Doctor Who (1963–1989): Season 1, Episode 3 - The Forest of Fear - full transcript

Old Mother frees the Doctor and the others on condition they will leave the tribe and not make fire.The group attempt to return to the TARDIS but Za and Hur follow them.


Oh, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, it's all my fault. I'm desperately sorry.

Don't blame yourself, Grandfather.

Look at those.

Look at them.

IAN: Yes, they're all the same.

They've been split wide open.

I've found another piece with a rough edge.

Thank you.

It's no good. It keeps crumbling.

It's hopeless. Hopeless.

Even if we do get free,
we shall never move that stone.

There's air coming in here from somewhere.

Yes, there is. I can feel it on my face.

It may be only a small opening. Don't count on it.

-Well, you obviously are.
-Of course I am.

Any hope is better than none.

Don't just lie there criticising us.

Do something. Help us all to get out of here.

Oh, this stone's no good!

Well, don't give up, Ian. Please.

All right.

No, no, don't waste time.

Try those bones, they maybe....
They are sharper perhaps.

-That's a good idea.
-Grandfather, I knew you'd think of something.

We must all take it in turns
and try and cut his hands free.

-Surely we should get the girls....
-No, no, we've got to free you first.

-You're the strongest, you may have to defend us.
-All right.


Susan, you have a go. My arms are tired.

All right.

-And don't think of failing.

Well, try and remember, if you can,

how you and the others found your way here.

Concentrate on that please.

Yes. Yes, I'll try.

You're trying to help me.

Fear, it makes companions of all of us.
That's right.

I never once thought you were afraid.

Fear is with all of us and always will be.

Just like that other sensation that lives with it.

Hope. Hope, that's right.

You will not make fire.

-Now tell me.
-I saw the old woman take your knife.

Why did you let her?

She's old, you could have held her.

Why did she take it?

She has gone into the forest.


She is going to kill the strangers.

-Did she say this?

But she took your knife.

She is afraid of fire.

You should have stopped her.

Kal was in the cave.

Leaders are awake when others sleep.

The strange tribe will not be able to show you
how to make fire if the old woman kills them.

If I stop her from killing them,

they will give fire to me.

And not to Kal.

The woman could not have got into the cave.

The great stone is still there.

-Why do you tell me this?
-No. No!

The old woman is talking to them.

I will set you free

if you will go away

and not make fire.

Fire will bring trouble and death to the tribe.

There will be no fire.

No, we cannot move the great stone.

The old woman is talking to them.

I will move it.

OLD WOMAN: Hurry. Hurry.

You must go across the tuft and into the trees.

IAN: Yes.


She set them free.

They would have made fire.

They would have made fire!


They have gone into the night.

They have taken fire with them.

The beasts will kill them.

They will kill us if we follow.

Now, you are leader.

You are as strong as the beasts.

You will be stronger still
when you know how fire is made.

Stronger than Kal.


Stop. Just a minute, let me get my....

-We can't stop here.
-Just a moment.

-Look, we've got to go further on.
-I know. I know that.

But I must get.... I must breathe.

Try. Try.

-I shall have to carry you.
-There's no need for that.

Don't be so childish. I'm not senile.

-Just let me get my breath for a moment.
-Oh, Grandfather, come on.


I'm not so young, you know.

Are you sure this is the right way?

Yes, I think so.

I can't remember.

I simply can't remember.

We're free, Barbara. Think about that.

-Yes. Yes.



I'm sure I remember this place.

But we didn't come round it, we went across it.

Yes, there was a sort of trail.

If that's true, we must be quite near the ship.

-How are you feeling?
-I'm all right.

Don't keep looking upon me
as the weakest link of the party.

-What's the matter?
-I don't know. I saw something.

-Over there in the bushes.
-What nonsense.

The bushes moved. I saw them. I saw them!

We're never going to get out of this awful place.

-Never. Never. Never.

-What do you think it could have been?
-Sheer nonsense, child. Imagination.

-We'll die in this place!
-Barbara, no we won't.

We're going to get back to the ship
and then we'll be safe.

Ian, what's happening to us?

Look, Barbara, we got out of the cave, didn't we?

I'm so cold.

I'm hot with all this exertion.

We'll rest for a couple of minutes.

SUSAN: Oh, good.

-Is there any chance of them following us?
-I expect so.

Yes. That's why I don't want to stop here too long.

-Do you think I want to?

We'll change the order.

You and Susan go in front.
Barbara and I will bring up the rear.

Susan seems to remember the way
better than any of us.

You seem to have elected yourself leader
of this little party.

There isn't time to vote on it.

Just as long as you understand
I won't follow your orders blindly.

If there were only two of us, you could
find your own way back to the ship.

-Aren't you a tiresome young man?
-And you're a stubborn old man.

But you will lead.
The girls in between and I'll bring up the rear.

Because that's the safest way.

Barbara was probably right.

I thought I heard something
when we stopped back there.

Oh, sheer imagination.

Why are you so confident about it?

I won't allow myself to be frightened
out of my wits by mere shadows. That's all.

All right.

Look, there is a branch broken.

-They have strange feet.
-They wear skins on their feet.

There are marks here.

They've gone this way.


It was wrong to do this.
We should not have followed them.

We cannot turn back now.

I think we'd better get going.
Doctor, will you lead?

Yes, yes, yes, yes.

Come on, Barbara.



-IAN: Barbara, Barbara.
-Down there.

That was one of the women.

-A dead animal.
-Must have just been killed.

By a larger animal, too.



That must be them. They followed us.

Quick. Quick, over there.

Keep down and not a sound.



There is danger. I will go.


Quick! Now's our chance. Let's get away. Run.

Look at them. We can't just leave them.

-I don't care what they've done.

Barbara, come on.

-I think he's dead. There isn't any danger. No!
-Barbara, for heaven's sake.


-I'm going, too.
-Susan! You stay here with me.

No, Grandfather, we can't leave them!

-Silence! We're going back to the ship.

What are you doing?
They must be out of their minds.


No, keep away.

-Let me look at him.

I am your friend.

You understand? Friend. I want to help him.


-I want water.

Go and fetch some water for his wounds.

Water is there.

Please, show me.

Give me your handkerchief.

Here you are.

Is he all right?

I think so.

He must have buried his axe head in the animal.

Thank you.

-Water comes out of the skin!

-I think most of this is the animal's blood.

There's a scar on the side of his head.

Well, we've lost our chance of getting away.

Your flat must be littered
with stray cats and dogs.

-These are human beings, Ian.

What exactly do you think you're doing?

IAN: Have you got any antiseptic in the ship?
SUSAN: Yes, lots.

One minute ago we were trying desperately
to get away from these savages.

Now we're helping them.

-You're a doctor, do something.
-I'm not a doctor of medicine.

-We can make friends with them.
-Don't be ridiculous, child.

Why? You treat everybody and everything
as something less important than yourself.

You're trying to say that everything
you do is reasonable.

And everything I do is inhuman.

Well, I'm afraid your judgement's at fault,
Miss Wright, not mine.

Haven't you realised
if these two people can follow us,

any of these people can follow us?

The whole tribe
might descend upon us at any moment.

The tribe is asleep.

And what about the old woman
who cut our bonds? You understand?

He's right. We're too exposed here.

-We'll make a stretcher and carry him.
-You're not taking him back to the ship?

Take your coat off, Barbara.

Susan, try and find me two poles.
Long ones, fairly straight.

-The old woman won't give us away. She helped.
-You think so?

These people have logic and reason, have they?

Can't you see their minds change
as rapidly as night and day?

She's probably telling the whole tribe
at this very moment.

The creatures.




The great stone.

They could not move it.

Za moved it.

Za has gone with them?

Za and Hur went after them.

There were skins around their hands...

and their feet.

They could not move.

Za helped them to get free?

They're gone with Za to show him fire?

They won't make fire.

There won't be fire anymore.

Old woman.

You helped them.

IAN: It's not going to work like this.

What can we do?

-No! He's mine.
-I was only trying to help.

She doesn't understand, Susan.
She's jealous of you.

I don't understand what you are doing.

You are like a mother with a child.

Why do you not kill?

How can we explain to her?
She doesn't understand kindness, friendship.

We will make him well again.

We will teach you how to make fire.

In return, you show us the way back to...

our cave.

ZA: Listen to them.

They do not kill.

Come on, let's get on with this stretcher.

IAN: Let's try the sleeves inside. That's it.



How about giving us a hand, Doctor?

He's always like this
if he doesn't get his own way.

BARBARA: The old woman won't give us away.

And now that we've got these two on our side,
we should get back to the ship.


Get your hand off me!

-What are you doing?

I was going to get him to draw
our way back to the Tardis.

We've been too long as it is.

-Is the stretcher ready?

-You take one end of it.
-You don't expect me to carry him, do you?

-Do you want the women to do the job for you?
-Oh, very well.

IAN: Right. Now, move him over very carefully.

Now, back again, gently.

Good. Right, now, Susan, you get in front with her.


They have gone.

Za and Hur have gone with them
and we must go after them.

-Hur would not help them to get away!
-She has gone with them.

The old woman sleeps in the cave, too,
and she has gone.

The old woman is in the Cave of Skulls.

Hur would not go with them!

Ask the old woman. She will tell what is done.

She will tell.

My eyes tell me what has happened.

As they do when I sleep and I see things.

Za and Hur came to free them...

and find a way to make fire.

Old woman saw them.

Za killed old woman.


The old woman is dead.


It must have been as your eyes said it was.

Za has gone with them,

taking them to their cave.

Za takes away fire.

Now I, Kal, lead!


IAN: Hold the branches back, Susan.

The Tardis! There's the Tardis.

Back. Back. Go back.