Doctor Who (1963–1989): Season 12, Episode 14 - Genesis of the Daleks: Part Four - full transcript

The Doctor fails to prevent the Thals from destroying the Kaled city but they don't have long to enjoy their victory before the Daleks attack.



It's working! The Kaled dome is breaking up.

Start the countdown for the rocket launch.

No, you mustn't.


How could the Thals have found
the formula to destroy our dome?

-Someone has betrayed us.
-That's impossible.

Only a handful of us knew the formula.

No member of the Elite
would've given the secret to the Thals.

Nevertheless, someone has

and his treachery has resulted
in the total extermination of our people.

I sent Harry and Sarah in there.

Switch it off.

We will avenge the annihilation of our people
with a retaliation so massive,

so merciless that it will live in history.

Let the vengeance begin
with the death of the arch traitor,

the Thal spy Ronson!

No! Davros!





Today the Kaled race is ended,
consumed in a fire of war,

but from its ashes will rise a new race,

the supreme creature,
the ultimate conqueror of the universe,

the Dalek!

The action you take today
is a beginning of a journey

that will take the Daleks to their destiny

of universal and absolute supremacy!

You have been conditioned
and programmed to complete a task!

You will now carry out that program.

DALEKS: We obey.

1 ,000 years of war and now it's ended.

Listen. The people, they know already.

Gentlemen, there's a great deal to be done.

I must speak to the people.

There must be a victory parade.

And as for him, he must be punished.

No. Let us now show
that whilst we were ruthless in war,

we are generous in victory.

Let all prisoners be freed,
charges against them dropped.

Issue that statement at once.

-Did you have friends in the Kaled city?

Two people very dear to me.

I sent them into that holocaust.

What will you do now?

Start again.

Try and find a way
to complete what I set out to do

and stop the development of the Daleks.


Machine creatures
that Davros is developing, monsters.

Davros? No, you're wrong.

It was he who told us
how to destroy the Kaled dome.

-His only interest is in achieving peace.
-Let me tell you something.

The Kaled government was on the point
of stopping Davros' experiments.

And rather than let that happen,
he helped you to destroy his own race.

You'll never convince my people of that.
Davros is a hero.

Yes, for how long I wonder.

I must go.

Under the general amnesty,
you're free to leave whenever you want.

Thank you.


That outlines the chromosomal variations

to be introduced into the embryo Daleks.

It is to be implemented at once, Gharman.

-Davros, this will create enormous mental defects.
-Not defects, improvements!

It'll mean creatures without conscience.
No sense of right or wrong. No pity.

-They'll be without feeling or emotion.

Now see that my orders are carried out.

-But you...
-Without question, Gharman!

-The Daleks are in position.

They will act on your command.

I see no reason to delay any longer.


-Thank you.





-What are they?
-Keep back.

Get out of sight.

We've got to get out of the Thal dome.

-Are those the Daleks?
-Out into the wastelands. Do you know a way?

Good. Yes, they are the Daleks.
Come on, lead the way.

DAVROS: The beginning, only the beginning!

From this moment, all other research must cease.

Absolute priority is to be given
to the building of my Dalek force!

Nothing, absolutely nothing,
must delay this glorious project!



Oh, there was no need to go that far.

When our leaders saw they were beaten,
they should've surrendered.

Perhaps they did.

But Daleks accept no terms,

they're programmed to wipe the Thals
from the face of this planet.

But there must be some who'll escape.
Some survivors.

A few perhaps.

But they need to be grouped together into
some kind of fighting force to strike the bunker.

-Destroy Davros and you destroy the Daleks.

-What chance do we have against them?
-It's your only chance.

Will you do it?


Good girl. I'm going to try
and get back into the bunker.

-Good luck.


SARAH: All right?



-Sarah! I can hardly believe it.
-What's the matter with you?

I thought you were in the Kaled dome
when it was hit.

-We didn't get there.

Halfway across the wastelands
we were attacked by a band of mutos.

And that's when the rocket was launched.

-And then when the Kaled dome exploded...
-The mutos just ran for their lives.

Of course, I knew you'd try and get back
into the bunker through the cave.

You were absolutely right, Harry.
It's vital we go back into the bunker.

-Because they took the time ring.

The bracelet that the Time Lord gave me
is our lifeline.

Without it we can never escape from this planet.

I wonder if you'd have a look at this.

I'm having a problem
with the dimensional thought circuit.

We must stop the Daleks, Kavell.

I don't want to get involved.
You saw what happened to Ronson.

Davros wouldn't hesitate to have us killed
if he suspected we were plotting against him.

Then we must make our plans
so he won't suspect anything.

-Elite troops will stay loyal to him.
-That's not important!

If the whole of the scientific corps
act against Davros, he can't proceed.

We can then demand
that the Dalek project is halted.

His whole concept is monstrous.
It's evil and immoral.

What do you want me to do?

Spread the word.

Convince those who waver how vital it is
that the whole Dalek project be ended.

I'll do what I can.

Sevrin, would you do something for us,
something important?

Over in the Kaled trenches,
there's a Thal, a girl named Bettan.

She's trying to form a resistance group.

Join her with as many of your own people
as you can get.

Their idea is to knock out the bunker.

Do you think they'll get away with it?

It'll keep the Elite's troops occupied
while I try to find a weakness of the Daleks.

Good luck, Doctor.

Sevrin, thank you.


Who's that?

Just one of Davros' experiments.

We better stick close together.

HARRY: You're not scared, are you?
SARAH: Of course not.

I am.

Gharman, I must talk to you.

-It's of vital importance.
-Not now.

Then soon!

-And somewhere we can talk in private.
-What's this about, Nyder?

You know that I have served Davros
faithfully for many years.

I've never questioned anything he has done.

But he has become a megalomaniac.

He's ready to sacrifice everything and everyone,

including us...

just so that the Dalek project can be completed.

You're not alone in your fears.

Where can we meet in safety?

The only place Davros never goes
is the lower level.

Well, there's the detention room down there.


I'll meet you there as soon as I can.

DOCTOR: Not much further.

The entrance to the ventilation duct
must be just through here.

HARRY: You sure, Doctor? It doesn't look familiar.

DOCTOR: Look out, Harry!



I'll never eat oysters again.

-They're not very fast.
-It's obviously why Davros discarded them.

Come on, we're there.

Listen, I've been down tunnels before
and I've just had a rather nasty thought.


Suppose something's waiting for us in there.

That is nasty.

Better not tell Harry, he's gone first.


I had to be sure it was you.

We'll make this as quick as we can.
I don't want to be missed.

What are we going to do?

Look, a number of the scientists believe as we do.

When we have enough strength on our side,
we'll then give to Davros an ultimatum.

What ultimatum do you suggest?

That we will only continue
with the work on the Daleks

if he restores the brain cells, the conscience.

The creature must have a moral sense,
a judgement of right and wrong.

In fact, all the qualities that we believe
are essential in ourselves.

And if he doesn't accept that ultimatum?

Then we will destroy all the work
that has been done. Everything.

It'll be as though the Dalek were never created.

Right, I'll try and get some
of the military Elite on our side.

-Who can you count on?
-Kavell, Frenton, Parran.

There'll be more soon, I'm sure of it.

Thank you.

That's what I wanted to know.

That information will prove most helpful.

A pity.

He has a good scientific mind.

-Shall I kill him?

A little surgery on the brain
will remove these stupid emotions

and still allow us
to make use of his inventive skills.

-And the other plotters?
-The same for them.

But we must move carefully,

not force their hands.

Let us learn who are our allies
and who are our enemies.

Leave Gharman here, safely locked away.


What was that?

It's coming from over there.

There's somebody in the ventilator shaft.

Welcome back.

You were right, Sarah,
about there being something nasty waiting for us.

I have read the initial reports
of your interrogation.

The suggestion that you have travelled
through space and time

was utterly dismissed by the computer analysis.

I imagine it had never been programmed
for such a concept.


I, however, I am perhaps more flexible.

Though the power of such travel
is beyond my scientific comprehension,

it is not beyond my imagination.

Why did you come here?

-To stop the development of the Daleks.

Because having lived
in what you would call the future,

I have seen the carnage
and destruction they have caused.

Then my Daleks do go on. They do survive.

Yes. As weapons of hate and machines of war.

-But there's still time to change all that.

Why not make them a force for good
throughout the universe?

-I could do it.
-Then do it.

Be remembered for that.

You have seen my Daleks in battle?

Many times. I've fought against them.

And do they win? Do they always win?

Not always. They have been defeated.

But never utterly defeated.

The Dalek menace always remains.

If, as you say, they become
the supreme creatures of war,

how can they lose? How can they fail?

Misfortune, lack of information,
sometimes overwhelming opposition.

Yes, but tell me, how do the Daleks fail?

No, Davros,

that is a question
that the future must keep secret.

What mistakes do they make?

-You will tell me!

-You will tell me!
-No, I will not!


You will tell me because you have a weakness

that I have totally eliminated
from the minds of the Daleks

so they will always be superior.

A weakness that will make you
give me the knowledge to change the future.

You are afflicted with a conscience.

-We don't have much of a fighting force.
-I'm afraid my people won't be much help.

They don't like fighting.

At least we have weapons
and a fair amount of explosives, too.

Are you going to attack
the main entrance to the bunker?

As long as there are people inside
risking their lives to destroy the Daleks,

-that's the least we can do.
-When will you attack?

As soon as we've rested
and picked up any stragglers.

But they need your help now.

We must wait until we have
the strongest possible force.

Then we'll attack.



Let me tell you what is going to happen.

You will answer my questions.
You will answer them carefully and precisely.

The instruments to which you are wired
are particularly sensitive.

They will detect instantly any attempt to lie.

-And if I do lie?
-If you lie, your friends will suffer.

I can create in their bodies

all the torments and agonies ever known.


Don't tell him, Doctor.

Now, you will tell me the reason
for every Dalek defeat.

With that knowledge, I will program them.

With that knowledge, they will know their errors
and how to avoid them.

With that knowledge, there will be no defeats!

We will begin!


if I tell you what you want to know,
I betray millions of people in the future.

-I can't do that.
-But you can!

You will tell me!

You will tell me!

You will tell me!