Doctor Who (1963–1989): Season 12, Episode 20 - Revenge of the Cybermen: Part Four - full transcript

The Doctor, Harry and Lester try to destroy the Cybermen's relay device, while the Vogans prepare to destroy Nerva even though Sarah is still on board.


Look out! Get back!

STEVENSON: Look out!



Just a bump on the noggin, Doctor.

Nothing to worry about.
Now, let's get you out of this thing.

LESTER: Harry, don't touch it.

You open that bottle
and we'll be blown to kingdom come.

-You mean it's booby-trapped?
-These buckles can't be opened

until the Cybermen beam
the release signal.


-Were you trying to undo this?
-Oh, naturally.

Did you make the rocks fall, Harry?

Uh, well, I suppose I must have done.

Harry Sullivan is an imbecile.

CYBER CONTROLLER: Progression rate
has slowed to 30 metres a minute.

CYBER LEADER: Good. The bombs
will explode in 11 minutes from now.

So where is Sarah?

I'm not sure, Doctor.
I mean, when I last saw her,

she was trying to get back
to the beacon.

-Yes. You see, uh,

we thought you were still up there

and she naturally wanted to
warn you about the rocket.

I'm sorry. I can see you're not with me.

-Harry, I'm not with you.
-No. You see, it seems that Kellman,

he's dead by the way, Kellman was
really working for the Vogan people.

And he got the other half, the uh...
What do you call them?

-Cybermen, that's right.

Totally bad on names.
Got the Cybermen up on the beacon

so they'd be sitting ducks
for the Vogans' rocket.

Only the Vogans haven't finished
the rocket yet, so, uh,

things have gone a bit wrong.


-we've got about nine minutes left.
-And if you still...

Listen! Listen!

Commander, if you were to keep on
going towards the centre,

you could draw the radar track
away from the rest of us.

-Meantime, Lester and I

could take the cross shaft and attack
the Cybermen from the rear.

-What with?
-Gold. Plain, old-fashioned gold.

Well, Lester?

-Agreed. Right.
-Good luck, Commander.

-And to you.
-Come on.


Our surface party report

the Vogan attackers have been
driven off with heavy casualties.

CYBER LEADER: Order them to intensify
the radar signal.

at maximum, Leader.

CYBER LEADER: The signal
is difficult to interpret.

What depth have
the bomb carriers reached?

CYBER CONTROLLER: 1,600 metres.

They are eight minutes
from the detonation zone.

CYBER LEADER: Eight minutes.

In eight minutes, the accursed Planet
of Gold will be utterly destroyed.

Annihilated. Vapourised. It is good.

DOCTOR: How much have we got?

-We've got about five minutes.
-I know we've got five minutes.

I mean, how much gold dust have we got?

There might be enough.
You know what to do?

Yes. Creep as close as we can and
chuck this stuff into their chest units.

You've got it, Harry. Come on.

As the human said,
recrimination is pointless now.

But I promise you, Vorus,

if by some miracle
our planet should survive,

you will face trial for treason.

It's you who should be tried, Tyrum.

You and your creeping sycophants
in the city.

As leader of the Guardians,
you abused your trust.

You opened the roots to the surface.

You made clandestine contact
with aliens.

And you beamed radio transmissions
out into space.

There are no greater crimes
in our calendar.

In your calendar, Tyrum!

In your cowering, furtive,
underworld life.

If we survive, I will face trial gladly.
I will give the people my reasons.

I wanted to free them from
this tyranny of dark, living rock.

Living the way we had for generations,
at least we were safe, Vorus.

Safe from the genocidal threat of
the Cybermen.

I had a dream.

A folly conceived out of arrogance
through overweening ambition.

We could have traded with other worlds,
exchanged our gold for armaments.

We could have been strong enough
to defend ourselves against Cybermen

or any other attackers.

Counsellor, we are beaten.

Our people withdraw,
refusing to attack the Cybermen again.

Order them back! Command them!

I'm sorry, Counsellor.
We need time to regroup!

-There is no time.
-Come. I will speak to them.

There they are.

Wait till I give the signal.




DOCTOR: Come on, Harry! Run for it!

Come on.


It's still humming.

We have lost radar contact.

CYBER CONTROLLER: Our information flow
from the surface has ceased.

The countdown has stopped.

Select video picture of Vogan.

-Detonation by manual control.
-No! No, don't!

Ah! Ah!

the human female?

CYBER LEADER: Detonation.


It has failed.


Well, I'm impressed.

-Voga. It's still there.
-CYBER LEADER: Yes. For the moment.

Then your plan failed.

-The Doctor's beaten you.
-Silence! We have not failed.

Our computers are assessing
an alternative plan.

Your best plan is to get off this beacon
before the Vogans...

Continue. The Vogans...

Kellman led you into a trap.

They've got a rocket aimed
right at this...

-You lie.
-Well, stick around and...

You lie.

Because if they had such a rocket,
they would have used it by now.

All I know is, when I left
Kellman said the rocket...

Kellman? So they have a rocket.
But they have not used it.

Logical conclusion,
the rocket has a malfunction.

Therefore, this information
does not affect our plans.

We shall proceed.

Voga will be destroyed.

TYRUM: We are grateful to you, human,
for saving Voga.

Oh, please don't call me human.

Just Doctor would do very nicely,
thank you. Is that your rocket?

The Skystriker, yes.

You've delivered our enemies
into my hands, Doctor.

-Magrik, you have news?
-Everything is now ready, Vorus.

-We can start the countdown.


Uh, before you do anything rash,
like pressing another button,

-may I make an alternative suggestion?
-An alternative?

Let me take the transmat
back to the beacon

-and deal with the Cybermen myself.
-Yourself? You mean alone?

Give me just 15 minutes.

If at the end of that time
I haven't come through on the radio,

well, then,
you can fire off your rocket.

You've already done so much.

Why should you risk your life again
in this way?

I have a young friend on the beacon,
Sarah Jane, the girl who was here.

She risked her life to save mine.

The least I can do is accept
the same risk for her.


Just 15 minutes. Is that so intolerable?

Fifteen minutes then, Doctor.
But no longer.

Thank you, Tyrum.
There's just one other thing I need.

-What's that?
-A bag of gold dust.

-Oh, yes.
-Thank you.

-And Harry?

While I'm gone,
you'd better find the Commander.

I'll try.

I have planned for this moment
for years.

And now as I close the trap
you expect me to wait!

CYBER LEADER: Point of impact.

2 7 degrees. Seven minutes north.

160 degrees. Twenty minutes east.

The crust is weakest at this point.

CYBER LEADER: Velocity at impact,
10,000 light units.

CYBER CONTROLLER: Calculations indicate
at maximum thrust

the beacon will attain that velocity,
seven minutes before impact.

What explosive force is required

to sunder the planet at the depth?

-1,000 kilos per unit.

-Then the plan will be executed.
-Yes, Leader.

Order the bombs
to be transferred to the beacon.

The alternative plan will work.

When the beacon crashes into Voga,

we shall be watching
from a safe distance.

But you will have a much closer view.





Doc... (WHISPERS) I'm sorry.

You haven't seen anything of the Tardis,
have you?

Tardis? Listen, Doctor, the Cybermen
are loading this beacon with bombs and

-they're going to smash it into Voga.
-Are they?

Then we've got about nine minutes

before the Vogans
aim their rocket at us.

Bring the control box.
We'll see what we can do.


-It's good to see you.
-Is it?

-Oh, well.

Come on, quickly then.

Carry the bombs to the nose cone.
Maximum urgency, imperative.

Seven minutes, Vorus.

What can the Doctor do in this time?
We should never have agreed to wait!

Stand back from
the firing button, Vorus!

There is as Magrik says,
another seven minutes.

Don't worry, Tyrum. I can wait.

But when I press that button,

it will mean more than the end
of the Cybermen.

It will mean the start
of a whole new life here on Voga.

-A new regime.
-That will be for the people to decide.

This was my idea and I planned it all.
I shall be the people's liberator.

You came very close
to being their destroyer.

That will be forgotten in my triumph.

The people will turn to me.
They will beg me to lead them.

-Any news from the Doctor?
-No, and I don't expect there will be.

Five minutes.

There's no point filling it
with gold dust,

-it won't attack the Cybermen.
-Just you wait and see.



What was that?

They've started the engine.

CYBER LEADER: She has been freed.

One of her friends from Voga.

Perhaps, the Doctor.

CYBER CONTROLLER: All engines normal.

-Zero thrust.
-CYBER LEADER: Increase 10 levels.

If it was the Doctor,

he will make a further attempt
to thwart my plan.

Therefore, he will still
be concealed aboard.

Search the forward compartments.

Locate and destroy all animal organisms.

Control response, normal.

Engine response, effective.

Thrust, 5,000.

Engage hyperdrive.


Come on, let's hide.


-(WHISPERS) You did it!
-Oh, it was nothing.


Dusty death.

-Out! Out!

-Come on!

Control to firing bunker.
Stand by to countdown.

We have another two minutes.

-The countdown...
-Vorus! Look.

-MAGRIK: The target sensor. It's moving.
-The beacon's in motion!

It's coming towards us.
It's set on a collision course!

VORUS: Activate firing controls!

-But you promised the Doctor 15 minutes.
-Get off!



No, Vorus! No!


No, Vorus! Don't!

My Skystriker!

My glory!

CYBER LEADER: We must evacuate
the beacon in three minutes.

CYBER CONTROLLER: Our calculations
indicate the fireball will extend

1.5 million miles.

Oh, Doctor! Don't!


All right.
All right, you've made your point.

-We surrender.

-We surrender.
-You have interfered once too often,


Now, tie her up.

Tie her up.

-The Doctor's time's up. He failed.
-I'm afraid so.

I wouldn't be too sure, Commander.

Well, his only chance now is
to get off the beacon by the transmat.

The rocket is due to impact
in six minutes.

The beacon is approaching Voga
at 10,000 light units.

-It is time for us to leave.

You two are especially privileged.

You are about to die

in the biggest explosion
ever witnessed in this solar system.

It will be a magnificent spectacle.

Unhappily, you will be unable
to appreciate it.

Nice sense of irony.

I thought for a moment
he was going to smile.

How long have we got, Doctor?

I think at this speed
at which the rocket is approaching,

-two or three minutes.
-The Vogan rocket?

Yes. That's right.

They're getting away!

Then the Skystriker will simply destroy
the empty beacon.

If it is empty.

Oh, it's no good, Doctor!
They won't budge!

I used to tangle Turk's Head eye-splice

with the grommets I picked up
from Houdini.

-It should work.
-Really? You must have tied it wrong.

Oh, wait a minute. You're right!
They're loosening!

Good girl. That rocket's getting
too close for comfort.

Hello, Voga. Hello, Voga.
This is Nerva Beacon.

-Doctor, is that you?

tell Vorus
the Cybermen have abandoned the beacon.

He's to aim the rocket at the Cybership.

But, Doctor, Vorus is dead

and none of us here
knows how to operate these controls.

DOCTOR: What? Just let me think.

-Let you what?
-Just let him think.

Doctor, it's going to hit any second!

-Yes, Doctor.

There are two levers
on the left of the panel, got them?

Yes, I've got them.

The top lever controls
the angle of flight

and the lower one must be
the direction and stabiliser control.

Cogito, ergo sum.

-I think, therefore it missed.

Yes, and we're still heading
for the biggest bang in history!

Oh, yes.

Oh, no!

They've locked the giro controls.

-The flight trimmers are jammed.
-What? What does that mean?

It means we're heading
for the biggest bang in history.

TYRUM: The rocket is closing
on the Cybermen's ship.

Touch more starboard rudder, Commander.

Hang on just a few more seconds.

There's our missile on our port bow.
Engage full thrust.

Deploy ODE.

That's the end of your Cybermen.

Never again will they be a threat
to Voga.

At least we can live without fear.

Why doesn't the Doctor put the beacon
back on course?

I thought he was taking evasive action,
but look.

He's coming straight towards us.

HARRY: Better give him a whistle,

He does have these
absent-minded moments.

HARRY: Hello, Doctor, can you hear?

Yes, Harry. What is it?

HARRY: Hello, Sarah.
I don't know if you're aware of it

but you appear to be heading
straight for us!

Yes, we are aware of it, Harry.
Very much so.

And we're loaded with Cyber bombs.

What? Well, you better do something,
old girl, and quickly!

The Doctor's doing his best but

the Cybermen have locked
the giro controls.

It's still coming straight towards us.

It's going to hit! It's going to hit!

That should do it!

-SARAH: We're going to crash!
-I know.

If I pull her back at this speed,
she'll break in half.

Yes. I think she'll settle down nicely
into orbit now.

Oh, good!



I think I'll just set
the drift compensators.

We don't want it slipping
through our fingers.


I see Old Faithful turned up after all.

-Don't just stand there. Come on.

-Oh, all go, isn't it?
-I'm needed back on Earth.

How do you know?

Left the Brigadier
the space/time telegraph system

and told him not to use it unless
he had a real emergency on his hands.

-And he's used it?
-He has. Come on, you two.

I say, what about the Commander?
Aren't we going to stop and say cheerio?

-DOCTOR: Come along.
-Don't argue. Come on.