Doctor Who (1963–1989): Season 12, Episode 3 - Robot: Part Three - full transcript

Sarah and Kettlewell infiltrate an SRS meeting to try and find out what Miss Winters is up to but there is a surprise in store.

Professor Kettlewell?

Professor Kettlewell?


You are the Doctor?

How do you do? I've been
so looking forward to meeting you.

Please confirm your identity.

There must be no mistake.

-You are the Doctor?
-Yes, yes, of course.

You are an enemy of the human race.

I must destroy you.

Please do not resist.

I do not wish to cause you
unnecessary pain.

How very kind of you.

Prime directive.

What is your prime directive?

I must serve humanity and never harm it.

Then you mustn't harm me.
I'm a friend of humanity.

No, you are an enemy.

You must be destroyed.

Extraordinary. Extraordinary.

No! No, you mustn't harm him!

He is an enemy of humanity.

No, he isn't. He's a good man. A friend.

You were at the laboratory.

You were concerned for me.

You felt sorrow.

That's right. And you refused to harm me
even when you were ordered to.

Those people are evil.
They're lying to you.

They've altered your programming
to make you act all wrongly.

I am confused.

I do not understand.

I feel pain.

-Miss Smith, get down!
-No! No, don't shoot!

-Is he okay, miss?
-Yes, yes, I think so.

We just couldn't stop it.

What did you have to start shooting for?

-He wouldn't have harmed you.
-You could have fooled me.

It was trying to kill the Doctor,
wasn't it?

Yes, but that was because...

Well, it doesn't matter.

It wasn't your fault, I suppose.
You did your best.

Thank you very much! The US Cavalry
never got treated like this.


It's in there.

The robot came to find me last night.

It was in terrible distress.

They'd just forced it
to commit another crime.

Yes. Yes, I know.

Altered his circuitry so as to overcome
his prime directive.

They succeeded, but at fearful cost.

-He became unbalanced.

Then Miss Winters
and Jellicoe came along

while I was waiting for the Doctor.

They programmed the robot to kill him.
I protested, but...

Shh. Never mind, you're safe now.

You know, when I think
of that robot's potential...

I invented the metal he's made of,
you know.

I called it living metal.

It actually has the capacity to grow
like a living organism.

It's quite big enough for me now,
thank you.

That's how I came
to make my other discovery, you know.

It's the metallic equivalent of a virus.

It breaks down metal
into easily recyclable form.

-You can see what that means, can't you?

It means that
we shall be able to get rid of

all the metallic waste
that pollutes this planet.

-Thank you.

What's that doing there?

Oh, I went to see them.
Rather unpleasant.

''Scientific Reform Society.''

Oh, yes.
Just before I left the Thinktank,

they persuaded me to join it.

I remember I went along
to one of their meetings once.

Very odd bunch. Didn't go there again.

Well now,
there's a meeting there tonight.

Suppose you were to turn up, Professor,
would they let you in?

Very probably.

I think I've still got
my membership card about me somewhere.

And if I came along too,
plus my camera and tape recorder,

you could smuggle me in and we could get
the goods on them for the Brigadier.

Hang on, you two.

What do you say, Professor,
shall we try it?

Of course, it could be dangerous.

If there is anything I can do
to help to defeat those people.

But the Brigadier will go spare,
so will the Doctor.

Well, one's away and the other's asleep.

I'll go and wake the Doctor
and see what he says.

Don't you dare.

He had a nasty knock on the head
and he needs to rest.

In that case, miss, it's just not on.
I'm sorry.


Mr Benton, are we members of UNIT?

-Well, no, of course not.
-Are we under arrest?

No, miss.

Well, what we do and where we go
is none of your business, is it?

-Come along, Professor.
-Wouldn't it be best...

Just you go and Blanco your rifle
or something.

This way, Professor. Come on.

Professor Kettlewell,

how nice to see you again so soon.

What the blazes were you thinking of,
Mr Benton?

You should never have let them go.

Well, maybe you could have
stopped them, sir, but I couldn't.

As the young lady pointed out,
they're not under our jurisdiction.

Excuse me, sir, but you did
get permission to raid Thinktank?

No, Mr Benton, I did not.

Then you must act without it.
I know what they're up to now.

Worked it all out
while I was having my little nap.

It's all tied up with the information
stolen from that poor fellow Chambers.

He must have been the guardian
of some kind of ultimate threat.

I don't know exactly what it is,
just the kind of thing it has to be.

Well, am I right?

A few months ago, the superpowers,
Russia, America and China,

decided upon a plan to ensure peace.

All three powers
have hidden atomic missile sites.

All three agreed
to give details of those sites

plus full operation instructions
to another neutral country.

In the event of trouble, that country
could publish everyone's secrets

and so cool things down.

Naturally, the only country
that could be trusted

with such a role was Great Britain.

Naturally. The rest were all foreigners.


The destructor codes
for firing these missiles

were kept in Chambers' house
in a special Dynastreem safe.

The robot killed Chambers,

blasted the safe open
with a disintegrator gun

and took the codes.

So what can they do with them
now that they've got them?

They could set off every atomic missile
in the world, Mr Benton.

Yes, and start a nuclear holocaust

that would turn
this little planet of yours

into a radioactive cinder
suspended in space.

You mean he could use the information
to blackmail the world?

Do things our way
or we light the blue touch paper?

I'm afraid so.

We think they've been using this
Scientific Reform Society as a front,

and I've just heard from Mr Benton here
that Miss Smith and Professor Kettlewell

have just gone off to try to
get into one of their meetings.


You let Sarah go off somewhere
with Kettlewell?

Miss Smith, are you there?

-How's it going, Professor?
-All right, I think.

They were a bit suspicious
to start with,

-but I found somewhere for you to hide.

And as you know, my friends,

tonight is a culmination
of many years of work and planning.

A brilliant and audacious scheme
is about to come to its climax.

You have all waited long and patiently
during the years of scorn and ridicule.

The days when
we were laughed at as cranks.

Well, now a new and better future
is almost within our grasp.

A future in which we, the elite,
will rule as is our right!

We owe it all to one man.

The man
whose unrivalled scientific genius

has put us in the commanding position
we now hold.

Professor Kettlewell!

He brings with him
the symbol of our movement,

the creature
whose intelligence and power

made him a fitting emblem

for our scientific new order.

Where is that pass?

It must be somewhere.

Freedom to the city of Skaro. No.

Pilot's licence
for the Mars-Venus rocket run.

Galactic passport.

Do you travel much?

Honorary member of
the Alpha Centaurian Table Tennis Club.

Very tricky opponents, those chaps.

Six arms and, of course, six bats.
It really keeps you on your toes.

I'll tell you what, I'll just
pop outside and try something...

Oh, dear. I'm terribly sorry.
You just lie there and get some rest.

I'll find help.
And above all, don't worry.

Everything's going to be all right.

With the aid of this robot,

we shall seek out and destroy
all those who try to harm us.

Seek out and destroy.

She's a spy! Deal with her!

Good evening, everyone.

Now, please, stay calm.
Everyone keep your seat.

Now then, what can I do to entertain you
till my friend the Brigadier arrives?

A little song? A little dance perhaps?

Not just a little dance?

Anyone for cards?

Don't just stand there, you idiots,
get him!

Now for my next trick,

I shall require the assistance
of a member of the audience.

Say, haven't we met somewhere before?

Please, let me help you up.


Any other sporting member
of the audience?

Tell me one thing, Professor Kettlewell.


For years I have been trying
to persuade people

to stop spoiling this planet, Doctor.

Now, with the help of my friends,
I can make them.

Aren't you forgetting
that in science, as in morality,

the end never justifies the means?

-What are we going to do with them?
-Kill them of course.

-No, no...
-They're far too dangerous to us.

Couldn't we lock them up?

And have them escape?

It's too late
to be squeamish, Professor.

You see what I mean, Professor?

Take them away.

Stay where you are!
My men have this building surrounded.

-Where's the truck?
-Still outside.

- Quick!
- Stop! Stay where you are!

Protect us! Protect us!

-Well, Doctor...
-It had to be Kettlewell.

Only he could have attempted
to reprogram the robot

to overcome its prime directive.

Then all that business about
being knocked on the head

-and pushed in the cupboard...
-Faked. Faked to gain your confidence.

And they still have
the destructor codes and Sarah.

And now they'll hide up somewhere
and try their blackmail plan, I suppose.

But how can they?

If they start a nuclear war,
they'll go up with the rest of us.

I rather imagine
that has occurred to them.

You better find them, Brigadier,
and soon.

I agree. But how?

Excuse me, sir,
there's a call for you from Dr Sullivan.

-Linked through from HQ.
-Thank you.

Sullivan, are you still
at Thinktank? Over.

Yes, sir, but I may not have much time.

I've managed to give them the slip
and I think they've forgotten about me.

They seem to be pulling out, sir.
The whole place is being evacuated.

Listen, Sullivan, this is urgent.

Do you know where they're going?
Do you have any idea at all?

Well, sir, I heard somebody
mention the bunker,

but it seemed to be kind of a joke...

Sullivan, are you still there?

We'll take him with us.
He'll be a useful hostage.

-No good. Broken connection.
-Or broken head

if someone overheard him calling us.

He said something about
them going to a bunker.

Well, this is the place.

An atomic shelter designed and
built by the Thinktank people

back in the Cold War days.

So if their bluff is called,
they'll stay down there safe and sound

and emerge to rule the survivors,
if any.

You really think they're in there, sir?

We'll soon find out. Right, Benton.

All out!

Activate the automatic defence system.

Shouldn't we talk to them first?

We'll talk afterwards.

First we must show them
the strength of our position.

Put her with the other one.

Down, Brigadier. Everyone get down!

Get back.

Of all the cheek!
They've got troops there.

I don't think so, Brigadier.
Automated machine-gun nest, I fancy,

activated by body heat
when you get within range.

-That's not me, Doctor.

Someone's trying to get through
on our frequency.

Good man.

Greyhound leader
receiving you. Over.

Let me speak to the Brigadier.

Lethbridge Stewart.

Brigadier, can you hear me?

Yes, Miss Winters, I hear you.

Come out and give yourselves up,
or we shall attack.

We hold two of your friends as hostages.

That will not deter me. I repeat,
give yourselves up or we shall attack.

You'll never reach
those doors alive, Brigadier.

And even if you did,
you'd never get through them.

By now, the governments of the world
will have received our demands.

Unless they are agreed to in full,

the destructor codes will be used.

We have associates standing by
all over the world.

You have 30 minutes
in which to surrender.

Mr Benton, take a party with grenades,

find those machine-gun nests
and knock them out.

Yes, sir.

I'll show that wretched woman.

Do not move.

If you attempt to escape,

I must destroy you.

Oh, I say. How gallant.

James Bond!

That was the lot, sir.

Right. Prepare to advance.

Just a moment, Brigadier.

Come along, then.

Okay, move.

Shall I get some explosives, sir?

-Oh, no, must you?

I really think we've had enough
bangs and flashes for a bit, don't you?

Hold on.

Turns into a miniature sonic lance,
you see?

And what do you propose to do with that?

Cut out the lock for you.
It shouldn't take long.

They're getting through.
It is impossible!

Very well, we shall have to
use the destructor codes.

Show them we're not bluffing.

It'll take too long
to set up the sequence.

They'll be in here long before that.
You said we'd have plenty of time.

Then we must gain time.

We shall have to use
your metal friend, Professor.

And this time,
he'd better not let us down.

-Is the disintegrator gun ready?

Right. Then fit it and send him out.

Come along, Professor.

Start getting
those destructor codes operational.

Maybe they'll listen
when the first few missiles are fired.

Enemies of humanity are attacking us.

You must take this gun and destroy them.


No, you mustn't!

Back, everybody back.

They may be going to surrender.

Get you men back, Brigadier,
if you don't want them killed.

- All right, back. Fall back.
- Fall back to the woods.

Well, I brought along
something that will deal with it.

I very much doubt it, Brigadier.

Go! Go now, or I will destroy you all!