Doctor Who (1963–1989): Season 12, Episode 13 - Genesis of the Daleks: Part Three - full transcript

The Doctor and Harry head to the Kaled city to alert the authorities to Davros' plans while Sarah and Sevrin are forced to work on the completion of the Thals' rocket.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -



They're coming up after us.
You must keep moving. You must.

I can't. I can't move.

Come on. You must.


-Are you all right?
-I think so.

We must go on, Sarah, it's our only chance.

That section of the roof slides out.
We can get to it from the top of the rocket.

-We've got to get across first.
-We'll have to jump.

Now I'll go first, you follow and I'll catch you.

Come on, Sarah. Come on!

You gotta do it, do you hear me?


We're nearly there, just a bit more

and we're out on the surface of the dome
and safe.

-That's far enough.

Come on back down here.

Hey, you! Come on, move.

I'll get her.

Give me your hand, come on.

If I should just slacken my grip...

They say people who fall from great heights
are dead before they hit the ground.

I don't believe that, do you?

You're going back to work.

In a day or so, you'll wish I had let you drop.

Right, get over.

DOCTOR: It's lighter this way.
HARRY: Looks as though we've made it.


Must be the way through to the wastelands.

Doctor, quick!

My leg, quick!

Pull it out, Doctor.

Quick! It's pulling me in.

Easy, easy.

Get that thing off.

Davros' experiments?



Never mind the Latin,
let's have a look at your foot.

Nothing seems to be broken, it's incredible.

-You have some bruises though, Harry.
-Why is it always me that puts a foot in it?

-You'll be all right. Can you stand up?
-I think so.


Let's get out of here.

We must look out for Sarah.
She's out there somewhere.

We'll find her.
We've got to contact the Kaled leaders first.

Try again, they're pretty corroded.

We await your commands.

Excellent, excellent.

Perfect, Davros, perfect.

-A brilliant creation.
-A brilliant creation, yes, but perfect, no. Not yet.

I want improvements made
to the optical systems and the sensory circuits.

Their instincts must be as accurate
as a scientific instrument.

You will begin at once.
Dismantle the viewer circuit.

Does Davros know the prisoners have escaped?

I don't know what you mean.
The prisoners are in their cell.

Don't worry, I won't betray you.

You're not the only one concerned
about the morality of the work we are doing here.

Now answer me, does Davros know they've gone?

The prisoners are in the detention room
for further interrogation.

Well, I have news for you.

They've reached the city and made contact
with the leaders whose names you gave them.

How do you know?

There is some advantage
of being in charge of the communication system.

All we can hope for now

is that they convince the leaders
that Davros' work here must be ended.

They must, they must!

My fellow councillors,

I've asked you to assemble here
and not in our House of Congress

as our meeting is of a most secret nature.

There are no listening devices here,
are there, Ravon?

Not that I know of, Mogran.

Doctor, will you please tell the councillors
what you have told me?

Yes, of course. And some of what I will tell you
relates to events in the future.

Not only on this planet but also on others
whose existence you don't even know of.

But my knowledge is scientific fact.

Now Davros has created a machine-creature,
a monster,

which will terrorise and destroy

millions and millions of lives
and lands throughout all eternity.

He has given this machine a name, a Dalek.

It is a word new to you.

But for a thousand generations,
it is a name that will bring fear and terror.

Now, undoubtedly, Davros has
one of the finest scientific minds in existence.

But he has a fanatical desire
to perpetuate himself and his machine.

He works without conscience,
without soul, without pity,

and his machines are equally devoid
of these qualities.

What's the matter with her?

She's tired. She needs rest.

This is the last consignment.

When that's packed aboard, she'll get
all the rest she needs. Now pick up your loads.

I've just had word
from one of our supporters in the dome.

Councillor Mogran has called a secret meeting.

The only councillors invited are known opponents
of the work we are doing here in the bunker.

I want a full report
on everything that was discussed.

I don't care how you get the information, get it.

I think we need not be too concerned.

Many times in the last 50 years, factions
of the government have tried to interfere

with my research here, they have failed.

They will fail again.

There's something else. The two prisoners in
Ronson's charge, they've been seen at the dome.

-They are at the meeting.

-There is no escape from here.
-I've checked their cells. They are missing.

Find out how they escaped
and report to me immediately.

-What action shall I take concerning Ronson?
-For the moment, none.

I will deal with him in my own way.

-That was a very impressive speech, Doctor.
-Yes, it was meant to be.

Let's hope it's convinced them.

Yes, let's hope so, Harry.
Sometimes words aren't enough.

Well, they seem to have reached a decision.

I'm afraid, Doctor, the councillors could not agree
to halt all experimentation at the bunker.

-The councillors are fools.
-Let me finish, please.

It has been agreed that an independent tribunal

will investigate all work
that is being done at the bunker.

But that could take months.

Davros already has several
prototype Daleks ready for action.

It has also been agreed that,
pending the investigation,

Davros' experiments will be suspended.

It is less than I'd hoped for.

And I promise you, Doctor,
if your allegations are borne out,

-all work at the bunker will be closed down.
-Thank you.

And now I must go with my committee
and inform Davros of our decision.

I think it's high time
we looked for Sarah, don't you?

-The one you left behind in the wastelands?
-Yes, you have some news of her?

I can't be certain, you understand?

But our agents inside the Thal dome
report a newly arrived girl prisoner

who led an attempted break-out.
Gave the Thals quite a bit of trouble.

-That'll be her.
-In the Thal dome, you say?

The Thals are using prisoners
to load their last great rocket.

-They think they'll win the war with it.

What they don't know is that
no matter how powerful their rocket,

it cannot penetrate our protective dome.

Only a matter of months ago,
Davros perfected a new substance

which has the strength
of 30-foot thick reinforced concrete.

Yes, well, never mind about that.
Could you help us to find Sarah?

One of my agents could lead you
into the service shaft underneath the Thal city.

-But after that, you're strictly on your own.
-Fair enough.

Right, I'll give you a map
showing how to reach the rocket silo area.

Thank you.

Well, Doctor, looks as though
we've got to cross the wastelands again.

Yes, and that's when our troubles really begin.

An investigation? But of course, Mogran.

I welcome any inquiry into our work here.
I think the idea is an excellent one.

The Kaled people sacrifice much
so that we should have the materials we need.

They have the right to know
how our work is progressing.

And when they learn of our achievements,

their patriotism will be refired.

It is vital that our soldiers know
that they and we of the Elite are as one,

working together to bring the final victory.

I'm grateful that you've accepted this decision
so patriotically.

There's one thing more.
Until the inquiry, all work is to be suspended.

If that is your wish, then naturally I will obey.

It will take some time
to close down certain pieces of equipment.

Shall we say 24 hours?

-It will be difficult but it will be done.

The members of the tribunal
will arrive in that time.

-Thank you, Davros, for your cooperation.
-It is simply my duty.

The inquiry will reveal nothing,

except our loyalty and total dedication
to the cause of the Kaled people.

We cannot allow this investigation!

They cannot fail to see the dangers
to themselves in the Dalek project.

Calm yourself, Nyder.

-There will be no investigation.
-But you can't stop it now.

I can and will!

The Council has signed the death warrant
of the whole of the Kaled people.

Only we, the Elite, we and the Daleks will go on.

The whole of the Kaled people?
You would go that far?

Did you ever doubt it?


There is much to do.

I want the genetically conditioned creatures
installed in the machines immediately.

-20 of them.

-They are our troops in this battle for survival.
-But they are still very erratic, unstable.

They will not be allowed self-control.

I will prepare a computer program
that will limit their actions.

After that, we are going on a journey.

What's Davros doing here in the Thal city?

And I am no longer influenced by words
such as patriotism and nationalism.

My concern is only for peace,
an end to this carnage

that has virtually destroyed both our races.

Why aren't you telling this
to your own government and people?

I have tried, time and again I have tried.

But now they will be satisfied with nothing
other than total annihilation of the Thal people.

Then they deserve to perish,
and perish they will when we launch our rocket.

It's primed and ready.

-The countdown for firing can begin immediately.
-And it will fail.

-It can't fail.
-The Kaled dome cannot be penetrated.

Your great rocket will hardly scratch it.


This is the nature of my faith. Nyder.

It is a simple chemical formula.

If the substance is loaded into artillery shells

and fired onto the surface of the Kaled dome,

it will weaken the molecular structure
and make it brittle.

Your rocket will then be able to penetrate
without resistance.

Why are you giving us this information?

You know that your own people,
the Kaleds, will be utterly exterminated.

No price is too great to pay for peace.

I only ask that when the war is over

I be allowed to help
in the reconstruction of our planet.

We want only to see
the conflict brought to an end.

This formula gives you the power
to bring that about.

By dawn tomorrow, our world could be at peace.

-You think they believed you?
-It is unimportant.

They are hungry for victory.

They will use the formula and fire their rocket
no matter what they believe my motives to be.

And when they do, Nyder, when they do...

I've given orders that a barrage
of shells containing the formula

should begin as soon as possible.

The rocket launch can begin immediately.

And now I'll arrange
your safe escort out of the city.

Doctor, somehow we've got to warn Mogran
and the other Kaled leaders.

Yes, and we haven't found Sarah yet. Come on.

Excuse me, can you help me? I'm a spy.

Their suits, Harry.

The rockets are loaded.
Why are they still keeping us here?

Why take the trouble to move us?
It's easier to leave us here.

Yes, but when it's fired,
the exhaust blast will burn us up...

-Harry! Doc...
-You all right, Sarah?

Oh! I am now. Listen, we've got to get out of here.

-The Thals are going to launch this rocket...
-I know. Listen.

I want you and Harry to go back
to the Kaled dome. Harry knows the way.

Tell them all we know. There's a chance
if they launch an all-out offensive,

-I might be able to stop the rocket.
-What are you going to do?

-Try to sabotage it, or at least delay it. Off you go.

-Good luck.
-Sevrin, you come with us.

Well, don't just stand there, come on, you're free.
Go now while you've got the chance. Come on!