Doctor Who (1963–1989): Season 14, Episode 13 - The Face of Evil: Part One - full transcript

On a nameless planet in the far future where invisible monsters prowl, the Doctor befriends a warrior woman named Leela, recently banished from her tribe, the Sevateem. She and everyone recognize the Doctor immediately. He is the Evil One who, in their mythology, holds their god Xoanon prisoner and must be destroyed.


You are the leader, Andor.
It is for you to decide.

But there can be but one punishment
for such a heresy.


What say you, Sole?

You know you should not ask.

Then it is agreed.
You must be sent beyond.

No! She's young, she spoke rashly.

Do not beg, Tomas.
What I said was the truth.

What she said profaned the holy purpose
of the tribe of Sevateem.

LEELA: Holy purpose?
To die in another useless attack?

The great god Xoanon
demands that she be cast out.

-He told me this.

There is no Xoanon.


Leela, will you take the test
of the Horda?

Will any take it for her?

-I will.
-No. You'll be killed, too!

Be silent, daughter.
You have said enough.

ANDOR: Test him.

Andor, please, call them back.

What... What I said, I was wrong.
Forgive me, please.

Neeva, greatest shaman,
Speaker of Law, forgive me, please.

Be silent, girl.

Your father was a warrior.
Do not shame him.


Outcast of the tribe of Sevateem,
be gone from us.

Spawn of the evil one,
return to your master.

You have until sunrise.

If you are still within
the boundary then,

you must be thrown to the Horda.



I think this is not Hyde Park.

Could be a nexial discontinuity.
Must remember to overhaul those tracers.

Put a knot in my hanky.

Wonder what that was for?

Little look round, Doctor? Why not?




I saw Neeva send them.
We can tell the Council.

It won't make any difference. Not now.

You can't cross the boundary.

They didn't leave me much choice.

-There are phantoms in the beyond.
-Feast fire stories.

Well, there's something there.

Then I'll face it.
I can take care of myself.

-I'll go with you.

Go back to the tribe. I'm going now.

Goodbye, Tomas.
Beware of the devious Calib.

One day he'll get so cunning
even he won't know what he's planning.




Hello. Hello, did I startle you?

Don't be afraid. I won't hurt you.

The Evil One.

Well, nobody's perfect,
but that's overstating it a little.

No, I'm the Doctor. What's your name?


It's a nice name, Leela.

I never met anyone called Leela but...
Would you like a jelly baby?

It's true, then.
They say the Evil One eats babies.

You mustn't believe all they say.

No, these are sweets.

They're rather good.
Go on, have one. Go on.


Leela. Leela?


Either you've got four friends
with very bad colds or we're in danger.

-Which is it?
-They're your creatures.

They are? I wonder if they know that?

-What are they like?
-Well, they can't be seen.

-They are phantoms.

Invisible. We've got a chance.

-A magic talisman?
-No, it's a clockwork egg timer.

To our friends, whatever they are,
the visible spectrum is irrelevant.

They're blind.

Crudely speaking,
they home in on vibrations.


-Now, Leela...
-They've gone.

(SHUSHING) I want you to do
exactly as I say.

You and I are going to walk away
from here very slowly and very quietly.

And no matter what happens,

you mustn't cry out
or make any sudden move.

And above all,
you mustn't run till I tell you,

is that clear?

Good. Now, come on.

Come on!



Now, tread carefully.


Saved by the bell. Come on. Come on.



Calib! Calib, wait.

I don't know if you're interested,

but Neeva sent two men in secret
to try and kill Leela.

I'm interested, Tomas.

They failed.

Neeva is making mistakes.

You must call a Council meeting
and tell them.

-Tell them what?
-That he broke the law.

Oh, don't be naive, Tomas.

Even if the Council believed it,

don't you think Neeva
would have an answer?

He's the Speaker of Law.

Well, there must be something we can do?

There is.

You know he's promised us
victory in the raid.

(SCOFFS) What more would you expect?

No, he's promised us!

He says that Xoanon has told him
we will win.

-You see what that means?
-That he will look a fool if we don't.

More than that.

He's going to look
like the charlatan he is.

Then we can move against him
and that puppet Andor.

Many men are going to die, Calib.

-We should stop the raid!
-Leela tried.

And she's probably dead.

(PANTING) Stop, we're safe now.
We can rest.

The creatures won't cross the boundary.

-How can you be sure?
-Well, they never have.

You should know that.

Look, I keep on telling you,
I'm not the Evil One.

-Who was it saved your life?
-You did.

Yes, thank you.

Never cross the boundary?
You know something?

I'm sure those creatures don't stay
on their side of the boundary

out of a sense of fair play.

There must be a fence of some kind.

-A fence?
-Yes, a fence.

Neeva! Neeva!

Speak, lord, for your servant hears.

The girl Leela
has returned across the boundary.

You have failed.

O great god Xoanon,

I have faithfully done
all that you commanded of me.

You crawling thing,
do you presume to argue?

No, master. Forgive me.

She and the one who is with her
must be destroyed.

See that it is done.

DOCTOR: Got it.

Low intensity sonic disrupter
set in a 1 80-degree spread.

Simple but effective.

Does that keep away the phantoms?

Yes. It gives them a nasty headache
if they go too close.

They're probably set at intervals
along the whole boundary.

The technology's quite advanced,
so you didn't put them there.


-Xoanon? What's those?
-He's worshiped by the tribe.

-What, as a god?

I was cast out for speaking against him.

-It's said he's held captive.

-By whom?
-By the Evil One

and his followers, the Tesh.

Maybe there is a holy purpose.

I don't know what to believe any more.

Well, that sounds healthy anyway, Leela.

Never be certain of anything.
It's a sign of weakness.

Now, where's this Xoanon held?

Oh, within the Black Wall,
wherein lies Paradise.

Is that just religious gobbledygook,
or is that an actual place?

-Well, there is a wall.
-Is there? Will you show me?

Why has the game
disappeared from the land?

Where is the love of Xoanon
for his people?

Where is your magic?

Xoanon knows there are those
amongst the people

who do not wish to fight.

And so he starves us?

No, but how can he bless people
who do not love him?

There will be food for those
who brave the Wall in his name.

Men do not fight well on empty stomachs!

The Wall will be at its weakest soon.

Soon you can call the warriors
and I will speak the litany.

Do not delay too long.

Well, Tomas?

-There's something I wish to say.

You should know that I agreed with Leela
about the attack.

It's madness.

Many of us shall die
and we will achieve nothing.

Nevertheless, we shall attack.
It is the will of Xoanon.

TOMAS: We only have
Neeva's word for that.

We must have faith.

In the word of an assassin?

He sent men to try and kill Leela,
but perhaps you already knew that!

Watch your tongue, boy!

And don't let me hear you speak
against the attack again.

We shall strive to free Xoanon
from the Tesh

and we will do it together,
as one people.

Yes, Andor.

Come, Tomas.


(WHISPERING) What is it?

-I thought I heard something.

Into cover, quick.

I don't...

Leela? Leela, where are you?

-Over here.

-This is no time to be playing games.
-I don't understand.

You don't understand?

If they're preparing for a battle,

they're hardly likely
to send men on patrol

on the off-chance that you
might come back.

On the other hand,
I could be wrong about that.

-MAN: Stand still!
-Oh, absolutely.

(WHISPERING) Keep down, Leela,
and get moving.

I can't leave you. They'll kill you.

Go away.

That was either very good shooting
or very bad.

Either way, I wouldn't dream of moving.

Who are you?

I'm the Doctor. Who are you
and why are you shooting at me?

-MAN: Where is Leela?

Spread out. She must be here somewhere.

Look, would you mind if I turned round?

I feel a bit silly talking to this tree.

The Evil One.

Oh, dear. You, too?

Well, then tread softly, gentlemen,
or I'll turn you into toads.

That gesture you did.

Yes, that's the one.
It's presumably to ward off evil.

It's interesting
because it's also the sequence

for checking the seals
on a Starfall Seven spacesuit.

And what makes that
particularly interesting

is that you don't know what
a Starfall Seven spacesuit is, do you?

Now, drop your weapons

or I'll kill him
with this deadly jelly baby.

-Kill him, then.

Kill him, then.

I don't take orders from anyone.

Take me to your leader.

-ANDOR: Bring it forth.

Good evening.

I think you're going to be very happy
I came here tonight.



I'd be careful of that if I were you.
It's an ultra-beam accelerator.

See how it fears
the sacred relics of Xoanon?

If there happens to be a charge
in there,

you could transform this whole village
into a smoky hole in the ground.

-Hear how it threatens us?
-Yes, well, look,

if you'll just untie my hands, I think
I have an idea of what's going on.

I may be able to help.

Hear how it squirms for release?


It cannot deceive us.

Oh, no, I can see you're a person
of very superior intellect.

Are you the leader of this tribe,
or is he?

Bring it closer.

Will you release our god, Xoanon?

Well, gladly, if I was holding him
prisoner, but I'm not.

Then you must be destroyed,
that we may release him.


Wait, Andor!

Call the warriors together
and I will speak the litany.

Then it shall be destroyed before them

and they will know that victory is ours.

Very well.

I will prepare myself.

ANDOR: Guard, give the signal.

Don't hurry on my account.


I cannot believe it.

-DOCTOR: Andor, listen to me...
-No. No!

Andor, please, listen to me.

I am not the Evil One.
I'm a traveller, that's all.

Your tribe has obviously been visited
by travellers before.

Before? But that is impossible.

Space travellers, Andor.
Men from another world.

The whole place is littered
with their equipment,

their weapons and tools.

Your legend of a captive god is
obviously related to them in some way.

Guard it well.

-Andor, please think about what...
-Its words are evil.

-Do not listen to it!

Andor, killing me
isn't going to help you.

It isn't going to do me
much good, either, is it?

NEEVA: Let the tribe of the Sevateem
partake of your strength, Xoanon,

that they may inherit their kingdom.

Hear thy servant, Neeva.

Hear the shaman of the Sevateem.

Hear me and my prayer.

Lugo, when I reach the end
of the litany, you know what to do.

Our fathers of the tribe of Sevateem

were sent forth by God to seek Paradise.

ALL: And still we seek.

They searched and found it not.

While they searched,
the tribe of Tesh...

ALL: Cursed be the cowards of Tesh.

...remained at the place of land,
betrayed our fathers.

ALL: Death to the betrayers of Tesh.

Death to the betrayers of Tesh.

NEEVA: They made a pact
with the Evil One

and God turned his face from us.

And the Evil One
raised the Tower of Imelo

and the Black Wall
and gave them to the tribe of Tesh.

How did you do that?

(GRUNTING) Janis thorn.
It paralyses, then kills.

-There's no cure.

-WARRIORS: Cursed be the tribe of Tesh.
-It was necessary. Come on.

The tribe of Tesh stand between the sons
of the tribe of Sevateem

and Xoanon, god of their fathers.

We must kill the servants
of the Evil One.

ALL: (CHANTING) Kill the Tesh.
Kill the Tesh!

-No, listen. Listen.
-We haven't got time to listen.

ALL: Kill the Tesh!

They're coming to the bit
about killing the Evil One,

and that's you! Had you forgotten?

Do you know this litany?

Of course. We're taught it as children.

Good. Then let's go and don't dawdle.

ALL: In the name of Xoanon.

And kill their master, the Evil One!

ALL: (CHANTING) Destroy it! Destroy it!

It's escaped! The Evil One's escaped!

Find it! Find it! Search everywhere!

Here! It's here!


That wasn't necessary.
Who licensed you to slaughter people?

No more janis thorns,
you understand? Ever.

They must be recaptured.
It is imperative.

Right, Andor.

Take four men
and search beyond the village.

Quickly. Quickly!

-This way.
-No, this way.

-This way.

-Neeva? Neeva!

It got away, with Leela's help.

Devil-spawned witch.

They will be found.
Andor's organising search parties.

It's too late.
Tell him the attack must not be delayed.

Well, now.

It seems I have been here before.

-That's the Evil One.
-Is it?

I must have made quite an impression.