Doctor Who (1963–1989): Season 15, Episode 15 - The Sun Makers: Part Three - full transcript

The merciless Collector, who runs The Company, issues a bounty on the Doctor for his capture, while an already captured Leela is sentenced to public execution, via a steamer, for crimes against the company.


There are guards.
They have blocked the subway.

There's a level interchange back there.




We must keep still.

Make them think we will not fight.

You have a gun, Leela,
why don't you kill us?


Better to die here than
let them take us.

Drop your arms.

Get them, K9.

Satisfactory, mistress?

Get their guns.

Satisfactory, mistress?

Yes, K9. What do you want, a biscuit?


We will take this machine
and crash through their barrier.

Put K9 on the back.

The shooting's stopped.

Our lads must have got them.

Not our lucky day.

Ready? Forward.

What's wrong with it? I said forward!

Perhaps I had better take over, Leela.

All right.

I will have the gun.

Bring it over against the wall.

That's right.

-Look out!

We've done it!


Stop! Leela's been hit!

We can't help her.


Now you're going to answer
my questions, Doctor.

-Why did the Gatherer

give you this money?

Maybe he liked my face.

You know what I think?

Now listen, Doctor.
We can either do this the easy way...

Or we can do it the hard way.
I've heard that one, too.

Get him.


The Gatherer gave you
1 ,000 talmars to bring to us?

Well, even Gatherers
have their bad days.

Now, this is going to be your bad day,
Doctor, if you don't start talking.

-About what?
-The deal.

You and the Gatherer made a deal.

I only made one deal, Mandrel,
and that was with you under duress,

-and you haven't kept your part of it.
-Now the irons.

Another minute?

Doctor, you've got one more minute.


That sort of subtle approach is always
more effective than crude violence.

Oh, he's very cool.

Parts of him won't be so cool soon.

This is your last chance.

You're a fool, Mandrel.

I don't know why yet, but I was
released from the Correction Centre.

The Gatherer gave me a
cock-and-bull story about machine error

and he gave me 1 ,000 talmars
to make it sound convincing.

That's all I know.

You'll have to do better
than that, Doctor.

You're not very good at it, Mandrel.

Talk, Doctor.

It's the eyes. No conviction.

I'm going to count to 1 0, Doctor.

-Oh, put it aside, Mandrel,

-you look a fool.



-BISHAM: Hold it, Mandrel!

Thank you, gentlemen.

Nice to see you both. Where's Leela?

Well, where is she?

She's not numbered, Excellency.


All our work units are
numbered at birth.

Some criminals have
the number removed by surgery,

but there's always a scar.

No number. A mystery to solve.

Maximise her medicare. Bring her to me
the moment she's on her feet.

Yes, Excellency.

He's asking us to help him!

-No, no, he's not.
-No, no, I'm not.

I'm not, Goudry.
I'm asking you to help yourselves.

Nothing will change round here
unless you change it.

We have the two guns
and there's K9 upstairs.

Two guns? What will we do
with two guns against all those guards?

You can't do anything, but there are
50 million people in this city.

Think how the guards will
react to that number.

It's crazy talk. Rebellion?
No one would support you.

Given the chance to breathe clean air
for a few hours, they might.

Have you thought of that?

I've thought of that, Doctor.

The PCM is the source of
the Company's power,

but without explosives
there's no way of stopping

it entering the vapour chambers.

There's always a way. Come here.


That drug is volatilised into
the atmosphere.

What's its critical temperature?

205 centigrade.

205 centigrade. So if we lower
the temperature in the chamber...

There are eight of them,
all round the city.

-But all controlled from one point.

How do you know that?

I was a B-grade in Main Control.
The Doctor's right.

-It could work.
-Are you out of your mind, Mandrel?

-You mean take over Main Control?

Yes. There are only two work units
on duty up there.

You're right, Doctor. It could be done.

It sounded to me like you
were saying we should help.

That's what I was thinking, Goudry.

But why? It's a crazy idea.

But I think it could work.
And what have we got to lose?

Only your claims.

Well put, Doctor.

Oh, it was nothing.
I have a gift for the apt phrase.

Anything's worth trying.

If only we could win. Just think,
if we could beat the Company!

There's no ''if'' about it, Cordo.
We will.

What's your plan, Doctor?

First of all, we've got to blind
the scanner system.

At the moment, it's sensitised on me,
so I can't move from this spot.

What scanner system?

Well, every few metres along the subway
there are tubes in the walls.

You mean the sun feeds?

No, I mean the oculoid
electronic monitors.

They're connected to concealed cables.

Cordo, I want two of them brought here.

Right, Doctor.


Take care.
I mean, unplug them carefully.


I don't think she was badly wounded.

Get this thing off me!

The terrorist, Excellency.

-Let me go!

-Answer his Excellency.
-I'll split you!

-Your name!

-Place of birth.
-I don't have to answer...

-Place of birth.
-I don't know.

I'm a member of the Sevateem.

The Sevateem?

My tribe. Tell this gorilla
to take his paws off me!

0-0-5 on Sevateem.

MACHINE: 0-0-5. Sevateem.
Negative report.

Semantic analysis suggests
linguistic corruption.

Inferences degenerate
unsupported Tellurian colony.

How did you get to Pluto?

By accident, as usual.

Answer respectfully!

The Doctor brought me in
a machine called a Tardis,

if that leaves you any the wiser.

What is the Doctor?

He is a Time Lord.

You led a criminal attack on
the Company Correction Centre. Why?

Well, I heard the Doctor was in trouble,
so I came to rescue him.

But when I got here he'd been set free,

-so we..
-This interview is terminated.

-Remove her.
-Erasure, Excellency?

Not as of now. Place her under pending.

-Immediately, Excellency.
-Put me down!

I'll issue an invoice for her erasure
by close of business today.


The Time Lords.
Specifically one known as the Doctor.

MACHINE: 0-0-5. Time Lords.

Oligarchic rulers
of the planet Gallifrey.

The planet was classified Grade 3
in the last market survey,

its potential for commercial development
being correspondingly low.


It's true. If we all act together,
there's nothing the Company can do.

-If we all act together...
-Yes, let's fight the Company.

-Fight, yes!
-What is this Company?

Can anyone tell me that?

Well, it's just the Company.

-It gave us the suns.
-Of course. That's what we've been told.

-It's always been the same.

I mean, who runs it? What's it for?


It makes a profit, that's what it's for.

And The Collector
is a sort of high official.

There's nobody else.

-A profit?

But who gets the profit?
Where does it go?

VEET: Not to us.

They're not questions
we've ever thought about.

I mean, there's no answer.

Wouldn't it be interesting
to find the answer?

-Well, yes, of course.

-Cordo, take these. They're ready.
-Right, Doctor.

Now, listen.

-Bisham and Mandrel, stay with me.
-All right, Doctor.

Now, the rest of you,
I want you to scatter through the city

and tell the people what's happening.

Remind them that they're human beings,

and tell them that human beings
always have to fight for their freedom.

-All right?
-ALL: Right!

-You all know what to do?
-ALL: Yes!

Let's go.

Your Hugeness sent for me?

You ordered a prisoner to be released
from Correction today. Why?

I can explain, Your Amplification.

He is the Ajack conspirator
sent here to foment rebellion.

It is my intention to
follow him through the tracker system

and identify his contacts.

There is no rebellion, Hade,

and your so-called Ajack is an alien
who landed on this planet by mistake.

He is a Time Lord known as the Doctor.

(STAMMERS) But how...

Your Vastness is certain?

I simply checked Company records.

-And this Doctor could be a problem.
-In what way, Your Voluminousness?

He has a long history of violence
and of economic subversion.

He will not be sympathetic to
my Company's business methods.

If there's anything I can do
to help the Company.

Long live the Company.


Issue hourly bulletins.
5,000 talmars reward

for information leading to his capture,
dead or alive.


The money to be paid from
your private purse.

-You spoke?

Merely a cry of gladness
at being so honoured.

Also, bulletin the information

that the Doctor's companion
is to be publicly executed

for her crimes against the Company.

Praise the Company forever and ever.


Where will the execution be held?

In the Exchange Hall.
Admission by ticket only, 5 talmars.

Proceeds to the Company Benevolent Fund.

-Your Enormity will attend?

The execution will take place
during the first work shift.

Announce a two-hour
public holiday without pay.

The work units will cry with delight.

Such generosity is unparalleled.

I compute a 0.04 7%% drop in production,

which is within acceptable limits.

Also, station extra security units in
all the subways around the Exchange.

Extra units, Your Globosity?

The computer character analysis
indicates that the Doctor will try

to prevent the execution.

With luck, we'll roll two of them
into the steamer.

-Ready, Doctor.

One more time, just for luck.

Duplication quite unnecessary.

Right, well, that should do it.

-What did you do, Doctor?
-Well, I fixed a static loop, what else?

Mandrel, you lead the way.
Cordo second, Bisham third. K9, fifth.



Do I look it?

I shan't keep you pending long.

His Excellency has invoiced
your execution.

Good. That means I won't have to look at
your ugly face any more.

Be a bit of a treat for us, too.

We haven't had
a public steaming for months.

A public what?

You don't know about the steamer?



Visual scan clear, master.

One more level after this.

We've picked them up, Your Honour.

Excellent. What's the location?

Service subway 2 7, District Four.

-I've already alerted the guards.

Stop them, stop them at once.

-Your Honour?
-I'll arrest him myself.

Arrest him? I thought we were
to keep him under observation?

All the plans have changed, Marn.

The Collector wants him taken,
dead or alive.

You'd better come with me as a witness.

Oh, the idiot!
Look at him, look at him!

Walking up and down
where anyone could see him.

-A witness?
-He cost me 5,000 talmars!

Hurry, woman!

COMPUTER (ON PA): Attention
all Citizens. Attention all Citizens.

Stand by for an important
public bulletin.

Have you seen this man?

He is an anti-Company agent wanted
for acts of terrorism.

Gatherer Hade will pay a reward
of 5,000 talmars

for information leading to the capture
of this gangster, dead or alive.

-Hey, 5,000.

It's an insult.

The Droges of Gabrielides offered
a whole star system for my head once.


(NERVOUSLY) K-K-Keep your hands
wh-where we can see them.

-Put your hands on your head.
-Stand still.

This is a rising, Citizens.
Either you join us or you die.

I remember you. Mandrel.

That's right, Synge.

What's your answer, B-grade?

-You stay where you are.

-You can't do that!
-It's done.

-But the vapour towers...
-We're shutting them down.

Yes, nasty, horrid, smelly things.
Carry on, Cordo.

This is the nerve centre
of the city, eh?

Yes, in one way it is.
All the power is controlled from here.

All right, Citizens.
Are you with the revolution or not?

We're with you, brothers. Hey, Hackett?


He's not there.

I don't understand.

The scanners are still registering.

I don't care what the scanners say.

I do care what the scanners say.
Check again, Marn.

There must be some malfunction.

Your Honour,
the scanner information shows

that the Doctor is walking up
and down exactly here.


This is the gangster terrorist

soon to be executed in Exchange Hall.

It's Leela.

-Tickets for the spectacle...
-Fetch the Doctor, quickly.

are still available, price 5 talmars...

-Doctor! the Gatherer's office.

As a special privilege,
during the hours of the public holiday,

the steaming will also be
shown live on all bulletin screens.

The temperature in the heat exchanger
is down to 70 centigrade.

Shall we keep it at that level, Doctor?

-At 70?

What do they mean, a steaming?

Well, they put her into
a condensation chamber.

It's directly underneath here.

The heat exchanger is regulated
by a water pump,

so it turns into high-pressure steam,
of course,

and then goes into
the condensation chamber.

It's a terrible death,

-you can hear the...

Come here, Bisham. Listen, I...


Mandrel, what would happen
if we cut the water supply to the pumps?

The heat exchanger would blow up,
take half the city with it.

No, no, no, just for a few minutes.
Just long enough to get her out.

You'd have to crawl through
that vent in the wall

-to get to the condensation chamber.
-I'll take a look.

No, it couldn't be done.

You can see what
the atmospheric pressure in there is,

-it would flatten you.
-So we let the pressure out.

-You couldn't do it.
-Why not?

-It's a safety system.
-The only way would be to open the valve

-from the inside.
-And if you're inside, you're dead.

It's impossible.

K9: Suggestion, master.

What? What is it?

As my construction offers
more resistance

to pressure than the human frame...

-Yes, yes.
-It may be that I could function

inside the vent?

Yes, but could you open a valve? Hmm?

I could attempt to blast it, master.

Attempt to blast...

We'll try it.
Get that vent open. Bisham!

K9. Ahem.
I don't know how to say this, K9.

Master, your concern is noted.
Please do not embarrass me.

-Good dog.
-Look, it's starting.


Are we ready?

Almost, Your Mightiness.
We won't be long.

-A poor turnout, Hade.

5 talmars for only one execution.

If we could have offered more victims,
made a bigger show of it...

But of course, when they can see it all
for nothing on the bulletin screens...

Not the same thing at all.
No sense of a shared experience.

I fear the Doctor is going
to disappoint us.

Your scanners haven't detected him?

-Er, not exactly.
-What does that mean?

Either they have or they haven't.

Well... (CHUCKLES)
The truth of the matter is

that there's a fault in the system,
a false image.

But I can assure Your Sublimity
it'll soon be rectified.

K9's done it. Look!

Get the vent open.
Mandrel, reverse the pumps.

Pumps in reverse.

We'll give you two minutes, Doctor.
We can't give you any longer.

I know, I know. Well done, K9.

It was nothing, master.

Take this, Doctor.
It's a two-way communicator.

If anything goes wrong,
you can let us know.

All right. Now, don't call me.
You understand? I'll call you.

Right. And Doctor? Two minutes!

-Good luck, Doctor.
-Good luck, Doctor!

K9: Good luck, master.

Temperature in the exchanger is
rising fast, Mandrel.

I don't think
we can hold it for two minutes.

We must. I told him two minutes.

The execution!
She's going into the steamer.

This is the moment when I get
a real feeling of job satisfaction.

Are the microphones wired in?

All round the condenser, Most Merciful.

We're looking forward to
excellent duodecaphonic sound.

Then we shall hear her
within a few seconds.

-I can't hold it, Mandrel!
-Another 20 seconds.

No, it's going. Listen!

The Doctor must be in
the condensation chamber by now.

If we release that heat blast,
he'll be vaporised.

If you don't, we'll all die!

Look at the dial!

Ten more seconds.