Doctor Who (1963–1989): Season 15, Episode 26 - The Invasion of Time: Part Six - full transcript

The Doctor and his friends take refuge in the TARDIS but find themselves pursued by Stor and Kelner.

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The invasion of time

We're being thrown into a black star.


- Get Rodan.
- Rodan?

Get Rodan.

What has happened?

He has stabilised, thrown the fail-safe
switch in his time capsule.

With what effect?

The capsule is fixed in
its present state for eternity...

till he throws off the fail-safe switch.

- So, he is trapped?
- Yes, Excellency.

The Great Key. Could have done so much
with the Great Key.

No one may enter or leave
this solid-state capsule?

I have entrance probes
for all time capsules, sir.

Bring the relevant probe with you.

Quick, lock the door.

Without that,
no one can reset the systems.

- Where are the others?
- In the bathroom.

- The bathroom?
- Yes, in the bathroom.

You got lost, didn't you?

Well, it's bigger than it looks,
your Tardis.

The mighty huntress got her.
Don't you think she got lost?

- How do you know?
- I think you got lost.

- You gave me the wrong directions.
- Come on. You got lost.

How could you expect me
to follow those directions?

- You got lost.
- Doctor.

This machine is a load
of obsolete rubbish.

This model was withdrawn centuries ago.

Make the systems function again.

But I'm not an engineer, sir.

Make it work, or you'll die.


He has fastened it
with some kind of locking device...

from the other side, sir.

He's trapped in here now,
and this is the only way out.

I will open it, sir.

Then we shall have them.

He has the Great Key.

I want him captured intact,
but unharmed.

After that,

I will deal with him personally.

All right, let's walk.

Nothing to worry about,
I've got a wonderful sense of direction.

I've got a perfect sense of direction.

I thought you said you had a good...

- Where are we?
- The storeroom on 23-A.

- And where are we going?
- The workshop.

- Has he got a workshop onboard?
- Of course I have. Come on.

What nobody understands is,
the advantage of my antiquated Tardis,

is that it's fully equipped
and completely reliable.

- Completely?
- Yes.

Yeah, well... Well, almost completely.

- Where are we now?
- The service tunnel, Blue Section 25.

Everything's going to be all right,
you just follow me.

Odd. I could have sworn
I've been here before.

- We have.
- Oh. Oh.

I must be in level 23-B.

Well, wherever we are,
it could do with a lick of paint.

Lick of paint?

Yes, clean it up a bit.
You know, redecoration...

Listen. I'm a Time Lord,
not a painter and decorator.

- I'm preoccupied with...
- Sontarans?

- Yes, Sontarans, Daleks, Cybermen.
- Don't get excited.

What did you say?

- I said, don't get excited.
- I'm not getting excited. I'm not...

- Doctor.
- What is it?

You are getting excited.

No, I'm not.

- Would you get off my scarf, please?
- Doctor, we've been here before.

- Nonsense.
- D?j? vu.

- D?j? what?
- D?j? vu.

It's a common thing
among time-travellers.

There you are.

- We have been here before.
- Rodan, tell her she's wrong.

- Doctor, she's absolutely right.
- What?

We just travelled this route
10 minutes ago.


I know this Tardis
like the back of my hand.

Come on.

That clock's slow.

Come on,
we can't sit around here all day.

- You just said you wanted a rest.
- I did. I've just had one.

- Let's go and find K9.
- K9.

If I had a dog like you in my unit,

I'd make him a sergeant.

Why you can't use a perfectly modern
786 model, I'll never understand.

No character.

- Doctor.
- Yes?

We have been here before.

Nonsense. Storeroom 14-D.

- It's impossible, sir.
- Why?

Well, it's obvious.
You see, the Doctor has removed...

the primary refraction tube
from his fail-safe controls.

With that circuit broken,
well, no one can reactivate the Tardis.

So, I cannot destroy the Tardis...

and the Doctor cannot escape?


Hello, boy, how's it going?

Nothing is going anywhere, master.
A state of perfect inertia.

I know we're not going anywhere.

I don't like the idea of inertia
being perfect.

Little K9.

- Is it clear?
- At full capacity, Excellency.

Just as you ordered.

What is it?

Early warning.

Something's broken in upstairs.

We will do battle...

on your own ground, Doctor.

- Master.
- Leela, the key I gave you.

- Of course.
- Can I have it, please?

Thank you.
Rodan, look at me.

You are now in a state of deep hypnosis.
Can you hear me?

- Yes.
- Rodan, you will help K9.

You will do whatever he tells you.

When K9 asks you for this key,
you will give it to him.

You will not give the key to
anyone else. You understand?

- Yes.
- Good. Watch the door.

- Come on. We're relying on you, K9.
- Master.

One rod of Type-3 iridium alloy,
one metre in length.

Coming up.

Sorry, the lift's out of order.

What did you say?

I said, I'm sorry
the lift's out of order.

- Where are we going?
- Going to the bathroom, of course.

To the bathroom?

Very clever, Doctor.

What is it, sir?

The Doctor has set up
a biological barrage.

My instrument cannot trace
human life forms.

We must return to his control room
and eliminate this barrier.

Wait, sir.

There is another way.

If I can trace the ancillary generator
that powers this barrier.

Can you do this?

I believe I can, sir.

Then you will be well rewarded.

Lead on.

I've kept you waiting, Chancellor.

- I've kept you waiting, Chancellor.
- I'm quite comfortable, thank you.


I had nothing to do with this,
I promise you.

Chancellor, you know about
the Rod of Rassilon.


And you know about the Sash of Rassilon.


And especially,
you know about the Great Key.


Therefore, it would be very bad for us
if you were to fall into the hands...

of the Sontarans.

No breeding, you see.

It's not just a question
of breeding, surely.

Oh, but it is, it is.
I assure you, Chancellor, it is.

They're a clone species, you see.

They can multiply at the rate of
a million every four minutes.

Shall we go?

- I think so.
- Good.

Pick a door. Any door.


Come on.

I wish you'd stabilise your
pedestrian infrastructure, President.

What? Come on.
Pull yourself together, Borusa.

Hello, Sickbay. Quick, curtains.
Lock the door, Andred.

- Let's get out of here.
- You go on, I'll hold them off.

With what?
We must catch the others.

We'll go my way.
Come on.

- What is it?
- Sorry about this.

I'm not gonna be much good to you now.

- Leela?
- Yes?

Take these two back to the workshop.
You know the way.

Well, as well as I did last time.

It's along there on the left.
Second on the left, up two stages...

Don't worry, Doctor.
I'll find my own way.

Good. Bye-bye.

- Oh, no.
- Where are we?

D?j? vu. Back where we started.

Come on, Doctor.
You've got a perfect sense of direction.

- I could not...
- Explanations will wait.

My orders are clear.

You will follow this fool...

and destroy the power unit
he will show you.

I have other duties.

- Doctor.
- Yes?

- Have you defeated them?
- No.

- We've got to get to the workshop.
- Workshop?

Yes, the workshop. Come on.

How beautiful.

What is this place?

Ancillary power station.

Now, try your tracer.

The humanoids are three levels below.

- Finished?
- Yes, it's finished.

Where is it?

Give me the key.

Wake up, Rodan. Give me the key.

What is it?


You know how helpless we are
against the Sontarans?

I forbid you to use it.
You should never have constructed it.

But what is it?

It's the ultimate weapon,
the de-mat gun.

- That's impossible.
- You built it under hypnosis.

But how to arm it?

Is that why the key
remained hidden for so long?

I could rule the universe with this,

Is that what you want?

Destroy that gun.
Destroy all knowledge of it.

It will throw us back
to the darkest age.

No, Chancellor.

No, Leela.
Wait, wait, don't kill him.

Kelner, where's Stor?

Kill him.

He's in the Panopticon.

Borusa, the Matrix.

Hold it, Stor.


This grenade will give me
a lot of pleasure.

- You'll destroy us all.
- Yes.

It is a glory to die
for a glorious Sontaran empire.

- But you'll destroy this entire galaxy.
- Yes.

And all of the Time Lords with it.

- And your battlefield.
- Yes, Doctor.

But it is a small price to pay.

If we cannot control the power
of the Time Lords,

then we shall destroy it.

Goodbye, Doctor.


- Hello, Leela.
- Oh, Doctor.

Put it away.

Borusa, what are you doing here?

Your Excellence.


Is this some kind of a joke, Borusa?
It's not like you to make jokes.

Have you forgotten your induction?

My induction?

The Vardans?

- Vardans.
- The Sontarans?

Doctor, you saved Gallifrey.

I have?

- Oh, what do you think of that, Leela?
- I think you've gone mad.

He remembers nothing of it.

It is the wisdom of Rassilon.


Ta-ta, everybody.

Come on, Leela.

Come on. What's the matter?

- I'm staying.
- What?



Ah, I see.

- I hope that...
- Yes, I'm sure you do hope.

She'll look after you.
She's terribly good with a knife.

- Come on, K9.
- Negative, I remain.

- Here?
- Affirmative.

- Why?
- To look after the mistress.

- Doctor.
- Yes?

I will miss you.

I'll miss you too, savage.

Where will he go now, I wonder.

Somewhere else.

Will he be lonely, K9?

Insufficient data, mistress.

Subtilte subXpacio