Doctor Who (1963–1989): Season 1, Episode 28 - The Warriors of Death - full transcript

Barbara tries to change the course of history - and Ian fights for his life.

No, no, this is not Yetaxa.

This is a false goddess!

And I shall destroy her...

Well, young woman, I hope you?re satisfied?

- A happy day for you, eh?
- Doctor, please...

You wouldn?t be advised, would you?

Oh dear me no, you knew better!

I couldn?t stand by and watch that man being sacrificed!

- Do you think we felt any differently?
- Of course not.

Then why not leave well alone?

Human sacrifice is their tradition - their religion!

There?s nothing we can do about it.

I had to try!

Yes, and what happened?

Tlotoxl lost faith in you, our lives are in danger

and Susan is locked up in some kind of seminary!

- Well at least she is safe there.
- Safe? Safe?

My dear child, she was perfectly safe here until you started meddling!

Look, I wanted it to rain without that man being killed!

I wanted them to see that his death was unnecessary...

Don?t you realise he wanted to be offered to the gods?

It made him feel one...

I just didn?t think about it...

Oh, that?s just it - you didn?t think!

Oh, go away...leave me alone...

I?m sorry, my dear.

I didn?t mean to be so harsh with you.

- No, you had every right...
- However, what?s done is done.

And now it?s up to you what happens next.

- Me?
- Yes. You?ll have to hold Tlotoxl off.

How can I? He?s lost faith in me.

He thinks I?m a false goddess.

Oh, not to Autloc.

You want me to play them off against each other?

Yes, Th...the more Tlotoxl doubts you,

you more you must convince Autloc that you are Yetaxa.

- And Tlotoxl won?t dare defy Autloc.
- Exactly!

- What about you and Ian?
- Oh, Ian can look after himself.

And I think I shall know more about the entrance to the tomb tonight.

I?ve met somebody that knows how the temple was built.

An Aztec lady.

You?re an old rogue!

Yes, but really it?s up to you, Barbara.

We?re quite safe here so long as you?re here, so...

You enter unannounced.

I proclaim myself only to my gods.

Let the old man go down to the garden.

Enjoy the company of your new found friend.

As Yetaxa commands.

I would ask you: How shall a man know his gods?

By the signs of their divinity.

And what if thieves walk among the gods?

Then indeed, how shall a man know?

By the secrets of the gods? minds!

That is true. Their knowledge will reveal them.

How many heavens are there?

Does Tlotoxl covet the mantle of the High Priest of Knowledge?

- How many heavens?
- Thirteen.

Name them!

If the truth of my divinity lies in my mind, let Autloc seek it.

So he shall. Just as Ixta now challenges the servant of Yetaxa.

For what reason?

To discover who shall live to command our armies.

Thus shall my enemies fall.

Real enemies can hit back.

I have no fear of death.

Perhaps not. The dead never win.

How would you attack?

I should use more cunning. Surprise my enemy.

This also I can do...

This is all I need.

To win a victory with your thumb needs magic.

To know your enemies weakness isn?t magic.

It?s common sense.

What weakness have I that is vulnerable to your thumb?

You?d be surprised.

Oh, I won?t kill you this time.

Not this time, Ixta...

You mock the arts of war.

I defy you to harm me.

Pick up your club.

Don?t worry. He?ll be alright.

Autloc, there is a ta...

No, he sleeps.

Yetaxas? servant won the victory with his thumb!

You saw the blow?

There was no blow. He fought with his thumb!

Tell him to have a good rest when he wakes up.

Where do you go?

For a walk.

Could you not fight against it?

I was powerless...

The Perfect Victim desires to be admitted.

All his requests must be granted!

?...must be granted??

You grace us here with your presence.

Ixta! Here is one who would be commander of our armies.

His name is Ixta.

All have heard of the prowess and bravery of Ixta.

There are those who say that the stories and the truth are... far apart.

No man can win against me!

No man? Not one?

I shall lead the armies! It is my right!

Yesterday, it would seem so...

You would make an enemy?

I? I only know that I have seen one that could defeat him.

Defeat Ixta?

Once - and by a trick.

I tell you face to face, I can pull him down!


You drive the man.

How often have you and Autloc instructed me

that small failings in a man may be his saving graces?

But you, O Perfect Victim, are as your name implies.

When you meet the gods, you will be able to tell them of the Aztecs.

A commander should be as pure,

so that his name may be held in very awe and dread.

Then he who defeated Ixta should be our commander...

- No!
- It may be that the other won by a trick.

A second contest would show, but... I cannot order it...

Only the Perfect Victim may be obeyed at all times.

My faith in Ixta is supreme.

I wish to see him meet the other man.

So be it. I shall arrange it at the sunset.

Ixta could challenge the other.

Let it be so.

This I promise you.

All honour and glory shall be yours...if you destroy him.

What leaf is this?

It?s from a herb.

The sap is used by our medicine men to induce sleep,

but the leaves are harmless.

Hmm, I think I know about it.

You are a healer?

No, no. They call me the Doctor.

I?m a scientist, an engineer. I?m a builder of things.

Now I understand your interest in the temple.

Yes, there are one or two features inside the temple that intrigue me.

I have some knowledge of it.

Yes. For instance, the tomb is s..sealed.

The tomb is sealed.

Now surely the builder had some way of opening it...

My knowledge is too limited to answer you, but the builder?s son may know.

Yes, of course, I don?t wish to pry in family matters...

No one could think that of you.

I shall arrange a meeting.

Oh my dear, how charming of you.

- When shall it be?
- Oh, any

An interested mind brooks no delay.

Yes, and I?m sure that?s true of you, too, hmm?

It was true. Now, I am content to spend the time here, like the others.

Oh, but their minds are old, Cameca.

And that?s something I?m sure yours will never be.

Your heart is young too, Doctor.

Leave us.


The High Priest of knowledge will question you.

If he finds I am the spirit of Yetaxa returned?

Then I shall beg forgiveness of the gods.

The High Priest of sacrifice has spoken.

I shall remember his words.

Then remember this also.

Whilst your divinity is in dispute, only those who serve the temple may approach you.

My servants also?

- No, you must remain alone.
- Why?

A false goddess and her servants could conspire against us.

This is a danger we are not prepared to face.

Then tell my servants that they may not enter here.

They shall be told.

Ixta? You wished to see me?

I greet you warmly, Cameca, and would seek your advice.

If I can give it, I shall.

What do you know of magic?

Nothing...though it?s my belief I know one who does.

- Name him.
- The old servant of Yetaxa.

He is of no use to me.

But you can be of service to him.

- He seeks an interview with you.
- To what end?

He is interested in your fathers? work.

- Does he know my name?
- No.

Tell him I will speak with him.

- Where?
- In the garden.

I shall tell him, Ixta.

What better way to destroy your enemies...

then to let them destroy themselves!

You have studied the code of the good housewife?

I have.

I will hear it.

?Tend well your nurseries and your flowerbeds?...ah...

"keep clean your pot and not spend recklessly...

do not destroy or cheapen yourself?...em...em?

?You will never have a house...?

Oh, yes!

?You?ll never have a house or a home of your own if you live like that.?

She has learned it diligently, Autloc.

Susan is a good pupil.

She uses her intelligence.

Susan, this is Tonila, one of the priests of knowledge.

No no, do not greet your elders in such a manner.

- No?
- No. You stand still, not looking around.

You keep your eyes fixed on the person you are being introduced to

- unless you are meeting your future husband for the first time,

then you keep your eyes downcast.

Well, how will I know?

You...know what?

That he?s to be my husband?

You?ll be told.

Told! I?m not going to be told who to marry!

What say have you in the matter?

It?s my life!

I?ll spend it with whom I choose, not someone picked out for me.

You are the old servant of Yetaxa?

Yes, ah, yes, uh, yes indeed, I am.

My father built the temple.

Oh, indeed, yes.

Well, I find the entrance to the High Priests tomb a particularly fine piece of work.

Few temples have an entrance like it.

Oh, yes, ah, of course, yes yes indeed.

He kept that secret, did he?

He has drawn it.

Really? Well, I...I wonder if it would be at all possible

that I might see the drawing, hmm?

Can a humble warrior deny the request of Yetaxa?s servant?

I will bring it to you after sunset, if the gods are willing.

Oh, I don?t see why not, hmm?

Tonight, at sunset, I have to meet another warrior in combat.

Oh, I not to the death, hmm?

No, but defeat would be disgrace.

No man could look upon me or speak to me for many days.

Yes, I see.

My opponent has been selected.

I know his name and I fear defeat.

And what weapons do you use?

Only my hands, My strength lies in the use of a spear or a club.

Oh yes, indeed.

Ah, dear dear dear...ha, and I would have loved to seen those drawings...

No more than I desire a victory.

Yes, uh...may I suggest that we assist each other, hmm?

I thank the older servant of Yetaxa.

Yes, I think a little horticulture might go a long way...

Does fatigue affect the servant of the gods?

Does the High Priest scorn my attempts to be worthy of command?

- Can you conquer him?
- I know it.

- Ian?
- Yes, Ixta?

- I challenge you to a contest of strength.
- A fight?

Without weapons. Your hands have defeated me.

Let mine try to win a victory over you.

Will you deny him?


We will fight here, as the sun sets.


You are confident of victory?

If you wish it, he shall die.

Let him die.

I tell you, Tlotoxl is determined to destroy me.

He cannot while I believe you to be Yetaxa.

Yet you question me at his bidding.

We both serve the gods...

Do you? Were you not angry when I forbade the sacrifice to the rain god?


Do you question the value of such sacrifice?

I accepted it.

But we send messengers to the gods.

Why should the gods not send messenger to us?

To say there shall be no more human sacrifice?

I shall not oppose the gods if it is their will that such sacrifices cease.

The High Priest of knowledge speaks with great wisdom.

If your words are denied, shall we not be living in defiance of the gods?

Famine, drought and disaster will come,

and more and more sacrifices will be made.

I see a time when ten thousand will die in one day.

Where will it end, Yetaxa?

In total destruction.

Your civilisation will pass forever from the land.

Your prophesy our doom...?


Let me think upon these words, great spirit.

As the High Priest desires.

The thorn of a cactus will give me victory?

Yes...and make sure that you don?t scratch yourself.

The aged servant of Yetaxa offers poison?

No, it won?t will slowly drain away the strength of your opponent.

And scratch here.

I thank you.

Oh, and young, ah, won?t forget the drawing, hmm?

I shall be here after sunset.

Yes, so shall I...

- She prophesied our doom?
- Yes..

To avert her own! I tell you, she is a false goddess!

I do not know it.

- You will question her again?
- Yes.

Conceal yourself.

Barbara? Barbara?

Doctor, go away!

- What?
- You?re not allowed in here!

Oh, nonsense. I?m supposed to be one of your servants?

Well, hasn't Tlotoxl told you

that while I?m being questioned no one is allowed to see me?

All right, I'll go.

But first...I think I shall know more about the entrance to the tomb tonight.

- Good.
- All I had to do...

...was make certain some warrior won a fight.

What warrior?

I don't know...but he had sort of a mask, or a face like a cat...

But that's Ixta! And he's fighting Ian!

Ixta...Ixta...I must warn Ian!

Hold him - he has transgressed the law!

Sir, I will not have you...

Do you wish him confined or taken to the barracks?

Take him to the barracks.

I demand to be release! Take your hands off me, Sir!

How dare you! How dare you!

He had no right to arrest my servant.

The old man transgressed the law.

He did not know it. No one told him.

If that is so, to hold him prisoner would be unjust.

I shall obtain his release.

Thank you. Autloc?

There is to be a contest between Ian and Ixta.

- Yes?
- I forbid it.

Great Spirit, it cannot be avoided.

Only one of them can command our army.

Then let it be Ixta.

You deny your servant honour?

The contest is ill-timed.

Ixta has been trained for many months.

Yet, I have seen your servant defeat him, and it is not a mortal combat.

Then see that it remains so.

The spirit of Yetaxa has spoken.

Let the contest begin!

- Ian, don't let him scratch you!
- What?

- Tlotoxl! Stop this nonsense! Stop it!
- No!

Ixta is using the...that magic I gave him!

Then you should rejoice! Ixta will win!

Autloc, stop this!

No! Let it continue - to the death!

Destroy him, Ixta!

Yetaxa forbids it!

A false goddess forbids it!

Destroy him!


Your place is in the temple.

I am loyal to those who serve me.

If you are him!