Doctor Who (1963–1989): Season 14, Episode 1 - The Masque of Mandragora: Part One - full transcript

The Doctor and Sarah are drawn into the Mandragora Helix, an entity which exists among the stars and which transports the TARDIS to 15th century Italy.

Excuse me, excuse me. I'd like to look
my best on these occassions.

Stop him!

After him!
Don't let him go!

Hey, fellow!

You say there was no thundebolt?

Nothing. He was found
just beyond the gate.

The Duke must be told of this.

Demnos! Demnos! Demnos!

Ades, O Demnos.

I swear he came in here.
And there's no way out.

- Are we chasing a phantom?
- Or a worshipper of Demnos.

Those devils know a hundered secret way
under the city.

A passage? Quick, then.
Let's find the trick.

No, I ain't going in there, Giovanni.

Not for all the gold of Rome.

I know men who've tried.
They've never been seen again.

Demnos! Demnos! Demnos!

Ades, O Demnos!

Seize them!

The Mandragora Helix
has come home to roost.

Brothers, our prayers are answered.

Our temple is restored.

No, its not a fire demon.
Such things are pure superstition.

What is it, sire?

I don't know.

His skin, such a strange colour.

I still think it could be
a fire demon, sire.

- I once heard of a case in Florence...
- Yes, all right.

- You'd better get back to your duties.
- Sire.

- The orders have been given.
- Good.

He was found at the city gates, Marco.

What do you make of it, old friend?

We've made it.

Stay there in a minute.

Some soldiers up there.

We'll just have to wait
till they've gone.

See that?

I was almost sacrificed
to the great god Demnos.

Yes, I know.

Particularly nasty Roman sect,

supposed to have died out
in the third century.

You said just now
we were in the 15th.

We are. And the cult of Demnos
is still very much alive.

So, what's going on back there
in the temple?

Sub-thermal recombination
of ionised plasma.

Oh, simple.
I should have thought of that.

When we landed on Earth,

we brought back with us part
of the Mandragora Helix.

I don't know how it got into the TARDIS
and now it's here in the temple.

- But why?
- Coincidence?

I wonder what the Mandragora Helix
is up to.

Conquest? Invasion?

They want to take over Earth
and fill it with old Roman temples.


Helix intelligence don't have
a physical existence

in a way you know about it.
They don't need Earth!

- They want...
- What?

There is something behind us.

I can feel it in my bones.

It is a dream of 2,000 years come true.


Kneel, brothers.

You have been chosen

for powers undreamed of.

Through us, you will become

supreme ruler of Earth.

Do you understand us?


Only you must stand in this spot.

Any other mortal who dares stand

where you stand now

will be destroyed.

You and you alone

will carry out our will on Earth.

It is complete. Go! Now!

Powers I dreamed of.
Supreme ruler of the Earth.

Stop poking me with that pike.

My apologies that you were
rughly handled.


But speed was essential, for my uncle
has men searching everywhere for you.

Who is your uncle?

- Count Frederico.
- Oh, yes, yes. We have met.

He has given orders that you be
executed immediately you're found.

Luckily, a few of our guards
are still loyal to the prince.

- That's you?
- Giuliano, Duke of San Martino.

and my companion Marco.

- Tell me more about this Federico.
- He murdered Giuliano's father.


- Are you sure of that?
- Certain.

Just as we're certain
that he's now plotting to kill Giuliano.

I take it you don't get on
with your uncle.

Doctor, my uncle is a tyrant.

While Giulioano lives,
Frederico can never claim the throne.

I don' fear so much for myself
as for the people.

Were he ever to rule San Martino,
all knowledge

all attempt at learning
would be supressed.

This is intensely interesting.

I don't think that Sarah and I are going
to be able to help you. We are just passing...

How did you know my name?

I was present when
Hieronymous questioned you.

From the way you spoke to him, I take it
that you, like me, are a man of science.

- Oh, I do dabble it.
- Oh, excellent. Some wine, Marco.

I crave for contact with men
of intellect and understanding.

You're too kind.

But that isn't the only reason
you brought us here.

No, there's something
I want you to see.

Show us.

This man's body was found
at the city gates.

Helix energy.

High ionization that has only to touch
human tissue to destroy it utterly.

- Helix energy?
- You're not talking his language, Doctor.

The guards are muttering
about fire devils.

I, of course, do not believe
in such... superstition.

No, of course not. Nevertheless...


it does worry me.

Is it possible that something's
entered the city?

Something perhaps conjured up
by Hieronymous?

Something certainly entered
the city, Giuliano.

Some malevolent power,

quite beyond the understanding
of that old fraud Hieronymous.

The question is why?

- I don't understand.
- Why here? Why now?

Yes, and what's it got to do
with that cult of Demnos?

We seem to have an awful
lot of questions.

It's about time
we started finding some answers.


Well, what have you to report?

- They've disappeared.
- Impossible!

There's been no sign of them since they
were last seen in the palace garden.

They must be found!

Something about that Doctor
disturbs me greatly.

Take all the men you need, search
every corner of the palace.

- Sire?
- Well?

What is it?

A list, prepared by the Duke
Giuliano's secretary.

How did you get it?

You have many friends, my Lord.

The King of Naples, Duke of Milan,
Duke of Padua,

Doge of Venice,
Signora of Florence...

Very impressive.

They are the rulers who have
accepted Giuliano's invitation

and are coming to San Martino.

To celebrate his accession
to the dukedom.

The arrogant puppy!

The entire Earth, mine.

I did not say enter.

In this palace, I come and go
as I please.

This is my private room.

Whatever room you have here
it is because I allow you to have it!

Do not get above yourself!

- I warned you before, Hieronymous.
- I have studying to do.

- Is there something urgent you want?
- Yes! There is something urgent!

I cannot wait till Mars or Saturn or
whatever other nonsense it was you said.

It is not nonsense.

Giuliano must die tonight.

He's called a gathering of all
the philosophers and scholars in Italy,

with their patrones.

With all those important people here,

he'll be able to establish his
power in this state for good.

- So?
- So?

He will be harder to get rid of.

Giuliano must die.

- It cannot be.
- Why not?

You still have the poison?

You will announce some new finding.

You will say that some new conjunction
has come to light.

You'll find a way.

Sudden death.

You're asking me to invent a horoscope?

- Isn't that what you always do?
- Do you know what it is you are mocking?

Do you know what power is held
by the celestial bodies?

They are not at our beck and call!

I am telling you to help me
as you did before.

Giuliano must die
before tomorrow night.

You do understand?

Masters, hear me.

Speak, earthling.

Master, there are those here
who would mock my purpose.

To overcome them and do your will
I must have greater powers.

You have the powers, Hieronymous.

Away from this place

I'm a man among others.
One sword thrust would destroy me.

How could so feeble creature
rule your domain?

We have promised you powers
beyond all men, Hieronymous.

But the time is not yet.

Until then, carry our trust
discretly, Hieronymous.


You speak to the voices of Demnos
as though...


Go on.

As though this were not the first time.

What think you brought me
to San Martino?

Many years ago, in another place,

the voice of Demnos told
me how my life would be.

Tolde me I had been chosen
because of my special powers.

Ruler over all the Earth.

From that night until now,
I have waited.

And now at last

your faith have been rewarded.

For years, the wise fools,
the scholars of the new knowledge,

have jeered and scoffed at me.

The old duke tolerated me
but did not believe.

Count Federico despises me.

The young duke considers me
of no consequence.

But they will learn their mistake, priest.

They will learn their mistake

as they die.

But spirits from the heaven, Doctor?

A wheel of fire?
I thought you are a man of science.

Giuliano, it isn't easy to explain
the concept of Helix energy,

either sub- or superthermal
ionisation in your medieval vocabulary.

Oh, I think you're doing a great job,
so far.

Thank you.

I do. But I still don't understand

why these spirits have appeared
here in the 15 the century.

And why in San Martino?

Well, perhaps because
the worshippers of Demnos

provided a ready-made power base.

And what better place
than 15th-ccentury Italy?

Yes, but why the 15th century?

Beacuse this is the period between
the dark ages of superstition

and the dawn of the new reason.

You mean they could gain control of
Earth now through an ancient religon?


Oh, yes...

Giuliano, that temple must be destroyed.

But the place is in ruins now.

Those ruins are the focal point
for enormous forces.

The Helix energy has penetrated
every stone.

Is there some way I could get there
without being seen?


Yes, I'll show you.

- Just tell me, it's better if I go alone.
- No, Doctor, it's too dangerous.

We'll take the back staircase.

Just as far as the temple entrance.
No further.

This is just a ruin.

From this point on, I must go alone.

You stay here.

Sir, they have been seen again,
making their way towards the ruined temple.

They were with the Duke Giuliano.

The Duke is with them?

Are you certain?

Otherwise the men would have
seized them at once.

- The ruined temple, you say.
- In that direction.


A chance to solve both my problems
in one blow.

It'll seem like a... sacrifice.
A human sacrifice to the gods.

- Our hands will be guiltless.
- A sacrifice, yes.

The evil pagans, who worship Demnos.

Get your men quickly, Rossini.
I will lead them myself.

I have this theory, you see,

that the world is really a sphere.

Go on.

It not only me, other scientists
are coming to the same conclusion.

That the world can't possible be flat
because the...

Oh, what was that?

Nothing. You see, it's obvious
when you come to think about it...

Death to Giuliano!






Demnos will not be cheated
of his pleasure, little one.

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