Doctor Who (1963–1989): Season 1, Episode 9 - The Expedition - full transcript

The Doctor and his friends realise that their only chance of recovering the fluid link is to persuade the Thals to fight back against the Daleks.

-The fluid link.
-You've lost it?

-Ian, you can't have.

The Daleks took it from me
when they searched me.

It must be down there somewhere. In the city.

Subbed by Corax

Time Adjustments by MacLeod

?.? ?.?

The drug has been duplicated.

And the distribution?

The drug is to be taken by sections of us

so work will not be interrupted.

Have you processed the pictures?

Appearing now on frequency 6.

It is the elder prisoner.

Show second picture.

The girl and the young woman.

Is that the body of the fourth prisoner?

The young man?

If so, he has been injured.

Show third picture.

They have made contact with the Thals.

It is logical that together they will attack us.

No. And that is my final word.

Be careful what you're doing up there, Susan.

Oh, it's all right, Mr Chesterton. I'm quite safe.

No good. I've tried everything I know.

They just won't risk a fight with the Daleks.

The trouble is, I can't go too far.

-What do you mean?
-Well, why should they help us?

Some of them are bound to get killed.

What argument can you use
to make a man sacrifice himself for you?

Ian, you don't seem to understand.

We'll be prisoners here unless
we can think of some way

of getting that fluid link back from the Daleks.

I am quite well aware of that, Barbara.

And you know very well
they'll find a way out of their city.

-I know....
-Well, you know they will.

Well, they need metal to travel on.

Oh, they'll find a way. They're clever enough.

They'll find us and kill us,
you know that as well as I do.

Look, even supposing you're right,

I will not ask the Thals
to sacrifice themselves for us.

-I'm sorry, Barbara. I just can't do it.
-Ian, why can't you see?

-Any luck, Grandfather?

Well, have you made another fluid link yet?

No, I can't, my child.
And I've looked through all my spares

and I've really discovered
we do need some mercury.

-Oh, no.
-It's put us in a bit of a jam.

I must get that fluid link back again.

I'm afraid my little trick
has rather rebounded on me.

What you might call
tempting providence, Chesserman.

Well, don't worry about it now, Doctor.
It's happened.

Yes, well, at least you're not vindictive.

Well, I will be if you don't get my name right.


-It's ''Chesterton''.
-Yes. Hey? I know that.

How you two can stand there wasting time
with small talk beats me.

I can assure you, young lady,
I haven't been wasting my time.

-There's always a way.
-You always think of something, Grandfather.

Thank you, my dear. Your faith in me
is something that I prize very highly.

You all realise, of course, we cannot
succeed against the Daleks alone?

-Of course not.
-We have a ready-made army here. The Thals.

They're strong and they have one great
advantage against the Daleks.

They can move so much more quickly.

They have one great disadvantage.
They have no arms or ammunition.

Well, that's all right, young man.
The mind will always triumph.

With me to lead them,
the Thals are bound to succeed.

But, Grandfather, we've been talking
and arguing about this all morning.

The Thals won't fight. They're against war.

My dear child, this is no time for morals.

-They must fight for us.

Oh, my dear young man,
I do hope you're not going to be difficult.

The Doctor's right. Ian, can't you see?

If only we can get the Thals to attack the city,
we could beat the Daleks and get the link back.

It's just common sense.

Young lady, I've been underestimating you.

I will not allow you to use the Thals to fight for us.

-Are you challenging me?
-Yes, I am.

-Do I have any say in this?
-Of course you do.

Well, I think the Doctor's right
and I want to get out of here.

I am sorry, I'm not having
anyone's death on my conscience.

-Except mine and Susan's and the Doctor's?
-Quite so.

The only way the Thals can fight
is if they themselves want to.

-It must have nothing whatsoever to do with us.
-I know what you mean.

We must help the Thals to save themselves
and not just them help us.


-All you're doing is playing with words.
-We need action, not arguments.

Now listen, you two.

What victory are you going to show these people
when most of them have been killed?

A fluid link?

Is this what you're going
to hold up to them and say,

''Thank you very much.
This is what you fought and died for''?

-The thing is, can the Thals still fight?
-Well, that's what we've got to find out.

Are they cowards
or are they just against fighting on principle?

-Well, how can we find out?
-Well, I've got an idea.

But whatever I do, don't interfere.
I'm not even sure that I'm right.

Well, let's see what happens.

-Hm, strange young man.
-He's right, though.

-Yes, he is.
-Yes, we'll see. have self-respect.

At this moment, anyone could come in here.

-They could rob, they could steal...
-Let's see what he's up to.

...they could even kill you.
And you wouldn't lift a finger to help yourselves.

We will not fight. There will be no more wars.

Look at our planet.

This was once a great world,
full of ideas and art and invention.

In one day it was destroyed.

And you will never find one good reason

why we should ever begin
destroying everything again.

-I'm sorry.
-You're not sorry.

You stand here, mumbling
a lot of words out of your history.

But it means nothing. Nothing at all.

You carry this around with you.
Your history records.

Well, it must be valuable to you.

Supposing I take it down to the city
and try and trade with the Daleks?

Perhaps they'd think it valuable enough
to exchange for our fluid link.

-I don't believe you'd do it.
-I would.

None of us would stop you.

If I don't get the fluid link back,
the four of us will die.

Perhaps the Daleks are more interested in people?

Maybe they were holding us to experiment on us?

I could take them an alternative.

So, there is something you'll fight for?

Help. Cannot control.

Cannot control! Help me! Help me! Help! Help!

Help! Help!





DALEK: (OVER SPEAKER) Emergency! Emergency!

All Daleks in section 3 are incapable of working.

Section 3?

That was the first section to get
the anti-radiation drug received from the Thals.

Stand-by for a general announcement.

This is control.

All distribution of the anti-radiation drug
is to be stopped immediately.

The Dalek race has become
conditioned to radiation.

But if you are right, we are in danger.

DALEK: All Daleks in section 3 are dying.

They must be examined immediately.

Look, the disease has reached us in here.

-Then we cannot delay.
-But what are we to do?

Is this the end of the Daleks?

We need radiation to survive.

So, we must increase our supply of radiation.

But there is only one way to do that.


We may have to explode another neutron bomb.

-Why don't you sleep?

Are you angry with yourself
for striking the young man?

No, I knew he was trying to make me do it.
I still couldn't stop myself.

Do you despise me for hitting him?

If you hadn't fought him,
I think I would have hated you.

I knew he wouldn't really take you
and give you to the Daleks.

But I fought him.

Oh, I wish Temmosus were here.

What would he have said, Dyoni?
Which is the most important?

To fight and live, or to die without fighting?

-What will happen now?
-I don't know.

We always do what the leader of our race
decides for us.

He never decides anything
without our full approval.

And if Alydon decides not to help us?

Well, we'll have to wait till the morning.

What's that light in the sky?

-It's a reflection from the city, I suppose.
-No, the lake.

Some sort of chemical in the water
that makes it glow in the moonlight.

-You've been down there?

There's horror down there in the swamp.

Five of us went there in search of food and...

only my brother and I came back.

What happened to the others?

Well, we found what was left of one of them.

The lake is alive with mutations,

bred and crossbred
until the original has long been replaced by....

I'm sorry. I'm being morbid.


I don't mind as long as we're this far away.

But I wonder why the Daleks
haven't cleaned it out? Killed everything?

Why should they?

Isn't it the perfect defence for the back of a city?

Only a fool would attack the city from the lake.

Has the anti-radiation drug
distribution been stopped?

Yes. Only Daleks in section 2 and 3 received it.

All Daleks in section 3 have now died.

Daleks in section 2 are to be brought
to the sonic chamber.

We will direct the air polluted by radiation

away from the nuclear reactors
into the sonic chamber.

And if they do not die, we shall have our answer.

But if we need radiation,
we can never rebuild the world outside.

We do not have to adapt to the environment.

We will change the environment to suit us.

I have one question to ask of you.

If we do not help you, what will you do?

We'll find our way into the city,
and take back our lost equipment.

You see, we cannot stand by
and let these people die.

If we do not help them, it would be
the same as if we had killed them ourselves.

Well, the way I have reasoned is this.

The Daleks are strong and they hate us.

And I am sure they will find a way
to come out of their city and kill us.

So, it is not merely a question of
whether we go off in a vain search for food

and in all probability starve to death.
We face death now.

In the city is enough food for all of us
and all of the Daleks, a hundred times over.

My conclusion is this.

There is no indignity in being afraid to die.

But, there is a terrible shame
in being afraid to live.

If none of you agree with my reasons,

then let me go with these people,
and I will help you elect a new chief.

-I'll go with you, Alydon.
-And I.

-Let's start at once.
-And I.

Thank you.

You knew what my decision would be?

I could always have destroyed it
if you'd decided differently.

If we get this intelligent anticipation,
we shall succeed.

Let's see this.

-Now, what is this area here?
-The swamp.

Here are the mountains.
This is the far side of the city.

I've been into the swamp.
It's surrounded by lakes, here, as you see.

The lakes are inhabited by
all sorts of strange creatures.

Can we get into the city this way?

-Over the mountains?

-That means going through that swamp.
-We can't go through the swamp.

-It's too dangerous.
-It is dangerous, yes, but...

I realised last night when I was
talking to Barbara that it is undefended.

Undefended? It's a perfect natural barrier.

All those creatures, you know that yourself.

Yes, I know, but I mean the Daleks
won't be on guard there.

There's a chance to take them by surprise.

Believe me, I'm not happy about this,
but it's the best possible chance there is.

Yes, yes.
Well, now, I suggest we split into two groups.

The one to distract the Daleks on the city wall side

and the others to try
and force a way through the mountains.

-Yes, I think that's the best plan.
-Are we all agreed?

Yes. Very well, then.

That is what we must do.

The laser scope is transmitting.

The quality is poor.

What has happened? Has this group broken away?

Is there a plan behind it? Why divide their forces?

The figures are coming through
on the radiation treatment.

DALEK 2: Discontinue laser scope.

There is an improvement.

Except for one serious case,

all Daleks in section 2
have shown signs of recovery.

Then our position is clear.

For us, the drug is a poison.

And radiation is still necessary to us.


I want a complete survey of our stock
of nuclear materials.

I want an estimate of the amount
of waste matter from the nuclear reactors.

-We'll never get through.
-Yes, we will.

What makes you think it'll be any different
to the first time?

-But we know what to expect.
-But the others don't.

We promised Alydon we'd find a way
through the mountains,

and that's what we're going to do.

You'd never get the others to follow you

if you told them what happened the first time.
It's your duty to tell them.

How we watched Amezus dragged beneath
the waters of the lake,

-while you and I ran in terror when....
-That's enough.

We're going on, Antodus.

You keep your fears to yourself.
I don't want you upsetting the others.

-Is that clear?

-Well, is it?

Well, this is the swamp.

From now on it's going
to be rather uncomfortable.

Yes, I see what you mean.

The ground's very uneven.
Sometimes rock, sometimes thick mud.

You'll have to watch how you walk.

I think it'll be a wise plan
to find a place to rest for the night.

Yes. Well, we've made very good time.

It's only taken four hours to get here
from the edge of the forest.

That leaves us with two and a half days
to go through the mountains to the city.

If there is a way through.

We'll find a way. I'll go and give Barbara a hand.

I'm surprised you let her come.

I'd be more surprised
if I could have stopped her.

-How are you doing?

Oh, I'm glad the mountaineering's over.

There'll be some more
once we get through this little lot.

-We're going through there?
-Well, we must.

We got a deadline with the Doctor
in two and a half days

and we've got to make it.

-Well, I think we could all do with a rest.
-No, we'll keep up with the others.

They'll be breaking camp soon. Now take care.

Watch where you put your feet.

IAN: All right?

-This looks like a fairly dry section.
-Yes, this'll do.

Right, we'll make camp here.

-See if we can gather up some dry branches.
-All right.

It'll make it more comfortable to sleep on.

Barbara, if you see to the food,
I'll get the fire going.


At least it might stop some of these...

these things from bothering us.

What was it? Did you see anything?

-Yes, it was a....
-Kristas, stand guard here, will you?


-GANATUS: We'll take the first watch between us.
-I'm all right, really.

Yes, I know, but I think you two Earth people
should get as much sleep as possible.

We're more used to this kind of life.

It's over a year since we left our own plateau
in search of a new source of food.

I'd almost forgotten what it was like
to stay in one place and enjoy it.

I suppose there'll be an end to it one day.

Time to move, my friend.

-You let me sleep?

-Why didn't you wake me?
-ELYON: Ganatus.

-What's the matter?
-Come and see what I found by the lake.

-IAN: Hold on. I'll come with you.


Oh, for a feather pillow and a spring mattress.

-What did you see?
-Over there.

We were right.
The Daleks do get their water from the lake.

-But how would it get to the city from there?
-Well, there must be a way.

I mean, the Daleks aren't very mobile.

They must have cut a pathway
through there to work on the pipeline.

How long do you think it'll take us to reach there?

Most of today. If we could cross the lake,
we could reach it much quicker.

No. I'm sorry. That's one way I'm not going.

Well, it would be dangerous, certainly.

The lake is full of mutations....

-No, we must go round.

and we ought to try and get there
before the sun goes down.

Well, I'll just go and fill the water bags.

There's no point in trying
to cross the lake, you think?

No. No, he's right.

Anyway, think how long it would take
to build a light raft.

-Barbara, we saw some pipes going into the lake.
-So we can go through?

Well, maybe with a bit of luck, eh?


Mmm, good.

Well, where's Elyon?

He's gone to fill the water bags. He won't be long.

Stay here.

Subbed by Corax

Time Adjustments by MacLeod

?.? ?.?