Doctor Who (1963–1989): Season 1, Episode 10 - The Ordeal - full transcript

While Ian, Barbara and their Thal friends try to find a way into the Dalek City through the mountains, the Doctor, Susan and Alydon attempt to make their own way in.

Stay here!

Subbed by Corax

Time Adjustments by MacLeod

?.? ?.?

What is it? What's happened to Elyon?

There's nothing we can do here.


Did Elyon fall in?

What happened?

It must have happened very quickly.

Come on now, we must reach the cliffs by tonight.

There are four roads
that lead off from the main square

going north, south,

east and west.

The main ventilators
seem to be over in this section.

- Hmm.
- Oh, that's wrong. It goes down there and up.

- Can you see any way in at all?
- No.

Oh, you'll allow me, will you?

- Grandfather, get down!
- Yes, yes, yes.

Now the... the things we have to put out of action
is the radio and television waves.

They've obviously got complete coverage
in and around the city.

And they don't leave much to chance.

We must presume they don't leave
anything to chance.

If they have pictures of the entrance to the city,
how can we do anything?

Then we must stop the pictures.
Remember, the Daleks aren't very mobile.

- Yes, we do have speed on our side.
- And there's always value in surprise.

I know it looks difficult,
but we must try it, my friends.

- Yes, we must.
- Yes.

I wish I knew what they were planning for us.

The report for the neutron bomb Is prepared.

Let us hear It.

DALEK: (OVER SPEAKER) Report on neutron bomb
to cover 500 square mlles.

Tlme to construct, 23 days.

Is that the shortest posslble tlme?

- Yes.
- Very well.

It Is too long.

We must abandon the Idea of a neutron bomb.

We must flnd another way of spreadlng radlatlon.

- It's getting narrower.
- Oh, it's like all the other caves,

just tails off into a dead end.

Well, there's a gloomy thought for you.

Oh, we ought to be going back now.

GANATUS: Let's make sure this is impossible first.

I must have had sixth sense. Look at that.


- Well, let's go back and try one of the other ways.
- No, wait a minute.

- Can you see something?
- No, stand still for a minute.

There. Can you hear it? The sound of water.


Barbara, look!

- There's a passageway here.
- Well, that won't be easy.

It's a good job
we haven't been over-eating recently.

It's going to be a long crawl.

Well, we won't use one of the customs
of your planet.

- And what's that?
- "Ladies first."

Well, I should hope not.

- Pay the rope out as I move in, will you?
- Yes, all right.

But be careful. Remember what lan said,
we're not to take any chances.

Do you always do what lan says?

No, I don't.

Well, let me have the torch then.

- Unless you think...
- No, no, your need is greater than mine.

- Barbara?
- Yes?

There seems to be a drop of about... 30 feet or so.
I'm going down.

Well, be careful.

Tie your end of the rope
around a rock or something, will you?

Yes, all right.

- Ready.
- Right.




- What's happened?
- I couldn't hold on to it.

- Where's Ganatus?
- It slipped through my fingers.

He's down here, look!

- Barbara?
- IAN: All right this end!

- IAN: Are you hurt?
- No, I'm not!

- Is my brother hurt?
- No, he isn't. But it was my fault.

The rope slipped off the rock.

The rope, Antodus.


- Are you sure you're all right?
- Yes!

What happened to Barbara?

She's okay.

Don't worry. Hang on a minute.

I'm bringing another rope down to you.

It would be better if you came down here.

There's a big cavern
with lots of tunnels going off it.

Unless you've found anything else,
this seems a fair chance.

IAN: No, we haven't.

Hang on, we'll be with you in a couple of minutes.


It looks as though it may have been a lucky fall.

DALEK: (OVER SPEAKER) Rangerscopes are
recordlng great actlvlty amongst the Thal people.

Are there plctures?

No, receptlon Is bad.

- They are attacklng our Instruments.
- We must keep alert.


Concentrate all power of rangerscopes
and vlbrascopes on all entrances to the clty.

It looks as if my plan has worked.

- We can't keep up this light reflection for long.
- Never mind.

It gives us a better chance
to get into the city unnoticed.

- We can't be sure of that, Grandfather.
- Oh, I know it's risky,

but, well, we mustn't diddle about here.

Now, I want to get to the east side
of that antennae.

- Doctor, look.
- Hmm?

According to the map, we should be moving
further to our left in that direction.

- Yes.
- Yes, yes, I see. Go ahead, will you?

Go along, child.

Yes, we'll show them a thing or two.

IAN: So far, so good.
It seems to be broadening out a bit.

GANATUS: Who knows,
it may stop being impossible.

BARBARA: Just become unbearable.
IAN: Well, at least we can breathe in here.

We seem to be travelling
more or less in a straight line.

Yes, I think we are.

- I'll take the fire.
- Oh, thank you.

Shall I lead on then?

Yes, I suppose you might as well.
We'll have a rest in a minute.


- I want to go back.
- What for?

I can't go on anymore.

- You must.
- No.

We're going deeper, deeper all the time.
We'll be trapped in the mountain, I know we will.

Please, Ganatus, let me go back.

- You can't.
- But you don't really need me, not really.

I could...
Well, I could go back and signal to the others

that we've managed to get as far as we have.

- Antodus, we go on together.
- Why?

Why are you making me do all these things?

Even if we do get through,
we'll never defeat the Daleks.

Ganatus, we're all going to be killed.

- We can't turn back now.
- The others can't, but we could.

Listen, they're going to die anyway.

We could just go back
and tell the others that the Daleks killed them.

- What are you talking about? You must go back.
- I'm not going on.

You are! You must!


I'm sorry, are you hurt?


Is he hurt?

A rock hit him.

It would have hit me, but he pushed me aside.

He was very brave.

- Well, I hope he hasn't cut his head.
- I'm all right.


we can't go back the way we came.

We must go on now.

DALEK: (OVER SPEAKER) Emergencyl Emergencyl

Reactlon on the vlbrascopes.

- Where?
- Sectlon 15, clty wall.

- Shall I redlrect the rangerscopes?
- No.

If we track them by thelr vlbratlons,
we can take them by surprlse.

- Hey, Grandfather. Look!
- Yes?

Is this what you want?

Ah, yes. A single cable.

The whole city is powered by static electricity.

- Well, how do you know that?
- The single wire, you see.

Round here. There, see?

And there. That must be the answer.

Well, it leads up into the antennae.

Well, it certainly goes in that direction,
but I can't see it all.

I wonder if I can open this box.

There aren't any hinges on it.

- Oh, that's it. Look, look, it slides up.
- Ah, good girl.

Now, just take it over there. That's it.
Now, look out.

The thing is,
how are we going to cut the wire now it's exposed

without getting a terrific shock?

- Look, we can't wait around here too long.
- No, just a minute.

Now, you go and tell your friends
to stop flashing the light on the antennae.

Because for all we know

the Daleks might have a beam to throw on them,
paralyse them, kill them!

But I can't leave you two here.

We shall be all right.

Go along and tell them to move their position
from time to time. Now hurry, please.

Very well, then. But don't waste time here.
I'll come back for you if I can.

Yes, yes, we shall be back before then. Now go.

Dear, dear, dear. That young man gets so agitated.

Now, I'll tell you what we'll do.
We'll short-circuit it to another conductor.

Let me have the key of the ship, Susan, will you?

The key of the ship, dear.

- Oh, what a good idea, yes.
- Yes, yes, yes.

- I can always make another one if necessary.
- Yes, of course.

Now, let us proceed.

Now the power's running away.

- That'll teach the Daleks to meddle in our affairs.
- What about this one?

Well, of course.

Watch it.

Now, we've short... We've shorted it, you see?
So something must have gone somewhere else!

The extent of the damage, of course,
we don't know yet.

Look, Grandfather, this is marvellous,
but they must have a fault locator somewhere.

We must get away from here.

But, my dear child,
don't you realise what I've done?

- A few simple tools...
- Yes, but we mustn't waste time!

...a superior brain...
- We must go now!

But, child, look...

Look out!

No place for a quiet stroll, is it?

- It looks pretty wide.
- Yes, and deep.

Well, you might as well take a rest
while we sort this one out.

No point in going that way, it widens out.

There's no foothold at all on this side.

IAN: There's a ledge over there, look.

About two to three feet, would you say?

There seems to be some sort of cleft
in the rock face there.

Yes, I think you're right.

We'll have to get over there.

How about going down this side on a rope,
and trying to climb the other?

Yes, well, see how deep it is. Hold the torch.

A pebble.

How do we do it?

We jump.

There's not much space to land in.


- Oh, well, I'll go.
- I'll...

You go and tell them we're going to jump.

We're going to jump it.

Shine the torch on that ledge.

Keep clear of me when I run
and give me plenty of rope.

Good luck.

All right!


you come over next
and we'll explore that cleft in the rock.


Quite firm.

I think there's just about enough room
for two of us.

- Take up the slack, will you?
- Right.

Good luck.


Right, take a good long run.

Good jump! You should have come first.

Now, I'll take a look at this cleft.

The torch?

- Pay it out slowly.
- Right.

It's all right, there's... a handhold just here.

A little more rope.

It goes wider.
It seems to be some sort of a tunnel.

I don't need the rope anymore.
Bring the others over.


Rope coming over.

You have destroyed our vldeoscope
and one of our Ilfts.

And you in turn
killed the Thal leader in your ambush.

And you will be responsible for more deaths
unless you help these people.

The only Interest we have In the Thals

Is thelr total extermlnatlon.

- What do you mean?
- Tomorrow, the atmosphere wlll be bombarded

by the radlatlon from our nuclear reactors.

Why are you doing this?

That's sheer murder.

No, extermlnatlon.

But you must listen to reason. Please, you must.

Wlthout radlatlon, the Dalek race Is ended.

We need It as you and the Thals need alr.

ALL: Tomorrow, we wlll be the masters
of the planet Skarol

Oh, I thought I wouldn't make it.

You did well.
Just get your breath back for a minute.

I'm all right.

- Lan?
- Oh, no! Not that way!

Now stay still. Give me your other hand.
You've got to come back.

Now, swing.

Now this time, face the rock.

And reach round with that arm.

Reach higher.

Can you feel?

I... I can't reach.

Higher, go on.


Now, let go of my hand and swing yourself around.

Go on.

- All right?
- Yes.

- I'll throw the fire.
- Right.

Rope coming over.

- Will you go next, Antodus?
- No, you go on.

Very well.

IAN: You made it look easy.

- Got the grip?
- Yes, I'm clear.

Rope coming over.


Bad throw, my fault.

Move back from the edge.

I can't do it.

Move back from the edge...

and catch this rope. Ready?

Coming now! Good.

Now, tie it round yourself.


Now, give yourself a good long run and jump.

I'm ready whenever you are.

ANTODUS: Help me! Help me!

I can't hold on!

I can't hold on!

Subbed by Corax

Time Adjustments by MacLeod

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