Doctor Who (1963–1989): Season 16, Episode 25 - The Armageddon Factor: Part Five - full transcript

The Shadow, now with control of K-9, awaits the arrival of the Doctor and company in the cave where he took control of the princess. Meanwhile, Princess Astra joins Romana and the Doctor in the TARDIS, where he had locked the Marshal in a continual time loop just before attacking Astrios. Returning to the cave where Princess Astra was held captive, K-9 pursues the Doctor, while Astra captures Romana.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -

Doctor, the time loop.

It's stretched to about five seconds,
by the look of it.

That gives us
about an hour in real time.

If it goes on stretching and if
the false peace lasts long enough.

Listen, I'll get a fix
on the third planet.

DOCTOR: We have the other five segments.

Now we're looking for the sixth
and final one.

Think, Astra. Think.

I wouldn't touch it. It's hot.

-ROMANA: Got it.
-Good, good.

Set the coordinates.
Let's get on our way.


Your friends have arrived.

We must greet them.

K9: Affirmative, Master.

You're a fool, Doctor.
The Key to Time is mine.


-And you shall be my eyes and ears.
-Affirmative, Master.

Go now.

Well, here we are.
We've tracked him to his lair.

Yes, we've got him
exactly where he wants us.

All we have to do is
find the sixth piece

and stop the Shadow
taking those other five.

How can we get the sixth piece
without using the Tracer?

Or had you forgotten
the Tracer is holding the Key together?

And if we take the tracer out,
we break time loop,

and, without the time loop, millions
of people on Zeos and Atrios will die,

to say nothing of ourselves.

And the time loop's stretching already.

ROMANA: It's up to six seconds now.
That's four seconds left.

And how long will that thing last?

Diagonal thinking,
that's what's required. Isn't it, Astra?

What? I'm sorry, I was lost.

Astra, we need you to help us
to find the Shadow.

-I shall stay here.
-No, Astra, no.

You're the only one who's ever been
to the third planet before. Come on.

I want to stay here.

Astra, you said
you wanted to come with us.

-Don't you want to save Atrios?
-My destiny no longer lies on Atrios.

ROMANA: What do you mean?

SHADOW: Go with them. Bring me Romana.

-I understand.
-What did you say? Are you all right?

Yes, everything's perfectly all right.
Everything's wonderful, isn't it, Astra?

What? Oh, I'm sorry.
I was thinking about Merak.

Yes, of course, we must do
everything we can to destroy the Shadow.

-Do you know where he is?
-I think so.

Go on. I'll catch you up.


Intergalactic computer distress signal?
How very odd. How strange.



K9: Master?

SHADOW: Leave her to Astra.
Follow the Doctor.

Affirmative, Master.





Ah, girls. Shh.

Shh. I think someone's
trying to play tricks on us.

You girls better stick with me,
or we'll all get lost.



ROMANA: Doctor.

(ECHOING) Doctor. Doctor.

Doctor. Doctor. Doctor...


ROMANA: Doctor.

Doctor. Doctor.

What does he think he's doing
going that way?

I shouted at him. He must have seen us.

I think I remember now.

Yes, all these passages
link up further on.

Come on, Romana, we shall meet him.

Ah, I see what you're at.

Splitting us up.
Divide and conquer, is that it?

You didn't really imagine
we were taken in by Astra, did you?

No. She's in your power, your employ.

Little something on the neck, is it, eh?

Very crude technically,
like all this amusement arcade rubbish.

No, Shadow, or whatever you are called,

I'm sorry to tell you
that Romana can look after herself.

We are Time Lords,

not like those innocents
back on Atrios, you know.

Time Lords sent by the Guardian
to recover the Key to Time.

I know who you are, Doctor.
I have always known.

I have been waiting for you.

I too serve a Guardian.

A Guardian equal and opposite in power
to the one who sent you.

The Black Guardian,
he who walks in darkness.

And you are in the valley of the Shadow.

No. No. No!

K9: The Doctor is captured, Master.

Come, Romana.

You'll be safe here.



Hello, Theet. How you been, boy?

-It is Theet, innit? Theta Sigma?

Yeah, 'course it is! Remember me, eh?

SHADOW: Begin.

-Drax is the name.

Come on, Theet. Class of '92?



Yeah, we was
on the tech course together.

Long time ago now, Theet, eh?
Must be, what, 450 years?

And a long way from Gallifrey.

Yes. Galli... Of course! Drax.

Yeah. I was all right
at practical, remember?

-Temporal theory did me.

Still, you did well, mind,
getting your doctorate and all that.

-What happened to you?
-I failed, didn't I?

Still, not to worry,
I was doing all right till this lot.

I went into repair and maintenance.
Do anything, anytime, anywhere.

Been all over the galaxy.
Buy a bit, do it up, sell it.

Yeah, what sort of things?

Cybernetics, guidance systems,
you name it.

-Yeah, and that.

Not on a regular basis, of course.

Drax, I was introduced to a computer
on Zeos. Called itself Mentalis.

Did you, by any chance, have anything
to do with the installation?

Strictly under duress.
That's why I'm here.

The minute I finished the job, wham.
Feet never touched the ground.

-The Shadow?
-I didn't know who he was, did I?

Just another customer, I thought.

And then he puts the heavy word on,
''Do it or die.''

-I mean, what would you have done?
-Yes. Very tricky.


So that's where it was.

I thought somebody nicked it.
Not a lot of bottle now, is it?

-Did you make that?
-Knocked it up, yeah.

Well, you gotta do something.

There's always a chance some geezer
would pick up the distress call.

You made this here?

Well, I never go nowhere
without me tools.

Fat lot of good it did though, eh?
Got us both in nick together.

Drax, I don't want to pry,

but where did you acquire
this peculiar vocabulary?

-Brixton, wasn't it.

-Brixton, London, Earth.
-I've been to Earth.

Yeah, me transport broke down,
hyperbolics, as usual,

and I was investigating
certain possibilities

with regard to replacements.

And I got done, didn't I?
Ten years, I got.

Well, I had to learn the lingo,
didn't I, to survive?

Why? Is there something funny
about the way I talk?

No, no. It's very colourful.
Very demotic.

-Well, thanks, Theet.

Oh, yeah.

-No offence.
-None taken.



-That hole in the wall...

-Might it lead to a way out?
-No. Not yet, anyway.

I don't know, I've got tunnels
all over the place,

-but I can't seem to find it.
-Find what?

The transmat shaft. They all use it.
The Shadow and all these horribles.

The trouble is, you see,
my Tardis is back on Zeos.

-Yes, but where does it lead?
-Have a look!

Well, Doctor, welcome to my world.

-Aren't they stabiliser components?
-Yeah, they are.

But you said your TARDIS
was parked on Zeos.

Yeah, well, I took the stabiliser out.
Needs a bit of work.

How long have you been here?

About five years, after the war started.

Five years?

For five years, you've had a
dimensional stabiliser virtually intact

and you haven't managed to escape?

-I told you, it needed work.
-Oh, come on, Drax!

You could have repaired that and
long dogged it out of here years ago.

Well, what's the game?

Oh, I get it. You think
I'm in with the Shadow, don't ya?

-Aren't you?
-Now, would I?

-Yes, you would. What's he offered you?

Are you about to suggest
you and I make a run for it out of here

-in my TARDIS?
-Well, it's a good idea...

Oh, yes, it's a very good idea.
You and me in my TARDIS,

and what happens then
when we're inside, eh?

Sock full of sand, lead pipe
and you away with the Key to Time,

am I right, Drax?

Look, I didn't know
it was going to be you, did I?

He threatened me with the chop,
didn't he?

He said I was the only one
who could get hold of it.

If you had,
do you think he'd let you get away?

You'd be in for the chop, too.

-Yeah, I would, wouldn't I?
-Of course you would.

So why don't you help me?

I mean, together
we stand a slight chance.

After all, we are Time Lords, you and I.
Class of '92.

If we don't stick together, who will?


She has told me everything she knows
and it is not enough.

Still the cursed Doctor
stands between me and the Key.

We shall see what the Doctor
is prepared to offer for your life.

I'm not afraid to die!

-K9: Master?

-To the Doctor.
-Affirmative, Master.

No, K9!

Try synaptic adhesion.

-Synaptic adhesion?

It's the chronostat. Always is.

I think it's synaptic adhesion.

Look, I've done thousands of these.

All right.

Got to be synaptic adhesion.

All right, all right.
I'll leave it to you, shall I?


Drax? Where does this lead?

-Upper level. Watch out for the Mutes.
-Yeah. Yeah, of course.

K9: Doctor? I have you on scan, Doctor.


Turn left now.

Turn right now.

-Yes, old friend?

I have a message for you.

I can't hear. Can you come a bit closer?

Such actions warrant immediate death,
which I shall execute.

-Oh, K9.
-Here is a message for you.

-Doctor, Romana is with my master.

He wishes to know
if you will exchange the Key to Time

for the life of Romana. End of message.
Your reply, please. Waiting.

Tell your master I shall give his offer
serious consideration.


Sorry about this.

-DRAX: Hey.

-What's this heap of junk?
-That's my computer.

-Drax, I've got no time to explain.

Remove the control device
from under his chin, all right?


Ah, right. Done it.

-Now what?
-Now nothing.

Carry on with the stabiliser.
I'll be back soon, I hope. Bye.

-K9: Attention. Attention.
-What's that?

Malfunction in drive systems.
Attention required immediately.

Oh, it's you. I'm busy.

Essential restored to vertical position.

-Alternative is your obliteration.
-Leave me alone...


All right, all right.

-That better?

Blimey, it's a dog.

Who's a little tin dog, then?

Your silliness is noted.
Drive systems regenerating.

I don't get it. It's the chronostat.
It always is.

Negative. It is a question
of synaptic adhesion.

Not you 'n' all?

The Key to Time, Doctor.

Then you can watch
your assistant suffer.

I refuse to negotiate
in an atmosphere of threat.

No, no, stop! Stop!

Doctor, no. Don't give in to him.
It doesn't matter what happens to me.

Well, of course it matters.

-You have the sixth piece, I take it?
-It is here.

Well, I'd like to see it,
if it's possible.

You have already seen it.

Ah. Yeah.

-If I bring the other five pieces...

What is it you have in mind?
I mean, what do you intend to do?

-Come now, Doctor, you know who I am.

I suppose you realise I'm doing things
so that Atrios and Zeos are protected.

Your puny time loop...

Yes, my...
Well, it may be puny, but it works!

If you break that,
millions of people will die.

That has always been our intention.

This pathetic little war is but
a rehearsal for our grand design.

-You have your Guardian and I have mine.

You and I are on the same quest, Doctor.

But whereas you have been scavenging
across space and time,

-I have located the sixth piece here.

You are inferior,
just as your powers are inferior.

Once we have the Key to Time,
we shall set, not two small planets,

but the two halves
of the entire cosmos at war.

And their mutual destruction
will be music in our ears.

Unlike others, it is not power we seek,

but destruction that we glory in.

Fetch the Key.

-Very well.
-No, Doctor!

It's working. You were right, Doc.
Synaptic adhesion.


You don't know what the Doctor
wants it for, do you?


Well, I'd better go and find out.
Stay, boy.

SHADOW: Now, my princess,
your work is done.

Your destiny is at hand.

Who are you?

-The Shadow.
-The shadow that accompanies you all.

I suppose you realise that,
once I give the Shadow the Key to Time,

you and your colleagues
will be superfluous, huh?

What I meant was, that after I've given
the Shadow the Key to Time,

he'll kill you and then he'll kill me,
and perhaps you don't care.

-Right, Doctor, I'm ready for you.
-No, Drax, no! No!

(ECHOING) No, Drax, no!