Doctor Who (1963–1989): Season 14, Episode 4 - The Masque of Mandragora: Part Four - full transcript

With Mandragora having taken complete control of the brethren, the Doctor tries to find a way to drain off the Mandragora energy on Earth before it wipes out the guests at Giuliano's masque.


When I give the signal, seize him.


You traitor!


HIERONYMOUS: So shall perish
all our Earthly enemies.

Surround me
with a helix of powers, Brothers,

and none shall overcome us.

All has happened
as was foretold down the centuries,

the waiting, the prayers,
the sacrifices.

Now, at last, the empire of Mandragora
will encompass the Earth,

for Demnos is only the servant
of Mandragora,

and Mandragora is a mighty master
of all things.

Let the power flood into you, Brothers.

Tomorrow night we shall witness
the Last Prophecy.

As it is written,
Mandragora shall swallow the Moon.

Then shall we strike.

It is time.

Count Federico ordered the execution
of these traitors at the end of an hour.

SARAH: If he didn't return.

Neither he nor the sorcerer
nor any of their party

have returned from the temple.

You mean it's an hour already?

Doesn't time fly
when you're enjoying yourself.

-Take them down!
-Stay fellow.

Rossini, you call us traitors,
but lay one hand on your prince

and it's you who are the traitor.

I follow the Count.

You follow a murderer and a tyrant!

It is to the Duke Giuliano
you owe allegiance.

Enough! Take them down.

The execution block grows dry.

Infamous filth!

You call yourself soldiers?
Are we to die without a priest?

Or even a hearty breakfast.

MALE VOICE: No priest available.

Will a Brother do?

What have you done
with the Count, sorcerer?

Your Count is dead.

Dead? My uncle?

DOCTOR: Yes, in the temple ruins.

How did he die?

Let's say Hieronymous
gave him a blank look.

Seize him.

Seize him!

Rossini, you don't have any authority
to give orders any more.

Giuliano is the lawful ruler.

You men, are you with your prince?

-Take him to the block, sire.
-No, Marco.

Take him away,
his fate will be decided later.

The evil has ended.
At last you can rule without fear.

Wrong, Marco, wrong.
The evil's only just beginning.

Hieronymous and the Brethren remain.

Then destroy them!

What do you think, Doctor?

You're the prince,
the men will rally to you.

Lead them to the temple
and win your inheritance, sire.

(SHUSHING) Marco, Marco...

Giuliano, if you go near that temple,
you go to your death.

Then what do you suggest?

The Brother's are still absorbing power.
Gather together all the men you can.

Carpenters, stonemasons, soldiers.
And block every entrance to the palace.

Turn it into a fortress.

Because when the Brethren attack,
you're going to need one.

I'll explain it all, Marco.
We'll see to it at once.

Barricades aren't going to be enough
to stop those Brethren.

Anything to give us time.
I need time to think.

Anyway, its power isn't complete yet.

-What do you mean?
-Well, so far

the only Helix energy in the temple
is what we brought with us.

You mean there's more to come?

Yes, tomorrow night,
when Mandragora swallows the Moon.

Listen, I came here with you, remember?

You don't have to use that 15th century
double talk with me.

I speaka da pretty good English.

DOCTOR: I'm just telling you
what he told me.


(WHISPERS) When Mandragora
swallows the Moon,

that's when they'll strike.

I know, but what does it mean?

Yes. Just about adequate.

Pity. Another 50 years,
we could have used Galileo's.

Where are you going now?

Quickly, men,
they're needed at the west gate.

MARCO: Sire?

-Marco, what is it?
-It's begun.

-What's begun?
-The Brethren.

They're driving people from the town.

Are you sure of this?

Those who refuse to leave
are being destroyed by bolts of fire.

They've brought the forces of darkness
out of those devilish catacombs.

So, we're isolated now.

Just a few of us left in this palace.

Some of whom the most precious heads
in all Europe.

Do they know what we face?

(SCOFFING) I think they have some fear
that all is not well.

Their personal guards keep close.

And the King of Naples asked the reason
for all the noise.

I sent back word it was in preparation
for the masque.

The masque!

(SIGHING) I'd forgotten the day.
Marco, it must be cancelled.

Would you explain to your peers that
your accession cannot be celebrated

because of a pagan uprising?

The masque cannot be held, Marco,
it's too dangerous.

I have seen our defences, sire.

This palace could be held
against an army,

and the Brothers are not an army,
they're a fanatic rebel.

Who can kill with bolts of fire.

Simple trickery. Hieronymous was always
a cunning, old fox.

And do not forget, my lord,
we have weapons of our own.

I don't know, Marco.

Giuliano, you're the ruler now,

the leader.

If you're seen to falter at the first
challenge, you may lose everything.

There are eyes watching you.

There are those who will go from here
saying the Duke of San Martino is weak,

ready to be toppled.
Better trust to your guards,

and hold the masque
as though all was normal.

(SIGHING) Oh, you speak sense as always,
dear Marco.

But all is not normal,
you and I both know it.

I'll seek the Doctor's advice.
Where is he?

In Hieronymous's room,
he's been there since this morning.

(SCOFFING) But what he does there,
I know not.

-Astrolabe, Sarah.


Medieval sextant.

-(WHISPERING) Come on.
-All right.

What are you trying to do?

I'm trying to make this thing work
exactly, roughly won't do at all.

Unfortunately, the alidade's almost
a whole degree out.

Compensate for error and convert to
the Copernican system.

-Oh, 17 from 60.
-Forty three.


-(CHUCKLING) I've got it.

Forty three minutes
and eight seconds past nine.

-Mandragora swallows the Moon.

In other words, a lunar eclipse.

And that's when the Brethren
will attack?


More important, it's when all this
could become man's only science.

SARAH: Astrology?

You mean when Mars is in the House
of the Ram and all that nonsense?

Nonsense? It isn't nonsense, miss.

Just you remember
what Hieronymous did to you.

The Mandragora doesn't conquer
in a physical sense.

It dominates and controls
by Helix energy, astral force.

It takes away from man
the only thing worth having.

-SARAH: Which is?
-Well, a sense of purpose! What else?

The ability granted to every intelligent
species to shape its own destiny.

Once let Mandragora gain control,
then man's ambition wouldn't stretch

beyond... Beyond the next meal.

It'll turn you into sheep!
Idle, mindless, useless sheep!

All right! All right, I'm convinced,
but what can we do?

-Doctor, I must speak...
-SARAH: Shh!

It's all right. He's only thinking.



I think.

I wanted to ask his advice.

All or nothing, I'll have to risk it.

-Hello, it's nice to see you. Listen.

If it's ionised plasma, it's molecular
and, by now, it must be spread

pretty thinly among Hieronymous
and the Brethren.

Exhaust it... Exhaust it!
That's the answer!

Doctor, I have a question...

Could you get me one of these
and a length of wire?

-What wire?
-Wire. Yes, wire.

It must be at least 150 years since
wire-drawing machines were invented,

there must be some about the place?

Well, if you spoke
to the palace armourer...

Good idea, I'll do that.
What was your question?

I wanted to ask you
about the masque tonight.

Everything's arranged but it could
still be cancelled if you...

You're going to hold a dance?

Well, only if you don't think
it's too dangerous.

Dangerous? My dear Duke,
you've got lots of guests to entertain.

Of course you must hold a hop.
Sarah will love it. Ask her.

Oh, yes, just my scene.

And Giuliano, save me a costume,
I love a knees-up.

The town is empty, great one.

Not a living creature larger than a cat
remains within the walls.

It is well, the hour approaches fast.

PRIEST: What is your plan, great one?

HIERONYMOUS: The plan of Mandragora

I am but the vessel for those who hold
dominion over the cosmos.

The mighty sky gods.

What would they have us do, Master?

This time and place were well chosen.

Assembled in the palace are many
scholars, many rulers and nobles.

Tonight, they are to be destroyed.
All of them.

In this way shall be established
the power and supremacy

of those masters we serve.

The Duke has deployed many soldiers.

All the entrances to the palace are
fortified and heavily guarded, Master.

There is still an entrance
they know nothing of.

Bring me 10 of the Brethren.
I will take them to the place.

Tonight there is a masque
in the Duke's honour.

We will provide the entertainers.

Good. Now, the coat.
I don't want this to show.

Thank you.

-How do I look?
-Putting on weight, are you?

-What's that in aid of?
-A little plan. Leave the wire.

Giuliano sent you these to choose from.

That looks as if it would be
very becoming, eh?

Well, I think it's ridiculous
talking about fancy dress.

I mean, we're in such terrible danger!


SARAH: Oh, stop being so silly.

DOCTOR: Remember the French
at Agincourt.

But they lost!

You know, the worse the situation,
the worse your jokes get.

-I think I'll settle for the lion.
-Things are bad, aren't they?

-Very bad?

Desperately bad,
but we can only do our best and hope.

-You coming?

Is Leonardo among that lot?

Those are the entertainers.

I don't think
I'm ever going to meet Leonardo.

Will you open up
the dungeon entrance, please?

-I'll see to it at once, Doctor.
-Thank you.


I want you to stay here
and keep an eye on this lot.

What... What for?

A Time Lord has to do
what a Time Lord has to do.

Besides, you're not equipped.

-But you said it was dangerous.
-Did I?

-Oh, yes.
-Well, is it dangerous?

Well, only if I guess wrong
and then it's fatal.

Oh, look, I wish you'd stop giving me
flip answers.

All right, listen,

negatively charged high-energy particles
follow magnetic lines of force, yes?

-SARAH: Yes.
-Therefore, if I've guessed correctly

about the nature of Helix energy,
I should be able to drain it off.

But what if you've guessed wrong?

When did I ever
guess wrong about anything?

Lots of times.

PRIEST: The masque has begun.

Shall I order our brothers
to surround the palace, Master?

Yes. Kill all who try to escape.

PRIEST: The others are inside.
HIERONYMOUS: Concealed from prying eyes.

They await only my signal.

Glory to Demnos.

HIERONYMOUS: And to Mandragora.





-Marco, what is it?

I've had a report from the guards.
The Brethren.

-What of them?
-They're all around the palace.

It is as though they are waiting
for something.

What could it be? A signal?

Perhaps. They're just standing silently,
in the shadows.



-Is Hieronymous with them?
-He's not been seen, my lord.

I don't like it, Marco.

Even our guests sense
that something's wrong.



It'll be a very good night, sire.

Our walls are thick and solid
and our guards well trained,

a match for any in the land.

At least we have your uncle
to thank for that.

So you think we have nothing to fear?

I think, by dawn,
Hieronymous and his followers

would have realised their mistake,

and they will leave San Martino to
search for easier pickings elsewhere.

Needs be, sire,
we can hold out here for a month.

And long before that,
the armies of neighbouring states

will have come to our aid.

-(WHISPERS) Have you seen the Doctor?

What's keeping him?
He's been gone for ages.

It was gone 8:00 of the evening
when I told the guard.

All this waiting,
not knowing what's happening to him.

It's worse than being with him.

Oh, me?



HIERONYMOUS: You profane
the sacred stone.

Hello, there.

Had a hard day in the catacombs,
have you?

You profane the sacred stone!

Oh, come off it, Hieronymous,
you know who I am,

you can drop all that bosh
about sacred stones and profanity.

Just be your natural, horrid self.

Why have you come here, Time Lord?

Would you believe it, I had no choice.

Had it not been you,
there would have been other travellers

drawn into Mandragora Helix.
Earth had to be possessed.

Unchecked, man's curiosity might
lead him away from this planet

until ultimately the galaxy itself might
not contain him, and we of Mandragora

will not allow a rival power
within our domain!

Well, you see, that's a great pity
because I can't allow you

to interfere with Earth's progress.

You arrogant dolt!

How dare you oppose
the might of Mandragora.

It's part of a Time Lord's job to insist
on justice for all species.

Then you will be swept aside,

like the dirt that you are.

Die, Doctor!

The Time Lords don't die
that easily, Hieronymous.

I shall crush you!



Now, die. Now!


Come on, Hieronymous.

You can do better than that.
Come on, Hieronymous.

Mandragora, help me!

DOCTOR: Come on!


-(WHISPERING) No sign of the Doctor?
-Not yet.

Well, something must
have happened to him.

Maybe he's here already,
he's wearing his costume.

No, he'd have let us know.


Doctor, what happened?
Where have you been?

Oh, stop playing the fool
and tell me what happened.


It is you?





HIERONYMOUS: Stop! Stop, Brothers.

The final sacrifice

must be made in our temple.

Bring the victims of Mandragora down.

The Brethren!
We've been tricked, betrayed!

Silence! Take them below.

SARAH: The eclipse!
Look, it's beginning.

HIERONYMOUS: Now Mandragora
swallows the moon.

Now, as it was written,

the power of Mandragora
will flood the Earth.

Mandragora, we, your servants,
welcome you.

Bestow your power upon us

that we may rule over
the whole of your dominion.



-Well, I thought that was rather clever.

A case of energy squared.

It puts Mandragora back to square one.

Well, don't just stand there.

I'm in the market for congratulations.

I wouldn't even say no

to a salami sandwich.

-Goodbye, Giuliano.
-Goodbye, Doctor.

-This is lovely salami, thank you.
-Oh, it's we who should thank you.

-Won't you reconsider?
-I'm already committed, sorry.

There's so much we could learn from you.

It'll all come in time.
Keep an open mind.

-That's the secret.
-Goodbye, Giuliano.

-DOCTOR: Come on, Sarah.
-Oh! Coming!

Hey, thanks for inviting me to the ball.

Well, what did you think of Leonardo?

-Leonardo... Leonardo who?
-Leonardo da Vinci.

Oh, that Leonardo.
No, I didn't get to see him.

-Good thing, too.
-Oh, why?

Well, his submarine design
wasn't exactly practical, you know.


Oh, poor Giuliano, he looked so wistful.


Will he have any more trouble
from Mandragora?

No, he won't, but the Earth will.

Their constellation will be in position
to try again about...500 years.

500 years, that takes us to
just about the end of the 20th century.

That's right.
Now, that was an interesting century.

-What do you mean, "was"?
-Come on.