Dinotrux Supercharged (2017–2018): Season 3, Episode 4 - Drillipedes - full transcript

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Ha ha!



My favorite way to do a parts run!

I like them better on the ground.

Aah! Not what I m-m-meant!


Some parts run.

Look at these dinky baskets!

We got, what, five bolts here?

Five bolts each times four baskets
is 20 bolts.

Okay, okay, math wins.

I am afraid this is
the only way we can do parts runs,

at least until we all return
to the crater.

Well, the sooner this run is over,
the bet--

Again, not what I meant!

It is Break-Itt!

Ugh! Bolts down!

Bolts down!

Eat rocks, fly-tools!

We're hit! Whoa!

Assume crash positions!

We have crash positions?

-Pull in your head!
-That I can do!

He's got to run
out of pebbles sometime!

The ground is covered in pebbles!
How long you got?

We can still salvage some parts.

Not today.

It's time for my favorite strategy...


Hope the Trux will be okay
without those parts!

Dang blade's stuck down again!

At least you don't have a conveyor belt
that does this.

Make it stop!

Huh, bad belt fastener.

Need a new one.

Dude, our old injuries
are coming back!

Check out mine!

See? My hydraulics are busted.

Can't flip back over.

You know you could have
just told us, right?

Yeah, but showing you
was so much more fun.

But now I kind of see your point.

Totally stuck here!

Ton-Ton, you are never stuck
as long as I'm around.

Thanks, dude.

Can we do that again?

Ty, when are the tools getting back?

How's right now work for you?

Not seeing any parts here.

That is because we do not have any.

A Scraptool shot us down.

We even had to assume crash positions.

It's a position that comes
really naturally to me.

You didn't stand up for yourself?

No, I ran away for myself.

Besides, isn't fighting supposed to be
our last option?

Fighting is your last option.

But standing up for yourself
should always be your first option.

Glad you Tools are okay,
but my blade is stuck. I need a bolt.

You mean a coupling nut.
Guess we got to do another parts run!

Knock yourself out.
If Break-Itt doesn't beat you to it.

Ah, don't be such a flat tire.

Actually, Waldo has a point.

Our parts route has been discovered
by the enemy.

-If we run it again--
-You won't make it back.

Not to mention, the location
of the Renegade Base will be discovered.

Can't go by air, can't go by ground,

but what about--

By sea!

There's no sea in the crater.

Which is why D-Structs and D-Stroy
would never expect it!

Can't argue with that part.

I was thinking underground.

Our old supply tunnels.

Boom! Get all the parts we need,
no bad guys on the way.

But those tunnels connected
the garage to the Ravine,

and we're not in either.

Not yet we're not.

Hey, where's Dozer?

-Took off a few minutes ago.
-I was getting a friend.

Where the drill
do you want this thing?


Thanks, Auger!

Take it from here, Rev.

Don't forget the coupling nut
to fix my blade.

And the fastener for my belt.

And the part thingy to fix my bed thingy.

And a connecting bolt for Ty's tread.

Sharp eyes, Xee.

Why did you not say so before?

Didn't want to pile on.

We will not let you down.

Oh, you built these? Nice job.

Coming from you,
that is a great compliment.

This stuff makes me miss the garage.

It was our home.

Home "shmome."
I miss my organizational shelves.



Uh, w-what is it? W-what does it mean?

I do not know.

But the Trux need those parts fast,

so we had better find
a different tunnel quickly.

We didn't make these tunnels.

And they're too small for Drillasaurs...

But they seem to be newly dug.

So who newly dug 'em?



Anybody get the feeling
we're being watched?

Followed is more like it.

The drill markings on the wall
are of a kind I have never seen.


Can you be fascinated and walk
at the same time?

You've got four tough Tools right here.

Nothing to fear, Click-Clack.

-There's always something to fear--

That's what I've been saying all along!

You didn't let me finish.

There's always something to fear
until you stand up to it.

You lost me at that last--

- What the heck are these things?
- Drillipedes!

An extremely rare species of tool--

I used to be obsessed with them
when I was little.

But I never had the opportunity...

...to observe them up close!

I guess today's your lucky day!



Make it up to me by firing your bits
at these nasty things!

Any other tricks
in those sockets of yours?

Sure. Help!

Hey! Ugly!

Pick on a Tool your own size!

Ace, the Drillipedes
are far larger than--

Should've thought this through!

Think later. Run now!

See that back there, Xee?

I stood up to those things.

And they're still chasing us!

They don't respect you!

Well, what have they done
to earn my respect?

That door swings both ways!

So much for using the tunnels.

What do those things want with us?

They tunnel in search of ore.

I suspect they attack anything
they think might take it.

Uh, that's nice to know.

Now, uh, which way to the Ravine, Revvit?

You know the way, right?

Do I know the way?

Well, I have a stellar sense of direction.

Why, I am practically my own compass.

We're lost, aren't we?


I am unfamiliar with these new tunnels
the Drillipedes have dug

and how they connect to our old tunnels.

Don't think we can ask
our new friends for directions.

-Then we make our own directions.

She is right.

Every path we take
we will etch on this tablet.

Soon we will have a map of this maze.

And we can find our way to the Ravine!

Then let's map and move.

This way!

Try right!


- Dead end!
- I prefer we just call it a wall.

Well, "dead end" seems more appropriate.

I say we charge straight at 'em!

What good's that gonna do?

Won't know until we try.

I have an idea!

Everybody, flatten yourselves
against the wall.

-That's your idea?
-Just do it!

And nobody make a sound.

I don't get it.
They were looking right at us.

How come they didn't attack?

They can't see us.

Correct. Given the small size
of their eyes,

they must navigate
with their sense of hearing.

From now on, we must be exceedingly quiet.

Quiet will only get us so far.

If we want to take these tunnels back,
we have to stand up to them.

Make them respect us.

You keep saying that, but how?

We gonna jibber-jabber and sit here
like a lump of lug nuts,

or are we gonna move?

The dominant among them eats first.

- Revvit!
- Coming, coming.

Sorry, guys.

Not one more sound out of me.

It appears they shed their outer shells
as they grow bigger.

-Is that not intriguing?

Hooray for discovery!

I'll save my hoorays
for when we get out of here.

Let's get moving.

Enough ore here for a feast.

Great! Let's dig in!

Ah! What the blazes is that?

I don't know.

But it's creepy.

Creepy and crawly!

Aw, I think they're kind of cute.


Okay, they are not cute at all!

Get these away from me!

Happy to.

Ow! Don't touch the ball!

They want our ore!


I'm more worried about the Reptools.

If these things are in the tunnels,
the Tools could be in trouble.

I think we could be in trouble.

Really wish we had
a supercharger about now.

This is it.

The Ravine should be
just around this corner.

Oh, thank goodness!

I can't wait to organize something.


What? You got your ways of dealing
with stress, I got mine.

At least we found the route
to the Ravine... I guess.

What good is it if it's crawling
with those things?

It won't be after I'm done with them.

Like the spirit, but we need a strategy.

If they find us, we're goners.

Sounds like we're out of options.


Sound! That's it!

We don't have to fight them if we can lure
them away with sound!

That is an excellent idea.

Thanks. I had it myself.

But how are we gonna lure them away
with sound

without making any sound?

It will be difficult...

but not impossible.

No Drillipedes over here.


I will tip the first piece.

The sound of the chain reaction
should lure the Drillipedes away,

thereby giving us clear passage
to the Ravine.


Here we go.

I got it!

Well, strip my bolt, it worked!

Can we go to the Ravine now?

Chew on this!

And I thought they were scary
from far away!


Quick! We can still make it!

We cannot still make it!


In there!

Nice going, Xee.

It'll hold 'em, but not for long.

-What are they doing?
-Challenging each other.

Yes. The dominant gets first dibs.

-At what?
-At us.

Was afraid you were gonna say that.

The more dominant...

Whoever is the most dominant
is whoever they respect!

So we make them respect us!

You got nuts in your noggin?
We can still outrun 'em if we--

All we've done is run!

And I hate to admit this,
but it hasn't worked!

It's time we stood up to these things!

It's time we take back our tunnels!

Now you've got it.


How in the crater are we gonna fight 'em?

They got hides of metal and drills
every which-a-way!

What if we use this?

Click-Clack, that is brilliant!

Oh, yeah!

Oh, thanks, guys.

Yeah, great. Now let's get started.

Here are the bolts I could salvage.
Scrap pieces here. Drillipede parts here.

What? I can organize fast if I have to.

Let's Tool it up!

How does it look?


It's gonna work.

Why do I have to be the behind?

Ace! Let's trade!

Nah, that's all you, Waldo.

Besides, I'm not a fan of small spaces.

Oh, come on! You're just not a fan
of being the behind.

-They're right on us!
-Xee and Ace, you have our backs?


Then let's show them who's boss!

Ramming speed!

Making noise, making noise!



That's right! Two can play at that game!

Technically, there are five of us
and at least 12 of them!

That's enough math
for one day, Revvit!

Here we go!

I think I'm getting the hang of it.


That's not enough to beat us!

But it's pretty darn close!

I think we did it!

I take it back!

Well, I'm taking it forward! Charge!

Come on!

This thing is too strong!

It's not over till they...

...respect me!


Remind me never
to make Click-Clack mad.

For crater's sake, let 'em take the ore!

They already have!

Then why are they still... Ouch!


Must be a show of dominance!

How long does the show last?

I did not see that coming.

You Tools saved our metal!

And that's not all we did.

Parts run!

Ha! You Tools are the best!

-Nice job.
-Thanks for helping me back there.

You helped yourself.

You got to be kidding me.
My part's not here?

Hmm. Right you are, Dozer.

It appears we forgot your part
in the excitement.

Why me?

No problem. We'll go back to the Ravine
and get your bolt in no time.

With those things in there?

They won't bother us. Come on.

I call middle!