Doctor Who (1963–1989): Season 12, Episode 19 - Revenge of the Cybermen: Part Three - full transcript

The Cybermen force the Doctor, Stevenson and Lester to carry bombs to the centre of Voga while Sarah, Harry and Tyrum decide to contact Vorus.






All resistance overcome.

CYBER LIEUTENANT: The beacon is ours.

-You haven't killed them?
-CYBER LEADER: Of course not.

We have neutralised them.
They are necessary to our plan.

-What are you doing, Kellman?
-This is the stranger I reported.

Calls himself the Doctor.

And because of him
our plan was advanced?

It had to be. He was interfering.

I'd just like to know
who and what he is.

I am Tyrum, Chief Councillor of Voga.

How do you do?
I am Harry Sullivan and this is...

Sarah Jane Smith.

-What's your mission here?

We don't have any mission.

We just sort of came here by accident,
didn't we, Harry?

Yes, that's right.
It's nothing to do with us really.


Better start at the beginning.

Well, our plan was to find the Tardis...

Once our landing is detected,

the Vogans will attack in force.

Well, they only have light armaments,
nothing that can affect your Cybermen.

This is the main shaft?

Yes, this is the shaft
I explored for you.

It runs right to the core of Voga.

How far from the shaft entrance
is the transmat receptor area?

Just a matter of yards. I set
the receptors as close as possible.

Excellent, Kellman. You have done well.

The humans will carry the explosives
into the shaft.

What's your cut, Kellman? Voga's gold?

CYBER LEADER: There will be no gold.

Voga is to be utterly destroyed.

-And this time we shall not fail.
-Oh, really?

And you, Doctor, and your two friends
will help us in this task.

That is why your lives have been spared.

I was wondering why
you hadn't killed us.

We don't have to help them.
They can't force us.

-Oh, you are mistaken.
-You'll discover who's mistaken, chum.

The heart of Voga is almost pure gold.

Gold is hostile to our function.

Therefore, Kellman was asked

to preserve three animal organisms
for this purpose.

Isn't it wonderful
to feel needed, Commander?

Kellman, on our approach run,

we detected an operational discharge
from the transmat area. Explain that.

Well, that was his doing.
He beamed his two friends down to Voga.

I tried to put the transmat
out of action,

but he managed to fix it somehow.

And how much do these humans know?


Vorus, leader of the Guardians,
I have a message.

Stay where you are!

-Well, Sheprah?
-Tyrum has given fresh orders.

My troops will hold
their present positions

and will not attack your Guild chambers.

Use some sense.
Your city scum would be badly beaten.

Unless we are provoked, Vorus,
then we shall sweep you aside.

Look, I've done everything I can
to help.

I set up the transmat,
I directed the Cybermats.

You might never have found Voga
if it hadn't been for me.

CYBER LEADER: That is true.

And you have been promised
great rewards for your assistance.

That's why I must go down to Voga

to make sure that nothing goes wrong
with the transmat.

Very well,
but return as soon as possible.

Once the detonator cycle commences
it cannot be stopped.


You know something, or he thinks you do,
that would incriminate him.

-Incriminate him in what?
-Some plot against the state,

-against me.
-But we only met Vorus for 10 minutes.

It's something to do with the beacon.

My suspicions about Vorus
are hardening into certainty.

He's always had great ambition.

This city you are in was once
the survival chamber for our people.

We've lived here ever since, unseen.

Safe from further attack
from the Cybermen.

-You know of the Cybermen?
-Well, yes, I've heard of them,

but they're meant to have been wiped out
ages ago.

I remember the Doctor saying that

the thing that attacked Sarah
was a Cybermat.

I wonder...
Has Vorus, in the madness of his vanity,

brought down the vengeance
of the Cybermen upon us again?

You will come with me.

-Where to?
-Where are we going?

Hmm? (STUTTERS) To the gold mines.

It's time that Vorus
accounted for himself.

What great rewards
have you promised Kellman?

-The matter is of no interest to you.
-Everything is of interest to me.

And Cybermen possess nothing that
a human might want.

-You are incorrect.
-Then what is it?

You've no home planet,
no influence, nothing.

You're just a pathetic bunch
of tin soldiers

skulking about the galaxy
in an ancient spaceship.

You speak unwisely.

We are destined to be rulers
of all the cosmos.

No, I don't think so somehow.

You tried that once
and you were nearly wiped out.

Because of Voga and its gold.

If humans had not had
the resources of Voga,

the Cyber War would have ended
in glorious triumph.

It was a glorious triumph
for human ingenuity.

They discovered your weakness
and invented the glitter gun.

And that was the end of Cybermen.

Except as gold-plated souvenirs
that people use as hat stands.

Watch it, Doctor,
I think you've riled him.

That is why Voga must be destroyed
before we begin our second campaign.

Oh! There is to be a second campaign,
is there?

We have enough parts in our ship
to build an entirely new Cyber army.

And this time, Doctor,
it will be invincible.

Cybermen function more efficiently
than animal organisms.

-That is why we will rule the galaxy.
-Loose thinking.

The trouble with Cybermen is that
they've got hydraulic muscles,

and of course hydraulic brains
to go with them.


-Put that down.
-Thank you.

Now, if I'm correct about
what this contains

and should accidentally drop it...

Now, I want some information from you,
Cyber Leader.

What's Kellman expecting
to get out of all of this?

Kellman wants power.

He will be ruler of this solar system
when we have conquered it.

Your puppet dictator?

Strange. I wouldn't have thought
his ambitions were in that direction.

STEVENSON: Look out, Doctor!

Do not kill them.


-Another human.
-Take me to Vorus.

Vorus? Quickly, man!
It's vital I see Vorus immediately.

-Vorus is no longer in charge here.

-Take him away.
-No, no, you don't understand.

I must see Vorus!
You're in danger, all of you!

CYBER LEADER: Cyberbombs,

the most compact and powerful
explosive devices ever invented.

Yes, and their use was banned by
the Armageddon Convention.

Cybermen do not subscribe to
any theory of morality in war, Doctor.

Our calculations indicate that two bombs
placed in the central fissure of Voga

-will fragmentise the planet.

Oh, well, I suppose we can't expect
decent English from a machine.

Prime the buckles.


should be sufficient,

three will make certain.

-Now what have they done?
-The buckles are now primed.

Any attempt to remove the harness

before the countdown
reaches the red zone

will cause a secondary explosion.
Do you understand?

You mean if we attempt to release
the harness before then,

we'll get blown up?

Correct. It is as well to
keep that thought in your mind.

And when we reach the centre of Voga
we'll be fragmentised, as you put it.

Incorrect. You will have 14 minutes,
the time period of the red zone,

to reach your surface and save
yourselves by the transmat beam.

That is not long enough.

Fourteen minutes is considered adequate.

-Anything else before we go?
-Yes, Doctor.

Your progress will be followed by radar.

Any attempt to deviate from the planned
course will be immediately detected.

And the bombs exploded by means of
these manual controls.

-Thank you.
-Countdown has commenced.

You, Doctor, will lead first.

Careful, careful, I might explode.



Someone's trying to
attract your attention.

Come on!


If only they knew about the use of gold.

-You mean as a weapon?

It's the only thing
that's effective against Cybermen.

Do you believe all this guff about
giving us time to escape?

Not a word of it.

Once we've reached the explosive zone
we'd have outlived our usefulness.

-So, what do we do now?
-Keep moving.

Give their radarscopes
something to follow.

CYBER LIEUTENANT: Our warriors report
all initial opposition has been crushed.

CYBER LEADER: Excellent. They are now
100 metres below the surface.

Kellman has not returned.

He is of no importance now.

His part in our operation is at an end.

-What's your connection with Vorus?
-We were working together.

We wanted to lure the Cybermen
into a trap.

-What trap?
-We're wasting time.

The Cybermen are planning
to blow Voga apart.

-What trap?
-The beacon, of course!

Vorus has a rocket aimed at the beacon.

Harry, we've got to warn the Doctor!

-Councillor, the Cybermen are here.

They've landed on the first level.

We've suffered heavy casualties
and need reinforcements.

-How many Cybermen are there?
-Two at least.

-Our weapons have no effect on them.
-You'll never stop them that way.

Vorus' rocket is our only chance.

That beacon has to be blasted
out of the sky.


Sheprah, we must attack the Cybermen
with every weapon we have.

-Very well.
-The rest of you come with me,

we must speak to Vorus.

-Why don't we just wait here?
-I think my idea is better.

-What is your idea?
-I don't know yet.

That's the trouble with ideas,
they only come a bit at a time.


TYRUM: Do you not recognise Tyrum,
Chief Councillor of Voga?

-Stand aside.
-We've got to see Vorus.


Stand aside, I said.

-Sarah, can you try to use the transmat?
-And warn the Doctor.

I'll see if I can do something about
this rocket.

-Take care. Right.
-And you.

-Vorus, call off your guards.

You should know better, Tyrum,
than to try to use force.

Our planet is being attacked, Vorus.

At this hour Vogans should
fight together, not against each other.

-Vorus, is the rocket ready to fire?
-The bomb head is being fitted now.

Too late,
the Cybermen have already landed.

-What? Have you betrayed...
-Well, I tried to warn you!

Once they were on the beacon
I couldn't delay them any further.

What's this rocket
that you speak of, Vorus?

Very well, I'll show you.

Where's the girl?

She's gone to warn the Doctor,
of course.

If people are going to start firing
missiles at him, what do they expect?

If that girl reaches the beacon
and starts blabbing about the rocket,

the Cybermen will explode their bombs.



CYBER CONTROLLER: Average progression
rate is 50 metres per minute.

CYBER LEADER: Excellent.

They will be in the
central chamber of Voga in 17 minutes.

our radarscope is increasing.

The three humans
who are carrying our bombs

can no longer be identified
by separate signals.

That is of no importance now.

Even the Doctor believes

they will be given time to escape
before our bombs explode.

They do not know
the detonators will fire

when the countdown enters the red zone.

Magrik and his team have been working
on it for two years.

-And now we've lost the race by minutes.
-There might still be a chance

if that rocket can be fired before
the Cyberbombs are in position...

Magrik reported a delay
in fitting the bomb head.

No, we've lost our gamble, Kellman.

You're insane, Vorus.

You've brought about
the destruction of our race.

I wanted to bring them freedom, Tyrum.
Freedom from fear,

freedom to live as Vogans should,
on the surface.

Not cowering like worms in the earth.

And this great plan was conceived
in the company of such as he?

A double agent, a despicable traitor,
a murderer of his own kind?

A man who's only loyalty is to himself
and the gold he hopes to win.

The plan would have worked.
I just needed more time.

Look, all this incrimination
is pretty pointless, isn't it?

What we've got to do is
get down into that central shaft

and stop the bombs being planted.

The Cybermen hold the entrance.
There's no way past them.

I should think there's another way down,
wouldn't you, Kellman?

Only the central shaft runs that deep
and the galleries don't connect with it.

Wait. When it was widened a cross shaft
was bored to provide ventilation.

-I've seen it in our records.
-Well, let's go take a look.


I'm getting a bit old
for this sort of thing.

Rest for a moment.

Had any more bits of that idea, Doctor?

The deeper we go,
the heavier the concentration of gold.

Before long it must start affecting
their radar picture.

-Then what?
-Well, it's an outside chance.

But if we can get back
without being detected

and take the Cybermen from behind...

-All right now, Commander?
-Yes, I think so.

Let's go.

It runs for about 50 metres
and the rock's friable.

It will be very dangerous
after all these years.

Well, in that case
we'll send our expert on ahead.

On you go, Kellman.


I'm sorry, Doctor, I'm a bit wet.

Sit down a moment.

Actually, I think
we're very near the centre now.

This is pretty much solid gold.

I wonder if these buckles
really would explode.

I shouldn't put it to the test.
They'll explode, all right.

-It's blocked.
-Let's see.

No, it's no use, we have to turn back.

They're giving a bit.

Look out! Get back!

STEVENSON: Look out!



Just a bump on the noggin, Doctor.

Nothing to worry about.
Now, let's get you out of this thing.