Doctor Who (1963–1989): Season 14, Episode 16 - The Face of Evil: Part Four - full transcript

As the Saveteem and Tesh finally close in for a fight to the death, the powerful but long-suffering Xoanon ignores their strife to commit its full resources toward killing the Doctor, even to the extent of destroying everyone.


-XOANON 2: I grow tired.

-I am thinking no longer.
-No, no, wait, Xoanon.

I'm The Doctor. I'm separate. I'm real.

-You must acknowledge me.
-XOANON: I will not think you.

-XOANON 3: We are Xoanon.
-And I'm the Doctor.

-I am the Doctor!

-XOANON 3: No!
-I am the Doctor!


ALL: No! No! No!


What's happening? Tesh, what is it?

You answer while you still
have a head to answer with.

-It's a fail-safe.
-What does that mean?

-The end of the world.
-Why? Why?

It means death and destruction.
It happened before the time of Land.

Well, hiding there
isn't going to help, then.

XOANON 4: Who am I?

XOANON: Who am I?
XOANON 4: Who am I?

XOANON: Who am I?
XOANON 4: Who am I?

XOANON: Who am I?
XOANON 4: Who am I?

XOANON: Who am I?
XOANON 4: Who am I?

XOANON: Who am I?
XOANON 4: Who am I?

XOANON: Who am I?
XOANON 4: Who am I?

XOANON 4: Who am I? Who am I?

LEELA: Doctor, are you all right?

Leela, are you all right?

Was that Xoanon,
that thing that looked like you?

Yes, part of him.
It's just a question, really.

Everything beyond that door is Xoanon.

You were inside him.

The most powerful computer ever built.

-Why was he trying to hurt you?
-He's insane.

What will he do now?

His first impulse will be to kill me.

It'll be more important to him
than anything else.

Does he hate you that much?

Yes, because I contradict what he thinks
is real. I'm a threat to his world.

Red lighting. And the smell.
A sort of smell of a smell.

Don't touch that!

Xoanon must have shorted the main
power circuits in the wall.

As traps go, a bit haphazard.
Why not electrify the floor?

I would have expected
something more positive. (GRUNTS)


This isn't necessary.
I've got a wonderful idea.






Why didn't you listen?

-He acted as though he was possessed.

Xoanon's just warming up.

Come on. When he gets desperate enough
he'll destroy everything to get at us.

-At last we're here.
-And I always believed it was legend.

The gates of Paradise shall be opened
to the people of Xoanon

and his dwelling place revealed.

We've outgrown
the old superstitions, Neeva.

But it is there, isn't it, Tomas?

We start getting proof
and we stop believing.

With proof, we don't have to believe.

Get everybody ready, Tomas. This is
one attack that isn't going to fail.

I wish Andor were here now
to see us beat the Tesh.

The Tesh and Xoanon. He is our enemy.

He betrayed us all.

He betrayed me
and I'm going to kill him.

Ah, these could be useful.

You know, the very powerful and the very
stupid have one thing in common.

They don't alter their views
to fit the facts.

They alter the facts to fit their views,
which can be uncomfortable

if you happen to be one of the facts
that needs altering.

Leela, that gun is getting heavy.

It's getting heavy. Heavy.

Now, then, when I count three,
you'll wake up.

One, two,


-Shall we go?
-Er, yes.

Something the matter?

I moved away from the door.
I don't remember doing that.

Oh, you're just probably tired,
that's all.

Can you still remember
the way to the main control room?

-Oh, yes.
-Come on, then. You lead on.

Captain, the savages!
The savages have attacked the main lock!

They outnumber us! What must we do?
They will soon gain entry to the tower.

Captain Jabel, what must we do?

There is no time.
The savages are attacking!

Is that your reason for behaving
like a degenerate animal?

Forgive me, I...

You are an acolyte of the
people of Tesh, the chosen of Xoanon.

Would he take into communion with him
an unreasoning brute, a mindless beast?

I accept my fault and seek forgiveness.

My mind and flesh which should be two
are one, and the way was hid by blood.

The flesh is strong and we are weak.

Now, Gentek, make your report.

The savages have attacked the main lock.

They outnumber us. What must we do?

Fall back gradually.

I will have the heavy duty disrupters
set up on level 1 2.

We will trap the savages there
and eradicate them

once and for all.

Ha! You'll have to be quicker than that,
you overblown adding machine.


He knows where we are.

Sensory links everywhere?
That's impossible.

He'd be able to measure every change
in temperature, vibration, pressure.

You did say he was
the most powerful computer ever built.

Yes, and very charming he is, too,
when he wants to be. Marvellous host.

I remember once at one of his
dinner parties...

Doctor, he just tried to kill you!

We've got very little time,
he knows exactly where we are.

So? We know exactly where he is.

Fair dos. You wouldn't want
an unfair advantage, would you?

-I thought you'd say that.

They're retreating,
going further up the tower.

-Then they're beaten.
-No. No, it was too easy.

It's not finished yet.

If we let them get away now,
they'll regroup. We attack!

Calib, this has got to be a trap.

I am the leader, Tomas,
and I say attack.

-Calib! Will you listen...
-I've listened enough!

We attack. Come!

Attack! Attack!

That man's going to kill us all.


for the Tesh stand between the sons
of the tribe of Sevateem and Xoanon.

-Ah, that's pretty.


-Now we can see, too.
-What are they all for?

They watch and control
various parts of the ship,

make sure everything's working properly.

-What's this one for?
-Atomic generators.

-Oh. Why is it flashing?
-Well, I'll explain it all... Flashing?

He's put the atomic generators
on overload.

-He got desperate sooner than I thought.
-What does that mean?


it means I've got about
twenty-four and a half minutes

to build a reverse memory
transfer system

and wipe my personality print
from its brain.

And if you can't do it?

If I can't do it, the atomic generators
will explode,

taking Xoanon, us and half the planet
with them. Effective but crude.

Check that the sights
are exactly aligned, Sarton.

There must be no mistake.


are the projectors set so that the
savages will be forced to come this way?

-Yes, Captain.

All that remains is to project
a blank wall in front of the disrupters.

As soon as the savages are all in
the corridor, we will demolish them,

before they even know where the beams




-Is something wrong, Captain?
-You feel...


Xoanon. Communion. At last.

Destroy and be free.

Destroy and be free.

There's no one in sight.

There's only one way to find out,
isn't there?

-Come on.

Gently, Calib, gently, gently.

This must be a trap set by the Tesh.

Then where are they, and why leave
the weapon unattended?

I don't know. It doesn't make sense.

-Be free. Destroy and be free.
-Destroy and be free.

-Destroy and be free.
-Destroy and be free.

-Destroy and be free.
-Destroy and be free.

I hear you, Xoanon. I hear you.

Destroy and be free!

Destroy and be free!


You'll be all right.

Xoanon, you'll destroy yourself
as well as us!

Destroy! Free!

Destroy! Free!

-Destroy! Free!

-Destroy! Free!

-Xoanon! Die!


-Now, Xoanon.



I was beginning to think
you'd never come round.

Ow. I wish I hadn't.

-I thought it safer not to move you.

How long have I been out?

-Two days.
-Two days.

Two days? I haven't got time to be
lying around here for two days!

You should have thought of that before.

-What happened?
-Don't you listen?

I don't remember a thing.

No, I don't suppose you do.

I removed... I hope I removed half of
Xoanon's dual personality. How is he?



There hasn't been a murmur from him
since I found you unconscious.

And Jabel's people don't dare go
near the Sacred Heart.

-Well, that's what they call it.
-And what do you call it?

The main computer complex.

That's better.

I've told them all I can,
but they won't listen to me.

They say I'm ignorant.
We have a guarded truce at the moment.

Give me a chocolate.

(EXHALES) I think I'll go
and see Xoanon.

Can I... Can I come inside this time?

Perhaps. Perhaps.

Ah, so that's why Xoanon lost his hold
on Tomas and the rest.

I wonder who it was?

They say Neeva was trying to kill him
and now he can't be found.

Well, if he was psychotic,
he'd be impossible to control.

Perhaps Xoanon will tell us.

Anyone at home?

Doctor. I've been waiting for you.

Yes. Come in, please.

(CLEARS THROAT) How do you feel?

I am whole.

And you?

Oh, I'm fine now, thanks.
Can't complain.

Good, good. I'm glad.

Why did you do all that?

Could you be more specific?

Keep us ignorant and afraid.
Make us hate one another.

I created a world in my own image.

I made your people act out my torment.

I made my madness reality.

But you told yourself you were breeding
a race of superhumans.

Independence, strength, boldness
and courage in one tribe.

Self-denial, control, telepathy
in the other.

Hostility and conflict
to speed up the process,

until you were ready
to select the best of both.

LEELA: It's horrible!

Yes, it is horrible. Isn't it horrible?

But it's over now.
We are all free, thanks to you, Doctor.

Oh, well, it was the least I could do
in the circumstances.

After all, I did start the trouble
in the first place.

Yours was a mistake anyone
could have made.

I don't think anyone could have made it.


Sit down, please.

Well, now, isn't this nice?

Tell me, Doctor. Where do you think
I started to go wrong?

My people would not agree
to such degenerate plans.

-But they are necessary, Jabel.
-Necessary for our survival.

I do not agree.

Well, we'll ask the Doctor's opinion
when he comes.

Is that wise? Would Xoanon wish it?

That is an important consideration,

This discussion is getting us nowhere.

Would one expect any more from savages?

Hold your tongue, you scrawny...

-Calib, control yourself.
-Gentlemen, gentlemen, gentlemen.

Democracy at work, I see.

What did he say, Doctor?

He said he's extremely sorry about all
the trouble that he's caused,

that he has great power and knowledge
and he puts it all at your disposal.

Should we trust him?

He offers you this as a token
of his good faith.

Press it, and he'll cease to exist.

-Another of your miracles?
-Well, there's one way to find out.

No? Little Gentek?

Good. You've got to trust someone

But we must still choose a leader.

Ah. But that's not my problem.

There is no choice to be made.
I am the leader of the Sevateem.

My people would never accept
the leadership of a mindless savage.

-The last insult!
-I am a mindless savage, Jabel,

and I have talked with Xoanon.

And that makes Leela
the obvious candidate.

Me? But I don't want to be leader.

I'm far too unreasonable,
aren't I, Doctor? Doctor?



What are you doing here?

I thought you might need an escort.
The creatures are still out here.

You don't need that, Leela.

The phantoms were merely projections
of Xoanon's disturbed subconscious.

He's better now.

I suppose you're always right
about everything?


Invariably. Goodbye.

-Take me with you.

What? Well. You like me, don't you?

Well, yes, I suppose I do like you.

But then, I like lots of people

but I can't go carting them
around the universe with me. Goodbye.

Come out of there. Out.

Come out!

Don't touch that!

-Don't touch...