Doctor Who (1963–1989): Season 1, Episode 16 - Five Hundred Eyes - full transcript

The Doctor and Susan are able to supply Marco with condensation that has formed inside the TARDIS, saving the group from dying of first.When the group are reunited with Tegana, the travelers begin to suspect he is up to something.

Here's water Marco Polo.

Come for it ...

What has happened
to Tegana? Is he lost?

Perhaps he never
found the oasis.

But in the hope he did,

I inched our caravan forward through the night.

What misery.

A bitterly cold wind
swept down from the north

and set us shivering
as we stumbled on.

I fear the end is not far off.

No sign of Tegana.

Nothing but sand ...

Tegana is our
only hope now.

Surely, he should
be back by now.

He would not start back from the oasis
in the dark, for fear of missing us.

- Then we must get going.
- Yes.

Hot again soon Marco.

- Hadn't we better get started?
- We would not get very far, Ian.

No, we must wait here.

The Doctor and Susan
are still in the TARDIS.

Oh, let them
sleep Barbara.

Oh , water ...
Water ... water!

Susan! Susan, child!

Susan, wake up.
Wake up, quickly!

Fetch some cloth and cups.

- Alright, Grandfather.
- We have to catch the water ...

we mustn't waste a drop!

Come along, child, wake up, quickly!

Look ...
Is running down the walls .

Look, we must collect it. It's water!

We must ... quickly ... quickly ...

before the ship heats up in the sun ...

hurry child ...
hurry please

Not a sign of him ...

Water! Look! Water!

Please wait -
we must be careful.

- This is in your caravan?
- Yes, but it's not pure water you see ...

You told me you weren't
carrying any, Doctor!

I haven't got any water,
don't you understand.

II wouldn't allow us to get into this
state if I had water, young man.

No this was the water
that was running off the walls.

It condensation,
is unbelievable!

- Condensation, do you understand?
- No, I do not understand!

make him understand!

It was condensation off
the walls and I ...

The old man lied to me!

Marco, you remember,
last night it was cold.

Bitterly cold, Marco.

The outside of the caravan cooled,
but the inside stayed warm -

and so moisture formed
on the inside.

It's condensation,
we just call it that

It's just a name.
It's true, Messr Marco.

It was running down the walls,
and from the ceiling.

We ... we took it in this ...

...look, we squeezed it in here
you see?

You understand now? Hmm?

I have seen this happen.

Let me see you drink it.

Not too much ...
steady ...

There were bandits here
last night when I arrived.

So I had to wait in hiding until
this morning when they left.

And then when I prepared
to leave for you,

I saw your caravan coming
across the desert towards me.

Had the Doctor not
discovered water,

you might have been too
late to save us, Tegana.

And are those bandits
likely to return?

No, no, I overheard them saying
they were going to ride for Karakorum.

Karakorum? That used to be to
the north, on the great steppes.

It still is, Barbara.

Well, the sooner we leave
here the better ...

- But Marco ...
- This oasis is dangerous, Barbara.

We must leave here
as soon as possible.

Marco, we're all in
need of rest,

and the Doctor is still very weak.

We will stay here until tomorrow
morning - no longer.

Please tell the others.

What amuses you?

You don't really believe their story,

do you, of water forming
inside a caravan?

Yes. I know it
to be true.

I think I can repair
the circuit in a week,

Maybe less.

We're leaving
here tomorrow.

Oh, we're always
rushing around ...

a day's rest would do
us all a lot of good ...

- Marco's worried about bandits.
- Oh, rubbish!

Tegana said there were
some here last night.

Well if they were,
they were very clean about it.

What do you mean ?

Look, last night was very cold.
But there's no sign of a fire
having been lit.

Well, perhaps they didn't want
anyone to know they'd been here.

Yes, that may be.
But I think Tegana just used

the bandits as an excuse for not
coming back to us with water.

Maybe. Well, the thing to
do is to ask Tegana.

Ask Tegana what?

How many bandits were
there here last night?

- Twelve.
- It was a cold night.

Didn't they light a fire?

If they had Ian, the remains
would still be visible.

- Doctor?
- Well?

Barbara may have told you
that we're leaving here tomorrow,

so get all the rest you can today.

You may use your caravan again,
but before we leave in the morning,

it will be locked, and the
key handed over to me.

Young man, you have no concept
of what is happening, have you?

And you still don't seem to realise
that you're speaking to a man ...

... of superior intellect.

My conscience pricks me.

I was adamant despite
the Doctor's protests,

that the key and his caravan
should be handed over to me

Now we journey on across
this burning desert

and I shall not rest until I see
the temple spires of the city
of Tun-Huang.

Susan : I've never seen so
many temples in my life!

- Tun-Huang is a famous city, Susan.
- Yes ..

Isn't the cave of the thousand
Buddhas near here?

- Thousand Buddhas?
- Yes.

Have you heard of the cave
of the five hundred eyes?

- No, I haven't.
- I do not know that
one either, Messr Marco.

I'm intrigued by this cave, Marco.
Why is it called five hundred eyes?

On the walls are painted the faces
of two hundred and fifty evil men

who once lived there.
They were the Hashashins.

- Hashashins?
Yes, and they were so called because they

used a drug - hashish.

- Are there still Hashashins in the cave?
- No, Susan.

No, Susan. They were put to
the sword twenty years ago

by a great Mongol
conqueror called Hulagu.

There is a story of Hulagu
and the Hashashins.

- Oh, tell it to us, Ping-Cho.
- Later, if you wish.

- Why not now ?
- It needs preparation.

It seems we shall be stopping
here for a while

it means I can get
on with more work.

- Huh?
- Oh, repairing the circuit, young man ...

Aren't you forgetting
something, Doctor?

Don't you realise they
will be much less vigilant?

I shall be able to sneak into
the TARDIS, no worry at all!

Yes, but you've given
Marco Polo the key.

A key, my boy.
A key.

What use do you think it's going
to be to him? Hmmm? And where
do you suppose I got that from? Huh?

- I have no idea.
- I made it.

- Made it? When?
- On the night of the oasis.

Only chance I had

she knows all about it,
don't you Susan?

You crafty old fox!

- Grandfather.
- Yes?

What do you know
about the Hashashins?

Well ... now, let me think ...
let me think ... yes, they were
some kind of sect. Why?

Well, Ping-Cho knows a story and
she's going to tell us about it.

Oh, how delightful!
Yes ... yes ... why not?

Ian, Ian,
I must talk to you.

- What is it?
- It's about Tegana.

- I caught him off-guard.
Shh. Later.

- Come and sit over here ...
- No, I'll be all right over here.

Ping-Cho ...
oh, Ping-Cho, are you ready?

- I'm ready, Susan.
- Good.

Gracious maidens,
gentle lords

Pray attend me
while I tell my tale

Of Ala-eddin, the Old
Man of the Mountain

Who by devious schemes,
evil designs

And foul murders
ruled the land.

No host of arms,
no vast array

Of banners served
this wicked lord.

They were but few -
ruthless, reckless men

Who obeyed
his cruel commands.

Thus did he persuade them
Promising paradise

he gave his followers
a potent draught

and whilst they slept
Transported them to a vale

where Streams of milk and honey,
wine and water, flowed.

Here were gardens and
flowers of every hue and essence.

Here, too Golden pavilions
outshone the sun

And even the stars of heaven envied
the bejewelled interiors

strewn with incomparable silks,
tapestries, and treasures.

Hand-maidens, dulcet-voiced
Soft of face, attended them,

and thus bemused
Did they dwell in this man-made paradise

Until Ala-eddin intent
upon some evil deed

Proffered again the hashish draught
And brought them sleeping to his castle

What lord, are we cast out of paradise
Awakening, they cried.

Not so, Go abroad, seek out my enemies
And strike them down.

But care not for your lives.

Paradise is eternal.

So terror stalked the
land for many years.

Then one day,
came mighty Hulagu to stand

before Ala-eddin's lair
For three long years in siege

And thus fell Ala-eddin
and his men.

Now honest hands
reap harvests of life

From the soil where
death and evil Reigned.

And those who journey
Through the vale are heard to say

Tis truly paradise today.

That was really delightful ...

Thank you, Ping-Cho.

Charming, Ping-Cho,

Susan, do you know that
we use the word Hashashin

in English today?

- No.
- Yes: assassins.

- Assassin ?!
- Yes.

Ping-Cho, is the lair of Ala-eddin
really near here?

No, Susan. It was on a mountain
called Mount Alumet in Persia.

Persia! But Messr Marco said

that Hulagu killed the
Hashashins near here.

So he did, Susan.

Some of Ala-eddin's followers
lived near here

in the cave of 500 eyes.

Malik? Malik?

- Who calls my name?
- Tegana, the Mongol War Lord.

We have waited for you Tegana.

You need wait no more,
old man.

What news from Noghai?

You shall hear it.
You shall hear it.

Come - follow me.

- Welcome!
- Acomat!

What news from Noghai?

He has formed his army and
marches now for Karakorum.

- Good
- Where he will await
news of your success.

- I will not fail him.
- You failed at Lop.

You were to meet our courier
on the third night in the desert.

- There was a sandstorm. .
- He did not return.

Before the courier left,
he spoke of gifts to Noghai.

Yes - a caravan that flies.

It belongs to an old magician
who accompanies us.

Polo's taking it to
the Kublai Khan.

With such a caravan,
Noghai would be invincible.

Yes, that is why you must capture it.

You will attack our caravan
as we're going to Shang-Tu.

- It shall be done .
- And then, deliver it to Noghai.

And Polo, and those that
go with him?

What of them? Kill them?

Of course ...

- Did a woman accompany you here?
- No.

There is one in the
outer cave now.

This is the most dangerous thing
she could have done!

What kind of country do you come from
where a woman can wander alone
through the streets at night?

You will never find her
alive in Tun-Huang.

We won't find her
sitting here.

Wait , Ian.
We will search together.

The city is divided
into distinct areas.

Tegana, you will take one,
we will take another.

We will meet back here
in two hours' time.

- Well, let's get started.
- Do you need my help?

No, Doctor, you stay here.
And nobody else move.

Don't worry, child.

We'll find her.
Don't worry.

Grandfather ...

Grandfather ...

Don't worry about Ping-Cho,
you can trust her.

Well, it looks as though I must,
doesn't it? What is it, hmm?

- We think we might know
where Barbara is.
- Oh, where?

Messr Marco was telling us about
the Cave of Five Hundred Eyes.

Yes, and Barbara was
very interested.

So we thought she might have gone off
and had a look without asking anybody

because Messr Marco might
have tried to stop her.

Do you know where this Cave
of Five Hundred Eyes is?

I do not know my lord. But
Chenchu would know.

Aha, my friend!

And how long have you
been lurking there? Hmmm?

I arrived this very moment my lord.

Where is the Cave
of Five Hundred Eyes?

- The Cave of Five Hundred ...
- Yes , where is it?

On the road to
Su-Chow my Lord.

- Set back against the foothills.
- Well, how far is it from here?

About a third of a league, my lord.

A mile, a mile, yes ...

Now you two go back
in there and wait ...
go along ... go along ... go along ...

My lord is going there now?
At this time of night

But it is haunted, my lord,
the spirits of the Hashashins ...

you should not go, my lord.

You mustn't go there alone, grandfather.
And anyway, we must stay with you.

Messr Marco will be angry -
he told us to stay here.

Never mind about him.
Which road?

- The road to Su-Chow ...
- Grandfather, you'll never find it
on your own. Come on!

Yes all right, if you insist!

Then come along,
both of you, quickly!

Do not go my lord!
Not at night!

You will not come back alive!


- Look at those eyes.
- I'd prefer not to, Susan.

Extraordinary! Look!

Yes, it's quartz ...
Ha ... Yes Mineral Raw .

Look, you see the veins going
through the rock structure.

And look how cleverly
that face is carved

so that at the eye,
the quartz is exposed.

Now, isn't that interesting, hmm?

Grandfather, we're supposed
to be looking for Barbara.

Hmm? Barbara?
Yes, of course.

Yes, yes, we mustn't waste time!
No ... come on ...

Now, let's see if we
can find the spirits ...

- My lord?
- Oh, it's you.

- He's gone my lord.
- Gone?

The old lord has gone.
After you had gone,

the young ladies approached me,
they were looking for him.

- Well ... wasn't he in his room?
- Not so my lord.

He was out there .

- that's where they found him.
That's why I came and told you, my lord.

But he forced me to tell him
the way to the cave.

- What cave? !
- He forced me, my lord.

- He forced me ...
- What cave?

- The Cave of Five Hundred Eyes.
- You fool.

He forced me ...

A fool's errand,
it's a fool's errand, child.

That's what you've brought me on.

And I had so much work
to do in the TARDIS.

Now, come along, we mustn't
waste any more time here ...

Barbara's probably in
bed and asleep by now.

If you had any sense, where
both of you should be!

- My lord, look.
- Hmmm?

That's Barbara's!
She must have been here.

- Barbara! Barbara!
- Miss Wright!

- Barbara! Barbara!
- Miss Wright!

They moved ...

The eyes moved!

Time-Settings: Matheus Carvallo

Transcription: Bruce Robinson

VO-Subs: Zladdy77
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