Doctor Who (1963–1989): Season 16, Episode 20 - The Power of Kroll: Part Four - full transcript

The Doctor races to stop Thawn from destroying the Swampie settlement and then works to destroy Kroll once and for all.

-I told him not to move.

It hunts by surface vibrations.

Primarily a vegetarian, of course,

but, over the years, it's learnt that
anything that moves is wholesome.

What's that?

Come on. Come on.


Hold tight.



-It's gone.

What a good thing we remembered
it reacts to movement.

Yes, wasn't it? Let's get out of here
before it changes its mind.

If you're right, Fenner, about that
thing attacking the settlement,

we should be able to see it from here.

It's over two miles away.

Still, if it's as big
as we think it is...

Dugeen, train the receptor aerial
on that settlement.


What are you going to do?

Just checking that the next orbit shot
is charged and ready to fire.

It's not due for another two hours.

It might be early this time, Fenner.

Look at that!

It's a lot bigger than we thought.

A hundred tonnes of hydrogen peroxide
will still vaporise it.

-What's that supposed to mean?
-I'm going to drop our next orbit shot

into the neck of that
overgrown jellyfish.

-You can't.
-Bearing 97, maximum depression.

You're mad. Think of the settlements!

Dugeen, have you never heard
of the expression,

''Killing two birds with one stone''?

Now, Thawn, you think what you're doing.

-I have thought!
-Because you could kill us all!

The atmosphere here is thin already.

Now a fireball that size
could asphyxiate us!

-I don't think so.
-You don't think so.

Have you worked out the risk?

Countdown commencing.
Now get to your places!

You're mad!
Fenner, we've got to stop him.

-It looks like it.

Let's see if there are any survivors,
shall we?

-Thawn, you can't kill innocent people!
-They're Swampies.

Call them what you like,
they're no different from you or me!

They are very different, Dugeen!
Now get back to your place!

-Are you refusing to obey orders?

On moral grounds, sir.

Look, if you fire that rocket,
it's not just the monster that'll die,

you'll destroy a civilisation
as old as your own!

I don't count the Swampies
as being civilised.

You're talking like one of those
cranks from Sons of Earth!

They're not cranks. All life began
on Mother Earth. All life is sacred!

I'm giving you one last chance, Dugeen.

Now then, Fenner,
do you want to give me an argument?

-Countdown in two minutes.
-Right, now keep a track on that thing.

-Where are you going?
-What? Back to the rocket silo.

If he fires off that orbit shot,
there'll be nothing left

of the Swampies, or Kroll. Come on.

Ranquin, what happened?

Kroll has turned upon us!

It was his punishment
for letting the dryfoots escape.

But when we almost had them, Ranquin,

it was Kroll himself
who came between us!

It was a test.
The Great One was testing our faith.

-Nual was killed.
-What's a single life?

-Where are the dryfoots now?
-They went to the refinery.

We must follow.

Thawn's using
the override firing mechanism.

There must be some way
of disconnecting it.

-What is it?

If that rocket fires
while you're in there...

Yes, we'd better say goodbye now.

-Goodbye, Doctor.


-Sixty seconds.
-Fire primaries.

-Primary ignition functioning.
-Continue countdown.

Fifty seconds.

-Doctor, we're too late, come down!
-Get out of here, Romana. Just get out!

We can't stop it now!

-Just get out!
-Come down!

Get out.

Thirty seconds.

Burner 800, increasing.

Dugeen, get back.
-You can't do it, Thawn!

Touch that abort button
and I say I'll kill you!

Then kill me, but you're not going
to kill the others!

I warned you.
Fenner, you heard me warn him.

That was murder.
That was cold-blooded murder!

The countdown! Look!
He hasn't aborted. It hasn't stopped.

The master cut-out's failed. Then you
shot him for nothing, didn't you?

Didn't you?

When in doubt, cut everything.

-Simple, really.

But I don't understand.
There was no delay in the cut-out.

According to the computer, there's
a fault in the primary ignition panel.

I'll soon fix that.

-Too late.

Come and look at this.

It's submerging again,
back into the mud.

And you're not going to hit it there.

If that spineless fool
hadn't interfered...

He'd be alive now, wouldn't he?
And I'm reporting you for murder.

It was justifiable homicide!

You heard me warn him
not to touch that abort panel.

It was an act of sabotage.

He didn't like your methods.
That did not make him a saboteur.

He was a plant from the Sons of Earth!
It was obvious that he was sent here

to cripple this project
any way that he could.

You don't kill a man because you suspect
he belongs to the Sons of Earth!

All right, Fenner, that will sound
very good when we get back.

But remember this. If we don't get back,
it'll be his fault and not mine!

-Where are you going?
-To check the ignition.

Just in case that thing
gives us a second chance.


Doctor, are you all right?

-Oxygen starvation.
-Yes, I know.

-Blacked out for a few seconds.

Yeah, well, I needed the...
Did you say ''minutes''? Come on!

What's the matter?

What? If we're caught
loitering outside of here,

they'll put two and two together...

You're putting two and two together.
I can tell

by the expression on your face that
you're putting two and two together.

So you came back.

Well, I remembered that I forgot
to say goodbye. This is Romana.

-What were you doing in there?

I was closing the blast room door.
It shouldn't be left open like that.

I wonder who opened it.

Maybe your cleaning... I don't suppose
you do have a cleaning lady here.

I haven't got any time for any games.

So put your hands where I can see them
and walk straight ahead.

-Haven't you forgotten something?

Shouldn't you say,
''Don't make any sudden moves''?

Don't make any sudden moves.
Now get straight to the Centre.

-What's that?
-It's only the machinery, Ranquin.

This place is an abomination.

Yeah. On Delta Magna, all the dryfoots
live in these metal boxes.

When we have completed our task here,
I will ask Kroll to destroy it all.

Ranquin, why should Kroll do as you ask?


Well, he's the Great One
and you're but his servant.

While the People of the Lakes
serve and do honour to Kroll,

he will protect us against those
who invade our waters.

Kroll destroyed our village.
Was that to protect us?

These are blasphemous question, Varlik!

I'm only asking
what must be on all minds.

We promised Kroll the lives of the two
dryfoots who profaned his temple.

We failed to keep that promise.

I tell you Kroll will not rest easily
beneath these waters

until he has eaten of their souls.

I don't think that was necessary.

Not me.

He tried to interfere,
just as you did interfere.

You've no proof of that.

You were in the silo, the blast door
to the firing bay was open,

and we had a malfunction
in the orbit shot.

That's circumstantial evidence,
not proof.

Well, it satisfies me. There's no reason
why I shouldn't kill you both now.

-I wouldn't.

Because we need as much help
as we can get. Just take a look at that.

-Oh, look. It's coming this way!
-Yes and it's going to attack us.

-I don't think it's come to shake hands.
-Shut up!

Now, look, there's still time to get
that shuttle and get out of here!

If it had meant to attack us

it would've come
before going to the settlement.

Psst! Maybe it's saving you for pudding.

-I said shut up!
-It's still coming!

No, no, no. We surrender, we surrender.

What do we get this time?
The eighth holy ritual?

Many have died because of you, dryfoot.
You have been promised to Kroll.

-And does Kroll know that?
-Kroll is all wise, all seeing...

All baloney! Kroll couldn't tell
the difference between you and me

and half an acre
of dandelion and burdock.

I tell you, Kroll will not be denied!

What are we going to do?

Just sit here while that thing
smashes this building to bits?

I don't know, ask Ranquin.
He's the Kroll expert.

You have brought death to us all,

Hey? Is that your considered opinion?

You know something, Romana?
I think that if we... Romana!

-There's nothing out here.
-Romana, come back!

I just want to see
if there's anything here.

Don't go near that window!
-It doesn't know we're here.

The door!

What? Doesn't know we're here?
It's making some pretty shrewd guesses.

That door isn't gonna hold.
It's got us trapped.

-Fenner, can you operate the centrifuge?
-Yes, why?

Switch it on, come on. Switch it on.

The fuel tank is only half full.
What's the idea?

Noise, Fenner, noise!

The Kroll hunts by sensing vibrations.
Give it something to think about.

I think it's gone.

Yes. But for how long?

The Great One is merciful.

Kroll has heard my prayer!

All Kroll has heard is
the machinery, Ranquin. Ranquin!

Doctor, I'll start the compressors.

That'll make a racket,
then the emergency klaxon.

Everything you've got, Fenner!
All the noise you've got. Keep it busy.

-Where are you going?
-To test a theory.

All theories have to be tested sometime,
and this seems as good as any.

-You stay here in case I'm wrong.
-About what?

The symbol of Kroll's power.

Master! Hear thy servant Ranquin.

Great Kroll, defender and saviour
of the People of the Lakes,

let not thy wrath
fall upon thy true servants.

Great One, we ask only that the dryfoots
and their abominations

be crushed by thy mighty power!

Master! This is thy servant!

Well, I've had a happy life.
Can't complain. Nearly 760.

Not a bad age.



The fifth segment!

Oh, well done!

-You killed Kroll?
-With that stick?

-Well, it is a bit difficult to explain.
-It is rather a special sort of stick.


There's something blocking
the firing bay.

Don't worry about that, Fenner,
you won't need the firing bay any more.

No more Kroll, no more methane,
no more orbit shots!

The computer doesn't know that.

You mean it'll just go on
running things by itself?

That's how it was designed.

The next shot is due in 50 seconds
and it's already started the countdown.

Ah. And with the firing bay
already blocked...

That's right, the whole refinery
is going to go up.

Stop the computer.
You must have a master control.

The manual override and abort
are not functioning! I've already tried.

-Disconnected in the gantry.
-Can't you reconnect them?

-What, in 50 seconds?
-40 seconds.

40 seconds.

-There's only one thing to do!

Hold that.

Let's hope these are the right ones.
Stand back, everybody. Stand back!


-Are you all right?
-I think so.

-You could've been killed.

-That looks like the end of this place.
-It is finished?

Yes. Time to say goodbye.
Come on, Romana, let's go.

-Where are you going?
-We've got a lot to do.

-Haven't we, Doctor?
-Oh, yes, we have. Yes.

Listen, Fenner, someone will come here
and pick you up.

Stay here for a while, lead a natural
life. You might even get to like it.

Teach Varlik and his friends
how to do a replacement for Kroll maybe.

-I'm coming!

-I think it's this way.
-No, Doctor, it was this way.

No, no, come on. You know I've got
an unerring sense of direction.

-I think it's this way.
-Yes, Doctor.

Come on!


How did you know that the fifth segment
was a part of Kroll?

Well, it all added up. I mean, the
obvious disguise for the segment

was the Symbol of Power,
and that wasn't around any more.

Yes, because according to the Old Book
in the temple, Kroll had swallowed it.

That's right,
along with the high priest.

Of course, it wasn't so big
in those days. Kroll, I mean.

-Just an ordinary giant squid... Hello.

-No, no. Look.
-What is it?

Cellular regeneration.
Must be hundreds of those around now.

-What, bits of Kroll?
-No, no. Not bits of Kroll.

No, they'll just be
ordinary giant squids.

Nothing to worry about,
unless of course you're a high priest.

There'll never be another Kroll.
It was the segment that did it.

Get back, K9, get back!