Doctor Who (1963–1989): Season 11, Episode 11 - Death to the Daleks: Part One - full transcript

As the TARDIS heads to the paradise planet Florana where the Doctor and Sarah go for a holiday, the TARDIS goes off-course and arrives on the barren planet Exxilon, where the TARDIS is loosing power. The Doctor and Sarah finds a group of humans and Daleks are searching for Parrinium, a mineral which is the only antidote to a space plague. Both parties encounter the native people and trouble ensues. In an attempt to find what caused the power-loss, the Doctor, chased by the Daleks, enter the Exxilon's lost city to be able to stop the power draining phenomenon.

♪ Oh, I do like to be beside
the seaside,

♪ Oh, I do like to be beside
the seaside,

Sunglasses, sun lotion, water wings...

You won't need those for a start.

- Oh, we're going swimming, you said.
- You can't sink on Florana.

I can sink anywhere.

The water's effervescent -
the bubbles support you.

Like swimming in a glass of bath-salts.

Alright, but you wait until
you've seen Florana.

I always come back from Florana
feeling a hundred years younger.

- Ah, the air is like a magic potion...
- Doctor?

- And the beauty of it all is...
- Doctor, should that red light be flashing?

We seem to have got a mains power...

What is it, Doctor?
What's happening?

I'm not sure.
I'll cut in the emergency units.

Well, that's a relief.

If they hadn't worked,
we'd have been in real trouble.'s starting again.

Oh, there you are.

Well, one thing's certain -
we've landed.

It's as if the TARDIS... was dying?

Sarah, the scanner - quickly.

There could be enough charge
to operate it.

-Did you see anything, Doctor?
- Only fog.

- Fascinating, isn't it?
- What's fascinating about fog?

Perhaps that's what's put
the TARDIS out of action.

Don't... don't we have emergency
storage cells or something?

Yes, of course.

Dud battery?



Can't hear anything.

Yes, exactly.

Not a click, not a tick - nothing.

The TARDIS is a living thing -
thousands of instruments.

- Its energy sources never stop.
- They have now.

Everything's completely dead.

Sarah, there's a torch in that cabinet.
Get it for me, will you?

- Here we are.
- Good.

Now what?

Don't worry, I've got an oil lamp here.

Yes, there it is.

Ah, don't tell me. You're going to rub it
and produce a genie.

On the contrary...

I'm going to light it... and illumine us.

There we are.

Oh... hooray for old-fashioned oil!

Well, we'll have to get it adjusted.

That's better.
Right, now let's see where we are.

- Florana, you said?
- Hold this for a minute, will you?

Normally this door is power operated.

We'll have to work it by hand.
Where's that crank handle?

Now bring the light over here, please.

Bit more...

- Is that enough?
- Think so.

Oh, now, follow me. Let's take a look.

- Alright?
- Yes.

Ooh! It's cold!

Well, this is no ordinary fog.

You mean this isn't the air
that's like a magic potion?

It must be perfectly obvious to you that
we've gone ever so slightly astray...

so sarcasm of that...

- It's alright - it's just rock
- A... statue?

No...some sort of life form that
has become petrified, I should think.

I was close to becoming petrified myself!

No, I doubt if anything has grown
here for centuries.

Unless you're planning on raising lettuce,
it doesn't seem too important.

If the rest of the planet's like this,

then life here certainly
doesn't depend on photosynthesis.

What life?

Some power emanating from this planet
has stopped the TARDIS's energy banks.

Now logically, that power can hardly be
of geological origin. mean somebody...
or something...has caused it?

Yes, exactly.

Right, well let's fix the TARDIS...
and clear out!

I'm sorry, I'm afraid we can't fix it.

Not unless we discover the source
of the power that's blocking us.

- Oh, how are we going to do that?
- I've no idea.

You mean that we're...trapped?
Stuck here for ever?

Until we can discover the source
of that energy loss - yes.

What do you want me to do?

To begin with, we must check
the immediate area - don't you?

Yes, right.

Ooh! Not really dressed
for this climate, am I?

For heaven's sake, girl, go and
put something warm on.

You won't go away, will you?









Fool! He's not one of them!

Sorry, we've been a bit jumpy.
We tend to attack first...

- and ask questions aft...
- There's something moving.

Let's get back to our base.
We can talk there.

It's alright, Peter.
He's quite friendly.

We hope.

Keep a sharp watch, Peter.
Dan heard some movement out there.

Aye aye, sir.

- Did you find Jack?
- I'm afraid not.

- How is he?
- He's not good.

And we're down to our last pack of
sulphagen tablets, Richard.

What happened to him?

The Exxilons took us by surprise,
right after we landed.

These stone knives of theirs have got
some sort of...poison on them.

They're dirty wee fighters.

I'm sorry, perhaps we ought to
introduce ourselves.

I'm Captain Railton, second in command
of the expedition.

And this is Commander Stewart.

And that's Jill Tarrant -
our civilian geologist.

Are you from Earth?

- In a round-about sort of way, yes.
- Dan Galloway.

Lt Galloway is our weapons officer.

It would have saved me a few bruises
if we'd shaken hands when we'd met.

- Hello, how do you do?
- The chap outside is Lt Peter Hamilton.

- Lieutenant? Are you a military expedition?
- MSC.

- Master of Science?
- Marine Space Corps.

Now maybe you'll tell us
about yourselves?

Where were you heading
when I jumped you?

Back to the TARDIS.
That's my spaceship.

I have a young companion with me -
Sarah Jane Smith.

I only hope she had the good sense
to stay inside after I was captured.

- Where is the ship?
- Well, it's not far from here.

If the lassie stayed in your ship,
she should be safe enough.

Yes - if. Sarah's rather headstrong.
By now, she's out looking for me.

Even if she is, it needn't be too
dangerous as long as she's careful.

The Exxilons seem to be night creatures.

We don't see much of them
during the day.

Just so long as she didn't go near
that forbidden city of theirs.

- What forbidden city?
- Only their high priests can visit it.

Anyone else they catch near it...

- That's their lot.
- They're sacrificed.

What is this place? Where is it?

Pass me the visual file, will you, Jill?
We've got some pictures.

It's a fantastic building.

Must have been constructed
thousands of years ago.

And not by a stone age tribe
like the Exxilons either.

They treat it as a sort of shrine.

If you're caught near it,
it's certain death.

No doors...

No windows...

As soon as we got within range
of Exxilon,

we had total malfunction -
on all instruments.

We managed to touch down
without damaging the ship,

but we can't take off again until
we find some way of restoring power.

Tell me, what's the purpose
of your expedition?

- Well, to collect parrinium.
- Parrinium?

It's a chemical.

It can be found in minute
quantities on Earth,

but it's so rare there that
it's virtually priceless.

A chemical detecting satellite
did a fly-past on this planet

and registered that it was
as common here as salt.

Forgive me, but what do you want it for?

Och, man! Where have you been hiding?

Well, here and there..
one place and another.

I am a little out of touch, I'll admit.

The outer worlds are being
ravaged by a disease.

The colonists are dying
in their thousands.

Another ten million men, women and children
will die unless we help them quickly.

Every hour we're stuck here on this
planet, the death toll's mounting.

Parrinium will halt this disease?

It can cure and give immunity,

but they need it in quantity
and they need it fast.

If it's not delivered within a month,
it'll be too late.

I see.

We managed to get a message off before
we had total power failure - to Earth.

We asked them for a relief ship.

Do you happen to know
if that message was received?

If it had been I think we'd have had
help by now.

I think we can safely assume
that no help is coming.

So, might I make a suggestion...?

The relief ship is here!
Come on, quickly!

The relief ship?

- Did you see it?
- No, I heard it, up in the haze.

- Over to the north a little bit.
- Probably making a spiral descent.

We should hear it again in a moment.

Here she comes!

They're landing in the next valley -
come on!

You have looked upon the sacred place.

You have walked where only
the chosen may go.

You have defiled the place of all power.

A judgment has been made.

Prepare her for sacrifice!

It's over there!

That doesn't look like an Earth ship.

Maybe it's that new Z-47
they've been planning.

She's not a Space Corps craft.

I hope they haven't run into the
same power block.

We'll know soon enough.

Come on out - the welcome
party's all here!


The Earth creatures are to be
exterminated. Fire at my command!

Wait a minute! Wait - you can't!

Total extermination - fire, fire, fire!