Doctor Who (1963–1989): Season 1, Episode 22 - The Velvet Web - full transcript

The Doctor and his friends arrive in the apparently idyllic city of Morphoton but Barbara soon begins to realise there is more to their hosts than meets the eye.


This is Barbara's travel dial.

Look, there's blood on it.

Yes. I can't imagine why Barbara
left of her own free will.

-No, surely she'd wait for us.
-Of course she would.

No, it seems
there's only one conclusion.

Whatever it is lives behind that door
must have taken her by force.

-Let's get inside.
-No, no, no.

Don't let us be precipitous.

Doctor, there's blood on this strap.
That means she's hurt, maybe badly.

We can't argue now. We must get inside.

Very well.
But I say, I'm sure it's a mistake.




I don't believe it.

Ian, Susan. I'm glad you're here.

Barbara, you're all right.

Of course, I'm all right. In fact,
I'm actually better than all right.

But we saw your travel dial
and there was blood on it.

I know, that was silly.

I turned the dial and I seemed
to be falling through space.

I got frightened and tried to tear it
off my wrist.

-It just scratched me. See.
-Oh, I see.

(CHUCKLING) Well, I must say, quite
a nice little place you've got here.

-You haven't seen anything yet.

Would you get some food for my friends?

You may be seated.

Your Royal Highness is most gracious.

Perhaps if Your Majesty
will stop hogging the grapes,

-we can all have some.
-Help yourselves.

(LAUGHING) Thanks.

Ian, this is great.

Oh, what do you think
about all this, Doctor?

Oh, sensuous and decadent,
but rather pleasant.

-I say, is that a pomegranate?

-Yeah. Here you are.

Well, whatever we'd expected,
it certainly wasn't anything like this.

Oh, those silks, they're gorgeous.

Hmm. Hey, I'd love a dress
made from one of these.

BARBARA: Well, that's what
they're here for.


BARBARA: Oh, it's magnificent.

IAN: (CHUCKLING) It certainly is.

Yum stuff. Mmm.


What's the matter? Don't you like it?

No, I've just realised
nobody's shown me the menu.

We've got everything here.

Truffles? I do believe they're truffles.

-Well, well...
-Go on, Ian, have one.

No. See, I don't know the price yet.

-But we're guests here.
-Oh, you've met the host, have you?

Yes, I have and his manners are perfect.

Mmm. So is his kitchen, delicious.

Hey, we've got a visitor.

-IAN: This is where we pay the bill.
-BARBARA: Oh, relax, Ian.

No, no, don't get up.
I apologise for intruding,

but I wondered
if there was anything you wanted.

There is one thing you could do.
Tell us about this place.

About your people.
Who do we have to thank for all this?

You are in the city of Morphoton.

Our people are perhaps
the most contented in the universe.

Nothing they desire is denied them.

BARBARA: Do you mean you can have
anything you want?


-Well, could I have a dress made...

No, please. Please let her go on.

Well, I'd love a dress made
from the silk here.

-I will not have you take advantage...
-She takes no advantage, truly.

Our one wish
is to fulfil your every need.

-She shall have the dress.
-Thank you.

-Thank you.
-And you?

Have you no wish, no great desire?

Well, yes, perhaps,

but I'm afraid it's not quite as easy
as giving Susan a dress out of that.

SUSAN: What is it, Grandfather?

Well, perhaps, if I had to choose,

a well-equipped laboratory
with every conceivable instrument.

-Yes, yes.
-It will be arranged.

It will? You mean, he can have it?

Perhaps in the morning,
when you see the laboratory,

you will find our way of life
easier to understand, to believe.

Now, as it is late, I suggest you sleep.

In the morning, when you wake,

you will learn everything
about Morphoton.

Hmm. Well,
we should look forward to that.

Yes, and even if you're not serious
about the laboratory,

-we're very grateful.
-But I am serious. Good night.

-Good night.
-Good night.

Mmm-hmm. Charming young man.
Yes, charming.

Mmm. I think a study of this culture is
going to prove very, very fascinating.

Oh, dear me, I'm tired, you know.

I think the excitement's been
too much for Susan, too. Come on.

Well, you don't look very happy.

Me? No, no, no, not at all.
I think it's all marvellous.

Not very convincing.
I don't know what you want.

Perhaps it's my materialistic side.

How rich and powerful do you have to be
to give things away free?

-Oh, now, don't spoil it all for me.
-(CHUCKLING) I didn't mean to do that.

You can't apply Earth's standard,
you just can't.

No. It's certainly very different here.

Did you notice that man's eyes?

-No, what about them?
-He didn't blink once.

-Am I being ridiculous?

-They're just kind, hospitable people.

Look, try to get some sleep.
You'll feel differently in the morning.


I suppose it could be worse.



Oh, good morning.

Thank you very much.

-Most refreshing.

Look at these exquisite glasses,

Mmm. Can I have some
orange juice, please?

Why not?
Help yourself, there's plenty more.

No, no, child. Don't take it all.
We must leave some for Barbara

-when she wakes up.
-Yeah, Barbara.

She really is having
a deep sleep, isn't she?

-DOCTOR: What's the matter?
-Hmm? Oh, this? Oh, I don't know.

Just a sort of mild irritation
on the forehead, it's nothing at all.

No, there's nothing there.

I only mentioned it because
I have a rather sore spot here myself.

-Oh, look!

Look, Grandfather, it's my dress.

Thank you. Thank you.

It's beautiful, look!

-It really is very elegant, Susan.
-Can I show Barbara? Can I wake her up?

Why not?
She can't sleep all the morning.

Barbara. Barbara?

Wake up, wake up.

What's happened?

-What's the matter?
-Well, look.

Look around you. Can't you see?

I don't think she's properly awake.

Susan, get me a glass
of that fruit juice, will you?


Thank you.

-Here, drink this.
-No, it's filthy.

-Now you've broken it.
-Barbara, what's got into you?

BARBARA: Why can't you see?

This is gonna test our host's patience,
you know, it's one of a set...

-You really are clumsy.
-BARBARA: But it's just a dirty old mug.

And the room, why have they changed it?

It's the same, Barbara.

No, it isn't. It isn't.

And this terrible dress
and the furniture.

What's happened to her?

Why can't you see it?

-Barbara, Barbara...
-It's all changed.

Come on, now. Get a hold of yourself.

SUSAN: Don't be frightened, Barbara.

Ian, try to see. Please.

Try to see the truth.

Don't be afraid.

Look. Look, they brought me my dress.

It's dirty. Dirty rags.

Barbara, these people
are very kind to us.

-They've given us everything.
-They've given you nothing.

I don't know what they've done to you

or why it hasn't worked on me,

but I must find a way to show you.
I must before it's too late.

DOCTOR: Ah, here comes Altos.
Now perhaps he can convince you.

He knows it's failed on me.

What's the matter?
Aren't you feeling well?

-Let me take you to our physicians.

Please, I only want to help you.


-Please, don't concern yourself.

She's overwrought. I'll deal with it.
You stay here.






One of the women has resisted
the power of the mesmerent.

-She has escaped into the city.
-MORPHO: Who placed the disks?

The girl Sabetha.

She has failed us and must be punished.

Return now to the other three.
Reassure them about their friend.

Take them to their laboratory.

In four hours, we will give them
the final exposure to the mesmerent.

-They will be completely subjugated.
-And what of the one that has escaped?

She has seen the truth
and is beyond our control.

Find her and destroy her.


You're the girl who put the disks
on our foreheads.

I made a mistake. I am to be punished.

Tell me all you can about this place.

I am to be punished.

Listen to me,

I believe you're under some
deep form of deep hypnosis.

I am to be punished.

Oh, what's the use?

ALTOS: And the physician says
she was in a highly nervous condition.

She is now under deep sedation.
She will soon recover.

Well, that's a relief.

-Perhaps we can visit her later.
-Yes, of course.

Yes, yes. Well, naturally, we're all
glad that she's going to be all right,

so if there's nothing more
we can do for her,

I suggest we get a look
at the laboratory, hmm?

IAN: I've never seen anything like it.

DOCTOR: Mmm, I think I shall find
considerable scope here.

-Doctor, isn't that a cyclotron?
-Hmm? Huh?

Oh, yes, yes, yes, yes.
That's a simple toy.

I'm sure that will amuse you. Mmm.

Ha, now, this might be helpful.

Yes. If I can have
instruments like these,

I might be able to overcome the fault
in the time mechanism aboard the ship.

-Oh, they really can do it, eh?

They can give you anything you ask for.

-Where did you get this?
-It's mine.

I don't want to take it away from you.

I just want to know where you got it.

They gave it to me, my masters.

It was the thing I desired most,
it's mine.

But why? Why did you want it?

It's mine.

Listen to me.

Does the name Arbitan
mean anything to you?


-Oh, please. Please try to remember.


He sent me here.

I was... I...

I can't remember.

Is Arbitan your father?

Open the panel.


They're sleeping soundly.

Altos is placing the somnar disks.

Already I sense their will beginning
to weaken, memories fading.

When they wake,
all resistance will have ended.

They will remember her no more.

What are your orders for them
when they have recovered?

The two men will join
the working parties.

We can use the younger one's strength
with the holdage gangs.

The old man is weaker but intelligent.

Isolate him and put him to work
on the scheme for increasing manpower.

As for the child,
she must be trained rapidly.

She will take the place of Sabetha,
the one that failed us.

And what of the one that has escaped?

That is your responsibility.

As soon as it is light,
a thorough search must be made.

If you fail, you will be killed.

She must be found.

Concentrate, Sabetha, please.

Look, we're almost finished.

I can't remember any more.

I feel so sleepy.



You are to come with me.





Sabetha, I must find the others
and try and convince them.

If I succeed, I'll come back for you.


Ian. Oh, thank heaven, I found you.

(SIGHING) Oh, I thought
they must've got to you.

I thought...


You must be the one who escaped.

-The one they told me about.

I must take you to them.


So, she has been caught.

You have done well
and proved yourself worthy.

It's disgusting.

Ian, can't you see
how you're being used?

We are the masters of this place.

Our brains outgrew our bodies.

It is our intelligence
that has created this whole city.

But we need the help of the human body
to feed us and to carry out our orders.

You use your people
to act as machines for you.

Much more than machines.

The human body is the most
flexible instrument in the world.

No single mechanical device could
reproduce its mobility and dexterity.

So I'm to become one of your slaves?

No. You have seen the truth of our city.

It is beyond our power to erase this
from your memory.

You must be destroyed.

Kill her.

-Kill her.

-Kill her.

-Kill her.

Kill her.

Kill her.

(GROWLING) Kill her!



Where are we? Where...

Barbara. Barbara.

-It's all right, Ian.

It's all right now.


-They're burning the city.
-Yes. I don't blame them.

Trouble is, they'll be up here soon.

Seeking their revenge, are they?
Poor creatures.

Ian thinks we should get out of here
as soon as possible.

-IAN: Yes, I do.
-BARBARA: Where's Susan?

We're all meeting here. She's bringing
Sabetha and that young man, Altos.

I questioned him
and there's no doubt about it,

-he's one of Arbitan's couriers.
-They're coming with us?

Yes, he's going with you, certainly.

By the way, I found these travel dials.

Those repellent brain things

didn't appreciate
their significance, fortunately.

Doctor, what did you mean,
Altos is going with you?

I will explain it all in good time.
Ah, here are the others.


-Good. Let's go then.
-No. Wait.

Now we have one key
and there are three more to find.

Yes. Sabetha wants to
continue the search with us.

-I wish to join you, too.
-Good idea.

I was sent by Arbitan.
I and a friend called Eprim.

Our plan was as follows,

he would go ahead in search of key four
and I would come here for the first.

Arbitan hadn't heard from either of you.
Or anyone else for that matter.

Well, we must presume something
has happened to your friend Eprim.

It may just be
that he couldn't reach the key.

It lies somewhere
in the city of Millennius.

Ah, yes. The place you mentioned.

Yes. The highly civilised society.

Now then,
I've decided to adopt his plan.

What? You mean go two jumps ahead,

-and try and find the fourth key?
-Mmm-hmm. Yes, precisely.

I shall try and find out
what's happened to your friend Eprim.

If he's alive, make contact
and then we can all meet again.

Do you know how to adjust the dial,

Yes. Altos has shown me
how to adjust just mine.

Yours? Well, aren't I coming?

No, I think it better if you travelled
with the main party, child.

-But I want to go with you.
-Yes, yes, I know, Susan, but...

Don't you see it's better
if we split our forces?

You see, it's a very dangerous situation

and the sooner we get on with it,
the better.

For my part,
I know you will be well looked after.

As for me, well,
I'm going to a well-ordered society

and I think it's the best
and the speediest way, really.

All right.
Won't be for long though, will it?

I was wondering
if we should fix a time to meet.

-DOCTOR: Uh, say, five days.
-Yes, that's not a bad idea.

Perhaps you better give us another two,
just in case of possible delays.

Hope everything won't be
as bad as this place.

No, I hope not. Put these on, please.

Well, good-bye, Doctor.
And take care of yourself.

Oh, of course, I will. And you see
that you take good care of Susan.

Yes, we will.

-Well, I'm ready.
-So am I.

-I wish you well, Doctor.
-Thank you, my dear. Now, off you go.

-Goodbye, Grandfather.
-Goodbye, my child.

Susan. She should have waited for us.

Now, quickly.
You must go and follow her.


Stop it!

Stop it!

Go away. Go away!