Doctor Who (1963–1989): Season 12, Episode 18 - Revenge of the Cybermen: Part Two - full transcript

The Doctor transmits Sarah and Harry down to Voga to cure Sarah of the Cybermat's poison but Kellman's sabotage means he is unable to bring them back.







Don't let it bite you!



That sounded like Sarah.
What's happened?

That Cybermat's happened, Harry, quick.

Into the transmat beam,
quickly as you can.

It's the only way to get the poison
out of her system.

-She's got the plague.
-No, sir.

That's your so-called plague, Commander.

-Is this thing still dangerous, Doctor?
-Not any more.

But there are bound to be others around.

Hang on to her, Harry.
You'd better travel with her.

-Where are we going?
-I'll set the beam for Voga.

Do you know how
to work the reciprocator?

-Uh, yes, I've seen you do it.
-Off you go.

No time to lose.


Has it gone wrong, Doctor?

-STEVENSON: Sabotage?

-Someone's taken the pentalion drive.
-But who?

Who removed the tape
from your radio log?

Who used Cybermats to murder your crew?

And who's desperate
to break all communication

between this beacon and Voga?

-You mean Kellman?
-Exactly. Kellman.

Your friend the exographer must be
working for the Cybermen commander.

Then what are we waiting for?
Let's get him.

Right. This might just work.

If I can adapt the monophode
to a three-phase output.

Doctor, she's not going
to last much longer.

I know, Harry. I know!

She's reacting just like Warner.
It's happening all over again.

Kellman. Kellman!

You sent for me?

-The Cybermen are moving.
-What? It's too soon.

Our human agent reports they will soon
have taken over the beacon.

We have, perhaps, four hours
to complete the Skystriker.

-That's impossible.
-Four hours, Magrik.

-Or all our dreams are ended.
-The Skystriker is ready.

But the bomb head hasn't been tested.

-And then it'll take four hours to fit.
-Then we must gamble, Magrik.

The bomb head will be tested
when it strikes the beacon.


Very well. I'll send for every
available engineer for us at once.

-He skipped.
-In quite a hurry, by the look of it.

Come on.

Lester, you take that section.
I'll look round the transmat.


There isn't time to wire this in.
I'll have to hold it in position. Ready?



-Hmm? Hmm?

-It's worked, Doctor. It's worked.

Stop bawling down my ear.
You've got a voice like a foghorn.

-What's the matter?

What's going on here?

Well, that's marvellous, isn't it?

-Here I am trying to save your life...
-Trying to...

I remember.
That thing, it jumped on my neck...

-Where are we?
-Place called Voga, I think.

Doctor transmatted us
to get rid of the poison.

I might tell you, my girl, that you were
on the point of popping off.

-I say, look at that.
-What is it?

It looks very much like gold. Can't be.
I don't believe it.

-There's some more of it over here.
-Oh, Harry.

-Look. Gold.
-Don't be so silly. It can't be gold.

-Sarah, solid gold.
-Harry, stop it! Anyway, it isn't ours.

Well, it isn't anybody's, is it?
Just lying scattered around here.

Rich. I can buy myself out of the navy,

buy a quiet little practice
in the country, solid gold stethoscope.



That's torn it.

-All right, steady on, old chap.

-Put that gun down, Kellman.
-All right, Commander.

Go ahead and shoot.
Neither of us can miss at this range.

-I said put that gun down.
-Oh, no.

-You can't get away.
-That's right, Commander.

I'm going into my cabin.
You can lock me in, if you like.

Just don't try to follow...


-Well done, Lester.
-He walked right into it.


-SARAH: There's been a mistake.
-You're fussing over nothing at all.

-Harry, tell them.
-I'm trying to tell them

but they don't seem to...

Please, wait. Where are you taking us?

We weren't trying to steal your gold,
if that's what you're thinking.

Well, not really.

HARRY: Of course we were.
We were just...

Voga, otherwise known
as the Planet of Gold.

He's hated and feared by Cybermen
because gold is lethal to them.

-It's the perfect non-corrodible metal.

It plates their breathing apparatus.
And in effect, suffocates them.

Doesn't it, Professor?

Now, Sarah and Harry are down there.

And, without that pentalion drive,
I can't bring them back.

-We found this in his cabin.

Keeps in touch with his masters.

What have you done
with the pentalion drive, Professor?

I don't know what you're talking about.

-STEVENSON: He's lying.
-I think he's lying.

-What are you doing with that?

-Oh, nothing. Why? Is it important?

Yes, I think our friend is lying
to gain time.

-I don't know what you mean.
-But time for what, I wonder. Hmm?

Computer reports heavy phobic energy
discharge between the beacon and Voga.

That means the humans have recently used
their transmat beam.

-Yes, Leader.
-Time to docking?

-Sixteen minutes.

Order the boarding party
to the forward hatch.

-The Doctor will be worrying about us.
-I'm worrying about us.

-What is this place, anyway?
-I can tell you what it isn't.

It isn't uninhabited.

So, you are from the beacon.

Why have you come to Voga?
Was it to escape the plague?

-Yes. Yes, that's right. The plague.
-You're lying!

-And now tell me the truth.
-No, I'm not lying. I have the plague.

When the plague had done its work,
there were to be four humans left alive.

That was the plan.

-Plan? You mean you deliberately...
-You were not among the four.

Well, we arrived after the plague
but I was bitten,

and the Doctor put me in the matterbeam
to cure me, didn't he, Harry?

Yes, that's right. It's the truth. And I
came with her because she was dying.

And we really weren't trying
to steal your gold.

So, how many humans
are on the beacon now?

If you refuse to answer,
you will suffer.

And then I will ask you again and then
you will answer. Do you understand?


Humans are reported
to have some intelligence.

When Vorus, leader of the Guardians,
asks you a question,

it is not wise to refuse to answer.


Take them out and put them in
confinement. I'll question them later.

-Greetings, Councillor Tyrum.
-Ah, Vorus.

There are matters of importance
I must discuss with you.

-Not over the vision projector.

Here in the city.

I am not aware of anything
of such importance, Councillor.

I am.

And always, Vorus, I look forward to
our meeting with the keenest pleasure.

So I sent our fastest skimmer
to collect you.

As a Space Service Commander,
there are certain crimes

where I can order immediate execution.

And you have murdered 4 7 members
of my crew and jeopardised our mission.

-You're talking rubbish, Commander.
-Shooting's too good for him.

-So, what's it gonna be, Kellman?

Are you going to die now? Or will you
tell us where that pentalion drive is?

You're not frightening me, Commander.
You won't shoot.

-But I have every right.
-You can't prove a thing.

No? Well, what about that box you had?

The Doctor says it controls
the Cybermats.

And I say it's an instrument
for analysing mineral elements.

Every exographer carries one.


-Leave it. Don't shoot, Commander.

Stop it!
For heaven's sake, do something.

After you've been bitten, Kellman,

you'll have just 10 seconds to remember
where that pentalion drive is.

If you want to live.

All right, all right.
It's around my neck.

-Take it.

Now we can get Harry and Sarah back.

Sarah, these chains are solid gold.

Harry, will you just shut up
about your rotten gold.

Twenty-four karat by the looks of it.

Because of the gold,
we're in this mess.

-Just thinking.
-Well, don't.

Gold's a very soft metal,
isn't it, Sarah?

So, if we can find a decent bit of rock
we might be able to file through.

Well, we can't just sit here glittering,
can we?

You said, a matter of importance,
Chief Councillor.

Yes, I have a report that two aliens,

two humans, have been seen
in the upper gold mine.

-By ancient tradition,

your guards control the gold mines
and the routes to the surface.

If humans have set foot on Voga,

it could only have been
with your connivance, Vorus.

You have no proof
of this absurd allegation.

Nonetheless, I believe it.

Whatever is happening
in the gold mines, Vorus,

strange stories have reached my ears.

Your guards have never before
resorted to murder.

-It was matter of internal discipline.
-I know your ambitions, Vorus.

I know you see Voga
as a great power game,

trading its gold with other planets
in the galaxy.

Why not? Why should we remain
forever underground?

Cowering from the memory of something
that happened centuries ago.

Because this way, we survive.

While no one suspects
that Voga's inhabited.

That this is the famous Planet of Gold.

-We remain safe.

You have the philosophy
of a cringing mouse, Tyrum.

And you are a gambler
with a mad thirst for power.

That's why I no longer trust you
and the Guardians.

My militia are taking over
control of the gold mines.

You dare to challenge the traditional
authority of the Guardians?

You maintain security, Vorus.

The militia are moving
into the gold mines at this moment.

-We shall see.
-Your men are outnumbered, Vorus.

And the troops have orders
to crush any resistance.

If there is any bloodshed,
remember, it'll be on your hands.

I shall have you removed
from office for this.

-Ow! Careful!

-It is flattening though.
-So is my ankle.

Yeah, I think you might be able to
get your foot through now.

Let's have a go then.

-Come on, one more pull. It's coming.
-It hurts.

Your tibias, or rather fetlocks,
are like a carthorse.

-Ah! My ankles aren't thick.
-Come on. Pull.

-Well done.

Now you can have a go at mine.

Wait a minute. If I can break off
one of those stalagmites,

we might be able to use it
as a lever. Hmm?

Fire one shot over their heads.


Stay back! No one enter
the Guild Hall of the Guardians.

Hold your positions
while I take fresh orders from Tyrum.


Must be kept from this section
at all costs.

If Tyrum finds our Skystriker, all our
years of work would've been for nothing.

I agree.

As for the two humans from the beacon.
Have them killed immediately.

Without further questioning?

If they fall into Tyrum's hands,
he might learn too much of our plan.

-They have to be silenced.
-Very well.

I'll send a detachment
to deal with them.

Right. Now, let's see if it works.


-Isn't it working?

Yes. Full power.

They must have left
the receptor circuit.

LESTER: Commander?

I'm getting a signal
on the radar screen.

STEVENSON: It could be an incoming ship.

There's nothing due for another 12 days.

Try and get a contact.

This is Nerva Beacon
to approaching craft.

How do you read me? Over.

-But it must be a spaceship.

Look, it's coming directly towards us.
Keep trying them, Lester.

This is Nerva Beacon
to approaching craft. Do you read me?

This is Nerva Beacon. Would you kindly
give your identity signal?


-Maimed for life.

Honestly, I don't know
why you're complaining. I got you free.


-What's that?

Sounds like another
of their Dodgem cars.

-It's coming this way.

This way.


Sorry, old girl. Dead end. Back we go.

No, we can't, Harry. Look.

We're trapped.

Over there.


-Come on.



It must be within visual range now.
Try to get a scanner contact.

-There she is.
-I don't recognise that type.

Never seen anything like it before.

There are missile tubes
in the nose cone.

So it must be an alien.

This is Nerva Beacon.
You are approaching Nerva Beacon.

We are in quarantine
by orders from Earth Centre.

I repeat, we are in quarantine.
Stand away.

They're deliberately ignoring
our signals, Commander. Look.

-They're moving into docking orbit.
-The fools.

SARAH: Harry.



This looks like the end, Sarah.

One thing about you, Harry,
you never miss the obvious.

Why don't they just finish us off?

Vogans of Vorus!

Lay down your weapons.
You are surrounded!

Now what?

-They seemed confused.

At first they spoke of this scourge
as a plague.

But then, one of them said
that the humans were killed by poison.

I will see them myself, Sheprah.

Are the Guardians resisting our militia?

Not in the galleries.

They are holding a defensive position
outside the Guild Chamber.

(SCOFFS) I expected Vorus would make
the Guild Chamber his strongpoint.

Let him hold that for the present.

One determined assault is all
that is needed to occupy them.

Let me see the two human captives.

If Vorus has committed treason,

I might give him the chance
to die in battle.

You think he is a traitor, Councillor?

After the cataclysms
of our ancient past, Sheprah,

we've survived down here only
by regarding all outsiders as hostile.

-They're docking.
-We've got to stop them getting in.

But who...

DOCTOR: Cybermen!


No good.

All resistance overcome.

The beacon is ours.