Doctor Who (1963–1989): Season 10, Episode 10 - Frontier in Space: Episode Two - full transcript

The Doctor and Jo are taken to Earth, where both humans and Draconians believe them to be a spy for the other side.


GARDINER: Earth battle cruiser
to Earth cargo ship number C982,

we're now approaching you.
Do you read me? Over.

Earth battle cruiser
to Earth cargo ship number C982,

we are now approaching you.
Do you read me?

Do you read me?

Prepare to be boarded.
Repeat. Prepare to be boarded.

Do you read me? Over.

Hello, battle cruiser, battle cruiser,
this is the cargo ship. Over.

What is your situation?

The ship has been attacked
and the cargo stolen. Over.

Do you have casualties?

Yes, the crew are stunned
but otherwise they're unharmed. Over.

We shall lock on. Five seconds from now.

DOCTOR: It's all right, Jo.
We're being rescued.

-What happened?
-Now don't worry, old chap.

You'll be all right.

Draconians! They're boarding!

-Stewart? Who are you?

I see. Having a fancy-dress party?
What happened?

-Dragons attacked us.
-Did they get the cargo?

-I don't know.
-Yes, they took everything.

Including some rather valuable
property of mine.

-Well, tough luck.
-Oh, thank you very much.

-Dragons... They attacked us.
-Yes, we know.

You say you're passengers. Isn't that
a little unusual on a cargo ship?

Well, we're here, aren't we?

Where did you pick these two up?

I don't know.
I can't seem to remember...

Pull yourself together!
How did they get on board?

That's it, they were stowaways.

-They were sending messages.
-That's right.

They were helping the Dragons.
They're traitors!

But that's absolute nonsense.

Look, we didn't want to be on this ship.
It was an accident.

You said you were passengers.

I was merely trying to avoid a lot of
tiresome explanations, old chap.

Stewart, I'll leave Kemp on board
to take your ship back to Earth.

What about these two?

Lock them in the hold,
put a guard on them.

-But we haven't done anything.
-They say you have. Take them away.

They'll listen, it's their business.

-Put them in the starboard cubicle.
-All right, get moving.

In there.

Oops. No need to push.


Listen. The ships, they're unlocking.

Still watching the door.

That's what he's there for, isn't it?

Right, we'll give it a few minutes,

then I'll start groaning
and pretending I'm ill,

when he comes in you can use
your Venusian karate.

-And then what?
-Then we'll take his gun,

go to the flight deck
and make somebody take us back to Earth.

Jo, this ship's already going back
to Earth.

Oh. Oh, dear. Hmm.

Hey, I've got a terrific idea.

I saw this film once, you see,
and there were these two big gangsters,

big fellas they were,
with sort of cauliflower ears...

-Look, Jo!
-And one of them...

Will you stop pacing up and down
like a perishing panda.

Now, come and sit down.
Let me think, will you?

That's better.

Doctor, well, now the Ogrons have gone,

why don't the crewmen remember
what really happened?

Because the true facts have been
erased from their minds, that's why.

Well, yes, but why did they keep telling
lies about us?

Oh, they don't know
that they're lying, Jo.

They're desperately trying to fit us
into their version of things.

Well, what are we going to do then?

Well, when we get back to Earth,

we've got to reach someone in authority
whose mind isn't already closed.

Closed to what?

Jo, look, these people believe

that the Draconians are attacking
their spaceships, right?

-We know that they're wrong, don't we?

Well, yes, it was Ogrons.

Oh, we also know that the Ogrons
couldn't possibly

have created that hallucinatory device

that makes the Earthmen think
they're Draconians.

Oh. Oh, well, that's simple then.

I mean, what we've got to is
find out what's going on,

who's behind the Ogrons,
where they've taken the TARDIS,

go and get it back
and then we can all go home.


Oh. I don't know what
I've been worrying about.

We are now in space port 10.

The ship will land in 15 minutes.
The crew are safe.

Also aboard, two human stowaways,
origins unknown.

I want a cordon around the landing area,
the minute that ship touches down.

Nobody on, nobody off till I get there.


I'd better get down there. I want handle
the preliminary interrogations myself.


General Williams, whatever you find out
you'll report directly to me.


Now, if you'll excuse me.

What did they think they're doing?

We've been landed for simply ages.

Well, 12 minutes, to be exact, Jo.



Someone's coming.

-We want to see somebody in authority.

You're going to but outside.

Now then, what's all this about?

-Draconian agents? Are you sure?
-What else can they be?

Their story is obvious nonsense.

But why? We...

Why would the Draconians
leave them on board the ship?

The Draconians are preparing for war.

You're still only suspecting that.
There is no proof.

Then they need to plant human agents,

traitors, on this planet
to sabotage our war effort.

But we are bound to suspect them.
They must have realised.

The Draconians probably thought
the crew was dead.

We could easily have accepted those two
as passengers,

two unfortunate refugees
from a Draconian attack,

ideally placed for espionage.

If you are right, the sooner we confront
the Draconians with this, the better.


Bring the prisoners in.

We'll bring them face to face
with the Draconian ambassador.

In there.

-When did you last eat?
-Quite some while ago.

Well, I'll see they send you some food.

I'd like to get a message through
to your president.

Not a chance.

I'm going straight back to my ship.

Don't want to get mixed up
with security.

It's not healthy.

-Look, I'll give you a piece of advice.

Sooner or later,
you're going to tell them everything.

They'll use the mind probe.
You talk to them now.

You'll save yourselves a lot of trouble.

A mind probe?

Oh, you don't want to worry
about those things, Jo.

As long as you tell 'em the truth,
they can't do you any harm.

-They can't?
-No, of course not.

Well, they're only sort of computers
with a few extra knobs on.

And you know how stupid
computers can be, don't you?

Now come and sit down, stop worrying.
Come on. Sit down.

Did I ever tell you the story about how
I was once captured by the Medusoids?

-What are they?

How can I describe them to you?

Well, they're a hairy jellyfish
with claws, teeth and a leg.


Anyway, they put me under one of
these mind probes things, you see,

and tried to get me to tell them
where I was going.

So, I said I was on my way
to meet a giant rabbit,

a pink elephant
and a purple horse with yellow spots.

(LAUGHING) What happened?

Well, the poor old machine
just couldn't believe it,

-had a nervous breakdown.
-And then what happened?

Well, they put me under
another one of these mind probe things

and the same thing happened.

But you weren't telling the truth.

I mean, you weren't really going to
meet a giant rabbit,

a pink elephant and a... What was it?

A purple horse with yellow spots.
Yes, I was.

You see, they were all delegates for the
third Intergalactic Peace Conference.

How did you get away from these things?

Well, they had to turn me loose

-They ran out of mind probes.


PRESIDENT: And you are quite
sure it was a Draconian battle cruiser.

Of course, Madam.

They locked on and boarded us.

We saw them. They were Draconians.

Thank you. That will be all.

I hope you will soon recover
from your ordeal.

Well, Your Highness?

These men are your servants.

They are saying what they
have been ordered to say.

On this occasion, we have more
than our servants to confront you with.

We have captured
two of your human agents.

We have no human agents.

Subversion and espionage are
expressly forbidden

by the treaty of peace
between our two empires.

A treaty which you have
flagrantly broken.

I shall return to my embassy.

Just a moment please, Your Highness.
Bring them in.

These people stowed away
on the cargo ship.

They transmitted signals

which enabled your battle cruiser
to home in on its prey.

I know nothing of this.

Perhaps you do not, but some servant
of the Draconian empire employed them.


I can assure that
I've never been employed by anybody.

Least of all by the Draconians.

Your servants should have been
better rehearsed in their lies.

Or they're showing a misguided loyalty
to their Draconian masters.

If we really were working
for the Draconians,

why did they leave us in your ship?

To act as spies when
you were brought back to Earth.

Allow me to congratulate you, sir.

You have the most totally closed mind
that I've ever encountered.

Madam, I beg of you to listen to me.

Some third party is trying to
provoke war between Earth and Draconia.

You are both being duped.

Take them away.

Just a minute, please.

Why should a third party wish
to do this?

I've no idea, Madam,

but believe me,
that is what is happening.

Take them away.

Now please listen to me!

If you don't you'll be involved in a war
that could cause the death of millions.

Is this the evidence
upon which you accuse me?

I must ask you to convey
a formal protest to your Emperor.

I shall inform him of this latest insult
to the honour of the Draconian empire.

We should have used the mind probe
before we saw the ambassador.

If we'd had a full confession...

Has it occurred to you that they
might have been speaking the truth?

(SCOFFING) Is it likely?

Mysterious alien giants
that can change their form?

A pocket spaceship
that appears inside another?

I suppose you're right.
It is nonsensical.

Just you leave them to me.

I'll get the truth out of them,

Well, we've seen the President.

I've got to get them to listen to me,
for their sakes as well as ours.

Well, why their sakes?

Well, that was a Draconian
with the President, you know?

-Obviously an ambassador of some kind.

Well, clearly Earth and Draconia
are on the brink of war,

and they both believe
it's the other's fault.

Well, never mind about that.
What about getting us out of here?

Well, I can but try.

Yeah, seems a fairly conventional
type of electronic lock,

rather old-fashioned really. Here goes.



Yes, well, I think we'll sit here
for a while after all.

But why?

Why should they produce
such an elaborate lie?

The ways of the Earthmen are devious.
They're an inscrutable species.

Obviously, they are preparing
the next stage of their plan.

First, the attacks on our ships
and now this.

Is it possible, Your Highness, that
for once the Earthmen spoke the truth?

Some plan of the Emperor of which
Your Highness has not been informed?

The Emperor would not possibly
contemplate such a plan.

We do not break the treaty of peace.

Shall I prepare your Excellency's report
to the Emperor on this meeting?

I must have more information.

It would be useful to question
the humans who were found on the ship.

They are supposed to be prisoners.

Prisoners have been known to escape,
Your Highness.

Not without help.

And that would be a grave act
of hostility.

I could not possibly countenance
such a plan.

But, should two escaping prisoners

seek sanctuary in this embassy,

it would be uncivilised
to turn them away.

I must not detain you longer.

No doubt you have duties
demanding your attention?

Your Highness.



The First Secretary from
the Draconian embassy

wishes to speak you, Madam President.

Very well.

I'm honoured that you consent
to speak to me, Madam President.

What is it that you wish to say?

It concerns the two Earthmen

who were found on board your cargo ship.


His Highness would like to question them

in your presence, of course,
Madam President.

For what purpose?

His Highness feels that such an
interrogation would help to convince you

that they are not agents of Draconia.

I shall have them brought here

I suggest His Highness joins me here.
We shall question them together.

-On your feet.
-Hmm, why?

You heard me. Move.

Not unless you give me some good reason.

The President wants you.
Is that good enough?

Perhaps she believed you?

Are you sure it's the President and
not another ridiculous interrogation?

I said move!

Come on, Jo,
perhaps we can convince them after all.

DOCTOR: Move, Jo! Get up! Run!

Quickly, the Doctor!

But you don't understand!

It's the Draconians.
They've got the Doctor.

We must demand the immediate
withdrawal of the Draconian embassy.

Break off diplomatic relations

What diplomatic relations?

The embassy staff have behaved
like criminals.

We don't know that the ambassador
was behind this.

The attackers were Draconians.
They were clearly seen.

The Draconian embassy tricked you
into moving the prisoners,

then mounted an armed attack
in order to rescue their agents.

-Is the girl here?
-She's outside now.


Bring the girl in.
I wish to question her.

And the closing of
the Draconian embassy?

I do not intend to
break off diplomatic relations.

But surely there's no alternative
once this news gets out.

Then it mustn't, General Williams.

It is your responsibility to ensure

a complete security blackout
on this incident.

Very well, Madam. Under protest.

You can go.

Come forward, my dear.

You realise that the escape
of your colleague

has left you in a very serious position?

But he didn't escape, he was kidnapped!

He was rescued
by your Draconian paymasters.

The wisest course you can take now
is to make a full confession.

Remember your colleague has left you
to your fate.

But you've got it all wrong!

You see, the Doctor was pleased
when you sent for him

because he wanted to talk to you. And...

We have eye-witness reports
on what occurred.

We need to know how you came to work
for the Draconians.

When were you recruited?

How many agents do they have on Earth?

What are their plans?

If you tell us everything,

I'll promise I'll see to it personally
that you will be treated leniently.

But I don't know what
you're talking about.

Look, we told you the truth when
we first came here.

We're not working for the Draconians.

We're wasting time.

I suggest you let me apply depth
interrogation techniques without delay.

Look, you can use your mind probe
or whatever.

I'm telling you the truth.

Well, I must say it's very nice of
you gentlemen to invite me here.

And where is Miss Grant?

Your companion is still with
your fellow Earthmen.

Don't you realise what you've done?

You've now finally convinced them
that we're both Draconian agents.

There is no need to
maintain this pretence.

We know that you are both agents
of the Earth government.

You're part of a plot
against the Draconian empire.

My dear chap, I've already
been through all this

with the President of Earth.
She thinks I'm working for you.

-You are working for General Williams.
-I'm what?

General Williams hates our people.

Once before, he caused war
between us and the Earthmen.

Now he plans to do so again.

And such a war would be madness
since both empires will be destroyed.

Yes, I couldn't agree with you more.

That's exactly what I've been trying to
say to you.

The Earth cargo ship was not attacked
by Draconians.

It was not attacked at all.
The whole story is a lie!

I can assure you that it was attacked,
but by Ogrons.


Some third party's employing them

trying to make trouble
between Earth and Draconia.

If you tell us the details
of General Williams' plan,

we shall be able to
expose him to your President.

There will still be a chance for peace.

My dear chap, nobody is more devoted
to the cause of peace than I am.

But I cannot tell you something
that I don't know.

We have mind-probing techniques

just as efficient as those
employed by you Earthmen.

If you do not speak now,
we shall force you to confess.

Don't you realise you're
completely on the wrong tack?

There is a plot, yes.

But the Earthmen are not behind it,
any more than you are.

Take him away!


Stop him!



Hello, Jo.

Doctor, where've you been?

I've been paying a brief but unwilling
visit to the Draconian embassy.

And I'm afraid I had to
leave in rather a hurry

and found myself back here.

What happened?

Well, believe it or believe it not, Jo,

they think we're working for General
Williams and trying to provoke a war.

Oh, no!

Yes, Earth is blaming Draconia
and Draconia is blaming Earth.

-And both sides are blaming us.
-That's about it.


What's the matter?

Well, that sound, the one
I heard on the cargo ship.

I think I can hear it again.


JO: Ogrons!

You, come!