Doctor Who (1963–1989): Season 11, Episode 16 - The Monster of Peladon: Part Two - full transcript

The Doctor is rescued by Gebek, prompting him to try and help the miners, but his advice results in Ettis launching another attack on the armoury.

One of the aliens has just entered
the cave with the Queen's champion.

We must sacrifice them both.

Yeah, very high grade too.

And you say the light that killed
Vega Nexos came from in here?

Then there should be some trace.

What are you doing?

I'm restoring the holy mountain,
to appease the spirit of Aggedor!

Blor, are you alright?

Come on. That's it.

First the armoury, and now this.

I have given the alien's cave back
to the sacred mountain

and made a sacrifice to Aggedor!


An alien - and the Queen's champion.

They both entered the cave
just as I set off the charge.

Which alien, Ettis?

I don't know. A new one -
tall, white hair.

The Doctor - our one friend
among the aliens.

He saved my life!

It's impossible.
What are we gonna do?

Open up the cave with that!

But you don't know
how to make it work.

Then I'll learn.

You make one mistake and
you're gonna kill your alien friend!

Too late now.

It's a most magnificent installation.

If only we can get trisilicate production
up to the necessary level,

we shall be able to do our own refining.

Oh yes, I'm sure.

The Doctor's been gone
an awfully long time, hasn't he?

Of course, only Eckersley understands
the new refinery fully.

I'm sure he'd be glad
to explain it to you.

Oh, I'll look forward to that.

Emergency! Emergency!

Unauthorised use of explosives has
produced a rock fall in the cavern area.

The cavern!
That's where the Doctor's gone!

I knew it! Something's happened to him.
I'm gonna find him!

Really, it would be most unwise.

I'm sure a proper rescue operation
will be mounted.

On this planet?
I don't trust any of them. Right!

These Earth females seem to have a
distressing tendency to rash action.

Engineer Eckersley - please return
to the communications room immediately!

The spirit of Aggedor has killed
the Queen's champion.

Yes, something killed him, poor chap.

And it would have killed me too
if you hadn't come to the rescue.

I owed you my life, Doctor.
Now, we're even.

Wait! I think I can help you
if you'll let me.

Don't trust him, Gebek!

You've paid your debt.

Now let's get out of here
before Ortron's guards find us.

Why should you wish to help us?

For the good of Peladon.

I have a special interest in this planet.

What can you do?

Find out who's using Aggedor to frighten
your miners, for one thing.

Nobody uses Aggedor!
His spirit is angry with us!

Possibly. But if you can persuade
your miners to go back to work,

I can persuade the Federation
to improve conditions now

and not wait until the war is over.

The miners will not work
while Aggedor is angry.

Exactly - and that's just what
somebody wants.

Do you think it's just a coincidence
that Aggedor appeared in that cave

just as I started my investigations?

Look out! Soldiers!

Gebek! There he is!

This way! Come on.

Hey! Hey, you in there!
I'm afraid I'm lost.

Ah, hey look! I know you're in there!
Come on, I saw you - please?!

I only want to find my way
out of these tunnels!

Alright, chum, here I am!
What's all the panic?

There's been an explosion in the cavern.

The Doctor was there and the young
female went to find him.

Neither has returned.

The refinery!
It must be those miners again.

Lord! What's she doing in there?

She must have triggered off
the automatic defence system.

How unfortunate!
What a catastrophe!

- Has she been harmed?
- That depends.

If she's been under it too long,
her brain will be...

We'd better go and get her out of there.

But our lives have always
been the same, Doctor

work and sleep - little else.

We earn barely enough
to feed our families.

The Federation told us
things'd be better.

- So they are for the nobles of the court.
- We got nothing as usual!

And now, they take the sonic lance
down into the mine

to rip the heart out of the
sacred mountain.

No wonder Aggedor's angry
with these people.

Yes, well I don't believe all that.

I think the Aggedor that we've seen
is nothing but technological trickery.

- But who's causing it?
- I dunno, but I'm going to find out.

- And what are we going to do?
- Nothing!

We don't want any more idiotic tricks
like that attack on the armoury.

- But we nearly succeeded, didn't we?
- That's right!

You didn't stand a chance!

Those armoury doors are electronically
controlled from the communications room.

That sort of thing just gets
people killed for nothing.

Now, please, all of you...

Just sit tight and give me a chance
to work things out, mm?

Very well, Doctor.
We shall take your advice.

Thank you, Gebek.

I believe the Doctor to be our friend.

Now there is to be no more fighting till
I give the word- is that understood?

- Ettis?
- Yes.

- Right, Doctor.
- Splendid.

Now I'd like to have a talk
to Queen Thalira,

preferably without Ortron breathing down
the back of my neck.

There are many secret ways
from here to the citadel.

Preba knows them all. He shall lead us.

The rest of you - stay here.

I say...we attack again,
and this time we shall succeed

now we know how to open
the armoury door.

Here, Sarah...are you alright?

- Yes.
- Sure?

I think so.

But... what was it?

You set off the automatic defence system.

There's a bit of magic
to scare off the natives.

All that just to protect your
precious machinery?

- You're very keen on security.
- Yes, on planets like this it pays to be.

What were you trying to do?

I was lost - that's all.

There was someone in there
and I wanted to ask the way.

There's nobody in there.
The whole place is on shutdown.

- I tell you I saw someone moving...
- Hallucinations.

You're still suffering from
my little bag of tricks.

I tell you I did see someone in there
before all the noise and lights started.

There's nobody in there...
and nobody's getting in there.

- Are you well enough to move?
- Can you walk?

- Course.
- Then I suggest we return.

Alright, yes.

Oh! The Doctor... have you heard
what's happened to him?

No. Let us return to the
communications room.

- By now there may be news.
- Yes.

Are you coming?


- What is it?
- Soldiers.

Searching the tunnels for me.

Ortron doesn't give up easily, does he?
Can we lose him?

Not without blocking the way
we wish to follow.

If we only distract their attention
in some way?

- That's it! I'll lead them off.
- No, if they catch you...

A load of clod-hopping
soldiers catch me?

I've played in these tunnels
since I was a boy.

Quick - hide in there.

There he is! After him!

Halt, Gebek. You're under arrest.

Right, back to the citadel.

Blor has been slain by the wrath
of Aggedor like the others.

All of this trouble began as soon as
the Doctor arrived on Peladon.

That does not prove that
the Doctor is our enemy.

If it was the spirit of Aggedor...

Your Majesty, the Doctor was seen
with Gebek and the other rebels

He helped them escape a second time.

But why, Ortron?!
Why would he turn against us?!

Because he has been sent here
to stir up the miners.

He was my father's friend.
He said he wanted to help us.

A trick - to gain your confidence.

And anyway, after fifty years,
who can be sure it's the same man?

What is your counsel, Lord Ortron?

The revolt must be crushed
and crushed now.

The Doctor must be captured and executed!

You're overdoing things.
Alright, need an alarm system.

Does it have to be something that drives
people out of their minds?

You must remember -
we're strangers on this planet.

We're not very popular,
therefore we have to protect ourselves.

- Protect yourselves?!
- Peladonians are still close to barbarism.

They have a great distrust of progress.

Maybe that's because they're
not getting anything out of it.

You've got to show them that progress
will give them a better life.

It's no good, Sarah. The only thing
these people understand...

Help! Help! We're being attacked!

Be silent, alien!
You're wasting your breath!


You won't be harmed...
so long as you do what you're told.

What is it you want us to do?

I want you to open the armoury door!

That is out of the question.

Natives of primitive planets are forbidden
access to sophisticated weapons.

Open the door!

Only Eckersley knows how to operate
the controls. I do not.

I advise you to try -
for your sake and for hers.

We must move quietly now, Doctor.

The nearer we get to the citadel,
the greater the danger.

Hurry, alien.

Must I prove that I mean what I say?

Your Majesty?

Lord Ortron, what is it?

There's been another attack
on the Federation armoury.

The inner door has been opened.

You see, your Majesty,
already the rebellion has begun.

This is what comes of softness
with the common people.

You've betrayed me!
You switched on the alarm!

I warned you I did not fully understand
the control mechanism.


Can't you see he's telling the truth?

Now you've got what you came for -
why don't you go while you still can?

That's a good idea, alien -
and I'll take you with me.

- No!
- As a hostage!

Ambassador, do something!

You leave her alone!
Come back! Come back! Oh, dear!

Eckersley! Eckersley, please!
Eckersley, please wake up!

The armoury has been robbed!
Wake up!

The Doctor's friend
has been taken hostage!

Eckersley, please - wake up!

Oh, let go!
It won't do you no good!

We've got the weapons!

Seize her! Do not let her escape!

But don't understand!
I didn't want to go with them!

I was trying to escape!

Take her to the temple!

We're almost at the citadel now, Doctor.

- Ettis! What new folly is this?
- No folly, Gebek - victory!

Now that we've got the new
Federation weapons,

we'll see who rules on Peladon!

I must go with them, Doctor.
Perhaps I can prevent more madness.

Yes, don't worry about me, old chap

I think I know my way from now on.
Good luck.

Yes, well, that's really done it.

With modern weapons in their hands,

there's no end to the damage
these lunatics can do.

I know, Eckersley, and it's all my fault.

- Yes.
- I'll resign immediately. The disgrace!

Well it's done now.
There's no point in going on about it.

I think I could have faced death
for myself in an honourable cause...

But he threatened the girl.

I was unable to stand by and let him
inflict violence on a fellow creature.

- Where is she now?
- Presumably, she's still Ettis' prisoner.

No, Ambassador, she was
recaptured by the guards.

Captured? She's a victim,
not a criminal.

Chancellor Ortron said
she was helping them.

- Where is she now?
- She's been taken to the temple.

No, no, now look, this is all...
a ridiculous mistake.

You were in collusion
with the rebel, Ettis.

Of course I wasn't!

It was because of you that the Ambassador
was forced to open the armoury door.

- Is that not true?
- Yes, in a way, I suppose it was.

Then you admit your guilt?

The Ambassador opened the door
because Ettis threatened to kill me.

You can't say that means
I was helping him.

Your whole plot is clear to me now.

You arrived on this planet with only
one aim, to stir up the common people...

- That's not true...!
- And overthrow the traditional rulers,

the nobility of Peladon.

You joined with the rebel, Ettis...

...while the Doctor allies himself
with the other traitor, Gebek!

Do forgive me, old chap,
but you've got it all wrong.

Arrest him!

They said you'd been blown up
in the cavern!

I very nearly was.

Ettis has just robbed the armoury.

Yes, I know. I've just met him
in the tunnels.

So, Doctor, you too admit your guilt!

My dear chap, you're just
not listening, are you?

No one's admitting anything.

But if you'll take my advice, you'll try
and get on the right side of Gebek.

Without him, you've got a full scale
revolution on your hands.

I need no advice from spies
and saboteurs!

Just take me to the Queen.
There's a good chap.

There's no need to trouble
the Queen, Doctor.

I shall deal with you myself.

Here in the temple, my will is law.

I shall consult the judgement of Aggedor.

Oh, mighty Aggedor, make known thy will.

How shall we punish those
who have offended against thee?

Believe me, your Majesty

Chancellor Ortron has totally
misinterpreted the facts.

Engineer Eckersley, can you confirm
the Ambassador's story?

I can't confirm anything, your Majesty.
I got hit on the head when it all started.

But you know that Sarah is not
in league with the rebels?

It seems highly unlikely...
though I


Well, it was because of her
that you finally did open the door.

I suppose it could have been a put-up job.

Nonsense! The whole idea's absurd!

The girl was Ettis' prisoner -
not his accomplice.

You must believe that, your Majesty?

I'm prepared to trust your judgement,

But what I believe is
of little importance.

In the temple, Ortron's power is absolute.

There is nothing I can do!


And what did he say?

You have blasphemed
in the temple of Aggedor,

therefore by Aggedor
shall you both be punished!


She shares your guilt -
she will share your punishment.

Prepare the pit!

But your Majesty,
whatever your traditions,

I beg you in the name of mercy
to override them.

Oh, I wish that I could, Ambassador.

But you are the Queen.

Yes, a Queen who's looked upon
as little more than a child!

Many things have changed
on Peladon, your Majesty.

Perhaps this too...should change?

You will come with me.

You will admit us to the temple.

- Hurry - cast them into the pit!
- Don't be a fool!

No doors are barred to the Queen -
stand aside!

Where is the girl?! We dema...

The decision is no longer yours
or mine, your Majesty.

The girl and the Doctor have gone
to face the judgement of Aggedor.

- You alright, Sarah?
- I don't think anything's broken.

What are they going to do -
just leave us here?

No, I think there's more to it than that.

Ooh... that smell.

It's sort of musky. the lion house at the zoo...

Doctor, there's something in here
with us - something alive!

Yes, I know.
Now don't move, Sarah.