Dinotrux Supercharged (2017–2018): Season 2, Episode 2 - Doom Run - full transcript

The team travels to the "Wastelands" not the Dooms. They meet the Speed Trux who convinces the team to participate in the "Doom Run" race to try and win the part they need to fix Skya.


Oh, yeah!

Whoa, whoa, ugh.

I don't feel too good, but still,

so worth it.

Did anybody see that?


If you do a cool trick
and nobody's around to see it,

is it still a cool trick?

Yes, it is.

Totally seeing stars on that one.

Whoa. Wait, that star keeps moving.

Ooh. Shiny.

Ooh. Glowy.


Dude, sick!
I gotta tell the guys. They'll freak.

Dudes, come quick! Calling all dudes!

Ugh, Ton-Ton, I don't care
what kind of bad dream you had,

I am not tucking you in again.

No, it's not that! But why not?

No, stay focused.

You gotta come see this thing I just saw.

Don't tell me, it was the most
amazing thing you've ever seen.

Dude, how'd you know?

That is exactly what you said about that
tree that you thought looked like Dozer.

Hey, come on. You gotta admit,
that was one cool tree.

What about when you told us
you found the biggest ramp ever

and we went up the mountain
for three hours?

Isn't a mountain a really big ramp?

Face it, Ton-Ton.
Sometimes you get a tad over-excited.

I know, I know.

But, dudes! Dudes, dudes, dudes!

This blows them all away! I swear.

Can at least you describe it?

Um, well, uh...

Okay, it was in the sky
and first it was all...

And then it was like...

And then it did this...

Unless the...

was before the...

Did you guys see that meteor?


It's a big flash of light that soars
across the sky with sort of...

...and then a...

...and then a...

Those are the sounds that I saw.

Why didn't you just say so?

I ate meteor rock once.

It was so delicious, I spent
the rest of the week looking for crumbs.

What are we waiting for?

Oh. Sure, when Skya says it,
everybody goes along.

But when I do it...

Hey, wait up!


Are you up?

I'll come back.

For your sake,
this had better be worth it.

Ugh, yes. Well, it's uh...
it's something big.

So I thought you'd want to know.

Are you going to tell me?

Uh, well, I... can't really describe it.

At first it went...

Huh? A meteor. Well, let's go.

So excited!
So excited! So excited!

Ty, aren't you excited?

What about you, Dozer? You excited?

Revvit, you don't look that excited.

Hey, aren't you guys excited?

We are excited.

You're at a Ton-Ton level
of excitement and we're not there yet.

What level are you at?

-Right now, I'm about at a Dozer.

But I should be able to work up to a Ty
by the time we get there.

Ty-level. Cool.

You betcha.


Hey, who wants to bet I can nail
the top of that tree with a rock?

Ton-Ton, hold up.
Scraptor Valley's in there.

I like sleeping Scraptors
better than awake ones.

I like neither.




Whoa. Look at that thing!
Great find, Skya.

It's why I'm here.

Skya? I'm the one
who told you guys about it.

This is incredible.

The size of this meteor
is like nothing I have seen before.

I do not recognize this ore.

And the shape,
it's almost a perfect sphere.

Sphere? What are you talking about?
It's a ball!

A sphere is a ball.


-I just hope it tastes good.

Dig in.

Ah! This thing is hard.

Just gotta find a way to break it
and get to the chewy center inside.

Don't worry, I got this.

No! T-Trux! Don't smash us!

-Friends of yours, Rev?
-They are Hex Wrenchtools.

I have heard about them,

but this is the first time
I have seen this species.

No, do not be afraid.

These Dinotrux are friendly.

Oh! Friendly?
Friendly Dinotrux?


Wait, yeah. We have heard about you.

You are the oddball reptool.

That means you must be the weirdo T-Trux!

That's us.


We thought it was only a rumor.

I mean, who could believe such a thing?

Dinotrux and Reptools working together.


I am Revvit, this is Ty.
That is Skya, Dozer, and Ton-Ton.

'Sup again?

Ha-ha. Hello. I'm Otto.

This is Otto, Otto, Otto.

Hey, Otto. Over there, Otto.
Otto, over there.

Next to Otto is Otto, Otto.
And in the back that is--

Don't tell me. Otto?

Oh, so you've met.

Wait. You guys are all named Otto?

Yeah, of course. Why do you ask?

How can you tell the guys from the girls?

You Dinotrux! The Craneosaur is funny!

You guys okay?

We're fine, but as you can see,

our ravine has gone keplunkenhooden.

Completely keplunkenhooden.

Sadly, we have no place to go
until we can rebuild.

So you need a place to live.

Revvit, is there room for these guys
at the reptool ravine?

Plenty. And you would be
more than welcome.

Then it is settled. We will move!

Thank you so much for your kindness.

Great! Let's get started loading up.

But what about the meteor?

-Yeah! And the delicious chewy center.
-We can come back for it later.

They beat us here.
You were too slow to alert me.

In my defense, I have really stubby legs.

I'm not much of a long distance runner--
More of a sprinter.

But it's everything
I said it was, isn't it?

No, it's more.

Ha-- Yes!
It'll be such a delicious feast.

Feast? Who said anything about feast?

-We're not going to eat it?
-We will.

But first, I have something else in mind.

All right, dudes! Ready to load up?

First, we should do a roll call.




There's gotta be a faster way
of doing this.

Ottos, you all here?


There you go. Ottos are all here.

All right, let's load and roll.

Oh! What about our supplies?

Um... supplies?

And I thought the Reptools were organized.

From what I have heard, Hex Wrenchtools
are the most organized of all Reptools.

However, Ton-Ton does not have enough room
in his bed for the parts and the Ottos.

But we cannot leave without our
vloodenseeden and our kanootenflagen

and our sweet and savory ore-balls!

It's a family recipe.

Mm! They are savory.
Not getting the sweet part yet.

Oh! There it is.

Huh! Too bad there aren't two of me.
Then we could haul all this stuff.

Plus, I'd have a super-cool friend
to jump off ramps with.

Ton-Ton, that's it!

We just need to build a second Ton-Ton.

On it. Uh...

I don't know, guys. Build another me?

Seems creepy.

Ty is saying we build something
like your bed with wheels on it,

so we can hook it to your tail
and you can tow it behind you.

Good. Because I don't think
I was ready for Ton-Ton times two.

Yeah, Ton-Ton times one
is just about my speed.

Hm. That is a very interesting design.

But, how will something that small
carry all of our supplies?

The drawing is not actual size.

This thing will be as large
as Ton-Ton's bed.

As big as the Ankylodump?

We have never built something so big.


I think I have a few ideas. May I?

By all means.

Here we are. Perfect!

Wow! That's amazing.

It is a very sleek design.
And also quite sturdy.

This even looks strong enough to stand
up to as much smashing as Ton-Ton can!


Uh, Ton-Ton, you know you're looking
at that upside down, right?

Yeah, but from this side,
it looks like a killer ramp.

-It looks pretty cool from this side, too.
-Then let's Trux it up!

What does this mean, this "Trux it up"?

It means we are going to build.

Oh! Then let us "Trux it up!"

You heard him.

No, no, no, no.
Insert the tab here into the slot here.

Oh! Sorry, dude.

Don't these Dinotrux
ever look at the plans?

Do not get me started.

You weren't kidding when you said
these guys were organized.

I never kid about organization.

Boom! Nailed it.

"Nailed it"? We use no nails.

I think you mean, "Boom! Assembled it!"

Ah! It's like
I'm looking at my own butt!

Awesome! Get in, dudes.

All right, we're all set. Let's roll!

Mission-- accomplished!

-Now, can we eat the meteor?
-I said... later.

So, what's next?

Oh, I know!

We're gonna break it into hundreds
of tiny balls and throw it at them!

And then, they'll be so weighed down
in meteor balls,

they'll get tired and won't feel like
building anymore!


Right, right. That's a terrible idea.

Oh, I know!

We're gonna build a giant catapult
and fling it at them!

But first, we'll cover it in tar
so they'll get all stuck to it! Huh?


Right, another terrible,
terrible, terrible idea.

I should just stop talking.


We're going to get it rolling
so it will crush everything in its path.

Crush? What would you need to--


Ah! This is why I like you.
You have the best bad ideas.

Hey, Ton-Ton.
How are they doing back there?

Oh, hold on, let me ask.

You dudes all right back there?


Yeah, Ty, they're "Yeah".

-Well, we still got a little ways to go.
-Anybody know any travel games?

How about the game of
"Enjoy the peace and quiet"?

That doesn't sound like much fun.

Oh! How about "I Spy"? I'll go first.

I spy with my little eye
something really, really tall and orange.

You don't win at this game much,
do you, Ton-Ton?

Never. I spy...

I spy Scraptors!

Ton-Ton, you're supposed to describe
what you're seeing.

Wait. Scraptors!

Oh, sure, when I say it,
nobody listens.

Okay, everybody, let's move! Fast!


Whoa. Whoa!

Ty, the wagon!

Scraptors, moving in!

Form up, everybody.
Don't give them a weak spot.

Keep it tight.

And you tools in the back, stay down!

Oh. It is so scary,
it is giving me the googlies!

Hey! Quit-- Quit-- Quit moving
around back there, will ya?

I'm ticklish!

Ton-Ton, what are you doing?
Stop that!

I can't. They're tickling me.

Circle around. Protect the Ottos!

Yeah, protect the Ottos!

Dozer and I will keep
these Scraptors off you.

Revvit and Skya,
get everything loaded back up!

It's dozin' time!


Boom! Nailed 'em.

What is with all this nailing?

Get back in Ton-Ton's bed. I'll cover you.

In three seconds,
it'll be dozin' time again!

One, two...

Whoa ho-ho! Help!

Okay, we are set.
Let's get out of here.

Let's ride.

You could put a little more tread into it.

You're not helping.

Uh! It's a little big
for me to push.

And now, to send you on your way!

It looks like we've finally
got them where we want them.

Are you going to thank me
for bringing you out here?

You're welcome.

Once we get past that valley,
we should be home free.

We should do a roll call
to make sure everyone is safe.




Wait, did we lose Otto?

No, I'm here.

Not you, the other Otto!

-Oh, she's asleep.
-Oh, good.

May I?

Ottos! You all here?


We really should think of nicknames
for these guys.

Hold on.

-Do you guys feel anything?
-The ground is shaking.

Yeah. Why?

Excuse me. We are fine-tuned
to different kinds of vibrations.

We will know what's coming
just by listening to the ground.

-Hm. Interesting.
-What is it?

-An earthquake?

It is getting closer.


Try a huge meteor
rolling right towards us.

Skya, you're supposed to describe it,
not tell us exactly what it is.

-It's heading right for us!
-That thing could crush us!

I think I have a plan.

Dudes, I've got an idea!

We got this. You thinking boulder?

Yes. That one should be big enough.

-That one was not big enough.
-Any other ideas?

Dude, I'm telling you.
I know what to do!

-There's no time!

C'mon guys, I can get this!

Dig a hole for that thing to fall into?

No time for that either.

Ty, I got an idea.

Okay, Ton-Ton, give it a shot.

Everybody, out! Hurry!

Oh, and watch your heads!




See, I told you it looked like a ramp.

That was amazing. You did it!

We're sorry we didn't listen to you.

It won't happen again.

No worries. I'm just happy we figured out
a way to get to the soft chewy center.

Dig in!

Mmm. So worth it!

You know-- I really thought your idea
was gonna work this time.

Oh. God! Ooh!

I wonder how it got loose anyway.

Argh! Gah! No, it hurts! Aah!

Mystery solved.

Yeah! Ha-ha!

Here we are, everyone. Your new home.

Oh! We cannot thank you enough
for doing this for us.

It is lovely, but needs more shelving.

Greetings, fellow Reptools!

Thank you for opening your doors to us.

I am Otto.

So, how are the Ottos adjusting?
Think they're gonna do okay in there?

I think they are going to be fine.

Otto, Otto. Hey!

Otto, over there. Otto, Otto.

Over there. Next to Otto is Otto, Otto.
And in the back...