Doctor Who (1963–1989): Season 10, Episode 13 - Frontier in Space: Episode Five - full transcript

The Doctor, Jo and the Master are taken to Draconia, where the Doctor tries to convince the Draconians of the truth. But then the Ogrons attack.

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Well, personally I'm quite happy
to be going to Draconia, Jo.

Perhaps we can convince the Emperor

what our friend here
has been trying to do.

You really think he'd believe you?

Well, this won't be my first visit
to Draconia, you know?

Many years ago,
I spent quite some time there.

I was able to help them through a period
of very great difficulty.

Displaying your usual
sickening lovability, I suppose?

So there's a good chance
that they'll believe you, huh?

Well, it was a long time ago.
Things may have changed.

But I do understand
the Draconian mentality, Jo.

It all depends how you approach them.

So, if they do believe the Doctor,
you've had it!

Perhaps, Miss Grant, perhaps.

But one never knows
when help may be at hand.

Now, if you'll excuse me,
I think that this is going to be

rather a long journey,
so, uh, good night.

We'll wake you with a cup of tea
in the morning.

Thank you.

Well, that's it, then.

Come on, we've landed.

Oh, hadn't we better wake our cellmate?

He's awake already.

He's just trying to show us
how unconcerned he is.

How well you know me, Doctor!

Now, come on, smarten yourselves up.

We want to look our best
for a royal audience, you know.

He's very confident.

Well, Miss Grant,
as an Earth poet once said,

"My strength is as the strength of ten,
because my heart is pure. "

Come on, you fellows, let me out.
Your Emperor is waiting to see me.

So, Father, once more
Earthmen have invaded our space.

You will address the Emperor
in a proper manner.

Your pardon.

May I have permission
to address the Emperor?

My life at your command.

One day, my Son,
you will inherit this throne.

Then you will realise
the importance of due formality.

Now, what do you wish to say?

Surely, now you will declare war
upon the Earthmen?

Let me lead your battle fleets
to crush their...

They too, have battle fleets, my Son.

Such a war could
well bring down both empires.

Not if we strike first,
then we shall be the victors!

In such a war, there are no victors.

The nobles of the court
are demanding action.

They fear for the honour of Draconia.

I am the emperor!
The honour of Draconia is vested in me.

The throne depends upon
the great families for support.

Emperors have been deposed before now.

An emperor who does not rule
deposes himself!

Then what will you do, Father?

I shall question these Earthmen myself.

I have already sent for them.

Why waste time listening to their lies?

Majesty, I bring the prisoners.

May I have permission
to address the Emperor?


This is an insult!

My life at your command, sire.

How dare you address the Emperor

in a manner reserved
for a noble of Draconia?

Ah, but I am a noble of Draconia.

The honour was conferred on me
by the 15th Emperor.

The 15th Emperor reigned 500 years ago.

Your Majesty, do not be taken
in by this ridiculous story...

Be silent!

There is a legend
among our people of a man

who assisted the 15th Emperor
at a time of great trouble

when we were almost overwhelmed
by a great plague from outer space.

But you could not be that man.
No Earthman lives so long.

Your Majesty,
this man that you speak of,

was he not known as the Doctor?

And did he not come to this planet
in a spaceship called the TARDIS?

He did.

Well, I am that man, sire.

And I come from a race of people
that live far longer than any Earthman.

Even if I accept your claim,
you have broken our law.

Why did you violate Draconian space?

Your Majesty, this man was,
and still is, my prisoner.

It is true, Your Majesty.

I did come here as a prisoner,
but I came willingly,

in order to inform you that
this man is plotting a war

between Earth and Draconia!

All Earthmen are determined upon war.

Ah, but the Master is not an Earthman.

I'm sorry to have to admit it,
but he's a renegade of my own race

and he's using creatures called Ogrons

to attack your spaceships
and those of the Earthmen.

The Earthmen who attacked
our spaceships,

they have been seen many times.

I'm sorry,
but there you are in error, sir.

Your people have seen Ogrons,

but they appear to them as Earthmen
because of a hypnotic device.

It's true, Your Majesty.

When the Ogrons attacked
the Earth ships,

the Earthmen saw them as Draconians.

Silence! Females are not permitted
to speak in the presence of the Emperor.

Your Majesty, do not be deceived
by the pathetic ravings

of two criminals
trying to evade justice.

If what you say is true,
it would explain much.

We lived at peace with the Earthmen
for many years,

then suddenly they began
to raid our spaceships.

When we protested,
they said that we were attacking them.

In order to cover up their own attacks!

This is simply a plot of the Earthmen
to lull us into false security.


Your Majesty, a spaceship from Earth

seeks permission to land
in the palace spaceport.

They say they're on a special mission
from the President of Earth.

This is a trick!
You must not allow them to land!

We are not yet at war with Earth.

I shall hear what
their president has to say.

I give my permission.

Your Majesty.

A wise decision, Your Majesty.

For only by Earth and Draconia
working together

can we hope to arrive at the truth.

I, too, welcome your wisdom,
Your Majesty.

Nobody could be more devoted
to the cause of peace than I.

As a commissioner of Earth's
Interplanetary Police,

I have devoted my life
to the cause of law and order.

And law and order can only exist
in a time of peace.

You feeling all right, old chap?

Only during a period
of social stability,

can society adequately
deal with criminals

such as this man
and this unfortunate girl.

Doctor, listen! That sound!

Silence, female!


It's the same noise
that I heard on the cargo ship.

Doctor, it's the Ogrons!

Your Majesty,
I beg of you to be cautious.

Something is seriously wrong here.
This ship that has just landed,

I beg you,
place it under guard immediately.

Your Majesty, please?


Seize them, fool!

Ah, you idiots!
Back to the ship, all of you!

Come on, back to the ship!

Now will you believe
in the treachery of the Earthmen?

Your Majesty, look down here
and tell me, what do you see?

I see one of your Earth soldiers

who attacked my palace
and killed my people.

Jo? Jo, can you still hear that sound?

Yes, it's fading. It's almost gone.

Your Majesty, I beg of you, please.
Look again.

Why do we delay? Destroy him!


He has spoken the truth.

Great, lumbering idiots!

Now you tell me that you've left
one of your fellows in the palace!

Do you realise what this means?

As soon as the effect
of the hypno-sound wears off,

the Draconians will know
who it really was who attacked them.

You've ruined everything!

What shall we do now?

Do? There's only one thing we can do.

Make sure that the Doctor
and his evidence

is never allowed to reach Earth.

Why does the Master want war
between Earth and Draconia?

Did you attack our spaceships
and those of the Earthmen?

Oh, it's no good.
We're not getting anywhere.

Let me take him for questioning.
He will answer to me.

I shall use the mind probe.

You'd only be wasting your time.

The Ogrons have got the finest
defence mechanism of all, stupidity.

They haven't got a mind
for you to probe.

Then remove him.
We will deal with him later.

Why did that sound make us see
this creature as a soldier from Earth?

Because you're frightened of Earthmen.

Draconians fear nothing, female.

Well, of course you do.
You fear them and they fear you.

That's why when Earthmen
heard that sound, they saw Draconians.

That is true.

We do fear the Earthmen
and they fear us.

And fear breeds hatred, Your Majesty.

Fear is the greatest enemy of them all,
for fear leads us to war.

We shall tell the Earthmen
what has happened here.

They, too, must know the truth.

They will not believe us.

The Prince is right, Your Majesty.

We must mount an expedition at once
and we must take the Ogron as evidence.

The empires are on the verge of war.

A Draconian spaceship in Earth space

could be destroyed before it
reaches its destination.

We could use the ship
the Master brought us in.

It's an Earth police spaceship.

Females are not permitted to speak...

The female may speak.

-We must respect

the customs of our guests,
strange though they may be.

The suggestion had merit.

Thank you, Your Majesty.

You too, will go on this mission.

But it must be headed
by a Draconian of noble rank.

I shall send my son.

Here you are. Brought you some food.

And a delicious banana.

I think you're supposed
to peel it first.

Oh, well.

Hey, you know,
you wanna be very careful of him.

He's not as stupid as he looks.

I know, I know,
women aren't allowed to speak.

You know, I think it's about time that
women's lib was brought to Draconia.

Hello, Jo. How's your Ogron friend?

Not too happy.
He seemed to enjoy his banana, though.

Doctor, where are we?

We're just about to cross
the frontier into Earth space.

Ooh, that's good.

Unless your Earth people destroy us.

Well, this is an Earth police spaceship,
you know, sir.

Even if it is stolen.

What is that?

It looks like another spaceship.

It appears to be following us.


Well, that must be them.

No other ship would be on a course
for Earth at a time like this.

We are on a course for Earth!

Well, naturally,
because we're chasing them...

Keep quiet and let me think!

Now, soon they'll be
within striking distance.

What will you do, Master?

I'd like to try and take
the Doctor alive, if possible.

If not, I'll blast him out of space.
Pity, though.

You do not wish to kill him?

Of course, I do!

But I don't know,
rocket fire at long range, it's...

I don't know,
somehow it lacks that personal touch.

They're closing in.

Perhaps, it's a frontier patrol ship
coming to investigate us.

Well, can't we talk to them
and tell them who we are?

We can try.
We should be within audio range.

Hello, this is Earth
police spaceship 2390,

on a special mission
to the President of Earth.

Do you read me? Do you read me? Over.

This is Earth police spaceship 2390,

on a special mission
to the President of Earth.

Do you read me? Do you read me? Over.

This is Earth police spaceship
number 142,

your ship is one that
has been reported as stolen.

You will please reduce speed,
so that we can board you.

Hello, Earth police spaceship 142.

I think there'll
in trouble over this.

Hello, we've recaptured this ship
and are taking it back to Earth. Over.

Reduce speed
immediately, so that we can board you.

Why should we submit to this delay?
Our mission has diplomatic immunity.

Yes, but they unfortunately
didn't know that, did they?

Hello, Earth police spaceship,

we are reducing speed as you request.

Doctor, are you sure?
We don't really know if it's the police.

Yes, exactly. That's why I want
to get them into visual scanner range.

Right, they've reduced speed.

They should be within
striking distance now.

That's about it.
Release the first missile!

We should be picking them up
on the visual scanner now.

It's an Ogron ship!

Hold tight! I'm taking evasive action.

Come on, Doctor,
keep still, keep still.

That's better. That's about it. Right.


They're still after us.


Can we not fire back?

No. No, I'm afraid we're outgunned.

This isn't a battle cruiser, you know.

Hang on.
I think we're shaking them off.


He's broken out! Get out, Jo!

We must have hit them.
They're losing speed.

Shall I fire again?

No, no, it might be possible
to take the Doctor alive after all.

Muster a boarding party.

Yes, Master.

Right, there you are, my friend.

Are you all right?

Oh, no, you don't!

No, no!

-No, let go of me!
-This way!

Let me go!

We've been boarded!
We need the blasters, come on!

-The prisoner?
-Don't worry about him.

He's no use to us at the moment.

Let me go! No! Doctor!

Get down!
The enemy!

Fool, go!

What is happening?
They should have taken that ship by now!

Must I do everything myself?


An Earth battle cruiser.

You'd better recall the boarding party.
I'll take over here.

As soon as they're back on board,
we'll unlock.


Help! Doctor!
You come!

-You must come!

Look out! We must take the girl!



Bring the girl!

In here!

Right. Unlock!

We should be all right in a minute.

The ship'll pump in more oxygen.

This is Earth battle cruiser X29.

Do you read me? Identify yourself.

This is Earth battle cruiser X29.

Do you read me? Identify yourself.

Hello, this is Earth
police spaceship 2390,

on a special mission
to the President of Earth. Over.

Identify the ship
that has just unlocked from you.

They refuse to answer our signals.

Look, it's of vital importance

that you pursue and capture
that ship immediately. Over.

You are in possession
of a stolen police spaceship.

You are under arrest.
Stand by to be boarded.

Look, you don't understand.

The man who stole this ship
is escaping in that vessel.

You are under arrest.

You'll be given the opportunity
of making a full statement.

Do not offer any resistance.
Stand by to be boarded.

Oh, very well.
We're standing by.

Poor Doctor.
Enmeshed in the throes of bureaucracy.

It'll take him a long time
to talk himself out of that one.

But he'll get to see the President,

She won't believe him.

Oh, yes, she will,
when she sees the Ogron prisoner.

He's our evidence.

Your evidence is standing
right behind you.

The Draconian Prince knows
the truth and he's with the Doctor.

My dear, Miss Grant, in the climate
of opinion that I have created,

do you think that any Earthman

is going to believe the word
of a Draconian?

Your Highness,
we've heard the Doctor's theory before.

And, with respect,
there is still no concrete evidence.

I myself would like to believe you
but, as you can see,

I need proof to convince my people.

Then we must mount an expedition
to the planet of the Ogrons.

The proof we need is there, madam.

With Earth on the brink of war,
how can we divert our forces

into such a pointless expedition?

Suppose this is yet another
Draconian trick to divide our strength?

My dear chap,
I'm not asking for a battle fleet.

All I require is one small spaceship.

Your request is granted.

On the contrary, your request is denied.

My authority...

In a purely military
matter of this kind, madam,

your authority is limited.

I can overrule you.

Only with the backing
of the full Earth senate.

And do you think they will give it?

How can we expect help
from a man such as this?

This is the man who deliberately
caused war between our people!

That is untrue!

Twenty years ago,
you destroyed a Draconian ship

that had come in a mission of peace.

A ship that was about to open fire on us
when we were damaged and helpless.

They came in peace,
as had been arranged.

Then why didn't they answer my signals?

Their communications equipment
had been destroyed in a neutron storm.

The same neutron storm
that damaged your ship!

Is this true?

I have read the records
of my father's court.

It is the truth.

But why a battle cruiser?

The agreement was that both ships
were to be unarmed.

Naturally, we sent a cruiser.

How else should a nobleman
of Draconia travel?

But its missile banks were empty,
the ship was unarmed.

Well, very soon we shall be landing.

I think, Miss Grant, you had better
prepare yourself for a long stay.

I'm afraid it's not
a very comfortable place,

but as the old song says,

"Be it ever so humble,
there's no place like home. "

Your Highness,

please accept my deepest regrets
for the wrong I have done your people.

Then, can I take it, sir, that you will
now authorise the expedition?

I intend to lead it.

If the planet of the Ogrons exists,
we shall find it.

Be careful down here.

This way.

Right, in there.

Well, Miss Grant,
welcome to my humble abode.

I think you were better off in prison.

Oh, temporary quarters, my dear.

I shall soon be changing them
for something better.

Oh, you'll soon be back in jail.

When the truth gets out,

Earth and Draconia will combine
their forces to attack you.

I don't think so.
There's too much distrust between them.

The Doctor will find you, eventually.

Ah, there I agree with you.
He must find me.

Not only to rescue you,

but also to be reunited
with his beloved TARDIS.

You know, Miss Grant,
I'm going to set a trap for the Doctor.

And you are going to help me.


No noble speeches to the effect that
you'd rather die than betray the Doctor?

You know I'm not going to help you.

I know that you are.

I know that you will obey me.

You will obey me! I am the Master...

"Mary had a little lamb,
his fleece was white as snow,

"and everywhere that Mary went,

-"the lamb was sure to go. "
-You will obey me...

"Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall,
Humpty Dumpty had a great fall... "

Stop that, Miss Grant!

It's a form of self-conditioning.

You fill your mind with nonsense
and then you can't be hypnotised.

-"See-saw, Margery Daw...
-You will obey me.

"Johnny shall have a new master.

-"He shall have but a penny a day...
-You will...

-"Because he can't work any faster... "
-Obey me!

All right, all right,
all right, all right!

I was never very fond
of nursery rhymes anyhow!

Then you'll just have to give up
all hope of hypnotising me, won't you?

Once was quite enough, thank you.


In that case,
I shall have to try something else.

You may have heard this
noise before, Miss Grant.

It works directly on the fear centres
deep in your mind!