Doctor Who (1963–1989): Season 1, Episode 24 - The Snows of Terror - full transcript

Searching for the third key, Ian and Barbara meet with the sinister trapper Vasor before following Susan and the others into a cave system guarded by the mysterious Ice Soldiers.

Get up, Barbara! We must keep moving!

If we don't find shelter, we don't stand a chance.

It's no good Ian, I?I can't... I'm too tired... Sleep...


I must sleep...

No?no, Barbara, no!

We'll freeze to death? We?

Don't be afraid, you're safe now.

How... How did I...?

Ian, where's Ian?

Ah, your friend is here.

He still sleeps.

Your hand is slightly frost-bitten.

Put it in mine.

We must help your friend like this, too.

Rub the hand slowly, like this.

Yes? Understand? You afraid of me?


Last year I broke the back of a wolf with my bare hands.

I'm Vasor. Most men fear me, so I have few visitors.

There, mm? The blood is beginning to return.

Thank you.

I'll get a warm drink for both of you.

Ian, wake up!

How are you feeling?

Oh, my hands!

Yes, they're swollen with frostbite.

No, no, no, you mustn't put them near the fire,

you have to bring back the circulation slowly.

Well where are we?

I don't know.

I don't even know how we got here.

Ah, you're awake, good.

Here, drink this.

Oh, thank you.

Mmm, oh, that's better.

Do we have you to thank for saving us on the mountain.

Hah! I found you when I was resetting my traps.

Had a difficult journey getting you back to the hut.

Well, we would have frozen to death.

Nah, the wolves would've eaten you first.


Yes, there are more than ever of them this Winter.

I've counted a dozen packs.

Twenty in each. They're hungry.

They're even raiding the villages at night.

Are we in a village?

No, the nearest village is three miles away.

I stay out here to look after me traps.

Well we're grateful for?you getting to us before the wolves.

Oh, one of you would've died anyway if it hadn't been for the stranger.

I couldn't have carried you both.

Stranger? What stranger?

Oh, madman.

Came in here early last night, raving and ranting.

I couldn't talk to him.

Gave him some furs and went with him up the mountain.

He was searching for a couple of girls.


Where is he now?

In the village, I think.

After he got you back here I... think he went out.

Did he say he was coming back?

Yes, but er... it's getting nearly dark.

He won't be able to get over the ledge at night.

Well, we must go and help him!

Oh, there's a storm coming up.

You've already done so much for us I?can't ask you

to risk coming with me, but will you lend me warm clothing?

Lend you? My furs are my living, I'm a poor man.

Wouldn't stand much chance of getting them back if you fell down a crevasse.

Look, I can't pay you for them, I haven't got any money!

That thing on your wrist looks valuable.

Yes, all right.

Now please, hurry.

All right. Coat and gloves over there.

I'll get you a lantern.

Ian, Susan and Sabetha, do you think you'll find them?

I don't know what to think Barbara.

I'll know more when... when and if I find Altos.

There you are.

The village lies that way.

When you get through the fir forest, you'll see the lights.

Well... thank you.


I'll be back as soon as I can.

Ah, we're alone.

Oh, he'll be back, I know he will.

We'll see.

Well, I'll go and get us some food.

We must fatten you up, eh?

They sound so close.

Aha, you're safe here!

That door'll keep anything out. Or in.

Well you clear those things away will you?

And I'll get rid of these.

Sabetha's chain!

What are you doing in that drawer?

Where did you get these?

One of the girls was wearing this.

You give me those.

They're worth money.

How did you get them?

There's a cave on the mountain?s where I store my traps.

I found the two girls hiding there.

So they're alive?

They may be. That was yesterday.

I gave them food and flint in return for these.

I left 'em there.

But why? Why didn't you bring them back?

Ah, don't keep annoying me.

These accusations?

Huh! I can't afford to look after every fool that gets lost on the mountains.

They gave you all those things in the drawer.

Yah, trinkets!

Well what about Altos, the young man, who...

He forced me to go up the mountain to look for these girls.

Instead we found you and when we brought you back here, he wanted to go out again.

I don't believe you.

You stole those things.

Did I?

Oh, they might have given you the wrist bracelets,

but for the keys and the chain, Sabetha would never have parted with them!

Yes, I thought they were valuable.

What have you done with them.

You didn't kill them?

You don't kill anybody in this country.

The cold and the wolves do that.

Well, when Ian gets back...

What makes you think he will get back?

He doesn?t know what?s in that bag I gave him.

What did you put in it?

Tell me!

They're getting closer.

We can't stay here. How are your legs?

The feeling's beginning to return.

I?should be able to walk in a minute or two.

You haven't yet told me who tied you up.

The trapper.

What? But he rescued us.

Only because I forced him to.

He's utterly ruthless.

Barbara's back there with him, alone!

Well then we must get back there as quickly as we can.

Help me up.

All right, can you stand?


Wait a minute! Look at this! Raw meat!

What on Earth would Vasor want to give that to me for?

There's your answer.

Those beasts can scent raw meat miles away, it draws them like a magnet.

Vasor was making certain that you wouldn't get back.

Well he's got a surprise coming to him, hasn't he?

Come on.

There's nowhere you can run.

Keep away!

- Put that down!
- Don't you dare come near me!

All right. I'm in no hurry.

There's no one coming to help you.

I can wait.

They're catching up.


About a quarter of a mile I make it.

I think we've got a chance, but we'll have to run, Altos.

All right, I'll try.

Come on.

All right, I'll wait no longer!

Barbara, open the door!

Open the door! Open the door!

Open the door!

- Are you all right?
- Yes. The girls are all right, they're in a cave in the mountain.


I meant them no harm, I swear it!

I gave them food and flint to light a fire...

You treacherous...

No Altos, we want him unharmed.

He's going to show us where the cave is.

It?s no good, Sabetha.

It doesn't matter.

There was hardly any wood left.

Look, there's no point in us just waiting here, we must go out there and take a chance.

In these clothes?

We wouldn't last an hour.

How long do you think we'll last here without any fire?

I suppose you're right.

Come on then.

That wasn't the way we came in.

It was the tunnel on the right.

Well, I'm sure it was this one.

I could've sworn it... Well, if you're certain.

Well I thought I was certain.

You've made me doubtful now.

Come on. Let's try it.

How much further?

It's just beyond the next ridge.

When we get there can I go back?

You're getting no promises out of me. Come on!

Oh! Now we've got to go back.

I'm sorry, Sabetha.

Oh, it's not your fault, don't worry.

We'll just go back the way we came. Come on.

They're not here.

Look, there's been a fire.

I told you I'd helped them!

This ash is still warm.

They can't have been gone long.

Is there another way out of these caves?

No, this is the only one.

How far do these tunnels go?

Oh, right through the mountain.

Then they must have gone in deeper.

Lead on, Vasor.

No, no, no, no, we mustn?t!

There are demons in there... I won't go on!

Vasor, I am not asking you, I'm telling you.

Now move!

It's no good Sabetha, we?we're just going deeper into the mountain.

If we keep going we must find a way out.

Now come on.

Oh look! Well there's a rope-bridge.

Be careful.

Is... is it safe?

I think so...

Don't look down!

Come on, let's move quickly.

I've just realised, this wall isn't rock, it's solid ice!

Oh, please, we mustn't go on.

I told you the truth when I said there were demons here,

there are men who've seen them.

Well you never know, you might be a man who's seen them too.

You're not going back, anyway.

Come on, get on.



Oh, Barbara!

Hang on, I'm coming over!


Thank you. Oh, Susan.

Here, put this round you.

I thought we'd never get out of here.

Well you're all right now.

What happened?

What was it that frightened you?

Down there, there?s somebody down there.

We almost ran into them.

Ian, stop him!

Vasor, wait!

No, you wait! Wait there forever!

There's no other way out.

What a fool I was.

How do we get across?

I don't know. It's too wide to jump.

Well maybe we could find some planks and logs and lay them across?

Yes, all right. Let's go and look.

- Shall I lead the way?
- Yes.

Sabetha, keep close behind me.

Look out for this slope.

Yes. Mind the slope.


All right?

Altos, look out!

This rock's the only thing that's supporting this block of ice.

It might have crushed us to death.

Yes. Well the only thing to do is to keep away from it, keep down as you go under.

- Yes, I agree.
- Right down.

Oh, can't we go back?

No, Susan, we must find the key.

Susan, we must search all these tunnels properly.

That key's probably hidden somewhere here inside the mountain.

Oh! Not there!

We have no alternative.

Is this what you saw, Susan?

Yes, but they seem so like-life.

These must be the demons that Vasor talked about.

Well, they're certainly the stuff that make legends.

Look, right in the middle of the ice.

There?s the key!


It couldn't be better protected, could it?

A solid block of ice!

And four dead warriors?to guard it, eh?

And each perfectly preserved.

They certainly look frightening enough, don't they?

There's a pipe here.

It runs right round the block of ice.

Oh, yes look. It comes out over here.

You can see it running underneath the ice.

Ian, over here.

There's a sort of valve or something.

Hey, well steady on, wait a minute.

Go on turning it.

It's getting warmer!

But how could it be?

Where could the heat come from?

It must be a volcanic spring, buried deep in the bowels of the earth.

Like the hot springs in Iceland!

Iceland? Where's that?

In our own country, far away.

It's melting.

Quite quickly.

Oh, while we?re waiting for it to melt,

let's go and see what we can do about that bridge.

With any luck, they?ll freeze together.

Oh, cold on the hands isn?t it?

Well, let?s get it over.

Careful, we don't want it them break.

Right, slide it along that other one gently.


Now, careful when it comes off the end.


Oh! It didn't break!

Right, let's get some more and pile around it.

Where are the girls?

I asked to them to go and see how the melting process is coming along.

The key!

Ian! Altos! It's all right, it's all melted!

Hey, look at these weapons.

Wouldn't like to come across one of these in a battle.

Aah, he's?he?s alive!

He's alive!

What's the matter?

Get out of here! Run!

- Have you got the key?
- Yes.

Then run!


It'll never take her weight.

It can?t have frozen solid yet.

Well done, Susan!

Come on, Sabetha, get ready. You first.

Right, you carry on, I'll catch you up.

What...? How did you get...?

We've come to collect our things, Vasor.

Ah, ah, no, no, no!

Here, Sabetha, put these around your neck.


Now, put the travel dial on.

If all got our travel dials on, we'll keep our date with the Doctor!

Aah, ah, they're coming, they're coming!

The devils from the mountain!

They're coming here!

Then I'm afraid you'll have to entertain them alone, Vasor.

We have to leave you.


You'll stay, you hear?

You'll stay or I'll kill her.

Take your hands of her!

I?m going out the back way...

He?s dead.

The dials, twist the dials!