Doctor Who (1963–1989): Season 1, Episode 4 - The Firemaker - full transcript

Kal accuses Za of Old Mother's murder but the Doctor exposes him as the real killer.However, Za then insists the travellers be held prisoner until they show him how to make fire.

Back! Get back!

They are coming.

Za and the woman went with them.

I, Kal, stopped them!

They saved Za from death near the stream!

They set them free from the Cave of Skulls and went with them!

The old woman cut them free!!

Za is so weak, a woman speaks for him.

It was the old woman!!

She showed them a new way out of the Cave of Skulls!

The old woman does not speak.

She does not say she did this, or did that.

The old woman is dead. Za killed the old woman!


Za killed the old woman with his knife!


Here! Here is the knife he killed her with!!

This knife has no blood on it.

I said, this knife has no blood on it!

It is a bad knife.

It does not show the things it does.

It is a finer knife than yours.

I, Kal, say that it is a bad knife.

This knife can cut and stab.

I have never seen a better knife.

Then I will show you one!

This knife shows what it has done.

There is blood on it!

Who killed the old woman?

I did not kill her...

You killed the old woman!

Yes! She set them free.

She set them free.

She did this - so I, Kal, killed her!

Is this your strong leader?

One who kills your old women?

He is a bad leader!! He will kill you all!!

Follow my example.

Drive him out! Drive him out!!

Yes, drive him out!! He killed the old woman!!

Remember.....Kal is not stronger than the whole tribe.

Kal is no longer one of this tribe. We will watch for him.

We will all fight Kal if he comes back.

We will watch for him.

Take them to the Cave of Skulls.

Take us back to the desert, and we will make fire for you.

The great stone will close one place, and you will stand by another.

I will show you.

Don?t struggle!

They are inside the cave.

If you see them come out, kill them.

This place is evil!

Tell me what happened after I fought the beast in the forest.

You were stronger than the beast.

It took away your axe in its head.

You lay on the earth and I believed you were dead.

Tell me what they did.

The young man of their tribe came towards you, but...he did not kill.

He told me his name...


Yes. His name is "Friend."

They come from the other side of the mountains....

Nothing lives there.

There are other tribes there!

This new tribe must come from there.

Tell me more of what happened.

I did not understand them...their...

hands moved slowly and their faces were not fierce.

It was like a mother guarding her baby....

They are a new tribe. Not like us, not like Kal.

The young one whose name is Friend....spoke to me.

Do you remember it?

He said, "Kal is not stronger than the whole tribe."

I do not understand...

The whole tribe drove Kal away with the stones.

The whole tribe can collect more fruit than one.

The whole tribe can kill a beast where one of the tribe would die....

Do you think they come from Orb?

No. They are a tribe who know how fire is made...

but they do not want to tell us.

Then you will not kill them?

Horg says the Leader must know how fire is made.

I do not want to be driven into the forest like Kal....

I must make fire, or they must die as the old men say.

I will speak with them. I must hear more things to remember.

The Leader would have things to remember.

I think this is what you want, Mr. Chesterton!

- Here are some leaves and some dead grass.
- Thank you.

Yes, well spread them around the hole.

Don?t put them inside.

Hope this is going to, spread them around a bit more...

yes, that's it...

I will speak with them. You wait here, huh?

I can smell something....

Yes, so can I!

It's burning!! It's burning!!

Oh, it's a long way off yet.

What is this?

We are making fire.

You are called Friend?


Don't stop!

Hur said you were called Friend. I am Za.

You are the leader of your tribe?

No. He is our leader.

Are you going to set us free?

The tribe say you are from Orb,

and that when you are returned to him on the Stone of Death,

we will have fire again.

But that's not true!

I think you are from the other side of the mountains.

If you show me how to make fire,

I will take you back to the foot of the mountains.

If you do not show me, I cannot stop you dying on the old stone.

Put some more leaves and grass round it.

I think it's beginning to work.

Do you understand? We are making fire for you!

I am watching.

The whole tribe should be watching.

Everyone should know how to make fire.

Everyone cannot be Leader!

No, that's perfectly true.

But in our tribe.....the firemaker is the least important man.

Ha! I do not believe this.

He is the least important, because we can all make fire!

I hope he doesn't make Grandfather prove that.

Look! I think it's beginning to work!

Susan, Barbara - blow. Gently.

Yes, that?s it!

We've done it!



Orb strikes the old stone, and Za does not bring them out.

We have no meat, and no fruit from the trees, and no roots.

Za is no leader!

Za will kill you if he could hear you!

He is talking with them in the Cave of Skulls.

You should lie on the old stone ?til your blood runs into the earth!

Za is letting them go away, just as the old woman set them free!

Za told one of us to watch

and guard them until he came out of the Cave of Skulls!

Orb is above us, and there is no fire!

Bring them out from the Cave of Skulls, and Za as well!

Take this and show it to your tribe!

You...stay here.

We will come with you...

No! You will stay here!

I will come with you...

Give him a chance, give him a chance!

Let him show the tribe fire, establish himself as leader,

and then he?ll let us go!

But we ought to go with him now...


Fire! Fire!

Kal is dead! I give you fire! I am leader!

We will give food and water to the new tribe in the Cave of Skulls!

There is no meat!

I will go into the forest and get meat!

Yes...I remember how the meat and fire join together!

Good! Watch the new tribe.

They must be here when I return!

It didn't work. They're going to keep us here.

Why are you keeping us here?

Za has gone into the forest to find meat.

There will be more food later.

But why can't we go outside?

Please let us go.... it?s terrible in here....

Za is Leader.

But we helped you. We gave you fire.....

We have fire now.

Yes.....and I was the fool who gave it to you.

Why didn't I wait?

Well, at least we're alive.

We wouldn't be if we hadn't given them fire.


They brought us some meat.

Yes, and the Doctor found a hole,

a stone with a hole in it and they filled it with water.

All the comforts of home.

The animal was hard to kill.

The meat on it is good?

They have brought you fruit.

And water has been put into a stone.

Is this the stone? Has anyone hurt you?

When are you going to let us go, hmm?

You will stay here. I have the meat, and I have the stick.

And the piece of skin, I can make fire now.

Your tribe and my tribe will join together.

We don't want to stay here!

Why? There is no better place the other side of the mountains.

Do not try to leave here.

If only we could get the fire away from him...scaring him somehow...

Hey, grandfather, look!

It's almost alive!

Not alive, Susan...almost dead!

We're going to make four torches -

we'll find the sticks and we'll use the fat from the meat, and then...


Then, to all intents and purposes - we're going to die!

...when I give the sign...

What are...

Look! It is nothing but fire, and the bones of the dead!

They have gone! While we look at their fire, they have gone!

Into the night - the dark will hide them...

With fire...It is day!

Come on, Doctor, get us off! Get us off!

Yes, yes, yes!

Yes, it's matching up.

We're beginning to land.

Oh, how I wish....

Have you taken us back to our own time?

You know I can't do that.

- What!?
- Please be reasonable.

Please, you must take us back! You must!

You see, this isn't operating properly...

or rather, the code is still a secret.

Feed it with the right data,

precise information to a second at the beginning of a journey,

and then we can fix a destination.

But I had no data at my disposal!

Are you saying that you don't know how to work this thing?

No, of course I can't.

I'm not a miracle worker.

You can?t blame grandfather.

We left the other place too quickly, that's all.

Just a minute.

Did you try and take us back to our own time?

Well, I got you away from that other time, didn't I?

That isn't what I asked you.

It's the only way I can answer you, young man. we shall see.

It could be anywhere.

Dear dear dear dear, i-it's no help to us at all!

Well, I suggest before we go outside and explore, let us clean ourselves up.

Oh, yes!

Now, what does the radiation read, Susan?

It's reading normal, Grandfather.