Doctor Who (1963–1989): Season 13, Episode 22 - The Seeds of Doom: Part Two - full transcript

With a killer Krynoid on the loose, the Doctor, Sarah and the last surviving member of the expedition concentrate on hunting it down, unmindful of Chase's men who, once they learn of the ...





You'd think butter wouldn't
melt in her mouth. Keep watch.

What are you doing, Scorby?

I don't like guns in the wrong hands.

There's no need for that.
They're not going to try and shoot us.

I'd rather not give them the chance.

I said keep watch.

(EXHALES) I wish you'd stop behaving
like some cheap gangster.

All we've come here for is
to confirm that this pod

is something unusual, that's all.

Well, you don't think we're going to
fly back empty-handed, do you?

But we can't...


Scorby. Shh.

We'd never get away with it.

-Are you a betting man, Keeler?
-Now, just a minute.

This is the first you've said...

I want to know exactly
what it is you're planning.

All right, Keeler.

Now, tomorrow,
we dig a nice big hole in the snow.

-Big enough for, say, five bodies.

We fill it up, we take the pod,
we fly home.

No witnesses, nothing.
Just another lost expedition.

You're mad. You're mad. You're mad.
I'm not doing that. Oh, no.

You'll do it, Keeler.

You'll do exactly as you're told.

Otherwise, I'll just make the hole
a little bigger.


-Ready, Stevenson?

-I'm sure Derek...
-Doctor, I think Moberley's dead.

-This way.

Did you see his face?

Where's he gone?

He left after killing Moberley.

I don't believe it.

You mean to say Charles did that?

-Not Charles, the alien.

Not of this world, Stevenson.

I told you he was changing form.

Already his mind's been taken over.
Very soon his entire body will alter.

-SARAH: Into a Krynoid.

There'll be a transition period,
a grotesque parody of the human form.

By now, Winlett himself no longer exists

and we must destroy what he has become.

Scorby, someone's coming.

You okay?

Yeah, a lot better, thanks.
What's the trouble?

We're going out.

SCORBY: You're joking. In this weather?

Yes, Mr Scorby, in this weather.

Come on, Stevenson.
We don't have much time.

Ready, Doctor.

I hope that's the answer. Stay warm.

What the devil's going on?

What do you think I am, a mind-reader?
Anyway, come on. Now's our chance.

What do you mean? What do you mean?
What do you mean? Do what?

To find the pod.

I tell you,
something has happened out there.

We've had a telex message saying
that an infection has broken out.

Infection? What sort of infection?

Apparently a virus conveyed by the pod.

Now, if you get that pod, you'll
probably have to take precautions.

If? There's no question of if.

I have sent my most efficient man.

-To Antarctica?

It will be easier to
acquire the pod there

rather than wait for its arrival
in England and the resultant publicity.

By that time it will be better protected
than the crown jewels.

You're going well outside the law,
Mr Chase.

I understand policemen are few
and far between in the Antarctic.

Look, if there are any repercussions,

have I your word
you'll preserve my anonymity?

Don't worry, I always take care
of my employees.

It wouldn't do if a public servant
of your standing were found

betraying trust and
selling secrets, would it?


On the other hand, I took up a career
hoping to reach the top,

but I've seen time-serving nonentities
promoted over my head.

Yes, it must be most galling.

The only alternative is to seek
other forms of reward,

which you have most sensibly done.

I think you will find that this is
the amount we agreed for your help.

Yes, it's most generous.

A fair exchange, Dunbar.

You want money and I want that pod.



DOCTOR: What's that down there?

JOHN: It's our generator plant.

SARAH: Why so far from base?
JOHN: Safety measure.

It's a new fuel cell system being
tested out here for the first time.

DOCTOR: Let's take a look.

Well, you're supposed to be
the botanist.

Where would you keep this pod?

I don't know.
I suppose it must be here somewhere.


-Careful, that's valuable.
-So what?

There'll be nobody left to use it
after we've finished.


MAN ON RADIO: This is South Bend
calling Camp Five.

Come in, Camp Five. Over.

What do we do?

This is South Bend calling Camp Five.
Come in, Camp Five. Over.

Camp Five, receiving you. Over.

Is that you, Derek?

Uh, yes.

Come in, South Bend.

The weather"s clearing this end.

The Marines will get the medic through
as soon as possible.

-Have they left yet?
-They"re leaving right now.

Look, cancel them, will you?
We don't need them any more.

Everything's under control here.

Hello? Is that you, Derek? Hello?

Hello, Derek, is that you? Derek?

It left the place in a blizzard.
It'll try to find shelter somewhere.

I don't think this has been disturbed.

Just as well to make sure.

Psst. Hey, Scorby,
I think I found it. Look.

Now, that's the pod in
Dunbar's photograph, but...

-Well, somebody's cut it open.
-No, no, no, no, no.

No, this wasn't cut.
This must have germinated.

What do you mean, germinated?

I mean that this pod has opened
as part of its natural cycle to release

a shoot or something.

Yeah, but it's the actual plant
that Chase wants, right?


Well, we'd better find it, then,
hadn't we, and quick.

No, I'm afraid Winlett must have
collapsed somewhere.

Don't you ever listen, Stevenson?

Winlett, Winlett...
Winlett as a man no longer exists.

All right, then, he's a plant or
a vegetable or whatever he is now.

He's going to have even less
resistance to cold, isn't he?

You know, I find this very hard to take.

You're telling me that these things

are inimical to the whole
of animal creation?


They're lethal.

-How do you know?
-Never mind how I know, Stevenson,

just take it from me.

On any planet where
the Krynoid gets established,

all animal life is extinguished.

But there's no danger now, is there?

I mean, we've got the second pod
in the freezer,

-and Winlett...

The Krynoid is very likely frozen stiff
under the snow somewhere.

I hope you're right.

So do I.

Good grief.

Look at that mark, Scorby.
What could have caused that?

-That's the man who...
-Yeah, I know.

I'll be with you in a moment.
I want to check something.

SCORBY: In here, Doctor.

Whatever you do, don't touch him.
Don't touch him.

Get your hands up.


Turn around, Doctor.

Facing this way.

-Have we annoyed you or something?
-Shut up.

Okay, start talking.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
had perfect pitch.

What happened to him?

Who, Wolfgang Amadeus?
Oh, him. Oh, he died.

-How did that happen?
-We gathered that.

It happened because of a pod.

The pod?

Look, Doctor, there's already
one corpse in here.

I can easily double that number.

-Look, he's telling you the truth.
-Stay where you are.

There's been an accident.
One of the men was infected.

-(STUTTERS) By the pod?
-He went mad.

Yes, you could say
he's not quite himself.

-Where is he now?
-We don't know. Somewhere out there.

Oh, you mean you have
a homicidal maniac on the loose?

Oh, much more dangerous than that,
and he's desperate for food and warmth.

There's only one place
he can find food and warmth.

You mean this camp?

It's a comforting thought, isn't it?

I think we should lock
all the doors and windows.

-What are we going to do, Scorby?

I think it's time we got
some real answers.

But not in here.

Why don't we make ourselves
a little more comfortable?

Now, come on, move.

SCORBY: Okay, that'll do.
Watch the door.

Now then, Doctor, let's have the truth.

Where's the plant that
came out of the pod?

That grew in the bed
that was part of the garden

-close to the house that Jack built.
-Jack built.

I'm not a patient man, Doctor.

Well, your candour does you credit.
However, you're too late.

What do you mean?

DOCTOR: Odd things have been happening.
Odd and dangerous.

I don't think you'd understand.

Try me.

All right. At its simplest,

the man who went mad is no longer a man
in any sense you'd recognise.

Well, if he's not a man, what is he?

An alien life form.

I said I wanted some
straight answers, Doctor.

-JOHN: Doctor?
-Scorby. Somebody's coming.

JOHN: Doctor? Miss Smith? Where are you?

In here.

Come and join the party.

Drop that gun. I said, drop that gun.



Not very friendly, are we?


What's happening?

For some reason, these two want to
get their hands on the pod.

(SOFTLY) The pod's still safe?
They haven't taken it out...

What did you say?

Taken it out? Taken it out of where?

They've got a second pod.

Then we're not going back
empty-handed, are we?

Where is it?

Oh, don't be a bigger fool
than you already are.

Don't you understand anything?
It's dangerous.

I asked you a question, Doctor.
Where is the pod?

Where is it?

Stubborn pair, aren't you?

Well, this time, I'm not joking.

It's in the freezer.

That's better.

You, show me.

Okay, watch these two.

-No, no, no, I don't want it.
-I said, watch them.

Come on, move.

Don't worry, you're all right with us.
We won't hurt you.

SCORBY: Bring it here.

Are there any more?

No, this is unique now.

Priceless, as you are no doubt aware.

So what's to stop this breaking open
like the other one?

It's quite safe at this temperature.

Well, it's going on a little journey.

You must have something here
to keep it cool.

We have thermal containers.

Get one.

There's something
I don't quite understand.

Where does the power come from
to keep this place going?

We have a new fuel cell system
half a mile from here.

This alien creature could be
hiding there.

No, we checked that an hour ago.


I'd give your arm a rest, if I were you.

Yes, we're not likely to run away.

DOCTOR: You don't like violence,
do you, Keeler?

Not like your friend.

What are you, a scientist?

Botanist, perhaps. Is that it?

Were you sent here to identify the pod?

Surely you understand the implications
of what I'm saying?

We know what we're doing.

-I wish I could believe you...
-Shut up. Shut up.

You remember what happened to Winlett.

Well, things are getting out of control
and you don't know how to handle it.

If you release us,
then we can fight it together.

Oh, for God's sake,
let's get out of here quickly

-before that monster thing comes back.
-Stop panicking, Keeler. Tie him up.

(NERVOUSLY) Tie him up. The rope.

Excuse me.


You can say your goodbyes now, Doctor.

You're not going to shoot them
in cold blood?

Why not?

No, I've got a better idea.

-You're coming with us.

-Where are you taking her?
-Sit down.

-Come on, move.
-DOCTOR: Scorby.

Scorby. Scorby.

Take us to the power plant.

I don't know what you mean.

Come on, don't try and be funny.
You checked it an hour ago.

Now, come on, move.

-It's hopeless.
-Nothing's hopeless.

All we have to do is think.

What's that thing, Scorby?

This power system provides energy
for the whole camp.

There are wires running
from here to every building.

So we don't need to
dig a hole after all.

We just obliterate them.

A real fireworks display.

(SHUDDERING) That's murder.
Cold-blooded murder.



DOCTOR: Come on, quick, get over here.

And keep still.

I don't want to sever
a blood vessel. Okay?


It is, it's murder.
It is cold-blooded murder.

Look, you do exactly as you're told
or you go up with it, Arnold.

(SHUDDERING) He doesn't have to kill us.
You've got the pod.

There, that should do it.

That bomb will set off
a fault in the system

that'll blow the whole camp
to smithereens,

leaving no trace whatsoever.

It's ingenious, don't you think?

No. No. I won't let you do it.


It's too late, Keeler.
I've started the countdown.

Now, let's get out.

You shouldn't have long to wait.
Ten minutes at the outside.

-Contact the main base on the radio.

See if they can intercept
that aeroplane.

What about the Krynoid?

We'll just have to take
a chance on that.


Hello, main base. Hello, main base.
Can you hear me? Over.





-Doctor. Quick, quick.
-What's the hurry?

There's a time bomb over there.
We've only got seconds.

-Where's Stevenson?
-I'll have to try and warn him.