Doctor Who (1963–1989): Season 14, Episode 15 - The Face of Evil: Part Three - full transcript

The Doctor and Leela encounter the placid and mind-powerful Tesh, the complete opposite of the savage Saveteem. They recognize the Doctor, too, but to them he is Lord; however, when it becomes evident the Doctor threatens their living god, Xoanon, the Doctor becomes a marked man.


What is it?



Andor, look out!




Xoanon, save me!


Tomas! Tomas!

Over here.

-What was it?
-The Evil One. It's huge! It got Andor.

-So, I'm the leader now.
-And where will you lead us, Calib?

-There are more of those things coming.
-But the gun worked?

Yes. It revealed the Evil One's face,
it drove him away.

Right. We must get back to the village.
If we stay quiet, it might pass by.

I doubt it.

Doctor, what is it?

There's only one way to find out.

It's gone. Where's it gone?

I remember now. The Mordee expedition.

And I thought I was helping them.

Doctor, what are you doing?
Will you please help me find this Tesh?

Tesh? How did you know it was a Tesh?
Have you ever seen a Tesh?

Well, its skin was loose and shiny,
as we're told, and it had two heads,

-one inside the other.
-That is a protective suit and helmet.

Must be another
environment through there.

Come on, then.

It's a solid wall!

It's an illusion,
called a psy-tri projection.

A combination of a three-dimensional
image which acts upon the eye.

Close your eyes.

Both of them. Take one step back.

Now walk forward.

LEELA: Great Xoanon! Where are we?

DOCTOR: It's called
an anti-grav transporter.

We just sit in it and it takes us
straight to the ship,

in absolutely no time at all.

XOANON 2: We are returned. We are here.

XOANON: We are here. We are returned.

XOANON: Now we shall be one.
XOANON 2: Now we must destroy us.

XOANON: Now we shall be one.
XOANON 2: We are returned, we are here.

XOANON 3: Now we must destroy us
and become...

ALL: One, one, one.

DOCTOR: Another shrine.

Seems the Tesh are as ignorant of their
origins as your people are.

What are their origins?

How does the litany go?

That bit about Paradise?

Leela, you said you knew it.
You said you were taught it as children.

I do, I do. Wait a minute. Uh...

-The Sevateem were sent forth by God...
-Slowly. Slowly.

The Sevateem were sent forth
by God to seek Paradise.

-The Tesh remained at the place of land.
-Yes, exactly.

That means the Sevateem
explored the planet

while the Tesh remained
to work in the ship

in the place where it landed. Here.

-Then, we're the same people?
-Yes, the Sevateem were the survey teams

and the Tesh were the technicians.

You're all human beings
from this colonists' ship.

So what happened?

-Doctor, what happened?
-I'm rather afraid I did.

I misunderstood what Xoanon was.

Is Xoanon a human being?

At the time, I didn't think he
was a being at all.

-These terminals are dead.
-LEELA: What did you think he was?

-Welcome, Lord.

Are you doing that?

Will you please stop doing that?
I said stop!

-What have you done to her?
-She is not damaged.

My acolytes will attend to her.


-Where are they taking her?
-She will be tended.

We recognise her value, Lord.

Have you dropped something?

I do you honour, Lord of Time.
We've waited long for your return.

Yes, well, I'm very grateful
about the honour,

but it's really information I need.
Please get up. What's your name?

I am Jabel,
Captain of the people of Tesh.



Jabel, do your people
have a holy purpose?

We serve Xoanon
and tend the holy places.

We guard his tower against the savage.

We deny the flesh so that our minds
may find communion with Xoanon.

Ah. Well, it has a sort of logic.

Outside the barrier,
physical courage and strength,

inside the barrier,
paraphysical achievement

and the sort of psi-power
you used against Lee...

-It's an experiment in eugenics.
-Yes, Lord.

Shall we get up? The floor's very hard.

Didn't anyone ever tell you
kneeling stunts the growth?

-Jabel, do you know where Xoanon is?
-Yes, Lord.

-He is in no one place, Lord.

-He is all around us, everywhere.
-No, I didn't think you did.

You and he are as one.
You will show us the way...

Do you know what a computer is?

And in perfect communion with him,
we will be free and find Paradise.

-Do you know what a computer is?

Now, I have to find that thing
before it kills us all.

Final warning. Final warning.

Particle analyser
terminal phase countdown.

All personnel clear the area.

This whole control room's
been disconnected, Jabel.

It could take me days
to find the complex.

I must be slipping.
Jabel, where's the Holy of Holies?

All the place of land is holy.

But there must be somewhere on the ship?


Yes. Somewhere where
no one's allowed to go.

-Yes, Lord. The Sacred Chamber.
-Yes. Where is it?

-It is on level three-seven.
-Jabel, thank you. I...


-Jabel, that's Leela.
-Yes, Lord.

Particle analysis.

We will reduce the subject
to its constituent atoms.

-Particle analysis?
-Yes, Lord.

-It will kill her.
-Yes, Lord. She is a savage.

What? That's not a good enough reason!

The savages have the power
to open the barrier.

Particle analysis may
tell us how they do it.

Surely that is why
you brought her to us?

The savages don't open the
barrier, you lack-brain!

Xoanon does. Do you understand that?
Xoanon does!

You lie!

Give the order to stop
that particle analyser.

You are not the Lord of Time,
come again to save us!

-Will you give that order?
-You are not the Lord of Time!

Right, then I'll do it myself.

(SOFTLY) Doctor? Doctor, wake up!

Please, wake up! Please!

(SHOUTING) Doctor!

Close your eyes.



''Be thankful you're living,
and trust to your luck,

''and march to your front
like a soldier.'' Gertrude Stein.

-I think you've broken it.
-To be strictly accurate,

it broke itself. All I did was reflect
some of the power back into it.

Still, I don't suppose its owners
will see it that way.

Come on, we'd better go.

Come on.

They have escaped, Captain.

They must be found and killed.

This must take precedence over
all other duties and devotions.

He is not the Lord of Time,
the one who will return?

He is our enemy
and the enemy of Xoanon.

Kill him and the savage.

DOCTOR: Looking for something.

Oh, probably, probably.

Doctor, what is Xoanon?

A machine that's become
a living creature.

An omniscient computer
with schizophrenia.

Not a very pretty thought, is it?
And all my fault.

How is it your fault?

When I was here before, I programmed
Xoanon for the Mordee.

Unfortunately, I forgot to wipe my
personality print from the data core.

Or did I really forget?
I forget if I forgot.

You're not making yourself
very clear, Doctor.

It may have been my own egotism.

Anyway, now it has a split personality
and half of it is mine.

-Is that clear?

Well, come on, then.

XOANON 3: Us within us.
We shall make two one.



Calib! Calib!

-What is it?
-The power's used up.

Right. We must fall back.
Get them moving, Tomas.

-Move! Back! Move, move!
-Back! Come on, back to the village!

CALIB: Everybody, quickly.
TOMAS: Move! Move!

Back, quickly!

Shut the door.


Doctor, where are we?

An auxiliary communications room.


-It's the village.

The creatures must have got
through the boundary.

Looks like it. They're psy-tri
projections from the dark side

of Xoanon's id, with enough
kinetic energy to kill.

Looks as if your friends
are running out of time.

-I'm going back to help them.
-Don't be absurd!

What do you think you can do about it?

If I can arrange it, they'll be
safer inside the barrier.

Do you mean here, inside the wall?

-What about the Tesh?
-I didn't say safe, I said safer.



Neeva, are you there?
Come on, Neeva, wake up!

Yes, master.

Neeva, this is Xoanon.

What is your will?

Tell Calib to lead the tribe
through the mouth of the idol.

-Through the mouth of the idol.
-DOCTOR: That is my order.

-See that it is done.
-Will Calib believe me?

Say these words to him.;
''I don't believe in ghosts, either. ''

''I don't believe in ghosts, either.''

Go now and do my will.



I underestimated that man.

Come on, we've got an
appointment on level 37.

-They cannot be found.
-Continue the search.


Is the guard posted
outside the Sacred Heart?

Yes, Captain.



-Keep watch.
-Can't I come with you?

Xoanon's unstable. He might kill me.

He'd certainly kill you.
Anyway, we need someone on guard.

Doctor, be careful.

The tunnel's here.

Right, come on.


Where there's one Tesh,
there's likely to be more.

Those creatures,
they're moving in on us fast.

Now, we've got to get the men
inside the barrier, and quickly.

All right, get them moving, Tomas.
I'll go on ahead.

-And you, keep your eyes open!

Come on.

XOANON 3: Who are you? Who are you?
XOANON 2: Who are you? Who are you?

XOANON: Who are you?

-ALL: Who are you?
-I'm the Doctor. I'm the Doctor!

-XOANON 3: Who are you?
-I'm the Doctor.

XOANON 2: Who are you?

-I'm the Doctor!
-XOANON: Why have you come?

To correct a mistake I made
when I was here before.

XOANON: We have made no mistake.

XOANON 2: No mistake.
XOANON 3: No mistake.

-XOANON: No mistake.
-I made the mistake. I made the mistake!

When the ship was stranded,
the computer broke down.

I thought the data core
had been damaged,

so I renewed it by making
a direct link with the compatible

-centres of my own brain.
-XOANON: The psyche and memory transfer.

-A variation of it, yes.
-XOANON: Good.

-Very good. Go on.
-XOANON 2: How did he find the ship?

XOANON 3: Don't interrupt.
You'll spoil it.

This isn't a fairy tale.
It actually happened.


For generations, teams of technicians
had worked on the computer,

trying to extend its power.

XOANON: And did they
damage the data core?

No. No. Without realising it,
they had created life.

The computer hadn't failed at all.

It had evolved into a living creature,
the first of an entirely new species.

XOANON 2: A new species? Oh, come now!

Yes, a new species.

When I arrived, it had just been born.
It was in shock.

I didn't recognise a birth trauma
and that was my mistake.

And when I connected
my own brain to it, it didn't just take

compatible information as a
machine should have done,

-it took everything.
-XOANON: Fascinating.

-Can I ask a question?
-XOANON 3: Shh, let him finish.

When it woke,
it had a complete personality.


It thought I was itself.

Then it began to develop another
separate self, its own self.

-And that's when it started to go mad.
-XOANON 2: And where is it?

This poor mad...

XOANON: Mad machine creature.

It's here, Xoanon!
I'm talking to it! It's you!




-XOANON 2: I grow tired.

-I am thinking no longer.
-No, no, wait, Xoanon.

I'm the Doctor. I'm separate, I'm real.

-You must acknowledge me.
-XOANON: I will not think you.

-XOANON 3: We are Xoanon.
-And I am the Doctor.

-I am the Doctor!

-XOANON 3: No!
-I am the Doctor!


ALL: No! No! No!

XOANON: No! No! No!

XOANON 4: Who am I?
Who am I? Who am I?