Dimension 20 (2018-…): Season 8, Episode 3 - The Mystery of the Haunted Subway - full transcript

The intrepid heroes must stop a runaway train filled with ghouls. Cody gets more mature.

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(Upbeat music)

- Hello one and all, welcome
to another exciting episode

of the unsleeping city season two.

I'm your humble dungeon
master Brennan Lee Mulligan

and with me as always
are our intrepid heroes.

Say hi intrepid heroes.

- (All)Hi intrepid heroes!

- Happy halloween for
indeed it is all hallows eve.

In the great city of New
York, and on the hustling

and bustling subways.

All know the fanfare and revelry
of the big apple during the


Yes, many go out in their sexy
versions of normal uniforms

and costumes and some really
artsy people do things that

you like, wow, that's really
an incredible piece of art.

Like that's a mechanical wonder
like, I knew a guy one time

who just went as a chair and
he had a stool built into the

costume and when he sat down,
it just was like a chair in

the street.

So that's pretty cool.

- Could you sit on him?

- Yes, you could sit on him
while he was sitting on himself.

Such wonders await in the
unsleeping city, where our

intrepid heroes leaped onto
the back of a rattling a train

bound north for one final
terrifying destination.

The end of the line, as the
conductor of the train announced

over the squeaking pa in a
ruined cockpit at one end of the


you open the doors to see a
crowded subway car filled with

Yes, people in costume.

There's a pirate and a superhero and

a dracula and other
various things but those.

- Another pirate?

- Another pirate?

- Another pirate like Kingston.

But those were not the people
that you had to worry about.

Because indeed, it was
the people not in costume.

Some, you know people on
their way to some dreary event

or other commuters people
working the grind people in the

rat race, just standing
slack jaw lackadaisical,

not moving further into the subway car,

an act of pure malice, manifested by

the presence of anti populi
pure misanthropy in spiritual

form that seems to have
suffused every inch of this

terrifying runaway subway car.

We come now to battle, we
have rolled initiative,

and we are going to leap right into it.

First things first, we
jumped now into roll 20 oh my

goodness gracious and we
see here, a very long map.

But if you zoom in, you'll
see where all your tokens are

in the very upper left
hand corner right here

and we're going to

go ahead and remove the roof
here so that you may see ahead

of you into the car itself.


You see a vast and terrible
subway car stretching out ahead

of you and you see the
zombies that now await.

The reality of the train car flickers

and you see that yes, on the

surface level, this was happening
here in reality, but you

are all I mean, Pete you know
immediately that something is

happening, Nod is being pushed
out into the waking world by

the presence of this anti
populi, this primordial

oozing hatred for the norms
and customs of the city of New


And the subway car in front
of you erupts where the

benches erupt into tombstones,
you're in kind of a

mausoleum, a graveyard, if you will.

And you see these groaning
shapes of these people with no

care or consideration for their
fellow passengers turn their


The passengers who were
themselves trapped, do not

appear to be here any longer
or if they are here, they're

back in the waking world while
while all of you are caught

in a pure bubble of dream
energy, and only these subway

etiquette malefactors remain.

First to act in our initiative order.

Vox phantasma himself
Mr. Pete Conlon, Pete.

- Well, okay, um,

I, what is my movement again?
Good lord. Okay, yeah, I'm

gonna, I'm gonna run straight
ahead through that door,

right here.

- Hell yeah, boom.

- Okay, cool.

- And by the way, the

cells of this battle are
actually not five feet wide.

They're actually three and
a half feet wide because

New Yorkers know how to fight
with less space on a crowded


And we wanted to be more
accurate to the actual width of

subway cars.

- Great.

- Um, so Pete, you rush forward to where

that first zombie lurches.

- Yes and I would like to
cast dispel evil and good

and break enchantment on
that first zombie if I can.

- Hell yes.

So break enchantment would
help a possessed creature.

Dismissal is a melee attack on
to drag him back to its home

plane, the creature must succeed
on charisma saving throw, right.

So do you want to do
the dismissal function ?

- I guess can I tell
if this is a New Yorker

who has been possessed or

if this is just a full creature
itself that I could use

dismissal on?

- Give me an arcana check.

- Oh, yeah 17.

- Um you feel that you
are interacting with an

element of the real life people
that is itself misanthropic

and tainted.

So in other words, you don't think

that hurting this entity would
hurt the real life person

attached to it you are effectively
attacking that person's

misanthropy and active
disdain for their fellow New

Yorkers made manifest
within the dream realm.

- Okay, um, so

then I guess I'll do that dismissal.

- Hell yes let's go ahead and.

- And for that, I'm gonna
actually use my teapot.

So it looks like I just
sprinted forward and poured

myself a little cup of tea,
but then I like forced them to

drink it.

Weaponized tea.

- Incredible this is a charisma
saving throat from a zombie

not great gang.

Oh, this creature has a
minus three to charisma.

It needs a natural 20 to make the save.

Close on the die that's a 14.

Um Pete, you leave for into the
track whoo tea surrounds you

down the gullet of this zombie.

That comes apart and the spiritual
malignancy of this person

is shunted out of existence
as the corpse deanimates

and collapses into bile and
goo on the ground in front of


- Whoo yee haw.

- Yee fucking haw, gang.

- So rad.

- That is rad as hell, Kingston
that's going to be you.

- Uh, okay, as I like walk
into this like subway car.

Can I make a perception

check to see into the next
subway car or is that impossible?

- Give me a perception check, man.

- That's gonna be a 22.

- 22 you do see into the next
subway car but on 22 I'm going

to make you choose between
seeing the dream realm version or

seeing the waking world version?

- Oh, great question.

I'd like to see the waking world version.

- You see, there is

a large family of tourists,
like a group of families on kind

of, they're wearing the same
t-shirt they have whistles and

fanny packs and the dad of the
family is loudly announcing

to the group of tourists.

Gang we got to be safe here okay,

if you put your arm in that
subway door, it's gonna

take that on right off okay,
I've seen it happen okay.

This is your first time coming
to the city you got to watch

out you have to be careful I
want you to keep your eyes on

your buddy and stay around
don't talk to any of these

fucking people.

That's what you see in the next car.

- Great uh, that needs to stop now.

I'll charge right into
like this this throuple

of zombies right here.

- Hell yeah.

- And can I cast turn undead?

- Oh, I would love it if you did.

So yeah, Pete leaps out
tea pots this one zombie

and Kingston you rush out past
your buddy Pete your fellow

Vox of the city enter
this group of zombies.

Go ahead and let us turn undead.

- So they all make dc 15
destroy on dead so if they fail,

they just die.

They're instantly destroyed.

Excuse me, they don't die
they're instantly destroyed.

- Oh my god and the range
on that is 30 feet correct?

- Yes.

- Holy shit.

- Did that reveal some
more people coming out.

- Cr one or lower let's go
and check this out here.

- What's the cr?

- What is the cr indeed?

Um, hold on one second.

- This feels like at the
Olympics when they have to check

something it's like well maybe
we're gonna win this is the

difference between a gold medal
for me and not a gold medal.

- Um, okay, let's roll
these wisdom checks.

The DC on these is I believe 17 correct?

- You don't have to believe you

can know, you can know
that it is in your heart.

- How wise are the zombies,
they're a little bit wiser

than they are charismatic, but not by much

these guys need 19s or

higher to make the Save.

That's a two a six and a 14
Kingston what do you say as you

stride into the middle of the
zombies lurching towards you.

- I like I think I just walk
forward, lift my token aloft

and I'm like, this only works
if we are kind to one another.

And shine.

- All of those zombies erupts
in lights full like our

opening of the ark of the covenant.

They like exalt forward, their
mouths open pure street lamp

light blast out of their mouths,

and they all three of them are
unmade in that instant around

Kingston Brown.

- There we go.

- There we go let's
get it done incredible.

Well gang that would have
been the zombies turn.

But there is one zombie left
in the car actually with a

speed of 20 feet.

- He can dash if he would like to.

- Yes, we are going to go ahead
and this zombie right here

is going to move and dash to
close with Kingston Brown.

With no action left as it charges you.

That is going to be
Cody night Angel Walsh.

- Cody is so amped this is just

a sword guy just finds out magic is real.

He is in the movie
underworld and he's happy.

He's going to

charge down I guess get
like like run past Pete

and over by Kingston here and
he's going to point at the

zombie and go I am the
ambassador of the dark lord, I

command you to chill.

And I'm going to use channel
divinity control undead has to

make a wisdom saving throw or
else I gained control of it

for 24 hours.

- 24 hours!

- This zombie rolled a
natural 18 which is a 16.

- Fuck.

- Does 16 make the save?

- Yes.

So you go I command
you see the zombie goes

and just checks its
smartphone again real quick

and seems somewhat distracted.

- Fucking pay attention to me fuck.

- So perfect that your
first act of magic failed.

- I just, I look at
Kingston and I look at Pete

I go I don't give a shit.

(talking over each other)

- You did okay it's fine.

- It's fine.

- Um incredible.

That is now going to be a Sofia
Lee first fist of the order

of the concrete fist let's go.

- So okay, can I see through?

So this space in between this
car and the next car right?

Is there a point of dim light in there?

- Um, do you mean it

connecting this last car
with the second to last car?

- Yeah.

- Um there actually, no, I mean there's no

light so that is the sort of
darkened external connector

portion between the two cars.

When you go through one door,

you're temporarily like,
you're I mean, you're you know,

you're riding in between
the two trains, but you are

technically like outside
and it's in darkness.

- Yeah. Okay,

so I basically um, I need
to be within 60 feet so I'll

walk forward like two squares
and then I want to teleport

there, then use the rest

my movement to reveal what's
in to enter the next car reveal

it and I still have my attack.

- Hell yes.

- A little different from last season.

- Just a little.

- Hell yes Sofia you got it
go ahead and teleport to the

space in between cars and you
will see what happens in that

car with the aggressively anti
local tourists in the next


- Okay so she basically like
moves two steps forward so

that she can see through and
then she teleports 60 feet here

hanging on

hanging on to the door and
peek it and like kicks the door

open to see what the fuck
is happening in there.

- Hell yes.

Yeah, Sofia.

- Use a stiletto heel to
make to make the door move.

- Sofia you leap into the car
you guys see Sofia who has

mastered this new way of the shadows.

You appear completely riding
with one foot on each of the

two cars as it pitches forward.

This car is going probably
upwards of 90 miles an hour.

Woo stations are screaming

past you as this express
train takes off northbound.

You look in see those tourists going.

Look out Jimmy I want you
to stay away from that man

nobody touch anything.

And everything the dream world
bubbles up with this toxic

miasma of hatred and misanthropy,
fear and misunderstanding

and you feel yourself flash
into the dream world this is

some shit that like normally
only Pete is able to do

and it appears to be happening

not because Pete is commanding it

but like to the entire
physical location you are in.

It really does feel like
something being pushed

or squeezed out into the waking world.

This probably triggered something in

Sofia in terms of all the shit
she has been reading about.

This feels actually go ahead
and give me either arcana or

religion if you want and
you can go with advantage.

- Okay.

- Go with advantage.

- Which is just better, they're the same.

Okay, I did poorly I got a seven.

- Seven cool. This is

fucked up and you're about to
fight on this train but some

crazy shit is going down.

- You know, I've been reading a lot

about this right now but right
now I'm just kind of feel

cool for surfing the subway.

- All of those tourists like
all the people that they are

bothering by loudly talking
about how dangerous and bad this

city is.

All of those the people
listening vanish, and that family

just starts going.

And a group of ghosts wearing
fanny packs and baseball hats

appears in a green ectoplasmic
translucent subway car

directly ahead of you.

You have movement and your action left.

- I do have movements so let
me I'm going to enter that


I think I only took like seven
feet of movement before so I

can definitely get to.

Let me see I could run up to
this square right here so that

I could potentially attack both of them.

Can I do that?

To try to and I'll take an
opportunity attack from this one


- Yes, absolutely go for it.

- Okay.

- I mean, it's frickin halloween in here.

- I do can I do an insight
check to make sure it's not just

cute children dressed as ghosts.

- Go ahead and make an insight check yes.

- Okay well, I did get an eight so.

- You're pretty sure these
are some spooky damn ghosts.

- Uppercut a nine year old.

- Yeah, it's gonna take
a swing at you bada boom

that's a nat 20 to hit.

- It's fine sometimes getting
hurt makes me stronger.

- Ha ha.

- Literally mechanically.

- Let's do it.

That's going to be some
heavy necrotic damage coming

Sofia's way.

That is

three ,six .11 .17 .19 .23
.25 .28 points of damage to

Sofia as

she leaps forward into the subway car.

- Damn it it almost got
me down to get my thing.

- To get your radiant?

- Yeah, um, I take it uh, I'm
disappointed it wasn't more

and I then I'm gonna go

I'm going to attack this
one directly in front of me.

Since after I shadow step
my first attack after

shadow step is with advantage.

Does a 25 hit?

- 25 sure does hit.

- okay, so

that is 10 damage but I'm
going to try it but I'm

going to spend a ki
point to stunning strike.

- Okay.

- So I can stun the ghost.

- Cool, stunning strike
is a wisdom save what's

your dc again?

- 14.

- Stun the ghost.

- 14 the ghost the
ghost Oh, but incredibly

these ghosts can be stunned
this one makes it save.

- It makes its save okay.

- Absolutely insane that
these guys can get rocked so

hard that they get like
the flumoxed and dazed spectral


- Just imagining decking Casper
and Casper goes Oh my bell.

- I need to sit down dude.

- I might go stun him
then stun another one,

but I will attack him again.

- Cool go for it.

- That's definitely gonna hit
that's a 26 so that's another

eight damage and I'm going to now, save it.

No, why save it?

I'm going to try stun him again.

- Hell yeah how much damage you
done over those two attacks?

- Um, I did 18.

- 18 hell yeah and gonna
make another save for being


- Actually, you know what?
I'm not gonna try stun

him again.

My plan was to try to stun
multiple ones but if I failed

I'm gonna save my ki
points thank you though.

- Sofia

You leap past one Rick you
can feel the searing cold the

necrotic damage as one goes
like oh my god, that woman is

running on the subway

and you leap forward and
pow! Uppercut this goes boom!

haymaker again and injure one
of the ghosts there in that

second car.

Next in the initiative
order is our dear friend

Ricky Matsui that's you.

- Tight.

I think Ricky

looks at Cody's chest and
sees the redemption on it and

realizes, oh, yeah, I feel like
I should have mentioned this

before guys, but since I lost
the questing blade, I took it

as a sign that I probably
shouldn't try to hit people so


So generally, I don't know

I'll do if I have to but avoiding that.

Just throwing that out there.

A new path I'm on.

- Go ahead, Ricky.

- Hell yeah as Ricky says that,
um, yeah, you guys see this

sort of holy light covers
Ricky I also forgot there

actually it is not Ricky's
turn it is about to be Ricky's


However, in the first car
something else does happen.

- Oh no, I thought I was helping
everyone by revealing the

next one.

- Hey, no, take backs dude you
said it was Ricky's turn and

Ricky did his whole thing.

Yeah, I feel like you
dropped the ball here.

- Yeah Ricky did his whole thing.

- Oh, I didn't even notice
but I love Pete's mustache.

- Yeah it's new, it's new baby.

- Pete's mustache is very, very good.

- Yeah, he's got a mustache and a

caesar he's really he's ready.

- Boom,




Skeletons erupt from the
stony floor of the subway car

as they

horrifying commuter skeletons
to join their zombie brethren,

and they are going to rush forward.

- This is why I don't get

involved it's just messy you know?

I just mind my business no skeletons.

- I think just Cody thinks all
of this stuff is rad so he's

literally looking at everybody
else's faces to see if the

skeletons are good guys or bad guys.

(All laughing)

- Yes shit fuck yes.

- Okay.

- They're bad they're
bad guys come on now.

- We aren't on the those
specific skeleton side.

- Right yeah I know.

- Skeletons in the future you never know.

- All of these skeletons rush forward

and are going to take
swings at Kingston Brown.

- Me?

- At you.

- Why?

- Because you just iced
three zombies in one action.

- Sure.

- When you put it like that.

- I can't blame them, I
can't blame the zombies.

- Incredible that's going to
be the zombies taking their


- Are they zombies or skeletons?

- I'm sorry these are the

skeletons rushing forward.

- Also one zombie, right?

- There's still one zombie
left yes, absolutely.

Only one of the

skeletons manages to land a
blow for six points of damage to

Kingston Brown.

- Oh, no.

- It's not that bad.

- How's Kingston looking as
the undead descend on him

in a subway car.

- 80 still at 80 it's a scratch.

- So everyone knows the ghost
hit for actually a lot more.

So, like ready yourself for that,.

- Um, as you all search forward,
um Ricky, a different kind

of light shines around you not
the bright and glaring civic

light of your firefighter self from

three years ago, but a
gentle or warmer, kinder

and softer, more radiant light.

As you now tread the path of
redemption you are a different

kind of hero now

and you feel the power welling
up within you and it is your


- I guess Ricky

looking at these skeletons,
can I make a check on them?

Like, can I tell if it's
like an enchantment or.

- Give me either a

religion or I guess you do
religion arcana or medicine

depending on what you're
trying to figure out about.

- I'm

wondering if it's like a charm
or frightening like, or a

charm or enchantment, so I guess I'll do,

can I do medicine?

- Oh, yeah do medicine for sure.

- Nat one.

- Um, uh, you got , these
bone dudes are scary

and mean, and they're
trying to hurt your friends.

- These guys aren't great well

and also, can I go if Ox is
moving movement is 60 can I make

him take a dash and go 120?

- You absolutely can and that

does not use your movement
Ox, though he is a sweet

dalmatian and Ricky is not
riding him in real life

functions as Ricky's paladin steed.

So when you are running
alongside your dog,

you possess a superhuman speed born of

your enthusiasm to keep
up with your canine pal.

- Friend there's nothing you
can say that will not make me

picture Ricky riding his
dalmatian like a horse.

- I agree very much agree.

- You gave it an honest effort but there's

just no way.

- Unfortunately Ricky here's
the issue you cannot move

through these enemy squares at the moment.

- Damn.

- At least because they're
fully blocking the subway car.

- Okay, well, I would love
to, saw the one in front of

Kingston is still alive?

- Mmmmh

- Okay ah, great great great.

Okay, Ricky and Ox will

try to move from here to here.

- Yeah, great.

- Okay, so just move us over here.

- Dope great.

You rush up oh, yeah you got skeletons in

front of you right now.

- Mmmmh.

You know, I don't feel great
about it I know literally what

I just said but.

- This is so funny.

- I know what you're saying
dude that skeletons are fucking

rad as hell and you think your
whole life that you're gonna

serve the Dark Lord when you
finally do you end up fighting

skeletons in your first fight
it's fucking bizarre, but we

have to do what we have to do.

- Cody I'm gonna put in the

work to get to know you.

Right now, I gotta be honest
that's not exactly where I'm

coming from.

I will just I'm just gonna cast a

gosh, I'm going to hit the
skeleton in front of me with a

punch it and see what happens.

- Hell yeah, go ahead and make

an unarmed attack go ahead and roll.

- And for that.

I only got an 11.

- Only got an 11 gotcha and you're

adding your strength
and proficiency right?

- To the hits?

- To the to the attacker roll,

you should be adding.

- Nine, right?

- Yeah, I think I believe you
should be adding plus nine.

- Okay, so that I rolled
it too so I 11 on the

first one.

I'll just roll one more attack.

- Go for it.

- Jesus Christ at 13.

- 13 hits.

- Okay, and so for how do I

calculate unarmed damage
again, is it just.

- Unarmed damage is

gonna be your strength
plus one, but you also

can smite here if you want to.

- Yeah I will okay, so I'm automatically

doing six damage I'll
just do a level one smite

and just sort of like.

- Level one smite is actually
3D8 because these

are undead.

- Yeah.

So go ahead and roll 3D8.

- Cool.

Jesus, only eight.

- So that's eight plus six is 14.

- Yes.

- These guys

have 13 hit points.

Um, here's the thing it's up to you.

I don't know that this is
necessarily even violent I think

this is Ricky just literally
laying a glowing hand on this

skeleton and it just goes to rest.

- Yeah, I see the skeleton

and like this is hey, buddy,
maybe just hang out somewhere

else maybe you take a break
from this. and I just touched

his forehead.

- The skeleton just sorts of leans

into your hand in that way
of like, dude, thank you for

offering the support and
perspective that I needed to make

the right choice and the bones
clatter down to the ground,

and the skeleton is
disanimated in front of you.

- See you later friend.

- What's Cody's reaction
to that as he sees it?

- Yeah, I think we might
be on different paths of


- Do you need to borrow a sword?

- Um, gosh.

- Cause I have a bunch.

- Swords are cool.

I think swords are cool,
but I also am feeling like

swords are not for me right now.

- Um Iga that is going to be your turn.

- Well, it seems to me like
everybody's got this sorted out

you know I don't Oh, gosh
okay, fine I will hit.

I will do an eldritch
blast right at this zombie.

Get this zombie out of the way.

- Hell yeah.

- That is a dirty 20.

For my first one.

- Dirty 20 hits.

- So that's four plus nine so
13 damage for the first one.

- 13 does not finish the job
but cleaves into this zombie

for sure.

- And then my second
eldritch blast is a nat one.

- Oh no.

- But you got 13 points
of damage you said?

- Yeah.

- What does Iga's
eldritch blast look like?

- Um, I think it looks fake.

Like it looks like maybe she's shooting

like a firework from her hand.

Like it's like a good magicians firework.

- Bottle rocket streaks out.

Incredible and we are back
to the top of the order.

That is Pete.

- All right, I

so we're not able to pass
through here it's too congested.

- It's too congested at the
moment if you have creative ways

of doing it teleporting other
modes of movement go for it.

I you know, it's not impossible,
but you can't just straight

walk through those enemies right now.

- Ah, okay.

Uh, okay, I

am going to cast fireball
using a burning a couple of

sorcery points to use careful spell.

- Hell yeah.

- So I can pick some

creatures to be safe from that.

- Hell yeah.

- So I'm just gonna cast fireball
kind of like do we see if

there any new skill I'll just
try to get all of these people

all of these guys these four.

- Dope as hell go ahead and roll

damage for fireball.

- All right, I'm gonna do let's see.

Oh, I guess I'll just keep
it at a at third okay.


- Sick sick that's cool, that's real cool.

- 44.

- I probably still say
like, hey, guys, look out

but I'm definitely casting
like careful spell so that like

when flames go up nobody gets hurt.

- Roiling dream fire.

Just swirls of green and
purple and blue flame

erupt from Pete's hand.

You're like in the mix as well

protected by your own careful spelling.

Yeah, Cody this is you're
seeing some wild shit here, man.

All three skeletons, the zom
and the remaining zombie are

incinerated gone.

- Hell yeah.

- Yeah after Pete's turn.

I don't know if you're done
yet, Pete sorry but could I use

Ox's movement to get up to the second car?

- Ah, ooh um, I'm gonna say
I'm gonna say you can on your

next turn Ox had to stop
his turn with you in the


But on your next turn, you'll
be able to tear off for sure.

That's Pete, Kingston that's you.

- Oh, I'm just gonna
move I mean that's all.

- Hell yeah go ahead and move your piece

You have 30 feet of movement.

- Let's see.

- Hell yeah and Kingston,
what are you doing?

- Great Kingston

is going to use the new

charge through the roiling
dream flames of Pete

and I'll take a full dash

into the next car, which I
think is just about 60 feet

for me to get to like right
here, and I think I'll slam over

I'll slam over one.

- Hell yeah dope.

- Oh, yeah, that's it that's

right about 60 See, I'll use
a dash action to get into

the second car and be within
eyesight of make eye contact

with Sofie.

- Hey Kingston what's up?

- Hey, this is.

- Yeah, oh, it's

ghosts they do like a lot of damage.

- Oh, great Oh, a new flavor great.

Everyone's coming we the last cars

done this one's the new business.

- Okay good good good.

- Cody that's you baby.

- Sweet Cody is gonna do a
full dash following Kingston

passes Pete

and goes nice job and the
last one all handled this


(All laughing)

- New riddle runs full speed
to get up to the ghost.

Does not run fast enough.

Super winded when he gets up
there fuck and that is gonna

use a bonus action to compelled
to duel on one of the ghosts

that is going after Sofie
and goes I am your opponent.

- Incredible what's, Is
that a wisdom save on that?

- That is a wisdom save.

- Hell yes.

- I am your opponent.

- Um, this

ghost fully believes you and
let me tell you exactly what it

does about it.

- Wow, thank you night Angel.

- Bows deeply, don't thank
me don't get used to it we're

only allies for now.

- Wait, is it night angel with a K? Or

with it just n.

- That's a really good question.

- That's super interesting,

because both are super
fucking cool you guys just

yelling through the car.

You guys can just call me whatever

cool shit you want.

- Hey, Cody.

- I'm gonna call you Cody.

- Yeah Cody seems to suit you pretty well.

- Okay, I'm gonna need Cody to give me a

Cody is fully the same
level as everyone else

I don't know why he sucks.

- Hey he doesn't suck he just doesn't have

an opportunity to shine.

- Did you ever think you'd be
playing a d&d character named


- Um okay, um, Cody,
here's what you see happen.

This goes that you did the compel duel.

Looks at you and goes, Oh,

look at him he's a satanist.

And leaps at you and attempts
to jump into your heart.

Give me a charisma saving.

- What?

- Wait a second when that if
that ghost ran away from me

wouldn't I get an
opportunity attack on him.

- You absolutely would go

ahead and give me an opportunity attack.

- As he went to jump into Cody's heart.

- Okay, I got a 17.

- 17.

- I literally because of my auras,

and because of having
proficiency in it because I'm a

paladin i have a plus 12 and
I just rolled a three so I

got a 15.

- Okay, Sofia, you hit on that roll?

- Yeah, so I

hit four um, I hit and this
is the ghosts that I already


- Yes.

- So I hit for 12 more damage.

- Oh, awesome okay.

And what do you get on your
saving throw, Cody, you

roundhouse kick bam! This
goes as it flies past you It

rushes towards Cody and what do you get?

- 15.

- 15 makes the save.

- Yes.

- Oh thank God.

- This ghost attempts to possess you.

- Can't possess me I have no heart.

- I'm also going to need

a wisdom saving throw from
Sofia, Cody and Kingston

wisdom throw from Sofia Cody and Kingston.

- Here we go.

- Anybody who's within is
anybody within 10 feet of me.

- Kingston is.

- I am.

- Kingston is you get
plus four to the roll.

- Hell yes, Cody.


- I got 5.

- 14.

- I got a 25.

- 14, 25 what'd Cody get ?

- Five.

- For real.

- Yeah, I'm not wise believe
me, that's my dump stat.

- Cody I'm gonna need you
to roll a one d four for me.

- Oh no.

- Is there anything I could do as.

- There is nothing you and
Sofia are fine you and Sofia.

- Two.

- Cody you age 20 years.

(All laughing)

- In the course of the fucking
day he made a deal with a bad devil,

tried magic for the first
time failed and aged 20 years.

- He's now a 40 year old man.

- He's a 46 year old hot topic manager.

- Oh my God.

- This doesn't even have to
do with the fact that he sold

his soul this is a separate
thing that happened.

You think that rad shit is
gonna happen but you find out

that magic and devils are real.

- We could do something about
that all right there's a

there's a magical thing that
we can do just keep going.

- Cool I feel tired.

(All laughing)

- I don't know if you're a paladin.

Can you be affected by the
frightened condition or no?

- Oh, interesting.

- Double check if you can.

- I think I can't I
will double check that.

- I'm immune to being frightened.

That's aura of courage.

- If Cody has aura of courage,
then he should be okay if he


- I don't know if he would though.

- You have aura of protection and

aura of hate oh no, you
do have more of courage.

While you are conscious you and
anything in 10 feet can't be


Okay, so you are not also
subjected to the frightened

condition as one of the ghosts
near Sofia just rends its

face with this elongates its
mouth and It's horrifying

jiggly jello moan

and you age.

Kingston and Sofia you

know you've fought undead
before so you know to like not

look directly at a ghost while
it's doing something like


- Don't give it any attention.

- How am I not supposed
to look at cool shit.

Oh I suddenly can't handle my diet of

just pizza hut oh.

- Also, Cody, you take another
10 points of necrotic damage.

- Cody is just barfing everywhere
because he had like four

monster energy drinks today.

He was like coming out of his 20s like

still having like a teenager's
diet that is just falling

apart right now.

- Kingston confirm for me, this
is some of the craziest shit

you've ever seen right?

- I've been doing this for
20 plus years this is the

wildest shit.

You missed the part where Pete
pushed a devil into his chest

that also happened to him today.

- That one was awesome
that one was awesome.

I'll sell my soul to
anybody who can fix me.

(All laughing)

- You hear, You hear Bazathrax
in your chest be like you

can't fucking trade dude,
he's not yours anymore.

- Then fix me you're the manager fix me.

When I was the manager and
something bad happened with an

employee I had to fix
it you have to fix this.

- Dude i don't know how, why
is your body so much less

comfortable now?

Everything's slow what's going on?

- I don't know.

- Maybe you can get out
of the contract because

the conditions changed.

Because now you're an older man.

- I just gave my soul freely forever.

- Bazathrax says tell her
there's not like too many clauses

in this contract there's not a lot.

- I can show you the contract.

- Please do I love paperwork now.

- Incredible, Sofia the attack
that just swiped across Cody

for 10 points of damage, you
duck and avoid just such an

attack from the ghost next to you.

Instead Sofia's turn.

- Okay, I think that do I have
this sense that um, do I have

the sense that it was the
sound of this ghost that this

ghost making this sound
is what made Cody age?

- Yes, you do sense that.

- Okay then I might cast I
think I'm going to cast silence

around me and these ghosts.

- oh so fucking cool.

- So that they can't try
to do that on anyone else.

- Yes.

- Ah, that's my action is there
anything I can do to try to

keep them in this?

It's a hold on I've never cast this before

because I just saw what happened
to Cody I don't want that

to happen to anyone else.

- Hell yeah.

- Um so that it's going to

be a 20 foot radius sphere.

- Um, dope um, so 20
radius sphere absolutely.

You have a bonus action left,
you can't flurry because you

haven't taken your attack action

but you do have hexblade curse,

you do have patient defense.

- I guess I will do patient
defense and well, I kind of want

to get hit again so I yeah, I'm
gonna hexblade curse is only

once a day, I think that I'm
going to sit tight, I'm going

to sit tight and try and be a
physical barrier so they can

try to so they can't run
out of this 20 foot radius

and I shout awake before
I cast it before I cast it

I say I'm gonna make things
real quiet around me so try

and shove these ghosts in here

and then we can have a
real quiet fight with them

and then I descend into a 20 foot radius.

- Sofia summons with her
ki a radiant moment,

a bubble of pure New Yorker solitude,

the ability for like a New Yorker

to like literally be in a
subway getting like smacked in

the head with someone's bag
repeatedly over and over again

and still just be like in
their mind thinking about their

day fills a 20 foot radius
around Sofia with pure silence.

As that happens, Ricky
that's going to be your turn.

- Gotcha.

- Um, and now you got Ox's full movement.

- Okay,

with Ox's movement could I carry somebody?

- I'll say yeah if you want to

you can carry somebody go for it.

- Excuse me, my new friend in
the back of the cart would you

like to go forward?
Could I offer you a ride?

- I would yes, please thank
you I'm just sitting back here

like what can I even do? I'm so slow.

- We'll figure it out ma'am.

Ricky and Ox are going to double back

and pick up Iga and Misha at
the at the back of the cart.

And that would be let's see.

- Like 15 feet to them.

- 15 feet to them and Ox is
dashing so that's he has 105


- Cool.

- So from back there going 105 from here.

- Yeah it would be.

- Yeah, come here and then you
guys won't be able to won't

be able to hear even if they scream.

- Oh, gotcha.

- Gotcha cool.

You can make it all the
way to Sofia with Iga

with no problem.

- Okay, cool i'll do that.

- So this is a little dragon
in a woman's hands in your

hands on top of your dog.

- Yes.

Rather, it's what everyone is
seeing is Ricky picks Iga up

and just bounce down
the subway with Ox going

(imitates dog barking)
bouncing off after him.

(talking over each other)

- Ah, the first ghost that you
go past takes a swing at Ox

misses by a mile.

- Okay.

I do a double take at Cody.

- We're pretty much the same, right?

- Were you this age the whole time?

Was this (indistinct)

- Who the fuck are you man?

- I'm gonna figure you out
i'm gonna figure you out.

- I look like the fucking
guys at Green Day man.

- Um and Ricky, you have you
have your full movement in

action in that second car.

- Okay, uh, Ricky is going to
step next to walk up to this

guy right here, can I stand right there?

- Yeah, you can jump up on
the seat it's no problem.

- Okay.

- You're fighting it's like
difficult terrain, but you have

plenty of movement to make it there.

- I'm gonna cast I don't have
protection from evil and good,

but I think I should so next
fight i'll figure that out.

I'll give Sofia a shield of faith.

- Thank you.

- Lovely and that's just a bonus action

so you have an action left.

- Oh, right I will.

God What am I gonna do?

- These are still undead so
you're you're like lay to rest

smites don't don't necessarily
they work pretty well on

these dudes.

- It's it's totally just Ricky
just like, it's like you're

watching someone do like an
escape room puzzle that's dumb.

And he like, he feels that he
shouldn't fight things, but

it's also trying to figure
out how to work around it so

yeah, I'll just try to
lay the rest smite the guy

in front of me.

- Go ahead and make an attack roll.

- Okay.

nat 20.

He's gotta be dead.

- Yeah, well, it's gonna
be your unarmed strike

does no damage to this ghost
but if you're doing a first

level smite, that's going
to be 6D8 damage to this.

- Oh, yeah.

6D8 alright, so six nine eight

so 23 damage to this guy.

- 23 damage hell yeah.

Yeah, you hit this ghost or
just you touch with your first

hand deal 23 points of
radiant damage to this ghost.

- I'm gonna say be at peace,
and touch it in the head.

- Um this ghost is still up,
but you do have another attack


- Um Oh,

yeah, I'll just attack it again.

- Cool.

- 18 to hit and I
will divine smite again.

- Hell yeah.

- And that's normally in three
d six, three d eight, right?

- Normally three d eight because
it's normally two d eight

for first level these are
undead so it's three d eight.

- Uh, nine really bad rolls over here.

- This ghost is still up as
you lay these like glowing


Just trying to like, not
even harm just like restrain

this ghost he's going don't
touch me oh my god we just

wanted to come and see the m&m store.

- It's not, it's just m&ms.

- We don't have those back in Dayton.

- I have to disagree I
just have to disagree.

You might not have a whole store but.

- Iga that's gonna be you.

- Can I do a perception check
to look through the little

windows here to see
what's in the next car?

- Yeah, make a perception check.

- Great well,

that's a four.

- You don't see shit.

- I don't see shit, okay.

Well, but I'm assuming that
there's bad stuff in there.

Is there a way that I can grab
Cody but be further than 10

feet away from Kingston?

To touch Cody while being
more than 10 feet away from


- Yeah.

- Um, no.

- Okay.

In which case, I'm going to say
to the one in front of Cody.

I'm gonna cast suggestion on
that ghost and I'm gonna say

you know, I'm sorry to interrupt
you i think I heard your

kids say that they were thinking
about moving to the city

to study performance art.

They said they loved it here and they also

want to lick the subway pole.


So maybe you should go deal

with that instead of these people.

- Hell yes this ghost just
rolled for its wisdom save

does a 15 pass your dc.

- My dc is 17.

- Yeah.

- Oh no.

The ghost right in front of
Cody is the one is the one your.

- It's the one that the one
that aged him 40 years 20 years.

- You see that ghost goes,
Jason, we talked about this you

were gonna go to a state
school and then come help with

the store.

Just goes to scream this
suggestion has fully worked

on it.

- Great.

- Incredible.

- So yeah on his next time I
would love for him to attack

that guy.

I don't think I have
anything that I can do

as a bonus action.

- Cool Pete that's you.

- Okay I would like to take a full dash.

- Hell yeah.

- So that is.

- 30 feet.

It's like right into the train car.

- 30 Oh, that's a dash.

- Well, that's a movement but
you can double that if you

want to yeah.

- I'm gonna do double it baby.

- Hell yeah, catching.

- Up here I think, can I go right past?

- Yeah, that guy already
used his attack of opportunity.

- Amazing and then I'm actually
going to use um, let's see

here quicken spell to use
a fifth level banishment,

so I can banish two people.

So I'm gonna banish the one
next to the one that Siobhan

just suggested and then the

one in front of me when I land here.

- Fuck yes awesome.

- The one that's not hurt, or though?

- Yeah, the one that
whatever one's not hurt.

- Oh my god very fucking cool
charisma saving throws dc 17.

Let's see what these ghosts
have got in the tank.

- What these ghosts got in the tank?

How much gas these ghosts got in the tank?

- A natural four and
natural two is not much.

Is this the ghost diagonally
from Sofia Or directly in

front of Sofia?

- I guess diagonally, right.

- Yeah so the two upper
ghosts in other words, not the

suggested one but the
ones closest to the wall.

Both of those ghosts vanish
in a blink you see them get

sucked straight into nod.

They are back in the sixth
burrow gone from the train.

You're still maintaining concentration on

banishment, though so careful
because if you take a lot

of damage, they might come back.

- Okay.

Do I just keep rolling for
wild magic is that still?

- Yes, absolutely.

You've been casting a couple
spots but I think yeah, give me

two rolls for these spells.

So roll number one for the for

the fireball and then
another one for this one.

- Okay,

it was a d 100.

- Oh not d 20.

- D 20 oh, of course.

It's a nine.

That's a six.

- Cool now now you're at one,
two and three give you a wild

magic surge.

Awesome Um, that's Pete
Kingston, that's you.

- Can I do a perception
check for two things.

One, what's in the next car and
two just the general sense I

have or around the like a meet
like this end that the train

is headed to?

What is the sense I
get around that and how

much time we have before that.

- You feel that you probably
have at most like three or four

rounds before you get the
end of the line, this express

train is rocketing, and the
end of the line it's going to

crash and kill everybody on
the real life train unless you

can stop the dream element of
it right from destroying that

give me a perception
check for the next car.

- That's gonna be 23.

- 23 and I'm going to keep
it on the waking world in the

next car you see a bunch of
people like peering and being

like, like really looking
like oh God, as there's a dude

hunkered down right near one
of the doors, who's got open

street food in his lap and
is just eating a full set of

wings and like dipping sauces
like balanced on his knee

and like touching the pole
with like grease on his hand

just like messily eating
and you can tell he opens some

kind of thing of soup that he's
like, he's having like soup

and wings at the same time
and you can it's like very

clearly homemade and pungent.

Just eat having a full like
multicourse dinner of like

balancing wet foods on the subway.

- Great I think I shout to
everyone else and I'm like, hey,

also a weird like map thing
that I'm trying to figure out.

Do we have to is that this
this car in front of our,

like tokens the final car,
or is this like a it's been

spread over three lines.

- It's been spread over three lines.

- Great.

I shout to everyone.

- We have a lot more to go.

- We have a lot more to go and
maybe not more than three or

four minutes to do it let's, let's go.

- Okay.

- I'm gonna go a full 60 dash into

this guy in front of me is
gone right he's been banished?

- Oh, the guy in front of you
is banished, the other one has

been suggested to leave
and won't take an attack of


One of them is going to
get a swing on you as an

attack of opportunity and miss.

- Great. Yeah, it's

60 feet for me to get into the
next car so that's what I'll

do I charge like down the
road, cut in and make it here.

- You charge into the next car
and the car with people being

like, Oh my God, why is
that guy eating so many like

complicated, wet foods, like
wings are the one of the --

like there's so many foods
that are gone once you're done

eating them and wings are nat one of them.

There's wings with the bone
and the bones are all left.

You go in and Nod bubbles up

and you're in a dark
forest and you see gazing

up where that guy eating the
wings was a massive werewolf

blood drenched eating like a human arm.

- Okay, all right yeah,
yeah, okay, we got this.

- Incredible Cody that's you baby.

- Oh man Cody is.

- Not baby, middle aged man.

- No longer 26.

- Cody is frazzled okay.

- Cody is 46.

- Cody is 47.

- 47.

- Okay,

so Cody is going to take is
now very sore body and he is

going to run a little slower
than before with exactly 30

feet of movement you
can get up to this spot.

- Cool.

- And he

has not shown himself yet
so he's gonna go all out

and he does whisper that to himself

that he's going to go
all that just this once.

He is going to bonus action
cast a thunderous smite.

- Hell yeah.

- So start talking with lightning

energy just please let me
fucking hits and then I'm going

to great weapon master to take
minus five so that just I can

fucking whale this thing of
just going like full fighting


Huge sword with lightning
swing down and hope that I.

- Alright, let me know what you roll.

- I want this for you so badly.

- I only have a plus three to
hit now simply what Cody would


- I want this so bad.

- nat 20.

(All cheering)

- Thank you God.

(Talking over each other)

- Oh my God that is so fucking.

- We were all like praying for you.

- I can't believe it.

- Okay, add up your thunderous smite

if you're doing a divine smite now.

- I'm also going to do a divine smite.

- Go for it.

- Okay, so I'll do first level divine

smite and then the thunderous
smite and then I get plus 10

for great weapon master. I truly can't
believe that worked

out for me.

- Incredible.

- And Sofia, just you
know you're on deck next,

because the urgency of these
trains are pushing the fight


- Yeah, I'm going to just
start speeding forward.

- Hell yeah.

- Done that had I known.

- And then first smites 6D8
because it's undead and I crit.

- Yes, absolutely.

- This is awesome.

- Hell yeah.

- Cody completely forgets that he's not 27

anymore and that he lost
20 years of his life.

- I rolled so many ones

- There's those Murph rolls.

- It's still gonna be a beautiful hit.

- You don't have great
weapon fighting do you?

- I do.

- Oh yeah you crit, you go again.
- You can reroll those ones.

- Yeah, hang on.

- Incredible.

- Oh, that's true if you
have great weapon mastery.

Oh you're probably using
a bonus action for smites.

- Yeah one sec okay.

- 67 dammage.

- My God Cody runs up.

Cody has a bad back is your
duster does not really fit

correctly but you just love
your shirt explodes in flame

along your new chest piece
you bring the buster sword

overhead in the roof of the
sub way will not allow this you

shear like scissors through
fabric through the roof of the

subway overhead nail the ghost
into the floor of the subway

such that there is an explosion
of fire and light the ghost

shreds into ectoplasm
disappearing into the now visible

wheels and undercarriage
through the hole you made in the

floor of the subway car.

In the distance.

- I understand now I had to
pay for 20 years of my life to

do something that sick it was ruthless.

- Honestly age looks good on you.

- Incredible.

- I still have another attack.

- Oh yeah.

- I can't see

anything else right?

- No.

- There's nothing in that forest cool.

- Oh, actually yeah, you

can see a werewolf under the tree.

- Sweet I'm gonna chuck at ninja
star just into the into the

other train.

- Give me an attack roll.

- That one is a 22 hit.

- 22 hits baby.

- That one is just seven damage.

- Um, it pings of your non
silver replica like like magazine

bought ninja star pings
off of the werewolf's hide.

Um, and, uh, Cody, you have
smoked a ghost into the bowels

of the subway and then hucked
one of your like machine

press ninja stars into
the next subway car.

Uh, Sofia, that is you.

- Okay, I just need to take
the temperature of the group.

It seems as though we need to
get to the front of the of the

train as quickly as we can
we are quite far from it.

I may leave you all to try to
get to the front of the train.

Does this sound okay?

- That sounds great that's a great idea.

- I would like to look through
into this i'm assuming that

since this is a forest
there's some dimness in here.

- Yes, absolutely.

- Okay, so I'm going to step
of the wind 60 feet into here.

So I go to that spot and then
I'm going to do a full dash


- Hell yeah.

- And go 90 more feet.

- Incredible.

Um werewolf is going to get
an attack opportunity on you.

- I have, what is shield of faith?

- It gives you a plus two.

- Plus two ac.

- Okay, so I'm 21 ac right now.

- That is a miss from the
werewolf, you can continue to move

through the car.

- Okay, so now I'm going to
go 28 feet to the next car.

- And now you're actually in
that second car in the second


- Okay.

- So we'll go ahead and
move you there and I'll

describe what you see as you
enter that car and I think you

make it part of the way into that one.

- Oh, I see.

So that the one with the
tree is the same one with

the tree right there.

- Yeah, the one with the
tree is the werewolf one.

How much more movement do
you have when you exit the

werewolf car?

- When I, so I used 28
movement when I got in there so

90 minus 28 so.

- You have like 60 feet of movement left?

- Yeah.

- Incredible.

You make it all the way to
that next car you can probably

get through that car if you need to.

- Yeah I will.

- You walk into a car that as you see the

waking world version of it you
see that there is a this is a

an emotional turmoil car, there
is a loud couple breaking up

publicly in the corner of the subway.

Just sort of weeping and talking to

each other about how things fell apart.

There is another guy

sitting in a subway car just
pointedly trying to befriend

someone reading with headphones.

(All laughing)

- This car is so funny and I
really want to stay but I gotta

fucking get to the next one.

Take all the opportunity attacks.

- Amazing that people turn into
to kind of like modern day,

modern day vampires into like
a lustfull millennial vampire

relationship and the dude
trying to befriend a stranger

becomes Dracula as you
rush through here, amazing.

They're gonna take some swings at you.

You're ac is 21.

- 21 sorry.

- 21.

Okay, one of them I
believe is going to hit.

- Shield.

- Huh?


Hold on one second.

- 27 ac.

- 27 ac.

- Sorry 26.

- 26 yeah, doesn't get
the job done to hit to hit


You Sprint through there that is Sofia's.

Do you have any movement left?

That's Sofia turn.

- Yeah yeah, I still have 60.

- Oh Jesus.

- Cause I used 28 to get into this one

and now I can use my 62 left
to get into this next one.

- Go ahead get into the next car my God.

- I mean, you know,
Kingston says it's important

I gotta believe him..

- Hey, you guys see Sofia in
her magical louis vuittons


just like full on Sofia
gets halfway down the car

and then just horizontal flying side kicks

through both doors into the next car.

- (Indistinct)just looks really funny.

- It's a headless horseman.

You got the next one.

Sofia you

see the waking world
bubbling away in this one.

There is a dude who it is
perfect weather outside.

It is not raining

and a dude Uh, and this car
is this this train line is not

crossing any rivers where it is right now.

And some dude has brought
his enormous bicycle on the


Has it positioned blocking off
a number of seats from where

people could sit down if they wanted to

and it erupts into a

colonial haunted tavern where
the Headless Horseman with a

flaming pumpkin in his
hand gazes down at you.

I believe now Sofia is
out of movement yes?

- Now I'm out of movement yep,

I've used every single thing I can do.

- Amazing now that werewolf
is going to bound towards

Kingston does so.

Let's see here it's going to hit with its

bite attack Kingston
takes six points of damage

and I am going to need a constitution.

- Before you do that could I
channel divinity and use rebuke

the violent and it's within 30 feet.

- Yes you can do that, what does that do?

- Force the attacker
to make a wisdom save.

- Okay, rolls a natural three

Ricky rebuke the violent works.

- Okay, wait, sorry, I may
have actually read this wrong.

On the failure the attacker
takes radiant damage

equal to the damage just dealt.

Okay, so it also hits him.

- Gotcha.

Yeah still hits him but takes
six points of radiant damage.

What does Ricky say as
this thing hits him?

- Please stop reconsider, friend.

- Ricky No, I finally understand it.

We are vampires and these
are our natural enemies.

- That's also underworld.

- Have you ever seen underworld.

- No, I've seen underworld, I have.

- Wait, the underworld they all
kind of end up getting along

and there's bad guys in
the, this is all it's been a

confusing day.

- Yeah.

- Kingston I'm

gonna need a constitution
saving threat from you.

- Great if I

fail do I become a werewolf?

- Yes, you do.

- Oh my God.

- Is it really that simple?

- It's truly that simple.

- Okay, that is 18 plus seven.

- You're you know Kingston
got his lycanthropy


He stays up to date on those.

- I stay up to date but I can
take that six, that six is


- Incredible that is the werewolf's turn.

Sofia I'mma need a dexterity saving throw.

- Dexterity saving throw okay,

- Dc 15.

- Okay.


It's gonna be at 25.

- Instead of taking an
enormous amount of fire damage,

as the Headless Horseman

you barrel roll olympic gymnast twirl

in the air spread out on
the ceiling as this pumpkin

head explodes on the ground
underneath you taking zero


- Because of my monk evasion.

- Incredible this, the
Headless Horseman charges

attacks and you're still under the effect

of your shield spell.

- Yep so it's still 26.

- Misses twice.

(All cheering)

- You're killing it.

- Your like holding on to the bars as

the train is going 90 miles
an hour and just blocking this

like hessian colonial era
saber and the horse moves with

your feet.

- I think I need to try to sue
the ego of this creature that

just missed so much on me.

I say just so you know
I think my personal life

just took a serious nosedive last night.

I may have seen my

husband for the last time so I
may be thriving in my career,

you know, but.

- You see,

the Horseman of the Headless
Horseman appears to hate to the

degree of empathy and grace
you are extending to him.

- So you know.

- Incredible, Ricky,
that's gonna be your turn.

- Oh, can I say can I
turn to Ricky and Iga

and say can you guys hold
your turns for after mine

because I have something
that can definitely help you.

- Yes, I can move pretty far
but and kinda want to help

Kingston out is there.

- I think it goes you Iga me right.

So could you hold

then it would be your turns again.

- You actually could you guys
can organize your turns kind

of however you want.

You could even use movement to like, get

into the next car if you wanted
to and all in all sort of

be together there but yeah,
Ricky Iga and Pete can

all coordinate cause you
all kind of have the same


- I think my only thing was
without planning too much is

like, I want to be able to
cast something near Kingston

before I leave the area.

- Yeah totally.

Oh, yeah. I'm gonna send you anywhere.

- Okay cool yeah, I'll wait for you.

- Awesome.

- Yeah.

- Cool. I just dropped
down and I I'm petting

Wait, what's sorry, what's
your dog's name again?

- Ox.

- Ox, right.

I kneel down and I'm like,
who's the good boy and I pet Ox

and I cast haste on Ox.

So his movement is doubled.

- Incredible I'm gonna
let you know that will

break concentration on banishment,
which means those ghosts

will come back if you cast haste.

- And I don't have anything
that can hold a second

concentration right that's fantasy high.

- Yes.

- Okay.


I think that's fine we can
just start running from

the I mean, if you have
that much movement,

I doubt they could find us.

- Hell Yeah, go for it.

Um dope how many people
are you casting haste on?

- I think I can only
cast it on one with this.

- Yeah.

- So I'm just gonna cast it on Ox

and then I'm gonna take a I'm
gonna dash up to Kingston.

- Hell yeah.

- And that's my turn thanks
for letting me go first.

- Ricky that's going to be you.

- 0kay with from here.

- Now ox has his speed doubled
to 120 and gets an extra

movement every turn.

- Hell yes I'm going to
use calm emotions on the


So each humanoid in a 20
foot radius must make a

charisma saving throw.

- Sorry, just a heads
up calm emotions is also


So you will break shield
of faith on Sofia.

- I think that's worth it right now.

I'm gonna break the concentration on that

and use it to make a target

indifferent about creatures
of your choice that it is

hostile towards.

That would end if people
attacked it or any

of its allies near it, but
we just like to make it

indifferent to our party.

- A natural five on the saving
throw from this werewolf.

What does Ricky say as he
approaches the werewolf?

- My sweet pup listen, you
just chill here we'll get all

this sorted out and then you
know you can go play outside

or something how does that sound?

- Ah, you see, it looks at you.

In your serene chillness and Ox comes up

and licks the werewolf
on the end of its nose.

And you see that there is a
tree root which you recognize is

one of the like side
benches of the subway car

and the werewolf just goes over

and plops itself down
to take a seat having

been understood and reached
out to with empathy and


- And then can Ox grab me and
God I keep forgetting because

I keep wanting to call Siobhan's
character Anastasia but I


(Talking over each other.)

- Anastasia please,

can I get Ox to carry as both
as far as we can go forward.

- You could have cast
that spell kind of as Ox

was carrying you carrying us through.

So you're you have your full movement.

So Ox right now has a speed
of 120 and if he uses his

action to dash can go a full
distance of 360 this turn.

- Fuck it let's do it

- Let me measure i'll measure this.

So to he end of the
werewolf car that's 90.

Then, um 120 for the next two cars.

So 90 plus 120 is 210.

- I will get out next to the
Headless Horseman but have Ox

carry, carry Anastasia all
the way to the end of the car?

- Hell yes great, go ahead
and move your pieces so Iga

and Anastasia it's 210.

Actually at the end of the Headless

Horseman's cart Ox still
has 150 movement left.

- 150 i mean,

he shouldn't just go in
there because he'll just

get rocked, right?

- Yes and you guys are with him as well.

- Okay, three more cars to get through.

- Uh, you know what, maybe,

maybe we'll just keep going.

I'll stay with Ox and
go as far as possible.

- Cool you 150 you see a car and we'll

actually move down to the
first car of the third line.

So you move in there

and see a number of passengers with truly

outlandishly enormous
backpacks just leaving them on

both straps turning around fast
to like, talk to each other

and look at Subway maps with
no regard for the swinging of

their enormous backpacks
and you, not putting them at

their feet in between their
feet too leave the most

space for other passengers
and nod bubbles up

and you see the backpacks turn into

monstrous abdomens of giant spiders

in a place filled with spider webs.

You still again have 100 at this point

140 feet of movement left.

- Are the spider webs
and and kind of terrain.

- The spider webs are difficult terrain.

So it cost double movement here.

From where you are 150 is still 75,

you could get into the next
car you would just get attacks

from these spiders.

- Shit I mean, I haven't been hit yet.

- Do it.

- You know what?

I'll go for it.

We got to get through.

- Hell yeah.

Ricky's ac right now is 20 correct?

- It's 21 actually,

I changed my fighting style

just because I don't have a weapon.

- Makes sense to me, incredible.

21 Oh wow that is two

hits and a crit on Ricky.

- All right.

- I'm gonna need three
constitution savings throws.

- Okay.

Let's see how this goes first one.

- Can I have Misha give
him the help action?

- Sure that'll only give
him advantage on one.

- Okay.

- Yes.

- The first one which was a two so great.

That is, okay I got a nat one,

Can I use my lucky feet?

- Yes, you can.

- Okay.

- I forgot I have lucky

- I got 14, do I add my
plus four to my saves?

- Yes you do.

- Or are they added.

I think they might already be added right?

- I think it's probably
already yes it's already added.

- Damn okay, so that was only a 14.

- 14 passes.

- Okay cool. I need two more.

- Two more.

- Another 14.

- Cool.

- Or 16 actually then.

Okay now that's like a 17 plus six.

- You do take 27 points of damage.

- Okay.

- And you take and then

you take 11 and eight you take
another 19 poison damage from

the spiders as you race through here.

- If I'm immune to disease
does that affect anything?

- Does not affect poison in this instance.

- Okay.

- Hell yes but

you can move another 75 feet
through here so you get into

the next subway car.

In the next car, you see that there is

a sort of well to do Upper
East Side woman who has

monopolized three seats around
her in every direction with

her various shopping bags and
personal items, taking up the

seats around her and you
see she looks up and says,

Oh, I'm so sorry that
I've bothered you sonny.

A witch's cauldron explodes
out of dream realm.

A witch with her cauldrons

and herbs and various bags of newts

and toads taking up all of
this public seating space.

- Like in halloween.

- This is this is where
Ox end his movement.

Iga and Ricky,

Ricky you use an action to
cast a spell but Iga you have

your full turn as you
enter this new chamber.

- Okay,

can I use thunder step to
bring the animals or like just

bring Ricky?

- It depends on if spells
that affect Ricky also I think

thunder step is only one other
person but if the spell also

affects both of them.

- I mean.

- You can make any spell that

targets only you also target
your speed you can move all

three of you with thunder step.

- Fantastic.

Ah then I will.

- Does your little Drake get left behind.

- Yeah Misha comes in my bag.

- Misha comes in the bag exactly, yes yes.

- Misha comes in the bag.

- I grab on to Ricky a little
too tight and I say let me

repay the favor and I cause thunder step

to take us 90 feet down the next car.

- Incredible look at that, you
guys this was a very specific

gimmick to this fight which
was limited time and a long way

to go.

Incredible you rush forward,
you Ox Pete literally

like reaches out touches ox
and just like shortens ox's

relationship to space in like
quantum relationship is like

your dream physics of like,
yeah, you know how in a dream

like you go to like you go to
your dad's house and you walk

out your door and then you're
just like in your dad, just

woo, you're suddenly boom somewhere else.

The final car,

you see the flapping door of
the mta conductor themselves

cackling over the intercom
with the most fiendish anti

populi subway corruption of all.

You see a man well over six feet tall,

sitting in a five seat stretch of seats,

his knees pulled apart,
exposing his crotch out to the

middle of the subway car,
literally blocking off five seats

with the fearsome spread
of his mighty legs.

Man spreading from pole to
pole, and the dream erupts

and you see the wide knees of

Frankenstein's monster as Dr.
Frankenstein cackles from the

front of the car coming
up on the end of the line.

Iga you've used thunder

step I believe that's a
that's a bonus action right?

- No it's an action.

- Action cool any bonus
actions from you or

are you all good?

- I have no bonus actions to do I am good.

- Incredible that goes from Iga.

I didn't roll concentration
I just realized for the.

- Go ahead and give me
three concentration checks.

- Okay.

Um, what do I have to beat? Sorry.

- I'm gonna say for these
you're just trying to beat a 10.

- Okay I beat out on
the first one got a 15,

18 on the die on the second one.

- Cool.

- Another 13.

- Amazing.

Um, those spiders are going
to take double moves to

move 60 into the witch's car.

The witch is going to cackle speed of 40.

That's so scary,

she's going to move eighty.

Well she definitely can.

She's going to come straight for Iga.

Iga what is your armor class?

- 13.

- Okay, that's going
to be hits all around.

- What kind of damage? If it's
bludgeoning I'm resistant?

- This is piercing and
slashing, unfortunately.

- What's hitting her?
Is it just the witch?

- The witch is gonna run up

and shred her to pieces with her claws.

- Oh no.

- What?

- Witches have claws
people this is normal.

- Witches have claws.

- Look at you look at me,
you think we're different?

Do you think you're better than me?

- 13, 15, 21, 21

Iga takes 55 points of damage as the witch

runs up and sinks her
claws into your back.

- Is Iga down?

- No, I'm at 32.

- Iga is tough.

- This is a new turn right?

- New turn, yeah.

- Yeah, are you Well, God,
witches are probably going to

have wisdom right?

I'm going to use channel divinity again

to rebuke the violet which
means that they have to

pass a dc 16 saving throw

or they take all that damage or half.

- Oh my God, I'm gonna roll
this I think this is going to be

our digital version of box of
doom because first attack was

a crit and it dealt 36 points
of damage in that first


Ricky's dc for this is I believe 15 right?

- It's 16 now.

- 16 and it's wisdom for her.

She only gets a plus two.

So you said six she needs a roll of 14 or

higher here comes here comes the box of


- Is it on the roll 20?

- On the roll 20, 14 or higher.

Let's see if she gets it.

(All cheering)

- That was honestly great,

- Ricky, you turn around this
which sinks her talons into

Iga's back what does Ricky say to her?

- Excuse me we don't know
you and it's inappropriate.

- As Ricky says it's inappropriate
I'm going to choose on a

natural one to have this deal
double damage, which is going

to be 72 points of damage.

She looks and says, looks to you

as you say it's inappropriate and says

I'm so sorry

I didn't I didn't mean to
cause offense I just simply

thought I'll see myself out.

- You probably should yeah.

- Rain of light, the witch is
destroyed in this single act of

rebuking the violent, she is gone.

- Incredible.

- You just shouldn't touch
people you don't know.

- That's what I said,
except I broke a man's wrist

to say that I agree.

- Truly that simple amazing.

Back at the top Pete that's you baby.

- They held for me right?

- Yes, that's right.

So Kingston, that's going to be you now.

- I look over at Pete, hey
Pete you got any more magic

that's gonna get us up to
the front anytime soon.

- I don't, I went through all of my stuff.

- Alright Uh, well, I guess we're stuck.

- We'll just freak out
and just kill ghosts.

- I mean, I don't think
you should be messing

around with ghosts anymore
Cody but yeah, it feels like.

- Kingston you do see
that Cody is the caboose

and is stuck in

the room where the two
ghosts just came back.

- This is this is my fight Kingston.

- Cody I think we got to run right.

- Yeah, we should be moving
forward Cody all right.

- Cody do you have anything
that's gonna get us really far?

- Yes.

- Oh shit.

- I'm gonna really slash these ghosts.


- Why do I listen?

- I'm gonna go all out.

- What are you at?

- What am I,

Cody's fine Cody's at like 71.

- Okay, in that case,

Kingston is just gonna
be like well, I mean,

let's see if we can just
make sure we don't get into

too much trouble.

I'm gonna step up to like here and I'm

gonna cast lightning bolt at
a fifth level into the next


Hitting the vampire and
the two break up people

and start stopping just short of Sofia.

- Oh my god what is the
range on lightning bolts?

- 100 feet.

- Oh my god um a incredible.

- That's gonna be so

cool to see the very end of a
lightning bolt right in front

of my face.

- Kingston go ahead and roll
damage for a fifth level

lightning bolts.

- Okay, that's 10 d six.

Yeah, I take my pirate
like handkerchief off

that I've been wearing and
like, flip up my eye patch.

Okay, here we go.

This is five okay.

(Upbeat music)

Only 35.

- You hit every single one of
them for 35 points of damage.

Kingston, you just sort of
stride now at this point because

you're taking an action every
turn you're not even running.

You're just like, sort of, you
know, like walking safely up.

You hold your hand out the
city heeds your command and you

hear from the utilities of
the city itself you got it

Kingston and watch the third
rail of the subway outside just

spill Lightning through the
cracks of the doors into your

hand until you are once again
holding a lightning bolt like


It is a you're holding like a 40 foot long

lightning bolt in your hand
and as you hurl it forward,

each of those vampires takes
35 full points of damage,

shrieks and drops to their
knees, and fully begin to turn

into ash in front of you.

Completely unmade by that lightning bolt.

- As the smoke dissipates
from their bodies

it reveals Sofia at the
very end with a thumbs up.

- It's good right it's not bad.

- Really good stuff Kingston.

Your aim is incredible.

- I don't think we're gonna
make it Cody's gonna omnislash

the ghost, I don't know what that is.

- I like Cody he's growing on me I think.

- Honestly,

he's getting better
with age if you ask me.

- Yeah right.

- Incredible speaking of which,
Cody it is your turn after

Kingston fries these vampires.

- Cody gives a knowing nod to
Kingston like this is all part

of the plan and then he
drags his giant sword

gears of war style so that

sparks come up as he runs
across and he runs backwards

to the ghosts.

- Oh Cody.

- I'm just worried now that he's 47

all of the cultural references are

gonna be so different than
people who are not his peers.

- Truly they are all out of game

they are all references that
I remember from high school

and they are.

- It's so sad that he's
a 47 year old man running

like an anime character.

47 year old white man.

- Okay, so he'll take his
so there's one ghost that

has been suggested right? Or is that.

- Yeah correct.

- Okay, so

I'm gonna go after the one
that has not gotten to do


- The suggested one actually
left fully left the subway

car so.

- okay, so there is just one.

- So yeah, this ghost right here

the lower most ghost is gone.

And then this other one in
front of you is back from


- Great I will just go after this one.

First things first,

thunderous smite as a bonus
action to charge up my sword.

Omnislash and i go all out.

That's the 17.

- Hits 17 hits.

- This is like a kid playing in his room.

- Okay, so I've got

thunderous smite and then I'm
also going to divine smite at

a third level.

So that's going to be five d
eight, cause third level would

be four and it's a undead.

- Hell yes because these are
segmented now I'm gonna let you

resolve the amount of damage
you do to that ghost and also

move on to Sofia's turn so
you roll that damage Sofia.

So here's what I want to do I
need to I want to avoid going

in this room with difficult terrain.

- Cool.

- So what I want to

do is I want to do a pull
up and then do step of

the wind as a dash action
and run on the top of these.

- Yes, yes yes yes yes.

- Yes yes.

- For 180 should get me to the end.

- Oh my fucking God.

- So sick

- 1.000.000% Sofia, go ahead

and move yourself as far as you.

Yeah the Headless Horseman
is gonna take a swing at you

does not hit as one of the hooves lash out

and you put us up into the roof

and 90 mile an hour car
you running atop a moving


Sprint 180 feet.

- Yeah, so with 180 feet I
should plot myself right down in

the mix here.

- And I did 48, 48 damage.

- 48 you annihilate this ghost dude.

- But no one's there to see.

- We watch we watch,
come on Pete we watch.

- Does anyone see that?

- I want to see what an omnislash is.

- You guys Kingston, Pete fuck.

- God I hope that Kingston
isn't dead, that old guy.

- I use my second attack
the punch of window.

- I will say there is still a
there's one ghost left in the

in the car that came back
from Pete's other banishment.

So you have two two attacks
so you nailed so there's

one other ghosts left you
could take your other attack if

you want.

- Yeah, definitely.

Um, I can't keep track of how far I went.

Can I get back to that guy?

- Yes, because remember, the cells are

only three points five you're
only 15 feet away from that

ghost yeah.

- So I'm just going to run back

and freak out again.

I'm going to go, I'm using
literally using all my spell slots.

- Incredible.

- I'm going to oh wait no, I
already used a bonus action

so I just have to do a regular attack.

- Cool.

- Do I want a great weapon fighting?

No, that's.

- Because regular damage

doesn't hurt ghosts right?

- I think it does like half
or something i don't know.

- Oh okay yeah.

- Boy Should I great weapon
fighting yeah, maybe not.

Okay, just regular attack, good

thing I didn't.

Only 14.

- 14 hits.

- Nice okay then I will do

another third level smite
use my last spell slots.

- Hell yes.

As your rolling that Sofia rushes forward.

The werewolf is now sitting
politely because it was

chastised by Ricky, Sofia
before you leap down.

You see ahead of you.

For everyone that's in that
subway car you hear the mad

scientist at the front
whisper to Frankenstein's

monster and say I've got
these ones the roof monster in

the middle of that table, Sofia
you see an eruption on the

roof blasting through the
metal Frankenstein's monster

punches through the roof to
meet you on the roof of the

moving subway and is going to charge you.

- I get low.

- Hell yes.

- Oh, this battle was as
cool as I wanted it to be.

- 38 damage by the way 38 damage.

- You obliterate, I'm sorry
no 38 this was this one was


There's still a ghost in front
of Cody all the way back in

the second car.

It's so close to death
it's so close to death.

- Oh Cody.

- Yes, and actually right
after Cody's turn this ghost is

going to go I hate to do it to
you Cody I'm going to need a

wisdom saving throw.

- Fuck off you, are you gonna
make Cody a 60 year old man.

- Wait isn't there still silence
there though there's still

silence so if it's about, does that I

haven't taken any more damage
to do a concentration roll

and I think it just
stays in that location.

- Stand on point due to the range.

Yes, that is true.

There's still silence there,
Cody would you What would you

have rolled Cody.

- Oh I would have passed I think.

Yeah 21, 21.

- Okay the ghost tries
to scream and cannot.

It is surrounded by silence.

Werewolf , we go all the way
down to Frankenstein's monster.

It's gonna make to slam attacks
on Sofia who's back at 21


Sofia that lumbering
Frankenstein's monster with bolts

in the neck greenskin this

giant long leg still still bow
legged and man spreading even

up here on the roof takes
two wild swings that you

effortlessly dodge and block.

- I'm actually not I'm not at
21 I'm at 19 because Ricky did

something else so shield of faith is gone.

- Copy that okay even with
that role, the natural five

and two missing Sofia by a mile.

You are exchanging

punches with Frankenstein's
monster on the on the roof of a

barreling a train headed uptown.


- Whaat?

- Haa!.

With all the vampires gone
you get charged by the

Headless Horseman who
summons another pumpkinhead.

I'm gonna need dexterity

saving throws from Pete and Kingston.

- Ooh.

- Okay happy to do it.

- Hey 21.

- That's a mod 20.

- Each of you only takes half
damage from this hold on one


- To be clear if the werewolf
sees people fighting in front

of it, it will come out of indifference.

- Gotcha Copy that.

Oh, this guy rolled so
bad, four, six, five is 11

6, 7 you take 17 halved to

eight points of fire damage
from this exploding pumpkin head

and then Kingston is going
to take two hoof attacks.

One of which hits Kingston
for another five points of


Come on Headless Horseman.

The Headless horseman you
see it charging across

over the the ashy corpses that
are splitting in the wind of

the vampires you thunder with
your lightning bolt, rides you


How's Kingston looking
after this fearsome charge

from the Headless Horseman?

- 61 Kingston.

- Yeah.

- Kingston's got, there's
like a there's a new kid on

the block and this has got to
prove himself, you know, he's

not out here he wants Cody
to think he's cool, you know.

I'm the vox populi damn it.

- We are, we are contemporaries

we're pretty much the same age.

- Now.

- Amazing that is going to
be Ricky that is your turn.

- Okay, so we are in that car.

- Yes, you're in the front
car and the witch has been

destroyed you can hear spiders
chasing you from back behind

you but all that's left in
this car is the mad scientist

at the front of the car.

- Okay, it may not work out but
I'm going to send Ox back as

far as he can to try to
grab somebody and bring them


- Ox can go do whatever
you want to do but those

spiders are filling up that
car and so Ox will get some

attacks of opportunity.

- Yeah,

he's pretty weak I guess, can
I bring Anastasia and myself

closer to the mad scientist.

- Yeah absolutely.

- With Ox.

- I actually am fine where I am.

- Okay cool.

Then I will use Ox's movement
to get to the mad scientist.

- Hell yeah cool.

You charge the mad
scientist, what doess Ricky

do with his action as he as
he also with the haste Ox can

make attacks here as well?

- Oh, right.

Okay I will say I guess Ricky
just wants to just first just

chat with the mad scientist for a second.

Hey, man, what's going
on? What is this about?

- No room no room the end
of the line is coming.

There's nothing left, tides
coming in deep deep down

and it's time for everything that was.

And you see his eyes
flicker and say to go away.

Death to you all.

And it looks like he's about to do some

messed up magic stuff.

- Okay, I'm you know,
it's not Ricky's favorite.

Ricky is just gonna take a
regular you know what actually,

um, Ricky is going to let Ox attack

because he has pack tactics.

- That's correct so he has advantage.

- And so and he has two attacks right now.

Because he has haste.

- Oh, he does that's right.

Yes yes yes.

- Okay, so um 19 though

19 Plus, let me see.

- Ah, dude 19 hits also
I'll point something out.

This mad scientist has bottles
and beakers all over this


You think that if you
can prevent this dude

from in other words using
sommatic components.

I'll be clear this is a spell

caster enemy if you can
grapple and pin this dude

because ox just got that 19
you may be able to prevent this

different casting spells on his next turn.

- Gotcha, if I can grapple him, okay.

- Basically yeah.

- Um so on it okay,

that's only on a charge that it can do it

dc 14 saving throw or
you'd be knock prone.

- I'll let you do, Ox just
charged because he charged with


- Oh yeah he did okay let's do that.

- This is important.

This guy has nothing to strength

needs through a 14 or higher.

This is huge you you have
reached the the the the conductor

of the train the Dr. Frankenstein.

- Ox can you push him
down on the ground please?

- 10 Ox successfully pushes the
mad scientist to the ground.

Knocks him to the ground.

You will, let me see if Ox
has anything left any other


So Ox has used his charge and then

the hits with his tag.

So here is his attack he can either

do damage or try to make an
athletics to grapple himself if

you want to roll athletics.

- Picturing just dalmatian
arms, putting someone in a


- Yeah, if you want to roll
athletics for Ox to try.

- Hell yeah.

- You would have to finish the pin

because Ox doesn't have
enough attacks to do it in one

round but he can start
it for you basically.

- Okay yeah, sure.

I'll do that.

So it's like he has plus four
to strength so that's the.

- Yeah that's what you're adding.

- nat one.

- Oh brutal.

Okay, let's see this dude rolls a nat one.

16 he makes it.

Now Ricky has advantage on
anything you wanna do this round.

- Gotcha.

Okay I'm going to, can I make
a check to see if I can see

what's going on with the control
panels to slow things down.

- Give me a raw intelligence
check, I'm going to say that

this is a dc 20 intelligence check.

- Interesting, interesting.

nat 20, nat 20.

(All cheering)

- No fucking way.

- You've got to be fucking kidding me.

- You got to turn off
your background thing.

(talking over each other)

- I literally want to turn
off your fucking like virtual


Oh my fucking God,

oh my fucking God.


you look at the conductors panel.

By the way what could Ricky
have made that roll on?

- A nat 20.


- I have 10 intelligence.

- Ricky you look at the most
complicated series of dials,

knobs, beakers lightning
of everything like that.

This is the kind of thing that
would normally give Ricky a


Not like, Ricky would not panic
over this but you would just

be completely over your head
not knowing what it was.

But here's the deal man,

there's nothing your care
more about than safety.

And you took an elective course
as a young fire fighter just

in case you were ever
on a run away subway.

As Ox pins this mad
scientist to the ground.

Ricky you know the sequence
code and there's a ki in the

ignition to open a secret panel
which pulls the lever that

instantly master overrides
every emergency brake in every

single car on the train.

- Okay I'm gonna step
over the mad scientist

and just be like sorry
buddy but time to slow down.

(all laughing)

And do that.

- Absolutely astounding.

As the train slows Cody facing
that last ghost you watch the

ghost fade back into just a regular person

and suddenly everyone kinda
looks up and notices you just

holding a sword on the subway.

- Kingston and Pete you
are looking at a dude,

he's kinda sweating and breathing.

Who is looking at you like,
he's like holding a bike

and he's like in a
different car than he was

looking kinda confused and upset.

Sofia as your trading blows
with Frankenstein's monster

suddenly you're on the roof
of a slowing subway with a

regular guy who screams and
falls to the ground fully


Looking around.

- It's okay I'll hold
your hand through this.

- Iga you look see the
cars spread out behind you

the woman right behind you
that was moments ago a witch

and Ricky in the front
compartment saves the train.

Everyone now back in the waking
world all of that strange

dream stuff fades away as the
train pulls into the second to

last station.

You have saved the day, defeated
the run away halloween car

and a group of passengers looking around.

Ricky you see that the little
pa comes on as the sort of

normal looking conductor
looks up from the ground as Ox

licks his face.

The pa system is open in front
of you and you see that a

bunch of confused people start
like yelling and shouting

around here.

- I take the intercom
and talk to the train.

Be calm everyone turns
out someone threw up

and that's what happened.

- It was me, I threw up, it was me.

- She threw up and that's
the explanation I got.

Hope everyone has a safe halloween,

don't eat any candy that
has little openings on it.

Stay safe out there.

- The entire train looks
around and someone in a little

Dracula came in, someone else
is dressed like a bumblebee

and someone who's some political reference

and someone else who's some
other thing (clapping).

Train erupts into applause.

The doors open, all of you from
various places of the train

walk up on to the platform
and all observe each other

as something magical seeps
back into the ground.

- Can we do like an insight check to try

to catch some info about that?

- Yeah give me an arcana
or an insight check.

- Yeah 28.

- 28 Pete.

- I got much less than that.

- You see umbral arcana which
you have only ever known as

something manufacture by
the Grammarcy Occult society.

But you see it in your
sort of dream vision

in a like a raw unprocessed form

and it looks like it is ebbing away,

and when I say ebbing

away I'm choosing my words careful here.

You guys successfully defeated this rotten

like anti New York sentiment
halloween cursed subway.

And as you congregate, Pete your
looking down like in between

the train and the track underneath it.

And when I say it's ebbing
away it's almost like you're

seeing a tide going out.

As though it's going out now
but tides don't just go out


- Yeah, we beat back the tide
but the ocean is still there.

- Fighting an ocean, how?

- So Pete you're looking
at that, it does look.

There's something here within
this that seemed like an

element of Nod escaping but
every time you've seen Nod enter

the waking world it was a violent
act or an act of desire to

be in the waking world.

Like the whole thing Nod
talked about before that,

dreams wanna be real.

This is the first time you've
seen dreams enter the waking

world and the vibe you get is wrong man.

It doesn't feel like this
dream came here because they

wanted to be here.

It feels like they were being
pushed here like tide in an

effort to get away from
something else on the other side.

- Wooo.

- You're back in the waking
world as Nod dissipates

and Pete you're gazing.

Um Sofia, go ahead and
give me a perception check

with advantage if you'd be so kind.

- Okay.

That's only going to
be a 15, or 15 though.

- You look down at Pete,
Pete's giving you a hand by

pointing it out.

You can see this shit.

The umbral arcana is
definitionally like obfuscating.

It's a fucking force that
makes you not see stuff.

You and Pete watch as this kind of haze,

it's a haze that moves away.

It chills things it dampens things.

It almost like, its sort of
grimy subway station floor but

you almost can swear like it
saps the color from the floor

in a way, moves out.

You are able to both perceive
it and Sofia you're hackles


Cause Pete you're seeing your
responsibility which is the

dream realm behaving
in a really unusual way

and Sofia you're seeing some
shit that confirms a lot of what

you've been studying in the
history of the orders battle

against forces from the dreaming.

- Hey, hey Pete, I know we
haven't really formally worked

together very much but I think
I have more information about

the dream world that I you
know I would love to maybe

go over with you sometime.

- Cool, yeah we could go get
a coffee or like a panini

or something.

- I'd love a panini.

- Yeah totally.

- Yeah.

- Yeah it'd be cool to talk

and then I look down
at like my 60 day chip.

(All laughing)

- Just seems like it
would be cool to talk.

- Yeah right.

- Hell yes, you guys have
that connection there.

Ricky you're sort of going I
feel like asking passengers

what happened and immediately
assuming you're an authority

figure here and coming to ask you.

- Presenting like, sometimes
the subway will toss you around

and if you've just recently
ate something that's not

agreeing with you and your
not feel well it can make you

throw up.

- The dude who was in his dream self,

the Frankestein's monster
gets down off the roof of the

subway car looking like
what the fuck happened like.

- It was you, you threw up.

- Oh shit, I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry.

- It happens it happens.

- Cody you're 47.

(All laughing)

- Can I try to remove curse?

- Yeah also I have dispel
magic, is the something we can


- Ah ah I must say Ricky and
Kingston give me medicine


- Okay.

- Okay.

- This is so funny.

- I got 27.

- Hell yeah, so just to be
clear I might walk in the

darkness but I do have a zest for life

and I would like to not have
20 years off my life out.

I wanna hang out in the mall
again I wanna do kid shit.

I'm here to do rad shit,
I'm not here to you know.

I don't wanna go to the
other side, so fix me please.

- You see Bazathrax goes,
it feels bad in here it feels

really not as good.

It didn't feel great at
start i'll be honest,

just trade up man, trade me on.

- I got a 21 on my medicine check.

- Incredible, both of you.

Kingston and Ricky you
guys look at each other,

I'm gonna say this both of
you guys know what would be

needed to handle this which is
a greater restoration spell.

Is very powerful kind of restoration.

Kingston on a 27 you know that
not even greater restoration

will cut it unless it's the next 24 hours.

- Oh Cody we need to hustle all right.

We need to hustle.

- Cool yeah.

- But we can get this done it's just gone

require a little bit of hustle.

A little bit, not too much
don't worry we can get it done.

- I can see the devil
will give you my soul,

do you need my soul?

- Honestly we're done
talking to the devil.

You especially.

- I also have a way that
maybe we can remove the curse

but it is a big risk and we'll
keep it as a second option.

- Great.

- Interesting.

- Kingston on that insight,
as you're kinda looking over

Cody and both checking him out
again Cody is in a bad way.

You look the woman who is the witch,

and a couple other people watch that.

The woman who's the witch
again a very like wealthy

sort of upper east side lady
she walks with a bunch of

shopping bag like she's going
to visit a family friend or

something like that but on a
20 insight you see something is

sort of wrong with her.

The only way I can put it is
you see some sort of like deep

down emptiness in her eyes.

She's here she's like about
to go walk and do her things

she doesn't look too unnerved
but you just see some sort of

emptiness in her eyes.

And one a 28 insight what does
Kingston do at this moment.

- Can I approach her?

- Yeah you can approach her.

- Hey excuse me miss,
you on the train right?

- Um yes I was sorry,
yeah I was on the train.

- We're part of a taskforce

that's trying to help

are you feeling okay today?

- I'm feeling um feeling all right.

I am,

she looks down the bag she's carrying

and she has like a bunch of stuff here

that she's been shopping for.

She looks up and says, I'm all right yeah.

- Just all right.

- She looks up and says

the store where my husband
bought our 30th anniversary

wedding anniversary gift closed down

and I don't, to be honest
with you sir I don't

I'm having a reaction to it
that's very, I feel very sad

and it feels I feel very childish for it.

It was just a store, I
hadn't been there in.

- I am actually 47 years old
and I have attachments to some

stores because people
attach memories to places so

it's actually fucking fine what you doing.

It's fucking normal.

- This is Cody he's also
part of the taskforce.

- Hey Cody Cody ,actually Cody.

- Oh Cody hey.

- I mind using a cool sword
60 feet away from this


(All laughing).

- I need to go but I just
want you to know that I see

and that fucking bullshit
and I walk towards the sword.

- And I walk towards the sword.

- And I walk towards the sword.

You see Kingston she looks
over and smiles and says,

what a disturbed young man.

- He's all right, he's
been through a lot today.

- She tends to look and
says is just I don't

favorite music venue shut down as well

and my youngest son just got
a job that's gotta him out of

the city and he was my last
child that still lived here.

Kingston you get a very powerful impulse

of something deep at work.

It's not in this woman, this
woman is not like the kistone

of it but you just sense
something out there in a very

chilling way.

She looks at you and says I
don't know you're an older man.

The city changes all the time,
it has no respect for its

history it's just, I don't
know it's just getting to me


You sit there asking yourself you know,

what if anything stays.

- You know it's funny that I
don't know where I heard but

that feeling feels familiar,
I think thank you for talking

to me I hope that you find
solace in the change that is

coming and stay safe.

- You see her walk away and
the emptiness in her eyes

reflects back to you the
emptiness of that store front you

saw this morning.

Cause the last thing she does
she says, in any case all

this was brought on because we
had a very aggressive realtor

who was trying to buy our apartment.

We've lived in the Upper East
side for a long long time

and this extremely invasive realtors

were sort of harassing
us and asking us to sell

but now that my youngest son
is not here maybe I should.

I have friends that live
out in the Hamptons ,

I have friends that
live out in Long island

and Massachusets and I don't know.

- You can't let those blood
suckers take your house.

- This is Anastasia, she's
also a part of the taskforce.

- Hey I think actually you've
to me for a reading before

I think I recognize your face.

- Madam Anastasia, she lights
up she says madam Anastasia

you're part of a taskforce.

And you see for a moment
she buries that emptiness

but then again on a 28
Kingston it's not gone.

The last I'll say as this
woman starts to talk to you

Anastasia amazed to find you here is.

You look at the box in your
purse and you see the last

little bit of some that haze
that ephemeral smoke sludge seep

into the crack of your box
and disappear inside it.

And that's all for this
episode of the unsleeping city.

Tune in next week.