Doctor Who (1963–1989): Season 14, Episode 18 - The Robots of Death: Part Two - full transcript

As the strangulations continue and the humans aren't sure who to blame, Leela meets up with an anomaly among the robot crew - an inquisitive, supposedly mute single-function labor robot capable of independent reasoning. Meanwhile the Doctor starts looking into the possibility that the murderer is a robot, and another crew member is targeted for death.



Where do you think you are going?

To search.
We've got to find those killers.

-The robots can handle it.
-So can I.

UVANOV: Where do you think you're going?

-He's right, Commander.
-You stay where you are!

Maybe it would be quicker
if we all went to look.

We are not armed.

There are two killers loose
aboard the ship, maybe more.

The robots can handle the situation
more efficiently than we can.

All right. I just thought you were
in a hurry to get back to work.

I am not in any hurry
to get myself killed, Toos.




Thank you. Thank you very much.

SV7: What were you doing in the hopper?

Oh, don't ask me such silly questions.
How did you know I was in there?

When I got here,

the gauge showed a high percentage
of impurity in the ore.

I therefore checked.

Well, I'm not surprised.
There's a dead man in there.

Murdered, strangled. Look.

-7' hat is Kerr/l.

-Nearest Voc,

sub-priority red 4, section 5 -2.


Commander Uvanov has ordered that
you be restrained for questioning.

Please do not try to escape again.

Is the robot command circuit
routed only through you?

I am the coordinator.

-Restrain this person.
-Easy now, easy. Don't get excited.


Doctor, you were right.

There was a body.

Two of the robots,
they took it to a special place.



D84: Please do not cry out.

It is important
that I am not found here.

(MUFFLED) Obviously.

[fl had killed him,
would I not have killed you, too?

You still haven't explained
what you're doing here.

You have not explained
what you were doing here.

Oh, well, I was looking for the Doc...

I don't have to explain anything to you.

You're just a mechanical man.
You're not real.

D84: Do you know what this is?


I must ask...

I must ask...

that you tell no one about me.

Is there anyone left alive to tell?


Oh, so we've caught one.

But not soon enough, though.


I didn't kill him. Ask this thing.

You'll have to do better than that.

-Who are you?
-Leela. Who are you?

Why did you kill him?

You try that again and I'll cripple you.

-Why did you kill him?
-I didn't! Tell him.

That is a single function labour robot,

D for Dum. It can't speak.

Has anyone told him that?

You have cost me
and the company a great deal of money

and you have killed three people.

Can you think of any good reason why

I should not have you executed
on the spot?

No, but you can,
otherwise you'd have done it.

Now, don't get clever with me.

We've caught the man, too.
Seems he killed Kerril.

Poor Cass.

You must be stronger than you look.

(SCOFFS) You must be stupider
than you look if you think I did that.

Where is this man?

They're taking him to the crew room now.

-Well, come on, then.
-Why do you use these?

Robot deactivation discs.
There was one on Kerril, too.

UVANOV: You fool!
What did you have to tell her that for?

I assumed she knew.

If we could have got her to tell us
what those corpse markers were,

we'd be halfway to a confession.

Halfway to two confessions.
Dask knew what they were.

Which rather rules him out.

He would hardly have admitted it
if he was responsible.

Have you never heard
of the double bluff?

You seem very keen
to spread suspicion, Poul.

Could it be
that you have got something to hide?

We've all got something to hide.
Don't you think so, Commander?

Bring that!

I didn't kill him.

I didn't kill him!


Pity, but no.

-Would you like a jelly baby?
-Shut up!

A simple "no, thank you"
would have been sufficient.

Return to your normal duty.

-Are you all right?
-I'm fine.

Well, Cass is dead.

That one's ready to kill.

-I had to restrain him.

It's because they're frightened.
That's why they're dangerous.

She murdered him, didn't she?

-How do you know he was murdered?
-It's obvious.

Well, you marked Cass for death.

-What are you talking about?
-You did put a corpse marker on him.

Well, yes,
but I didn't mean anything by it.

Was Cass the same as the others?

Yes, exactly the same.

And who are you?

I'm the Doctor.
I assume you're in command here?

-Yes. What are you doing here?
-Just standing here talking to you.

I should be very careful if I were you.

No doubt you would.

What are you doing on this mine?

Well, we're travellers.
We came here by accident.

Oh, I see.

A hundred million square miles
of uncharted desert

-and you just stumbled across us?

Well, it's a small world.

Yeah. I suppose it's also a coincidence
that as soon as you two arrive,

three of our people are killed?


Oh, sorry,
I thought it was a rhetorical...

Yes, it's just a coincidence.

Why are we wasting time on them?
We know they're guilty.

We don't know anything of the sort.

We just hope they're guilty.

He was hiding Kerril's body
in that hopper

and got trapped when it was turned on.
Now, that's a fact.

No! That's an inference.

I wasn't hiding that body,
I was finding it,

and I'd say it was put there
for precisely that reason.

-Someone wanted to kill me, too.
-The murderer?

No. The others were strangled.
Why should he be any different?

To put suspicion onto me.

Why bother? You're a stowaway.

What could be more suspicious
than a stowaway?

A dead stowaway?

It's possible, you know.
He could be telling the truth.

As a lie, it's pretty feeble.

Ever hear of the double bluff?

Well, yes, now you come to mention it,
I do remember once...

Lock them up in the storage bank.
Put a guard on them.

I agree with the Commander.

Well, it gets you out of
an awkward situation, doesn't it?

-Why don't you shut your mouth?
-Why don't you shut yours?

What? She's as good as accusing me
of murdering my friends.

You never had any friends.

Have you quite finished?

Look, either one of us murdered them
or they did.

Which do you think is the more likely?


There is one other possibility
you seem to have overlooked.

BORG: We've heard
quite enough out of you.

You know, you're a classic example
of the inverse ratio

between the size of the mouth
and the size of the brain.


(GRUNTING) You stinking murderer!

POU L: Stop her!

Calm down, Borg. It doesn't matter.

UVANOV: V8, lock up these two strangers.

I still don't like it.

Nobody is asking you to like it,
just do it.

All right, Commander.

There are fewer of us now,

which'll mean we'll each get a larger
share, if that's any consolation.

No, Commander,
that isn't any consolation.

Tell me, Zilda.

Why do you hate me?

You flatter yourself.

Well, let me tell you something.

By the time this trip is over,

I'll have more money than you
or your fancy family ever dreamed of.

May I go now, Commander?

MAN: Zilda.

I will kill Zilda.

Thank you.




Nice of them to leave our arms free.

Yes, in case you want to scratch.


These metal straps, they won't budge.

Of course not.

The robots bent them
as though they were leather.

Yes, then locked
the molecular structure

and as a result,
the bands are as solid as cast iron.

Oh, it's hopeless.

I wouldn't say that.

-What are you doing?

Whatever's locked can always
be unlocked.

It's just a matter of thinking out
the right combination.

-How long will that take?
-No more than two or three weeks.

Three weeks!

Well, there are several million
combinations to think through.

You don't seem to be
taking this very seriously, Doctor.

I'm taking it very, very seriously.

I have an uncomfortable feeling

that if the murderer doesn't kill us,
the Commander will.

That is, assuming they're
not one and the same person.

V21. Project those figures.

We're nearly 50% under target.

For the first third of the operation.

Well, you should tell the Commander.

Tell the Commander what?

That unless we find a rich vein,
we'll take the miner back half empty.

Barely cover the operating costs.

Oh, don't worry, Toos.

I've never gone back to base
with an empty tank yet.

-This trip could be different.
-It's certainly been different so far.

I'm taking my rest period.

-Oh, are you?
-If you don't mind, Commander.

I think I'm going to
change the duty schedule.

She's been on deck one hour
and she needs a rest!

Rest time is an entitlement, Commander.

Yes, but this mine is
already undermanned.

I don't know how we're ever going to
make our quota.

V16: lucanol stream bearing 24.

Yeah, I see it, 16.

-Stream veering left.
-It's all right. Relax, Toos, relax.

V16: Ground centre veering 720.

We're losing it.

Right centre four degrees, V16,
and for your information, Toos,

I've never lost an ore stream yet.
Right centre two degrees.


Someone's coming.

I'd like to help you.

You could undo these clamps.

You said there was a possibility
that we had overlooked.

-What is it?

Be careful of him, Doctor.
He's not what he seems.

Why do you say that?

Well, you move like a hunter,
watch all the time.

-Are you a hunter, Poul?
-Well, never mind about me.

What matters to you
is Commander Uvanov.

I know him

and I know it's only a matter of time
before he decides

that it's a waste of food, water
and labour keeping you alive.

That concerns you?

Well, I don't think you did it.

I know she couldn't have strangled Cass,

not without knocking him out first,
and there's no sign of that.

So tell me what you know
and I'll try to help you.

Well, uh... (COUGHING)


Thank you.

One of your robots could have done it.


-And that's your great theory, is it?

Well, my friend, robots cannot kill.
Their prime directive...

I know, I know, I know.

It's the first programme that's laid
into any robot's brain

from the simplest Dum
to the most complex Super Voc.

But suppose...

suppose someone's found a way
of bypassing it?

It's impossible. It's just impossible!


Terran insects.

Aerodynamically impossible for them
to fly, but they do it.

I'm rather fond of bumblebees.

Come on.
There's something I want to look at.



Thank you.


The first murder happened here.

Tell us about it. What was his name?

His name was Chub,
a government meteorologist.

I don't know much about him,
he wasn't part of the team,

just along to study the storms.

-Who found him?
-I did.

I heard him scream, I came looking.

It was odd, that, because he was
strangled like the others.

So whoever killed him was strong.

Too strong for him to resist.

He could have been taken by surprise.

He had time to scream.

What do you think he was doing here?

Well, we were on a run up to a storm.

He came to get an instrument package

to send up
in one of his weather balloons.

-Where was he found?
-He was lying there.

Is that one of his packages?

I think so. Yes, yes it is.

Good. Imagine you're Chub.

There's a storm coming up.
Pass me one of those packages.

It seems to be stuck.
It must be jammed at the back.

DOCTOR: Come on, come on.

In those circumstances, you're
in a hurry. What would you do?

Well, I'd call... I'd call for a robot.






ZILDA: (ON PA) You did it, Uvanov!

Zilda, is that you?

(SOBBING) You thought you ’d get away
with it, didn’t you?

What are you doing in my quarters?

You filthy murderer!

Toos, take over.

You filthy, disgusting murdering animal!

Uvanov's on his way down.

-What's wrong, Zilda? Zilda?

The killings. They've affected her mind.

No, she's found something out.

Wait here. I'm going to get the others.

If you're right about this,
you can't imagine what it'll mean.

What do you mean,
I can't imagine what it'll mean?

This isn't the only robot-dependent
civilisation in the galaxy, you know.


Poul here.

TOOS: Go to Uvanov’s
quarters as fast as you can.

Zilda came on the command speaker
and accused him of being the killer.

He's left Control like a scale 20 blow.

I'm on my way! No, you wait here.

Sit down. Sit down.

What did you call those robots?

Creepy mechanical men.

Yes. You know, people never really lose
that feeling of unease with robots.

The more of them there are,
the greater the unease

and of course,
the greater the dependence.

It's a vicious circle.

People can neither live with them
nor exist without them.

So, what happens
if the strangler is a robot?

Oh, I should think it's the end
of this civilisation.


Just like the others.

Yes, just like the others.

SV7 to the Commander's quarters.

She really hated me, you know.

I did think maybe
when this trip was over

and I was really rich...


I must be getting soft.

Now, look,
there's more than those two aboard.

Get the tin brains
to make another search

and this time, do it thoroughly.

-No, Uvanov.
-Get out of my way, Poul.

I'm confining you to quarters
and relieving you of command.

You're what?

She was dead when I got here.

What were you doing, then?
Making doubly sure?

Don't be a fool. Get out of my way.


-Something's wrong.
-DOCTOR: That's true.

No. There's something different.

Something that could destroy us all.

You're letting your imagination
run away with you.

-Can't you feel it?
-No, I can't.

By the pricking of my thumbs,
something wicked this way comes.

No, I can't, and neither can you.

Please don't say "I told you so".

What happened?

Come on.

Toos! What's going on?

TOOS: Something ’s jammed the motives.

Well, what does Borg say?

Trim auxiliary vents. Nothing.
He isn't there. Dask has gone down.

V9: All motive units
are now on overload.

-TOOS: Re verse thrusters.
-Well, I'm going down, too.

Just try and hold her steady.

0h, thanks.
I’d never have thought of that.

-Restrain the Commander.
-SV7: The Commander is hurt?

He'll be all right.
Now, just keep him here.

V16: All motive units
are now on overload.

All readings are 7 0% above safety.

Port 60, starboard 300.

-What happened?
-How did you get out?

Never mind about that. What's happening?

We're out of control.
It's allI can do to keep her upright.

-You'll have to cut the power.
-If we do that we'll sink.

If you don't,
she'll blow herself to pieces.

And us!

-DASK: Hello, Toos?
-Dask, what's happening down there?

I have found Borg. He’s dead. Strangled.

Well, what's happening
to the motive units?

The drive links appear to
have been sabotaged.

I’ll need a delta repair kit.

No, Dask. Come back to Control deck.
I need you here.

I know what you're thinking,
but we had nothing to do with it.

-It's strange how you're always around.
-It's a gift!

May I remind you we'll all go together
when she blows

if you don't cut the power!

V14, stop all motive units.


V14: Motive units will not stop.
Control failure indicated.

Someone's sabotaged the controls!

What's the limit
before the motive units explode?

I don't know, 90%.

-Severance kit.
-Severance kit, V3.

Doctor, what are you doing?

Fighting sabotage with sabotage.

-Get out of there! Come on!

V16: All readings are 85% above safety.

She's going!