Doctor Who (1963–1989): Season 10, Episode 17 - Planet of the Daleks: Episode Three - full transcript

The Doctor and Codal escape from their cell and meet up with the Thal commandos who are trying to get into the Dalek base.

Somewhere on this planet
there are 10,000 Daleks!

Are you fit to move?
We must find the others quickly.

They're bound to send a patrol
to investigate the crash.

With any luck, they might think
there were no survivors.

Marat! Latep! Are you all right?

Just shaken. We came down with a bang.

-I'm all right.

We must move, it's not fit to stay here.

-Do you have a plan?
-Yes, yes, I think so.

We'd better get a move on,
we haven't got much time.

-Is this the only way into the city?

Somehow I've got to find a way
of getting past those Dalek guards.

Even if you could, what would you do
once you got in there?

Well, find the Doctor
and try to rescue him.


Those are my people, the Spiridons.

The Daleks have made them slaves.

But I can see them now!

Ah, you see the furs they wear
to protect them from the cold.

What are they taking into the city?

Samples of our vegetation.

The Daleks are experimenting
with plant-destroying bacteria.

Now, if I could hide
in one of those bundles...

You can't risk it.

Look, if I got into the city,

where's the most likely place
they'd be holding the Doctor?

In the lower levels, most certain.
Deep, deep down.

I'm going to try it.


If this jamming device of yours works,

we'll have a weapon that we can use
against all the Daleks.

We can give the lot of them brainstorms.

No, I'm afraid not, Codal.

You see, the Daleks' armour
acts as a sort of shield,

so we've got to get in very close.

In any case,
the effect will only be temporary.

Well, how long will it last then?

Well, if we're lucky,
long enough to get away.

-That is, if...
-If what?

If it works.

It's freezing!

-Yeah, it's an allotrope of ice.
-A what?

Well, it's a form of ice
that never gets hard.

Codal is convinced

that the core of this whole planet
is a mass of it,

because every once in a while
the pressure builds up

and the whole thing bursts
to the surface.

Like a volcano?

Yeah, but instead of...

Instead of white-hot lava,
this erupts with molten ice.

We've seen it, tremendous explosions,

the ice covers the jungle
for miles around.

Are there many of these outlets?

Yes, dozens of them,
but this is the nearest one to the city.

Yes, but why is it important to us?

Ah, well, when they built the city,

they used this ice volcano
to provide a cooling system.

They drove shafts out
to meet the natural fissures.

So if we could find the junctions
we could get right inside the city?

That's the theory anyway.

Trouble is we don't know if the shafts
will stay wide enough to crawl through.

And we'll have no idea
which tunnel to follow.

And if the ice erupts
when we're in there?

I've left the rest of the explosives
in a safe hiding place.

-I've marked the position, just in case.

Switch on your heating units.

It's going to be cold in there.
You two get started.

Vaber, Latep, remember, positions
by the main entrance to the city.

If we manage to cause a diversion,
you attack.


Taron, about what happened, I'm...

Forget it.

Oh, well, that's it, then.

That's the best that I can do.

-There's only one thing we need now.
-What's that?

A Dalek to try it out on.

Quickly! Now!

Oh, it's so cold!

My heating unit's turned to maximum
but I'm still freezing.

-How far do you think we've come?
-It's hard to tell.

We should strike one of
the cooling ducts soon.

What's that?

I don't know. Just keep moving.

Taron, could be the start
of an eruption.

It's possible.

Then let's get back
while we still have time.

No, if it's coming,
we're already too late.

We've no chance of getting
to the surface in time.

Our only chance is
to strike one of the shafts and quickly!


The prisoners are to be taken
for interrogation immediately.

I obey.

I can hear the lift.

-There's one coming!
-Come sit here.

Now, remember what I told you,

get in close
so that it can't use its blaster, right?


Prisoners will stand.

Prisoners will stand!

- Now!

-Surrender or you will be exterminated!
-Hold on! Hold it!

Hold on! Mind yourself!

Hold on to it! Hold on to it!

I can't!
Hold it!

That little machine of yours
has quite an effect.

"Had" quite an effect.

Not any more, I'm afraid.

You know, for a man who abhors violence,

I must say I took great satisfaction
in doing that.

Right, let's get on.

We may be out of the cell
but we're a long way from being free.

Get your gun.

Sensors detect ice eruption
is imminent.

Prepare to close all cooling ducts.

Activate when scale registers
"red alert".

I obey.


Back! Back!

Alert! Alert! Alert!

Level seven reports
prisoners at liberty.

Instigate condition
of maximum alert.

Normal operations will cease.

I obey.

All Dalek units will report
to lower levels.

Maximum security search
to commence immediately.

Locate and destroy prisoners.

Locate and destroy! Locate and destroy!

Locate and destroy!

-Back to the lift! Back to the lift!
-Halt! Halt!

Well, it's not going up.

They must be operating it
by remote control.

Well, there's only one thing for it,
we'll have to go down.

Shut the doors!

That was close.

If they keep driving us down to
the lower levels, we'll never get out.

Presumably, that's their intention.

Still, we haven't much alternative,
have we?

Let's try another level.

Let me go first, Doctor.
At least I've got this.

Thank you very much.

Look! The shaft!

Doctor! Codal!

I know it's not the moment to ask
how you got in there,

but I'd be fascinated to know how.

Help me free this grill!

Hurry! The ice is moving up behind us!

Push it up! Use your knife.

Right. Now, lever it down,
just lever it down.

Right, now push! That's it!

Eruption nearing danger peak.

All cooling ducts now being closed down.

All cooling ducts now being closed down.

The doors are closing!

Hold them! Hold them!

I can't hold it.

You must! Pull!

Come on.

Put your leg here.


Out of here! Quick! Out!

Come on, get him out of here!

And prisoners

have been driven to level zero.

All units will proceed
to this level immediately.

All ascent areas sealed off.

Prisoners now confined to level zero.

Come on.

You go on, I'll be all right.

Come on, hurry, up.
The door's going to close.

Come on through. Come on, Marat!

-Marat, come on! Marat!
-No, you get inside.

-Come on, Marat! Marat!
-Get in!

Marat! Marat!

There's nothing we can do. Nothing.

Right. Now, cover your eyes.

This was hidden
on the prisoner's body.

This shows where the Thals
have concealed their explosives.

Take a patrol immediately.
Locate explosives and destroy.

I obey.


Door mechanism fails
to respond.

Bring cutting equipment.

Well, they won't open that in a hurry.

Never underestimate the Daleks, Codal.

They won't let a little matter
of a metal door delay them for long.


Looks as if all Marat's courage
was for nothing.

There's no other door.

Oh. I don't know whether I've locked
the Daleks out or ourselves in.

Have a look at this.

What do you make of it?

Well, if it wasn't for the fact
that it doesn't make sense,

I'd say it was a gigantic
refrigeration unit.

Yes, it's big enough to freeze an ocean.

But why?

All their cooling needs
are taken care of by the ice tunnels.

What's this?

Well, it's a ventilator shaft,
carries out the hot gases from the unit.

Right, that's it then.

What do you mean?
Nobody could climb that.

You're probably right.

Nevertheless it does lead up
to the surface, doesn't it?

Something's happening outside.

They're cutting through.


Doctor, they're cutting through
the door.

Well, it's pretty obvious
they'd do something of the sort.

-Well, what are we going to do?

When faced with the inevitable,

don't waste precious time
by resisting it.

Now, what would you say the
tensile strength of this material is?

We have located the position

where the Thals have hidden
their explosives.

We are to proceed to the area
and destroy them.

I wish you'd tell us what the point is
of all this, Doctor.

Well, we're certainly not going to
float out of here.

That's precisely what
we are going to do.

Come with me, Taron.
I want to show you something.

Hurry up, Doctor,
it's pretty hot in here.

Yes, exactly.

But if we can turn the refrigeration
unit up to maximum,

the updraft will be hotter
and even more powerful.

Now look at this.

-So? Hot air rises.

And if we can trap enough of it,
we might be able to rise with it.

Fantastic! Will it work?

I've no idea.
We haven't got much choice.

Let's get on with it.

Move yourself out.


It's beginning to fill. It's rising!
Hurry up, Doctor!

Come on, Doctor!
Come on!

Get your rope, Doc...


Attack force prepare.
Fire power maximum.

The prisoners are to be exterminated.


Come on, Doctor, come on! It's going up!

Come on, Doctor.
Grab that.

Oh, no!

This isn't enough lift
to take all our weight.

-Rise, will you? Rise.
-Give it time, Taron, give it time.

It's not going to work.

Doctor, it's not going to work!