Doctor Who (1963–1989): Season 15, Episode 14 - The Sun Makers: Part Two - full transcript

Captured by the authorities, the Doctor finds himself restrained in a Correction Centre where he's to be prepped for painful shock treatments, making him unable to return within a given ...



Tens, please.



Your friend the Doctor,
he'd better hurry.


When you kill her,
don't damage her too much.

Mmm, what a tender heart, Veet.

I want those skins.

See how she begs for
a gentle death for you?

So full of love and compassion.

Before I die, I'll see this
rat hole ankle deep in blood.

That is a promised thing.

By the Company,

if Mandrel orders her killed,
I won't be the first man on his feet.



Your Highest,
a thousand apologies for this intrusion.

Don't delay me, Hade. Time is money.

Ah, well, what a great truth,
Your Sublimity.

A pearl of wisdom.

Get to the point.

I've grounds for believing,
Your Eminence,

that there is a conspiracy among
dissident Ajacks to foment

armed rebellion against the Company,
glory be to the Company.

What exactly do you know, Hade?


Don't try to speak yet, my friend.
Balerium gas affects the throat.


Where are you?

You're in the Correction Centre.

This is the Induction Therapy Section.

That means they
sensitise areas of the brain

and clear the neural pathways

so that when we arrive in Physical,
we feel the full benefit.

It intensifies pain a thousand times.



How long have I been here?

They brought you in just as the trumpets
were sounding second work shift.

-Thank you.
-It's a pleasure.

Your time's up, girl.

Seize her.

The next one dies.

Take her, you cowardly scabs!

-Must I do it myself?
-Oh, try, Mandrel.

Prove you have a heart
as big as your mouth.

Mandrel! Wait a minute.
Give the Doctor some more time.

It's possible that D-grade Cordo
took the wrong subway.

He's not too smart.

You craven, gutted factory fodder.
Are you frightened of a half-grown girl?

Oh, come on!

GOUDRY: Careful, Mandrel.
VEET: Watch it.


Ahh! Stop it.

-The Doctor!

-They've got him!
-What do you mean?

-How did they get him?
-At the Consum Bank.

Something went wrong.
I don't know, maybe it was the card.

-The card was perfect.

Well, the alarm blew
as soon as he got in there.

He didn't stand a chance. I had to run.

It must have been the Doctor's fault.
The card had never been used.

Where's the Doctor now, Cordo?

Security picked him up there right away.

They must have been
cruising that section.

What will they do to him?

Oh, he'll be in
the Correction Centre by now.

-They don't waste time.

Not when it's frauding the Consum Bank.

-That's high crime.
-He'll get maximum.

-Maximum what?
-Correction, of course.

That's what the Centre's for,
correcting people.

He won't live long after that.

What are you doing?

Going for a little hop.

Good for the circulation.

-What did they get you for?

-That's a crime here?

I was an Executive Grade
at the chemical plant

in charge of PCM production.

I got curious about
some of the other products.

-Go on.

there were some tablets labelled
''For Official Use Only'',

for the Gatherers and
the other Company staff.

I wondered what they were,
so I took some.


I felt completely different, as though
I'd never really been alive until then.

-So you carried on taking them, hmm?
-Of course I did.

I suppose they noticed
the difference in me and kept watch.

The Megro Guards came for me
during my last sleep time.

-What does PCM stand for?

-You know something about chemistry?

Enough to recognise an anxiety-inducing
agent when I smell one.

No, no, no,
it eliminates airborne infections.

That's what they tell you.

It also eliminates freedom.

-These cellar dwellers should be erased.
-Indubitably, Your Elevation.

It's a question of manpower.
I simply haven't got sufficient staff.

It is against Company policy

to give supportive aid
to the civil administration.

We run a purely fiscal operation.

Your Pinnacle, a 5%% increase in
protection tax would repay the Company,

its name be praised.

Good thinking, Hade. You tempt me.

There is also the consideration

that any sustained unrest
amongst the work units

could damage profitability.

Productivity-wise, I agree.
An ongoing insurrectionary situation

would not be acceptable
to my management.

This fiscal period we're aiming
for a 7%% increase

in the gross planetary product.

An achievable target, Your Colossus,
only if there is no dissention.

With increased manpower,
I could locate and destroy

these anti-Company agents
before any harm is done.

Half a division of my Inner Retinue.
That's all I can spare.

I am gratified.

Also increase the daily PCM dosage
3%% by volume as of now.

-This interview is terminated.

I have the honour to remain, sir...

-1 7. 25 1 /2.
-...your humble and obedient servant.

-22. 1 9.
-Yours, etc, etc.

1 4 and 25.

-What kind of men are you?
-The kind that want to live.

If only six of you come with me
to this Correction Centre,

we can get the Doctor out.

Why should we risk our necks for him?

You sent him to the Consum Bank

and now he's in trouble
you will not even help him.

There's nothing we can do.

How do you know
when you will not even try?

Listen, fool, the Correction Centre
is under the palace itself.

-What palace?
-What palace? There's only one palace.

It's where the Collector lives.

They say he likes to hear the screams.
That's why the Centre's there.

And that's why we won't raid it.

Because it's guarded by
his Inner Retinue,

and they've got things called guns.

And what have we got?


You have nothing, Mandrel.

No pride, no courage, no manhood.

Even animals protect their own.
You say to me you want to live?

Well, I'll say this to you.

If you lie skulking in this black pit
while the Doctor dies,

then you will live,

but without honour!

Someone silence the termagant,
she's crazy.

I want just six of you to come with me.
Now, who amongst you is a true man?

You, Goudry.

Like Mandrel says,
the guards are armed.


Will you come?

I see.

Not one of you.

Then I shall go alone.

I'll come, Leela.

-You, Cordo?
-(SIGHS) I know I'm not much help.

I'm not brave and I can't fight

but, well, at least I can
show you the way.

Cordo, you are the bravest man here.


Tell me, Bisham, how do they
spread the PCM through the atmosphere?

It's a high-pressure system, Doctor.

The PCM is volatilised
through the vapour towers

-and the air conditioning system.

I should think so, too.

Do you know how long we've been sitting
here without any attention at all?

Do you know that?

I said,

do you know how long we've been
sitting here without any...

Are you deaf or...
Is he deaf or something?

We don't count any more.
We're just material for processing.

Ah. Right.

Well, I'm glad he isn't deaf. Ooh!

I would have felt guilty.

Don't leave it in too long,
it goes frizzy.

I'm sorry our acquaintance
was so brief, Doctor.

It has been a pleasure meeting you.

Oh, that's all right, Bisham.

We'll have another opportunity to talk.
There's a lot you can tell me.

I'm afraid after this,
nobody remembers much.


DOCTOR: I wouldn't touch that,
if I were you.

I said, I wouldn't touch that
if I were you.


Are you sure he wasn't deaf?

Detained? When was this? By whose order?

He was caught while frauding
with a stolen Consumcard.

The Megro Guards have
taken him to Correction.

Too soon, Marn. Too soon.

Oh, we might squeeze
the names of his accomplices out of him,

but if they hear he's been arrested
they'll take fright.

Many of them must be Executive Grades.
They'll move to other Megropolises.

We could be years tracking them down.

He's our only lead, Your Honour.

Mmm. Have him released
from Correction immediately.

What reason shall I give?

Tell them that Gatherer Hade
orders the charge to be quashed.

-And bring him here?

We must lull any suspicions he may have.

-K9, what are you doing here?
-Waiting, mistress.

Waiting for what?

The Doctor master ordered me to stay.

In the Tardis.
You should not be here at all.


-Oh, K9, this is Cordo. Cordo, K9.
-Yes, I've seen it before.

What is it?

Well, he's a sort of friend.

Affirmative. Friend.


are your batteries fully charged?

All of my systems are
at maximum function, mistress.

Then you'd better come with us.
I think we might be needing you.

I wonder how long it'll take them
to fix that?

Not long, I'm afraid.


There's no need to hurry on our account.

-Take a break or something.

Have a cup of tea.
Have some jelly babies.

There are some in my coat pocket.


All right.

-This is the one. Untie him.

Ah, thank you.


I don't like this jacket.
Not very comfortable.

I like a jacket
with a lot of pockets, don't you?

What's the next treat going to be, hmm?

-What's your name?
-Gatherer Hade wishes to see you.

-Gatherer Hade?
-He ordered your release.

-What about my chum?
-Just you.

It's the next turn.

About 50 yards.

There's a guard on the gate.

Just one?

I have seen two,
but normally there's just one.


I feel fear.

Why should I be frightened?

There is a chemical inhibitor
in the air, mistress.

I have analysed it.

What does that mean, K9?

It means you feel fear because
it affects the human nervous system

and debilitates the will.

You mean, there's nothing to be
afraid of, just something in the air?



Come on.

Ah, Citizen Doctor. Welcome.
Come in, sit down.

-Thank you.
-No, no, no. Please, please.



Citizen Doctor. An unusual name.

-Yes, especially for an Ajack.

There are so many Wurgs and Keeks in
Megropolis 3, I sometimes wonder how

my distinguished colleague,
Gatherer Pile,

manages to keep track of you all.

Indeed. But how very clever of you
to know my name.

-Well, it's here, on your Consumcard.

The cause of your
unfortunate experience,

of which I trust
there are no ill effects?

Oh, not at all, not at all.

Your guards were entirely charming,
and so attentive.

I am gratified.

I brought you here, Citizen Doctor,

first of all to give you
the thousand talmars you requested.

And also to apologise
for any inconvenience.

-To err is computer.
-To forgive is fine?


All right, K9. Bite.


-Stun him.



-Would you care for a leaf?

Oh, thank you, thank you.

(SOFTLY) Thank you.

Thank you.

Mmm. Mmm!

-Rubus idaeus?
-No, raspberry leaves.

I have them specially imported.

They contain natural chlorophyll.
Very healthy.


Have you ever tasted raspberry leaf tea?

Awfully good for aliments of the throat.

-Is that so?

Of course,
in primitive times on Old Earth,

they ate prodigious quantities
of vegetable matter

without any apparent harm
to their system.


I'm quite a student of antiquity.

Many people nowadays are not even aware

that our species originated
on Old Earth.

-I can hardly credit it.
-It's true.

They learn nothing
in the Preparation Centres.

Mind you, I've often wondered
why we left Old Earth.

Ah, well, of course
there is the religious view,

though I've always inclined
to the expansionist's theory.

Natural progression.

Tell me, Citizen Doctor,

are you planning to
stay long in Megropolis 1 ?

Not long, no.

Well, while you're here,
you must get about a bit.

After all, it is
the first and oldest city on Pluto.

There's much of interest to see.

Well, I shall certainly try.
In fact, I shall start right now.

Oh, don't let me detain you any longer.

I know you visiting Executives
have a very busy schedule.


An agreeable meeting.

-Oh, I am gratified.

The tracker system
is keyed to him, Your Honour.


I think he swallowed my story of
mechanical error without any suspicion.

He couldn't believe his luck

when we gave him the thousand talmars.

That was a stroke of genius,
Your Honour.

I think it added
a touch of verisimilitude.

Of course,
he needed the money for a reason.

Possibly to buy the services
of that work-shy scum in the Undercity.

Let's see where he's heading.

This door, K9?


Here, K9?

Affirmative. The master passed
through this entrance.

This is not him!

Guard the door, K9.
Help me free this one, Cordo.

-Gratified, Citizens.

-Listen, we're looking for the Doctor.
-You are his friends?

-Jelly babies!
-You have seen him! Where is he?

Yes, he was here, but they set him free.

-Well, who did? Where is he now?
-I don't know.

He went out with
one of the Gatherer's officials.

Leela, we should go.
The longer we're here...

Yes, yes.

-Check the corridor, K9.

-Are you fit enough to move?
-Well, yes, yes, I think so.

The treatment had only just started
when you came in.

-Corridor clear, mistress.

You'd better come with us. Come on.

He's returning to
the Undercity, Your Honour.

The tracker system
doesn't function there.

No matter if we lose him
for an hour or two underground.

We can always locate him
whenever he moves in the city.

But it is in the Undercity, Your Honour,
that the rebellion is festering.

The Collector has allocated me

half a division
of his Inner Retinue, Marn.

They'll soon deal with
that leaderless rabble.

I shall send one squad in
through the heating conduits

to force them into the open.

The other section will
pick them off as they emerge.

Your Honour is a tactical genius.


I evolved the plan on my way
back from the palace.

I call it Morton's Fork,

in honour of one of my
illustrious predecessors.

Shall I alert the guards?

Not yet.

Morton's Fork will stab, Marn,

only when I am sure we have
identified all the conspirators.


Emergency. Emergency.
Calling all Districts.

This tastes like swill.

Where'd you get this garbage?

Don't you like it, Mandrel?

-Mmm. I'll have yours.


Suppertime? Save me some.

-We heard you'd been taken.
-Well, I was, I was,

but it was all a misunderstanding.

Gatherer apologised profusely. Shh!


1 ,000 talmars.

-What trick's this?
-No trick.

Gave me a raspberry leaf as well.

-Where's Leela?
-She's gone.

-She's gone.

We heard you were
in the Correction Centre.

She went off with some
crazy idea of getting you out.

Mandrel, you made
a certain threat before I left.

-If anything's happened to that girl...
-Don't threaten me, Doctor.

The Gatherer doesn't give anyone money.

He takes but he doesn't give,
so you'd better have a good story.

Once upon a time
there were three sisters...

I think you're a spy.

A spy for the Gatherer.

The guard, he's gone!

We should have killed him.
He will have raised the alarm.

-There's no turning back.
-If we're caught in this corridor,

-we'll have no chance, Leela.
-What do you suggest?

We must be daring.

If we take the P45 return route
they'll never expect to find us there.

Well, I hope you're right, Cordo.

Come on, lead the way.

There are guards.
They have blocked the subway.

There's a level interchange back there.


It's no good, they've seen us.