Dimension 20 (2018-…): Season 8, Episode 8 - Feasts & Families - full transcript

The heroes of New York connect with friends old and new. Sofia faces judgment. Iga goes deeper.

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- Hello, one and all, and welcome back

to another exciting episode
of "The Unsleeping City".

I'm your humble dungeon
monster Brennan Lee Mulligan.

With me as always are our intrepid heroes.

Say hi, intrepid heroes.

- Hi, intrepid heroes.

- Last we left off, the
champions of New York City,

they were high atop a number
of Macy's Day Parade floats

and balloons soaring high
into the skyline of Manhattan.

An incredible aerial battle ensued

with some true clowns
from the deep dreaming,

but our heroes who had gathered there

in the midst of preparations,

sort of humming in the
background were the collaboration

between the Order of the
Concrete Fist and the Gramercy

Occult Society talking about
an expedition into Nod to

uncover what was behind the
strange events unfolding here.

However, just that morning,

we had some insights into
these strange events.

Number one, Pete contacting Nod,

the grey orphan, monarch
of the sixth borough

and seeing that they had left,

Nod for a time to venture and
find one of their siblings

and named Nuria and spoke
of a third sibling as well.

Pete awoke to go find his
friends at the parade.

After Sofia Lee had a tense
showdown with Tony Simos,

former first fist of the
Monastery of the Midnight Sun.

You all had finished your combat.

These true clowns showed up.

Kingston recognized them as
the clowns of the Central Park

Carousel, which, Kingston,
you've not been to in some time.

However, you saved Wally Claus,
who is tied these floats,

had tied these balloons,

these parade balloons, to
the top of the building

but Sofia and Kingston in a daring rescue

by Sofia Lee, saved Kingston Brown.

They smashed through some
plate glass to arrive

in a darkened office, as
a lot of the offices are,

as the parade goes right by them.

Darkened office for
Excelsior Dynamic Homes,

which is where we begin our story.

On the top of the roof,

Wally Claus beckons Iga,
Pete, Cody and Ricky, going

"Hi everybody, come on down to the roof!

It's so good to see you, guys.

Ricky Matsui, how are you doing, buddy?

- Hey, Wally, Santa Claus, I mean.


- It's okay, it's both I think.

And you see, gives you a big hug.

He goes, "Ah, you're the best, Ricky!"

and he smiles looks over
to Pete and he goes,

"Hey, Pete! It's Pete the
Plug, how's it going?"

- Oh, it's great, yeah, hey Santa.

I'm not quite the plug
anymore, but yeah definitely.

- Oh, okay you make your money through

something else, that's okay.

Your name is still on the
good list, so good job, Peter.

- Cool, thanks.

- Yeah.

- Well I think Ricky, I mean,

after Wally is done saying hi to everybody

would love to try to pull
Wally aside for a second.

- Cool, Wally looks over at,

Iga looks at you real quick and he goes,

"You're Jess and Nick's mom."

- That's right, I'm Jess and Nick's mom.

They're two good kids.

- They're two really good kids, it's great

and thank you to you and your husband

because you guys know magic is real.

So I don't have to do an
enchantment on your brain

to make you think you bought
the presents that I delivered.

- You give such good presents every year.

You do, you do great work.

I'm a fan.


- Oh, that makes me so happy.

And a hi, what, what's your name buddy?

- I'm the Night Angel, Cody Walsh,

ambassador of darkness
and the Jersey Devil.

I assume, I'm on the naughty list

because I am evil incarnate.

- You see, he looks at you and says,

"Sure, you're on the
naughty list, that's right."

So naughty, you got a tattoo, wow.


- There's a devil in there.

- So - full mouth full of coffee.


- "You got a tattoo!"

- Wow, that's so naughty!

Ricky, you successfully
pull, pull Wally Claus aside.

- Thanks Wally Claus.

Hey, I know we don't have
a ton of time to discuss.

It seems like Kingston and
Sofia flew through a window

or something, I don't
know what happened but

just real quickly like,

I'm kind of in an interesting spot

where basically what I'm wondering is

how do you tell if someone is good?

- Oh boy, well there's kind
of two schools of thought

on this question.

The first school of thought
is you add up all the good

things they done and you
subtract all the bad things.

That's one and the other.


Yeah, the other one is
that really good and evil

are relative abstract concepts

and so it's harder to
determine what they are.

It's not so much an
analytical process as it is

one of creative choices because
we're waking up every day

and trying to decide
what is right and wrong

based on what we are choosing to value.

And if we value human
flourishing and love,

we will have a different
moral code than if we value

dominance and cruelty.

So really when it comes down
to is it's a struggle each and

every day to try and make the world

the way you wish for it to be

in which case good and evil
vary from person to person,

but for the list we do the first one.

- Gotcha, it's awesome.

Cool, thanks Wally, just curious
what your thoughts were on.

- Can I talk to Wally really quick?

- Sure.

- Can I show him a picture

of Priya's stupid fiance and be like,

is this, is this fucking

guy on the good list or the bad list?

- Oh, he's extremely on
the bad list for sure.

- Really?

- Yeah.

- Wait, what's this guy's name?

- It says, he says yeah, his name is,

his name's Calvin Thomas.

He says, yeah, Calvin,

Calvin let me just tell
you without getting

too much into it the, the
amount of people they,

he has been unfaithful
with is truly staggering.

Just, just wild, that's not nice.

- Wow, wow, yeah, yeah, yeah,

he deserves a bunch of coal.

He deserves a fuckin'
bunch of coal to the mouth.

- Hey are you all right?

- Pete just starts cracking his knuckles.

Even though he's already cracked them.

It's just like.

- He realized how much...
- Do you wanna go?

Do you wanna go throw Big
Gulps at this dude's house?

- Yes, I fucking do, Cody.

That's a great idea, that
sounds really cathartic.

- I'm in, we'll do that after we find out

what happened to our friends
who smashed through the window.

- Oh, right, right, okay, cool.

- You guys get to head
downstairs. Sofia and Kingston...

You both stand within
this sort of, and again,

it's broad daylight outside.

It's like, looks like mid morning.

So there's plenty of light in here

but if that's still the
eerie somberness of an office

with none of the fluorescent lights on,

so it's like shadows
everywhere, very dim lighting,

what'd you do...

- First two things I do.

I have two ki points left.

I'm gonna cast pass without
trace on me and Kingston

and then I'm gonna look
for a security cam footage

or security cameras just
to make sure to get rid of

any evidence we were here.

- Hell, yes.

I'm gonna say, give me a
perception check for the cameras.

- 14 plus 7, 21.

- Kingston, you- as
you are like getting up

and brushing the glass off you.

Sofia is already up.

Shadows have whipped around her

and you just watch a like hazing,

nimbus of shadow sprint across
the room and yank a full

camera out of the ceiling
in a very practiced manner.

- Oh, okay Sofie, all right, all right.

- I'm just saying, if
you wanna look around,

we now have free access to do so

without anyone peeping on us.

- Well, I mean that's, I mean, hell yeah.

I mean, this is the place
that's been buying up

all the property around
my neighborhood, so.

- Yeah, you brought it up.

- Yeah, I'd love to have a look, can I-

- Can I watch the door while
Kingston - I'll like give him

the help action but I
wanna like guard the door

so that he can have as much time.

- Yes, absolutely.

- Picturing a 60 year
old man using a computer.


- Slow clicks.

- So close to the computer.

- Yeah, just all the way up in here.

All right, let's see, okay.

What, what check would you like?

- I will say if you're not using magic,

go ahead and give me a,

an investigation check with advantage.

- I mean, I guess I don't,
I don't think I have,

I don't think I could use magic.

So I guess I'll.

- Are you, are you out of slots?

Is that what's going on, right now?

- No, I got plenty of slots.

I've got slots all day but I don't have,

I don't have like detect
magic or anything like that.

- What about that remote control thing,

maybe you can.

- You do have remote access.

- Oh, okay, great I'll
put remote access to work.

I mean, that's still, it's
still Kingston on a computer.

It's just, can I do, can I
use remote access to be going,

looking at a computer while
I'm also going through files,

like physically - are there
physical files in here?

What level of office, is this
like a full modern office or?

Okay, I'm just gonna make
that investigate check.

That is going to be a 19.

- Incredible, 19 investigation.

I'm gonna say Kingston, first of all,

you walk towards the computers
and the computers all

(*zappy noise*) turn on at your approach.

- Is this normal? Sofie, do we -

this is what computers do now?

- I have a tablet and I,

I cannot get that thing to turn on.

- Okay, well, we'll just assume this

is normal then, all right.

- After the computer
turns on at your approach,

Kingston, at that point,

I'm gonna say 19 investigation.

You find some paper stuff
here, you have a feeling,

none of the paper stuff will be important.

You are not gonna know what
the individual security things

passwords, yada, yada,
other stuff like that, is.

But you do see a way on the
computer you have right now

to just copy this entire

hard drive, the main hard
drive of this computer

and you could put it onto a flash drive

or something...

You think there's a utility desk that has

like portable hard drives on it.

You know enough to be like, I
can just take everything here,

download it to this thing
and walk out the door.

- Command A, command C and
click on the flash drive.

- Just copy and paste it.

- Command V.

- Kingston you are a pro.

- One of my, one of my little nieces

showed me how to do this the other day,

'cause I was having, you
know, cause I was switching,

I got a new computer that
I haven't opened yet.

- Oh, okay I gotta show you my tablet.

Maybe you can figure out
what's going with it.

- Okay, yeah, that honestly, yeah,

I could probably figure
that out, all right.

It's going to be two minutes but.

- There are so many young
people in our party.

- Incredible, if there any,

so you download a tremendous
amount of info on a 19,

you know, you have a lot of good stuff.

You just don't know what
the answers are in it.

You can give me a further
check if you want.

If you have any specific questions,

here, if you have any.

- Can I look for, in terms of like CEOs,

CFOs like names and then can I also search

with regard to Gladiator?

I think those are my two questions.

- Nice.

- Hell, yes, I mean one more thing.

Can I look for JJs name or whatever

his real name is, in anything?

- Oh, do me a favor
and look for Tony also.

- Oh, you got it, hold
on, hold on, command F...


- Honestly, watching you work is
inspiring. - "Y"...Space bar..."S"...

- I'm a "Hunt 'n Pecker",
that's what my kids call me.

They say I do a hunt and peck.

I don't know what that means.

- Emphasis on the hunt
because you are a hunter.

- Here we go. Now we are in.

You ever see that movie "Hackers"?

- Yeah.
- I feel like that right now.

- Oh yeah, I minor
illusion an Angelina Jolie

wetsuit on myself.


She wears them just as clothing.

It's so cool. I feel really attractive-

- Go ahead call out - so
those are four questions.

- Yes.

- Call out, so this first one is gonna

be for like executives' names,
give me an investigation.

- Okay.

- Still with advantage, right?

- Okay.

- These are actually all
going to be straight rolls.

- Okay, you got it.

Okay, it jumped out so it
doesn't want to be rolled.

Straight investigation,
oh, all jumping out.

They don't wanna be rolled.

- Can you bless yourself or anything?

- Oh yeah, I'll bless myself.

So the first one will be a 14.

- Okay.

- The second one, which is for what?

- This one is going to
be for Gladiator stuff.

- That is gonna be a 16.

- Okay, this next one is for JJ.

- That's gonna be a 13.

- Who is JJ again?

- JJ is now grad student.

- All right.

- And what's the last one?

- Tony.

- Tony.

- Tony.

- Tony we're going 21.

- Nice, fucking nice.

- That fucker.

- You pull up nothing on JJ.

I will say with JJ, it looks like

his application was denied.

Like they did not accept him
into the internship program,

but they do have his like stuff on file.

Executives - the corporate
structure of this is bizarre.

For, for Tony stuff, you
do find Tony's stuff here.

- Sofie, Sofie get over here.

I found Tony.

- Oh, I'm kind of doing
like a German shepherd

at the door thing right now.

Can you read it out loud to me?

- German shepherd in a wetsuit?


- It's such a sexy wetsuit..

- Do you ever see those
pictures of a dog wearing

like pantyhose that are horrible?

- Okay, okay I come over.

I wanna see what's going on with Tony.

- Tony stuff, Tony Simos

filed a lawsuit that
you see is not against

Excelsior Dynamic Homes,

It's all tied up in the Gladiator stuff.

Tony was the owner of a
property in San Francisco

and you see that Gladiator
was trying to buy him out

and he refused and, and
specifically like fought Gladiator,

and there was a lot of like legal stuff.

Gladiator was threatening
legal action against him.

They wanted the property that his property

in San Francisco was on.

And then at a certain
point very recently...

- It gets dismissed?

- At a certain point, very recently,

it looks like a settlement
was reached and Tony

was awarded a sum of money.

- Can I, do I recognize if the address is

a personal residence
or if it's the address

of the monastery?

- You think it's the
address of the monastery.

- Interesting.
- Son of a bitch.

- The other thing you find is

there's a lot of Gladiator stuff here

because Excelsior Dynamic Homes is owned

by Gladiator Industries.

You see Gladiator has been buying a bunch

of shit here that you
find sort of right away.

You see that they have bought recently,

obviously huge purchase
of the Queens Center Mall.

They have an enormous
Cypher Energy Fluid plant

that they are building down

in the Pine Barrens in New Jersey.


- No, don't make us go to New Jersey.

- They, they also have
recently been buying up,

You see a ton of stuff,
they've been buying ads,

all along the A/C/E, like A trains

are filled with Gladiator ads now,

they also just bought two New York icons.

They have managed -
Excelsior Dynamic Homes

has bought the Cloisters,

which is an incredible
museum way uptown in Inwood.

They, it looks like the Cloisters
has already been shut down

and they made a deal
with the city of New York

and bought the Central Park
carousel earlier this month

and are converting it into
Cypher Energy Fluid presents

the Gladiator Industries
Recreational Rotating Horse Area.

- It's the, are the files downloaded?

- They are downloaded.

- I cast sacred flame
straight through the monitor.


- Incredible.

- On the cloud but-

- I kind of wish I had a
security camera for that,

just to rewatch it.

- You guys in the stairwell,
Sofia and Kingston,

you guys meet up with your companions

coming down from the roof.

- Yeah, we found everything.

- Did Pete ever tell
us about what happened,

what Nod's conversation, with us?

- Yeah, I was just thinking that.

- I think you got, Wally Claus is with,

is with you guys and basically says,

hey, I'd be happy to help,

it sounds like you guys
got some big problems.

Do you want to come to
dinner with my brother David

and his family?

- I'm so hungry.

- Will David be okay with seven

other people showing up to...?

- Oh yeah, we're gonna go to Denny's.

- For Thanksgiving
you're going to Denny's?

- You see, he says, says, what?

- It's Thanksgiving.

- Yeah, now that you mentioned it,

Denny's is probably closed.

- Yeah, that's the issue.

- The sad thing is it might not be.

- Yeah, I know it might be opened.

- It's probably open.

- I have a feeling I
would have told everyone

right when I got to the thing,

'cause that's like a pretty big
deal with all the Nod stuff.

- So let's just all fill each other in

and I'll fill everyone in
that I fucked up with Tony

but I say like, I think it could be good

because it'll get his
attention off of Pete

and maybe he'll just go on
a little crusade against me,

which is less dangerous.

- So do you think, oh sorry.

- The sibling, the sibling
of Nod who was West.

- So like Chicago, Austin.

I'm just naming cities that are west of.

- San Francisco, San Francisco,

San Francisco, San Francisco.

- Yeah, I'm thinking
that Nod sibling was...

- Something that worries
me is the Cloisters.

The Cloisters is where the unicorn

of New York lives, I believe.

- Yeah, I think no matter what,

we're gonna have to
check out the Cloisters

because if they already bought it,

they had the carousel for a couple of days

and already did some weird,
magical shit with it.

The Cloisters is already
a potently magical place.

They're absolutely up to some shit there.

- I always enjoy a trip to the Cloisters.

They have that medicine
garden, which is beautiful,

a lot of stolen European art,

which I feel ambivalent about but.

- I've been getting pretty into herbs.

- The Pine Barrens is
also the ancestral home

of the Jersey devil, if
we wanted to go to Jersey.

- We want it.

- You shouldn't smoke in a staircase.

- I mean, I guess you can
smoke in this stairwell.

- Honestly, its fine.

- Smoke all you damn want.

- Wow, brand new Kingston.

- Honestly let me have one, give me one.


- I did find these on the street.

- What do you do next?

These calm you down, right?

- I have lay on hands
points to cure disease

on Kingston every time he takes a puff.

- Brennan, do you think,

do I have an like an idea of,

since the I banished that like presence,

will I have more access if I
go to the Metropolitan Museum

of Memories to these like
Vox Phantasma that were gone

because those memories
were being taken away.

But do you think they
flooded back for a moment?

- I think Pete would definitely
feel that he would have a

stronger connection to the
Metropolitan Museum of Memories,

if you went there in Nod, 100%.

- Okay, oh, that's in Nod, right?

- Yes, Metropolitan Museum of Memories

but you could also - cuz the
Metropolitan Museum of Memories

is coterminous in that
other dimension with

the Met in New York City.

So you could go to one and
kind of be in the other.

It depends on whether
you're in the waking world

or in Nod while you're going there, right

'cause they're mirrors of each other.

- I kind of want to run to that.

- Should we go eat with Wally first

and just hash out a plan?

- Yeah.

- Yeah, I think...

- If you, if you feel the call to Nod,

I mean, I will also respect that.

- I don't really want to go to Nod

but I would love to go to
the Met and try to get these

memories before whatever
that presence that was like,

deleting them comes back.

- Yeah, that's great do
you want me to escort you?

- Yeah, I mean, that would be cool.

- Do you think there's
some sort of museum pass

you can get like where all the
museums, you get one price?

- Oh man, I've been wanting
them to do something

like that forever and they just.

- If you've got a question.

- You can do I think a New York pass.

- Cause the Cloisters - oh, but
with Gladiator I don't know,

but Cloisters & Metropolitan
Museum, they're the same museum

- Oh, the Cloisters is
just closed, never mind.

- Oh yeah, Priya actually
taught at MoMA over the summer

and so I still have her ID card.

So we can get in half price
to like a lot of the museum.

- MoMA and the Metropolitan
Museum are not...

- Yeah, no, I know they're not the same

but they just - it's so nepotistic,

if you have an in at any museum,

you can go anywhere for
free, your access jumps

through the roof.

Meanwhile, the rest of us are paying $25

to see a herb garden.


Livid. Don't get me started.

- You were when you came to Staten Island,

you guys did see the Staten
Island herb garden, right?

- What's up?

- You are talking about the weeds?

- Well, yeah, it hasn't been weeded

but yeah, we have a really
great herb garden there.

- Like overgrown rosemary
bush that was on the way?

- Yeah, yeah.

It was that one, that was pretty much.

- Yeah, that's it.

- You see that you guys begin
to head off to Forest Hills

in Queens, to go to the
house of David Kugrich.

It's getting later on
sort of close to sunset

for you guys here, traveling
by train out to this,

to Forest Hills.

Yeah, Kingston is, what is
Kingston feeling right now

with his hard drive in his hands?

- Pretty like, angry, which
is not his normal like,

he's like mad and he doesn't,

I don't know, it's just
like, it's like just,

isn't like being able to like
clear his head and like think

things through but is just like upset

and I don't know, hoping
that like they are, you know

Pete can answers or maybe, I don't know,

maybe David can take a look at like

you know, and do like law stuff but

yeah, he's just like kind
of like hurt in that way

that doesn't lead to being productive

or like working through it
just kind of feeling it.

- Yeah, you arrive at the Kugrich's homes.

You all haven't seen in a little while.

Iga and Cody, this is your
first time coming here.

- I stop Cody and I say,
"Be the most respectful

you have ever been."

- So I'll just be like a
little less respectful than

your average person, okay.


I walk on the grass
instead of the sidewalk

but I'm otherwise respectful.


- Incredible, you all journey out here...

- Get off the grass, get off the grass.

- Ricky, you're trembling,
you're trembling, dude.

- Just get off the grass.

- All right.


- You arrive at David
Kugrich's home, as you do so,

you see his beautiful
wife Diane opens the door

and goes, "Wally!" runs up,
gives Santa Claus a big hug.

He goes "Hey, how's the
going? I know it's a holiday

but I brought a bunch of the
champions in New York City

and these two new people
that I don't know very well

but I do love them with all my heart.

You see that Diane looks up
introduces herself warmly.

I think probably some of you
have reached out every once

in a while over the years,
she smiles. Matt and Delia,

their two children are much older now,

you know like the, the
youngest of them is now 12

and Matt is in high school.

You guys walk into their
lovely little home,

see David's workstation stuff.

All those years ago,
Kugrash turned into an eagle

and walked across the carpet
in there to confront his son

an image I will remember
forever, a little walking eagle.


You see Diane says "Welcome, come on in.

We'd be happy for you to come
and stay and have a bite.

Wally, sent us a message ahead saying that

there's some stuff you
needed to talk about.

Feel free to conduct your business.

We know that when all you get together,

something important is happening.

You guys see a giant
coffin in the living room,

sort of behind the sofa

and you see that as the sun sets outside,

Matt knocks on the coffin and goes,

"Dad, sun's down!" The coffin
lid flies open and full

Dracula, David like floats out like oh,

you see he's wearing boxers and
an undershirt and goes like,

"Ugh, all right - oh gee, I'm sorry

I don't know we have company.

Yeah, hello, hello.

Kingston, Sofie, Rick,
Pete, good to see you.

"Hello, I'm David. Hon?" You
see some pants are thrown in

from the other room, and
he put some pants on.

How's it going, everyone,
everyone doing all right?

- Doing great.

- Yeah, I mean, we've got,

there's some stuff going on in the city

that we could probably
use some perspective on.

- Heck, yeah, you see
that Wally comes through

in the other room and
goes, "My brother David!

Santa Claus' brother is a vampire!"

- It's just a beautiful family portrait.

- Give us a big hug and
David says, "Hey, Wally,

good to see you, bud oh, you look great.

This jolly old elf, come
here big guy." and he goes,

"Oh man, our dad's a magic
rat who's everywhere!"

- Oh, I was just thinking,

I wish I could fill out this
picture with a tiny rat.

- If there is a family portrait anywhere,

can I have a wallet size of it?


- Rat, Santa Claus, and a vampire.

- Just a rat being like "My two boys,

vampire and Santa Claus."

- And little rat, little eagle.

- Oh, a little eagle being
like "I look like an eagle,

but really I'm a rat."

You, you see that, yeah,

David says like, yeah,
take us, let's take a seat

at the kitchen table.

He says, I know you guys
got business Wally says,

"Yeah, I could only be here for one night

because we're it's, it's game
time back at the North Pole,

but if you want our help, we'd
be happy to give it to you.

David takes a solid plastic
medical bag of blood

out of the freezer, throws it
in the microwave hits reheat.

- You like it hot, David?

- Oh, you got...

- Is it better hot?

- Yeah, it's like, it's
already a battle of wills

to be like, well, it's
actually not that hard

to be a vampire that doesn't eat people

but this is already like,
sort of, you know, like

it being warm makes it
easier to like stay on the

straight and narrow, you know what I mean?

- It's like a regular body temperature.

- Regular body temp, exactly.

- Yeah.

- You gotta, you still gotta
cook your impossible burger.

I get it, I worked at Hot
Topic, so I'm vampire-adjacent.


You see David goes, "Right, what is that,

what, what is Hot Topic?"

- You're sure, you're 100%
sure, you're of vampire???

- All right, hey, take a seat, okay.

So you see a moment later,

David's got like a little fleece
on like he's the most like,

he's wearing like slacks
and like house shoes

and like a fleece and
then it's like a vampire.

It looks like the most
like dad-looking vampire

and Wally's seated there.

PS - you guys have filled
each other in on everything.

Now, as everyone knows the
interaction Pete had with Nod.

You know what Sofia knows

but I guess you guys
fill David in on that.

- I have a question about David.

- Yeah, go for it.

- So he's a DA?

- He's working with Liz who is DA,

he was actually a civil litigator.

- Okay.

- David, David actually can
tell you, you see David answers

Iga's question about what
he's doing and he's like,

I'm working on the pixie mob stuff

with Kingston's partner, Liz,

who's a whiz, man, and
it's, and by the way,

congrats to you and her,
cause I, you know, she...

- She's something, you know.

- That woman is brilliant and
- good for you, my friend.

- So have I in my, my shadier dealings,

on underground New York
come across David or Liz?

- Yeah, I think so probably yes, yes.

David looks at you a little
knowingly and is like,

all right, anyway before.

- It is nice to meet
you for the first time.

- Yeah, what's, what's your name again?

- It's Iga, I don't go by any other name.

Let's say, it's just Iga.

- Nice to meet you.

Yeah, so mostly I've been
doing a lot of vampire hunting,

which, you know there's a lot of vampires

in the city that it kind of,
these old school ass holes

where it's like - manipulate, you know,

have an evil domain and, you
know, "children of the night"

"Oh, what sweet music they make."

So basically what I do
is I hunt those vampires

through civil courts.

Most of them have committed
some crazy amount of tax fraud

'cause they're all like
hundreds of years old.

So we just get the city or
whatever to repossess their

homes and then we bulldoze
it during broad daylight

and it's a much easier
way to hunt vampires.


- Oh, wow.

- Yeah, so that's mostly what I do.

I'm kind of like a Van Helsing
with like a legal brief but.

- That's really, that's really cool.

I look at Cody to see if
he's impressed by that.

- Cody is impressed, so confused.

He knows he should be
pumped, so he's just nodding.

- You see that.

- He heard "van Helsing"
and just started nodding.

- David looks over, you guys
also have stuff to discuss

about Tony and Nod

and you also Kingston
have this, this drive of-

- I think I'm just waiting
for like the right time

to like pull it out.

- Cool.

- I think it's now.

- Hey Dave, you got a computer?

- Yeah, man I got one in the,
in the, in the, the office.

What do you need?

- I hold it up and I'm like,
I don't know what you do with,

I think you jam this in somewhere.

- Let me, you want me that
you want me to walk through

this with you real quick?

- Yeah.

- He walks through it with you, takes it.

He says, "All right, I'm
gonna go be with Kingston

for a second," walk in, Kingston

and David are going into the office.

The rest of you are
out here is Wally Claus

and you see Wally goes,

"So I'm pretty busy until
Christmas comes around

but is there anything
you guys are scared of

or you're working on?

- Is there anything that we're scared of?

- Yeah, you need help with?

- If you could destroy Gladiator

and reinstate the Queensville
Mall, that'd be cool.

- Hey Wally, can you see if
Tony's on the naughty list?

- Oh, Tony Simos?

- Yeah, that's his name, right.

- Oh, Tony Simos is on the bad list.

- Okay, can, can I ask
you a question, Wally?

- Yeah.

- What's the most powerful
or impressive thing

you've ever gotten someone for Christmas?

What's the biggest thing
someone's ever asked for

and you were able to deliver on?

- For me, not that much

because I only been Santa
Claus for three years.

- Right, I wasn't assuming
that you would have

the knowledge of all
previous Santa Clauses, but-

- I have some of it.

I think the biggest thing that
ever came as a Christmas gift

to somebody was the birth of
Christ to the Virgin Mary.


- Okay, I guess I walked in to that, yeah.

- Wow.

- But I'm not responsible for that,

that wasn't me.

- That's a pretty big.

- Santa made that happen?


- Time-traveling Santa.

- I'm just picturing the manger scene

but Santa's in there too.

I lean over to Cody and say
Jesus Christ is real by the way.


- Hey Wally, I mean.

- And so is the Anti-Christ.

- You know, I know one
I'm sure no one cares,

especially not me, but
it's Priya on the good list

or the bad list, Priya?

And I show a picture of Priya.

- Oh, you see.

- I'm kind of curious I'll be honest.

- You see, he looks and
says, says, "Hey Pete,

do you think this line of
questioning is good for you,

like on an emotional level?"

- You got so wise when you became Santa.


You're like a, you're right.

I let go of my need to know,
you know, it's unhealthy.

It feels like a need, but it's not.

- Well, Wally Claus I have a question.

So like if you're - I'm not
gonna ask you a dumb question,

I'm not gonna ask a dumb
question, all right, look.

If you can like see all
kinds of different stuff

and everything do you know like what

happened with this like Tony guy

and the San Francisco
place, did he just like

give it away or something?

- Oh, I don't know, every
piece of whatever happened.

I know it in a way to
make the list out of it

but I, you know, people
still have free will.

I saw I'm not omniscient
like that but I do--

I just see people when they're sleeping

and know when they're awake

and I know if they'd been bad or good.

So again, I can visually see
them when they're sleeping.

- But you can't see
them when they're awake.

- No, I KNOW when they are awake.

- Cause you can't see them.

- Has New York been sleeping more?

- You know what's interesting is

people have been sleeping
like maybe a little bit more

but they're not doing the,

the dream time part of sleep
where your eyes are Googling.

- REM?

- Weird.

- Yeah, they're not doing so much REM.

- Interesting.

- You think they're not
exercising, what do you think?

- I don't know.

- Energy drinks.

- Energy drinks, that's
what I was thinking.

- Could be the energy
drinks are not healthy.

- Do guys think that, yeah,

just this whole Gladiator
thing just seems sort

of like a conspiracy
against me, the chosen one

'cause it's like they go after the mall,

and then they go to the Pine Barrens,

when I'm the Jersey Devil. Grr
- energy drinks, coincidence?

- Yeah, maybe.

- You just say "energy
drinks" coincidence?"

No, that is not a sentence.

- I keep instinctively
going for a cigarette

but like try and be respectful

so I'm just smoking the
air, like in my hand.

It's just my hand, just doing this.

- This is a very important family,

you will treat them with respect.

We cut into the office,
where David is sitting

with Kingston Brown looking
at this Gladiator stuff.

You see David opens it up and begins to

like crack into a lot of the files here,

looking at them he goes, Jesus Christ.

This is a fucking web, where
did you get this stuff?

- Is that the- you're a
lawyer, so should I say yes?

- The less I know, the
better, that's all right.

He looks up and goes,
Excelsior Dynamic Homes.

This is a shell company.

You see he opens up a
kind of like professional

sort of legal search
browser on his computer

and begins to start like
requisitioning public documents

like, like LLC business filings

and you see that as just
going to his computer,

He's like, "Okay, well, Excelsior
is, is owned by Gladiator

but it looks like there is this something.

It says something's going
on with the taxes here.

Is there something
that's like a nonprofit,

this is a weird relationship,
he's opened up a spreadsheet.

He's like that's a
weird relationship with,

that's a for-profit company
partner with a nonprofit

over something else up.

He's like, "Oh my God"
he's like, "Excelsior

is not even the only real
estate company they own.

These people are trying
to buy up everything.

He finds other stuff, he says
"Who, who actually owns...

He goes in, opens a PDF,

and you see that it's

it looks like official
corporate filings for Gladiator

and the computer opens for
him to get information related

to Gladiator itself and the
PDF opens, opens another one

and PDFs open kind of like
shrinking into infinity,

the computer snaps, fries, and goes out.

- Is that a normal thing?

Does that often happen to computers?

- Shit, what the fuck what
the did the surge go out?

You see that, he looks at like the,

where his computer's plugged into the wall

but Kingston, go ahead and
give me an insight check.

- That'd be a 31.

- You saw as the PDFs were opening,

opening, opening, opening,
you saw a hole open into

the other side, into Nod

and you saw bright indigo and lavender

but you saw Nod from way outside.

Like, like almost like from orbit

and just saw like the little
dream version of New York,

which just floats there
because it's not surrounded

by like Long Island or
Westchester or New Jersey.

It's just Nod floating there.

You saw it from way away

and you see a wash of colorlessness

that renders everything
behind it into gray scale

and in that shape coalescing,

the last thing you saw
was in the hole before

the computer just gave out
what looked like a hand

vaster than the city itself
reaching towards the hole

straight toward you.

- I stride into the other
room and I'm just like,

Cody is right, Gladiator DIES! (echoes)


- As Kingston says that...

- Hey, put the sword down,
put the sword down...

- As Kingston says that, you guys,

to put it...Kingston's voice echoes out

and there is a moment
where you guys recognize

that the title of Vox
is not a figurative one.

Kingston's voice roars
as though there were

a hundred lions behind him repeating

the same exact sentiment and sentence

and you guys feel a reverberation
head out into the city

with Kingston as its locus.

- Can we, if you like hearing
what happened in there like,

do you think that they're
safe here in this house?

Like, do they know where
that that happened from?

- Do I have a sense of that?

If it felt, if it felt like
a local, like, I don't know.

- I think on a 31, you.

- Yeah, on a 31, what's the vibe?

- I think a 31, on the
vibe is, 31 insight.

That thing wasn't seeing this
place, it was seeing you,

you think that you're the
target, not David or this house.

- Great, yeah, I think it's,

I think it wants me
and even more than that

it wants this city and whatever it is,

Gladiator is its instrument and
they got to go in a big way.

- Fuck yeah.

- Do we still have that that
drive or did it get fried?

- Dave, is it, can we still use that?

- Dave takes the drive,
the drive seems okay.

He says, he says, yeah he says,

he says, I don't think anything's fried

my monitor can't come
back on but it's just,

it's just a monitor I can
go get another screen.

The computer is fine.

- We'll pay for the monitor.
- Don't worry about that.

- We'll get you a monitor, I got a guy.

- Yeah.

- All right.

- You see David looks at you
and sees what Kingston said

the whole fucking city
heard what Kingston said

even if they don't know it
but David looks and says,

"Hey, Kingston I'm on
this, I'm gonna talk to Liz

and I'm gonna let you know
right now that I'm on this.

All right, I'll be in touch.

You're gonna hear from me once a day."

- Hey, I appreciate that

but Hey, we already took

Thanksgiving away from
you, all right, please

don't give any more than you're
comfortable with, all right

but it means a lot.

- He smiles, and you see
that he actually, he smiles

and even like, distends
his fangs a little bit

and he's like, when it's time
to hunt, it's time to hunt.

You know what I mean, let's get the work.

He says, oh, he said lawyers
with bloodsuckers, oh.


- It's nice to have a
sense of humor about that.

- Well, like, I, what are you gonna do?

...it is what it is.

As he says, "it is what it is,"

Sofia, you get a little
text on your phone saying,

"take Thanksgiving off,
but we need to see you

at the monastery tomorrow
morning," it's from Cindy.

- Absolutely Cindy, please enjoy the,

enjoy the afternoon, I'm thinking of you.

- Is Cindy, on the...naughty or nice?

- Cindy's got to be, I
think, I think Cindy's good.

Cindy's the reason that I've
been trying to handle Tony

with a certain amount of aplomb

it's out of respect for Cindy.

However, is she being manipulated by Tony?

That I don't know.

- Pete were you talking
about the hard drive earlier?

- Yeah, like just trying
to save it's that maybe

we can see some more of this info.

- Do you think your...

- Your old friend.

- I was thinking about asking 53\/3N.

- Yeah.

- Thinking of asking 53\/3N...

- Rad, so you guys all head out,

I will say some of y'all have plans

maybe some of y'all don't,
I'll just go around real quick.

Cody, do you head back to
Jersey with your family

for today or no, not at all?

- I think Cody goes to the
gas station, gets some hotdogs

and like a Monster energy drink

and goes back to Queens.

- I definitely...

- I think that I, Sofia doesn't have

anything going on, so that's...
- Kingston invites

- anyone without something
to do to his house for

Thanksgiving, his mother's
cooking too much food as it is.

- It's a huge, the entire
Brown family is gonna be there.

It's gonna be like Christmas.

It's gonna be the, it's
gonna be Claude's apartment

downstairs, stretched out, tons of tables.

- I'm not trying to take
Monster energy drinks away

just before we park,
Kingston says that anyone who

wants to, he's headed back home

and they're more than welcome.

- Can I invite my mother?
- Cody will go to Kingston's.

- Hell yeah.

- Can I invite my mother?

- Yes, oh sorry.
- Sofie, do you think

you could, do you think
you can invite your mother?


Do you think you can invite your mother?

- I can, I can, okay, I'm texting her.

- Of course you can, good, good.

- Awesome.

- And I send, I send an
unseen servant to escort her

'cause she's not good at taking the ferry.

- Cool, you sent an unseen
servant to escort her there.

- Would I know if my roommate Josh, is,

would he have family nearby

or is he probably just at the house?

- He, he doesn't have,

his family is way out
West and he's too broke

to get home this year.

He was, he's saving his
money to go for Christmas.

- Cool, so then I guess I'll
ask Kingston if I can bring,

so like, my boy Josh, he's like,

we're gonna eat hot
dogs tonight, but like,

if I'm going there, then like Josh,

isn't gonna have any hot
dogs is like the problem.

So I don't know, it's dumb, but...

- Do you wanna bring Josh?

- Can Josh come, is that cool?

- You think Josh can come?

Do you think Josh can come?

- I do, thank you, thank you.

- Josh, can come, yeah.

It just, none of y'all is allowed to smoke

on my mama's house, all right?

- All right.

- Oh Josh, doesn't smoke? Okay, good.

- Josh, doesn't smoke.

- Can I real quick try to pick
pocket any cigarette butts

out of Cody's pockets just to
make sure it's fully empty.

- Give me a sleight of hand for sure.

- Okay, what a gross thing to pickpocket.

I got a nat 20!

- Incredible, it's gone, they're gone.

Sofia and Maria are headed there,

Cody and Josh are headed there.

Pete, you not only,

I assume have been invited by Kingston.

- You think he's been invited, Brennan?

You think he's been invited?


- You also specifically
get a number of texts,

oh sorry, not texts.

You get a number of enormous
font emails from Victoria,

specifically asking, from Kingston's mom,

specifically asking what
your favorite dish is,

what you used to get
made when you were a kid,

where she can find a recipe for it

and you get one extremely
menacing text message

from Winston of a table full of dominoes

and just his face in the
selfie pointing at the dominoes

going "ready when you are, champ."

- Incredible, incredible
I'm of course gonna go

to Kingston's house but
I think I might actually

try to hit a meeting on the way.

- Cool, I can dig that.

Hell, yeah and if any of these
are our triggers, by the way,

feel free to go ahead and
roll cause Thanksgiving

is it like can be an intense family time.

- We're good.

- Ricky, what would you and
Esther be doing tonight?

- I feel like I wonder if
they would not go to a,

I think this is two things:
one is probably Ricky,

not wanting to be around Cody.


And going like really hard
in a different direction

but like trying to do, it's
kind of seems like there's a lot

of people there maybe, maybe
it's maybe not super safe

to have even more people in
a small apartment situation.

So maybe we should do our
own thing, also like maybe,

you know, JJ wants to do
something else maybe he's not

super into Thanksgiving, I don't know,

maybe we could do like something

at the Gramercy Occult Society.

- Yeah, you see the Esther
says that would be really,

really nice. JJ obviously
is Native American.

Not really into Thanksgiving.

He doesn't really celebrate it.

You see...

Ricky, we'll run a scene
between you and JJ.

That's actually very sweet
for Ricky to reach out to JJ

and Iga, you and your family,
what are you guys up to?

- I think I've been this whole time,

like cooking a big feast in
the big ovens inside the castle

'cause like she uses the
regular kitchen in the house

for like regular meals but when
you want to do like a bunch

of stuff at once,

and then you can leave the house with it,

'cause it's not gonna burn down, you know.

- Hell yeah.

- So she has like,

she in Green Point has
like her like extended

group of people that
traditionally come over

to their place for Thanksgiving.

- Marta is coming over,
Yagdash is coming over.

- Fantastic, Yagdash, little boy.

- Lugash comes from the meeting that

he goes to with Pete real quick.

You see Lugash, he says to you,
Pete is you're heading out.

Like, please give my
love to Kingston Brown.

Tell him that, you know,

I'm still pulling bullets out of gangsters

pulling out of Yagdash, your
old room mate the other day

but you know, please give him,

he says, he's a beautiful man
and I hope that he and Liz

they're very happy.

- I'll let them know, I'll
definitely let him know.

- Awesome, we'll - we'll run these.

So yeah Ricky, you...

- I also had a thing, another
thing I would just realize

that I should do

but like probably, maybe
we would actually do it

at Helping Hands and I could do I actually

I have create food & water and use that

to make like a giant spread.

- Rick, you head off for the evening

create a huge spread at Helping Hands.

Go ahead and give me a
persuasion check with advantage.

- 12.

- That face.

- Yeah, you know, the, the food, well,

you make create a huge feast.

Helping Hands is very grateful.

You see Rust there and
some of the other regulars,

they smile and wave and you
see Esther basically says

like, hey, I'm gonna swing by

my mom & grandma, we missed a
lot of Thanksgivings together

but if you wanna swing by
the Gramercy Occult Society,

I would happily - I'll come
meet you in a little bit.

- Cool, yeah I text a selfie with the food

and Ox on my shoulder.

- Hell yeah, cool.

You're at the Gramercy Occult Society

Orlando and Rovias look down and smile as,

"Well, Mr. Matsui, the, the partner of the

chairwoman of the society!
As always, right this way."

- Thank you, good to see you.

I give them both turkey legs.

- We have, neither stomachs
nor digestive tracts

but we will chew on these
and spit the bones out

into Bryant Park.

- Exactly what I thought, yeah.

- Hell yeah, you, you head
inside and you see JJ down there

who you see, is...

Would you, would you like go
to his room to check up on him

or would you like, what do
you think Ricky would do?

- I think I would, yeah,
yeah, I'll knock on his door.

- You knock on his door he opens it up,

takes his headphones off -
did you text him ahead of time

that you were coming or no?

- Yeah, I probably
would have let him know.

- You see, he comes out and
he's like "Rick, what's up, man?

Good to see you."

- Hey dude.

- He's like, dude, I, I took
the liberty of grabbing some,

we got, we got wontons,
we got wonton soup.

We got egg rolls, I
got some Sesame chicken

and I got a bunch of great stuff.

So we like got a full spread.

The, are you like a PS4 dude, XBOX, or...?

- Yeah, all kinds, I do I play the,

Ricky doesn't play video games, but yeah.

You know, I think I, I play
like whatever games are,

are maybe sports related
or maybe, you know what,

I'm gonna be honest I don't
really know much about them

but I'll give it a shot.

- We'll start on
something super easy, dude

that sounds great.

- Okay.

- Give me an insight
check if you'd be so kind.

And do some with advantage I think

- So 10.

- 10, cool, yeah, you see,
JJ has got a new spot here.

He's been here for about like a month.

It looks sparse, you know
you see there's a lot of

nerd shit in here, posters
there's cool video game systems,

tons of laptops and electronic stuff

that he's experimenting with.

You also see like a
beautiful family portrait

of his family back in Florida,
dressed in Seminole regalia.

You see there's an awes-

He has like a cool little
bedside table and there's

a little like hunting knife
that has like a gator skin.

Sheath around it, looks
beautiful and handmade.

There are some like small
wrappings of like beads

around the sort of belt that goes with it

and you see that he looks
up and is like, dude,

thanks so much for, for hollering

- It's nice to have
someone to like chill with

on a day where like
everyone is super busy.

- Totally, yeah I mean,

my family is not like super
into the holiday or whatever,

so I'm just like, you know,
doing some other stuff,

pretty sick knife over there.

Just couldn't help but notice.

- Hell, yeah, my dad actually
made that for me when

I was heading out to New York.

- Whoa.

- Yeah, man.

- That's awesome, do you get
to go back home very much ever

or do you...?

- No super, not super a lot.

Like I got a pretty big
scholarship, which was rad I, cause

I, I nailed all my tests
when I was in high school

and I had a perfect GPA and...

- Wow.

- But like I don't, in other words, like,

like it's very cool that I'm
even here to be here at all

but like all the cash
that I have kind of goes

into just like surviving
in a very expensive city.

So, I FaceTimed with the
folks and with my bros

who are still back in Florida.

Yeah, man I don't know. It
- city's really lonely, man.

- Yeah.

- I think, Ricky's divine
sense tingles a little bit

here as, as JJ says that.

- Can I make some kind of
check with that or is that?

- Yeah, I think go in
and give me perception.

- That's much better, 19.

- You see JJ, who is this
like incredibly brilliant,

very sweet guy is really
struggling, he's like very lonely

and you know that his whole
family is way far away

and that you, you sort of
smell this like feeling

of clearly he moved into
the Gramercy Occult Society.

So it's not like he,
whatever living situation

he had as a grad student
at Columbia was like,

he was clearly happy to
like, not do it anymore.

So you can't imagine, you never,

you never heard him talk about a partner.

You haven't really, really
like you saw how quickly

he became attached to Cody.

It seems like this is not
a dude that necessarily

felt like he had a lot of friends here

and I think Rick looks at him and you see

Umbra, you see that this emptiness

isn't just existing in these
spaces of like the large scale,

vulgar things of like
the empty storefronts,

the empty apartments, the empty things.

But it, it mirrors and
as a fractal of itself

in individuals as well and
you see that, I don't know.

I think that, that you see
for a moment like JJ took this

incredible opportunity to seize this thing

and is struggling with feeling
totally isolated in New York.

And I think Ricky probably feels like

the power of loneliness in New York City.

Maybe something that Ricky
has never had to struggle with

but JJ has no family here
and if you had not come here,

he would have spent this, this night,

like gaming with whoever was on XBOX Live

on Thanksgiving night in a
city where he works all day

and is overworked and isn't surrounded,

like that little knife
on his bedside table

and this picture of his family,

you kind of go like you
have that like divine sense.

You're like, oh, that's, that's
the thread he's holding on

by to not feel like nobody
in the world here knows him

or cares about him and
even Esther, Ana, & Amelia

who are great and very kind
to him, are still busy working

themselves and have their own attachments.

I think Ricky feels
the power of loneliness

and sees that JJ has been
having a hard, hard time.

- Ricky really quickly like
tries to get a video game going

'cause he's crying.


- You see, JJ looks at you
and says, dude, are you okay?

What's up, man?

- I just haven't played
a game in a long time.

- And I'm just - it's good to hang out.

- He goes, he goes, dude,
dude, you're full on weeping.

It's - what's up?

- Oh yeah, sometimes
like my magic, I'm, well,

like I, you know, I'm a
former firefighter here

and I have the ability to create water

and that's...happening.
I'll give him a hug.

- Oh, go ahead, go ahead and
roll persuasion with advantage

if you'd be so kind.

- That's it was an 18 but cocked, okay.

Oh, that's only, that's an 18.

- You give him a hug and warm light starts

to just flow out from
you and this is like,

you realize more than
anything maybe a magic hug

is what Ricky, Ricky was
put on this earth to do.

JJ starts openly crying
too and just goes like,

thanks man, thanks man.

- I like, I think, try to like
mentally make Ox come too.

- Ox bounds through the thing he's like,

oh, what's up your magic dog! Fuuuck, man.

- He's pretty...

- Yeah, man, so righteous.

Watch this, and I throw
a frisbee in the air

and make them bound off
my shoulder to catch it

in his tiny room.

- Bounds off your shoulder.

You and JJ have a fucking great time.

You eat Chinese food
until you're fuckin' sick.

It's so good, it's the,
it's just the perfect food

for a warm stomach.

You, you see that he eventually turns,

he starts playing the
video games and like,

basically he's just, just
like talking with you

through the levels and ends
up like putting the controller

in your hands and walking
you through like easy mode.

Just gonna go, I'm just
gonna go straight here.

So this is basically the tutorial.

So like there's nothing
that can go super wrong

in this part of the game.

- What are this doors,
do I go through them?

- You, you can, it's very super up to you.

- I'm gonna give you the controller back.


- He smiles, you guys get
into it, JJ talks about like,

you know, he's just like, man,
I just miss my family, man.

It's this hard to find
friends and know who to trust.

Give me insight and perception real quick.

- Insight and perception?

- Yeah, two different checks.

- So this is my perception.

- And go ahead and do them,
an insight do with advantage.

- Okay, perception I got a 22.

- Hell yeah, insight...natural 20.

- Oooo baby.

- I knocked it over.

- You're at 22 for perception.

First of all, you notice
stuff on JJ's computer

about the Met, about
the Metropolitan Museum.

There's - you see this
stuff for the first time.

About the Metropolitan
Museum of Art there,

and you see his insight is he suddenly

feels like there's a
secret he wants to share

and you immediately on a 20,

you just get it, something
in your heart opens up.

You, Ricky is on this emotional
wavelength and I think too,

that Ricky, again, like you are
growing, you are not the guy

you were three years ago
and you had this moment

where you just tap into him

and you're like, JJ is very scared.

He's very alone, Ana
and Amelia are awesome

but they don't have their,

their personal life is
very different than JJs.

They're not interested in the same stuff

and Esther is so busy and stressed.

Any free time she gets,
she devotes to making sure

your guys' relationship
is succeeding and okay.

That you see JJ feeling
very frightened of something

and on a Nat 20, you know

that he is thinking about
Tony Simos, you can just tell.

- Well, first off

He sighs very deeply and says,

I guess we should do a
boys' night, you know

with me, you and Pete and...Cody

and besides that,

is there someone, can I ask about,

is someone bothering you right now?

- No, I'm, I look, I owe
everything to Esther, right?

Like Esther,

...it's just a lot of
fucking pressure to like,

make this all worth it, right?

Like I fuckin know that Gladiator
is an evil fuckin company.

Like I know that but like if
I can't make the sacrifice

to get me here to New York worth it,

like then like it's fucked up.

Like I need to be able
to do that for my family.

People are counting on me, you know.

- I'm gonna cast calm emotions on him,

just to like help him chill out,

just a shoulder...

- Yeah, he relaxes, he goes, thanks, man.

I feel a little bit brave
around you around you.

- It's my aura, yeah.

- Shit, I thought you were
just like that chill of a-

well, I guess magically you
are that chill of a person.

- Magically I am that.

- You see he says,

so basically like, look I've
been scrambling for a little

while like I'm almost
done with grad school.

I made like virtually no friends here .

I didn't have dick in common
with any of the fuckin people

in my program who are
all like Ivy league kids,

which I am too, like I said,
I have to own that, right.

Like that's also me but
the main thing was like,

I owe everything to
Esther for inducting me

into the society but,

nobody said the stuff that Pete said to us

at the meeting, right?
Like that was weird.

Remember Pete on the, on
the Staten Island ferry

was kind of like, and I know
the Esther super trusts Sofia

and Sofia super trusts Pete but

that guy, Tony, he was really,

he was really super nice to me at first

but he's been kind of pushy
recently over text messages.

I feel like I fucked up,

I fucked up with the Gladiator thing

like I shouldn't have sent
that research into them.

I just thought that I didn't even get

the fucking internship
and I just thought like,

it's one of the few paying internships

and if you get that on your resume,

you can get hired anywhere and like,

I ended up talking to
Tony at the monastery,

I don't know if you - do you
super trust Sofia and Pete

because I had a detect magic
spell on and I looked at Tony

both of them cast magic on
Tony and it was magic like,

like battle magic, like and, and I, I,

I just think it wasn't sure,

like maybe they were lying
to Esther or something

and Tony kind of asked me
to, and then he, I got him,

I gave him my number and I just
was like, Tony seemed like,

I don't know if I did I
fuck up, I truly don't.

- Yeah, yeah, it's - I
don't think you fucked up

but it's really, I've been
told I'm a very simple guy,

but the situation is
honestly pretty complicated

and there's a lot of factors going on that

I clearly don't fully understand

but yeah, I think from your perspective,

that's a confusing moment

but I trust Pete and Sofia implicitly

and I think we've kind
of just to be honest,

'cause I don't want you to be caught up

too much in this stuff that

we don't really trust
that Tony guy very much.

- I feel really dumb, man.

He, he got way pushier over text.

Like at first he was
so chill, he was like,

if you ever need any help,
I'm here to help you.

He was just one of the
first people that was like

talking to me and you see
that, that loneliness,

that like magical loneliness,

seep back into JJ for a second and,

and your aura like
repels it away from him,

but it's there for a moment as
he talks about being lonely.

And he goes, and like I just told him

at first he was just like, hey, what's up,

he's like, what do you
think about those people?

And I was so freaked out cause I was like,

does Esther know that like Sofia and Pete

are like casting battle
magic on their allies?

I couldn't tell if she knew and like

but then I didn't want
to ruin a friendship

and I didn't want to get
like Sofia or Pete mad at me.

Frankly, Sofia seems
like super scary to me.

She seems like a really,
really powerful and he's,

and Pete seems like a really chill dude

but also like I straight up
know how powerful that dude is.

Like I read about Vox
Phantasma in the past.

Those dudes are not always super chill

and you know, like I
basically looked at Tony and,

and told him about those spells
and then he was like, look,

he's like, it's all good

and he was like, you're
clearly a good guy.

Esther's a good person but
Esther just doesn't have

the judgment around people
like a monk would have

and I was like, that makes sense.

Like, like academic people,

he was like super nice about Esther

and he was super nice about you.

He was like, Ricky's clearly a good guy

and I was like, okay,
that kind of makes sense.

And then he was like, hey,
we need to be on our lookout

because we don't wanna, we
don't wanna bum Esther out

with this stuff, but we need
to be ready in case anyone

tries to make a go for the,
for the society or the Order.

You know, what are the defenses that

the Gramercy Occult Society has?

Like what, like how does the

Umbral Engine really kind of work?

And at first I was like, oh,
here's loosely what I know

and then I started being like,
well, can you look up more?

And it just, and now he's
been like kind of angrily

sort of texting me for the
past, like couple of days.

Being like, hey, like why,
like why the radio silence

but I just didn't know who
I was talking about it to.

- Well, you know, I,

I honestly have been taking
it for my friend's word that

this guy sucked as much as he
did, but now I know he sucks.

What a weird shithead, I usually
don't say stuff like that.

- It's a day, it's a day for us,

this is Ricky's version
of Kingston's proclamation

that Gladiator dies, Ricky saying.

- Shhh, real shithead.

- Wow, yeah it's it's I, I kind of forget

that we really threw you into it, well,

that's, that's really messed up.

- I haven't, I didn't say
like, I can show you my texts.

I showed him some basic stuff
he goes over to his computer,

moves the stuff about the Met to the side.

Can we look at that by the way, real fast?

Yeah, you look at it real quick.

He goes, oh, he's like,
this is not, this is just,

I'm fuckin around with,
I read this whole thing

about the Cloisters shutting down.

They, they ended up taking all the stuff

out of the Cloisters and
moving it to the main Met,

and also after everything
else I found out,

they're actually
displaying all this stolen,

Native art and items there.

And you know, it's just like,

there are so many tribes and
families that created and

cherish that art who
had it stolen from them

and they deserve to have it returned.

So I was kind of planning on
doing like a solo expedition

'cause now that I can like
turn invisible and teleport

and do other shit,

I was sort of planning on
going into the Met at night

both because that would be fucking rad.

And second to just straight
up steal a whole bunch

of Native American art and then return it.

- Yeah.

- So that was sort of my game plan.

If you would be down.

- Yeah, yeah let's do it.

That's so crazy that - wait so,

I tell him what we know
about the Cloisters.

- He looks and goes, whoa shit.

On that, on that Nat 20 insight,
I think you can see that,

that the Cloisters
closing down was big news

and this might be unrelated in terms of,

of the Cloisters closing
that was very big news.

So there's an element to the
stuff with JJ where like,

everyone's kind of been talking
about the Cloisters closing

but it does look wild to
you, because you know,

those unicorn tapestries
are very important

and if they're all at
the Met now, that's huge.

- It's a reflection,

it's a reflection of the
dream world, exactly.

- Whoa, um,

yeah, I mean I'm down for whatever dude.

Let's, I would say down to clown

but I had a bad experience
with some clowns today.

- JJ, JJ looks at you and goes like,

hell yeah, man, I'm super down to clown.

- And I,

I really appreciate you
being a good friend, man.

I, you see, he starts
crying a little bit again

and just goes like, the city,

it's like the city of dreams, right

like people move here to
make their dreams come true

but that's so fuckin lonely
so much of the time, man.

And I feel like you always
hear the stories of the people

who made it and the people
that didn't make it.

So many of them just like fall off and

I don't know man.

I felt pretty frazzled
and I feel better now

and I, and I'm sorry
if I fucked anything up

and I'll make it right.

- Hey, no worries, just make sure

you take care of yourself
and let's keep hanging.

- Hell yeah, man, I love it, awesome,

Cool, that's yours, for everyone else

that was, I wasn't expecting
anyone to go talk to JJ.

That was a cool, that was a cool

important thing that Ricky
discovered there, awesome.

Everyone else real quick, Iga, your,

your Thanksgiving is a delightful,
huge Polish celebration.

Pierogies abound, and
you see Jess and Nick

are having a great time and you,

you look at your daughter
and see a sort of glimmer

of magic around her and feel your own

sort of connection to, to the chest.

Give me an arcana check,
if you'd be so kind.

- It's a 10.

- You hear faint whispering and on a 10,

give me an insight check as well.

- Maybe I'll use my last luck point.

Still not great, an 11.

- You hear faint whispering
coming from your mothers

and your mother's mothers.

And for a moment you think
they're talking about Jessica

but on a 10 and an 11, you
push those whisperings away

because your daughter's
having a wonderful time.

You're here with family and life is good.

Real quick at the Brown
family Thanksgiving

Kingston, what is - what's
Kingston up to that night

at Thanksgiving, obviously
a huge momentous day

for Kingston but now he's
surrounded by family on all sides.

- I think it's like, I
think there's almost,

there's almost like a
stealing of self for like,

let's enjoy this moment
because as of tomorrow...

I'm hellbent.

And there's only one thing
that will satisfy me.

So I think like tonight
is I think like Kingston,

even like undoes one more
button on his collared shirt

and like starts the night off
with like a glass of wine.

- Incredible, a glass of wine,
Liz has her arm around you,

Liz and your mom are
talking so happily together.

- I think I introduce Cody
to some of my younger cousins

and I'm like, boys,
this one, he loves the,

the games y'all always talking about.

I think he plays him too.

Ain't that right, Cody?

- Yeah, mostly I'm PC gamer
but I also do PS4 and stuff.

I don't know if you guys do that.

- Go ahead and give me a
persuasion check, Cody.

- Can I give Cody the help action?

- Yes you can.

- Cody has okay persuasion
I think, let me see...

- Oh yeah, charismatic paladin.

- All those years in retail.

- Yeah, he's just intense.

Oh my God, I'm at one and a seven, so 11.

Kingston, there is...you
are magically gifted

with the ability to speak for the city.

You look at your cool young cousins,

gather around at Thanksgiving
and walk over with Cody,

say your piece and immediately
go like, this is a hard sell.


I guess to say, I play
video games is a little bit

of an understatement.

- Kingston, you got to look from your,

from your cousins being
like out of respect for you,

we will make your friend feel

comfortable here at Thanksgiving.

- I give them a nod back like, thank you.

I will repay you in kind, and
I move on to another part.

- Can I?

- Yeah, Pete, go for it.

- Or can I just show up
with a bunch of like really

funky potentially like
unpalatable natural wine

that I'm trying to get Kingston to drink?

- Yes, absolutely, Pete
shows up with natural wine.

- Just the hippest, fucking
like, kombucha-like wine

that I'm like, oh, this one is incredible.

- Yeah, but I don't know.

What's all the stuff
floating around in it.

- Yeah, put that red one
down you got to try this one.

It's incredible, see this
brand new 20 year old

just took over a winery,
a whole vineyard and

he has this whole new way of doing it.

- I drink wine that is older than

that child on a regular basis.

- He is completely disrupting
the wine industry, okay,

Kingston you gotta try it.
- Is that a good thing?

- Happy Thanksgiving.

- Okay, sure happy Thanksgiving.

- A brand new 20 year old.

- Incredible, let me get,

you see that Pete you are
immediately pulled into,

you are immediately pulled into the party,

Victoria just grabs you, pinches
the hell out of your cheeks

gives you a big kiss.

She is like a absolute
ninja with helpings of food.

Every time a plate is clean,

a new plate flies into
your hand, just smiling.

And you see as the night
winds on, Winston appears

Kingston's father goes,

all right, young blood,
how are you feeling

tonight my friend?

- I'm feeling like
whipping some ass, let's go

- Oh, whippin some- okay.

(laughs) Let's get some ass whipped.

- I've just gotten way
too comfortable as though

this is my own grandfather.

- Incredible.

- You okay, Winston is
gonna roll with advantage

due to being on home court.

- Gonna Roll20? Are we gonna...?

- We are gonna.

- You guys got a
battlemap for this, right?

- Winston's gonna roll,

he has double proficiency in dominoes.

So he's gonna roll with
a plus 12 to this roll.

He hit a Nat 20, I'm not kidding.

Go ahead and make your roll, Pete.

You gotta hit a Nat 20 to, to survive.

- A 19.


- You're playing so well, you get so far,

you decide - Winston will
clean you out for truly

any amount of money you
are willing to put down.

- I think I put down like, like a-

I think we're up to like $80,

like stupid where I'm
just like ruining my,

the rest of the month for myself.

- It's like the end of
the month, December rent.

It's gonna come through
on the first, yeah.

- I'll make it back, one
more, man so much respect.

- Kingston, you see your
dad out on the stoop

and towards the end of the
night with the other old timers,

smoking a cigar, waving a stack,

very small stack of bills in the air.

- Dad, you got to give
that money back to Pete.

- Why, why, why?

- Why are we doing this again this year?

All we doing this every year,

either I chase him down and
make him give you money back

or I chase you down and make
you give money back, right

either way, Pete needs that for rent.

- As you say that, your dad
gives you a death glare.

As you bring up the one year that Pete won

in front of his friends, his
old friends out on the stoop.

- What you don't, you don't
tell your friends about

the year a white boy beat you?

- Okay, you wanna go
inside, let's go inside,

you wanna have business
out in front of my friends,

make a fool of me out on
the stoop! Thanksgiving!

You see that he gets up,
walks in with you and,

and literally hands you the
$80, says, I don't want,

I know that Pete is on
the straight and narrow

and he's working, he's
working an honest job,

so that's fine.

Please, don't bring up the time he beat me

in front of my friends.

- All right, hey, I only do what I have to

and if you don't make me
go there, I won't go there.

I understand what that means, all right.

I understand the depth of pain that,

that creates in you, all right.

Just don't make me go
there, all right pop?

- He shakes his head, ruefully smiles.

Pats you on the arm, gives you the money

at a certain point in the
night- Sofia you're also here.

This is like a great place
for Sofia to be on a holiday,

surrounded by loving people and,

- I think I'm just like, I
think I'm like lingering to see,

to try to talk to Kingston
but he's like very busy.

So then I think I just
busy myself with like doing

all the dishes.

- Oh.

- I think with the wine I brought

like a really great like
elderberry seltzer or something,

knowing that you would be here
so that you would have like

a non-alcoholic version at party.

- I take it from Pete.

- This been like, this is so good.

- Very gratefully.

- Incredible, as you start washing dishes,

you feel an iron grip on your arm

and look down and see
Kingston's mother, who looks up,

who has, I think in the course of a season

and a half of the show has
only ever been all sunshine.

She looks up at you with a
look that Kingston got maybe

twice in his entire childhood and goes,

"Sweetheart, what are
you doing in my kitchen?"

- Victoria, please tell
me what I can do to help.

I am trying to keep my hands busy.

Can I help in any way?

- Sure thing sweetheart,

there's a half a pecan
pie left, three quarters

of a pumpkin, it looks
like a slice of apple.

- Oh, you want me to put it in Tupperware?

- Sweetheart, you know I love you.

This is not a game, this is real

and you need to go and enjoy yourself.

- I respectfully go
finish off the pecan pie.


- Thanks, she gives a little kiss.

Oh, sweetheart, wonderful,
thank you so much.

Do I just find Sofie eating

like what is essentially
a quarter of a pecan pie?

- Yes, near the kitchen
you find Sofie there.

- I mean, it's good pie, right.

- It's really good, yeah, I love pecan pie

especially your mothers.

- She does, she does do it right.

- Sofie, you see that your mom is well

into some glasses and it's just
talking with Kingston's mom

being like, just be just
talking to Kingston's mom

about life and having kids
in the city and yada, yada.

Sofia go ahead and get
a medicine check for me,

if you'd be so kind, call
it a DC 15 medicine check.

- 17 plus,

hold on, I mean, I got a 17, so whatever

it adds to medicine is fine.

- Hell yeah.

- Negative eight.

- Dirty 20.

- Dirty 20 hell yeah.

- Sofia

you look at your mom and
your mom is talking about

she's like, "9 and a half
months, I was carrying Sofia.

She did not want to come out,
I'm telling you the truth."

You, your mom talking
about that, I think Sofia

realizes what you and I were talking about

over text prior to the session beginning.

Sofia recognized this,
something about her timeline

over the past month and a half
since the campaign started,

a month since the campaign started.

- I think, I think,

I think my first thought is probably,

oh my God, I'm going through menopause.


- So yeah, well, Sofia, Sofia
realizes that she's like

about two weeks late behind schedule.

- Wow, that is a blow

if I'm,

okay, I guess I, yeah,
I'm trying to think.

I think Sofia.

Yeah, okay.

- Yeah.

I think she does not say anything out loud

or act upon it in any way.

- Cool, chill, you enjoy
the rest of your evening.

- Can I go I go to Sofia
with like a seltzer

water with bitters and a lime squirt

and be like, this is the move.

If you haven't tried this,
it is the most herbal

and refreshing beverage, here you go.

- Bitters has a little
bit of alcohol in it.

- Oh, you know what, you're totally right.

- Can I get one without the bitters?

- Here's a seltzer with
some lime and I like,

I started drinking the
bitters one, here you go.

- Thank you so much, thank you.

- Yeah, for sure.

- Do I look old to you, do I
look of menopausal age to you?

- What? No, not at all.

Wait, I'm sorry.

Are you coming on to me?


- Had an issue with Rowan.

Make sure you're comfortable.

- You're right, that was so
inappropriate of me just now....

The holidays just make me so horny.


- Thanksgiving dinner is getting wild.

People are enjoying,
lots of music playing,

people are laughing, dancing.

The Brown family holidays are
unparalleled in New York City.

Just people all in all the
levels of the stairwell

up through Claude's
apartment into Victoria

and Winston's, Liz is so happy.

Liz comes over and says hi to Sofia.

Cody, you're there, Josh is there as well.

Cody, yeah you see Josh is here too.

I don't think you've had
a chance to confront yet

about Gladiator stuff.

You see, he says, "Hey, dude I'm,

I heard you were asking for
like a house meeting and stuff.

Look, I just wanted to say like..."

- Yeah.

- I'm super sorry, it's just that, like,

I was working at PacSun for way less.

I know that you, you
still have like a month

or two of unemployment, right?

- Yeah.

- I don't like - I'm, I'm
gonna run out. Gladiator's

one of the only places thats
hiring, it's not a lot of money

but it's just like, I don't
know what else to do, man.

Like my resume's, like PacSun,
and that's pretty much it.

- I get it, Josh, but like,

the mall's gonna come back

and when it does PacSun's
gonna be like the second

or third place to open after Hot Topic

and I think it's important in these...

Just, Gladiator's fucked up, man.

It's, it's gonna take over
the whole city in like ways

that I can't totally explain

'cause you're gonna think that
I'm making a bunch of it up

'cause I say fuckin wild shit,
awesome stuff all the time.

But even on just like the
regular level of just like buying

up all these places and everything,

it's just gonna like fuck everything up.

So I get that you're in like
a fucked up place and stuff

and that we live in like
a weird room with a sheet

and it sucks ass, but like,

if, if you could just if
you just like chill for like

a little while longer, I think,

I think we'll be able to figure it out.

I think Gladiator's not
gonna be around forever.

- Give me very high DC persuasion check.

You're trying to persuade
someone to not make rent.

- 16.

- Josh looks at you and says,

man, if you can find me
another job, I'll take it.

- I can definitely find you another job.

- Okay, yeah, man, I'll quit.

I'll quit the Gladiator job,

if you find me something else, dude.

- You already got the job.
I saw the application, dude.

- They hired me, man.

I'm gonna be working in the new warehouse.

I got to go out to training
and Connecticut tomorrow.

I gotta like, you see.

- Josh they fucking, they
killed the mall, dude!

- Dude, I don't, I don't
wanna work at PacSun forever

and you just didn't want to
work at Hot Topic forever, dude.

- I don't know who you are right now.

You're like fucking,

like a fucking antelope
that's turning into a lion

or you are joining your
families were antelopes

and the lions ate them

and now you're on the lion side, dude.

You're a fucking Lannister.

That's a, you are dude.

- Josh excuses himself and leaves.

- FUCK!!! Sorry. I'm sorry everyone.

- We are gonna end that evening and go.

- Actually can I have one thing to do

at the end of the evening.

- Yes, absolutely.

- Okay, I think that I
go home with my mother

and then once she goes to bed,

I wanna like shadow step
into a empty drug store,

steal a pregnancy test
but replace it with money

and then shadow step back home.

I'm not gonna use it
though, I just bought it.

- Cool, you bought it, you come back.

Your mom is smiling, she was
like, "You know sweetheart.

- I minor illusion it
to be Sour Patch Kids.

- Great, she goes "Sweetheart, a lot of,

there were a lot of young
men at that Thanksgiving

party, shoulda said hi.

I know your friend Kingston would

have introduced you to somebody.

- I know.
- You're so beautiful.

- Honestly, I made a
pretty hard pass at Pete

and it didn't work out.

- You know, Pete's nice,
you two are very handsome.

- Very handsome, young for me.

- Your mom, your mom is asleep.

- Pete has no idea why,
but he just shot up in bed.


- The next, the next morning comes,

Sofia, you have an early appointment

at the Monastery of the Midnight Sun.

- Okay, I go to it.

I grab my little bag and go to it.

- You walk into a central chamber.

There is an enormous statue
of a seated New Yorker,

holding a Concrete Fist in their hand.

You see that the mantra
written beneath them

in the stone "Fuhgeddaboutit"
as this person sits in,

contemplation. Seated in
front of the statue is Cindy

to either side is Nadia and Solomon.

Monks are seated up on the walls

because the gravity affects the walls,

You see that they're seated,

they're leaning back to view
beneath them down to you

and you see not seated but
kneeling off of the carpet

because he does not have a
position at the monastery

currently, but still not
with the other monks, is Tony

as you walk into this room.

- I think the first thing I wanna do is

I just wanna do an insight check on Cindy

because I have really done,

I have really trusted her
and I want to continue

to trust her and I want to
make sure I'm not misguided.

And I got a, oh no,
it's a seven, I got 10.

- You got a 10 on your insight.

Cindy has an expression you've
never seen on her face before

she is stone-faced right now.

She is the abbess of this monastery

charged with its upkeep, protection.

These, the sanctity of the Order itself.

- Okay, hey, I'm here to talk.

- She gestures to a place of
honor in the center of a circle

before the statue but
also a place where you are

the focal point for the room
far away from everybody else.

You are, you know, it's kind of like

a witness stand a little bit.

- Yeah, I got that vibe, I take it.

- Cindy, looks up at you and says

"First Fist of the Monastery
of the Midnight Sun

chosen one, Sofia Lee,

Did you place a curse on
a member of this order?

- I did.

- Were guests of yours also guilty

of placing magic on members of this order?

- Yeah, they were.

- She nods and says,

it has come to our attention
that in the grand sharing

of resources that occurred
between the Gramercy Occult

Society and the Order of
the Concrete Fist that

an extremely relevant piece
of information was shared

on the Staten Island ferry
approaching the monastery

but was not shared at the
actual meeting that the Vox

Phantasma withheld information
about the presence of

dangerous dream entities from the Order.

Do you understand this to be true?

- At the time, I was unaware
because I was not on the ferry

but I have since learned it to be true.

- You see, she looks over at Tony.

Tony stands up, takes out his
phone, plays the recording.

- [Sofia] The order has
fuckin' lot to learn

from, it is what it could be.

- Cindy looks at you and says,

"In my position, Sofia...

what would you do?"

- I would encourage me to
step down from the First Fist

and if you chose to take
more extreme action,

I would respect that.

- Cindy looks over at Tony,

Tony looks back at Cindy,
give me an insight check.

- 15.

- Tony's holding it down, but he's mad

and you know why he's mad.

You are comporting yourself
perfectly right now.

He wanted you to come
in here and step in it

and you're doing anything but that.

Cindy looks up and says,

you are one of the most
gifted monks and heroes

I have ever had the pleasure to know.

- Thank you I, I have your
direction to thank for that.

- You see,

she, she says you are
relieved of your position

as she nods, Tony speaks
up, it looks at Cindy

and just goes, "And the cat?"

You see that Cindy looks over and goes,

"Discussions amongst the
leadership of the monastery

have been held. You are relieved

of your position as First Fist.

The presence of the great
cat within the monastery,

some believe to be a breach
of the security of this place.

If you wish to remain
as, if you wish to retain

access to the monastery and
remain as a junior member.

We would require your
renunciation of your pact

with La Gran Gata.

- I think part of me,

I think part of me
stepping down is me saying

I'm not gonna come
around, I think that I've,

I've hopefully made clear what
I see as a possible future

in relations between the
dreaming and the waking and

I think, I think if you ever
start to see some wisdom

in that, you can reach
out to me but I will...

I have, I turned to Nadia.

I've learned so much from
your libraries and Cindy,

I've learned so much from you.

And if, if I have to choose
between you and magic,

I will choose the magic

and perhaps that is a
validation of the fact

that you asked me to step down.

- La Gran Gata swirls
around your shoulders

and the eyes peer out
slitted and narrow, gazing

right at Tony, baby.

La Gran Gata does not make

any mysteries about it, vanishes.

Nadia is fully crying.

Go ahead, Sofia, make a
persuasion check with advantage,

if you'd be so kind. There's no,

there's no, no bad roll here
can hurt what's going on.

- 16.

- 16, the way you have
comported yourself here,

your honesty in this moment,

the fact that you didn't
shirk from any of the things

that were presented, you
watch the monks here.

They, you do not see stern

looks of condemnation from everybody.

You see the monks here,
all look like they're deep

in their own heads. Some people here

probably really agree with Tony.

Some people here probably
really agree with you.

It looks like Nadia does.

Nadia is looking messed up by this

and it looks like a lot of
the other monks are really

confused because they've
heard what Tony has to say

and now looking at you, the
portrait that has been painted

of you clearly does not
stack up with the woman

who just stood bravely in
front of the entire order

and said what she felt to be true.


prepare to leave this place.
It's you don't have much here.

With that 16 though,

Nadia meets you at the front gate.

Inside, you can hear a noise go up.

(chimes resound)

You hear a ringing of chimes
that you understand to mean

a new First Fist of the
monastery has been chosen

by which we mean an old First Fist

of the monastery has been chosen.

Nadia rushes out to the gate.

It's like bright, mid day.

She says, "We're gonna
figure something out."

I know we will.

- Yeah, I'm serious don't
worry about me, okay.

You can just keep an, you
keep an eye on the Order.

Don't talk to me because I could spoil

your position in there and
right now we need someone

making sure that he can't
do whatever it is he wants

and I don't even fully
understand what he wants.

- She looks, hearing this advice from you,

she says, "Starting after right now"

and she takes forms of
the greater dreaming,

stolen from the library puts
it in your hands and says

he shouldn't have this, go.

- I think that's a real, this
feels really disrespectful.

However, forms are the greater dreaming

is how to kill Nod, right.

- Yeah.

- I'm so sorry if anyone finds out,

I'll say I stole it myself and
I put it in my bag and I go.

- Sofia Lee leaves the monastery

of the midnight sun, whoa.

Sofia, you, you get a text from Esther,

probably like an hour later
saying please give me a call

as soon as possible, are you okay?

- Yeah, I give her a call.

- She goes, Sofia, we
just heard from Cindy

that you're no longer with
the Order, what happened?

- Yeah, so you know how Pete
and I went a little aggro

on Tony but probably for good reasons

but we probably could have
done it above the table

in a better way.

Well, that's just like
directly in violation

of a lot of order policies.

So they asked me to
step down and I believe

they installed Tony as
the first fist but...

- Jesus.

- Yeah, I mean, it's all my fault.

I played exactly into
exactly what he needed.

So I did everything he needed to do.

He needed me to do so if anything,

I was the best part of his fucking plan.

- Sofie - name what you want me to do.

- There, they're at,
they sent us this thing,

like it was a whatever email.

They sent it to us like, hey staff change.

Sofia is no longer with us.

See you literally tomorrow

for working on the expedition, like.

- They still want in on the expedition?

I thought that literally
they would be like,

oh, we're not investigating dreaming.

I thought they didn't
give a about dreaming.

- That's not what they seem to be saying.

- Oh, they're gonna go
in with bad intentions.

I think that we need to just start.

We need to fucking send a
fake expedition with them

or something we, they, I
mean, they can't be involved.

- Sof, if you want me to
set up a decoy, I'm on it.

I am loyal to you.

- Can I just do an
insight to make sure this

is absolutely Esther on the phone?

- Yeah, go for it give
me an insight check.

- I feel paranoid right now, 18.

- 18, yeah, I mean, it's Esther's phone.

You're on the phone with
her, she says, she says,

look, she's like, let's,
let's round up the troops.

This is a big deal.

- Yeah, I know, I fucked
up, I'm really sorry.

- No, you didn't fuck up,
this is not a fuck up.

This is...

This is fucked up.

Cool, Esther is basically
asking you to come talk

in person with her.

Would anybody else have done anything

that morning in particular?

- I mean, I would love to go to the Met

but I don't know if
that's like a bigger trip

to try to look at those memories.

- Hell yeah.

- Yeah.

- Cool, do you want to go
to the Metropolitan Museum

of Memories in Nod or so, yeah.

I'll go ahead and say.

You start to head out
Esther looks at you, Ricky,

and is like, just like in, in
your apartment that morning,

she's like, Sofia's out of the Order.

They like, she like left or stepped down

but it was sort of like
asked to step down.

- Okay, I forget exactly how
much we've talked about this

but that Tony guy is,

a weird piece of shit.

- She full drops her teacup,
shatters on the ground, goes,

- I'm sorry, I'm sorry I said that.

- It's that bad, oh my God.

- You know, it's just how I feel and...

- She's like, mends the teacup
back into her hand, okay.

- Look, he was, he's really
given JJ a weird time.

He's coming, like we also got
to like, hang out with JJ.

- He's giving JJ a weird
time, why? Isn't JJ

busy with classes and stuff?

- JJ, I think was, I just
like tell her about all the...

- Cool, she, you can see
that she takes it hard, man

'cause it's like the, the,
she is an incredible wizard

but this is the kind of
thing of like running an

organization and being like,
it's that thing of like,

she protected her heart for
a very long time against

becoming the fury of sorrow
and then this moment of like,

oh, JJ was having a hard time

and Esther kind of didn't
notice she takes it hard, man.

She, you can see it
it's sort of rocks her.

- Hey, you are dealing with--

we're all juggling a lot
right now, it's- we can just,

you know, we'll all do
better going forward,

it's not your fault.

- Okay.

- Thank God for you, Ricky

and she sort of like leans
her head into your shoulders.

She's like, thank God,
you're such a good guy.

I hope you know how much
just being a good guy helps.

- You know, it is an
interesting query for me.


- Cool, she hollers,

Kingston, Pete, you both
get a heads up from Esther

that this has gone down.

Pete, I assume you're in
the same house with Cody.

So he knows pretty much immediately.

Iga, you wake up that
morning after lovely food

and everything a lot of
cleaning left to do, going back

to clean up like the
kitchen of the castle,

you run into the portraits
on the wall that are all

you see there's a little
bit of like fading to them

and for a moment you're terrified because

all of the women are gone from them.

- What?

- You look in the kitchen
and see stirring cups

and making things are like
more than probably like

two dozen or so witches
stretching back through history,

looking out at you from the kitchen,

your mother looks at all of
them who give a sour look

and goes, "Iga, we have
been talking to each other.

There's a big problem.

- Hi, hello hi, it's good to see you.

You've been dead for a while, hi.

- You see, she says,
I know I've been dead.

It is, what else is new?
Listen, we don't have time

for sentiment about who has
been dead for a long time.

- Okay, okay.

- You see, she looks at you and says,

some of the mothers are
complaining because,

"Jessica..." You see this ancient woman.

You're like great, great,
great, great, great grandmother.

Someone from like the middle ages goes,

"Your daughter, she's a bad witch and-"

- What, how dare you, what?

- You see, she says, "I am
allowed, I outrank 12 of you.

She says I, I can tell my
daughter's, daughter's,

daughter's, daughter's,
daughter's, daughter's,

what she is and is not doing right.

Your daughter, Jessica,
she is a bad witch.

You see that another
ancient sort of ghost goes,

We don't ask questions about the castle.

We don't ask questions about how it work.

We don't go into doors in the dark.

The family keeps it alive.

Your mother sort of
plaintively looks and goes,

Iga, the chest that is
going out of the house

all the time, so many
people know about the chest.

Maybe, maybe we leave this place.

Something bad is happening to New York,

maybe you leave New York.

- No, I know something bad
is happening to the chest.

That's why it is leaving

and taking it to see,
there are people here...

It's not like Poland, it's
not like Poland, mother.

It's not like that.

The Nazis are not gonna come
along and steal the chest.

- You see that your grandmother
says you don't know that.

- I do, they're not going to.

- You see that all of
them just start muttering.

There's this chorus of voices.

You see that, the oldest one, a witch

from like the literal
dark ages looks and says.

All of you are wrong,

all of you are wrong.

It is not Jessica who is the bad witch.

- Boy. Here we go.

- It is Iga.

- Yes, okay I'm bad, I hear it, I'm bad.

- Of course your daughter,
of course your daughter

would do these crazy spells
to look in the doors,

explore the castle, go wake
up whatever is sleeping

in the dungeons, like a crazy person.

Of course she would do this
because she grows up...

- Did she wake anything up, did she wake

anything up, did she?

- You'll know that he wants to
and that's a bad enough, Iga.

- No, she does not want
to wake anything up.

She just wants to know.

- You see all of them in unison say,

and that is the problem.

You see, your mother says,

Iga, look, it is not wrong to know

but it is dangerous to find out, we just,

Jessica has grown up in this crazy place

where she is meeting
young vampires and wizards

who are filling her all
these sorts of things.

The chest was not protected for centuries

by running around and showing
the chest to everybody.

You dragged the chest from
Pole where it was safe.

You bring it to New York where
you raise your family here

and now they are playing on
their XBOXes and they are-

- They don't have an XBOX,
where are you coming,

where are you hearing of this XBOX?

- One of the imps in the belfry said

that Jessica had an XBOX.

- Why would, no, no, my
children do not have an XBOX.

- You see that again,
the ancient ancient...

- What, tell me what the XBOX is?

Tell me what you think is XBOX is?

- Dangerous magic.

- Okay, you're right, you're right,

that is what an XBOX is.

That's why they don't have one.

- You see that


what's Iga feeling in this
moment facing this scorn

and derision from all of these ghosts.

- Sort of, like, in that
way that you always do

when you're around your family,

like kind of regressing a little bit

and remembering all of the
moments when she was young,

when she was like, why
do we have to hide this?

Why does it have to be a secret?

Like those like moments of frustration

and also like, you don't get to tell me

how to raise my daughter.

- Yeah, give me.

- You think you did such a
good job, you can tell me.

- Yeah, give me an insight check, Iga.

Give me one with advantage.

- This one is...

- Do you have any luck points?

- I do have a look point
I'm gonna use a luck point.

- Go for it.

- I rolled a one and a seven.
I'm gonna use a luck point.

Okay, there we go, there we go, 25.

- 25, Iga...

- They're right.

Jessica's not the weird one
and their criticism of Jessica

is making you pissed,

not only because who
the are you to tell me

how I'm raising my kid.

Jessica is fucking beautiful and perfect

and she's great and,

she's not the outlier because she was

the first one in the line
that got raised in a giant

technological metropolis
during the information age,

speaking, learning Polish
at home and speaking English

out with her friends.

You're the different one, you
are the one that came here

and I think that there's
a question in Iga's mind

of how she relates to these
women and also by the way,

after the clown fight,
everybody leveled up.

Iga, you multi-class into
your first level of sorcerer

and I think that you realize
that you've been getting

these warlock powers
for so long by observing

this relationship to this chest

and the chest is separate.

The chest is magical
and is a source of magic

and it's a source of magic
that your family has used

for a long, long, long time.

If you wanted to do something risky

you could reach out into
what this chest is holding

and get that magic as well.

- How risky?

- You have dozens of ghosts
telling you to be cautious

in the nastiest most scoldy way possible.

- Can I ask them if any of them

have ever reached out to the power?

- You see all of them go, no
what do you think we are crazy?

- So who is telling you not to do it?

- She told me, well, she
told me, well, she told me,

well she told me, she told me,

well, she was the one who told me

and it goes all the way back

into the most ancient one who has,

I thought probably it was a bad idea.

- Oh boy, I reach into the power.

I'm absolutely going to do it,

you ladies, what're you doing?

- Iga, you connect to something

ancient and powerful, slumbering.

You feel fire and power,
you feel mystery and legend.

You feel story and deep knowledge.

Most of all, you feel magic.

Does Iga, go deeper to the castle?

You feel that connection and
feel the surge of that power

but you also know some,
a little thing blips

on your phone and you see a
message from your other allies

saying that something bad has happened.

Iga, can either go to
explore this right now

or you can, you feel this
connection and as you feel it,

the rafters ring out with
deep shuttering of the castle

and the ghosts all vanish
and reappear static

in their portraits.

- Do I get an impression
that the power is malevolent?

- Give me an insight- what'd
you do you just get 25

on an insight check?

- I got a 25 insight check, yeah.

- You don't feel it's malevolent.

In fact, as you feel the,
the roots of the castle move,

you see that raw Umbra

flit out of your kitchen, hit
the sky, burst apart, vaporize

and get dispelled by
this new gleaming power

you're holding in your hands,

you reached out to the thing

this chest has kept
captured for centuries.

It doesn't feel like it's unhappy

to finally have someone say hello.

- Hello?


What type of sorceror you, Siobhan?

- Draconic bloodline.

- Draconic bloodline, cool.

We are gonna cut out to--

- It's a clown!

- It's a fucking clown.

- Growly the clown.

- Okay, everybody else gathers together.

I would say they keep it,
keep it fucking secret

and Esther is like, come
to me and Ricky's spot,

come to the clock tower.

Sofia, Cody, Pete...Kingston,

what are you doing the next day?

I mean, you probably get this
text early in the morning.

- Yeah, can I call Tony?

- Oh, sure, yeah.

- You have Tony's number.

- Yeah, I called Tony.

- You see he says,

"Hey Mr. Brown, how's it going
my friend, good to hear from.

- Hey, what's up, man, I
just wanted to talk about

some of the changes
that I've heard of going

on at the Order.

- He says, yeah, yeah,
that was, that was a hard,

I don't know if you were aware that

the Vox Phantasma or that Sofia cast

combat magic on me

or that they kept those secrets.

You, you traveled on the
ferry with everybody, right?

- I did.

- Yeah, so what do you think
about not sort of volunteering

that information the Vox Phantasma had?

- I mean, I think that the Vox Phantasma

speaks for the dreams and if
the dreams choose not to speak,

that's their choice.

- All right, I understand that.

Well, yeah, just put it
this way that it, you know,

it doesn't make the Order
feel very secure, you know,

we're putting all of our ancient
texts on the line, our scrolls.

We're putting our bodies on
the line to defend the city

and the people in it and

you know, to not share that kind of thing.

It does come across as a choice,

comes across as a strong choice.

- Yeah, but you also made
it incredibly clear to me,

how much distaste you had for Pete

is that...we can agree to that as well?

- Distaste, I don't have
control over. It is what it is.

But my actions are what speaks for me.

- Well, that's why I called you

because actions are important
but the thing you need to

understand is that I am the
voice of the people of New York.

As far as I'm concerned, Sofia
is family, Pete is family.

So I want you to know that if
you have a problem with them,

you have a problem with me
and that needs to be handled.

- Go ahead and give me an intimidate check

and I think Kingston does
roll these with advantage.

It's a very soft, it's a soft one but.

- It's a soft one.

Okay, first one is a 16.

Second one is less than 16.

- You see Tony nods or no,

you don't see anything on the phone but,

Tony goes, I understand.

If I got a problem with them,
I got a problem with you

and I appreciate your honesty.

I don't like sneaking around
behind people's backs.

It's good to know where we stand.

I know that you speak for New York.

I hope you know that I defend New York

and occasionally those two missions

aren't always the same thing.

- What is it - yeah...

Yeah, well, I guess I'll see you around.

- I'll see you around.

Two very old school
guys, hang up the phone.

Kingston puts on his best sweater

and heads to this meetup.

- Yeah, Liz is looking, Liz
looks at you and it's like,

Kingston, you look like
you standing kind of

tall right now, I like it,
is everything all right?

- No, but, I don't know.

Don't get me wrong, I like,

I like it when things are
easy, when things are fun

but it's also nice to get dirty.


- Hell yeah, cool.

Kingston, Pete, Cody, Ricky,

you guys all arrive at
Esther's, at Esther's place.

Iga, oh, sorry you get
a message from Esther

being like, while you're in the castle

before you get a chance
to go deeper being like

we should meet, meet up right away.

Tony Simos is not to
necessarily be trusted,

worried about him and
his fascination with you

and your chest might
be safe for you to come

to this address that the
Order doesn't know about

at your nearest convenience.

Just wanna make sure that
you and yours are safe.

So sorry for this inconvenience.

- What address is this?

- It's the Clinton Hill Chantry

and the top of apartment of it is where...

- Okay, great.
- Ricky and Esther live.

- Yeah, can I,

my family's all there right,
the day after Thanksgiving,

everybody's just like lounging
around eating sandwiches.

- You know it.

- Yeah, I think I want

to put, get them all into the chest.

- Whoa, hell yeah.

- And then cost a greater
invisibility on myself,

to go - actually I can do
Galder's speedy courier again.

- Hell yeah.

- I'll just do Galder's speedy
courier to go to Esther's.

- You, you put yourself in your castle.

Your box flies off to
Esther's place, boom.

You are all there, your
family says, you're all,

Oskar is like, "Should
we stay in the castle and

just have a snack while you're
dealing with business or?"

- Whatever you want,
whatever you wanna do.

- Cool.

- Jessica?

- Yes.

- No, I, there is,

we got to do the sneaking around
the castle together, okay.

- Yeah.

- I love you, I trust you.

No, no investigations without me, okay.

- Hell yes, oh, you
see, Jessica says, yeah,

you got it, mom I'll be
safe, yeah, absolutely.

You see, is this a Zac-Ally bit?

Is this a classic Zac-Ally bit?

Just the most audible yawn and
I didn't know how to stop it.


- Amazing, you guys meet up
at Ricky and Esther's spot,

beautiful loft apartment.

You step out, Jessica is super excited.

Iga, as you're walking
out of this place, again,

feeling a deeper connection to the magic

than you have in a long time.

You walk past, when you
tap into that new magic,

you dispelled that Umbral
Arcana pretty effortlessly.

The fading has vanished
from the portraits.

They are crisp and
vibrant and full of color,

like they had been painted
just the year before.

- Can I look out the window and see what,

what's going on with the forest?

- Got about 1.500 acres
extended on all sides

as the forest has moved out.

- Great.

- You guys are in the apartment,

as you guys meet up together.

- I have one thing, Esther, I
need a really good illusion.

I need a really good illusion
that we can make a video of

so we can have it, okay.

I need an illusion of
me burning the scroll

in case someone starts looking for it

but I'm not actually gonna burn it,

can you do that?

- She nods and says, yeah.

I don't have that spell prepared right now

but if you give me eight hours, I'm on it.

I can get that done.

- Okay, and then I think
I hand the scroll to Pete

and I say, I didn't know
whether or not to destroy this

but I, it felt wrong to destroy

but I think that they'll look for it on me

and it feels like something
that may be it be okay

if you had access to.

- Do I know what this is,

I can just tell that it's
like how to kill Nod.

- Yeah.

- I think that there's
something to be said about,

is it how to kill Nod or
how to kill a dream...


- Is it, is it specifically
Nod, or is it a dream monarch?

- Dream monarchs, monarchs of dreaming.

- Okay.

- Nod is the one that is
referenced specifically

but this is the one that
had that thing that it had,

it had nods anatomy but then said

if encountering a monarch of dreaming.

- So I think like I
definitely have studied it

but I think that it should be,

I want Pete to be able to decide

what he wants to do with it.

- Cool, thank you, yeah.

- Also, also I've made 30 eggs for people

because they just had a bunch of eggs and.

- Hard boiled or?

- No, no, it's a big pot of scrambled.

- Oh.

- Delicious.

- Hey, let's give, give
it a little Sriracha,

let's go to town.

- Yeah.

- I usually...

- I'm all the way in.

- Yeah.

- I'm not in, no.

- Little Tupperwares.

- I'm just elbow deep into some eggs.

- This is good, Ricky.

- Thank you, it's eggs and Sriracha.

- Incredible, you guys
are all gathered here.

You see, hold on one second.

Oh, so Esther looks out and says, okay,

we are gonna try to have the Order

think we're continuing to
work on the expedition,

for everyone else here

do we still feel like we
need a real expedition?

It's not like all these
things with the raw Umbra,

aren't still also happening.

Do we try to run a dummy expedition or,

or is it something as simple
as I know a lot of you

have been to Nod before,

should we try to beat
the Order to the punch

and get there ahead of time?

- I don't know if you asked me
that feels like a great goal.

If you can stall them or hold them somehow

but we, cause I mean, based
on the experience with Dave,

it feels like Gladiator and whatever

this is are intimately tied.

- Yeah, I feel like, I feel like if,

if you could maybe get in touch
with the Order and say like,

oh, we're gonna do a weekend retreat

to strategize, you know.

- I like that.

- Maybe we get an AirBNB upstate?

Act like the wizards really need a lot,

like the wizarding side
needs a lot more research

and really play up how much
research needs to go into this.

- You see that she, she looks and says,

okay, so that's it, I'm gonna contact.

Oh, sorry yeah, go for it.

- Were you gonna say something, Kingston?

- Yeah, but it's, it's more,
it's maybe a different,

different topics so if anyone
wants to speak on this,

I'd encourage them to do so.

- I just wanted to say that like

that Tony dude was like, like
figured out all of our shit.

Even though we were like super
fuckin stealthy about it.

So like, are they gonna
like fuck up the wizards

while we're like in the nightmare realm,

to like, is, are we just
screwing people over?

- I think if I'm being, I
mean, my instinct is that Tony,

I just was sloppy and I don't
think Tony would have figured

nearly as much out if I had
kept it together better.

There are ways for us to be
sneakier than we have been.

I have a spell that
can disguise all of us.

- Do you but, were you,
Cody, were you saying

like while we're gone are you
worried about the wizards?

- I was saying that like,

they're gonna like fuck up,

like keep like this place, right because.

- Esther goes, Esther goes,

if they made an honest attempt at that,

we have a lot of ways
of defending ourselves.

That said, that's not a terrible concern.

Right now, we haven't
responded to the order.

There they are acting like
everything's hunky dory

and that we are gonna be so
dependent on their scrolls

and their knowledge that we
will keep working with them.

I see no, I see a lot of utility

in keeping them believing that,

that we'll just keep working with them

and not give them any, yeah.

- Esther, can you make a
dummy version of the scroll

that Nadia gave me?

- She looks over.

- So that if they think it goes missing,

that they think that you
accidentally brought it.

- She looks at the scroll
and Pete's hands and says

Vox Phantasma, do you mind if
I do a little scan of that?

- Not at all, yeah, I hold that...

- But make it wrong.

- She smiles,

pulls all the text off in runes,

fabricates a new scroll with conjurations,

does a time spell to age the parchment,

several hundred years.

Just like (sound effects)

put the things and says,

okay, gibberish, nonsense, gobbledygook.

Great, great, great.

This will help nobody do anything.


- Is JJ here?

- JJ is not there.

- Okay.

- But you can shoot him
a text if you want to.

- Well, I was just thinking,
JJ is not a bad person

to look at that hard drive

if there's any more information on it.

We should let him know that
it might do some weird stuff.

- Yeah.

- Esther looks at all
of you she says, cool.

We're gonna hold the Order at arms length.

We're gonna feed them garbage

and we're gonna keep them
chasing a fool's errand

it's time for all of you to head to Nod,

to figure out what's actually
happening with this city.

Got your back.

And that's all for this week
on "The Unsleeping City"

tune in next week.

- Got your back.

- Got your back.

- Got your back.
- Got your back.

- Got your back.
- Got your back.

- Got your back.
- Got your back.

- It was so hard not to say it.

- What was real, what was real?

- That fucking courtroom scene, holy shit.

- That was awesome.

- That was so good.