Doctor Who (1963–1989): Season 10, Episode 22 - The Green Death: Episode Two - full transcript

The Doctor and the Brigadier attempt to rescue Jo and Bert from the mine but Global Chemicals prove distinctly uncooperative.

Someone's going down!

We must stop them.

Who's in the cage?

- Bert Pritchard and a lady from UNIT.
- Stop winding!

- They're going down to help Dai Evans.
- Stop winding!

- Quickly, man, quickly!
- I can't. The brake won't work.

It's running away. Hang on!

Try and hang on!

- The clutch and brake are gone.
- What? There's only one thing to do.

Reverse the motor.

- You'll get a cable break.
- Don't argue. Do as I say! Brigadier.

It's slowing.

As long as the cable holds...

- It seems to have seized up.
- Yes.

I hand it to you, boyo.
Another few moments and they'd have had it.

How deep are they?

- Nearly 600 yards.
- How deep is the shaft?

600 yards.



- Are you all right?
- I think so.

- What happened?
- It felt like brake failure.

Can't happen in theory. Steady, love.

- How do we get out of here?
- Not up, that's for sure.

Steady now.

About 20 feet. That was really close.

Let's try to get down now.

Can't they haul us up in the cage?

I doubt it. Anyway, we ought to get out of here.

Listen to that cable. It could go at any second.

- Right. There you go, Blodwen.
- Right.


Do you mind going down first?

All right, love. Here goes.


It's hopeless. The friction has welded it together.
It's just scrap metal.

What about the other shaft?

As one lift goes down, the other one comes up,
so if one is jammed, so is the other.

Can you rig a donkey engine and pulley system?
We could use the other cage.

- It would be dangerous.
- We'll take a risk.

- It means cutting the cable.
- We've no cutting equipment.

The mine's been shut a year.
I know where to get some.

- Where?
- Global Chemicals.

- OK?
- Yes.

Watch your feet, now.


The wire must have broken when the cage fell.

It's Dai!

He's in a bad way.

It's the same as poor Ted Hughes. Look!

Good heavens. Is anyone hurt?

I see. Do you think you can get down to them?

Cutting equipment? Yes, we...

Cut off!

Now it's engaged!

Try the Wholeweal people.
They might have equipment for cutting cables.

Cutting a cable? What cable? Why?

Miss Grant? But why was she...

I'll come right over.
No, we haven't, but Global Chemicals have.

Definitely. We tried to borrow it
a few weeks back. Aye.

But why me?

You're my senior man. They'll believe you.

- I'm sorry, Mr Stevens. I can't do it.
- Of course you can, Fell. You must.

It was too late to save the miner,
he was already dead, but this...

To leave them trapped down there,
it's... it's murder.

Don't be ridiculous, man.
They'll never have survived the fall.

I just need a little more time.

That mine must not be investigated.
You know that as well as I do.

One death is enough!

Will you please get out of my way?



Process him.

- Is that wise?
- It is necessary.

Do as I say.


Very well.

Who was that?

Our boss. Yours and mine.

- I don't understand.
- You will, Fell.

Very soon.

I can hardly feel his pulse.

Have you ever seen anything like it before?

No. Never.

- What could have caused it?
- Dunno.

- I tell you what, though...
- What?

Whatever it was, it's still down here with us.

Mr Fell, our friend the Brigadier
needs our help.

I'm afraid there's been another accident.

- Yes, sir. I heard.
- Good.

We need some cutting equipment
and we need it fast.

I'm sorry, but we have nothing of that kind.

In a place of this size?

The emergency equipment was withdrawn
some time ago to be replaced by thermic lances.

- They have not yet arrived.
- Oh, dear. We're woefully ill-equipped.

I find it very hard to believe.

You're not accusing him
of being deliberately obstructive, I hope?

No, of course not.

Of course not.

But you still have this problem, haven't you?

Have you tried Professor Jones?

Come to think of it, they tried to borrow ours
yesterday, so they can't have one.

What's going on? We have cutting tools here.
People's lives are at stake!

- I have given an exact account.
- Are you feeling quite well?

Perfectly. I must go.

No, hang about, old son. No panic.

I've been wanting to have a word with you.

- About what?
- Our revered lord and master, Stevens.


Well, he's a bit too keen
to hush up the green man bit.

Is there something I don't know?

- I cannot discuss our director with you, Elgin.
- Elgin?

- Your attitude will be reported.
- You sound like a head prefect!

Disloyalty cannot be tolerated.

The director shall hear of this.

Greyhound to Trap One. Over.

Trap One. Go ahead, Greyhound. Over.

Let me talk to Captain Yates.


A bit.

What was that?

Only a touch of settling, love.
The old mine's snoring a bit, isn't she!

- What are they doing up there, Bert?
- It takes time, girl. Takes time.

Hello? NCB?

Llanfairfach here. There's been more trouble.
Another accident.

- That's where you're wrong.
- What's that you say?

- Do you recognise that?
- It's a cotter pin.

Precisely. I found it on the floor.

It had been removed from the brake linkage.

This was no accident, Mr Davis.

This was deliberate sabotage.

He's much worse. We can't just stay here.

- What else can we do?
- But he might die.

Hang on.

I've just thought of something!

The last time I got trapped,
it was over in the west seam.

- There was an emergency shaft sunk there.
- Can we get to it?

The whole seam was filled up right after.
Too dangerous, they said.

- The shaft might still be open.
- Well, it's better than staying here.

I wonder if I can remember the way.

- Got a bit of paper?
- Yes.

Can we go through the west seam?
No, that was closed.

- They haven't got any.
- That's ridiculous!

I thought so myself.

We had the equipment up here a fortnight ago.

It's in the storage shed behind the power house.

- I'm only quoting what they said.
- You should have insisted!

- Who's...
- This is Professor Jones.

Is it, indeed?

I hadn't realised.

I've been wanting to meet you for a long time.

Your paper on DNA synthesis
was quite remarkable for your age.

- Promising youngster, eh?
- No, I mean for the age that you live in.

- Now, did you have a suggestion?
- Why don't we take the equipment by force?

Out of the question. Let's talk sense, shall we?

Where can we get cutting equipment? Newport?

Yes, but it's quite a way from here.

- Better get started, then.
- I'll come with you.

Global Chemicals is beginning to interest me.

- Tell me, do you know the layout?
- Very well.

Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

All security units to front section.

Demonstration at main gate.
All security units to front section.

Demonstration at main gate. Assist!

Stevens out!

Ground sensors picking up
unauthorised footsteps, powerhouse section.

Cameras alerted.

Picture available.

Who is this?

One of the UNIT personnel.

I saw him talking to the Brigadier earlier.

What instructions?

No action yet.

Entering number six sector
into main storage area.

Shall I terminate him?


Apprehend him.

Find out his function and purpose.

StopI Stand stillI

Perfectly stillI

Put your hands above your head.


- Bert, I...
- Never fear, Blodwen. Bert is here!

Come on.

Well, well. Bit old to play games, ain't we?

I'm quite spry for my age, actually.

Oh, gonna have a go? Terrific.

Venusian aikido, gentlemen.

I do hope I haven't hurt you.

Who are you? What do you want?

You have me under several disadvantages, sir.

Whom am I addressing?

Forgive me. My name is Stevens.
I am the director of this project.

And very efficient it is, too, if I may say so.

Thank you.

You were about to explain your purpose.

It's simple. I'm attached to UNIT
as a scientific advisor.

Ah... The errant Doctor.

We urgently need cutting equipment at the mine.

You have refused to give it.

My information is that it is stored
in that shed over there.

You could have saved yourself all this bother.
Why didn't you ask to see me?

Please... Help yourself.

You see?


Come on, Doctor.

It's getting very stuffy in here.

Take deeper breaths, now.
That's better. Come on.

Come on, lads, look sharp.

The breaking strain at this point
should be around 123.36 pounds.

That's right.

- You're back quickly.
- Sheer luck, actually.

Stopped for petrol and there was a fellow
in the garage cutting up an old banger.

- Everything under control here?
- Yes.

- Will it take long to set it up?
- No, not once we get started.

- Right, I'll find some gear.
- No. It's my job to go down.

- As the one in charge...
- You're not in charge of me, man.

- If you want a volunteer...
- No!

Jo and the others need MY help.

- So if Mr Davis would come with me...
- You couldn't stop me, man!

Can't we stop for a bit, Bert?

No. Once you start, you've got to keep going.

- How much further?
- We'll take a breather when we get there.

Come on. Nearly there.

Here we are, love.

We'll take a rest now.

I couldn't have gone another step.

We have about another hundred feet or so,
and then we start to go up.

If we can do that, we'll find the emergency shaft.

It goes up at 45 degrees
and it comes out on the hillside.

Better save the lamps.


How can light get down here?

It can't.

Then how can I see you?

That's funny...

What's that smell? It's like something rotting.

- Ugh. That smell. What is it?
- Never seen anything like that before.

I wouldn't touch...
Agh! It burns!

- Here's Dai.
- Don't touch him!

He's dead. Come on. We'll find the others.


- They might be dead too.
- Jo! Where are you?

Look, Doctor.

"Couldn't wait any longer.
Gone to find another way out. Jo. "

The idiots. Why didn't they wait?

That looks like a map of the mine.

That's the west seam.

Come on. Let's go after them.

You can't go on your own.
You don't know the mine.

Take Dai up and send the cage back for us.
I'll come with you, Doctor.

It's my turn to feel tired now.

I must be getting on!

Come on, Bert, keep going. It's not far now.


Jo! Can you hear me?


It's no use. I can't go on.

I feel so weak... so bad...

That means I've had it.

Like Dai.

No, it doesn't. We'll find help.

It's no use. You must go on.

But I can't leave you, too!

- It's my only chance.
- But I can't!

You must. Please go on!

All right.

I'll be as quick as I can.

What's that light?

Up ahead. There.


The light's green.

Come on.

What an extraordinary smell.

Come on.

What is this stuff?

Don't touch it.

Come on. Let's get on.

Here's Bert!


- Look at his hand.
- Burns...

- Where's the girl?
- Gone on ahead.

Take him up to the surface.

- Let the professor take a look at him.
- What about you?

Tell the Brigadier I'll bring Jo back.

Don't let anybody come down here.
It's far too dangerous.

Jo! Jo, are you there?

Doctor! Here. Quickly.

- Doctor, over here...
- What is it?

Good grief!

Come on!