Doctor Who (1963–1989): Season 10, Episode 1 - The Three Doctors: Episode One - full transcript

Time itself is in peril! The three Doctors are united against an old enemy from the distant past of Gallifrey. Vital cosmic energy is draining into a black hole and the Time Lords are under siege. The Doctor is their only hope but, trapped in the TARDIS, he's powerless. The only way out is to break the First Law of Time to let the Doctor help himself - literally.



- Dr Tyler, is it?
- Yes, sorry to be a trouble.

Arthur's keeping an eye on it
by the lake. He hasn't touched it.

- Ah, good.
- It's not chemicals, is it?

- The birds, you see.
- Nothing to worry about.




Mr Ollis!

Mr Ollis?

Put me through to UNIT HQ, please.

There you are. Mrs Ollis says her husband's
down there, I get there, and there he is, gone!

So, I got in touch with you lot.

That's what we're here for, eh, Doctor?

- Yes, of course.
- What exactly is this machine for?

Cosmic ray research, Miss Grant.

- Do you still use balloons?
- Yes. We may not be NASA

but we get the results.

Inside is the most sophisticated
cosmic ray monitoring device

between here and Cape Kennedy.
You see, I was going to contact you

- even before this business.
- Why was that?

Can you give me that briefcase, please?

Well, we've been getting some pretty
funny results on these latest tests.

Now, this is the first one, you see?
This is normal.

Now, then, this is why I'm here.

Last week's test. Look at that.

- Good grief!
- Nobody knows what to make of it.

They've all seen it -

- Yanks and the other lot.
- Oh?

This is what really put the tin hat on it.

It's from that deep space monitor
Houston put up.

- Look at those readings.
- The Doctor's the...

- The Doctor's the man...
- Oh, I see.

Thank you.

It's travelling faster than light!

- Yes, and it can't, can it?
- Hmm.

I don't know what to make of it!

It's come all that way
through millions of star systems.

It must have been directed, and it
must have been directed at us. Why?

Why indeed, Professor Tyler, why indeed?

- Is there anything I can do?
- Yes, pass me a silicon rod.

I meant is there anything UNIT can do
about this space lightning business?

Lightning? I suppose it could
look like lightning, only it isn't.

I'd say it was compressed light -
a controlled superlucent emission.

- A what?
- It travels faster than light.

- Thank you.
- Is your machine functioning properly?

I think so. I haven't developed
that latest plate yet.

Please do so and let me know the results.

Jo, let's look at the scene of the crime.

- Everything you need is here.
- Thanks!


I can manage now, thank you.

I'm delighted to hear it. Make yourself at home.

We're only supposed to be
a top-secret security establishment (!)

Liberty Hall, Dr Tyler.

Liberty Hall!


That shouldn't happen.

That definitely shouldn't happen!


- This here's the place, all right!
- Are you sure?

The Land Rover tracks stop here.

The other gentleman's been and gone.

You've not seen your husband
since this morning?

- No. Nothing unusual in that.
- Hmm.

He'll be off somewhere.
We shan't see him till dark.

I can look for him if you like.

No, it's not important.

Please yourself. I'll get on, then.

It IS important, isn't it, Doctor?

Yes, Jo. Yes, it's much
more important than I thought.

Dr Tyler, these reports might interest...


Dr Tyler!

Sergeant Benton!


- Dr Tyler is wandering around. Bring him here.
- Yes, sir.

Let's see what Dr Tyler's
found out about that plate.

What's that?

Back slowly away behind the car!

Do as I say!

- What is it?
- When I tell you to run, run!

Right, run!

What happened? What is that?

I don't know.

Poor old Bessie!

Right, come on.


- Well, where is he?
- Sorry, sir. We couldn't find him.

Dr Tyler has disappeared.
We've searched everywhere.

There was an explosion in the garage, sir.

- What explosion? I heard nothing.
- No, you wouldn't.

- There was a flash.
- Yes. A release of kinetic energy.

- Did Bessie misfire?
- It's far more serious than that.

- You'd better check, Benton.
- I shouldn't go near it.

- Not at the moment.
- What shall I do, sir?

I suggest you put a guard on the drains.

- The drains?
- Yes!

Put the men on standby, Benton.

Right away, sir.

All right, Brigadier,
what's the situation as you see it?

I've just had a call from Mrs Ollis.

- Her husband hasn't returned.
- Oh, no!

- I was afraid that might happen.
- We've got 1,500 acres to cover.

I shouldn't bother looking for him.
You'll find that THAT'S Mr Ollis.

This is the plate Tyler was developing?

That's right.

When I came back with the satellite
reports, Tyler had disappeared,

and this box was open as it is now.

- Nothing's been moved?
- Nothing.

Excuse me a minute, will you?



All right, Brigadier, go on.

These are tracking reports
from almost every country in the world.

It looks as if Tyler was right.

That light beam scanned the earth
like a searchlight and chose us.

It would help this investigation
if you were a little more forthcoming!

Tell him about Bessie, Doctor.

Oh, yes. Well, Brigadier,
now Bessie has disappeared.

- What?
- But it was after us!

- What was after you?
- A powerful organism thing

with a very strong hunting instinct.

- It was hunting YOU, wasn't it?
- Yes, I'm afraid so.

Do you mean that this whole thing's
just for your benefit?

That's right. That stuff ignored me
as soon as it saw the Doctor.

- What about this chap Ollis?
- Perhaps this thing was confused,

or its instructions weren't getting through.

- And Tyler?
- Tyler...


That was its second mistake -
in this laboratory where I work.

- Its third mistake was Bessie.
- And you were in Bessie!

So there's a link between the beam
and this organism thing?

Yes, I think that that beam
was the method it used to get here.

Well, now it's arrived and it's hostile

and it's still here, so what
do we do and how do we find it?

We don't find it. If we wait around
long enough, it'll find us.

Holy Moses! What's that?!

Get Sergeant Benton, quick!

- How many of them?
- I'm not sure.

They're springing out all over the place.

You hold them off here and I'll cover the back.

You men, come with me!

Hurry! Fire at will!

Where are those creatures coming from?

From the same source as that organism thing.

First the scout, then the reinforcements.

- Their tactics are very good.
- Let's hope Benton's are even better!

Hurry, men, and keep your heads down!


Great shot, Johnson!

Brigadier, do you read me, over?

(BRIGADIER) What's the situation, over?

We're under attack from all sides.

Nothing seems to touch them, nothing, over.

Get the men out. Complete evacuation,
then report to me in the laboratory, over.

I'd better see what's happening.

- Stay here.
- There's no point going anywhere else!

(BENTON SHOUTS) Everybody! Move!

You ought to get out of here, too.

I'm staying right here with you!

Please do as I ask. They won't harm you.
I'm the one they're after.

I'll just have to risk it, won't I?

Jo, Doctor, have you seen the Brigadier?

Please take Miss Grant with you...

I'm sorry. My orders were to report here.

Into the Tardis quickly!

Right, force field on.

You were going off without me, weren't you?

Well, Sergeant, aren't you going to say

that it's bigger on the inside
than on the outside?

That's obvious, isn't it? Nothing to do with you
surprises me any more.

Thank you for the compliment!




It's not reacting. I'll have to send an SOS.

- I hate having to call them.
- What were you planning to do?

I was planning to lure that stuff
away from Earth,

but now that it's immobilised
the Tardis, we're trapped.

- What are we going to do?
- We'll watch that thing in comfort,

send in a report and see what they think.

- Who are "they"?
- The Time Lords.

- Things are pretty serious.
- Yes, they are.



Is the Doctor holding out?

We're giving his Tardis
all the energy we can spare.

And the hostile?

Unidentified still, my Lord.

And the source of this beam?

You see, Chancellor? The black hole.

That's a nowhere - no place, a void!

According to all known laws,
nothing can exist there.

Yet, through this black hole,
vital cosmic energy is draining away.

The time travel facility is in danger, my Lord.

Without it, we're helpless!
Unless the energy loss is stopped,

the whole fabric of space time will
be destroyed. We are being consumed

- and can find no way to fight back!
- You mean we face a force

- equal to our own?
- Equal and opposite to our own.

A force which inhabits a universe
where even WE cannot exist?

Yes. A force in the universe of anti-matter!

That's too terrible to contemplate!
Someone must help the Doctor!

I agree, but everyone is needed
to combat the energy drain.

Are you saying we can't help him?

Yes, I am,

but perhaps he CAN help himself.

Show me the Doctor's time stream -

his earlier self before he changed his form.

He cannot cross his own time stream.

Apart from the enormous energy it would need,

the first law of time forbids him
to meet his other selves!

I am aware of that, but this is an emergency.

But you can't!

Your Excellency, I have to!

Be it on your own head.

Now show me.

- Odd... Nobody touched anything, did they?

- (BOTH) No.
- You heard it, didn't you?

Yes, and felt it, too.
Could it be that stuff outside?

I don't think so. Hello, what's this?

It seems strangely familiar. Is it yours, Jo?

- A flute! No.
- Properly speaking, it's a recorder.

Thank you!

I was wondering where that got to!

You haven't been trying to play this, have you?

Oh! You've been doing
the Tardis up a bit! I don't like it!

Oh, my word!



Oh, dear, we ARE in trouble,
aren't we? Just as well I turned up!

- Doctor! Where did YOU spring from?
- Don't tell me!

- Corporal Benton, isn't it?
- Sergeant Benton now.

I haven't seen you since
that nasty business with the Cybermen!

Who is he and how did he get in here?

Well, it's a bit difficult to explain, Jo.

- Is he one of them?
- Not so much one of them as one of us.

One of me to be precise.

Oh, no, no, no! Sorry, my dear,
I hate to be contrary,

but he's confused, poor chap,
and you need the correct explanation.

- You don't mind, do you?
- Yes!

I didn't think you would. You see, Jo...

I may call you Jo?

You see, he is one of me.

- Oh, I see. You're both Time Lords.
- Well, quite.

- Well, not quite.
- Oh.

Not JUST Time Lords.

We're the SAME Time Lord.

You're confusing my assistant. It's quite simple.

- I am he and he is me.
- And we're all together,

goo-goo-goo-g'joob (?)
It's a song by the Beatles.

- How does it go?
- Be quiet!

- Look, is he REALLY you?
- Yes, I'm afraid so.

I think he is, Miss Grant.

When the Brig and I first met
the Doctor, he looked like him.

- How?
- You've got no right to be here.

- That's the first law of time.
- Perhaps I could explain?

- Perhaps you could!
- Our fellow Time Lords out there

are just as much under siege as we are!

They managed to summon up
enough temporal energy

to lift me out of my bit
of our time stream and pop me

- into my own future, so to speak.
- Why?

My dear fellow, you are being
a bit dim, aren't you?

Your effectiveness is doubled!

Halved more like!

Now, now, no need to be ungracious.

Let's have a look at our problem,
shall we? You don't mind, do you?

- Be my guest!
- Thank you!

(SOLDIER) Good grief! What's that?

Don't just stand there! Open fire!

- Pull back!
- Dear old Lethbridge-Stewart!

Still blazing away as usual!

They'll be all right as long
as they keep out of its way.

Now you can see our problem.

Yes, most unpleasant.
They are very worried, you know.

Yes, and so am I. Perhaps I ought
to put you in the picture.


- Contact.
- Contact.


I see.

So it's after YOU,

or should I say US?

That's right, and as they can't help us,

- we'll just have to help ourselves.
- Twinkle, twinkle, little star!


- What was that about?
- A telepathic conference, I think.

Are you going to criticise
my music all the time?

We've achieved transference.

- Splendid!
- I don't think it will work!

- Why?
- They refuse to co-operate.

I see. Well, we'll soon settle that.
Show me the earliest Doctor.

- But surely...
- Show me.

He'll keep them in order.

- You've been fiddling with it!
- It was fine until you touched it!

- Leave things to me!
- Then we'd be in a fine pickle!

There they go again!

Doctor, look!

Both of you! Look!

Ah, there you are!

I seem to be stuck up here.

Hmm? Hmm?

Oh, so you're my replacements.
A dandy and a clown!

- Have you done anything?
- We've assessed the situation...

Just as I thought! Nothing!

Well, it's not easy.

- We don't know what that stuff is.
- Then I'll tell you.

It's a time bridge.

- It's a what?
- I see!

Now, what's a bridge for, eh?

- Well, um...
- Crossing?

Right, so stop dilly-dallying and cross it!

No, wait!

- You faded him again!
- I did not!

- Yes, you did!
- I hate to ask, but who was that?

(BOTH) Me!

(BOTH) Me!

- Call, will you?
- Heads!

Hard luck.

All right.

Disconnect the force field.

- What are you going to do?
- Now!

- Doctor, no!
- Jo, get back!