Doctor Who (1963–1989): Season 1, Episode 30 - The Day of Darkness - full transcript

Ian finds a way out of the flooded tunnel and into the burial chamber. He is later arrested however when he tries to save Susan who is to be publicly punished just prior to the next sacrifice. Autloc comes to believe that Barbara is a false god, but she convinces him that Tlotoxl is plotting against them. Ian faces his foe for one last time as the Doctor builds a pulley to re-open burial chamber door and get access to the TARDIS.


Open this, Ixta! Ixta, please!
Please, open it!

- Why?
- Ian Chesterton is in there!

I thank you, old man, this time you
have really given me my victory.

Open it!

Open it!


There's a tunnel from the garden
into the tomb!

- You came through it?
- Yes...

(DOCTOR) Barbara!

Something terrible, my dear!
I don't know how to tell you.

- Ian...
- I'm all right.

My dear boy!
I thought you were drowned!

I nearly was. Who put that stone back?

- Ixta!
- So he followed me?

Of course! Never mind him,
how does that door work?

I've got it licked!
We must get Susan up here.

She refused to marry the victim
for the sacrifice so will be punished.

- She's at the seminary?
- Yes, but she'll be guarded.

Don't worry, I'll get her out.
You stay here.

Thank you. Watch out for Ixta.

The Chosen Warrior has done well.

With Ian dead, they are at our mercy.
The rewards I promised are yours!

- Thank you.
- I have a task for you.

- Tell me.
- Guard the handmaiden.

Do not let her escape,
nor release her to Autloc.

His faith in our gods is wavering.

Why have I been brought here?!
Does Autloc know I am here?

I am Yetaxa's handmaiden.
She wished to see me!

Oh, she will see you...
at the appointed time.

Rest there.

Tlotoxl thanks you.

Do you ask yourself where Ian is?

I can tell you. He is dead!

I don't believe you!

The old man saw him die.
He knows it to be true!

Now seven warriors have challenged
my command and only I survive!

Good commanders don't jump
to conclusions, Ixta!


- I knew he was lying!
- Yes.

- He said you were dead!
- I nearly was. Let's go.

- Where are we going?
- The Tardis.

- It'll be light soon.
- Yes...

It'll take him time
to get there and back.

- I just want to get out of here!
- And history?

- Remains unchanged.
- No rewriting?

This isn't going to be easy.

- Well, if we all pull.
- Yes, we can pull, but...

we'd better do it at an angle.
What we need is a pulley.

- The Aztecs don't have the wheel.
- I know!

- Grandfather!
- My dear Susan!

I'll tell you how glad I am
to see you later on. Come on.

- Don't waste time.
- When the door opens, grab it!

This won't be
as easy as you think.

- Let's try, anyway.
- Be careful.

- Pull!
- Watch out. It might break.

Wait, wait! Let's do it at an angle.
Come along.

That's it.


Ready? Pull!

Harder! Oh!

- How could he escape?
- You let the girl escape!

She must be in my power!

- I shall find her.
- No, I shall!

- I have another task for you.
- Tell me.

Should Autloc learn of the warrior's
return, he will believe in Yetaxa.

- What can I do?
- His faith in her must be destroyed!

Is this one Ian's?

- Yes.
- Then use it...on Autloc!

Strike a High Priest?
There is no greater offence!

Would you see us humiliated?

Each day at sunrise,
Autloc walks alone in the garden.

Approach him with stealth
and strike him down!

Leave this close at hand.

So that Ian will be blamed!

This time, Ixta, do not fail me!

- I must try that stone in the garden.
- You're right.

- I'll need someone to watch.
- Me!


If Susan and I do it, we can let you
into the tomb from the other side!

- All right.
- Come on!

Don't worry!

- Oh, we're like drowning people!
- Now, don't worry. Don't lose hope.

Maybe it's this place.

I feel sometimes as if all the people
who have died here are watching,

waiting...for me to die, too.

Get down behind that bush.

- I'll whistle if anyone comes.
- All right.


Look! Is he dead?



This is a trap! This is mine!
Ixta gave it to me.

Let's get out of here!

Hold them!

- This belongs to you?
- Yes! I gave it to him.

Ian was helping the handmaiden
to escape. He struck you from behind.

How do you know it was from behind?

That club belongs to Ian.
Take them away!

You are the servants
of a false goddess!

She is a false goddess
and now Autloc has proclaimed it.

Yet we cannot destroy her
until the time is right.

The people would not understand.

The Day of Darkness
is a perfect time.

As the Perfect Victim
leaves this land,

so shall the woman who calls
herself Yetaxa also depart.

How shall it be done?

As the gods appear, may they not
also disappear as suddenly?

I shall arrange it.

I had a vision, Tonila,
of a room with three walls.

The false Yetaxa
shall be placed in that room

and the fourth wall added.

Then order shall be restored.

Of all Aztec men, the High Priest
of Knowledge is the most gentle.

- Ian didn't hit him, Cameca.
- Yet his club was found here.

And as Ian said, he was in
the garden. I know he is innocent.

Yet he is to die.

Yes, butchered by Ixta.

If it is your wish,
let our marriage be postponed.

What is it you are making?

Oh, just something
to take my mind off the problems.

Let me intercede with Autloc
on your friend's behalf.

It isn't just Tlotoxl
we have to contend with.

- His kind will destroy this one day.
- We cannot stop the will of the gods.

It isn't the will of Yetaxa.

- The gods wish an end to sacrifice?
- Yes, and Yetaxa speaks for them.

Autloc is needed,
but won't go to the temple.

I shall persuade him
to go to Yetaxa, beloved.

I thank you for attending me, Autloc.

Such gratitude is due to Cameca.

Then thank her for me.

My servant did not strike you,

The evidence we have proves he did.

If it is true,
then I am unworthy of your trust.

Of all people, Autloc,
why should I harm you?

There is some plan here.

Who would benefit most by breaking up
our friendship? Tlotoxl.

Tlotoxl hates you, I know that,
and Ixta does his bidding.

And I am bewildered
by what has happened.

I have many doubts,
but in this matter I must believe you.

As for the others... I do not know
if you are Yetaxa. I do not know what you are.

My servants are in danger!
Will you see them die?

Your handmaiden
I may be able to protect,

but Ian is too closely guarded.

He didn't strike you, Autloc.
He didn't!

I cannot save him.

There you are, my dear,
it's nearly finished.

As is our time together.

I do not know its purpose, but I've
always known it would take you away.

- Yes, I'm sorry, my dear.
- Tomorrow will truly be dark.

- For both of us.
- Tlotoxl means to destroy Yetaxa?

He must do to safeguard
his own beliefs.

We are a doomed people, my dear,
there is no turning back for us.

You're a very fine woman, Cameca,
and will always be very dear to me.

Cameca, I must speak with you.

- You are sad, Cameca?
- I have lost all that is dear to me.

The same cloud hangs over us.

The sunlight of the truth is darkened
and I must know the reason.

- Your tragedy is greater than mine.
- Yet we may help each other.

I have lost my faith in our traditions,
but I keep it in you.

And I in you, High Priest.

See this ornament?

It proves the title to my dwelling
house and all my wealth.

You will take it to the one
who guards Yetaxa's handmaiden.

It will turn his head away
while you take the girl up to the temple.

I shall do it.
Where will you seek your truth?

In the wilderness,
away from other men.

You shall not search in vain.

And you, Cameca, be happy
in the trust I place in you.

May your sacrifice bring pleasure
to the gods and peace to our lands.

I thank Tonila
for his many gratitudes.

I have come to escort you as you walk
among the people before your destiny.

What is to happen to us, Tonila?

You shall both be punished before
the Perfect Victim finds his heaven.

I, Ixta the Chosen Warrior,
shall proudly lead you to your glory.

May victory always rest
upon your shoulders.

When we have reached
the temple steps, bring them on.

We shall have one more meeting, Ian.

Yes...a final one.

Doctor, why won't you listen to me?!

They're all busy at the ceremony.

But they'll be here at any moment!

Yes, now let me see...

I think you ought to order Autloc
to release Susan and Ian.

In front of everybody?

Yes, it'll only take me a moment
to open the door and...

The procession has started.
Are you ready to attend?

- Where is Autloc?
- He will not be present.

Why not? What have you done?

He has gone into the wilderness.

When will he return?


I greet you, Cameca.

Do you know this ornament?

Autloc desires
that it shall be yours.

It is the title to his dwelling
and his possessions.

- Give it to me.
- You must earn it.

- How?
- Send away the warriors outside.

- What are you doing?
- I've come to help you.

As I give you this,
so you shall close your eyes.

Autloc desires that the handmaiden
leaves here with me.

There is position and honour
in this ornament.

Somebody had
to make up his mind for him!

Come, quickly!

- She must go to the temple with me.
- Go on, Susan.

The Perfect Victim
stands before the people.

Darkness approaches.

Here is the order of my plan.

We despatch Ian and the girl
and the sky will grow black.

Next, the Perfect Sacrifice.

Then we will retire into the temple
and bind the false Yetaxa.

As light appears in the sky,
we shall stand in our places.

Autloc has gone into the wilderness.
You shall be High Priest of Knowledge.

I shall be at your side.

Grandfather! Grandfather!

Oh, my dear Susan!

- Where is Barbara?
- She's in there.

Barbara! Barbara!

I honour the Doctor.
I bring you your handmaiden.

That was a very brave thing to do,

- But you can't stay here.
- I hoped I might stay by your side.

Then think of me.

Think of me.

Why do you delay?!

He has betrayed us.
Ian and the girl have gone!

We cannot wait. The darkness will
come and go. Sacrifice must be made!

Kill him!

Escort Yetaxa
to the sacrificial altar.

Bring those who are to be punished.

Where is Tlotoxl? The ceremony
cannot begin without him.

He comes with the handmaiden.
She shall be pierced with thorns.

False goddess, you have betrayed us!
I shall destroy you!



Run, Barbara!

Ixta! Ixta!


It's opening!



Yetaxa is gone!

Let them go!

Great God of Sun and the Warriors,

I, Tlotoxl,
thank you for this victory!

In your honour,
let Perfect Sacrifice be made!

- We failed.
- Yes. We had to.

What is the point of travelling
through time and space

if I can't change anything?!

- Nothing! Tlotoxl had to win.
- Yes.

And the one man I had respect for,
I deceived.

Poor Autloc.

I gave him false hope
and in the end he lost his faith.

He found another faith, a better.

That's the good you've done.

You failed to save a civilisation,
but at least you helped one man.


- What's the matter, Doctor?
- We have a mystery, my boy.

- What mystery?
- My instruments.

- These controls say we've stopped.
- And those say we're still moving.

Perhaps we've landed
on top of something.

- Yes...
- Or inside something.