Doctor Who (1963–1989): Season 10, Episode 23 - The Green Death: Episode Three - full transcript

The Doctor and Jo manage to escape from the mine with a maggot egg but Stevens is determined to stop them analysing it.


Jo! Jo, are you there?

(JO ) Doctor! Here. Quickly.

- Doctor, over here...
- What is it?

Good grief!

Come on!

- There's no way out!
- Nil desperandum, Jo.

But those things crawling about.
You saw what happened to the others.

We mustn't let them touch us.
How do we get out of here?

Is that any good?

(DOCTOR) Lift it up.

Push it over.

If anything happens to Bert too,
I don't know what I'll do.

It was their decision to go down.
It's not your fault.

It's obvious who's responsible -
Global Chemicals!

- We have to go down.
- No!

The Doctor was most emphatic.
On no account go down.

That girl is in terrible danger!

It may surprise you
to learn that Miss Grant works for me.

She and the Doctor can look after themselves.

Two people, possibly three,
have died already. She may be next.

- I'm going down even if you're not.
- My concern for Miss Grant is as deep as yours.

Probably more so.
The Doctor knows what he's doing.

Very well, but do something.
It's got to be stopped. It's gone too far!

Far too far. I quite agree.

I think it's time
that I paid Global Chemicals another visit.

Hold this pole.

Take it over that side. Make room for me.

- Right. Are you ready?
- Yeah.

Off we go.

Not that way. The rail's blocked. This way.

- Through the cave.
- Through those things?

- It's only about a foot deep.
- I can't. I just can't!

- We haven't got any alternative.
- It's not that I'm afraid.

- It's just those maggots.
- Then close your eyes.

- All right.
- Good girl.

Right. Punt away.

They brought another two out of the mine.
One dead and the other dying.

Yes, I heard.

Is that all you can say?
Do you feel no responsibility at all?

Why should I?

You are mistaken.

I've heard of boating lakes,
but this is ridiculous.

A bit more.

Right. That'll do.

Get rid of your pole.

Come on.

- Well done, Jo.
- Now what?

We go up this crevice. It was marked on the map.

How do you know it leads to the surface?

That stuff must have come from somewhere. If
there's a way down, there's a way up. Come on.

This is now a security matter
and UNIT's taking charge.

My people will be here as soon as possible.
This cannot be dealt with locally.

I intend to request a full investigation
under the auspices of the United Nations.

- There's too much at stake.
- Indeed. Indeed.

Our work here is of international importance.

However, I would point out a certain risk.

Should it be thought that we are
in any way connected with these deaths,

my whole project might be closed down.

Sentimental fools are always with us.

- If we had to close down your plant...
- That must never happen!

Two of my friends are in that mine,
in the gravest danger.

If I consider it necessary to close
Global Chemicals, then closed it will be!

I advise you to be careful. Very careful indeed.

Are you threatening me, Mr Stevens?

Yes, I think perhaps I am.

- Perhaps I'm counselling a little prudence.
- I can bring influence to bear at Cabinet level.

Oh, you have friends in high places, have you?
Well, so have I!


Will you get the Minister of Ecology
on the phone, please?

(DOCTOR) If I remember rightly,
it gets easier further up.

At least there's none of those awful... Ah!

What is it?

- (JO ) They look like eggs.
- I think I'm beginning to understand.

I've got to get hold of one of those.

Come on by.

Don't knock the pit prop over.
You'll have the whole thing down.

Keep tight into the wall. All right?

What are you doing here?
This is for authorised personnel only.

I'm as authorised as you are.

- Not for here.
- Why? What's so special about this room?

- Nothing.
- Looks like a pumping control to me.

That's not a security area.

- There's nothing to see. Why don't you go away?
- I'm interested.

- You're venting one tank and filling another?
- Yes, for cleaning purposes.

I see.

That one refers to the main waste tank
on level four.

- Where's this one? The one you're filling.
- Close to it.

- The next big one on level three?
- Yes.

But that's a heavy-duty pump. You shouldn't need
anything more than gravity feed.

I made a mistake.
It is for a tank on a higher level.

There isn't one on a higher level.

- Wait. There's that new storage tank...
- No more questions. I am busy.

Of course, old man.

Of course.

Fair enough, Jocelyn, but you are
interrupting a cabinet meeting, you know.


Oh, yes, the UNIT chap.
Well, you'd better put him on.

Do forgive me, Prime Minister.

Ah, Brigadier. Unfortunate business, this.

I'd put it a little more strongly than that, sir.

It seems to me
that an international investigation...

- No, I don't agree at all, sir.
- Interesting.

I suggest that you put yourself at the disposal
of the director of Global Chemicals.

He can handle the situation.

May I remind you that I answer to Geneva?

- Under Article 17 of the Third Enabling Act...
- I helped draft that act.

May I remind you of Article 18,
Matters of Domestic Concern, paragraph three?

''..will place itself at the disposal
of the host nation in all respects.''

The Prime Minister and I feel...

I disagree that this is a purely domestic matter.

Wretched fellow needs a swift kick
on the backside. Would you mind, Jeremy?

What's more, sir... What did you say?


Yes. Good afternoon, sir.


Yes, I think I know...

Yes, I know that...

Is that an order, Prime Minister?

- I see.

You leave me no choice.

You have very powerful friends, Mr Stevens.

(JO ) I think I can see something.
(DOCTOR) Good. Go on.

Right. Let me pass.

- A pipe. I was right.
- Of course.

After you, Miss Grant.

Up you go.

- What's that smell?
- It's crude oil.

Or rather, crude oil waste.
You can see it on the sides of the pipe.

- You mean it leads to Global Chemicals?
- Where else? Come on. Up you go.

I don't know what's happened to you,
but you've got to fight it.

Intruder in the area.

Section two. Visual identification available.

(ELGIN) It's that Doctor chap and a girl.

Intruders located. Unauthorised entry into pipe.

You mean they're in the pipe?
We've got to get them out!

- Tank voiding operations completed.

Waste disposal under way.

You're putting the waste into that pipe?
You'll kill them!

- They are intruders.
- Turn it off!

I can't. The operation is automatic.

28 seconds to go.

Doctor, there's a sort of vibration in this pipe.
Can you feel it?

Yes, I certainly can.

- What does it mean?
- It means we ought to hurry.

There are two innocent people in there.

- We've got to save them!
- Not possible.

Yes, it is. We can open this door.

How's it done?

How's it done?

Unauthorised personnel...
not in the interests of the company.

Interests be damned. It's murder!
How does it open?

Murder... Unauthorised...

- Save lives... Not permitted...
- How do I open the hatch?

Yellow button. Left side.


We're not murderers, Brigadier.

I'm as anxious as you are
to prevent any further accidents.


We shall cooperate with you in every way.

An office will be placed at your disposal,
and my secretary will...

That's very kind of you,
but my own staff will be joining me.

Thank you for the drink.

If you'll excuse me, I must find out if there's
any news about the Doctor and Miss Grant.

Where can these creatures have come from?

- Are they linked to the oil waste?
- They must be.

That waste area
seems to be their breeding ground.

(ELGIN) Stevens couldn't have known
about these maggots.

- Nor could Fell.


- He's gone.
- Where? To tell Stevens about us?

Perhaps. Perhaps not. He was acting strangely.
Didn't seem to know which side he was on.

- Which side are you on, Mr Elgin?
- I don't like what's happening

- any more than you do.
- Good man.

So, what next?
Beard the mighty Stevens in his den?


I'm so cold...

Can you get us out of here
without us being seen?

- Take the back lift to the car park.
- What about Fell?

Even if he sees Stevens,
he won't make any sense.

- What is it, man?
- I...

- What is it?
- I have...

..a headache.

Of course you have.

You've been overdoing it.

Come and sit down.

My head...

Of course I'll help you.

I helped you once before, remember?

- (FELL) Helped me once before...
- I'll always help you.

Helped me once before...

Once before...

Emergency... Equipment...was withdrawn...

Oh... Agh... Once before...




You've...done my mind.

(BOSS) Stevens, the processing was a failure.

This man is of no further use.

I suggest self-destruction.

But that's not necessary, surely?

You are a sentimentalist, Stevens.

I repeat.




Not necessary, surely?


Ralph... Ralph, come back!



you ARE a sentimentalistI


(DOCTOR) The moral of the story is never trust
a Venusian Shanghorn with a Perigosto stick!

A most useful moral, too,
with endless applications, no doubt! More wine?

- It's excellent, this wine.
- A domestic elderberry. Our Nancy's best!

- Can I have a bottle to take home?
- Certainly! More risotto?

- No, thank you.
- You're wanted on the telephone.

Excuse me, will you?

- It's in the hall by the lab door.
- Thanks.

- Some more, Brigadier?
- I wish I could!

- What was that meat?
- Not meat at all. Fungus.

- Fungus?
- My new hybrid.

- So you found what you were looking for?
- I wish I had.

It tastes fine, it looks good,
the texture's right, but it's low in protein.

It has to be picked at exactly the right moment
and eaten or dried straightaway.

- So you've still got a long way to go.
- Yes, right up the Amazon, in fact.

Up the Amazon?

Aye. In about a month's time.

- Oh...
- Look, I'll show you.

So all your research is biological?

(JONES) Mine is. Jessie tootling away there is
one of the finest mathematicians in the country.

She's studying the probability factors
in a projected future ecology.

I never would have guessed.

And the gentleman making that statue thing?

- (JONES) He designed supersonic aircraft.
- What's he doing here?

- Making windmills.
- Really?

When Hilda's not upside down,
she's writing a book on self-actualisation.

- She ran an encounter group in Aldgate.
- I was stationed in Aldgate.

Here it is.
''Up The Amazon With Rifle And Camera''.

- It's practically unexplored territory.
- Surely not.

No, what people eat to get protein.
Grubs, caterpillars, locusts.

- The blood of their cattle.
- Ugh!

- It's only the same as black pudding.
- That's disgusting.

Listen to this. ''When game is in short supply,

''these tribes subsist for months at a time
on a giant toadstool,

''which serves them for their meat.

''Thus doth a beneficent providence...''

- When was that published?
- 1884.

And on the strength of that
you'll go into the jungle?

Of course! It's like finding an old treasure map.

Aye! It could help make the world rich.

- A toadstool?
- Aye, a toadstool!


Bad news.

- The other miner's dead.
- Bert?

- I'm afraid so. He never regained consciousness.
- Oh, no.

- They've completed the post-mortem on Hughes.
- And?

Every cell on his body had been attacked
by some sort of virus.

- They haven't isolated it.
- So we're fighting in the dark.

Not quite.

We've still got that egg, remember?

Poor Bert...

An egg? They've actually got an egg?

That's what they were saying
down in the village.

There was this old Taff in the pub and...

The Doctor and the girl are the only ones
to have seen these creatures?

A load of old codswallop if you ask me,
but I thought I ought to tell you.

That's quite right. Quite right.

And where is this egg now?

Over at the Nuthutch.

I see. Well, you'd better go and get it, hadn't you?

It's a tremendous size.

Yes, isn't it?

Tomorrow morning
Professor Jones and I will examine it properly.

But, Cliff,

if I'd stayed, I might have been able
to help him in some way.

There's nothing you could have done.
You mustn't blame yourself.

I know that really.

It's just that he was such a perky little man.

He called me Blodwen.

I'm sorry. I don't know why I'm crying.

A funny little Welshman that I hardly even knew...

You shouldn't feel ashamed of your grief.
It's right to grieve.

Your Bert, he was unique.

In the whole history of the world,
there's never been anybody just like Bert.

And there'll never be another,

even if the world lasts for 100 million centuries.



(DOCTOR) What's the value
in having soldiers clumping around?

(BRIGADIER) You've been thankful sometimes!

Professor Jones.
Just come to say goodnight. I'm off.

Won't you stay? We've plenty of room.

It's very kind of you, but the pub will do me.

- Goodnight, Miss Grant.
- Goodnight.

- I'll show you out.
- Thank you.

I think a good night's sleep is indicated, Jo.

I'm fine now, honestly I am.

I think I'll stay up for a bit.
This book on the Amazon looks fascinating.

Well, I shouldn't be too late if I were you.

- Goodnight.
- Night.

By the way, Jo, the Tardis did come up trumps.

I got to Metebelis Three.

As you can see.

Oh, great!

Great. Goodnight.


- Ah, off to bed, are you?
- I've had some thoughts about this virus.

- If we postulate an active nucleus...
- Goodnight, Jo.