Doctor Who (1963–1989): Season 16, Episode 17 - The Power of Kroll: Part One - full transcript

The TARDIS arrives at it's next destination, the marsh planet "Delta Magna". Where the Doctor and Romana goes in search of the fifth segment to the Key to Time. Where they discover the native tribal Swampies worships Kroll, a gigantic squid as a god, only to find Kroll has accidentally swallowed the fifth segment and Romana is chosen by the Swampies for sacrifice and The Doctor sets out to save a local refinery from being attacked by Kroll.


Thawn, I saw your landing.
How did things go on Delta Magna?

Oh, fine. But after a few months here,
you notice how crowded it's becoming.

-Want a drink?
-Out. Yes, please.

-Harg, your Lytteker micros.
-Oh, thank you, sir,

500 of them.
I got you the complete library.

-Magnificent. How much do I owe you?
-Oh, don't worry about it.

-What's the matter with you?

-I didn't offer him a drink.
-I'm getting an echo track on here.

-Well, try it again.
-I've tried it. I've tried it.

Look. Look at this.

-Now, look, that's Thawn's track.

He's about 12 miles out there,
coming in now.

This is where the other track
starts to show, you see?

What do you think it is?

I think you were followed down, sir.
Somebody using your track as a cover.

Who would dare?

-And it's definitely another ship?

Where has it landed?

-Out in the swamp somewhere.
-They split off at the last second.

The scanners were only set
to check your approach to the pad.

Any secondary plotting
would have been irrelevant.

But who would risk it. There's nothing
out there but a wasteland.

Gentlemen, there is a rumour
on Delta Magna

that the Sons of Earth
are planning to arm the Swampies.

Yes, there are times I could well do
without those Sons of Earth.

Ah, but, surely nobody would give arms
to those savages.

Those savages, Harg,

are getting
a lot of sentimental support.

The Company is putting a lot of effort
into making a more balanced picture,

but you've got to remember
that most people on Delta Magna

have never even seen a Swampie.

-Oh, but even so, sir, it's...
-If the Swampies were given weapons,

that could well lead
to them attacking the refinery.

It could well lead to that.

The Sons of Earth wouldn't be likely
to arm the Swampies.

-They've always condemned violence.
-I don't know.

There was a report a couple of days ago
in the routine daily circular

that Rohm-Dutt's ship
had vanished from Elvedon Port

and all stations have been told
to watch out for him.

He is involved in gun-running, isn't he?

-Yes, he is involved in gun-running.
-Do you think that's his ship out there?

I don't know. But whoever it is,
if he's making for the settlement,

he's got to cross the swamps.

In which case, he may
never reach the settlement.

Those swamps can be awfully dangerous.



ROMANA: Was it absolutely necessary
to land in a quagmire?

DOCTOR: Well, I told you
it was a bit swampy.

It's not the TARDIS' fault anyway.

These marshes go on for miles.
Some water doesn't hurt.

Try telling that to K9. He's marooned.

Yes, well, we'll not be here
long enough to need K9. Come on.

Gravity check. Escape velocity
about 1.5 miles a second.

Isn't that a little low for a planet?

Yes. This must be
one of the moons of Delta Magna.

I'd say the third.


Sometimes, I don't think
you're quite right in the head.

Never mind about that. Just point
the Tracer and see where we go next.

Hmm. It's not a very clear reading.

It's a very diffuse signal.

It seems to cover about
42.5 degrees in that direction.

-42.5 degrees?
-Mmm. I don't like the sound of that.


It either means the source
is right on top of us, which it isn't...

Yeah, or else the Tracer
has developed a fault.

Yes. Well, perhaps, the atmosphere here
is affecting it.

I know, I'll try the higher ground here.

Why don't you try
the higher ground there?

What's this Rohm-Dutt look like?

A bit of a hard case. Dresses the part.
Wide-brimmed hat, bandolier.

-We can't miss him.
-I don't intend to.





There he is.


I think you've hit him.

Just the one shot.

We're near the refinery here.

Perhaps one of the dryfoots
is out hunting.

Oh, that lot?
They're technicians, Varlik.

Technicians don't hunt.

They can't use their computers.
Now come on, now. Come, we must hurry.

So much for Rohm-Dutt.
I never did like gun runners.

Enough. That's not Rohm-Dutt.

What do you mean, it isn't Rohm-Dutt?
You told me, his hat and everything.

I tell you it's not Rohm-Dutt.
You've shot the wrong man.

Not quite.
You shot the wrong man's hat, though.

Fancy taking me for Rohm-Dutt.

Who are you, then? Go on, tell us.
What are you doing here?

Well, a sort of survey.
I've lost my friend.

-Who sent you?
-Something must have happened to her.

Look at the way those reeds are crushed.

The Swampies must have got her.

Are they the local tribes here?

They've never come
so near the refinery before.

They're getting bolder, aren't they?

If they jump us here,
we don't stand a chance.

Listen, how do I get in touch
with these Swampies?

-What's that?
-You're coming with us.

No, no, I'm looking for my friend.
You see, she's important to me.

I insist! There are a lot of very
important questions yet to be answered.


Will there be strawberry jam for tea?

You know, there's a thing
called a drill fly in these swamps.

Lays its eggs in your feet.

A week later,
you get holes in your head.

-How long am I going to be tied up here?
-Well, that depends.

-On what?
-On whether you cooperate.

If you don't, you'll rot there.
Won't take long in this climate.

-And that doesn't bother you?
-Young woman, I'm indifferent.

Emotional insulation is usually
indicative of psychofeudal trauma.

I didn't know that.


I've never known
such a place for rainstorms.

That's why it's so wet.

How do I cooperate?

-Are you with the refinery?
-What refinery?

-What's good?

I thought you'd lie. I happen to know
they don't employ women there.

Look, I don't know
what you talking about.

-I haven't heard of any refinery or...
-Now, there's no need to get excited.

There's plenty of time
to dig out the truth.

I am telling you the truth.

Who do you think I am?

-Did they send you here alone?
-Nobody sent me.

-How many are with you?
-Just the Doctor.

-The Doctor? Where's he?
-Looking for me, I expect.

What were you doing in the swamp?

-Catching butterflies.
-Oh, I like a joke.

-I'll try and think of one.
-What were you doing in the swamp?

Look, you'd be none the wiser
if I did tell you.

What were you doing in the swamp?

-Good, you got him.
-This isn't Rohm-Dutt.

-We don't know who it is.

We found him in the prohibited area.

You should put up the usual notices,
''Trespassers will be shot.''

-Who is Rohm-Dutt?
-A gun runner. Don't you know him?

No. I'm new here.

-What were you doing out there?
-I told you, looking for my friend!

Well, looking for a friend
in a prohibited area

1 00 yards from a classified project
could lead you into a lot of trouble.

-What classified project?
-You're in the middle of it.

What, this?

A methane catalysing refinery,

So you admit that you know what it is?

What? Well, of course I know what it is.
I've seen hundreds of them.

He's crazy.

This is a pilot plant,
the first ever built.

You Earth colonists
are always so insular.

If you'd been to Binaca-Ananda,
you'd see one in every town.

Get up!

Are you claiming that you're
from outside this constellation?

-And how did you get here?

-I have my own transport.
-He is crazy.

Will you stop saying that?

What gives him an insight
into my mental processes?

-All right, expert, what's that?
-That's an air vent.

-Not that! That!
-It's a funicular gas separator.

And that?

Well, it looks to me
like a primitive enzyme recycler,

with an injection circuit feeding
the bacterium bioplast.

I imagine that the raw protein
is centrifuged

before being freeze-dried
and compressed for packaging.

I think you'd find it more efficient
if you inserted

a plasmin catalyst
ahead of the bioplast circuit.

-A plasmin catalyst?
-Yeah, why not?

But that's brilliant!

-Yes, that's brilliant.

-Am I free to go now?

-What were you doing out there?

A sort of mineralogical survey. Look,
I have gotta go and find my friend.

I wouldn't.

You see, if the Swampies have taken him
to their settlement,

then you'll never reach him,
because those swamps are bottomless

and only the Swampies know the paths.

And you'll get a spear in your back.
They've killed two of my men already.

Attention! Orbit shot in 10 minutes.

Orbit shot?

Right, we'll watch it from
the control centre. You come with us.


60 calibre gas-operated Stelsons.

-They're old.
-Oh, they need cleaning.

But some of these guns
have never been out of their crates.

They're in perfect working order.

-Where are the magazines?
-In there, two for each gun.

And spare ammunition?

You have 80 magazines
of 50 rounds in each.

Is there an army at the refinery?

You are my brother,

and, with these weapons, we will drive
the dryfoots from our waters.

That's why the Sons of Earth sent them.
Oh, now, Chief, Chief...

If you'd be kind enough
to put your signature on this.

Signature? What is this signature?

Well, make your mark,
or anything you like.

Put your seal on it.

The Mark of Kroll is sacred
to my people.

Oh. Oh, that will do very nicely.

It's just to say
that I've made the delivery.

We do not understand your dryfoot ways.

I have to show them the paper
back on Delta Magna.

I see, my brother, the Sons of Earth
do not trust you, is that it?

Well, it is business, Chief, you know.


Now, what of the dryfoot woman
that you captured?

-Was she spying on you?
-Oh, oh, thank you. Thank you.

No, she's stubborn. She admits nothing.

Ranquin, let us offer her
to the great one.

Always in the past,
before our people went into battle,

we made a blood sacrifice to Kroll,
our protector.

We will sacrifice the dryfoot woman
that we may triumph over her kin.

We produce 1 00 tons
of compressed protein a day

and then shoot it into Delta orbit
every 1 2 hours.

That's what makes the operation viable.

If we used freighters,
it wouldn't be a commercial proposition.

Of course, the plant is fully automated.

The computer controls the orbit shot,
but we like to double check.

Very sensible.

If there's a misfire then we have
a manual override system.

-And just the six of you here?
-No, five.

Well, I make it six. One, two, three...

Oh, you're counting Mensch.
He's a Swampie.

-Doesn't he count?

-Why are his friends attacking you?
-Because they're ignorant savages.

They were the first on Delta Magna.

I don't think we owe them
very much for that.

We took their planet. Now they're afraid
we'll take what they've got left.

You know, there are times, Dugeen,
that I think

-the Sons of Earth have got at you.
-Two minutes to shot.

When we put
1 0 full-scale refineries in here,

there'll be no room for the natives
and they know it.

In any case, a lake that size
couldn't possibly support

-ten full-scale refineries, hmm?
-It can.

Oh, then you must have an
alternative source of methane feedstock.

We have calculated
the methane production.

We can satisfy the protein requirements
of one fifth of Delta Magna.


Tell me, where were your men
when they were killed?

-Why do you ask?
-What? Oh, I don't know. Just curious.

-Out in the baygule taking samples.
-HARG: One minute to shot.

-What happened?
-We never found the bodies.

The Swampies made quite sure of that.

-Then they might just have been drowned.
-They were experienced men.

-Anyone can make a mistake.
-30 seconds to shot.

Don't you worry about the Swampies.

We'll look after them,
provided they see reason.

What, teach them to carry trays?

Why not?

Tell me,

would you let a band of semi-savages
stand in the way of progress?

Well, progress is a very flexible word.

It can mean just about
anything you want it to mean.

Ten, nine,

-eight, seven...
-All external doors sealed.

...six, five, four...

ALL: (CHANTING) Kroll! Kroll!

-I suppose you're enjoying this.
-Makes no odds to me.

I'm going back to Delta Magna.
Any last messages?

-All is ready in the Temple of Kroll.
-The offering is prepared.


Soon, we will put a stop to that.

RANQUIN: Open the pit!

Let Kroll come from the bottomless deep!

Kroll, hear thy people!

-SWAMPIES: Great Kroll!
-Kroll, we summon thee!

SWAMPIES: Mighty Kroll!

Kroll, we offer this life
in tribute to thy greatness.

Great Kroll!

Guide and protect us, all powerful one,

in the great struggle which lies ahead!

Kroll! Kroll!

Kroll! Kroll!


-I wondered where you were.

Well, if you've seen one orbit shot,
you've seen them all!


-It's coming from the settlement.
-Are they having a dance?

My people are calling Kroll.
They're making a blood sacrifice.

-Who's Kroll?
-It's their name for a giant squid.

Centuries ago, when we resettled
the Swampies from Delta Magna,

we shipped along a couple of specimens
just to keep them happy.

Yeah, but just the same,
as blood sacrifice.

-I don't like the sound of that.
-Don't be stupid.

You'll never cross the swamps
on your own.

What? Look, I have a shrewd idea
who it is that might be being sacrificed

-and Romana's not the easiest of guests.
-It'll be light in one hour.

So we'll take a swamp glider
and go in force.

-There's no need for you to be involved.
-You heard Mensch.

If they're sacrificing,
they're preparing for war,

and that means that Rohm-Dutt
has got through with the guns.

We've got gas mortars,

so we could knock out
that settlement in a couple of minutes.

Now that we know they're armed,

we can prove
that we were acting in self-defence.

Let's go.

Not you!

ALL: (CHANTING) Kroll! Kroll!



It's all nonsense.

Primitive spirit worship.

Kroll rises from the depths!