadow the Key to Time,

that you and your colleagues
will be superfluous, hmm?

What I meant was that, you see, after
I've given the Shadow the Key to Time,

he'll kill you and then he'll kill me
and, perhaps, you don't care.

Right, Doctor, I'm ready for you.

No, Drax, no!

No! No, Drax, no!

Over here, Doctor!

Doctor, over here!

-Look at that!
-You shrank the wrong man, Drax!

-No, I was aiming at you.
-Why didn't you shrink the Mute?

The TARDIS door is open.

Right, I've got it. Now, listen.

One of us creates a diversion and
you fly over there and shut the door.


Yeah, and we can't use
the dimensional stabiliser in here

'cause there's not enough room
for when we get back to normal size.

-We'll just fill up the crack.
-Like putty.

Do you mind?

-Yeah, you've got problems.

The door is open so the Shadow can
go in there and take the Key to Time.

Romana can't help and the time loop
must be at breaking point by now.

When the countdown reaches zero,
up goes Atrios, Zeos and all.

Life presents a dismal picture,
you might say.

Yes, you might say that.

And, of course, there's the Marshal.

-The Marshal? He's on our side?

No. Oh, well.

Where does he fit in?

He's in the time loop as well
making a rocket attack on Zeos.

Unless, of course, Shapp and Merak
get in contact with him.

-Where are they?
-Back on Atrios, I hope.

Atrian control to Marshal. Marshal?

Come in, Marshal. Oh, it's useless!

He either can't or won't answer.

And this time loop device isn't going to
hold things back forever, is it?

No, not unless the Doctor
can find the sixth piece.

And the sixth piece is somehow
connected with Astra.

-But she denies all knowledge of it?
-All conscious knowledge, yes.

But if she's the only one
who knows the secret,

and, if the knowledge is implanted,
then it must have affected her,

made her different is some slight way
that just might show up in analysis.

Yes, but she's not here.

But her records are, on your computer.



Well, we've got one thing in our favour.



Well, if we're only this high,
we're practically invisible, aren't we?

-Except we daren't move.

If the Shadow gets the five pieces
from the TARDIS,

which he undoubtedly will,
it's up to us to get the sixth piece.

Yeah, but you don't know
what it looks like, do you?

I reckon you're banjaxed, my old son.
End of the road, finito.

The Shadow said I'd already seen it.
Must be Astra.

-She must have it. Yeah.

Let's see where this crack leads,
shall we?

It's better than getting the boot.

The Doctor has eluded me,
but he has made his last mistake.

See, the door is open!

The Key to Time is mine!


He thinks we're just going to stand by

and let him walk away with everything
we've worked for.

Come on, let's get out of here.

-In this place.

My destiny is here, in this place.

Not on Atrios, not on Zeos.

-Astra, listen.

You're not under
the Shadow's influence any more.

Now, let's get out of here
before he comes back!

No, I must stay.

I am the sixth princess
of the sixth dynasty

of the sixth royal house of Atrios.

Yes, yes, but we must get out of here
before the Shadow comes back.

This is the time of my becoming,
my transcendence.

-What are you talking about?

Yeah, here we are.
Right, now, there's the T-junction.

Right, down to the dungeon.
Left, on to the Shadow's lair.

Wait! You mean there's a way in
he doesn't know about?

Well, it will be when it's finished.
But a couple of midgets like us

won't be much good
on the pick and shovel, will we?

No, no, no, no!

But if we get K9 up there, we
won't need a pick and shovel, will we?

We can still give the Shadow a surprise.

-Well, let's normalise then, shall we?
-No, no, Drax, no!

-Small is lovely.
-Big is better, though, innit?

Now the moment I have waited for!

Open the door.

Light! Too much light!

You, fetch me the Key. Hurry.

When the Key is mine,
I shall dispel the light

and darkness and night shall reign!


Destiny. My destiny is near.

Astra, remember you're the sixth
princess of the sixth royal house

of the sixth dynasty...

And we're looking for the sixth
segment of the Key to Time!

Oh, you're in greater danger
even than we imagined.

-Have you found it?
-I think so, yes.

What is it?

A molecular anomaly
buried in the genetic structure

of the royal house of Atrios.

Passed from one generation
to the next, until, finally, Astra.

What's it mean?

I imagine it means that her every
living cell is part of this Key of Time.

And that, to save us,
Astra must be destroyed.

You see?

Hey, where are you going?

Everything all right, K9?

-Control box in position?
-Control box in position.

-Batteries charged.

-Test the blaster, K9.
-Blaster testing.

-Blaster working, K9?

-Are you all right, Drax?
-Just about.

-That bit gets hot.
-I'd sit somewhere else if I were you.

-Ready, K9?

Now, remember, it's absolutely vital
to convince the Shadow

that you are still under his control.

This whole plan depends
on how well you can act, got it?

-Affirmative, Master.
-Keep it simple, K9.

The Doctor and Drax
have been eliminated.

-Okay, K9, now forward. You're on!

Did you ever get to Troy, Drax?
A little place in Asia Minor.

The third planet, show me.

The fulfilment of that

for which I have waited
since eternity began.

Preparing for blasting.

You see, Princess,
you cannot escape your destiny.

-My destiny...
-It is for this that you were born.

The sixth child of the sixth generation

of the sixth dynasty of Atrios.

Born to be the sixth and final
segment of the Key to Time.

Come, Princess, prepare yourself.

I am ready.


What is this?

Apologies, Master.

-You mechanical idiot!
-But there is an intruder here!

I ordered her to eliminate him.

It shall be done.

Wait. Where is the Doctor?

The Doctor and Drax
have been eliminated.


Then these two shall stay
and witness my moment of glory,

my apotheosis.


Mine at last!

Now, Master!

-No, you'll break the time loop!
-Millions will die!

A small beginning.

The stabiliser, Drax. Now!

You interfering fool!

No one can resist the power of darkness!

Quick! Back to the TARDIS!


You go on, Doctor. I'll hold them off.

-How will you get back?
-The transmat shaft.

See you on the TARDIS.

Stop him!

He must be stopped!

Stop him!

-Come on, Merak.

-Come on, Romana. Merak, get inside!

-Quick, get inside!
-No, Doctor! I'm staying here.

-I'm staying here to look for Astra.

-But what about the Shadow?

No, Romana, come on!

Set the coordinates for Zeos.

We're murderers.
First Astra and now Merak.

Romana, it wasn't our idea

to use the royal house of Atrios
as carriers, was it?

No, but what happened to Astra
was our fault.

We're just pawns here to do
the Guardian's dirty work.

I don't like it any more than you do,
but it's done.

Have you set those coordinates, yet?

Is that all you can say?

She was a living being.
And now what is she? A component.

And Merak thinks she's still alive.

No power should have that right,
not even the Guardians.

-We must do something!
-Well, you could start

by setting the coordinates for Zeos.

-Romana, you get carried away.

If you don't set those coordinates,
millions of people will die

and this time
it really will be our fault.

Have you forgotten the time loop?

No, I hadn't forgotten the time loop.
Can't you put the new segment in?

In less than a second?

Quick, cutters! Cutters!

Here, what a mess in here!

Listen, Drax, don't just stand there.
What colour?

-Green, I think.

Well, it's a long time since I done it.

Quickly, Drax!
-Just a minute. Don't fluster me!

-I've got a diagram somewhere.

-Drax! Drax!


-Drax! Drax!
-Pyramid, green!

I told you!

Well, you didn't have
to make such a mess of it all.


You took your time. Where's K9?

We found young Merak
lying there dead to the world.

Carrying him slowed us right down.

-Really? How is he?
-He'll live.


-Aren't we forgetting something?
-I don't think so.

-The Marshal!

-The Marshal? Quick!
-Come on!


Taste the moment of victory.

Any second now, beautiful mushrooms
will blossom and burst.


No! It's the wrong target!

Sire! Sire!

I have failed. The Doctor
has accomplished his purpose.

He has the Key to Time.

Sire, I have failed!

I expected no less of you,
you whimpering wraith.

But your death is already encompassed
in my designs.

For now, the Doctor shall release
the Key to me

and chaos shall break upon the universe!

What a shot, Marshal! Ha-ha, well shot!

Doctor, he hit the Planet of Evil
and he was aiming at Zeos.

Well, I can't help
what he was aiming at.

What did you do?

A mere nothing, a mere deflective
force field set up for a millisecond

between the Marshal and Zeos

bounced the missile
smack onto the Planet of Evil.

-Is that all?

Well, he might have told us,
mightn't he, dog?

We was expecting
to get blasted into infinity.

-Well, I'm sorry...

I don't know what I am apologising for.
I just saved your lives!

Can I drop you somewhere, Drax?

No, thanks.
I've got a contract job on down there.

-Contract job. No armaments, I hope?

No, reconstruction, war damage.
Scrap and that.

-Me and the Marshal's going fifty-fifty.
-You and the Marshal?

Yeah, well, he's out of a job now,
isn't he?

I mean, no war, no job.
So I took him on.

When did you arrange this?

In about half an hour's time,
I should think.

-Well, sixty-forty, know what I mean?

And if you ever
want to get rid of that thing,

-just let me know, won't you?
-I'll let you know. Bye-bye, Drax.

-Right, then. Bye, all.

Remember me to Gallifrey.

-Bye-bye, Drax!

Right, I'll set the coordinates
for Gallifrey, shall I?

-Why Gallifrey?
-That's where we're going, isn't it?

We have the power
to do anything we like.

Absolute power over every particle
in the universe.

Everything that has ever existed
or ever will exist.

As from this moment...
Are you listening to me, Romana?

-Yes, of course I'm listening...
-Because if you're not listening,

I can make you listen,
because I can do anything.

As from this moment,
there's no such thing as free will

in the entire universe.

There's only my will,
because I possess the Key to Time!

Doctor, are you all right?

Well, of course I'm all right.
But supposing I wasn't all right?

This thing makes me feel
in such a way I'd be very worried

if I felt like that about somebody else

feeling like this about that.
Do you understand?

-What do you understand?

That the sooner we hand this
over to the White Guardian,

-the better!
-The better!

My congratulations to you, Doctor.

Oh, thank you, sir. Thank you.

You performed your task
with admirable dispatch.

The universe has much to thank you for.

Well, it was a pleasure, sir.
Wasn't it a pleasure, Romana?

-Doctor, that's not the President.

What's the President got to do with it?

I can change my form or shape
at will, my dear child.

I appear to you as the President
so as not to alarm you.

-Just be careful who you are talking to.
-Sorry, I...

You have the Key to Time, Doctor?

Ah. Oh, I have. I have indeed, sir.
Do you like it?

Do I like it?

Yes, yes, I suppose
you could say that I like it.

Yes. We're very proud of it.
Aren't we, Romana, proud of it?

-What? Oh, yes, yes.
-What happens now, sir?

You said, if I remember,
in our first conversation,

that once it was assembled
it would stop the entire universe

and enable you to restore
the natural balances of good and evil

throughout the whole of the universe.

That is correct, Doctor.

So, will you release the Key to me
that I may do this?

Ah, certainly, sir, yes.
Certainly, of course.

Key to Time, I command you...
Could I ask you something, sir?

Yes, Doctor?

It's just, well,
the Key is already assembled, sir.

I mean, couldn't you
restore the balances now?

Yes, Doctor, but I must have the Key
for safekeeping.

It is an awesomely powerful key.

Oh, yes, sir, yes. And mustn't be
allowed to fall into the wrong hands.

I quite understand, sir, yes.

Key to Time, I command...
What about the sixth segment?

What about it, Doctor?

Well, I mean, as you know, sir,

the sixth segment was, in fact,
a human being.

And, I mean, if the pieces are
maintained in their present pattern,

it means that
she'll be imprisoned forever, sir.

-That is, of course, regrettable.
-Very regrettable.

But with the fate
of the universe at stake...

Quite. You can't be too careful.
I quite understand.

Key to Time, I command
that you stay exactly where you are!

Doctor, you have fully activated
all of the TARDIS' defences.

We can't be too careful, can we?

And it would be a tragedy
for the universe

if it suddenly turned out
that I was colour blind...

Doctor, release the Key
to me immediately!

...unable to distinguish between the
White Guardian and the Black Guardian!

-Doctor, what do you mean?

Don't you see?
The White Guardian would never have had

such a callous disregard for human life.

Of course, Astra, the sixth segment.
He would have dispersed it immediately.

Doctor, you shall die for this!

I think not. Remember the Key to Time
is still mine, rage all you like.

I shall destroy you for this!

I will disperse every particle
of your being

to the furthest reaches of eternity!

Ah, well, I wish I could stay and watch
you try, but you know how it is.

Places to go, people to see,
things to do. Romana?

-When I give the signal...



Hello, Merak.

Astra? Astra, where are you?

I'm here.


You see, I think of everything.


What exactly have you done
with the Key to Time?

Key to... Oh, well, I just scattered it
round through space and time.

-I see. So, where are we going?
-Going? I don't know.

You have absolutely
no sense of responsibility whatsoever.

-You're capricious, arrogant,

self-opinionated, irrational and you
don't even know where we're going.


Well, if I knew where I was going,

there would be a change
the Black Guardian would, too. Hmm?

-Hence this new device.

What is it?

Well, it's called a randomiser
and it's fitted to the guidance system

and operates under a very complex
scientific principle called pot luck.

Now no one knows where we are going.

-Not even the Black Guardian.
-Not even us.