Doctor Who (1963–1989): Season 10, Episode 9 - Frontier in Space: Episode One - full transcript

The Doctor and Jo discover The Master and the Ogrons are the masterminds behind the Galactic war between the Earth Federation and the Reptillian Draconian Empire and the Master has framed The Doctor and Jo as spies working for the Draconians. Only to discover The Master is also working with the Doctor's greatest enemies, The Daleks, who are also behind the galactic war.


HARDY: This is Earth cargo ship C982
on course and on schedule.

We shall be entering hyperspace
in 50 seconds.



-You know what I'd like?

Job on one of those luxury space liners.

First Officer on the Mars-Venus cruise,
that'd suit me.

(CHUCKLING) You can keep it.

Spit and polish, cocktail parties
and all those passengers?

Gold braid uniform,
beautiful stewardesses?

Yeah, I'd take that anytime.

You'll more likely wind up
pushing a battle cruiser.

There's not going to be
an interplanetary war.

Didn't you see the videocast last night?

The president of the Earth's government

deplores the Draconian attack
on two of Earth's cargo vessels.

Look, they steal a few of our cargoes,
we steal a few of theirs.

It'll all blow over.

Right. We're ready for the jump.

Preparing to enter hyperspace at
22-09-72, 2540 ESP.


Hey, look. A ship.

-STEWART: That thing's not a ship.
-It's gonna hit us.

Pulling out of hyperspace now
in 22-13-7-2-7-2-4-0.

Phew! That was a close thing.

-HARDY: It vanished, it just vanished.
-You'd better report it.

Mysterious object sighted
during hyperspace transition.

Object resembles a large box
with flashing light on top.

Object disappeared before collision.

Present whereabouts unknown.


Well, I'm never going
in that thing again.

Oh, come on, Jo, be reasonable.

Only you could manage to have
a traffic accident in space.

-Well, we didn't hit it, did we?
-Didn't we? Where's this then?

Well, by a rather brilliant last-minute
course correction,

I've managed to materialise
the TARDIS inside the spaceship.

But to avoid hitting it,

I've had to make a random jump
back into normal space.

Terrific, but what do we do now?

Well, if I'm to get us back to Earth,
I'd better find out where we are.

I'll just go and check the instruments.

-Hmm, they're carrying bulk flour.
-DOCTOR: What?

They're carrying a cargo of bulk flour.


-Well, I think I know where we are.

I've got a pretty good idea about when.

-Come and take a look at this.
-A look at what?


Well, it's just a spaceship, Jo.

Now, I reckon we must be somewhere
in the 26th century.

Well, interstellar travel's
pretty routine by now.

A moment ago, it seemed to change shape.

-It was when I heard that noise.

Didn't you hear it?

Well, I did hear something
but very faintly.

Come on, Jo. Let's go and find the crew.

I want to find the exact date
for my calculations.

-Doctor! It's coming straight at us!
-DOCTOR: What?

HARDY: You won't believe this.

-Now what?
-Maybe it's a wreck.

Try and make contact.
They may need help.

This is Earth cargo ship C982
in close proximity to you.

Do you read me? Do you read me?


-Try again.
-Do you read me?

Are you in need of assistance?


It's a weird-looking crate.



STEWART: This close to Earth?

HARDY: They're going to attack us!
STEWART: Get the blasters.

HARDY: You can't take on
a battle cruiser!

Get the blasters!

Emergency, emergency, red alert.

This is Earth cargo ship C982

on coordinate 8972/6483.

We are under attack by a Draconian
battle cruiser, galaxy class,

equipped with neutronic missiles.

Emergency, emergency!

That's interesting.

-They must be going to do a linkup.
-What for?

Well, the two ships are joined together
by a sort of tunnel,

you see, with two airlocks.

Well, then they equalise the pressure
allowing the crew to move

from one ship to the other
without the use of space suits.

Otherwise, they'd have to get
all kitted up and do a space walk.

Fascinating, but let's get back
to the TARDIS.

Look, Jo, don't worry.
We'll be on our way soon.

Now, let's go and take look
at the ship's calendar.


Oh, how do you do?
I'm sorry about this intrusion.

HARDY: Who are you?


DOCTOR: I said how do you do?
HARDY: Dragons!

-Drop that gun.

I haven't got a gun.
This is simply my hand.


-DOCTOR: Jo, what's the matter with you?
-He's a Drashig!

DOCTOR: Nonsense, it's simply a man
with a gun. Now pull yourself together.

This is Earth cargo ship C982.

Situation, red alert.

Draconian battle cruiser
is now about to grapple.

They are going to lock on now.

Repeat, Draconian battle cruiser
about to lock on now.

All anti-boarding procedures
carried out.

Awaiting instructions. Out.

This is the commander
of the Draconian battle cruiser.

We are locked onto your vessel

and are about to board.

If you offer any resistance,

you will be destroyed.

Open the hatch of your airlock.

I found these two Dragons in the hold.

But that's impossible.
They... They're only just locking on.

Doctor, what's happening?
What's going on?

I'm not sure, Jo.
Something rather intriguing.

If you resist, we can destroy you

with our neutronic weapons.

If you destroy our ship,
you won't get the cargo.

Oh, so that's what it's all about.

Open the hatch to your airlock

or we shall enter your ship by force.

-We refuse.
-They can blow us to pieces!

I've sent a message to Earth
asking for help.

Tell them about the prisoners.

We have captured two of your soldiers.

They will not survive
if you enter our ship.

-Lock them in the hold.

-Get moving!
-Emergency, emergency.

Red alert. This is cargo ship C982

on coordinate 8972/6483.

Draconian battle cruiser
has now locked on.

They are about to force entry.

Repeat, they are about to force entry.


But all these charges are false,
Your Highness.

We are not attacking Draconian ships.
We never have!

Our soldiers have seen
the Earthmen attack us.

Our cargos have been stolen.

We are Draconians, we do not lie.

The honour of your race is well known,
Your Highness.

That is why I cannot understand
your actions.


You attack our ships,
you steal their cargoes,

you ignore our protests and just
meet them with these counter-charges.

Our charges are true
but yours are false.

We do not attack your ships.

This is a transcript of a distress call
from one of our ships.

"From Earth's cargo ship number C982
on coordinate 8972/6483.

"We are under attack by
a Draconian battle cruiser,

"galaxy class,
equipped with neutronic missiles."

The treaty between our two empires
established a frontier in space.

We have never violated that frontier.

You have invaded
our part of the galaxy many times.

In pursuit of your ships
when they have raided ours!

We've been very patient,
perhaps too patient.

General Williams!

I take it a rescue attempt
has been mounted?

We've established an
automatic procedure,

because of the frequency
of these attacks.

Then I suggest you go
and supervise the matter.

There's no need.

Please do as I say.

As you wish, Madam President.

Your general is insolent.

We know the hatred
he has always felt for our people.

Long ago he caused war.

Now he wishes to do so again.

He's a soldier, Your Highness,
and he's angry.

The people of Earth are angry.

So are the nobles of my father's court!

I must ask you to take my personal
appeal to your father, the Emperor.

He must put a stop to these attacks.

If Draconia has some grievances
against Earth,

then this is not the way
to deal with them.

Many of our noblemen felt
it was a mistake

to make a treaty with the Earthmen.

Perhaps they were right.

You attack our ships and when we protest

you trick us with lies and evasions.

I give you a final warning.

The path you are treading
leads only to war.

And in that war,
Draconia will destroy you!

In there.

-DOCTOR: Look...
-In there!

Doctor, what's happening on this ship?

Are they both mad or am I?
First I see a Drashig and...

No, you can put that away. Bolts.

And why do they keep calling us Dragons?

Well, that's the way they see us,
I suppose.

Yes, but why Dragons?

It's got to be some non-human life form.

Something that they're frightened of.
Dragons... Dragons.

-Yes, of course. Draconians.

Well, if this is the period that I think
it is, there are two great empires

spreading their way
through the galaxy of the Milky Way.

Empires? You mean like Solos?

Those were the declining years
of Earth's planetary empire,

this is just the beginning.

Now, Earth and Draconia
are both been expanding, you see.

Colonising one planet after another,
and they're sitting on a powder keg.

Yes, but why do they mistake us
for these Dragons?

No, Draconians. No, Dragons
is rather an unflattering nickname.

Well, you remember that sound you heard?

-And the man that you saw with the gun?

Oh, no. No, no,
what I saw was a Drashig.

No, you didn't, Jo. That sound
made you see what you fear most.

-Well, it shouldn't be too difficult.

Ultrasonics geared to stimulate
the fear centres of the brain,

-something like that.
-How long does it last?

How long before they see
that we're just people?

Well, difficult to say.

It seems to act like a, sort of
post-hypnotic command.

It will fade eventually, of course.

(SIGHING) Why should anybody
go to all this trouble

-to make people see things?
-Why indeed?

Well, we've got to
get out of here somehow.


-I can see the TARDIS.
-Well, that's one consolation, isn't it?

-Try Earth Control again.
-Emergency, emergency, red alert.

This is Earth cargo ship C982
on coordinate 8972/6483.

Ah! They're jamming us.

Well, maybe the first message
got through. They'll send help.

Will they? They're probably still
passing memos to each other.

-They'll send help.
-I know what they'll do.

They'll send a note of protest
to the Draconian Embassy.

By that time, we'll be finished.

The Government should have blown the
blighters out of space years ago.

-And have another war?
-What do you think this is?

Look, the door of our space lock is
99% durilium.

They're not going to get through that
in a hurry.

Earth men, this is your last warning.

Surrender your cargo
and you will be unharmed.

Resist and you will be destroyed.

Right. Looks like battle stations.
We'd better get down to the airlock.

-You're not going to fight them?
-If I have to.

Do you have a better idea?

-It's only a load of flour!
-It's my cargo.

And if the Draconians want it,

it's going to cost them more than
just a few threats.

And the Bureau of Population Control
announced today

that the recently reclaimed Arctic areas

are now ready for habitation.

As a special inducement

for those willing to live
in New Glasgow and New Montreal,

the first two totally enclosed cities
to be opened,

the family allowance will be increased
to two children per couple.

News is just coming through
of another Draconian attack

on an Earth cargo ship in space.


This is the third attack
on an Earth cargo ship this month.

In a statement issued
by the Draconian Embassy on Earth,

the Draconian government denies all
knowledge of this or any other attacks.

As yet there has been
no official comment,

but Congressman Brook,
Leader of the Opposition, has said,

"The people of Earth will no longer
tolerate these unprovoked attacks.

"It is time for the world government
to take a stand

"and issue a final ultimatum
to the Draconian Emperor. "


I thought I ordered
a complete security blackout!

The news services
have their own monitors.

They probably picked up
the distress messages.


The rescue ships should rendezvous
in 17 and a half minutes from now.

It'll be too late, of course.

All they'll find will be dead men
and a gutted ship.


They'll be through that door any minute!

Doctor, what are you doing?

I'm reversing the polarity of my
ultrasonic screwdriver's power source,

thereby converting it into
an extremely powerful electromagnet.

Oh. What good will that do?

You wait and see, Jo.

Is it working?


Yes, I think so.

-I'm going to get the prisoners.
-What for?

We're using them as hostages, remember?

You'd better be quick about it.
We haven't got much time.

-How is it going?
-Nearly there.


There you are, that's it.

Oh, how very embarrassing.
Good afternoon.

-That's just where we were going.

We're going to meet your friends.

-Come on! Get up there!
-Come on, they're almost through.

HARDY: Get in front! If your friends
start shooting, they'll get you first.

-But they're not our friends!
-You are part of their boarding party.

They haven't boarded yet. They're still
breaking through that door.

-Now, try and be logical, man.
-They're coming through!

-DOCTOR: Back to the TARDIS, Jo. Back!

Doctor! Doctor!

NEWSCASTER: Distress signals
have been received

from another Earth cargo ship,

reporting an attack
by a Draconian battle cruiser.

Rescue ships are now on their way.


There have been anti-Draconian riots
in Tokyo and Belgrade,

and the Draconian Consulate in Helsinki
has been burnt to the ground.

In Los Angeles, demonstrators burnt
an effigy of you.



They have just found the cargo ship,
Madam President,

-but it is not responding to signals.
-And the Draconians?

There is no sign of
any Draconian ships, sir.

-They are about to
-Thank you.

We shall soon know what really happened.

If there's anyone alive to tell them.

JO: (SOFTLY) Doctor?

-JO: Doctor!

-JO: Doctor, I'm over here.

All right, Jo, what are
you doing in there?

Oh, Doctor, thank goodness,
you're all right.

I thought they'd killed you.

Come on, come and sit down.

Must have been some kind of
neuronic stun gun.

I wonder why they didn't kill me?
What exactly happened, Jo?

Well, they took the cargo,
threw me in here and...


-They also took the TARDIS.

Oh, we're stranded.
What are we going to do?

Well, try and get
the TARDIS back, of course.


Why should the Ogrons attack this ship?

-To steal the cargo.
-No. No, there's more to it than that.

That... That sound that you heard,

it's all too sophisticated
for the Ogrons.

-Well, they're gone now.
-Yeah, the question is, where?

Hey, Doctor, last time we met the Ogrons

they were working for the Daleks, right?

-Well, you don't suppose that that...
-No, no, not necessarily.

No, the Ogrons are mercenaries.

Other life forms use them
to do their dirty work.

Come on, Jo, let's go and find the crew.

Take a look at that one.

Well, they're both stunned,
just as I was.

That's funny. The Ogrons
have repaired the airlock door.

Well, that was nice of them.

Well, if they hadn't,
we'd have both been done for.

All the air would have escaped
when the ships unlocked.

Why should they go to all that trouble?

Well, maybe they've got kind hearts.
There's good in everyone you know, Jo.


GARDINER: Earth battle cruiser
to Earth cargo ship number C982.

We are now approaching you.
Do you read me?

-Look after them, will you?

GARDINER: Do you read me?

Earth battle cruiser
to Earth cargo ship number C982.

We are now approaching you.
Do you read me? Over.

Earth battle cruiser
to Earth cargo ship number C982.

We are now approaching you.
Do you read me? Do you read me?

Prepare to be boarded.
Repeat, prepare to be boarded.

Do you read me? Over.

Hello battle cruiser, battle cruiser,
this is the cargo ship. Over.

What is your situation?

The ship has been attacked
and the cargo stolen. Over.

Do you have casualties?

Yes, the crew are stunned, but otherwise
they're unharmed. Over.

We shall lock on. Five seconds from now.

DOCTOR: It's all right, Jo.
We're being rescued.

-What happened?
-Well, don't worry, old chap.

You'll be all right now. I think...

Draconians! They're boarding!

-Stewart? Who are you?

I see. Having a fancy dress party?
What happened?

-Dragons attacked us.
-Did they get the cargo?

-I don't know.
-Yes, they took everything.

Including some rather valuable
property of mine.

-Well, tough luck.
-Oh, thank you very much.

-Dragons... They attacked us.
-Yes, we know.

You say you're passengers. Isn't that
a little unusual on a cargo ship?

Well, we're here, aren't we?

Where did you pick these two up?

I don't know.
I can't seem to remember...

Pull yourself together!
How did they get on board?

That's it, they were stowaways.

-They were sending messages.
-That's right.

They were helping the Dragons.
They're traitors!