Dimension 20 (2018-…): Season 20, Episode 5 - Protect the Light - full transcript

The stoats explore their new home, Last Bast, and discover a dark secret.

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(tense yet whimsical music)
(stoats squeaking)

(tense music continues)

(tense music continues)

- Yeah, you guys want to play some
fucking D&D? (whimsical music)

- Let's play some fucking D&D!
(all hooting and hollering)

- Hello and welcome to
Dimension 20: Burrow's End.

I'm your dungeon master and
warren warden, Aabria Iyengar,

and with me are my...

(whimsical music cuts out)
Oh no. So here's the thing.

I didn't come up with a new one.

- It's all right, inspiration's
going to strike right now

and you're going to think
of the best pun yet in...

- [Players] Five, four, three, two, one...

- [Players] Five, four, three, two, one...

- And with me are my vicious varmints.

Say hi, vicious varmints!
(the cast cheers wildly)

- Yes! Do you believe in miracles?

- [Players] Hello, vicious varmints!

- [Erika] Have a candy.
- Hi, we're doing it.

Oh shit! I did it.

I'm going to do, yeah, this
is going to be the most-

- That was gorgeous.
- [Aabria] Amazing. We did it!

- This is an athlete.
When the pressure's on,

when the clock is ticking, okay?

- This is Scuppers all over again.

- Scuppers!
- No net.

- So in lieu of a traditional
recap to see what we've done,

we're going to go back, and
I just want to share with you

one more time the bit of the
lore drop that you got last-

- Yes, because we were all
very much focused on the suits.

- Oh yeah, do you want me
to do a whole narration

just like (mumbling)?

- (mumbling) In the beginning of time.

- Before the beginning,
there was darkness.

We found the Light ourselves
and began the world.

So many things were illuminated.

Opportunity, reason,

technology, power.

But light also begets shadow,

and from those dark
corners, monsters grew.

They stalk, ever expanding, towards us,

towards what we have rightfully claimed,

towards what we have built,
towards what we seek to protect.

Each other, the Light itself.

If they breach our walls,
they will snuff out our Light,

because it is in darkness
that they thrive.

The shadows approach.

We see it in the crushed clover.

We feel it in the tremble
of the earth itself.

We feel it in the thunder
on a cloudless day.

This is the Last Bastion of the Light,

and we are its defenders.

So we will work together
tirelessly to prepare ourselves

So we will work together
tirelessly to prepare ourselves

so that when the time
comes, we stoats will banish

the darkness and its monsters forever.

(Jasper sighs in admiration)

- She's so good, my god.

(Rashawn snapping appreciatively)

- And we come back
exactly where we left off.

You have been fed and
welcomed into Last Bast,

the Last Bastion of the Light.

There are people, stoats,
creatures, friends?


And you have an important ally,

Bennett, here at your disposal.

Looking over at him,
you would see that now

that he's sort of given you the deal

and offered you sanctuary and food,

that he's kind of looking around
at where he should be next,

so what do you all want to do?

- You know, whenever I go
to a new person's house,

I would love a tour.

See all the different rooms and whatnot.

Would you accommodate that
sort of thing, a tour?

Do you know what a tour is?

- I do, in fact, know what a tour is.

If it's okay with you, I
would happily introduce you

to a friend of mine that
could facilitate that.

I do have some work to get back to.

- Oh, stay just a little
bit longer with us.

I'm sure whatever you have to do can wait.

- Okay, it's very...

You... were...


Make a persuasion check,
and I'll give you advantage.

- Can I give my mother disadvantage?

- Yes.

- Oh, double thirteens. That's
still nine, that's a nine.

- It goes down by so much!
- [Jasper] Wow, yeah.

- I blink, and one of my
eyes gets a little stuck.

- The milky eye.

Oh, do you require medical...

Can you help your-
- She's fine.

- [Aabria] Okay.
- She's fine.

That's going to just do that.

- [Aabria] Feels back
to walk away from that.

- Grandma, why is your eye twitching?

- It just does that sometimes, dear.

- Ms. Tula, I...

There are people that are much
better at facilitating this

that could maybe explain
to you all the deal here,

but now that the hunt is done,
I do have to make my reports.

- Of course, we're more than
capable of finding our own way.

We'll get someone to show us.

Thank you so much for your time.

- Okay, thank you.
- [Jasper] Thank you.

- Thank you. Good luck with your eye.

Okay, I'm going to go.

And he truly just backs out of the hole.

- Don't be a stranger!
- I couldn't imagine that.

And leaves through the hole,
through the sort of rabbit pen.

- Look over. How's your eye, Mama?

- Oh, it's fine.

- Is it fixed on somebody?

- Well...

What? I don't take your meaning.

- I think that maybe
you have an attraction

or feel partial to this person.

- He's very young. He
could take care of you.

- He's already strong,
yeah. He's a leader.

- There you go.
- On his hind legs.

- Oh, I'm too old to invest
any more of my precious time

on anything but my immediate family.

But on the other hand,

I'm sure that you two would
enjoy having another dad, yes?

- What's wrong with your eye? Can I help?

- Mama, do you need me to heal you?

Cause something is wrong with your eye.

- There's nothing wrong with my eye!

- Okay, I'm going to Lay on Hands.

- It might have been the elk.

It might have caught her, maybe.

- You are partially injured, right?

- Yeah, yeah.

- I will heal you. How
many points did you take?

- It was 17, but I'm
fine. I'm fine, I'm fine!

Stop fussing over me!
- No, Mama.

We're gonna split the bill.
We're gonna split the bill.

- Oh, you don't know what "read" is,

but you've got "split the bill" down.

- I'll do nine, you do
eight? You want to do that?

- Okay, we're also all speaking English.

You know, it comes from history.

- I believe we are speaking Bulgarian.

- We're all speaking Stoat!

- Hey, what I need so much
is please take inspiration.

Help me!

- As Bennett leaves,
I'm going to look around

for someone that does look,

if Bennett is sort of like a captain,

that looks a little bit
more like an administrator

or someone that can give us more of a...

Honestly, I'd probably
be looking for a den mom.

I'd look for someone that
seems to be caring for people.

- Yeah, who's the alpha mama around here?

- Sweet, go ahead and give
me perception or insight,

whichever you prefer.

- Would it be possible as well,

whilst they're looking
for this, if we start

to make our way, looking
for people using the Blue?

Whether it seems to be
a very common thing,

as in all of the stoats here seem to have

the use of the Blue, or if
it's just particular ones,

just getting the lay of whether it's like

this is special that we
all have access to it,

or whether it's the case that
everyone has access to this.

- I actually see Thorn looking for that,

and I realize that my kids have just eaten

and there's a small
chance they'll get sleepy,

but more likely they'll get the zoomies.

- That's after pooping
and everyone knows it.

- It could really happen at any time.

- So I'm going to look
at Thorn being curious

and know that me and my sister

have kind of a boring grownup task of,

show us the ropes, show
us where things are.

Who do we have to give
what kind of respect to?

All that kind of stuff

that the kids will be probably not into.

I'll just look at Thorn and go, Thorn,

if you're interested in some
of the incredible things

we've seen that map to
what you were saying,

would you want to take Lila
and Jaysohn and see if there's,

would you want to take Lila
and Jaysohn and see if there's,

you know, I know that
they'd be interested.

- He's going to be with
the children on his own!

He can't do it. He can't.

- I would love to do that,

if you're willing to go on a little trip.

I want to go and investigate the Blue

and see if everyone can do this

or if everyone has access to it.

- You want me to do that?

- Well, you're welcome to stay with me

if you'd like, sweetie,
but Auntie Vi and I

have to go make sure that we
have everything settled up.

We have to go make sure that we know

where we're going to be sleeping

and where food's going to be

and what's expected of
us in this new place,

and I think that that
will be just, you know,

without getting into any trouble
and without running around,

it seems like there's food
here and there's other stoats

and it would be a time for you to learn

and maybe talk to some
other kids your own age

that I know you've been
waiting to do for a long time.

- I'm going to go see if
other kids jump off stuff too.

- They're not going to
be as good at it as I am.

- Oh, obviously. You'll have to show them.

You can show them how to do it.

- Jaysohn's gone.

- While they have that, I'm
going to lean into Lila and say,

I'd love you to keep
an eye on your brother.

- I'd do anything for you.

- Okay, sweetie. Then just do that.

It'll be okay. I love you.



- Well-fed Lila is wild.

- I give you a kiss on
the forehead and I say-

- You're my best friend.
- Well...

I know what you mean, and I'm
very lucky to be your mom.

- This is crazy.

- It's really crazy, so
just try to make sure

that Jaysohn doesn't get
into too much trouble.

Listen to your Uncle Thorn, and yeah,

if you can read and you
can find things out here,

you know, it's a very exciting new place

and it doesn't seem
that scary in some ways,

but there's a lot for us to learn.

It's all very strange. So,

You're really bright and
you're getting older,

and that means that I
can rely on you more,

and I trust your judgment.

I know that you're going
to figure things out

if you need to.

- The psychic damage I'm taking right now.

- Side thing, speaking to Thorn a sec,

I'm like, I know we haven't had a chance

to really sit down and regroup,

but there's a lot of people here,

and it'd be very interesting
to learn how they function

and what doesn't work for them
and how we might improve it.

- Accommodate them.

- Yes, they've been
isolated for a long time.

It'd be nice to introduce a new flavor.

- [Jasper] Freshen things up a little.
- [Rashawn] Yes!

- I'll see what we can do.
- Yes!

- You guys are freaky.
- [Aabria] All right.

- So I got the judgmental grunt?

- I didn't even know that you were here.

- Always here.
- Grandma's always watching.

- Somehow, Ava's going to
be in both of these scenes.

- Grandma, do you want
to come with Vi and I

just to see if there's any way we can-

- I think you could do
with some supervision, yes.

- Get the old trio back together.

- There you go.
- That's right.

When we were younger,

I used to take you on all
of our little burrow tours.

- Burrow tours? Did that happen?

- I don't think that's something we ever-

- I don't think that's
something we ever did.

This is some rewriting history.

- That's right!

- Taking our cousin or
something with them.

- Everyone would always
look at you two and say,

ah, I can tell that those two are Kenny's.

- Yeah, yeah. Oh no, that's good.

She's telling a story about how

she was constantly taking us on fun trips.

- Is this what she's
telling your children,

that she did all these things

that she's going to do with them?

- Let me be clear, there's three Grandmas.

There's Grandma, the woman
that we actually grew up with,

the Grandma that my children experience,

and then the Grandma
that Grandma is inventing

verbally in front of us.

- So there could potentially
be a fourth grandmother.

- This woman could be anybody.

- Come with us, Mama.
- Come on, Mama. Love you.

- Blueberries every day.

- Was Mama drinking berry
wine our whole childhood?

- As I look around for berries
with you, I suddenly go back.

Oh, there were berries everywhere
when we were growing up.

- Berry skins just scattered.

- Yeah, we found that part of the tunnel

that we hadn't been in that
was covered in berry skins.

- This woman is fermented.

- I remember the time that we
had strawberries in the house

and we got them and ate them,
and we got yelled at so hard.

It didn't even make any sense.

It was like, I was saving those for later!

- Mommy needs her medicine!

- We've discovered Grandma's alcoholism.

- It runs in the family.

You're going to have to look out, Lila.

- I'm extremely functional!

- And the more you yell
it, the more I believe it.

- Highly functioning berry drinker.

- So as Thorn exits with Jaysohn and Lila,

let me get that perception
or insight check.

- 12, it was.
- 16.

- Ava, why don't you go
ahead and just give me

a perception or insight check as you see

your daughters sort of
still up on this catwalk

a level above the main general population?

- Oh yeah, okay, that's a 16.

- Oh, nice.

I think you all sort
of spot the same flow,

that soft eyes, how do
you watch groups of people

that are so many that they sort of form

mathematical patterns, and you see

that there are little points of stoppage

where people will kind of surge,

come up to someone, and
then move away from them.

Just about everyone here
is moving towards something

or doing something, actively
involved in something

or on their way to do
something, and the break in that

that you all, with your 16s, clock,

is that there are just a
couple stoats on the ground

that people walk up to
and have discussions with,

and you see two or three
of them on the floor

and they all have a
single thing in common,

which is a bit of something
glinting like metal

wrapped around the sash
that they're wearing.

You kind of get that idea of, oh,

this is how you spot someone in this crowd

that seems to be there
for asking something.

- They can't all know each other.

There's too many. That's
what the things are.

That's what the thing on them are.

It's not like a burrow,
they have to wear things

to know who's in the burrow and who's not.

- So should we blend in, or?

- I don't think we can
without the little sashes.

- Oh, so we go and ask for
some of the sashes, yes.

- Yeah, I think we go and
ask how you join, yeah.

- You know what, I just love
that sash you've got on.

- So you just immediately
go down and scamper over?

Yeah, it's going to take you a
minute to suddenly duck down,

run down, and move through
the flow of people.

- Pardon, pardon, pardon.
- [Aabria] Sure, sure, okay.

- Oh, hi. You just look fabulous, you do.

And I was just wondering,
where could I get

one of those sashes that just seem so...

What's your name?

- Hi, hi, my name is Talia.

I'm here with sort of Population Support.

You appear to be new?

- Yes.

- That's correct, and we
need (unsure) "sah-shays"?

- Sashes.

- We met one of your burrow, Bennett,

and also Sybil on the outside.

- Oh.

Oh, okay.

- And they said this
happens somewhat frequently,

and we should come inside.

We would just love a tour,
and we would love to know

where we are best kept,
where's the best place

for us to stay, and how we can be helpful.

- Oh, absolutely.

Okay, hold here for a second.

And you see now everyone,

unless they are sprinting
somewhere, is standing bipedal,

and you see this one stoat,
they crane a little higher

and make eye contact with someone.

This person ducks down and scampers away.

Hi, welcome to Last Bast.

I don't know how much you've been told,

if Bennett informed you or
just sort of sent you in here.

Welcome, we have room for everyone.

How many are in your group,
just the three of you?

- A party of eight.
- Okay, eight. Delightful.

So there are sort of
five main facets here.

We've got Resource Allocation,
which is actually where,

your point person for
that would be Bennett,

so I don't think I have to
necessarily describe him for you

if you end up getting involved with that.

There's also Refit,

which is sort of the maintenance
of Last Bastion itself.

You see them gesture at the wall,

and there are, amongst the stoats

that are sort of running
up and down scaffolding,

they're also bringing in bits
of metal and bits of wood.

This whole place is scaled
wildly and deeply inconvenient

for creatures as small as
yourselves to get around,

so there's just these
sort of ad hoc add-ons

being put up places and
things being maintained.

You even kind of hear and look up,

that the yellow glow of these lamps

that are filling this entire
space with unnatural light

occasionally flicker, and
then you see a little stoat

scurry across and the lamp start swinging

as someone starts working on it.

That's Refit, there's
also weap-technology,

Defense, and Population Support.

Anyone like me that you see

with this little bit
of copper on their sash

will be Population Support
and can help however we could.

We know that there are
a lot of stoats here,

and the flow can be a
bit hard to get used to,

but I've sent a friend
to go and get you sashes

and figure out where best we
can house all eight of you.

- Now, do you have a
place that has dandelions?

Because my Viola really favors

having dandelions in a burrow.

- For decoration or food?

- Oh, for decoration,
and then food later on.

- Mm-hm, understood.

I will absolutely go
check our current stores.

If not, you can put in a request
with Resource Allocation,

or if you are feeling adventurous

and cool and calm and confident,
go look for it yourself.

We want to make sure everyone's empowered,

once you understand how to
be safe within the woods,

to take care of themselves
as best they need.

- We can come and go as we want?

- Oh yes, of course.

- Well, I don't think we
should ask for any dandelions.

We haven't...

So far all we've done is eat.
We want to make sure that-

- You've got to get a lot of extra moss

for when you get the toots.

- The toots?

- Just swap it right out for the new ones.

You know, no fuss, no muss.
- I'm sure Talia-

- I'm sorry, are you or
any of your party suffering

from any sort of maladies on the way in?

- No one has the toots.
I'm fine, thank you.

- Make a persuasion or deception check.

I got a natural 20.

- On insight?
- [Aabria] Yeah.

- Just take a deep
inhale through the nose.

Okay, I got a three plus-

- Talia truly does not
understand what the toots is,

and is just scanning for, oh,

you might have brought
a horrible pathogen in.

- [Rashawn] No!
And you just see the like,

- I don't have the toots!

- I am so sorry, what's the toots?

- Hey, Mama? It's fine,
no one has the toots.

- My sister doesn't have gas.

- Gas? Oh, got it.

Is that what toots are?

- Toots are farts, and
that's what Mama said.

That's not the point, sorry, I don't know

why we even started talking-
- No one has the toots.

- [Brennan] What we should
start talking about-

- I'm just trying to
make sure that you kids

are comfortable where we're settled in.

- Well, let's ask any
other question first.

- Let's be very clear.

With the current inflow, as stoats arrive,

more and more every day, so
just know you'll have plenty

of new neighbors as you
go, and we hope you extend

the same courtesy to
them as we have to you,

that we are vigilant for any
sort of biological agents

that could disturb our home.

- All of us are healthy.

My sister and I actually have the gift

to be able to heal sick stoats,

so if you have any stoats
here that are sick-

- Do you have the toots?

- Yeah, and in case, should my mother

or any other venerable, wonderful stoats

of this community get the toots

or any other malady, I
would be more than happy-

- Jaysohn loves eating pill bugs.

- Mama, Mama, Mama please, Mama.

- Just a point of clarification,

when you speak to your
abilities around healing,

is that sort of a naturopathy,

using herbs and dirt, or the Light?

- The latter, yes. The Light.

- Oh, that's wonderful.

- And I won't lie, many
of the words you've said,

I have not understood
during our conversation.

- Oh, I'm so sorry.
- That's all right.

- Do you want me to walk
back anything for you?

- Pathogen.
- Pathogen.

- Pathogen, things in the world

that would make a singular stoat sick

that would make a singular stoat sick

that would sort of be
spread amongst the group

and cause widespread death.

- Oh, we've got none of that.

- No, we routinely check our
family. We're very healthy.

Again, we've been very fortunate

in terms of the gifts that
myself and my sister have.

There were many problems
at our old warren,

but disease was not one of them.

- Okay.
- Very clean, these two.

- The point being, we would love

just to know our way around a little bit,

and specifically where we
are going to be staying

and where we should go

to eat and clean out moss and bedding.

Just the things that we
need to know right away

to be able to fit in.

- Sure, absolutely, I'm just
waiting for an associate

to come and relay that information.

- All right, well while we're here, then,

what is technology?

- Oh, technology is using parts, things,

mostly what we've scavenged
here within the facility,

usually human remains,

to build new products

that can increase our quality of life

and efficacy in the world, like that!

And then truly, a stoat just sprints by

and has a little, it
sort of looks leathery,

pack around their waist
hooked onto their sash,

and there's just a bunch of
little metal tools and gear

and there's just a bunch of
little metal tools and gear

down to the size and scale
of you all, and you watch

as they immediately run
up a pipe and disappear.

There was a trickle of water

coming from the open end of this pipe,

and if you just wait 5 or 10 seconds,

that trickle begins to slow down.


- Tools.

- It's like using your claws
without using your claws.

- It's like using your claws
without using your claws.

- Right, our claws are a gift

that has allowed us for generations untold

to live and survive and
thrive here in the woods,

but our minds and the things
that we can do with our minds

are truly the difference makers

between us and the other
animals in the forest.

Here in this place where we can put

so many bright minds together,

we've been able to invent new
and exciting things that...

Are you okay?

I'm sorry, is this a lot? I can...

We can have a conversation
like this later.

- What do you do with the stoats
whose minds may have faded

- What do you do with the stoats
whose minds may have faded

and are kind of losing their minds

a bit?


- Yes, what happens to them?

- The oldest of your community.

- The oldest of our community
serve by simply passing on

wisdom in the oral
tradition of Last Bastion.

- So you deal with that, too?

- There are thousands of stoats here,

and everyone does what they can,

and some people are just
sort of here to, you know.

Yeah, you get it, you get it.

At this point, you see another
stoat has sort of run up

and taps Talia on their shoulder.

Talia confers with them
and takes a big bundle.

Okay, I've got eight sashes here.

Go ahead. Tying them,
you're going to want to...

And then just fully
turns, unties their sash,

and is going to walk you through

like a child learning
how to tie a shoelace.

Here's what we're going to
do. We're going to go across.

We're going to cross right
over left. Right is this hand.

If you hold up your little claw

and you do this, it's the letter L.

Do you guys know how to read?
- [Brennan] The what?

- Baby steps, okay, cross over cross,

and then you just kind of
do what you want there.

Let's treat them like bunny ears.

You know, we love eating bunnies.

The bunny goes through the hole-

- Not like that, not like that!

- One bunny, another bunny.
They cross over each other.

They go through the hole,
but the stoat follows,

pulls them tight, and kills them!

(Erika lets loose a savage battle cry)

Here you go.

- All right, that's pretty,
yeah, that makes sense.

- You good?

She seems kind of on the ball.

- Thank you for teaching
us how to tie the sashes.

We'll get these all tied on
our children and family members

when they return.
- [Aabria] Absolutely.

- If we have time to see the
place that we'll be staying-

- Would you like an escort,

or do you want to find it yourself?

- An escort would be wonderful.

- Absolutely.

And then from under the rest of the sashes

that they hand off, they also hand off

a piece of chipped paint that's blue.

This is the color blue.

It's just a dark, normal, primary blue.

This is your hallway, so follow me,

and if you ever get lost,

you have a little piece of this dark blue.

And just immediately takes off at a speed,

it's truly the New Yorker on the street

that knows how to navigate immediately,

and you're like, okay, you
look like you're walking,

but it's going to take
me to jog to keep up,

as Talia disappears and heads off.

- Talia, you had mentioned before,

you were saying Bennett,
and you referenced him,

it was a name but I know
it's not a person's name.

It was almost like a name for-

- Resource Allocation?
- Yes, that's a warren?

- Oh, Resource Allocation
is one of the jobs

that we do here, which
is going and making sure

that there's enough food for
everyone, enough bedding,

just the things that we
don't have in here already

that we have to go and bring back.

- Oh, I understand, and the
other names were all other jobs?

- [Aabria] Yes, yes.

- And does everyone
end up in one of those?

- If you can and if your spirit

sort of leads you to helping,

we appreciate all the help we can get.

- Of course, I wouldn't want to just be

like a bump on a log all
day, absolutely, thank you.

- What do you think you would like to do?

Jumping off a thing.

- As we're going, I'm going to
look over at my sister Viola,

because I'm like, this is where you...

I know that you see opportunities in this

that I'm not going to
see, so I'll be like,

well, I think, you know,
is there any, you know?

- I have a question.

Those who have, you called it copper.

- Copper, yes. It's a type of metal.

- Population Support.

- Yes.
- What does that entail?

- [Aabria] We're the ones that
are sort of point persons.

- [Rashawn] Uh-huh.

- If any stoats here
require any assistance,

we're kind of looked at like, you know,

if we're all a family, we're
all sort of the moms and dads

that help people know what
to do and where to be.

- And is there one mom and one dad?

- Well, that's really funny,

because in this field specifically,
there are several of us,

because we all have to
sort of act independently

and make our own choices,

and we help each other as much as we can,

but really when we talk
about the mom and dad-

- Doesn't it get so tiring

to make your own decisions all the time.

- I love my job.
- (coughing) Vi!

- Unfortunately, Viola
has found herself with

as many stoats as she's ever seen before,

and they are communists.

- Viola said support,
but we all heard control.

Just to clarify.

- Support, what a
wonderful name for control!

- [Rashawn] Okay, okay, okay.
- Sounds like dancing.

But all of us really report
at the end of the day

to the First Stoats, so.

- To the First Stoats?
- The first? The what?

- The First Stoats, the ones
that sort of found Last Bast,

harnessed the Light, and
made a space for us here.

- How many winters are they?

- The First Stoats?
- Yes.

- Oh, well, my understanding
would be that they were here

as long as we've had Last Bastion.

- Thank god you're not here.

- The urge to not
metagame is fucking crazy.

I'm playing a stoat
who's got to be like, oh!

And Brennan's like, get
the fuck out of there!

Get the fuck out of there!


- Wow.
- [Aabria] Yes.

- 20 winters?

- Yes, you know, the sort of...

It's a miracle. What can I say?

- Now, when you say miracle,

what's a miracle?

- Oh, you know, we understand
that the average lifespan

of our kind is around six winters,

if you're lucky and you can get there,

and the people,

the ones that found this
place and made a home for us,

we think their proximity to the Light

has granted them special
boons and blessings.

- How do we get the Light, then, hm?

- The Light drew you here.

The Light's been within
you the whole time.

- Yes, but how do we get the Light

that makes us live for 20 winters?

- I think Mama would
love to maybe sit down

and have some berry wine
with these First Stoats,

if that's something that they
receive, you know, new folks.

I understand if we may
have to wait a second.

- You are brand new and I'm showing you

your home for the first time,

and everyone here is open and willing,

but the First Stoats are incredibly busy

maintaining this place.

I hope you will, in due time,

have an opportunity to meet them.

- Did you hear that, girls?

I could live for another 15 winters!

- And at this point, she's
now moved to verticality

and is running up-
(Brennan shrieking)

- Just starts screaming. (screams)

No, I love you, I want you to live

for as many winters as
possible! (shrieking)

- I open my fanny pack

and pull out anything that will soothe.

- Ah! Eternal grandma! Yes, yes, good!

- What fanny pack? What fanny pack, Viola?

You just met clothes!

- She turned her sash into a fanny pack.

Just folded it over and
put a little zipper on it.

- Right before Talia leaves,

I just want to ask one last question.

I'm going to say, so you
mentioned that Bennett

is the leader of Resource Allocation.

- Resource Allocation, yes.

- Have we met any of the other leaders?

If I were to meet them out and about,

are there names for the other-
- Oh yes, absolutely.

If you are looking into
Refit, you want to find Malin.

Technology would be Quentin.

Defense is either Carter
or Pep. They are twins.

You will not know which is which

the first time you meet
them, and that's okay.

- That won't be a problem for me.

- Yeah, I've never believed a thing more

than that sentence specifically.

- And then, of course, Population Support

would be myself or anyone
else with copper on.

Though I do regret to say,

we are sort of the only ones
that keep ornamentation on us

because we do need to be easily found

within the general population.

But everyone here is deeply
friendly and will do their best

to point you in the right
direction, wherever that sees fit.

And now has led you up
a blue pipe on the wall

down a blue hallway, and
you see that there's a big,

dug out, cavernous room that's now been,

there's just wood that you
can tell the stoats have added

because it's not of the level of precision

and precise geometry as poured concrete

that's split essentially a
massive open shelving area

into just rows and rows of
three wall little nests.

Okay, comfortable with numbers?

- We know how to count
all the way up to 50,

although we know that
numbers do get bigger here.

- They do get bigger,
but you just want to go

10 up and 6 over, and that will be you.

If you need more space,
please let any one of us know.

- I touch my forehead to your forehead.

- Oh!

- Thank you.

- Is this what you do in your warren?

- Mm-hm. Do you like it?

- It's lovely. Thank you so much, cool.

You see that they kind
of wipe their forehead.

You tend to put things on your
face to add ornamentation,

and it's not like a "get it off me,"

like you've done the lick spit thing,

but just sort of subtly wiping it off

to go back to their normal state.

Have a wonderful day! And
they take off and run away.

From there, we're going to cut

to Thorn and his niece and nephew.

- So!

I was thinking that
perhaps we could go and see

if we could inquire
about some of this read?

Read? Am I saying that right?

- I don't know.

- Sorry, I thought that you understood.

I thought you knew the words-

- I know how to do it,
but I don't really know.

I think it's read.
- That's okay, yes.

Let's see if we can find the read,

and you can see what
information we can find out

about the Blue, because I think
that would be useful, yes.

- Okay.

- Great, I'm going to go do
something different from that.

- I did have an idea for you, Jaysohn.

- Do you stay or do you run?
- Hey, hey, hey! Jaysohn!

- I'm on the starting line.
- Jaysohn, I get it.

Jaysohn, I get it. Please.

Hey, listen, I've got a really special,

super cool task just for you.

- I'm listening.

- So we're in an environment

that neither of us have
ever been in before.

This whole place is, the
ground is super hard.

Have you noticed this? Really,
if you fell off a high thing-

- It's really hard.
- It would suck, right?

- It would be bad.
- It would be really bad!

So I was thinking, whilst
we're going around,

let's be checking this area out

just in case we should ever...

And I'll go in really close.

...we should ever need
to fight someone here.

So we get a lay of the land,
understand how, you know,

all the angles and everything, you know?

Where we could jump from and get things.

- I can do that. I can do that.

- You can do that? You can help, yeah?

- Yeah, I can do that. Oh yeah.

- Well, we need to keep
this quiet, though.

- Yeah!
- We don't want anyone else-

- No, no, no.
- This is just a-

- No.
- Do not tell your mum, please.

Okay, so you're bringing your...

No one else is bringing
their paws up here.

- I'm gonna go talk to the other kids.

- Wow, okay, that's cool.

Thorn's trying to walk on two legs.

- Yeah, give me that
acrobatics check, baby.

- Okay.
- [Rashawn] Real top-heavy.

- Back to four. There we go.
- Nat 20.

- [Aabria] You've got a hang of it now.

- You're so good at this.
- [Siobhan] You're so good at this!

- You're so good at read and walk?

Aabria, this character's broken.

- Rogues are broken.

Yeah, I think you're at
this point sort of seeing

that the rest of your family
is doing a bit of a hunch

and tapping down onto a third or fourth

and you, again, having been careful

and truly observing and
watching the flow of people,

have a sense of the balance
required to stay on two legs.

I think you feel a little bit of the, oh,

I'm sore because my body
doesn't stay in this position

very long, but you could do this all day.

- Yes, I'll sort of see potentially

either one of the Population Support

or just a touching point
as to the direction

of someone who might have some information

about the Blue or anywhere
we could do the read.

- Yeah, I will say, Olliver and Teedles

sort of splintered off from you

as you guys went down to get
in and around everything.

And to answer your sort
of earlier question

without requiring a roll,

because it really just is that ubiquitous,

stoats that have gifts
in and around the Blue

or what they call the Light

use their gifts openly and frequently.

- Okay, and does it seem
to be the general populace?

- Yeah.
- Yeah, okay, cool.

- And then Teedles is
going to kind of come up

over your shoulder and say, hey boss,

I went and found people to talk to.

It looks like just sort
of generally speaking,

everyone gets a job in a couple days.

They will give us a room if we ask for it.

I don't know if it sounds like

what your wife was working on.
- Yes, I think.

- And apparently there's a thing

for young stoats who do not have work yet.

It's called Education.
- Education.

- And there's a room that you put them in.

- Oh wow.

- [Aabria] And then
they're gone for the day.

- Huh!

- I feel normal about that,
but it does feel important

that you know that that
is a thing that exists.

- Okay.
- And that they like.

- Okay, well, perhaps tomorrow you can-

- Tomorrow, okay, sure.
What do you want me to do?

- Do you think they need to go now?

- No, I would love a task,

because it looks like
you're very busy with them.

- Yeah, well, I guess...

I'll sort of lean in again and be like,

if there's any sort of hierarchy here-

- Yeah, so much.

- It might be good to
establish a structure.

Who is answering to who?

- Sure, everyone keeps
talking about First Stoats,

and then there are five
designations, groupings, under that.

They go ahead and list off the same-

- I'm just like, why am I in charge?

Teedles is so good at this.

- You need information, I give it to you,

and then you make a dramatic speech

or delegate things back for me to do.

- Well, good work, Teedles.

Will you be staying with
us, you and Olliver?

- Do you want us-
- Yes, definitely.

- Then yes, why would we not?

- [Jasper] As long as you
don't mind putting up with Ava.

If that's going to be a
problem, all I'm saying is,

I won't blame you if you
want to stay somewhere else.

- I'm going to be very honest.
- Mm-hm?

- I don't feel like I can tell
you the truth in this moment.

- I don't feel like you need to.

- Cool.

- [Jasper] You stay
wherever you need to stay.

- Amazing. If you need me,
I'm going to be in yellow.

Takes a little thing out of their sash,

snaps it in half, a little
paint chip of yellow.

This is what yellow is, so
if you aim in that direction,

you can find us.
- Okay.

- You guys good? Are you guys having fun?

I don't know why they're
suddenly condescending.

Hey, it's a lot of stoats in here.

How're you guys doing,
buddies? How're you holding up?

- Fine.
- Yeah, we're fine.

- It's been a big day.
You saw some dead bodies.

- Yeah, we see dead bodies all the time.

- We kill them.
- Sure, okay, well-

- We killed a bear with our
bare hands, just the two of us.

- [Aabria] Okay.

- A different time than the other day.

- It was a different
time than the other one.

You didn't see that one either.

- Nobody did.
- I've never seen anything.


- Our dad was there, but it
was just us. He just watched.

- Trust us and our dad. He watched it.

- That sounds great. Are you...

Okay, this can be a lot.
Oh my god, the fuck?

You good? There's a lot
of stuff to do here.

- Yeah, there's a lot of
stuff to do here. I'm good.

- Okay.
- Who are you?

- What?
- Tiddles?

- Jaysohn, you know who
Teedles is. Come on.

- This might be Jaysohn being like, wait,

who have you been this whole time?

- I think I did that yesterday.

- Teedles is one of the ones

helping with our secret mission.

- [Aabria] Sure, secret mission.
- Okay.

- Okay, all right.

- So I don't have a super
special secret mission then,

because we have a-

- You put your hand out,
and Teedles breaks off

a little piece of a
leaf and puts it there.

That's a gift from Olliver. I
wouldn't have given it to you.

I'm going to go, bye. And takes off.

And you smell it, and
it just smells like...

Do you think Jaysohn's
ever had mint before?

- [Jasper] Whoa.
- Oh, I don't know. Maybe not.

- Okay, you smell something cold spicy,

and you remember Olliver
was very excitedly

getting leaves quite a while ago.

- Put some in my mouth and just...

- Olliver!

- A last little bit of
eye contact from Teedles.

Takes off.

- Just try some, it's completely normal.

- No no no no no no no no
no no no no no no no no!

No no no no no no no!

Okay, you're going to be a dad soon.

You're going to be a dad
soon. Pull it together.

Pull it together, this is it.
- It's hot and it's cold!

- Get it out of my throat!
- Are you choking? Are you choking?

- Pull it out of my throat! Pull it out!

- I like it, actually!

- Not like that! Not like that!

- Why are you chewing?
Why are you chewing?

I'm so ill prepared for
this! Oh god, okay, right.

Let's just find someone, get
some information on the Blue,

and then go to blue or
yellow or something.

- You're going to have to
pull it out of his butt later.

- It's not like floss! It'll digest!

- I don't know how stoats digest.

- That smells so strong.

- Lila's just been looking
for anybody doing magic.

- [Aabria] As previously
stated, just about everyone,

everywhere you look, you
see little pulses of light

at some point.
- Okay.

- So everyone here, stoats can use Blue,

and they have no sense
of, hide it, don't use it.

It's making things happen
quickly and easily.

- Yeah, okay, so I found out
about the Light and the Blue.

Everybody has it, we're
not special anymore.

- Yes, I can see, yep.

We might still be a little bit special,

but I think it'd be good for us

to just understand it a little bit more

so that we can, you know,
know what's going on.

It's less of a scary thing
that we have to think about.

Maybe they might have some
answers, how to access it,

use it to further our
abilities, our skills.

- Does Lila see any more signs?

- Everywhere. Give me just a general-

(Izzy wheezing dizzily)

- Okay, what's happening?
Is it the leaves again?

The leaves again? Okay, Lila!

Immediately reach down her throat.

- You know what, give
me a perception check.

It's not even investigation,

because you're not looking for it,

you're just seeing what you see.

- A kid on a road trip
reading every billboard.

- Truly, that is exactly it.

- 11. You sure it's not investigation?

- I mean, I think it's
perception, because investigation

is when you focus on a
thing you care about,

and right now there's just
so much data and stimuli

that you're like, if
someone gave me a thing

to drill down on, you'd be great.

Right now you're just
catching a general vibe.

On top of just figuring out
and getting a mental model

of what hundreds upon hundreds of stoats

looks like in one place,
you're seeing little signs

in places that you could run up and read.

You're now learning the difference

between the signs that
stoats make for each other

and the words you're seeing inside this,

and looking up and seeing,
sort of faded and chipped,

but in a large scale across the walls,

you see the name of this place,

the Warren Peace Memorial
Nuclear Power Plant.

- Warren Peace?
- Mm-hm.

If you flip over your-

- [Jasper] What?

- Welcome to the place you are.

(Brennan screams)

- It's been here the whole time.

- You son of a bitch!
Aabria and her props!

- Damn, I was like
immediately, I don't need this!

Get this shit out, I've too
much fucking shit on me.

- Nuclear power for a growing world.

- [Jasper] Oh boy.

- So I see that sign.
- [Aabria] Yeah.

- But that doesn't really
mean anything to me.

- Do you want to try to understand...

This is going to be closer to
arcana to push to understand

concepts that don't mean
anything in the one to one.

- Yeah, or can I do
researcher vibes to be like,

- Yeah, or can I do
researcher vibes to be like,

how would we find out more about reading?

- So give me the arcana check now

to just sort of push and
get it in this moment

where you're like, what the fuck is that?

And then if you fail the roll,

then it becomes, here's how
you find out what to know.

Did you get a natural 20?

- No, but I got a 23.
- Oh my god! Amazing.

A 23, I think there's something.

You have been wary of the Blue.

You want to destroy it because it's also,

on top of this thing that
adults only ever spoke about

in terms that were so vague
as to think that they were bad

in terms that were so vague
as to think that they were bad

or couldn't be understood
perfectly, it's very strange

to be now around thousands
of stoats using this power,

and without having that little moment of,

don't use it, just use
your brain, you lean in

and I think there's something
that sparks and connects

and says that I am very smart

and maybe the Blue has
something to do with that.

As you really focus and
the understanding of words

that would never be tethered
to anything become clear,

and as you're reading and scanning,

it becomes easier to read.

And yeah, you understand
that the thing you're reading

is a name, and nuclear power plant,

it's generating some sort of energy.

- Yeah.
- Now that you look around,

you're like, oh, it is really weird that-

- And it says Warren!

- Yes, it does. You know the word warren.

- Yeah.

- And that's the pun, everyone.

But now you understand, you're like, oh,

the fact that there's light down here

where before, in your
home, it was just dark

unless moonlight was coming in,

there's water that comes in through pipes

that you can hear and that you
see trickling through places.

This thing generates
resources that stoats need,

so you have that understanding.

Maybe not nuclear, because
that doesn't really line up,

but you have a sense of
what this place does,

and that a lot of the
stoats running around

are making sure that this
place can continue to do it.

- Is there a place that I feel like

I should go to or check out?

- The idea of, where should I go,

is very much tied to, to accomplish what?

What do you want?

- I think what might be
useful for us to understand

is to what extent

stoats and other creatures
have used this power, I guess,

stoats and other creatures
have used this power, I guess,

so that we might understand if it's-

- Lila, let's go talk to the other kids.

- Okay.

- They have this thing called Education,

and so I think maybe that's
a good thing for kids.

- I think I already hate it.

- You don't have any...

Do you have more of a frame of reference?

Have I missed something?
- Lila, this pings,

that word, absent of nothing,

registers to you what it means.

Make a wisdom saving throw for me.

- The concept of school?

- 21.

- With a 21, there's something-

- It's bad.

- You see the look of
recognition on your sister,

and I think that pushes you.

You do a lot of, she says
something, I'm gonna repeat it,

and sort of turning over
that word in your mind,

knowing that, my sister
knows what that means.

Could I know what that means?

Your brain alights on, it's
where you learn things.

- Well, if we want to learn stuff.

- Yeah, where's Education?
- We could find Education.

- If that's where the other
kids are, we should go there.

- Okay, let's go find Education, I guess.

- I think we should also find where...

Okay, I'm going to level with you.

- Mm-hm. Yeah. Tell me straight.

Let's go. What's bothering you, hm?

- I will remind you,

you are in a mass of just so many stoats.

If you're trying to have
a private conversation,

I just want to remind you

of the setting that you're in right now.

If you're trying to
have a bit of an aside,

you might want to try to get
somewhere a little more quiet

unless you're comfortable
having this conversation.

- No, it's fine.

- I just don't want to
surprise you later and be like,

a bunch of people heard that.

- I don't think Lila even
understands the concept of people-

- [Aabria] Vibes.

- There's so many people
here that it's just like-

- Yeah, at some point you're
like, it's just noise.

- We're having a conversation
in a train station.

Nobody else is listening.

(Aabria laughs)

- Before today...

Before today I was like...

I was like, we have to stop the Blue.

- Uh-huh, yes, I remember you saying.

- Yeah, because they told us it was bad.

But now it's good. It's magic.

- Okay, but (stammering) shut up!

- [Jasper] Yep, okay.

- I'm trying to work through it!

- You do what you need to do.

- Okay. (sighs)

Uncle Thorn. (sighs)

I've not always been honest with you.

- (gasps) You're going to get in trouble.

- Okay, no no no, it's fine.

Hey, look, this is a safe
space. Say what you need to say.

- [Aabria] Deception check.
- Yep.

That is a 27.

- Yeah, he looks genuinely surprised

that you would ever deceive him.

I'm not going to make you roll against it.

That's just really funny.

- Can I make an insight check to see if-

- He's lying to you? You do do that.

You have an Ear for
Deceit. Yeah, go ahead.

- To be like, is this safe?
- [Aabria] Okay, yeah, go ahead.

- To just bare-
- [Aabria] Yeah, use your ability.

- Okay, so I actually can't get under a-

- Correct, but did you roll a 27?

- No, I did not.

- I think there's a moment
where you don't feel

like this is unsafe, but
you just aren't clocking

that you said, I haven't
been straight with you,

and he's like, that's so wild.

- He's definitely encouraging you.

Like, regardless of
whether he's going to get

his feelings hurt or whatever,
he's just like, look-

- Yeah, that was you
clocking an adult going,

oh, a child lied to me?

Could you imagine?

- [Jasper] Yeah, yeah, yeah.
- I'm like, okay, chill.

- You didn't notice.

This is open, forthright, and trustworthy.

- Sometimes I pretended to be

a little bit more interested
in the Lukura than I was,

and sometimes you would be like,

we have to harness the Blue!

And I would be like, yeah, totally.

And then I would go to my mom and be like,

we have to destroy the Blue.

But you just revealed to
me that you knew that,

that I wanted to do that.

Anyway, so but now we come here,

and I'm like whoa, this place is safe,

and I had all these
ideas where I was like,

we should build something
super big to protect us!

And I'm like, what? People
did that, this is crazy!

- [Jasper] You're just ahead of the curve.

- What's the point of me anymore?

- Whoa! Okay!
- And I'm like, and now-

- But there's nobody...

No, look, there's not
going to be anybody here

as smart as you, because you're so clever.

What's the point of me?

- Jaysohn, shut up!
- You shut up!

- Whoa, hey, what did we say about-

- I grapple her.
- I grapple you.

- Whoa, no no no no no no!
- But the thing is,

there's so many people here
that it doesn't even matter!

- I'm going to need you
to make a grapple check

right now to separate them.

- Truly-

- Up against both of you, rolling...

It's got to be athletics.

- There's zero chance that I succeed.

- Nat one, nat one.
- You both rolled nat ones!

(cast cheering)

- [Brennan] Now all you need to do-
- Is not roll a nat one!

- C'mon.

- Please!
- [Rashawn] Oh my god.

- Please do it.
- That's a five!

That's a five!
- That's a five!

- Yes!
- [Erika] That's a five!

- Wow, one of the most
triumphant five of all time.

- That's a five!
- Barely hanging on.

- Fucking strike up the band!
(jaunty marching band music)

- Honestly more excited than his nat 20.

- We reacted like you
rolled a five on a d4.

That's what that was. My god.

- But it really looked like
it was going to hit a one

for a second, it really did, oh my god.

- We all just fall off scaffolding.

- All three of us, somehow I
come out holding both of you.

- There's that moment where
you're like, oh, not again.

I'm not going to be able to handle it.

And then something in
you is like, goddammit!

And you just grab them

and you've got them both by their scruffs.

- Okay, whoa whoa whoa
whoa whoa whoa whoa.

- Why, I oughta!

- I'm going to close my
eyes and swing my arms!

- [Aabria] And he's kicking.

- I face them away from each other

whilst they have their eyes closed

so they're not even looking
at each other anymore.

- [Aabria] Great, perfect.
- Where are you?

Come back, you coward! You're cheating!

- I'll do the thing
you do with crocodiles,

cover their eyes.

- What happened?

- Shh, breathe. Breathe, breathe, breathe.

- You put them on their back.

It's called tonic immobility,

and I'll never forget that that exists.

- Whew, I'm doing it. Parenting, okay.

Whew, okay, listen.

- It smells so minty now that
they've panted around you.

- Oh, it's spicy.

Lila, there will always be space

for people as bright
and intelligent as you.

The whole reason why stoats
keep getting better and better

generation after generation is because

every new generation is
that little bit better,

that little bit smarter,
and that's you right now.

You're going to be the smartest person

in this warren for sure
in just a few months.

All you have to do is, I guess,

Education, and you'll get there.

- But is our mom going to be okay?

- Your mom is going to be
fine. Think about this.

Your mom's finally somewhere
where she doesn't have to...

I mean, when was the
last time that your mom

let you out of her sight?

She's safe and comfortable.

- The other-
- That was us, though.

We ran away.
- Oh yeah.

- I mean willingly, willingly.
That's a really big word.

Sorry, I definitely should
have said willingly.

Jaysohn, I gave you this task

because I really believe in you.

You've been incredible out in the forest,

and the thing is, all I
want you to be able to do

is be that good but in here, okay?

- What are you holding?
- Yeah, what are you holding?

- Your collarbone? I hold my
collarbone when I get nervous.

- Just fully gripped around it.

- [Erika] Popped collarbone.

- I was thinking about this, Jaysohn.

Maybe, if you were interested,

I could probably do with another Beacon.

Another general to my army, if you will.

- No, no.
- Okay, that's fine.

(Izzy cackling)

I'll get there one day.

Hopefully my kids will
like me and respect me.


- I think you're great.

I actually feel really bad

about thinking that you
maybe, like, were bad.

- Insight check.
- [Aabria] Yeah.

- You just told me you lied to me.

- [Aabria] Exactly.

- I'm not going to take this sincerely.

- Make an insight check.
- But I'm saying I feel bad!

- Okay, you have to make
a deception or persuasion.

- 16.

- Three.

- Are you telling-
- I'm telling the truth!

- I...

- What's that?

- I just learned this.

No, you grab hold of my paw. Paw on paw.

Yeah, okay, and then you sort of do this,

and it's a sign of respect.


We're all learning new things, right?

- We are talking a lot, but we
should be going to Education.

- [Jasper] Education, we should be.

- Where the other kids are,
where we can get secrets.

- [Jasper] And we'll get all
the secrets. Okay, great.

- We can tell them about the bear!

- Okay, we're going to just,

we do need to be careful
about scaring the other kids.

These kids have grown up in here.

They've not seen the, you know.

- Oh my gosh, I just remembered
about the human monsters!

- Oh!
- That's my purpose!

- That's your purpose!
- Hey, excuse me!

- We kill them!
- If you could direct me

to Education where I can drop
these two off for the day?

- Would you like an escort

or would you like me
to handle this for you?

- How do you think we kill them?

- Education, if you could
guide us to Education,

that would be fantastic.
- Hi, children.

- We're going to Education!
- I need you to follow me.

- Do you know where Sybil is?

- What's your name? Do you know Sybil?

- [Aabria] Persuasion check.

- 12.
- Sweet. My name is Ellen.

- Okay.
- I know of a Sybil, yes.

I don't know if that's-
- She's great.

- Okay, you do appear to be new,

so I don't know who you know here.

- We don't know anyone.
- Okay, you know Sybil.

- We know Sybil.

- And the guy who wants to fuck our mom.

- Whoa.

- He wants to be our second dad.
- Where did you learn that?

- Grandma.
- Of course.

- I'm sorry that you don't want your mom

to be fucked by not your dad.

I don't really know what we're doing here.

- We killed a bear. Where's Education?

- Follow me. Tell me about this bear.

- Okay! So the other day-

- For the first time,

Thorn truly distances enough to see them

but just enough to get a
little peace and quiet.

- [Aabria] For sure.

- Thorn, do you have more mint?

- Yeah, have you tried mint?

It's so good!
- So bad.

- She will happily lead
you towards Education.

- Thorn actively turning gray.

- I need an insight
check from both of you,

and you have to beat a 19.

- Oh boy.

That's a seven.

- 22.
- [Siobhan] Oh, nice.

- You're just gabbing away with Ellen.

You do realize that as she's
asking you questions like,

tell me about the bear you killed.

How do you know Sybil?

Who's the person that
wants to fuck your mom?

- Bryan?
- Branston.

- Bryan Cranston.

(Erika cackles)

- If we can have, after the credits,

a sting with Bryan
Cranston holding a stoat.

(Bryan Cranston impression)
Well, well, well.

- I am the one who fucks.
- That's why we have to kill all humans,

because one dude named Bryan Cranston

keeps coming up and trying
to fuck all the stoats.

- Rashawn just said, "I
am the one who fucks."

- Yeah!

Important. Inspiration.
- Ooh, again?

- [Aabria] You can only have
one. You have to use that.

- I have it already.

- I'm saving it for a rainy day.

- Sure, you very quickly clock

that Ellen's a bit of a gossip monger.

Bryan? You know what, fuck Bryan.

I've heard he goes around
to anyone that's new-

- Wait, that wasn't his name, right?

- No, I know, you've mentioned a name.

- You hit someone's battleship.

You found goss about a new person.

- And I'm like, wait, what? This guy?

- Yeah, okay, so every time a
new group of stoats comes in,

he swoops in before
anyone can warn anyone,

and he's always like, oh, I
just am looking for a family,

but I've seen so much
trauma out in the woods...

And everyone fucking falls for it.

- Oh my gosh, we have to warn Mom!

- Bryan who?

- Bryan, the guy who wants to fuck her!

- Where are all the secrets?

- What kind of secrets?

What do you mean? And
this is a walk and talk.

- Who's-
- I can read.

- That's not a secret.
- [Aabria] Amazing!

- It's really cool.
- Half of Education is just

kind of getting stoats from
out in the world up to speed.

- Can you do a forward roll?
(Erika laughs)

- It's not great, but she does do it.

She kind of just curls in on herself.

It's a lot of very fast walk and talk,

and then you know when you're a full adult

and you're like, I learned how
to do cartwheel as a child,

and you're like, okay, hold on, slowly.

But does slowly do a forward
roll, kind of gets up.

- Are you okay?

- Ooh, that did not feel great.

- [Siobhan] That was pretty good.
- Imagine being challenged

by a child to do a somersault
and being like, I'll show you.

- On the concrete floor of this bunker.

- Doesn't feel great. Well,
there's no secrets here.

Everyone's pretty open and honest.

- Are you guys going to kill humans?

- Yes.

- [Izzy And Siobhan] Cool.

- Can we do that?
- Can we do it?

- Yes! How do you want to kill humans?

- Oh!
- [Aabria] They're bad.

- I want to push a tree on them.

- Push a tree on them?

- Just biting.
- Yeah, bite. Kick.

- Amazing. They're very big.

- Bury.

- A berry?
- Bury them.

- Oh, bury. Okay, I'm
hearing it right now.

- Dig a hole.

- Do you think a human killed my dad?

- Huh?
- Yes! Oh, oh, oh!


- By the way, you are now
standing in front of a room.

Both of my brand new readers
and understanders of things,

go ahead and give me just a
general intelligence roll.

- 10.
- [Aabria] That's pretty good.

- 10.
- [Aabria] That's pretty good.

- For Jaysohn, pretty good.
- [Aabria] Pretty good.

You're sort of staring at these symbols,

and you get this idea.

You're like, I don't really
know what that would mean

or what a daycare would even be,

and you don't realize that
you've read those words.

You clocked it immediately.

Daycare, I guess that's
what Education is, got it.

So you're standing in front of the door,

but Ellen is riveted.

Okay, so we're talking about
burying them in the ground.

They're very large. You said
something about your father.

Was your father killed by humans?

- There's a lot to unpack here, honestly.

- But he was really brave.

- Aw, I'm so sorry he died very bravely.

That's very nice, though.
- I'm not sorry about that.

- No, yes, I'm sorry he's gone.

I'm happy it was a moment of bravery.

- Yeah, he was really brave.
He saved all of our lives.

- Yeah, I don't know if that's true.

I kind of resent it, but
I'm not supposed to say that

because my mom gets mad because it's like-

- No, you can't talk about Dad-

- You're allowed to have
your pain, that's valid.

- Everyone processes in a different way.

- So are we supposed to go to daycare?

- I mean, yeah, but it feels
like you've got read down,

and that's half the battle.
- Nice.

- Well, let's see what the
other half of the battle is.

(all laughing)

Push the door open, push
them in, yank on the door.

(Jasper panting in relief)

- Fifty percent is not a passing
grade. Let's get in there!

- We don't accept anything
less than 57. In you go!

- Thorn has had the kids
for less than an hour,

and is absolutely done.
- Absolutely done.

- It's all about building it up, baby.

You've got to build it up.

- I'm trying to remember
exactly what I said

when I gave the kids to Thorn.

I was like, take them
off, keep an eye on them.

- Hey, I'm staying
right outside this door,

but I'm staying on the
other side of this door

for just, like, five minutes.

- Teedles, Olliver, I
am the best dad ever.

- As that door shuts behind you,

Ellen is just,

oh, ba ba ba.

- I'm honestly just going
to take a quick five minutes

to take a breath.
- Sure, sure.

I'm going to go.
- Cool.

- Is it okay if Lila comes out?

- Nope.

This is just a quick cutaway moment.

In that awkward space,
we're going to jump back

to the rest of our adults

as Olliver rocks up to your group.

- Sash.
- (gasp) Thank you.

Shit, now I have to...

Two is good. Just sort of doubles up.

Do you want mint? Want some mint?

- Oh, that's so sweet. I'll
hold onto that, thank you.

- I would also like some mint.
- Oh, yeah yeah yeah.

- And if you don't actually
need that second sash,

we could hold onto it, because-

- Yeah, thank you, thank you. So good.

Thank you so much. You
guys are staying here?

- 10 by 6.

- Great, we're over in the
yellow hallway, 19 by 3.

Oh, Teedles told me to tell
you that there's Education.

It's a thing, it's a
place you send children,

and my understanding was that Thorn

would be walking Jaysohn and Lila

would be walking Jaysohn and Lila

over to Education.

- How dare he?

- No, it's where the children go

so they can meet other children.

- Oh, that sounds nice.

(cast laughs at the quick switch)

- So we have our sleeping quarters.

It seems like, do we know
if the sleeping quarters

are assigned by the jobs?

Does every sleeping hall have people

that do all the jobs in it?

We didn't get a chance to ask.

- Oh, my understanding is
it's sort of first come.

They just make a decision,
they find an open space.

- Oh, okay. We should probably
think carefully about-

- They're kind of doing the lean.

Are you having a private...

Should I go? Are you good,
do you need anything from me?

- If there's nothing
else, if there's anything

you need from us, we
know where to find you.

- 19 by 3, yes, yes. 10 by 6, got it.

Bye. Takes off.

- I'm going to lean in and say,

it seems like food is not a
thing that there's little of

around here, and we have a place to stay.

- Defending the burrow is
also pretty locked down.

- We have a lot of free time.

What do we do now that we
don't have to protect anything

or worry about food?
(Brennan quietly sobbing)

Oh no. I hold her.

It's okay, you can take a little...

(Rashawn and Erika whispering comforts)
(Aabria cackles)

She's asleep! She's asleep!

- Is she crying in her sleep?

- I'm listening for the snore.

- That's Brennan.

- You know, Mama, I
haven't heard Tula snore

since we were children.

- She really hasn't had the
opportunity to snore, you know.

I don't know that she goes

all the way into sleep every night.

I think she's in a
constant state of alertness

even when her eyes-
- There's a problem!

- No, no, no. Everything's fine.

- You'll learn to do that
when you're a mother, too.

- [Aabria] Oh my god!
- No, I'm not-

- Viola, Mama's right.
You will learn to do that.

- No, I'll be fine. I have lots of energy.

I'm not going to be, you know...

I'm going to be a completely
different mama. I'm so sorry.

Not that you aren't doing
anything nice, but I mean-

- Well, I suppose your sister knows best!

- I feel uncomfortable with this dynamic.

Me boxing out my sister
to bond with my mom

does not feel right.

I'm going to go,

we should find out

how they give jobs.

- Yes, what's this popular control?

- Oh, the Population Control.

Those were the copper ones,
they're the helpful ones.

- I find copper to be highfalutin.

That being said, I think, Viola,
you'd be very good at that.

I bet that you could be
right up there with Talulla.

- What a-
- I've taken so much

second degree psychic damage
from that whole sentence.

- I fall asleep. No.

Yeah, I think that's the job

that seemed most appealing to me.

- That seems like the one, also,

that has the most high
levels, it seems like space,

to be one of the people
that sort of gets a say.

- Yes, I think it would
be a good idea for us

to get roles in these
different departments

and kind of learn how they operate,

see if maybe we can make some improvements

or if anyone's upset about anything.

- I specifically would like to find out

when and how they sort
children into these jobs.

I don't want...

I don't want Jaysohn or Lila
to be sorted into Defense.

That's my instinct.

- Because as soon as Jaysohn
does a backflip, it's over.

- He'd be very good at it.

He'd be able to help the
warren and help it thrive.

- But Mama, the one who
got slammed against a tree,

they left them out there,
didn't even give them a name.

- They wouldn't even say their names.

- Once they're gone, they're gone.

- Names aren't all that important.

- Mama.

- There are so many stoats in this burrow

that they have to wear things

just to know who their family is.

- They're not doing it
to be fabulous, like me.

- Viola thought it was
about fabulous for a second.

- Yes.

- Real quick, just give me
a general charisma check.

- Can I use my inspiration?
- [Aabria] Yeah, obviously.

- Charisma, you said?
- Yeah.

- I have a plus seven.
- Hell yeah.

- A plus nine because of my aura.

Does my Aura of Protection work on me?

- Well, is it a save? It's not a save.

This isn't a charisma save.
- Oh, okay.

- Just a general check.
- Okay, okay. Cool, cool.

Okay, 16 plus my charisma. 18.

- Yeah, you say fabulous and you're like,

a sash is the least interesting thing

you could do with this
fabric, and now you know

you have extra, and I'm
going to leave you with that.

- Okay.
- Cool.

- So close to inventing hats.

- I just want you to
be on the road to hats.

- I mean, of course I don't
want Jaysohn to end up out there

thrown against a tree but, I mean,

you've got to let him out
of the burrow sometime.

- Well, I understand, and look,

I don't think Jaysohn
would be happy doing Refit,

but I just don't want him
to be put into Defense

or get talked to by someone...

I just have a feeling.

- Lila is smarter than the average bear.

She asks so many questions,
that could bother some people.

- Knock knock! Sorry!

You hear a tapping on the side
of the wood of your cubby den

and you see, peeking around,

she's just sort of slipped
over, and it's Sybil.


- Sybil!
- Hi, hi, hi.

Sorry, I thought I heard your voices.

Hi, you were talking about the tree

and I was like, oh, you have questions.

Hi, can I help you with everything?

- Oh, you certainly could.
Can I offer you some mint?

Would you like any mint?
- I love mint.

- Well, please have some.
- Come in, come in, come in.

- I'm going to look over
at Vi and be like....

And I go, yes, oh my god, have some.

- Full hostess. Water.
- She takes it, bites it,

and is like, oh, I didn't
know what mint was. It's hot.

- Oh, is that not good?
- Spit it out, spit it out.

- I didn't know what mint
was. I didn't like it.

- Do we have candy for Sybil?
- [Erika] Yes.

- My nose feels bad.

- Do you want some strawberry?

- Yes.
- Here, you have that.

- Thank you.

- Sybil, it's so wonderful
that you're here.

First of all, thank you so much

for being so kind to Lila and Jaysohn.

- Yeah, they're great.

- And they just immediately
took a shine to you.

They really, really were so excited

to meet you and get a
chance to talk to you.

I wanted to ask, if I could,

we had some questions about
the process from here.

It seems like everything is so
well cared for in Last Bast,

and what it looks like for us
to be given tasks and jobs.

- Yes, well, when you sort of
feel like you're acclimated...

Sorry, just so you know,
you can go pick up food

for your group in the morning
and sort of after the sunset,

so that would be down, do
you remember the big hall?

I don't really know where you came in.

You could just sort of follow everyone.

Everyone will go in one direction,

and you kind of just wait in line.

Then you'll get your, whatever meat.

It's probably rabbit.
We have a lot of rabbit.

We did a really good job with the rabbits.

But then when you feel like
there's something you want

to do or contribute, in your
time and in your own space,

if you find any of the Population Support,

they can point you in the direction

of what you think you would be good at.

You can have a conversation,

and they'll tell you kind of what-

- Who will tell us?

- You'll just be like, here's
what I did where I came from,

or here's a thing I'm really good at.

And they'll be like, well,
maybe you want to go try this,

and then go find a sort
of department lead.

- And is that a conversation...

Are there specific people

who will give us those directions, or-

- Pretty much anyone. I
don't know if you met...

Well, you must have,
because you're here now.

- Talia, we met, in Population Control.

- Oh, Talia's great, yeah.

If you talk to Talia,

she'll sort of just point
you towards someone.

I will say, I'm very biased
to Resource Allocation,

because that's mostly what new people

come in and are good at.

They're like, I'm good
at surviving out there.

And we're like, cool, help the group.

That's the thing we need
the most of. Most people.

- Is that quite a dangerous...

Of the jobs that exist, is
that one quite dangerous?

- Not normally! Give me an insight check.

You have to beat a 21.

- Well, a nat 20 gives me 30.

- Got to make you roll
any other fucking stat.

That was so great.


Yeah, you see immediately
in her face not deceit,

but a sort of, you realize
that even she has a bit of,

today kind of fucking sucked

and it's normally not like that,

and you see that little bit of a stammer,

a stutter in her excitement for her job.

Today was particularly rough,

and it's not normally like that.

I'll let you ask other
things down the line

through this interaction,

because it's a crit on the interaction.

- I'm going to look over at my sister

with a little eye contact
to think about the fact

that there's a little vulnerability here,

and just give my sister
a move of, I'm going in.

- I just tip some more
berry wine into your mouth.

- [Brennan] I'm really sorry about-

- Different kind of spicy. Wet spicy.

- I wanted to say that I am so sorry

for the member of your warren

that was lost during that hunt.

That was very, very sad. We
just lost many in our warren.

It doesn't get easy no matter
how many people you lose.

- Yeah, it's rough.

It's always rough to lose someone.

- I hope this is all right for me to say,

but we're meeting everyone
for the first time,

and you just showing the
kindness that you did to my kids

has made a very difficult
thing much easier.

We just want to be able to
be as helpful as possible

and keep these young ones safe.

I would like to use Emissary of Peace,

which gives me a plus
five to persuasion checks.

- Oh shit!
- And I'll look to my sister,

if you have any other stuff to
juice this next skill check.

Actually, I have a point of inspiration,

so I'm going to spend this here.

- I could also cast Zone of Truth on her

so she has to be a little
bit more honest with you.

- Yeah, I'm going to look at that as,

maybe I'll look at that like a last ditch.

I'll make this first push honestly.

I'm going to do a
persuasion check, if I can.

- [Aabria] Absolutely.

- I'm rolling plus nine right now.

Okay, 19.

- Okay, what are you trying to do?

- I'm sure countless new
stoats come in here every day,

and I know that there are some jobs

that might be more dangerous
than others or some jobs

that are a little bit more

punishing in some ways,

and I know that we all have
to do our part as a family.

So I just want to say,

if you have any insight or advice for us,

I would be happy to clean
the muck out of pits

or do whatever hard thing there is to do.

I just want to be able to steer

Lila and Jaysohn in the right direction

to make sure they're not in harm's way.

Do you have any advice for me?

- And while you were having
this intensely sincere moment,

you see that Sybil is sort of backing up

towards that open area, and then her ears

kind of flick back, and then
she's going to fully lean away

just to see the perimeter
of these other cubbies,

and sort of looking glad
of whatever she spotted,

and sort of looking glad
of whatever she spotted,

will come back in very closely.

Normally, Resource
Allocation is very easy,

and we just go out and hunt and forage,

sort of clean up brush.

It's been getting a little
more dangerous lately,

and Curtis...

And the ones that we
lose are not always...

When one of us passes away,

it's said that it's never easy

to take a loss,

but it is made easier by
taking their names away first.

but it is made easier by
taking their names away first.

- What?
- When a stoat passes,

it's easier if we stop thinking of them

as a person.
- Easier for who?

- All of us.

There are thousands of us, and
bad things happen every day.

I don't really want to
forget his name yet,

but it'll be easier.
- Say his name.

- I don't think I should do that.

- I grab your paws.

Take a deep breath.

(Aabria wheezes)

It's okay, you can say their name.

I lost my father, Kenji.

- Kenji.

When you say Kenji's
name, she just sort of,

not in a mean way, but
just sort of pulls back.

You see her kind of sit
back on her haunches,

still bipedal, but just upright.

When you think of your father's name,

it still hurts, doesn't it?

- No.

I'm thrown back into memories
of feeling warm and safe

and knowing that that warmth and safety

still lives within me.

That person can live on
even after they're gone.

You shouldn't just forget them completely,

because what was their life
worth if you just forget them?

- Yes, that's something
that works for my girls.

Me, on the other hand,

I agree that you should probably
push that down real tight,

never think about it ever again.

- Now, do you see that
big hump on Mama's back?

- That's where she
keeps all of her wisdom.

- [Rashawn] Yes.
- That is correct.

You could learn something
from this young lady.

- Do you remember...

I heard when I was growing up

that before, you didn't have names.

Do you remember that? The
time before we had names?

- I think that before a certain point,

I don't remember

us having names like
you all have these days,

but there was always mother,

brother, sister,


So even if we didn't have

some hoity-toity moniker,

we knew who we were to one another,

and that was the important part.

- Brother.
- That was-

- Oh shit!
- Brother.

- He was my brother.
- That's rough.

- I'm going to give this
poor kid a hug. She's young.

I'm just going to give her a hug.

- Oh god!

- Just go limp, just go limp.
- [Brennan] It's all right.

- She does begin to
cry, but also is taking,

she's very dialed into your
energy and does kind of go limp.

- How does she do that? How can she just-

- [Aabria] So she just smears tears
down your skin. - We did all the work,

and then she swooped in and got the hug!

- I crave discipline!

- We won't tell anyone
that you broke a rule

or said a name or anything like that.

But the truth is, they can make a rule,

but you could never forget that name.

- Yeah.

- [Brennan] That's all
right. That's beautiful.

- Thanks. I don't...

Thank you. You're very
nice, I'm glad you're here.

- I'm glad you're here.

It's nice to know that this place

can house sweet and
smart and capable people,

because that's what I want my
kids to be when they grow up.

It's good to know about
Resource Allocation.

Is there anything here

that I should try to
keep my kids away from?

Is there anything that's dangerous

or anyone that I should try to make sure

we don't get on the bad side of?

- Do you promise to keep a secret?

- Yes, and I mean it.

- I'm going to show you something.

- Okay.
- Follow me.

- I'm going to look at my...

Let's go.

- She is going to scurry down far and away

and starts leading you down a series-

- I finish her berry as we go.

- I'm looking at my mom and
sister and I'm like, go team.

- And leads you down and away

through a series of colored
hallways towards a big sign.

You know what, as you're moving, actually,

I want you two to give me...

This is spellcasting, so give me a roll

with your spellcasting modifier.

You two, what are you-

- For read?

- For read.
- I will absolutely not.

- You don't want that smoke at all?

Just make an intelligence check, then.

- [Rashawn] Yeah, baby.

- That's an eight.
- [Aabria] An eight?

- Auntie V crit!
- [Erika] No, that's a seven.

- [Aabria] You're fine. What happened?

What? Nat 20?
- [Brennan] Nat 20!

- [Aabria] Let's go!
- That's my girl!

- [Aabria] Amazing.

- I can read!

- Makes sense, I'm not-

- You're following hot
on the heels of Sybil

trying to keep up with
where she's going, and you,

you're still in that sort
of, what is the vibe here?

And you're keeping your
eyes a little more up.

You can follow your sister's trail

out of the corner of your eye,
you're the younger sister.

- It's the toots.
- It's the toots!

She's just got a sort
of crop duster thing.

You're like, I don't have to even look.

Sometimes we call it a
musk or a scent glad.

She's just ripping ass all
the way down these hallways.

- I don't toot!

- Okay.
- That's the most mum thing,

farting so much and then just denying it.

- I do not fart, okay?

- Moms have the most
serious farts in the world.

- They really do.

You can hear it across the
other side of the house.

- When Grandma has the toots,
I just giggle a little bit.

(Erika giggles mischievously)

- But as you're chasing,

you're seeing these
signs over and over again

and sort of picking up
first just the pattern.

You're seeing the same symbols
appearing and you're like,

oh, these are the symbols
that Sybil's following.

And then after a while, again,

it's just sort of that passive way

that you don't realize you're
reading and you're like,

oh, we must be getting closer to the lab.

It says the lab is just three turns away.

You have the ability to
read now, and you know

you are being directed
towards whatever a lab is.

Let's go see how our kids are doing.

- (Tim Curry impression)
Come up to the lab.

- [Aabria] On the other side of the door-

- (Tim Curry impression)
And see what's on the slab!

- Okay.

We can't have Tim Curry and
Bryan Cranston in one episode.

- We actually already had Tim Curry.

- Yeah, you are on the
other side of this door

in a technicolor room.

The floors are super squishy.
- [Siobhan] Great.

- There are giant piles of things to climb

and everything seems soft and bright.

You see letters written on
little signs decorating the room,

and it feels simple and
bright and clean in here,

and you see 35 other stoats,

most of them a little
bit younger than you,

a couple that are a little
bit older, and one adult

wearing the same community
support bead on his sash,

wearing the same community
support bead on his sash,

snowy white with a very high black

on his mittens and on his tail.

He says, oh, we have new students!

Hello, my name's Simon,
and welcome to Education.

Would you like to come over
here and introduce yourselves?

- I make myself look as big as I can.

- Oh, aren't you a big boy?
- No, I'm normal size.

I'm Jaysohn, and this is
Lila, and that's my sister,

and she's really clever,
and she can already read,

so I don't know if she
needs any Education.

- You can already read!

Okay, well, let's see.
What does that sign say?

And it's sort of a little
sign right by the door.

- Exit.

- It says emergency exit,
and it's a little layout.

You're actually looking
at a map of this hallway.

- What's nuclear power?

- Nuclear power is what the
people that came before us

called the Light.

- Oh.

- And the rest of the students
in the class are like, ooh!

We do not know what's
happening, but a moment.

Wow, where did you...

Oh, that's right, you
can read. Wonderful, yes.

Yes, there is so much we can talk about.

Do you want to come in and have a seat?

Right now, we're talking
about where we were

before we were here.

We're kind of just introducing ourselves.

- Can I do a perception check

to see who I think the popular kid is?

- Yeah, please do.
- [Siobhan] Great.

- Can I be looking at the map?

- [Aabria] Yeah, give me an investigation.

- I got a 12.

- 12?
- Yeah.

- I think the really sad
thing to realize here

is you guys came in with just
enough standoffish energy,

and the immediate stunt of,

my name is normal size Jaysohn
and my sister can read,

you are already the
coolest kids in this class.

- Okay, great, well then,
I'll look for whatever

is the most sidekick-y
kid that I can find.

- The most sidekick-y kid I can find!

- Where is Milhouse?

- [Aabria] There's a dark brown little kit

that looks maybe an inch shorter than you.

- Great, perfect, I sit down next to him

and I sit so cool and I yawn so big.

What's your name?

- I'm Lukas. Hi, I'm Lukas.

- We killed a bear.

- You killed a bear?
- Yeah.

- Like a whole big bear?

- Yeah.

- Why?
- So we have to do this every day?

- Do what?
- He already hates it.

- You've been here 90 seconds.

- Whoa, Jaysohn's hot.

- Jaysohn is bisexual.

- Jaysohn's entering his hot boy era.

- As soon as we walked through that door,

we became teenagers.

- [Aabria] Yeah, probably, honestly.

- Oh, okay!
- Mazel tov!

- Oh dang, I have to
study my Torah portion.

- But you can read now, so it's fine.

I think we're just supposed
to be here until we can-

- Supposed to?

- We gotta come here every morning.

- Who says?
- My mom.

- You do what your mum says?
- All the time.

Do you not have a mom?

- Yeah, we have a mum,
and our dad is dead,

and our mum doesn't know
how to tell us what to do.

- That seems really sad, actually.

- Yes she does!
(paw-fists thudding)

- Oh no!

(punches flying)

You see little Lukas is like,

whoever wins this fight
has my allegiance forever.

- It's going to be both of us!

- I can hear scrapping from inside,

and I'm like, I'm going to
pretend that's not them.

- While we're fighting, I'm
like, Jaysohn, there's a map!

- After school I think
I'm going to get this kid

to tell us secrets.

- What'd you get on your investigation?

- [Jasper] Everything is fine.
- I don't remember.

I think my dice rolled.
I sneezed on Kevin, so.

- No!
- 22.

- Yeah, just scanning down the map,

you do see bathrooms,

emergency exits farther down the hall

that you were moving
in, and then all the way

by the emergency exit,
the hallway sort of Ts.

Oh, you understand what a hallway is.

That's like a corridor that
Sybil was talking about.

- We had those in the old warren.
We know what a hallway is.

- Yeah, okay.

- You're saying that to Aabria?

- God looks at you and
goes, all right, my bad.

- Straight up Deadpool
yelling at text in the margin.

- The yellow text apologizes profusely.

Then you see where the
corridor sort of Ts out,

to the left of that, lab.



I don't know how to say the word.
- (silent) We have to go.

- (silent) Yeah yeah yeah.
- (whisper) We have to go!

- Hey, Lukas.

- Yeah? You're still fighting
and having a conversation.

- You want to ditch?
(Erika laughs)

- You see Lukas immediately
looks over at the teacher,

who goes, no, don't leave.

I like to listen to what
adults tell me to do.

- I'm sorry, who are you? To the teacher.

- Oh, hi. I'm, again, Simon.

I'm supposed to teach you.

- Can you do a forward roll, Simon?

- Yes. Can you?

- Yes. So we're good.

- [Aabria] Do a forward roll.
- So we're good?

- Do a forward roll.
- I do a forward roll.

- I don't understand why I'm being grilled

by a fellow forward roller!

- Want me to do an acrobatics check?

- [Aabria] Sure.
- Great.

- I mean, do you just do a forward roll,

or do you try to show off?

- No, I absolutely try and show off.

- Can I help?
- How?

- Okay, remember in episode one,

when he jumped off a
rock and I pushed him-

- [Aabria] In a bad way?

- In a bad way, but this
time, it's in a good way.

He does a forward handspring.

- You're going to do a performance
check with disadvantage,

because you're more of an
interrupter than a collaborator.

- Okay, well, I actually do nothing.

- That's not how this
works, you made a choice,

and now we're going to see
how the world feels about it.

- Okay, well, natural one,

so we need to actually just leave.

- So you're going to make, yeah,

your roll with disadvantage,
as your sister attempts to-

- I trip over her and then...

I got a 14.

- Yeah, for whatever reason,

your sister kind of
punches you in the baculum.

(punch thuds)
- Ow!

- The baculum?
- My dick!

- I'm sorry, I thought
we were still fighting.

- I'm really clenched when I
get out of my thing. (grunts)

- You do the roll perfectly,

but your lungs are empty
and your mind is full.

- (pained) Right in the baculum.

- You want to take the wind out of a man,

you hit him right in the baculum.

- Jaysohn's voice just drops.

- Yeah, now you're a man!

- (guttural) I'm a man!

- It's like those
whack-a-moles where you hit one

and another pops up somewhere else.

You're like, baculum.
Oh, testicles popped out!

- Boop, your balls have
dropped. Congratulations.

- Hey now, you touch my baculum again,

you're going to find out-

- What came out of my brother?

- But you still do it, and
you're just like, I'm fine.

- So what else could
you possibly teach me?

- After all that, still?
- There's a moment,

I'm not even going to make you
make the intimidation check

because a fellow male stoat just saw you

get absolutely rocked in the junk.

Again, it's like the worst version

of getting hit in the junk

but also when you slam your funny bone

and you're like, that's
killed lesser stoats.

He's like, I don't know if
there's more I can teach you.

You've got "read" and "take
a hit and keep on going".

- Right, so we're going to go.

- Lukas, come on.

- Wait, I'm a part of this? Okay.

Simon can tell my mommy
that I'll be back later.

Lukas fully gets up and
he runs over to the side

and he grabs a little bindle
that's got some snacks in it

and he's holding it in his
mouth and he runs behind you.

- Lukas, give me your sandwich.

- Okay! He just hands you a little bag.

- (coughing) Bleh!
- It's a good sandwich.

- I'll eat it.
- Lukas, try mint!

- If you're going to be in our gang,

you've got to eat some mint.

- Our gang?
- Our gang!

- You just hear a little
(sniffs) as mintiness comes out-

- It's cleared his
sinuses and now he's hot.

- He can talk normal. He's
like, whoa, I feel better.

That's all I needed, I can
sound like a normal kid now.

Hi, I'm Lukas and I can use all
the letters in the alphabet.

- Lukas, where's the
(stammering) laboratory?

- I know where it is?
- My mom goes to the lab.

- Your mom goes to the lab?

- Mm-hm, that's where she works.

- She works in the lab? What's she do?

- Makes magic?

- What's magic?

- Light.

- Oh yeah, my mom does stuff with Light.

Oh no! He feels his
sinuses closing up again.

No, not again!

It was a beautiful dream.

All right, back to where we began.

There will never be enough mint.

Okay, you can lead if you
know, but I also know.

- I'll lead.
- I also know!

I just go in fully the wrong direction.

- Come on, Jaysohn.

- I think Jaysohn's taking the
shortcut to the other mint.

Other lab. Can I have more mint?

- I don't have any more.
- I need it!

- We're going this way.
- I need the mint!

- Don't yell at me!
- Give me more!

- We found a map.
- You found a map?

- Wait, so this worked?

- They don't need Education anymore.

- I'm just picturing that poor teacher

in a meeting with his supervisor.

- We're not enrolled.
- We're not enrolled!

We don't know what school is!
- Being like, well, I know

I was supposed to get those
two other kids in the class.

- But you're never going
to believe what happened.

That kid got punched in the dick so hard

that I let them leave, and I
let them steal another kid.

- The door swings open,
I clock eyes with Simon.

I'm just like, thank you
so much. Appreciate it.

Cool. Education, how'd it go?

- Oh, it was great. Really good, yeah.

I think I might go next week.

- My name's Lukas and I need mint.

- You need bint?
- Mint.

- Oh, mint.
- Mint! Do you have some?

- What the hell? There's three of them.

- Tiddles gave us the mint.
Or was it the other one?

- Chad.

- Olliver?
- Chad gave the mint!

- Shut up, Lukas.

We picked the wrong kid.
- Okay, whoa.

What do you mean picked?

When you say picked, what do you mean?

- I don't know, Jaysohn just picked one.

- Picked one?
- Brought him with us.

- I belong to Jaysohn.
- You belong to Jaysohn?

- Yep.
- Troubling.

- I belong to my mom and to Jaysohn.

- I'm fucked. Your mum's going to be so-

- No, look, you said I had to get secrets,

and I was like, look, somebody's-

- His mom makes Blue!

- Yes!

- I don't know what Blue is.
- The Light.

- Oh.
- The magic.

- Yeah, my mom kinds of
does stuff like that.

- Okay, so you actually found secrets?

- Yeah, we know where
the lab is. Let's go.

- I'll tell you whatever
you want for some mint.

I like it. I can breathe all the way.

- He sucks.
- I don't suck!

- You can breathe all the way?
- I'm so good.

I listened, and the
teacher was like, whatever.

- You handed me a sandwich

that was bread and hard boiled egg.

- Have you had bread before?

- No, and it was bad.

- Okay.

- Truly all of Thorn's
instincts are to put this child

back in the school, but Jasper
is like, no, come with me.

- What are you going
to do with me, mister?

Am I a part of your gang or not?

- Well, let's go.

- I don't listen to you,
I only listen to Jaysohn.

- Lukas could be your new Beacon.

- Hey, you've got a Beacon now.

- I want to be a Beacon.

- Lukas, can you do a forward roll?

- Hell yeah.
- No, he can't.

I know just by looking at him, he can't.

- Damn, four on the
die. He just faceplants.

- Okay, we'll work on that.
- I'm sorry!

- No, no, no.
- I'm sorry!

- We'll work on it. Let me
show you, let me show you.

I'll show you.
- Please show me.

- Let me show you, let me
show you, let me show you.

- The lab is this way.
- Okay.

- Okay, I got a 19 that time.

- Oh my god, you're the coolest boy.

- Just like that.
- You're the coolest boy.

Excuse me, Jaysohn got hit
in the dick bone earlier.

- No, I didn't!

- No, it was amazing. That's why I got...


- Does he roll?

- He rolls good now.

I got a natural 20!

He folds in on himself and
tucks and hits the ground

and actually does the
saddest forward roll.

- [Izzy] Hey, that's a good one!

- And is just sitting
on the ground like, ow!

- (deep) Now he sounds like this.

- Lukas, that was really good.

- Thank you.
- That was really good.

It wasn't as good as mine,
but it was really good.

- I know it wasn't, 'cause
my voice still sounds bad.

- Come on, let's go get some
mint and then go meet your mom.

- Okay.

- I'll be honest, looks like
you're in charge, so let's go.

I'm just going to hang on.
Let's go to the lab, eh?

- Hey, Lila, do you
know what hierarchy is?

It's like who's in charge
of people, and right now,

I think Jaysohn is the boss,

and then you're the second
boss, and then I'm third boss,

because I belong to Jaysohn
and my mommy, and then you.

- First of all, you've
got to stop saying that.

Second of all, Lila's really smart.

- Yeah, do you know what misogyny is?

It's when you assume Jaysohn's in charge,

but actually Lila's in charge

because I was born 30
seconds before Jaysohn.

- Yeah, Lila was born
30 seconds before me,

and she's really clever.

- I don't think it has anything
to do with your gender,

and more, he was like,
I'm in charge of you,

and I went, yeah.

- So I tell you what to do,
but she tells me what to do.

- Well good, now I understand hierarchy.

- We both tell you what to do.

- Sure, okay, so you're
the boss, you're the boss,

you're especially my boss,
and then you're below me.

- He's trying to get us
to like him, you see?

Which means that we have a lot
of power over him right now.

- Do we like him? Hold on,
take like four steps back.

- I am not going to move.

- Jaysohn, I think you
gotta put this one back.

- I think I'm doing a really good job.

- I think you should go back to school.

Your mum's in the lab?
What's your mum's name?

We're going to tell her
that you were really good.

- And we won't tell her you left class.

- Deception check. Persuasion check.

- I'll give you the help
action by being like,

we definitely won't tell your mum.

- Seven.
- Don't worry, it's all fine.

- I don't even know if that's bad. Five.

- Okay, well, I'm going to go,

and I'm not going to
tell you anything else,

because mint makes secrets.

- What?

- Mint! I can't breathe!

- Simon! Please!

- The door opens up and a little white paw

reaches out, grabs Lukas by the scruff.

- Can we have a new one?
- No!

- No! The door slams.

- Right, you found some
information. Fantastic.

We are going to do one more thing,

and then we're going back to your mother,

and I am going to have a word with Viola.

- I don't know how I can-
- We need to go to the lab!

- So as long as my children

never come to the lab, they're safe.

- Yes, 100%.
- Good.

- Where's the magic?

- Hey, Tula!

- What the-

(Izzy improvises a musical sting)

- Yeah, let's have you guys
dovetail into each other

in the hallway just before you
see a big, heavy steel door.

- What do you think this lab...

Oh, Tula.

- Well!
(players saying 'Hi' to each other)

- How are you?
- I was parenting.

- Hi!
- Sybil!

- [Aabria] I don't know
what we're doing. Sybil.

- [Siobhan] Sybil!
- Hi!

- We went to the daycare
and it was really cool,

and then we left, and I think

we might go back in like
a month or something.

- [Aabria] Sure.
- How was Education?

- We did it.

- We did it. Actually, we think we did it.

We actually don't need it,
but there's other kids there.

That's fun. But then there's
a really boring grownup.

- Was Simon there?
- Yeah.

- I don't like Simon, he's really...

The thing is, I think
I kind of realize now,

now that I've spent more
time with your grandmother-

- [Izzy] Did she make you cry?

- No, we actually got along really well.

She holds up her bit of strawberry.

Yeah, I think I just needed discipline,

and Simon doesn't really have that.

He kind of just lets you do whatever,

and then you were very harsh with me

and I went, oh, this is the thing.

The structure is how you show you care.

- Right, because Grandma's so strong.

- So strong, and then Simon
just does truly whatever.

- Nice doesn't make it through the winter.

- Lila's backing up to the lab door.

- Sure, this is a heavy steel door,

so it's not going to be
the sneak you think it is.

What do you want to do?

- I want to go in here.

- Okay, you get very close to the door.

- No, not that door. Lila.
- What?

- Secret. You want to come here?

- Yeah, you come here.

- Okay, so Sybil, who
I've been talking to-

- Hi.

- Who works in Resource Allocation,

remember, hunting that giant monster?

Now, we're learning about
different places here at Last Bast

and this area is a place

that I think we should
probably try to stay away from.

Now, am I wrong, Sybil,
or is that about right?

- It's not great, there's just...

You wanted to know kind
of what was the deal,

and there was a thing that I...

You know what, I don't understand it,

and no one's explained it to me,

so that's what I think,
because everyone's so honest.

Everyone says everything,

but then they don't really say this,

and I don't like when people
don't explain things to me.

- Yeah, so you have an instinct

or you have some information.

I totally trust your wisdom.
- So let's all go in the lab

and talk about what the
thing you have to say is.

- What's the thing that you...

You think that's not a great
place for us to be, correct?

- Are you leading the witness?

- I'm trying to get her to speak plainly,

but I'm not trying to lead her.

I'm just saying, when you led us here,

you said there's something
you wanted to show us.

- Yes, it's not scary,
but it's information,

and I think because no one
has shared this information,

and I've never heard anyone talk about it,

that maybe it's scary,
because no one talks about it,

and they talk about everything
else. You know what I mean?

- Yes, what's the job that's
associated with this place?

- This is Technology.

- Okay.
- Oh, I like Technology.

It's like that bear.

- So it's not that you know it's bad,

but it's just a place that
people don't talk about.

- Yes.
- Okay, thank you.

That's really clear.
That's really helpful.

- Why don't they talk about it?

- Because not everyone understands,

and there's Technology, and
then there's other technology.

- The Light?

- So many layers!

- You saw the prods we were
using with the elk, right?

- [Izzy] Mm-hm.
- That's Technology,

but we call that technology weapons,

and we don't talk about weapons.

- What's weapons?
- Things that hurt people.

- Oh, like Grandma's dick bone?

- Huh?
- Like Grandma's dick bone.

- Like my raccoon dick, dear.

- That's...

- The story of how she got it-

- I don't want to know,
I don't want to know.

I don't want to know.
- It's a really good story.

- I'm going to be so honest-
- That's my favorite one.

The raccoon survived!
- Oh no! Jaysohn!

- [Izzy] The raccoon survived.
- And he's just got no bone?

Oh no.

- It's like one of the
first stories she told me.

As soon as I joined the
family, it was like, here,

sit down, let me tell you a story.

- Ms. Tula, I think you're the
scariest thing I've ever met.

Your family.
- Oh, us.

- [Aabria] Your mom made a
bone come out of the raccoon.

- That's why I think we were brought here.

We were brought here to
kill humans for you guys.

- Okay.
- Is that what we do here?

- Yeah.

- I mean, if they're
building weapons, probably.

That's the thing we're all
doing. We're getting ready to-

- That's not an idea that...

Sybil, thank you so much for your help

and for all of your advice.

So, this is associated with Technology,

you work in Resource Allocation,

and then Population
Control, Refit, and Defense.

Okay, understood,

Jaysohn, Lila,

I have been hearing

really exciting things about Refit.

- Mom, you're lying to us.
- What?

- Mom, you're lying to us.
- You're lying.

- Well, so let me rephrase.

What if I had heard
amazing things about Refit?

- You don't want us to
do something dangerous.

- What if?
- Dear, you should leave

the talking sort of things to your sister.

I mean, it's never been
one of your stronger suits.

- Well, let's ask Auntie
Vi. What do you think?

- Okay, as they're doing
this, can I make eye contact

with Lila and then try and
stealth into the lab with her?

- I'm not going to do
it without telling Mom.

- Well, as you sort of look
around and you're looking

for a little stealthy moment,
you catch that as you guys

have sort of turned in
on yourselves again,

Sybil has backed up and is
now over by a little grate

and is just not trying to be sneaky,

but is trying to be discreet
and is using her paw

and wedging it in and sort
of prying open the screws

to open the grate to get into the lab.

- I'll do my cool lean again.

It worked really well last time.

Pff. Grownups, right?

- Is this for me?
- They're crazy.

- This, happening right here?
Yeah, okay, that's great.

Hold that, bud. Hands you a big screw.

- Is this metal? This is metal.

- That's metal. They call it steel.

- Mom, I understand what's happening.

We want to go into the
lab because, I don't know,

Jaysohn wants to be crazy
and I want to kill humans

so that you never, ever
have to worry again,

but I know that you don't want
me to do anything dangerous,

and also I need you to know that I've had

a big change of heart and
I think that Thorn is right

when he says that we
need to harness the Blue,

because now I think that the Blue is good.

I know that this is a big change
of heart, but I'm a child,

and I think this is good.

- Okay, okay.

I think, hey,

we're tired of hearing about being safe

and this is an exciting new thing

and all of our excitement's up,

so I think what we should
do, can we make a deal?

I don't want to rain on
your parade or not be fun.

- What's a parade?

- We've got to get through the series.

- I don't want to rain
on your line of stoats.

- My favorite song.

- Barbara Stoatsand.

- Barbara Stoatsand!

Can we make a deal that-

- Yeah, if you look over at Jaysohn,

you see that Sybil has
now taken two screws

off of the grate and has opened it,

sort of just wiggled it open
enough to be like, go in!

- Tula, it's okay.

I'll go with them, we won't go far.

- I want Mom to come.

- I am already on my way into weapons.

- I want to make a deal.
- Yeah, thank you. Come on.

- We know that Mom gets really
worried about scary stuff.

Uncle Thorn is very, very brave.

- [Izzy] So is Mom.
- But we're in a new place.

Thank you, sweetie.

- Mm-hm?

- Can we all agree that
whatever Auntie Viola

thinks is the right thing to do,

that we're all going to
agree to go do that, okay?

- Before I make my decision,
I feel like you... (sighs)

- [Aabria] Aw!

You're getting double nuzzled.

- So excited for the baby!

- Make a charisma saving
throw with disadvantage.

Baby fever takes ahold
of you and ravages you.

- Disadvantage? That's a 10.

- God, they're so fucking cute.

How could you deny them anything?

Could you imagine your family,
children that look up to you,

and they just want your love and support.

- We're going to take
such good care of them!

- [Aabria] This is
actually making it worse.

- [Izzy] We're going to
babysit all the time!

- Okay, I was won over, and
yes, we're going to go in,

but before, I'm going to cast
Sanctuary on the children.

- Thank you.

- I'm going to Pass
Without Trace everyone.

- And I'm going to cast Bless.

- How many people are you
catching with that Bless, son?

- I will do myself, my sister,
and both of my children.

- I'm going to look at everyone and say,

just stay close to me.

If you want to move, let me know.

Don't go too far because
it'll be easier for them

to spot you if you're
further away from me, okay?

Jaysohn, eyes up, yes? Close to me?

You can stay-
- Yeah!

- Okay, good, just
wanted to make sure. Ava?

- Oh, I'm-
- [Aabria] Ava's been gone.

- Okay.
- Is Sybil still here?

- Yeah, Sybil's holding the grate open.

- I'm going to go up to Sybil

while these spells are being cast.

I'm just going to hold her
arm very quickly and say,

thank you for everything, and sometime,

if you're ever feeling lonely

and you want to talk about Curtis,

I'll talk to you about my kids' father.

I think that that's one of the few things

that helps, is just to talk.


Thank you.
- Thank you.

Please go in.
- Scoot in with my kids.

- Why were you making the cool girl cry?

- Mom doesn't make anyone cry.
- Don't start crying.

- It's good to cry. Crying is good, okay?

It's good to cry.

- Mommy, Mommy, Mommy!
- Yeah?

- I'm going to wrap my
arms around your neck

and be like, Mommy, Mommy!

- Chain reaction. I'm hormonal.

- [Aabria] Oh no!
- You need to stop it!

Stop crying.

- I know that you might not
like this, but honestly,

just from being here for
like a little bit of time,

I think that our family
is exceptional, okay,

and that we may be the only ones

who can actually save the world,

because you're the most powerful person

I've ever met in my entire life.

- You're so strong.
- And you made us,

and we got to that daycare,
and it was like, oh,

these chumps ain't got nothing on us.

- I have to agree. It was a room full
of idiots. - The teacher let us go!

- They just let us go.
- There was one kid there-

- I punched my brother in
the dick and he let us go.

- By accident.

- That is crazy, for sure.
- They walked all over this guy.

Honestly, he looked scared of them.

- I still did a really good forward roll.

- I wouldn't be doing this if I thought

that it wasn't going to be something

that would never make
you worry ever again.

- Thank you so much for going
in. I'm holding this open.

- Sybil, I love you. Come with us.

- I'm holding this open
while you're having

a very urgent conversation outside,

and I have bones that were broken today.

- Oh shit, oh goddammit,
I'm such a fucking idiot!

- We're going to take a quick look,

and then we're going to
turn right back around,

because Sybil needs to go, okay?

- [Siobhan] Yeah.

I'm going to shunt them
off with Grandma and Viola,

and just as I do so, I'm going
to pull Thorn for a second.

Hi, Thorn. Thank you so much
for watching the children.

I'm just going to be very brief

because we only have a
second before they come back.

The last thing my children
need to be convinced of

is that they are invincible.

I'm certainly not telling
them they're invincible.

I understand where you're coming from,

but something is happening here,

and you told me that we have
to be prepared for everything.

If we're in the dark, we know nothing,

and if we know nothing, we are not safe.

- Whew, when he's stirring, it's nice.

- Crying, now horny.

- [Aabria] Honestly, love
the tears, I love it.

- Who knows?
- She's got the range for it.

- We've got this. You've got this.

- For whatever it's worth,
I'm not part of this.

- You are. You're always
part of this, of course.

- You're in the family now.

- I think you guys are pretty great.

There's a lot going on,

all of us working towards
something very big.

We'll look out for them. And
Simon is an absolute bitch.

Not super indicative of, that's
why he's got the job with kids.

You know what I mean?

- Grandma-
- Let's go.

- Grandma is already down the passage.

- If you see one of those spiky weapons,

if you see one of those zappy weapons,

can I have a go with it?
- Oh, absolutely, Jaysohn.

- No. I will side with
your mother on that one.

I think we should have a discussion

about who gets the zappy weapons.

- But Grandma already said,
so no takesies-backsies.

- I put my paw down.
- Terrifying.

- I call back behind me.

- Everyone has a plus 10 to stealth.

- Let's go. Give me those
stealth rolls, baby.

- [Izzy] Is that in addition?
- In addition to your stealth.

- So your stealth, and then you add a 10.

♪ I have plus 19 ♪

Now I'm going to get a nat one.

- [Aabria] Don't tempt
the world like that.

- Dirty 20.
- [Aabria] Dirty 20.

- 21. We rolled poorly.

- Yes, just a big old seven.

- 17, so 27.
- [Aabria] 27.

- 26.

- 10.

- Because you weren't in the AOE for it.

- Nope.
- [Aabria] Amazing.

- [Rashawn] I was going to say-
- [Aabria] She's took off.

- Absolutely wild.
- What'd you get?

- 33.

- This bitch is going to kill us all.

- Clunk, clunk, clunk.
- Everybody said we're going,

and I was like, all right, we're going!

I turned around, and nobody was there.

- So you're going down this hallway,

and you are making truly zero noise.

Everyone behind you is sort of covered

with your effect, and then Sybil runs up

and is going to sort of
wrap herself around you.

Hi, you're making a lot of noise.

- Should we not be?

- Shh, you've got to use your inside

of a hollow thing that
reverberates noise voice.

- I truly do not ever modulate my voice.

- Can you please, if I give you...

Does anyone give you strawberry?

I'll give you a strawberry
if you be very quiet

and let me carry you on my back

just for a little bit until we get...

Just have a snack.
- In this moment,

I'll envelop Ava in
the Pass Without Trace.

- I open the wrapper on my
strawberry, and it is silent.

None of the crinkling.

- Yeah, and Sybil will,
you can kind of see

the strain in her face as
she hoists you on her back

and she gets very low on all fours

and is going at half of your speed now,

but is silent moving through this.

Okay, I'm going to take
you, we're going to go out

and then into a cabinet, and
then I'll show you the thing.

But be very quiet, because
they're working up there.

And she points through a grate,

and you see into this
very clean, sterile room.

Everything is white and immaculate

with a giant stainless steel
mesa in the center of the room,

and you can see sparks and hear the sounds

of grinding and the tearing into metal

and just work being done,

and I think you can't
really see how many stoats

are up there, but you know
that there's a sizable number.

But they are working on
something very noisy,

so this will be not an impossible
task of sneaking through.

- Is there a very congested woman?

- You don't hear anyone
talking, but that is hilarious.

Actually yeah, you know
what, halfway through,

you just hear the sound
of a nose being blown.

- (whisper) That's his mom.

- You make your way through and around.

She pries open the other one.

Put you down.

Eating candy.
- Shh!

- And is going to do the same thing

and unscrews screws and
hands them to you, Jaysohn.

Perfect, good. And pries open
the other side of the grate.

You see, it's probably, let's say,

a 60 foot run of open air in this lab

before there's a little
chewed through hole

in the side of the cabinet.

Okay, when you hear a big buzzing sound,

sprint quietly in the hole, okay?

Who's going first?


Three, two, one, go!

Yeah, go ahead and give me

a stealth check and an acrobatics check.

- I'll go right behind
Jaysohn to make sure.

- And we still have Pass Without Trace.

- [Aabria] You still
have Pass Without Trace.

- Thank god. It's another 21
on the stealth. - Perfect.

- And then acrobatics.

Oh boy, that's a nine.

- It's okay, you are simply
struggling with the fact

that you were given all
of these bits to hold.

- [Siobhan] I'm dangling.

- You hear, as you drop
one of the four screws

you were holding hits the
ground, and you keep sprinting,

the buzz stops, but
you duck into the hole.

Someone looks out and over,

moves back, continues to work.

Who's up next?

- That's a 34.

- [Aabria] Yep.
- [Siobhan] Jesus.

- And then 14 plus, what
is this, acrobatics?

- [Aabria] Yeah.
- That is a 20, dirty 20.

- So the thing is, I think
Sybil turns to you and says,

and you're already gone,
and the end of your tail

is disappearing into the cabinet.

Who's next?
- I got a 31 for stealth,

but a seven for acrobatics.

- I think you're running
across and you kick the screw

and you hear it kind of
skitter across this hard floor,

and it makes another
ding into the cabinet.

You get in, but the next person

is making their stealth
check with disadvantage.

Who's next?
- I'll go.

- Okay, you get caught in the aura,

so you get a plus 10, but you're
rolling with disadvantage.

Give me your stealth check.
- Okay, this one was a 19.

That's a 15.

- 15 total?
- 15 total. Wait.

- You have a plus 10.
- Did you add your plus?

- 17.
- Okay, cool. 17 total.

You are just sort of struggling with,

there's a little heat on
you and people are looking

and you're running and
you're carrying this.

- So I see my daughter go and slip up,

- So I see my daughter go and slip up,

so I immediately sprint across.

- Okay, you got a 17 on your roll,

and I rolled a 17 for perception,

so I want to make this one more die roll.

I'm going to give you one
more chance to beat a 17,

but I'm going to put in the Box of Doom

because if they see you,

this whole thing gets blown wide open.

That feel good? That feel fair?

- No, it doesn't feel
good, but that is fair.

- [Aabria] Well, no, we'll do that.

- You'll be hearing from my lawyers!

- What's a layer? Hi, buddy!

- There's no possibility

to give a help action here, is there?

- Nope, but I love that you want to try.

- Oh my gosh.

- Point it that way so Jasper can see.

- [Aabria] Yeah, it's the boy!
- Welcome to the table.

- This is so cool!
- [Aabria] Hi, Doomy!

- My old nemesis.

♪ Hello darkness, my old friend ♪

- What does it feel like to be

on this side of the Box of Doom?

- Scary, I don't like that at all.

- It's really scary, huh?
- Get it away, get it away!

- Do I know, I'm trying to beat a 17?

With, this is stealth,

so plus 10, plus 2, so plus 12.

- So you just need a five.
- I need a five.

- Just a five, right? God, I
don't like this. - That's easy.

I need to beat a five!
- Only a one in four chance

that you actually ruin this moment.

Could you imagine?

- Oh, it's a 10!
- Oh, thank god.

- Woo!
- Still way too low.


- You freeze, and all you
can do is hunker and wait.

You know if you take another
step, it will be sound.

They froze up there, and all
you can do is get flat and low

and hope that luck prevails
or something happens,

because there's no way to not see you.

You just wait. Everyone
waits for a pregnant breath.

And then the buzzing begins again.

You're able to make your way in.

Give me my son!

Old Doomy.

- Is there flashes?

Are there sparks and
things as they're working?

- [Aabria] Yeah.

- Can I say my Pass Without Trace is,

as people are running across,

I'm trying to add to the flashes

almost like little sparks to
sort of block them from view?

So if people are looking down

at where they are, it's a little-

- I know you think you
said a very cool thing,

but you're now talking about

doing a minor fireworks display.

- Oh no, okay, I'm not going to do that.

It was just Pass Without Trace!

I'm just trying to add flavor!
Please, please, please!

- The man's just trying to add flavor!

- I was just trying to add flavor!

- What you did is add mint to a society

that thinks cold spicy is not the juice.

- There you go.
- I don't like it either.

It's horrible, I'm never
going to eat mint again.

- It's just Lila, me, and Sybil left here?

- [Aabria] Yes.

- I'm going to look at
Sybil and say, the screw.

Do we need that?

- Yeah, yeah, yeah, I can get
it. Do you want to get it?

- No, no, no. I think that's great.

Lila, you go next, and then Sybil,

you get the screw, and I'll come in last.

- Without you?

- Yeah, you're going to go,

and then Sybil's going to
be right behind you, okay?

- Do you want me to go with you?

That way, if anything
happens, I run very fast too.

We'll get the screw and we'll go quickly.

- Then Mom's going to be here alone.

- I'll be okay, sweetie. It's fine.

- Your mom's wonderful.
She's going to be great.

You're going to be great.

- Yeah, it's going to be fine.

- Okay.
- She'll run faster

knowing that you're already okay.

- [Brennan] That's true.

- We're going to go on three. One, two...

And she kind of just gives you
a little squeeze on your hand

and lets you go so you can run full bore.

Three, go!

Go ahead and give me a stealth
check and acrobatics check.

- Stealth is 28.

- Yeah, perfect.

- And then acrobatics is...


- 15 is good. You get through.

I think you start breaking
towards the screw that was kicked

and she pushes you into
the hole to run over

and grab the screw and
then turns and points back

where you're still waiting
and goes, come on, now, now!

- She grabbed the screw, though?

- Yeah, she grabbed the screw.
- Okay, great.

I am gonna go.

I have disadvantage on stealth,

and the lower of my two numbers is a 17,

so that's a 31 on stealth.

- Let's go!
- [Jasper] Okay, whew!

- Misleading.

- [Jasper] You buried the
lede on that one, Brennan.

- Misleading!
- [Erika] Brennan, why?

- Acrobatics is an eight.

- It's okay, you are so
stealthy that as Sybil

picks up the screw she's like,
whoa, you got here so fast!

Go, go, go!

So it's just sort of a
tumble of the two of you

getting pushed through the door.

Sorry, sorry, sorry! I'm
so sorry, I'm so sorry!

- I think I was projecting
bravery for my daughter,

and then when I realize and I look back

at an empty, drafty tunnel
behind me, I go, no, no!

- It's a bit of a scramble. I'm
sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry!

- I don't like being alone.
- I get that. Okay.

And she walks over. You all
did so good, you were great.

Thank you for holding the screws.

- Sorry I dropped one.

- You only dropped one, that's crazy.

- Impressive, honestly.
- Good job, Jaysohn.

- I don't think I could
have held them all,

so I was giving them to
you and I was like, oh no,

I'm putting it in your
hands, but then you're great,

so you did it, and it was great.

- I'm in love with you.

- Aw, thank you. That's really nice.

- Girlfriend!

- You know what, it's okay, bud.

Can you help me pull
out this tape recorder?

- Do I hear wedding bells?
- Tape recorder?

- Yeah.
- Yes. What is that?

- I'm going to show you.
- [Siobhan] Okay.

- Are there really bad people in here?

- What does that even mean?
- Are we about to, like-

- You don't know what a tape recorder is.

- Izzy's asking!

- Sweet. Watch the movie, Izzy.

- Wow!

- Never. They're in suits.

- She gently places the
screws in a little pile.

You come over and help her
carry a small tape recorder,

and you see that right
before she hits play, oh god!

And goes and rolls this big wheel

that seems buried on the side of it

and rolls it down so the
volume is incredibly low.

- [Wenabocker] I've actually
never used one of these before.

Hello, my name is Robert Wenabocker.

I'm the lead engineer here

at Warren Peace Memorial
Nuclear Power Plant.

Hey guys, give me five minutes.

I just gotta log it.

The time is currently 18:48,

and at approximately 5:17 today,

this facility registered
a loss of coolant accident

in reactor Charlie.

At 11:20, all plant personnel
were notified via intercom-

- Oh, hold on. I'm so sorry.

Then she disappears again,
finds a second tape,

and you see her slowly and
laboriously load it in.

- Is that the monsters?

Is that what the monsters sound like?

- [Brennan] Do we
understand this language?

- You do.

- [Wenabocker] Hello,
this is Dr. Wenabocker.

It is 4/21/62 at 8:11.

The LOC logged on the
18th has proven difficult.

Our structural engineers have noted

significant integrity loss
surrounding reactor Charlie.

Now, this integrity loss may
result in repeated incidents

of increased severity if left untreated.

We are not doing that.

We are handling things now

with the repair materials on hand,

and we should have this
remedied within the-

- The tape just kind of stops there.

- Who's Charlie?

- I don't know, but I've
seen the word reactor.

- [Izzy] Where?

- If you go through...

You can read, yeah? I'll
drop you a map tonight.

I found a couple places, and
these are the only places

that are sealed shut that we
can't go, because even the lab,

if we had knocked on the door,

someone would have come and
let us in and talked to us.

But the places marked reactor are sealed.

I don't know what's in there, but I think-

- You think it's a weapon?

- Whatever 'Wenabocker' is,
something bad happened there,

and every time I've tried to ask,

no one's as friendly
when I ask about that,

or they don't know either.

- I didn't understand any of it,

but he sounded really stressed out.

- At first he was like, blah blah blah,

I'm doing nothing, and
something kind of bad happened.

In the second one, he was
saying stuff, and it was worse.

I don't know what it means.

- Lila understands.

- Lila, tell me if this
tracks for you, all of you.

Something bad happened to
these monsters, these humans?

- Humans.

- And they're no longer here.

- They're coming back.
- How do you know?

- No, that's what we're doing here!

Everything we're doing,
all of the Defense,

making sure we have supplies,

building technology and weapons,

it's because the First Stoats told us

that they drove them off, but
they were going to come back.

- The things that were here
before were the monsters?

The two-legged monsters

were the things that were here before?

- What did they do to us?
- Well, they killed our dad.

- That's why we have to be ready.

- Something bad happened.
They deserted this place?

They were driven out?
- By the first ones?

- They can't stand the Blue.

They can't live with the Blue.

- Like I told you before,
when the Blue was there-

- So if they can't live with the Blue,

then why have the First Stoats said

that they're coming back?
- How do they know?

- Because, well I've seen some-

- That's what you would tell someone

to make sure that they stay in line,

that they're living in fear
that something will come back.

- I'm becoming a little
bit upset for a moment.

- I'm sorry.
- [Brennan] That's all right.

- You're becoming upset?

- Because we were led here with
the understanding, correct,

that we were trying to
find places that were here

that were unsafe, and we mentioned the lab

and that people don't talk about it,

and that was a little bit concerning,

but what we've just
discovered in this moment

is that Last Bast

at large is not safe.

Monsters are on their way here, correct?

- I think...

I think the truth is,

the monsters were always
going to be coming back,

and there's a lot of people...

There's a lot of stoats that got here

because something bad happened.

Something showed up and
ruined where they lived,

so everyone's fallen back to here.

- So the reason this place is so large

is because the First
Stoats didn't build it.

Stoats don't build, so we're
not in a rabbit warren,

we're in a monster warren.

- Yes.

- Yes, but there's nowhere safer.

There's no rabbit hole or
tree that's safer than this.

- That's not true, that's not true at all!

- Shh, sweetie. Please.

- She's making me upset.
- I know.

- She's not understanding,
we're all in danger.

We were supposed to be
safe, but now we're not.

- Viola!
- What!

- We've had this discussion
before. Do you remember?

There are several times, if
something attacks the camp,

something is near the
camp, what do you not do?

Run around telling every single stoat

or badger or something that
there's something coming.

We have to organize, be
thoughtful in the way

that we approach these
situations, you know that we do.

Tula, I understand that this is terrifying

and we have to prepare, I'm
not saying that we don't,

but we cannot start panicking now

and running around telling
thousands of stoats

that something terrible is happening.

We have to be-
- Okay, focus.

I just told you something
terrible is happening.

- I wasn't aiming that
at you. I apologize.

- My understanding is
that all of the stoats

of Last Bast know this to be true.

This has been disseminated amongst-

- That's why we're all working so hard.

- They're all working so
hard to fight monsters.

- What are a bunch of monsters

to all of us and everything we can do?

- Sorry, didn't we already
have this discussion?

Didn't they tell us when we were like, oh,

what rabbits did you
take this warren from?

And they were like, oh, it's humans.

So we've already heard this information.

- [Aabria] Correct.

- So I think that Tula didn't hear.

I think for her, there was a lot going on.

- [Aabria] For sure.

- It was like mythology and a big story.

But now it's like a person she
trusts has been like, yeah,

they're coming back, so I
think it's clicked for her.

- Sure, sure, sure. I'm
sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

- Of course they want to come back.

We have so many rabbits here,

and we have Blue and we have-
- What's Blue? Oh, the Light.

You call it Blue. It is kind of blue.

- This is an incredible safe place,

and a place that we can
use the surrounding things

in the area and save them
here for so many stoats.

What other warren is going to have a...

Thussand? A thussand of stoats.

- Several thousand stoats.

- They know the Light better than we do.

What if they know something
that we don't know?

- They don't know the
Light better than we do.

- They don't like the Light. I've seen it.

That day that I saw them
traveling in that not bear-

- Not bear?
- Yes, yes.

We saw a bunch of
chipmunks inside of a bear,

and they were pulling it,

so I saw a bunch of them
inside a not bear, and they-

- She puts her finger to
her lips and then yours,

and then you see with her free
hand she casts Minor Illusion

and creates the image of a
truck, four wheels, flat.

Is this your not bear?

- That is what took my Ken.

- Mom, what killed Dad?

(Brennan sighs)

- Geoffrey died

where I couldn't find him
until he was already gone.

Was there proof of what
killed him when I got there?

- I think your best understanding

wasn't from anything you saw on him,

but that when you heard he was in danger,

some of the stoats he was traveling with

ranging farther and farther out,

he was in a field of clover

at the edge of where you know safety lies.

Then you heard thunder on a clear day,

and when you finally
got to him, he was down.

- Sweetie.

I don't know.

Poison dust, thunder on
a day without clouds,

hollow bears that move
without lifting their legs.

I don't know what these monsters can do,

but I know that your
father wanted to know,

and when I found him,

I wasn't even clever enough to
know how they had killed him.

So you'll forgive me if I
am a little bit worried,

and I would like people
to listen to my sister,

because she is absolutely right

when she says that whatever
we have discovered,

these monsters were clever enough to make,

and they do know it better than us.

No matter how much we
are obsessed with it,

confident that we can harness it,

the sky and the water, that's the Blue.

That's where we come from.

For all we know, where it
comes from is these monsters.

So I don't know where this
confidence comes from,

but if confidence could keep you alive,

then Geoffrey would still be here.

So we need to figure out
what we're going to do,

because if the plan is to fight
an endless wave of monsters

with the scraps we have
collected from the forest,

then you can count me out.

And as a stoat that is
about to be a father,

you should count yourself out!

- Tula, there's nowhere else to go.

- Yes, there is. Just keep running.

- Where?
- I don't know where.

Higher ground, cleaner air, farther away.

- There's thousands of stoats here.

They have come from every direction.

- Mum, I don't want to keep running.

- I'm sorry.

I know I was born here.

But I believe from everything I've seen

that there is nowhere

that they can't go,

but there's something
here that we understand.

Understanding. We can push them back.

And we can stay safe.

- There's always something
unknown and scary,

monsters in the dark trying to get you,

but when you find something in people

that can help push that back,

you hang onto that.

Walmer and all of the rest of them,

they trusted in the sky and the
water and that kind of blue.

In our family, we trusted in our Blue,

and it got us here alive
and it fed your children.

So sometimes, even if
things can be a little scary

and you carry the fears

that your past have taught you,

you have to learn a new
culture, even if ours is better.

- You're telling me to embrace change?

- Well, I would never say it like that!

- Please help us.

- Well,

sometimes in life,

when you find out that a thing is better

in another direction,

you have to-

- You got it.
- ...do a slightly

different thing!

- [Aabria] Catch the
blood, catch the blood.

- You've got to do a thing
that you're not used to!

So, well,

Lila here learned read.

Jaysohn here now has testicles.

- Huh?

- Grandma, can you teach me...

Can you teach me how
you killed that rabbit?

Can you teach me how to do that?

- Yes. Yes, I can.

I've never been so proud.

- Best grandma in the world.

- Tula, the children want to stay here.

Viola, where are you going to go

that has readily available rabbits

and people who know


Not bear?

- They're called trucks.
I can show you one.

- I want to see. I want
to see all the technology.

I want to see all the weapons.

And I want to meet the First Stoats.

- Okay.


- Mom, I'll do whatever
you think we should do.

- Yeah, me too, Mum,
but I do want to stay.

- They're good kids, Tula,

and you are their mother.

- I'm just going to touch my heart.

What's your heart telling you?

I know you want to make me happy.

But one day, I won't be here anymore,

and you're going to have to
listen to your own heart.

What's it telling you to do?

- (whisper) Don't tell her
about killing the monsters.

She's not going to want to hear it.

- (whisper) I can hear you say
that, so I know she knows that now.

I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

- We have someone here who's...

I'm really good at telling when
someone's not being honest,

and we have someone here who,
besides being really cool,

has been really honest with us and took us

and showed us part of her world
that she wasn't supposed to

and asked us for help,

and whenever we've asked you for help,

you haven't ever hesitated.

- If we're going to do it, we
might as well go all the way,

do everything we can.

- Really quick,

there was a moment that happened

just a few seconds ago, so
I'm going to ask for a roll.

I need you to make an
insight check against a lie

that your mother has told you.

Go ahead and make it.


- Insight?

- [Aabria] Yeah.

- 16.

- 11.

- So with a 16 versus Tula's 11,

you realize something

that sort of knocks the
wind out of your lungs.

Not every lie is about the
words you say that aren't true.

There are lies of
omission, and your mother,

your fiercest friend and
protector in this world

who has turned the shape of her life

around you and your brother
to protect you both,

who supported you
through all of your worry

and wonder about the world,

something important,
something foundational to her,

is a lie.

She's lying to you.

- Do I know what it is?

- No, and that is where we're going to end

tonight's episode of Burrow's End.

- You've been lying?

My mum is a liar?
- We'll see you next time.

- Mama!

- [Aabria] ♪ Mama! ♪
- She killed Geoffrey!

- No.

- She shot him in the face!
- She slit his throat!

- That was the thunder from the clear sky!

- Tired of you hanging
out with these monsters.

Pow, pow, pow! Pow, pow, pow!

- She pulled out an entire gun.

♪ He had it coming, he had it coming ♪

♪ He only had himself to blame ♪

- Huge theater kid energy here.

- You mean to say that we're new here

and nobody's paying attention to us?

- I think a lot of people are
paying attention to us, Mama.

Maybe too many.

- You are full of secrets.

Didn't you tell someone here

about the dust that killed your warren?

- Yes.

- What do you think caused the dust?

- I'd like to go see truck.

- Our grandma's really strong.
- Shh!

- Just like me.

- If these humans come back-
- Oh my god!

- Are there multiple
plans? Is it one big thing?

- This is what you wanted to do, right?

We're going to find the Blue

and use it to fight the monsters.

- Oh.
- What?

- I'm the Director, one
of the First Stoats.

- You met one of the First Stoats?

- There are four of us.

I appreciate your
interest in the leadership

of this community.
- Hm.

- Hm?
- Hm?

- Don't know what life there would be

if I couldn't say your name.

- I don't think everybody's
quite ready for things,

especially Tula.

- Everything I've ever
believed could be some lie

fabricated by these monsters.

- What do you think might happen

if you keep asking a
mean person questions?

- Kill us.
- Yeah, that's a good guess.

Lila, that's a good guess.

- Several stoats with copper wire

wrapped around their sashes
always have eyes on you.

- Very, very curious.
- We have to pivot.

- I suppose that we should
go meet Charlie, yes.

- We've got to find the reactor.

Keep them safe.
- I will.

- [Brennan] You know that they are lying.

- I didn't tell them where you live.

They know where you live.
- Where are we, Tula?

- [Izzy] I think we broke a lot of rules

and asked too many questions.

- [Brennan] This place is not safe.

- Then you start getting
to spaces and places

where it's dusty and there are
no longer stoat footprints,

and you feel it.

- Oh my god! I'm so stressed!
- Welcome to the dome.

(moody electronic music)