Dimension 20 (2018-…): Season 20, Episode 3 - A Second Sun - full transcript

The stoats search for a new home. Thorn discovers something unexpected. Viola prepares for a change.

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(tense but whimsical music)
(stoats squeaking)

(tense music continues)
(bear growls)

(tense music continues)

- Hello and welcome back to
Dimension 20: Burrow's End.

I am your dungeon master and
warren warden Aabria Iyengar,

and with me are my excellent ermines.

- (squeal) Yes!

- Say hi, excellent ermines.
- [Players] Hi, excellent ermines!

- This is the moment
where you have to explain

what an ermine is under-
I'm not going to do it here.

- In England, we say er-mine.

- Er-mine?

- I said er-mine as well just then

and I didn't realize.
Ding. (ding) There ya go.

- Add it to the tally.

- Famously used in classical paintings

to symbolize virginity.

- Yeah.
- And royalty.

- And royalty.
- When they're dead.

- [Aabria] There's a fun thing where-

- When they're dead, they're royal.

When they're alive, they're virgins.

- When they're dead, they're royal.

They're cute little virgins.
- Symbolism.

- Do they not fuck?
- They absolutely fuck.

- Royals?

(Erika guffaws)

- Famously.
- Famously!

- Each other.
- They fuck a lot.

- We can have a conversation
about stoat lore later.

For now, a little recap.

So moving into the
woods, deeper and darker,

our family debated when and how to make

a new home for themselves
until they ran afoul

of a massive, if bedraggled, brown bear.

Not a green bear, it was brown.

Strangely, the threat came
not from the bear itself,

but from the parasitic,
carnivorous chipmunks infecting it.

A fight commenced after Ava was abducted

and dragged into the
body of the bear itself.

Our children proved themselves to be

truly terrifyingly capable in
a scrap, and the adults went

straight to the proverbial and
literal heart of the problem,

putting down the beast.

Now, after interacting with
the bear, becoming stronger,

becoming wiser and
learning a little bit more

about the nature of the Blue,
you all have leveled up,

and we pick up now in the evening,

still safe under the shadow of the bear.

(wind rushing)

(Siobhan snoring cutely)

Jaysohn, immediately asleep
in the cutest way possible.

- So dead asleep.

He's just folded over a bear claw.

Is that comfortable? Why
is he sleeping like that?

- I'm so sorry, you have a big-

- Yeah, it's Jaysohn
dirt. Dirt for Jaysohn.

It's there on purpose.

Stop licking your thumb
and trying to wipe it off.

- Lila, leave your brother
alone, he's sleeping.

(Siobhan snores cutely)

- (whisper) He has shit on his face.

(cast laughing)

- We all have a little bit of shit on us.

We were in the innards of
a bear. I was at the brain.

- I am pristine.
- Slough, slough.

- That sandpaper tongue does good work.

It's like detangling.
- Yeah!

(Rashawn laughing)

(disgusted groan)

- So, let's cut back to the natural 20

that we got in Adventuring Party.

If you didn't see that, pause right now,

go back and watch that,

and we're going to adjudicate
here in the game now.

- You gotta watch the Adventuring Party.

- You gotta watch it.

- If you're not watching
Adventuring Party-

- [Both] You're only
getting half the story!

(players laughing at the 'Drag
Race: Untucked' reference)

- That was great, and I
feel very good, actually.

- Honey, if you're not
watching Adventuring Party-

- Can I get an amen up in here?

- Amen!
- Amen.

- Can I get an incredible?

- In...
- Credible.

- And also with you. Lila.

Lila, in this moment, as
everything's sort of winding down

and people are going
to sleep or moving off

to be quiet adults in the evening,

your brother has already
knocked out for the night

at a horrifying angle over
a bear claw, and you see,

deep in the woods, now
that you're looking around

this pale blue glow that
suffuses everything,

it's still dark and it's still quiet,

but I think you're
starting to put together

your understanding, the
questions that have plagued you

and have driven you madly towards

sneaking through the Red
Warren that was your home

trying to figure out what's going on,

what the parents aren't
saying, what the adults know

and why they wouldn't share it with you,

especially where it
pertains to your family,

your grandfather that you never knew,

and your father that died
half of your lifetime ago.

I think you understand,
especially now, in this place,

looking around, that it's not
that the Blue is some monster

or some strange incursion,
but the Blue is everywhere.

It is everything.

You can't help but see it
in the glow of the trees

that don't look sinister or
evil, they're just different.

Everything is a little different here.

Everything that's been
touched is not quite right.

Even the chipmunks in that bear,

you've seen a chipmunk before.

You've eaten a normal chipmunk.

You've never seen the
look on the face that...

You still have that face, yeah?

- Auntie has it.

- Oh yeah.
- [Jasper] Folded up.

- I unfold it and I put it
against a little piece of bark

so it's got some hard surface to it.

I give it back to her.

- You look down at that ripped
off chipmunk face, and you...

Oh, horrifying. Doing it through
the mask like a criminal.

And realizing that you've
never seen a chipmunk

with that strange ribbon
worm-like tongue, either,

that everything is just a little different

and a little corrupted,

but that means everything's
a little different,

and that includes you, and
that includes your family.

And I think there's a sense of,

there's not some specific secret
that you're locked out of.

You were just finally
around enough new data

to realize that everything
is touched by this,

and the next question
is, how far does this go?

Do you have anything you
want to follow up with

as a little secondary ask,

because a crit is very, very good?

- What does my uncle want?
(Siobhan gasps)

Is there any...

I mean, that might not have to do-

- I can give you an
answer that's less insight

and more sort of tapped in
with that Blue and that arcana.

- Yeah.

- I think you see how much
the Blue suffuses everything,

and you understand, in the
same way that all stoats

that, again, don't make their own burrows,

they find power and
resources and take them,

that this feels connected in that way,

that your uncle saw and maybe understood

the potential of this
power early on in his life

and is just trying to
find a way to tap into it.

That make sense?
- Mm-hm.

- Cool, is there anything
else you want to do

before you go to sleep for the night?

- Are the adults up and talking?

- I was going to ask, if I'm
seeing Lila kind of clocking,

you know, looking, searching for answers-

- Yeah, I think I was also just
sort of going to be like...

- [Jasper] Yeah, I think
that (stammers) Thorn might-

- Just looking very
inviting for a conversation.

- I think Thorn might come
over to you and just say,

(clears throat)

you were-
- How are you?

- Hm?
(Aabria laughs)

How am I?
- Mm-hm.

- I'm good, thank you. Yeah.

You were really impressive back
there, you and your brother.

It was quite amazing, actually.

I've got to be honest, you notice things

that us adults could never
(chuckles) hope of seeing.

You've put things, pieced things together

that I've spent months looking
for, it's really impressive.

- Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh, thank you.

- Well, no, I'm saying
this because we need you.

- Well, I think I get that from you.

- Well, I don't know about that.

- No, I do.

- Oh, well, thank you.

- Yeah, I've always sort
of, like, I don't know.

A lot of people follow you, right?

- Yes, it's, truth be told...

(out of character) We sort
of are slightly alone?

- You have to yell sidebar,

or it's assumed that you're
having this conversation-

- Sidebar!
- I declare sidebar!

(Erika softly shouts)

- In the name of Grayskull!

- The terms have been
met. You are private.

- I'll just sort of drop
it a little bit and say,

(as Thorn) truth be
told, Lila, I don't think

I ever really wanted people to follow me.

It was sort of, much like
your mother was saying,

the world shows you and gives you options,

and you have limited number of choices,

and I realized early on
that I had an ability

to help and inspire people, give them hope

in times that felt terrifying
and awful, so I sort of...

It wasn't necessarily
something that I welcomed,

but actually, your auntie
has really helped me see

the potential that I have,

so I want you to know

that I never had any designs or ideas

of being like your father.

From what I've heard,
he's an incredible person.

I'm not him, but I'm here,

and I'm going to do everything I can

to keep this family safe.

- Were you friends?

- With your father?

No, I didn't have the
pleasure of meeting him.

He passed before I joined the family.

But of course, people
have heard of Geoffrey.

He's an impressive warrior, so.

- [Izzy] It sounds like
you are pretty similar.

- I'm not bad, but there
are definitely people

more intelligent than me.

Yourself, for instance, I think.

- I'm not smarter than you.

- I think you might be, honestly.

I made some questionable
decisions yesterday,

and you were pretty levelheaded.

It was kind of impressive.

- Okay, well,
(Aabria chortles)

- [Jasper] But,
- I'll keep that.

- The reason I wanted
to talk to you was just,

this Blue, I believe truly
that this is the one thing

this Blue, I believe truly
that this is the one thing

that the creatures that caused
that horrible toxic smoke

that killed everyone that we know,
- Mm-hmm.

I believe that their one
weakness is this Blue.

I don't think that they have the ability

to sort of house it and
control it like we do.

That's why I started the Lukura.

Because I wanted to study it,
I wanted to understand it.

I wanted us to be able to wield it

so that we could force these things back.

I know that your... (sighs)

I know that your mother
might have reservations

about you being involved,
- Mm-hmm.

but I don't think that we
make this through without you.

I need you to keep your head on a swivel,

and if there's anything that you see

about this stuff, tell me.

If there's anything that
might help us grasp it better,

tell us so that we can get better,

and the next time these
things appear, we'll be ready.

- Swift as the sun, faster than the hills.

(Brennan and Aabria laugh)

- A little tear just appears.

- Now, these creatures.
- [Jasper] Mm-hm, mm-hm?

- You saw them?
- Yes.

- And they're huge.
- Unfathomably, yes.

- And they walk on two legs.
- Mm-hm.

- And they have weird skin?

- Yes, it's hairless.
Truly disgusting, I know.

Hairless, yellow, sort
of big, reflective eyes.

This is part of the reason why
we didn't tell you, you see,

because it's really
quite a horrible thing.

- I think after today,
(stammers) I'll be okay.

- I think after today,
(stammers) I'll be okay.

- Yeah, we've all seen
some shit right now.

Yeah, absolutely. Including
you, yeah, for sure.

- Interesting, okay,
great talk. Love you, bye.

(Brennan guffaws)

- I've never seen someone
hang up on someone

in a conversation.

- Thorn, just to himself,
goes, she said 'love you'.

- Lila goes straight to Mom.
- Aw.

- I'm doing it! I'm being an uncle.

Look at me, okay. Whew, I
need to go find my friends!

- Uncle Thorn is up to something bad.

(cast laughs at the immediate confession)

- (sleepily) What's that? What, what?

What, sweetie? Were you up?

No, we're sleeping. We all have to sleep.

- Okay, I'll go to sleep.
- What is it?

- Okay.

I think I figured everything out.

You can go to sleep. I'll
go to sleep at some point.

I love you. (kissing sound)

- Go to sleep. (kissing
sound) Sweetie, thank you.

You're very hurt, sweetie. You should...

No more adventure tonight, no more.

- Why?

- You need to rest to heal, okay?

Come, come, come. Come, come, come.

I'm going to scoop you up. I'm
going to scoop Jaysohn and-

(Siobhan squeaks)
I think I'm with,

hopefully with my back to my sister,

I'm just trying to scoop-

- He usually puts his feet in my stomach.

- Okay, you get on this...

Okay, okay, Jaysohn on this
side, Lila on this side.


- That's really cute.

- There's a moment of
silence. Then I go, Lila?

You're breathing so fast.

(Cast laughs)

Okay, you're going to breathe slow.

Deep breath in. Long.

(deep inhale)

- Mommy?

- Okay, and let go.

(long exhale)

What is it, sweetie?

- I'm going to make all
the bad things go away.

- Okay.

(Aabria and Siobhan chuckle)

Okay, we'll talk about it in the morning.

- Everybody go to sleep.

- I revert to childhood
immediately. (gulps)

Shush, shush, shush, shush! Shush!

- Now you're both panting.

- I whisper to you, I'm like,

(whisper) Shut up, Grandma!

- (whisper) Don't! You're going
to get us both in trouble!

(Cast laughs)

- (whisper) Shush shush!

- And we move away from this moment

as everyone sort of
beds down for the night

to rest and recover,
you may have mentioned

something about not
necessarily going to sleep.

- Yes, I think I'll very briefly
sidebar with Viola and say,

- Yes, I think I'll very briefly
sidebar with Viola and say,

once everyone's asleep, I have
something that I have to do.

I left too many people behind,

and I need to find Olliver and Teedles.

- Do you want me to go with you, or?

- I feel bad I'm asking you
to step away from your family.

- But you're my family, too.

(chuckles lovingly)

- Thank you.

- If something happened to you...

I mean, I love them,

but what if I was left
all alone without you?

- Don't worry, no one's going to see me.

And I grab a bush, stick it over myself,

I cast Pass Without Trace, and
I'm like, look, check it out.

- You just see a shrub,
and then it pulses blue.

(Erika guffaws)

- I'm like, look, look,
no one's going to see me.

(rustling foliage)

- The first time a ranger
has ever said, check it out.

(players laughing)
- [Aabria] Check it out, I'm so stealthy.

- In D&D.
- [Jasper] Check it out.

Picturing Aragorn being
like, check this out.

- But then he kicked the helmet.

- I don't get that reference.

- Yes you do! We paused
the movie to tell you!

- You did, you did.
It's wild you did that.

- Okay, yeah, I guess,

I'll make sure, you know,

everyone is falling in line and in order.

I think Viola's still
thinking about that bite

of the brain Blue juice
and what that could mean.

She needs some time to
figure that out for herself,

so you be safe,

and I Bless you before you leave.

- Thank you, sweetie.

Don't worry, I will be back
before you all awake, I promise.

- (softly) Okay.

- Yeah, and then if I can,
I'd like to use my tracking,

because I'm in my favored terrain still,

to try and track Olliver and Teedles.

I feel like I'd know their
footprints pretty well.

- First, give me a stealth check

to make it away from
your family's encampment.

- Beautiful, and I have cast Pass
Without Trace on myself. - [Aabria] Yes!

- So this is a plus 19.

- Woo!

(Rashawn cackles)
- That's only a three,

but it's still a 23.
- Six-ah.

- [Jasper] 22, 22.

- Incredible.

- I can't believe you have a plus 19,

and you got a 22 on stealth.

- Ridiculous.
- That's so bad.

- And you're back in
the jail. There we go.

Worked on these dice for so long.

Thank you, once again.
- Thank you, thank you.

As you step away, we're going to cut back

to this moment of action

to first come back to Viola,

who watches you leave.

- She's got her back to her sister,

whole family's snuggled up and sleeping,

and Mom's snoring in the corner.

(Erika snoring and snorting)

I'm just staring at the
hole or the opening,

watching Thorn run away, or this bush.

(Thorn-foliage rustling)

- The bush just shakes away.

This is what Macbeth was worried about.

- What's that running through the forest?

Oh, it's just a bush. Never mind.

- It's just the love of my life.

- I'll make it look like a tumbleweed.

- Rolling!
- I'm just inside, rolling.

It's just a tumbleweed, look away.

Just a hamster wheel.

- So as you sort of watch it
happen, you begin to think,

and you think back to
biting into the brain,

that pool of Blue, and
then what happened to you

in the moment when you
sort of lost consciousness

and where you went and the thing you saw,

and some words here.

"Dura mater," "pia mater." They
don't mean anything to you.

(electronic music)

Oh, you don't have to write it down.

(Aabria chortles)

They're concepts that you
would never know to know,

because they are
appellations for the tissue

that you just sort of
clawed and cut through.

They didn't mean anything,
they were just membranes

holding you back from reaching that brain,

and the pool, and the power,
but it is worth noting

that when translated, they mean
"tough mother," "tender mother."

And if you had known to know that,

it's interesting that your
mind, even in this moment,

drifts back to the mothers in your life,

your own, Ava, and your sister.

A tender mother, a tough mother.

You think about what kind
of mother someday you'll be.

(electronic music continues)

Embryonic diapause is a very
specific thing that stoats do

where they get to decide
when they want to gestate

and have children, when
the conditions are met,

when they are safe, when they're secure,

when there is ample food and stability.

And Viola, you've been
waiting, have you not?

- I've been waiting a long time.

(electronic music fades as a
single chord begins to crescendo)

From watching my sister change,

we were doing the same thing,

and all of a sudden, we weren't,

and then there were two other people

that she cares about more,
understandably more than me.

(chord decrscendos)

And I had to go find
someone who cares about me.

Will I ever diverge from
what she's doing again?

What path is mine?

- Everything's been shaken
up, but 24 hours ago,

a sunrise ago, where were
you as far as considering

when and if to have children
and start your family?

- If we were to combine

the Red Warren and the Lukura,

if that was a set, we are a unit,

and we will go or stay wherever
and there's no conflict,

I'd be like, yes, this is a great time

to have a litter, sure.

And then I think now, to
have a litter solidifies me

as someone who everyone
has to take care of,

or I'm bringing in a new generation,

so that means wherever these pups are safe

so that means wherever these pups are safe

is the best place to be, and
I get to decide where that is.

- Yeah, and as your mind
sort of circles over that

and realizes and understands,
(gentle piano music)

putting specific voice and
intention to those thoughts of,

once we're all together, once
we know what the future holds,

once we're stable, once we are
collected, it'll be my turn,

your mind sort of drifts
from thought to vision,

or at least it did in that moment,

and you see your litter, your children,

and they are frolicking and flourishing,

but it's not within the earthen walls

of the warren like you grew up in.

Strangely, it seems to be within the walls

of a strange pale gray stone

that you've never seen before.

(piano continues as
electronic music returns)

You see your litter frolicking

amongst a hundred hundred other stoats,

ones that you don't recognize,
that you don't know.

You don't know where this
came from, this idea.

I don't think you've ever considered

that there would be that
many stoats in the world,

(electronic music fades
as piano continues)

and yet you see it as clearly as you see

the bush that is your husband
disappearing into the night.

- I see more stoats, and
they're jumping around,

and it fades away, and I just
see a bush hopping around.

- (whispering) Check it out,
check it out, check it out.

- That memory in memory
(laughs) kind of...

Hearing "check it out,
check it out, check it out-"

- I did roll a three.
- [Aabria] Yeah. (laughs)

- I go, shh.
- Oh, yeah.

- Pulls yourself back, and with that,

you sort of move into sleep.

- Oh gosh, okay.

That makes me, I feel like
I'm getting uncomfortable.

I can't sit still, maybe
I'm rubbing up against folks

as I like, Ugh, ugh, I don't
know. Ugh, I don't like it.

Ugh, something's going to change!

- Vi.
- Yeah?

- Do you want to scooch
over onto the moss more?

- No, I'm just not, Vi...

Tula. I don't even know
what my name is anymore.

Oh god, oh gosh.


When you had your-

- Oh, we're going to talk?
- Yeah we're gonna talk.

(Aabria and Jasper laughing)

And I roll over, look
you right in the face.

- Truly over Jaysohn.

- Just like twitching, I'm clearly
having a fight in my dream.

- You've got to make a dex save.

No, do it, because I want the
monk to punch you on accident.

- A d4 for the rabbit, the Lucky Footwork.

- Nat 20! I need to talk to you.

- You literally roll
over in this quiet moment

and just go, boop, and a fist.

- [Jasper] So when you were having your-
- [Brennan] Incredible.

- So, I'm freaking out. I think...

I think something big is
going to change for me,

and it's something that
I thought I could delay

a little bit longer, but
I think the time is now.

I think the rabbit's in the
hole, you know what I mean?

- Vi.
- There's a...

- I'm going to extricate
myself from my children.

- [Aabria] Give me an acrobatics
check, with advantage.

(dice rattling)

- [Brennan] That's going to be a 22.

- I just like this idea
that a very long body,

as you just sort of...

All right, I know I'm the one
that brought them in, but!

And then just barrel roll
away from your children.

- Lila feels that in her sleep
and goes, Jaysohn, shut up!

- Dex save as a little fist comes by.

- I'm going to get up
out of bed and go, oh.

- Yeah.
- You're starting now?

- You're the only one who knows.

- Well, I think that's...

I don't want to question
your timing, the judgment.

It's beautiful, but do
you feel it's safe now?

- No, I don't think it's safe.

I don't think it's safe at
all, but I don't think...

I think I have no control
in this situation.

Normally, you know me, I decide
I'm going to do something,

and I do it, I've made my mind up,

but this is beyond my control.

- Do I know that that's somewhat...

We have some control, but
it's limited kind of thing?

- Yeah, yeah yeah yeah.

- I'll just give you a big hug.
- Shrug? That's what you...

(Aabria chortles)

It is what it is? Is that
what you're telling me?

- Well, it always is what it is.

- What if I'm not good at it?
I mean, these guys are wild.

What if I have more than you?

- Well, they're fine.

- Look at this one.
(Siobhan squeaking)

- He's blessed with a lot of energy,

and as he grows, he's going
to learn to control it,

and he's going to be a
really capable hunter.

(Siobhan snarling)

He's a very bright young boy.

- He's very gifted, yes.
- Yes.

- But I also wanted to
say, I feel kind of bad,

because I have someone
to do this with, and-

- (whisper) Check it out,
check it out, check it out.

- Thorn's going to be a great father.

- But you're doing it by
yourself, and I feel bad.

Without me having mine, I can
help you when you need it.

You need an extra hand.

What if I get so busy that I'm not

the same kind of sister I was?

What if I'm not the same daughter?

Maybe I should be a different daughter.

- I think the daughter thing, that's...

I can't put any more effort
into being a daughter.

I can't put any more effort
into being a daughter.

That's just, whatever grade we got there,

that's what we got.

(Cast snickering, holding back laughter)

I think it's...

I think it's...

I think it's beautiful, and I think,

you don't have to worry about me, Viola.

(string music)

- I'm always going to worry about you.

- Yeah, but look, you
have such a strong heart.

You have a beautiful
husband who loves you,

and I can see that he loves
you, and he respects you,

and he listens to you.

That is huge.

- He'll do just about anything I say.

- That's got to be great.

(Aabria coughs holding in laughter)

If it's your time now,
it's your time, and...

(orchestral music plays)

The forest is enormous, it's dangerous,

it's full of monsters,
ah da da da da da da,

but what happens in the
best of circumstances?

We find a burrow by a
sunlit, clear stream,

and there's never any monsters,
there's never any predators,

and one day, you pass.

You can't guarantee safety.

You can't guarantee

that you get to hold
onto everybody forever.

What you do get to choose is who you love,

and those kids are going to be so lucky

to have you as their
mom, and you'll just see,

everything, it will be beautiful.

Everything will come into focus,

and you don't have to delay your life

out of a sense of responsibility to me.

I will be fine.

- Okay, you think the
kids would be freaked out

if they had a cousin named Geoffrey?

(orchestral music swells)

- (sobs) Just fucking crying, just crying.

- Drink this blueberry wine,
because I can't for a while.

- I need a drink.

(cast laughing)

(Brennan slurping)

I think that's beautiful.
I think that's beautiful.


You're going to be great,
and we're going to find

a place to be safe,
and it'll be wonderful.

You know, Lila and Jaysohn will
be so excited to be cousins.

They'll be wonderful.

- I always thought of us raising
our pups all together. - Yes.

- Being crazy, but I also
have ambitions, you know,

and I don't want that to fall
to the wayside, obviously.

The Lukura.

- I need a, god, what is it,

deception check against your insight.

Hold it together, Tula, or don't.

- 15.
- 13.

- All right.

- The Lukura have had a setback.

Sure, it's a three person
cult, including the leader.

- Mhmm.

Organization, sorry. You know, a religion.

How do you define it? Group?

- Yeah, a collective.
- A merry band.

- I just know that I can harness

this thing that Thorn's
always talking about.

He's talking about, we
want to understand it.

We want to defeat it, but
we can use it for our good.

But what if our intentions are different?

This is not just corruption, it's power.

But is there a good type of power?

Corruption is a bad word.

- Power.

Well, I've found

that the more you try to...

It's so funny, I just haven't been...

I suddenly feel very guilty.
I haven't given you advice...

I feel like I've been too exhausted.

- You're busy, it's understandable.

- Yeah, just, I don't even...

Viola, I have to be honest,

I feel like a fraud giving you advice.

- No.

- I know I'm your older sister.

I don't feel like I have any-

- You're the first person I ever knew.

You're the one who always
gives me, you know,

a straight answer.

Even if it's not the most
wise thing in the world,

it's something.

- Yeah, there's a
backhanded thing in there,

but I honestly agree with
it, so I can't even be mad.

- [Rashawn] I'm sorry.
- No.

- I woke you up out of your
sleep, asking all these things.

- No, no no no. I'm happy, I'm happy.

You've been with the Lukura a lot.

It's just nice to connect,

and I just hope you're...


I've known...

I've known powerful people.

You know who really cares about power?

I think Mom cares about power
and cares about control a lot,

and have you...

- Have I had a real
conversation with Mom? No.

- Really quick, can I
get a perception check

from both of you?

Can I get a performance check from you?

- Nat 20.
- Let's go!

- That's my wife!

- 21, but yeah.

- How'd you do, bud?
- A four.

- The moment your attention
moves sort of firmly

onto your mother, you realize
that you haven't heard

her snoring in a good two minutes.

- I have a custom
background called Stoat Mom.

It doesn't have a feature.
- [Aabria] I'm so sorry, what?

- It doesn't have a feature associated.

Given that I'm a mom.
- Yeah.

- Can I have a long rest

in however much time I've been asleep for?

- Oh my god.
- Oh my god!

- That's incredible.
- That's very funny.

- Let's go around the
other side of the bear.

I have something I want to do.
- Okay.

- And I'm just going to say,

here's what I think about power.

I've seen very powerful
people collect a lot of power,

and I've seen very un-powerful
people do what they can

to get by, and I think the
thing they both have in common

is none of them ever
seem to have any choice

about what happens next.

I wouldn't spend life chasing power.

It's hard enough just to chase happiness.

- Do you not hear...

I don't hear the-
- Snoring? She's awake.

She heard the whole thing.

She's awake, she heard it.

- She's awake?
- Damn, Stoat Mom's so good.

- Yeah, she heard it all. It's fine.

But listen, if we're lucky,

the memory will... (snaps fingers)

(Jasper and Erika laughing)

- She does have Sometimer's, so.


- Inspiration.

- Sometimer's?

(Cast laughing and wheezing
over the "Sometimer's" bit)

- Write that down on your
character sheet. Sometimer's.

- Features and traits, selective memory.

- I'm just going to softly,
when get onto this side,

I just want to cast Ceremony
as a funeral rite for the bear.

- Sure. What does it look like?

- I just get over to the
other side, and I say-

- Gather some flowers and whatever nice

of this corroded nastiness
we can lay there,

maybe at the snout.

(gentle piano music)

- And I'm going to stand next to my sister

and just sort of bow my head,

and I think about all the
times when we were young

and I had a lot more fire than I have now,

and say sort of under my breath,

I hope the path to wherever you're going

is soft and full of flowers.

I hope the sun is warm, and I
hope there are places to rest.

I know that you can't
talk like stoats can talk,

but I'm sure somewhere out there,

there's someone who wanted
to say goodbye to you,

(tense orchestral music)

and I hope that they
get a chance to do that.

And that's the spell, and I'll
just look over at my sister

and say, you're going to
make the right choices.

What do I know about right choices?

You're going to do everything fine,

and the important thing is...

I don't know what the
important thing is. Family.

I love you, and I'm so happy for you.

- It's going to be really fun.

I can't believe it. Me with
a bunch of kids, crazy.

And I nuzzle you and tickle you.

- Yeah, I tickle you.
- And we start playing like, don't!

You know when your sibling tickles you

in a place that you
don't want to be tickled?

- Yeah, (stammers) stop,
stop, stop, stop! Stop it!

As we walk back, I'm just
going to shake my head

and start going, ambition.

Get ready, just get ready
for what's coming your way.

- Jaysohn is now sleeping
fully the wrong way

across the moss, over Lila.

- Really quick, on your way back, Tula,

I need you to make a roll,
and it's either going to be

an arcana check or an insight check.

- Insight.


- You all leveled up,
and it's different now.

I'm like, okay, with a 12 you get...

With a 27, you turn the eye inward.

I think the magic that you've just done,

the sort of arcane what you just did,

that's not the important thing.

It's about what that funeral rite

means to you in that moment.

Funerals are so often not for the dead,

but for the people they leave behind,

and I think you just
have that little moment

which obviously gets put away,

as so many of your deeper
thoughts must be put away

for the sake of continuing
to move forward,

of the peace that you
offered with that spell,

with those words, with that wish

that you can't or couldn't
or were not offered yourself.

that you can't or couldn't
or were not offered yourself.

- Yeah, I think I know

that I didn't get a chance to say goodbye,

and I think that looking back at the bear,

you know, I think Tula
doesn't regard herself

as a very eloquent person.

But I realize that when I was wishing

for whoever needed to say
goodbye to the bear to say so,

and I'm just looking at it and being like,

realizing that the thought of...

The thought of there not being anyone here

to say goodbye to this
creature is too heartbreaking,

and that I know someone
who had no one there

to say goodbye to him.

- Your thoughts drift to Geoffrey.

But they also linger a bit with yourself

and the duty that holds you forever

to your children, to your
family, and to the world.

And from there,

you woke up.

You heard half of that.

Is there anything you want to do

before you sort of hunker back
down and go back to sleep?

- Well, I'm sure that they're not around.

I kind of adjust everybody,

tuck Jaysohn in a little bit.

- It's so tight.
- It's very swaddled.

- It's a grapple. You're grappled.

- Grappled by blankets.

- Yeah, and I make sure
that Lila is really cozy.

- Yeah, and I make sure
that Lila is really cozy.

- Ow.

- Yeah, yeah.

Make it kind of nice for
them for when they come back,

and think about what it's
been like raising all of them.

The one thing I did hear
was, more grandkids,

more grandkids, and that's very exciting.

- Currency.

- I didn't think that
I'd get to have many,

after we lost the rest of the litter.

You know, it's just,

Kenny and I didn't really
think that we'd get to have

many little ones running
around the burrow,

so that seems like it'll be nice.

Yep. And I'm out again like a light.

- Yeah.

- Snoring reverberating
throughout the bear cavity.

- Truly, it feels like a bear is snoring.

Every predator is giving the widest berth.

There's a monster clearly
alive and ready to pounce.

I think it's growling at me right now.

- Always thinks of everything.

- She's trained her snores.

- So we move then, as everyone
else takes a long rest

and comes back up to full HP,

except for a bush.

- [Aabria And Jasper] Check it
out, check it out, check it out.

- All right, Thorn Vale,

as you sort of move through the woods,

you're looking for specifically
Olliver and Teedles.

- Olliver and Teedles, yep.

- Give me a survival check to track them.

♪ Survival, please ♪

Can I Bless myself?

- You're going to Bless
yourself or Guide yourself?

- Oh, sorry, yes, Guide.
- Yes.

- Oh, I have Bless,
actually. I have Bless.

- Baby.

- That's for attack rolls
and saving throws, though.

- In which case, brighter than the sun,

swifter than the wind.

I honestly-
- [Aabria] Goddamn.

- That was the one you gave me.
- It's not the dice, it's you.

- [Jasper] It is, it is.
- It's you, it's you.

- It is. I quit.

- You stayed at Murph and Emily's

and you got infected by Murph.

- I'm going to give you my favorite d20.

- Oh wow.
- [Aabria] Try again.

- She's so shiny.

- That's beautiful, oh my gosh.

- If you get it all
fucked up, I'll be so mad.

- Yeah, I might do. I might do.

- Might do.
- Do I have anything else?

Oh no, yeah, there we go.


- Okay, it's dark and it's late.

It's been a really big,
incredibly stressful day,

and you're also doing all of
this while hiding behind a bush

so everything's taking
just a little bit longer.

And I think you feel very alone
and a little less effective

than you'd normally be,

which sort of compounds
all of those feelings.

- Don't you have advantage
in favored terrain?

(Aabria gasps)

- Pro! Bono! Rules lawyer!

- Partner track, incredible.
There you go, there you go.

- Thank you so much, yes.
- There you go.

- No, my proficiency is doubled

when I'm in my favored terrain.

- What?
- Here we go, so 13.

- [Jasper] That's wild.
- A 13, that's something.

- That's something, that's something.

- That's something.
- That's something.

- Yeah, my proficiency bonus is doubled.

- Hell yeah.

- My lawyer got me a plus three
bonus on that skill check.

- [Aabria] Junior partner but,
- I've got so many briefcases.

- [Aabria] That lawyer's a dog!
- Jaysohn just running

behind me with briefcases.

- Yeah, as you're continuing to move,

slightly less ineffectively.

- Wait, what am I doing?
We're in a forest.

I know this. Okay.

- Your mind also sort of drifts
back to the thoughts you had

when everything went black
after you bit into the brain,

that bear's brain, and
biting into a living brain,

it's just a big old pile of fat

that sends electrical
impulses back and forth,

and I think there's something in that

that is deeply reminiscent
of the electrical storm

that truly defined you as a person,
(distant explosion and crackling static)

and your mind drifts back to that
field of blue flowers. (heart beating)

You see them every now
and then as you're walking

through the woods looking for
Olliver and Teedles' trail.

One sort of attached to a tree,

one at the heart of a thicket of brush.

But your mind goes back
to when you saw a field

that stretched on endlessly
in every direction

with these flowers, and as
you and your original gang,

before you were the Lukura, before you had

all of the trappings of cult
or community or collective?

all of the trappings of cult
or community or collective?

whatever we're calling it
to not say the truth of it,

that silent band of several
different kinds of animals.

You didn't have the
thought to communicate,

so you all traveled for
your collective safety

through the woods and through the world,

and then you hit that field.

(tense electronic music)

There's no reason that any
of you would have thought

that a field of flowers
would be anything but safe,

other than the fact that it
was a little bit of open sky

that might alert a predator.

But you would not have expected
to see that between flowers,

little sparks of light began to kick up,

and arcing between one another,

and as it built from a
pleasant, sort of strange buzz

to these horrifying snaps and cracks,

and then the first time
you heard a whimper

as one of your pack took a
bolt directly to the chest

and dropped below the line of the flowers

and did not get up again

did you realize that something
terrible was happening,

that you were under attack,

but not from any animal or any creature.

Just the world itself seemed
suddenly angry like a storm,

but not coming down from the
sky, coming up from the ground.

And then you saw it, something
at the edge of that tree line

that was looking back
at you, impossibly tall,

with big, saggy, yellow, dull skin

that hung in drapes

that went black and tight at the paws,

at its hands and feet,

big, reflective eyes unblinking

that shone like the
moonlight on a still pond,

and it turned just a little bit,

and you knew that whatever that was

regarded you in that
moment, and you were frozen.

(tense electronic music continues)

You should have been running,

but how can you not look
back when something sees you?

(heart beating)
(static crackling)

And this is a memory, but
there's also something in this

that feels like vision,
that feels like moment.

You know that at the
time, you stayed there.

You can feel an echo of
yourself freezing in place

as the bolts of lightning around you

got bigger and bigger, but here and now,

perhaps you make a
slightly different choice.

What do you do?

- I think seeing this chaos around me,

I think probably almost retrospectively

being back in this memory,

seeing that same thing you described

where all of these other animals

that I regarded almost as companions,

seeing that fear in their eyes

and seeing that sense of just,
all they think to do is run,

I think I want to seek confirmation,

and I think I just push my whole essence

out towards this creature in blind fury.

- Oh.

- I want to see if this power within me

is really capable of
repelling these things.

- Give me a strength saving throw.

- Famously good at those.
- Famously good at that.

- Use the new one.

- Oh yeah, I need to use that one.

- I can't believe you went
to pick up the bad one again.

- Yeah, I did, I did, I did.

See, it's not the dice. It's me.

- Oh my god!

- Now he's got his stank on it.

- Oh no!
- I'm so sorry. Nine.

- With a nine, you feel a wave
of your fury push forward,

though you still feel frozen and stuck.

But you look down and out,
and you can see a ripple,

a pulse of energy across the
flowers like a strong breeze,

and the lightning that's arcing
indiscriminately between it

seems to turn and follow
that path like a wake

towards whatever this thing is.

- Yeah, I think I can feel,

I think I get what I wanted out of it,

because I know I wasn't focused enough.

That was like a blind, unrelenting fury,

and I know that I need to be sharper.

I need to be more focused on
the target, and in this moment,

I was so distracted by
everything else that I think

I don't channel it in the
way that I know I need to.

- Yeah.
- I think then,

probably turning, looking specifically

for Olliver and Teedles
in that moment as well

and seeing where they
are and if they're safe.

- Sort of in this vision within you,

you're able to see what your
brain put back together later.

As you turn, you know what
you saw the first time,

because you did not look
away from the creature.

It reached out towards you,
pointing, and then you saw,

back just a little bit
farther from the tree line,

a second set of those weird,
reflective, dark sockets

as you were pointed out to
someone or something else.

And then the hand goes
from a point to a reach,

and as it lunges forward,
a massive bolt of lightning

that in your estimation
now was probably wider

than you are as a little creature

pushes through its hand,
and it yelped, muffled.

You know that the intensity of the sound

should have been much louder,

but there's also no discernible
mouth on this thing,

and they both fall back into the woods.

But now, as you turn and look,

you see the thing that you
assumed happened later,

that as you were struck yourself

by a bolt of this lightning,

Olliver and Teedles risked themselves

to run back across the
field and scoop you up

under your armpits and drag you to safety.

This is the origin of
your scar, and you know

that more than anyone else in your life

other than your wife, these
people have been by your side

guarding and protecting you

for as long as you've been together.

And I think that's the
thing that brings you

back into the present and snaps
you from reverie and memory

and trying to figure out what
more you could've learned

and what more you could've
done in that moment

to what you can do here and now.

Give me another survival
check with advantage.

- (relieved sigh) Thank you.
- Yeah.

(dice rattling)

- Yes! That's a good roll.


- [Aabria] 23.
- Yeah.

- With renewed focus and
purpose, you do what you do best,

which is track and find and hunt,

and in short order, you come across tracks

that are so obviously stoats, a pair.

- Olliver, sloppy, again.

- And a little mark on a tree,

almost so discreet that
no one would see it,

but you would know to look,
that they were, in fact,

leading you in their direction
if you got separated.

After another hour of
moving through the woods,

you come across, first you see a flicker

of a tuft of orange fur
that you know is Teedles',

and you are able to come upon them.

Now, you still have Pass
Without Trace and stealth up,

so I think you can sneak
up on them if you want.

- Yeah.

- Sweet, and you see them
standing very, very close

to essentially a felled tree
truck, and they're bent over

looking at something on
the rings of the tree.

- Right in between them,
what are we looking at?

(Aabria shrieks)

(Aabria stammers in shock)

Head on a swivel, Olliver. Come on.


I taught you better than that.

- I'm going to die. My heart.
- You're okay, you're okay.

- Is this what rabbits do
when they die of shock?

- Yeah, kind of, actually.

- How did I not hear that. What are you...

You're fine! Hi!
- You're okay.

- Hi! Then you get
tackled by both of them.

- Yeah, whew, okay.

(peaceful piano music)

- Hey, where have you been, bud?

- Truly, to describe to you
what has just taken place

would be a tale

we might not ever have enough time for.

- That's so interesting.
And Teedles comes in.

We're kind of joking, because
we did think that we...

So, we were circling, and
then there was a bear,

and we heard the bear sound,
and then you were all gone,

so we did assume you got eaten by a bear.

And were kind of like, oof.

- We were inside the bear, so.

- What?

- Yep, like I said, not
enough time. Anyway-

(Cast laughing)

(Aabria sighs in disbelief)

- What were you saying?

I'm thinking about what you were saying.

What were you asking me?

I'm sorry, I got lost in that moment.

- What's with the tree? Why
are we looking at the tree?

- Oh, oh, oh yeah,
look. And you look down.

I need you to make an intelligence check,

just a raw intelligence check.

- Fantastic. I have a minus one.

♪ Should've brought Lila ♪

- Yeah, fully, of course it is, yeah. Six.

- Yeah, you look down,
and I think what you get

from this is, there is a
difference between a symbol,

which is this idea of
conveying a short, simple idea,

almost as a pictogram,

something that conveys quick information.

Go this way, don't do this, do this,

versus something longer and scrawled,

an attempt at communicating,
but a little less obvious.

I think you see for the first time,

though you struggle to
decipher it, writing.

(electronic music)

- Is it on the tree?

- It's literally written at
the center of this tree stump,

so concentric rings,
and then at the center,

just this tiny scrawl.

- Could I try to break

part of it off to take with me?

- Oh.

- Get my claw in there and just try
and hack a bit off. - Yeah, go ahead.

Go ahead and just give me,
what do I want that to be?

I guess we'll just call it an attack roll.

- I'm going to go, hey!

And I'll hand the thorn to Teedles

and be like, would you mind?

- Oh. What the fuck?
(Brennan laughing)

- I'm feeling a little
not myself right now.

- That's smart.
- It's so wild.

- Here, here, you take this.
- I don't want it back!

- If you could just go ahead and-

- I rolled a 17.
- Thank you.

Hey, this is what a
leader does. I delegate.

- Delegating, yeah, got it.

It's wild that we were doing a thing,

and we're like, he's dead and gone,

and then you showed
back up and we're like,

oh look, more things to do.

You are net additive to...

I missed you and I'm glad you're alive.

- I missed you and I'm glad you're alive.

- She's no look carving
around this and prying it up.

- Whoa.

- Thank you.

- Now, why am I cutting this?


- I don't know what this is.
- Sure.

- But I think that Viola
or perhaps even my niece

- But I think that Viola
or perhaps even my niece

might be able to figure out what this is.

They're a little brighter
than I am, at least today,

because I seem to be having
a terrible day, truly.

It's all going wrong.

- I didn't want to add to
how terrible your day was.

We assumed that-
- I have been frazzled

from like the second I woke up.

- [Aabria] Sure.
- The second I woke up,

it was like, sandstorm,
thing, and I was choking.

- Yeah.

- And then my family was running.

- [Aabria] Yes, and they're still alive?

- And then everyone died.
- They're still alive?

- They're still alive, yes, which is good.

- So you all were in a bear,

but you're all no longer
in a bear, and alive.

- It was really impressive, honestly,

the amount of which the family was fine.

There was one sketchy moment,

but otherwise, everyone was good.

There was always chipmunks.

- Chipmunks? So?

- One of them had a heart in its mouth.

- What?

- The forest is scary. Anyway-

- Fucking what?

- Are you both okay?

- Oh yeah, you know, sort
of wrung out with grief

at having lost truly everyone
but each other in a day.

But hey, you're fine, so.

- Truly the one thing I'm
doing successfully today

is pushing all of that emotion down.

- Down, down, down, down, down.

And Olliver's going to come
around to the other side of you

and just be like, do you
want to have a little moment?

- I can't. If I do, I will
cry for the next three hours.

- Okay.
- So I'm going to say no.

I'm going to keep it down for now,

and then when everyone's
safe, like truly safe,

I'm going to become sort of a vegetable

for like a day or two.

- Okay.
- Yikes.

- [Aabria] I need you to make
a dexterity saving throw.

- This reaction you're having is toxic.

- Yeah, right.

- My husband is having a what? Feeling?

I don't think so.
- [Jasper] No, thank you.

- Tighten up, bro. Come on.
- Tighten up, bro! Bro!

You're leaking, bro!
- Man up! Man up!

- Suck it back up.
- Suck it back up, dude.

- Come on.
- Ay yi yi!

- Your DC is a 17.

- [Rashawn] I don't even
want to tell him now.

- Oh yeah, because you
think I can hit a 17.

Okay, okay.

(Siobhan and Rashawn lose it
over yet another bad Jasper roll)

- This is insane. Somebody
run the numbers on this.

- Yeah, how'd you do, bud?

- I think I got a 13 in total.

- That was like a normal roll,
and yet you are so defeated.

- Because he rolled a three.

- Yeah, but you said specifically-

- Did you add a d4?
- Yeah, I did.

You said specifically what the
DC was, so I know I failed.

So even though I rolled
okay, I still failed.

- It's okay, your boy Olliver,

sort of in that tough love moment,

is actually going to sweep the leg

and pin you down by the fur of your rib

and just says, hey, you're
going to take a minute.

It's been a really bad day
and we're all really sad,

and maybe you can just have a minute,

and we can be really sad
about the thing we lost,

and then we'll all go back
to where your family is.

We're going to be okay. Cool?

- Yeah.

- I thought you were dead a minute ago.

- Yeah, I thought you guys were dead too!

- Wait, now you crying is making me cry!

This was a mistake!

- It's all been so bad!

I feel like my whole sense of identity

is just completely crumbling around me.

I was like this cool leader of a thing,

and then they've all gone!

Everyone's gone, and I failed.
- It's okay.

I failed immediately,
you know what I mean?

- You didn't fail! That's not on you!

- The day started and
oh, boom, done. Fuck it.

- Who knows how dust works? The dust came!

It's not even like they're all dead!

A lot of them just ran away!
- They just ran away from me.

I didn't even get a
chance to say anything.

- Because you weren't there
and Viola wasn't there

to be like, we're all going this way.

She says it, it's so
southern with an accent.

No one else in her
family sounds like that.

- There's this kid Jaysohn,
and he's better at survival

than me, and I'm a frigging ranger!

It's my whole thing!
- Kids are so scary!

(sobbing ending in a deep sigh)

- I really needed that.
- Okay, sweet.

Truly, Teedles is just standing there

with the writing under her arm like, okay.

Okay, you feeling good? Feeling better?

- Yeah, okay.

- We've attracted predators. Let's go.

- Let's run. Let's immediately go, yeah.

- And unless anyone's got
anything big they want to do,

I will allow you all to
have a lovely long rest.

We got one more?

- No, I was just asking if
that includes me or not.

Probably not.
- [Aabria] Yes.

- Oh, all right!
- We'll count it.

You come back late, but
you're also used to living

sort of in shifts and
protecting the group, so.

It's not quite as good
as the Stoat Mom feat,

but you can survive on a
minimal amount of rest,

and you eventually come
back up to full hit points.

You've all leveled up, and
it is a new day in the woods.

(group exhale)
(crickets chirping)

- Okay.

- The moment I wake
up, I go, (snort) Lila.

Did you say your Uncle
Thorn was a bad man?

(Cast laughing)

- Wait, sorry, what?

- No. Are you saying that to me?
- Lila, come with me.

I'm just going to grab Lila very quickly,

because I was so out of it.

It was a thing Lila said
when I was unconscious,

and I think some...

What the fuck was that?

And I'm just going to grab you. Sidebar.

- Good, declared.

- What did you say, sweetie?

- Good morning.

- Good morning.

- So he's not bad, but
you know when you have

so many thoughts that you
don't know how to say them?

- Yes, so what we should
do is, rather than thinking

about sort of how to
summarize your thoughts,

let's just start at the beginning

with the first thing that happened

in whatever happened with Uncle Thorn.

- Okay.

So, I was awake, and I was
thinking about everything.

I was thinking about the Blue,

and I was thinking about the creatures

that Nana and Uncle Thorn

have talked about, so I
started talking to Uncle Thorn,

and I was like, oh my gosh,

I'm so interested in your thing.

And he was like, you're special.

And I was like, eh!

So, and then, but he was like, you,

we need to harness this.

And I was like, what?

And so what we need to do

is build a big thing

that's as big as the creatures,

and we're going to
(whisper) fight the Blue,

and we're going to make
it go away forever.

- Your Uncle Thorn said all of that?

- (regular volume) No,
that last part was my idea.

- And you said it?
- No.

- So okay, okay, when I'm asking you

to tell me what happened,

(cast wheezing and laughing
over this interaction)

what we should do is,

we'll do one time you tell
me, as you're telling me,

try as best you can to tell
me what really happened,

and then make a special note
and add in thoughts and ideas

you were having while
it was going on, okay?

- Okay.

- So the thing that actually happened is,

Uncle Thorn said you're special?

- He said I'm smarter than him.

- Mm.

- Which I...

Agree with.

- You are very, very smart, sweetie.

He said you were special,
and you talked to him

about the Blue, and he told
you about the creatures.

- Mm-hm.
- Did he say anything else?

Why did you think he was...

Why did you say he was a bad man?

- Did I say that?
- Last night.

- Okay, I don't know if
I meant that, but he,

I think he really looks up to Dad.

- Mm-hm.

- So I'm like,


- It makes you feel strange
that he looks up to Dad?

- Yeah, why would you do that?

- I look up to Dad.

- But Dad made your life really bad.

(somber music plays)

- That's not true.

Okay, that's really...

I can appreciate that you
are trying to be on my side.

I can appreciate that you
are trying to be on my side.

- I am on your side.

- I know you are, sweetie.

Your dad was always on my side,

and I was always on his side.

- But didn't you not like
all of the stuff that he did?

- No, I didn't.

But that doesn't mean

that he was not very admirable.

I was very afraid of what would happen

if he kept...

If he stayed interested in the
things he was interested in.

- Mm-hm.
- And I was very scared.

- Which is what Thorn is interested in.

- Yeah.
- Mm-hm. Which is the Blue.

- Which is the Blue.
- So we make it go away.

- I know, do you see...

Do you kind of...

I'm going to try to point
something out to you, sweetie.

So you, part of you,

I'm going to try to say
it how I'm seeing it,

part of you is mad that
Daddy is not around anymore

because he was investigating the Blue,

so you're kind of blaming
the Blue for Dad going away,

so now you're kind of-

- No, I'm blaming Dad for Dad going away.

- That's not right to do.
That's not right to do.

- Why?

- Because he would want to
still be here, if he was alive.

- But he died.

And that's his fault.

- It is not his fault!
(somber music swells, stutters, and fades)

- Everyone hears that.

- It is not his fault,

and if you think that I am angry at him

and you are trying to make me feel happy

by saying that your father
deserved what happened to him

or that it's his fault,

then that does not make me happy, sweetie.

It makes me really sad.

I wish he was still here.

- I immediately enclose Lila in a hug.

- Get off!

- No!
- Jaysohn, no one...

I'm sorry I raised my voice.

It's not your dad's fault that he's gone.

Your dad was doing things
that were very dangerous,

but life in the forest is very dangerous.

It's dangerous to hunt.

It's dangerous to go out in the woods.

There's monsters around.
That's all dangerous.

Lots of stoats die doing
all of the normal things

that you're supposed to do.

We just watched all of
the stoats the other day

who did nothing more than
stay in the warren die.

People die all the time,

and I don't want you to
feel bad about your father,

and I don't want you to
feel bad about your father,

because he's not here to defend himself.

- But I am! I'm here to defend you!

I'll beat 'em all up!

- I walk over.

- Who are you going to beat up?

- Them!
- Who's- Okay.

- Grandma, was that the first
time you ever fought a bear

or did you fight a bear before?

- To be fair, we weren't
really fighting the bear

so much as we were fighting
the little ones in there.

- Well, but we killed a bear, though.

We can tell people we killed a bear.

- Mom yelled at me.

- You were acting a little fool, though,

so maybe you deserved it.

Those aren't transferrable, Jaysohn.

- I have one, too.

- [Siobhan] Cheers.

- [Siobhan] Is this the one that
was in your mouth yesterday?

- Yeah.

- Thank you, sweetie.

- Oh, now everybody's just
giving out strawberries.

- I love you. I love you very, very much.

You don't...

No one should be mad at anyone,

so if you're ever feeling mad, don't.

- Jesus.
- I hug Mum.

- Mama. Mama, what are
we supposed to do now?

- So!

- So, I'm sure you heard.
(joyous orchestral music)

- Well, well, well.

- What's up?
- Oh.

- What's going on?

- We have...

Something exciting is happening.

Mama, I don't know who I'm
supposed to tell first.

- You're going to have little cousins!

- What?
- What?

- Yeah.

- Olliver and Teedles
are both like, also hi.

What? Yay!

- Yes, it's happening now.

- You are going to have
little cousins, Jaysohn, Lila.

- It's not happening right now, but yes.

- It will be so good to
have little grandchildren.

(gasp of disbelief)

- Well, you have little grandchildren.
- Good ones.

- [Siobhan] Well I'm not
going to babysit them.

- Oh Mama, don't.
- What do you mean good ones?

- We're not going to pit
them against each other.

We're not doing that.
- Where are they?

- You can't do that.

- I bet you can be much
better than them, though.

Don't tell your other cousins.

- Grandma, you can't pit
us against each other

while we're all here.
- Hm?

- I don't know what the system
for giving the candy is.

Who's that?

- Hi, Teedles. We've met.

- Teedles and Olliver
are part of the Lukura.

- I'm glad you didn't die in the bear.

- How do you know about that?

- Can you fight? Are you good at fighting?

I jump on them.

- Make an attack roll.
- [Izzy] Are you my cousin?

- [Aabria] No, no, I'm not.

- [Siobhan] 18.
- [Aabria] Damn, yeah.

You're just trying to grapple?

- Yeah, I just take one down.
- I'm going to have a litter,

and you're going to be a big cousin.

- They're not very good at fighting.

They're not very good at fighting.

- Hold on, hold on, hold on!

(whisper) It's a child! How am
I supposed to fight a child?

He's so strong!

- I know, it's really, really-

- [Aabria] Cool, cool cool cool.

- Hey Jaysohn, I think I just
saw, what's that over there?

- Oh, a leaf!
- You turn.

Does a 16 hit you?

- No!

- You just see a little
bit of a shell of a seed

just sort of whizz past your head.

(thumps of impact)

- More of a bend in the elbow
next time. You'll get it.

- I'm not trying to hit him.

- Mama, we have to talk.

- Sorry, yeah, hold on,
wait a second, whoa!

- Yeah, because we've got stuff too,

but everyone gets to go in their own time.

- Mm-hm, yes we do.
- Yeah.

- This is a lot!

- I need you to take a breath.
- Yep, mm-hm.

- Take a breath.

Take a breath.
- (gasps) Okay.

- Our family's getting
bigger. It's happening now.

- Right now?

- Not now.
- Sorry.

- The process, it's happening.

- The process is starting.

- It's happening, and this
is not what we expected

right now, but it's fine.

- We always knew that this day would come,

and it was always possible that, yes.

- But Mama, I want you to
be here when it happens,

and I was scared when you-
- Oh, 'cause she might die.

- [Rashawn] What?

- [Brennan] (sternly) Lila.
- Everybody dies. Mom just said that.

- It's so early.
- Viola is having children!

This is a wonderful, wonderful time!
Congratulations! - Thank you, thank you.

- [Brennan] Thorn, congratulations.
- This is the worst time ever.

- Mama, no! Don't say that!

- But that's all right,

because we're going to find and make

a new place for ourselves, yes, yes, yes.

It's going to be fantastic.
I can just see it now.

Our own bear or whatever
we might have, you know,

to keep us safe and moving
around, constantly on the move.

- Mama, we can't always be on the move.

- Mama, the last group of
people we saw living in a bear,

we all killed, so they're not that safe.

- The bear actually provided
surprisingly little-

- I think we're a little
better than some squirrels.

- They were chipmunks. Sorry.

- I know this is terrible to say,

but what happens if we lose

our compass, our North Star?

Tula, there's already so much going on.

I don't want to put more on your plate.

- We're not going to lose anyone else.

- That might not necessarily be true.

- Well, we all know that
I'm getting on in years,

but the important thing is that I'm around

and that I can teach you all kids

to, you know, have that fighting spirit

that's going to get you
through those winters

and that's going to get you
through the burrow cleanings

and that'll build something
large and monstrous

powered by who knows what we can find.

- I am afraid

that I'm not going to be cut out for this.

(somber music)

- Of course you're going
to be cut out for this.

You're my daughter.

- Yeah, but maybe, you
know, once in a generation,

you get someone brave
like my older sister.

What if I'm just grasping at straws?

What if all this was for nothing?

We lost damn near 40 people.

There's only us, which is
great, but also, what the hell?

- Yeah, we made it,

but just like that one
winter I went through,

the community might be
smaller, but it's strong.

It's going to get us through,

and if you're so tough on
those little kids of yours,

those pups are going to grow up and be

just as strong and tough as
me and your sister and you.

(somber music continues)

- I believe it, but I haven't
installed it. You know.

- Well, you'd best do it soon,

because you're going to
be a mother yourself,

and you don't have time for
that kind of wishy-washiness.

Your husband has enough of
that for both of you already!

- So what's the next step? What do we do?

We're just sitting here,
waiting to be eaten.

- I'm going to point at
the chunk of writing.

- Yeah, Teedles is just holding this.

- How was your walk?

- It was good. I found Olliver
and Teedles, so, successful.

- It was fun, because we
thought you were dead.

- No, I'm alive.

- Yeah, and congratulations.

- Thank you, and I'm sorry
that we're the only ones left.

We should've run back and told everybody.

- No, no, again, everyone
got the word, and they ran,

and we don't know if they're dead.

They scattered, but people survive.

- And I know this is an emotional time,

but if you ever disobey an
order from my mother again,

I will bite your nose off.

- Intimidation check.
- Okay.

- Sweetie-
- Huh?

- Sorry! Carry on, as you were.

- 16.

- With a natural 20, she
just gives you a huge hug.

I've missed this! You're so scary!

- Am I getting soft already?



- So glad you're so mean and alive.

And then just with one
arm, she kind of drops

the scrap of wood and
back-kicks it towards you.

- Okay.

- What is this?

- Teedles is holding you, by the way.

- We found this.
- Just go limp, go limp.

- It's easier.
- Oh god, oh god.

Yeah, yeah. It worked, it worked.

You go limp. She's like, it
worked, it worked, it worked!

And she kind of lets
you go like, all right.

- Just like noodles out.

- Yeah, it's truly just
a little noodle chute.

So much torso.

- That's my girl.

- When I found Olliver and
Teedles, they found this.

It's got some strange symbols on it,

not dissimilar to the sort of thing

that we might use to try and
communicate the odd message,

but I have no idea if it is-

- Mama.

- I've definitely seen
one of these before.

- Can I do an investigation check?

- Yeah, both of you.

Go ahead and give me
investigation with advantage.

- Can I assist Lila?

- [Aabria] Sure.
- I want to be pointing out

the very minuscule things
that I saw already.

- [Aabria] Sure, sure, sure.
- Bless, Mama.

- You have advantage.
- That's not how Bless works.

- [Izzy] I have advantage?
- [Jasper] Yeah, you have advantage.

I used the help action.
- Okay.

- Really nice try.
- She's my mom.

- She's your mom!
- She feels better.

- [Izzy] I got a two on both.
- [Aabria] Oh no!

- But that's 11.
- [Aabria] All right.

♪ If I don't know something ♪

♪ I know where I can find out about it ♪

- Incredible.

- 18.

- 18, so that's the interesting thing,

is this series of symbols...

You have occasionally,
Lila, come across symbols

that the Lukura use amongst each other

in and around your former home,

but this does seem different.

You kind of clock that right away.

This isn't an arrow or
a sign where water is.

There's something being communicated,

and I don't have the
means to translate it yet.

And same with you, Ava.

You've seen this

on the side of those great,

what to call- - How many of
them are there, these symbols?

How many symbols are there?

- There's two lines, and
if you count them out,

it's something like 12
symbols across two lines.

- Yes.

No idea.

- So there's an interesting
thing happening here,

because you have the Researcher feat,

but that sort of requires
that you have an ecosystem

where you can go and do research.

The only ecosystem you have right now

is the source of all
mysterious things, the Blue.

So do you reach towards
the Blue in order to try

to figure out how to figure this out?

- What does that mean?

- There's no way for
you to decipher writing,

because you've never seen writing before.

The only way for you to interact

with something arcane and bizarre-

- I think I can help my
granddaughter with this,

because I know where
I've seen these before.

It was on that day.

The day I lost your grandfather.

It was on the side of...

All right, well, since your
mother told you everything,

I guess we might as well get into it.

You may have seen one of those things,

those creatures, the monsters,

but I've seen many,

many of them riding around in something

like the way that those rats

were riding around in that bear.

- (under breath) Chipmunks.
- Hm?

- Nothing.

(dark piano music)

- There were a bunch of them

in a thing, moving,

and it kicked up so much dust and dirt,

and it kicked up so much dust and dirt,

like a storm, like a wind, like a breeze.

- That kicks up, because you're
the one that saw the origin.

It immediately pings as your mind

goes back to seeing that
weird, strange point

that was the origin of the dust before.

- But not like regular dirt or dust

where it's just like maybe things

are going to be a little
chalky for a while.

- Like what happened
at the... (stammering)

At home yesterday?
- What?

- The-
- The dust in the air.

- Yeah, oh yes, the dust!

Yes, the dust, like
what happened yesterday.

- The kind that kills everybody?

- Yes, but I don't think it was the thing

that was causing the dust,

it was the dust around it.

The dust has the Blue,
and it's too much Blue.

That comes from one of those things,

the non-bears.

I don't know what to call them.

- Grandma's right, we have
to build a giant bear.

(Siobhan chuckles)

- Do you think there's any way

that you might be able to understand this?

Because maybe if we could
understand what this was-

- Well, maybe if we find
one of those things,

and I feel like maybe the only way to find

one of those things is to
make something as big as it.

- We wouldn't be able to make something

until we understood it, so.
- No, but to make a big thing

that's as big as the creatures-

- I get it, you just make a
thing that's as big as a thing

and then you get inside of it,
and then you're in the thing.

- Yeah, like a moving tree!

- And it fights!

- And it fights! - [Izzy And
Siobhan] A moving tree that fights!

- Well, let's put a pin in that.

- Why are none of you understanding this?

- Jaysohn, get up the thing!
- She's being so clear.

- Get up the thing and, and, and,

and get a bunch of bark,

and we're going to build a big thing!

Get a bunch of clay and bark!
- I scamper up a tree.

- When you were up high on the hill,

- [Rashawn] Yes.

- Did you see any more of the thing

that might look like a bear
but kicks up more dust?

- I don't think I saw any other creatures.

I saw a point, and it all
emerged from there, so,

it had a focal point, and
it sprayed over all of us

like it was intentionally coming our way.

- Well, shit.

- So it's quite possible

that whatever this symbol is also exists

on the side of this non-bear

that creates the dust.

- I gotta, we gotta-
- Do we need to go towards it?

- We gotta go back. We gotta go back to-

- I'm going to open it
up to everyone, though.

If you want to try to push yourself

to understand these symbols,
the way to go about that,

there's no way to spark
knowledge from nothing

except to lean into the sort of magic

that suffuses everything.

So whoever wants to can
make an arcana check.

- I will use the help action, if I can.

- [Aabria] For who? Call your shot.

- Me?

- What'd you get?

- But do I get help?

(Brennan laughs)

- That's not a question for me.

- Lila's got a plus nine to arcana.

- I look at Lila and I go, okay, Lila,

I love the spirit, I love the energy.

I definitely think we
could build something.

- Uh-huh.

- But right now, I just need you to think

for just a second about
these symbols and just see

if you can reach down
and find something, okay?

- Uh-huh.

- So focus on the symbols.

- Because I'm smarter than you?

- Yes, so much smarter.
Just focus on the symbols.

Look at the symbols, not at me.

Look at the symbols. Look at the symbols.

Look at the symbols, look at
the symbols and roll again.

- He's a cool dude, he's
just being weird right now.

You're in control.

- Yeah, I know.

Nat one. Okay, so the first
one was seven plus nine.

- 16?
- 16.

- There we go. It's cause I tried to help.

- Anyone else making the
check, while we do it?

- 11.

(tense electronic music playing)

- My character will not
attempt to understand,

and will not offer the help action

to anyone attempting to do so.

- Jaysohn is up a tree.
- [Aabria] Yeah, fair.

- I need to know.
- Lila, as you focus,

again, that idea of reaching for somewhere

to figure out how to figure something out,

and I think because you're
so focused on the symbols,

especially after your uncle
weirdly chanting about it,

that everyone else sort of
notes, while you do not,

that your eyes, deep and
black and large and wide,

glow with just a little sheen behind them

like the red eyes of a
cat caught in the light

with a little bit of blue.

The symbols do begin to make more sense.

It's as if-
- (quietly) What? I can read?

- You can read.
- What, bitch?

(cast laughs)

- We can't have hats, but she can read?

- How do you think hats...

Everything is achieved from reading!

- Okay, next step, find a
book on how to make hats!

- Okay, Lila has been to the library.

- And you read the words,

"Follow your instincts towards the Light."

And it's very clear-
- Wait, wait, wait, wait.

I read those words in English, to me?

- It's not in English, it's in stoat.

- Bulgarian? Oh, stoat?
- Bulgarian?

This doesn't exist anywhere on a map,

so we don't get weird about it.

- Oh, wait, I read it in stoat?

- I mean, you don't have a
concept of what English is,

so the language that you
read, and you understand that-

- It's like what the 'creatures' wrote.

- You're winking at
me, but you do realize,

the scale of these letters

is as though someone
your size carved them.

- Our size, okay, so a stoat wrote it.

- This is something that was being held.

A stoat carved into a piece of wood,

"Follow your instincts towards the Light."

- "Follow your instincts
towards the Light."

- Yes.
- A stoat.

- And it's a capital L on the Light.

- The Light.

(tense electronic music resumes)

Oh shit.

Oh no, maybe you are right about stuff.


Lila throws up a little bit.

- Yeah, nice.

- Too many strawberries.
- Are you okay?

- Sweetie, if that's making
you sick, don't look at it.

(Izzy babbling)

- I have to go to the bathroom, with Mom.

- Okay, okay.

I'm going to go and go over with you.

- And Jaysohn.
- You have to yell.

- Come down!
- Okay. I found an egg.

- You found a whole egg?
- Bring it, bring it!

- Okay, I need an acrobatics
check with disadvantage.

- Amazing job, Jaysohn, wow.

We can all eat. We found an egg.

- Nat one.

- Oh!

- You know what's going to happen here.

You get halfway down,

and I think just in the
most beautiful display,

the egg drops, but you jump after it,

not really with an intention of,

I really know what to do.
- My egg!

- So it kind of hits, but
then you punch through it.

You're in a little egg jacuzzi.

- It actually was about to hatch.

It's an emu.
- Really quick, I love this energy.

Abso-fucking-lutely not. No, no.

- And then we have a friend.
- Emu eggs aren't up trees,

and a stoat wouldn't have got it down.

- Dinosaur.
- I have Yoshi now.

- Yes!

But you are covered in
albumin and yolk and food,

which would have been a problem,

because stoats eat a lot every day.

(players slurping)

- It's still good, it's still
good. Everyone get in here.

- Grandma's sandpaper tongue.

(Erika and Siobhan mimicking
the sound of stoat grooming)

- Okay, everyone, I'm going
to take Lila to the bathroom.

Everyone lick Jaysohn.

I'll go over with you to the bathroom.

Sweetie, are you feeling
sick? Do you need to throw up?

- I could understand it.

- The wood?

- The wood.

- Okay.

- And it said, "Follow your
instinct toward the Light."

- You heard it say-
- [Izzy] And a stoat wrote it.

- A stoat what?
- A stoat...

Made it say that.

- You heard the wood
say those words to you?

- No, I could see it.

- You could see it saying...

- Yeah!

- This is perfect.
- Motherhood.

- Hold on, sweetie. You're very...

You are very bright,
and I know that you...

I trust that you know something.

- I think at this point,
Jaysohn comes on over,

half covered in egg.

- Can you try to explain it to Jaysohn,

so that Jaysohn can understand it?

- Jaysohn.
- Yeah.

- You know when we would be awake?

- Yeah.
- [Izzy] In the middle of the night?

- Yeah.
- And we would...

There would be, like, a
tiny little bit of light

that would come in from the crack.

- [Siobhan] Yeah.

- And then we would make,

like, fake Auntie Beatrixes.

- Yes.
- On the wall.

- Yes.

- And it looked like she-

- You can't get us in trouble for this.

- ...was pooping.

- Auntie Beatrix is...

Keep going.

- Yeah, she died, I know. Okay.

Yeah, everybody died, okay.

And we would make it look like
she was pooping on the wall,

but it's not real her, it's on the wall.

- Yeah.

- That's what's sort of on...

And then sometimes we
would also make it, like,

to say to each other, like, oh, Mom's mad.

We'd put mad Mom on the wall.

- Yeah.
- The wood is saying to me-

- Okay.

- ...that, "Follow your
instincts towards the Light."

- So these scratchings on
the wood are like shadows

that only you can tell
what they're shadows of.

- Yeah!

- Okay, that makes sense to me.

- Really? I don't understand it at all.

But she's really clever.

- You are so sweet, my boy. My sweet boy.

- Jaysohn, my sweet little monk,

can you give me a wisdom saving throw?

- Oh god.
- No!

- Ah, 19.
- [Jasper] Hey!

- Nice.

You hear that phrase,

"Follow your instincts towards the Light,"

and you think back to the
way you do very good punches

and did them yesterday with the bear,

that when you sort of drop into

this astral self focus

to do hits, you remember feeling,

even while you were focusing
on hitting that chipmunk,

that there was something
over your shoulder behind you

like a floodlight, like a sun,
away, and you wanted to look,

but, you know, you didn't
want to die in that moment,

and there was something,
a tremendous light

that you could only see
while you were focused

in that time that was
drawing your attention.

- We have to look behind us.

We have to look directly behind us.

- Okay.

- I think that's what it means.

- Okay.
- How do you do that?

- I'm going to take the-
- Maybe if I'm really fast.

- Can I have the wood, sweetie?

- Maybe if I'm really fast, I can do it.

I can do it! I think I can do it.

Hang on, hang on. Don't look
at me, I can figure it out!

- No one look at Jaysohn.

(Aabria laughing)
(tense electronic music)

I'm going to go over to
the rest of the group

and say, okay, Lila is right.

Lila is able to see

these scratches mean something,

like shadows or tracks.

They mean something. Lila is
able to tell what they mean.

- Okay.

- And sweetie, did you say that
this was written by stoats?

- [Izzy] Mm-hm.

- So it says, "Follow your
instinct towards the Light."

So this obviously is dangerous.

We do not know the stoats that wrote this.

- We have to go find it
and we have to stop it.

- Okay, not my conclusion.
- I...

But yes, not my conclusion either.

- Yeah, a united front in
front of the children. Don't...

- I don't know, it seems like
there's a new cult leader

in town, and it's probably me.

- So, okay, we're talking,

this is all very exciting and interesting.

We're talking about Lights and the Blue

and making a tree that can fight

and different monsters with
saggy skin and all of that.

So, that's all so
fascinating and interesting.

- But we need to find somewhere safe?

- Thorn, thank you so much for saying it.

We need to find somewhere safe.

- We don't have to necessarily
find somewhere safe.

We can make somewhere safe.

Somewhere that we find,
we can make safe. Yes.

- I do have an idea.

I can do a little scouting,

which doesn't actually require any of us

to necessarily leave,

if you don't mind giving me just a moment.

- No, I say we all go together.

- Oh no, no, I'm not going to leave.

I'm going to go up a tree for,
you know, 20 minutes, maybe.

- Knock yourself out.
- Something like that.

- All right, and in this scouting

that you're going to be doing up a tree-

- What do you think I should look for?

That's what I was going to ask.

- So you found this that way?
- Mm-hm.

- So let's look in this direction,

and we'll try to find a
burrow with some rabbits.

- [Jasper] Okay.

- And that bit on the
tree is really slippery,

so be really, really careful.

- I wouldn't dream of going

nearly as quickly as you,
Jaysohn, don't worry.

- Well, but you can't even, like,

be half as quarter as quick as me,

- Okay.
- Because you have to be

really careful on just that little bit.

- How about a sixth as slow as you?

- Okay.

- I'm going to go up with you.

I'll help him with the slippery bit.

- Okay.
- [Aabria] Teamwork.

- Okay, thank you. I
will probably need it.

- I just stand next to the slippery bit

and just direct them.

(Erika guffaws)

- You know what, with that,

I'm going to give you both the help action

on an acrobatics or athletics
check to get up the tree.

- Please.


That was literally going to be a 16!

That was gonna to be a 16!

- Erika is rolling as badly as-

- That's actually not too bad.

- Did you roll help? Did
you roll with advantage?

- Oh, advantage.
- Exactly the same roll.

- [Aabria] Holy shit.
- It's not too bad.

- Are you technically in my aura?

- No, this is not a saving
throw, I don't think.

That's fine. It's still a 14, though.

- [Aabria] That's okay.
- 18.

- Yeah, you can go quickly
and carefully up the tree.

- And I'm just sort of muscling up.

- She's doing kip-ups.
It's a salmon ladder.

You don't know what a
salmon is, but you're just-

- No, I take my bone, and
I'm like, salmon ladder!

- Oh wait, that's actually
great. That's great.

- How are you even doing that?
- Mom is so buff.

- Come on, boy! Keep up!
- I don't think I can.

- This stoat's lat spread is unreal.

She's built like an Olympic swimmer.

- She trains with her own
body weight, you know.

She doesn't have to use logs.

- [Erika] It's like I've
got wires underneath my fur.

- Cool, so what I would like to do,

this might be a little shenanigan-y,

so please tell me if it is.
- Sure, I love a shenan.

- I would love to try
and use my Actor feat

to mimic the sound of a bird

to try and call a bird towards me.

- Oh, sure.

Go ahead and give me a
performance check with advantage.

- I want to be relatively hidden.

- What kind of bird?
- Because I don't want it

to see me until the last possible second,

if that makes sense.

- Sure, stealth check.
- [Jasper] Yep.

- Go ahead and give me a
stealth check also, Ava,

unless you're just going to
be like, what're you doing?

- Yeah, no, yeah.
- Yeah, respect.

- I needed that. 22.

- Okay, all right, you are
sufficiently tucked away.

- [Jasper] Cool.
- Now go ahead and give me

a performance check with advantage.

- Okay.

- [Aabria] What kind of
bird are you calling?

- Truly, hopefully nothing big
or particularly carnivorous.

- [Aabria] Interesting.

- Basically, a wood
pigeon would be fantastic.

- Sure, sure, sure. Okay.
(Jasper cooing)

- What the actual fuck?

- A one and a three. - I don't know
what's going on with you, baby.

That is so tough.

- [Izzy] What's happening?
- What is going on?

- Coo, coo.

- Okay, it is still a 12.

- [Aabria] Sure! - Because I
have a plus nine to performance.

- Okay, I think with a 12, you
see, a couple branches away,

the shaking of limbs as some wood pigeons

are kind of popping out, and
just in response... (coos)

- Cool, so that makes me
want to move towards it

in a very unthreatening way. (cooing)

I basically just need to be
able to touch this thing.

- Sure, give me a persuasion check?

- [Jasper] Okay.
- Just to be like, I'm cool.

- Don't let me down, please!

That's fine! It's fine!

It's, like, super fine. 16.

- Oh sure, cool. Against a 14, yeah.

It looks at you like, that's a bad guy.

I'm literally just having a
conversation with a friend

right now about an egg
that was lost, but sure.

- Okay.

- And this little gray wood
pigeon kind of hops over.

- I look at you and I say,
if you could try and stop me

from accidentally falling out
of the tree, that'd be great.

And I'm going to touch the
pigeon and cast Beast Sense

so I can see through the pigeon's eyes.

And then yeah, the aim is basically,

as the pigeon takes off,
I'm just going to scan

around the area and see what
I can see through the pigeon.

- Sure, yeah, the moment you touch it,

it feels claw and knows, predator.

I've made a huge mistake.

- Probably a little
static shock, probably.

- Yeah, it goes really puffy
and wide and takes off.

- I think as it does,

the little static runs through
my eyes and they cloud over

as I'm now seeing through
the pigeon's eyes.

- Sweet, you see the
thing looks up and away,

and have you ever done this before?

- No, this is very new.
- [Aabria] Brand new.

- Yeah, this is brand new.

- It's so strange that the moment

that this pigeon clears the tree line,

you are deeply aware of the
sort of unmitigated sunlight

when there's no forest tree cover,

and it's fairly early in the morning,

so the sun is not directly overhead,

but you know where it is.

It's there, and the pigeon is flying

in a different direction,

and yet it's splitting the
difference, because to its left,

which I think you're
able to orient yourself

directly to the north
of where you all are,

there's a second sun, blue,
sitting on the horizon.

- What?

- [Aabria] Glowing.

- I'm just sort of saying
this out loud to you.

I'm sort of like, I can
see there's the sun.

There's a second source
of light. It's blue.

- Like the Blue, or just-

- Yeah, definitely like the Blue, yeah.

- All right, what direction is it in?

Can I look over and see it?

- Because this pigeon is
very, very high in the air,

you would have to climb up
farther if you want to go

to the top of the trees
and try to scope this.

- But I can get a general
direction on this, right?

- [Aabria] Yeah, you know it's due north.

- I know this forest relatively well.

- I'm going to stand.
I'll go climb up later.

I want to stand here to make sure

he doesn't fall and break his neck.

- Thank you.

It's due north, by the looks of it.

And yeah, I'll do one last quick-

- What's the path look
like on the way there?

- Can't tell, trees everywhere.

- There are trees everywhere.
There's a lot of trees.

- All right, that means there's cover.

- Truly a lot of trees.

- Any places that don't have trees?

- Can I see the meadow from here,

that I tried to cross once upon a time?

- Oh, that's fun. Give
me a perception check.

- It does say I technically
use the beast's,

all of their stuff, so maybe the pigeon

should roll a perception check.

(Cast laughs at Jasper's
attempt to not have to roll)

- I've never seen someone
so sad to be like,

I don't want to touch the mechanics,

I just want the results.

- Get these dice out of my hands.

- You gotta wash your hands in
saltwater when you get home.

- I got a 15, so okay.

- Yeah, see? It's better,
it's literally better!

- You should respec full
spellcaster to just be like,

you make saving throws, I don't want to-

- I don't want to do it!
- [Brennan] I don't want any of this.

- Constantly puppeting
animals that you come across.

- That's fine.

- You see, as this
pigeon begins to circle,

just cooing and freaking out, yeah,

you see a break in the wood.

You've seen natural
lightning strikes before

and how it sort of leaves
a scar across the ground

that you see, yeah, there's
a little bit of tree line

that's interrupted, and a
meadow full of blue flowers,

and again, you're getting that, like,

can't look directly at
it, because this pigeon,

this thing that is part of this forest

that does not have the sapience

to know when to access or not access,

it is simply aware of the Blue

like it is aware of the sky
and the sea and the tree,

it's almost hard to perceive the glow

coming up off of this meadow,

but you do feel a bit of
interruption through that glow

as sort of carved, jagged
bits of lightning tear it up.

- And is that north as well, or is that-

- It's way farther to the south.

- Oh, okay.
- Closer in the direction

that you came from, it was farther away.

- I do not want to go back there.

- Yeah, it's nowhere near

where you are and where you're going.

- That's pretty interesting.

- But you do see, where that sun is,

and it's very hard to look
toward, the tree line does stop

in sort of a ring around it.

- Fuck.
- And I will make you make

one check here.

- Okay.

- I need you to see if
you can understand this,

so you tell me the stat
that you want to use

to understand something
about the lay of the land

and the way the world works.

- Also, if he's narrating
it out loud to me,

should I be making that same check?

- It's a really good question,
but it's hard to narrate

a thing you're not even
thinking to narrate.

- Yeah, I think if I don't
understand it, I think

it'd be super hard for me to
actually be able to say it.

- [Aabria] You wouldn't describe
it unless you clocked it.

- Right.

- But if you go up and
climb up after this,

I'll have you make the same set of checks.

- Can I go with survival,

and if I'm in my favored terrain,
can I add an extra bonus?

- [Aabria] Yes.
- Okay, this is plus 12.

(tense electronic music)


- Guaranteed nat 20.

- Maybe I just need to
roll it somewhere else.

Can I roll it in your tray, maybe?

- Maybe it's the tray.
- [Siobhan] Maybe it's the tray.

- 14!
- 14, 14, 14, 14!

- [Jasper] 26!
- [Erika] That's a 26, baby!

Yeah! Get out of here!

Get out of here, we're sharing a tray now.

- Yeah, we're sharing a tray now.

- So excited for a 14.

- Truly, a 14 is the highest I have rolled

for many hours of gameplay,

many hours. - Oh my god, I
felt my whole body unclench.

- For a 14, which has now
somehow moved into a 13.

- Pick it up before it keeps going down!

- It's a spin down die. For a total of?

- 26.

- A 26.

You get this sense of,
the forest is your home,

and you look for patterns,

because patterns reveal
opportunity or danger,

and the pigeon continues
to climb, and you look out

and see that these woods
that you call your home,

that Blue,

it's an area.

It's a circle that stretches
out miles in every direction,

but you can see where the trees

become sort of greenish again,

and that big, wide halo
is centered on that sun.

So whatever that light
is, it's a pulse out,

and everything here is affected
and changed by that light.

- At the edge of the circle,
do the trees seem different?

Is there a gradual effect, or
is it almost like a hard line

where the trees are
perfectly normal at the edge,

or is there almost a tapering effect?

- There's a little bit of a gradient.

You can see the difference between

where these trees are a little bigger

and a little stranger
and weirdly blue-tinged.

- So it almost feels
like a cumulative thing.

Over time, this is happening.
- 100%.

- Awesome.
- 100%.

- Yeah, okay, I will
come back to my senses.

Brighter than the sun,
swifter than the wind.

Thanks, pigeon.

(Aabria coos)
(Jasper coos)

- You fucked up that
pigeon something fierce.

- Yeah, the pigeon's now
just flying around like...

(all groaning)

I'll come back, I'll look at you and say,

well, we are going to trust our instincts.

I think I know where the Light is.

- You know, it's actually
not in our instincts

to go towards some
unknown light like that.

Curiosity is not very stoat-like.

- Well, I'm a stoat,

and I wasn't born in the
same place that you were,

but I have a very
different set of instincts.

The idea of being underground
is truly horrific, awful.

Why would you do that?
Anything could happen.

A collapse. If a predator got
in through the one entrance.

You're all dead, you know?

So all I'm saying is that perhaps

not all stoats think the same way.

- No.
- No?

- Damn.

- No, you didn't grow up
with any other community

or family or anything, so you don't know.

You didn't have anybody to teach you.

- I grew up...

Yes, I'll think about it.

I'll think about that, what you said.

That's good for me to know.

As soon as I get down,
I'm going to be like,

Olliver, Teedles, oh my god!

- Olliver is literally collecting

different shapes of leaves
to bring back to Jaysohn.

What, what do you need? What do you need?

- Go up.
- [Aabria] You going up?

- I'm going to take a look.
Do I see the same thing?

- I think you have, now that
you know what to look for,

you're looking for that
edge, and you do see,

far away on the horizon, a delineation

where the trees stop being blue-tinged

and go to just sort of a
pure and unadulterated green.

As you turn back in
that due north direction

that you were told, you, with your eyes

that can choose to reach
for the Blue or not,

with that down, you see
where the tree line stops

with that down, you see
where the tree line stops

and there is just churned earth
and rock like a small hill

and something rectangular, wide and large,

with a strange, jutting
red and white spire

coming out of the top off in the distance.

- Oh!

- Bless.

- I see that, the gray...

Okay, well, I mean,

he's making it on his own,

and he's done it without anybody else

and built his own sort
of weird band of weirdos

so, I guess, what do I know?

- I'm still right here.
- I mumble that to myself as I go.

- Okay!

- [Izzy] Completely audible to everybody.

- Got your fucking degree and
you think you know everything.

- You all come back to the group?

- I'll just openly relay what I've seen.

- And I'll say that about
how I saw this ring of green

around this rectangular thing.

The rectangle was gray, yes?
- [Aabria] Yes.

- Yes, the rectangle
was gray and hard. Yes.

- I think you understand that
at the distance you saw it at,

it must be, sorry guy, incredibly big.

- Like a gray stone?

- A massive gray stone, but smooth.

- Bigger than the bear?

- Must be, must be.

- Well, does that scare anybody even more?

Something bigger than the
biggest thing we've seen?

- No, I'm not afraid of it.
I'm not afraid, I'll fight it.

- It sounds like stone, so
we don't need to fight it.

You can fight it if you want,

just make sure you don't hurt yourself.

- I think as stoats, we are
quite accustomed to fighting

and being around things that
are much larger than us.

We are not scared of
the trees, are we not?

- So you spotted...

Was this in the same direction
as the second sun you saw?

This blue sun?

- Yeah, you stack that information

and realize that you saw the Blue version,

which was a sun your
eyes couldn't penetrate,

and the thing that was sitting beneath it

that any of you could see.

- I was from a very high vantage point,

so I didn't see the-

- (whisper) Follow your
instincts towards the Light!

- We've seen where the Blue is,

and it's near this massive
stone, bigger than a bear,

in the center of a ring of trees.

So wonderful, so we know
exactly where we mustn't,

under any circumstances,
ever, ever, ever go.

- Could I make a small pitch?

My small pitch is this:

Whatever these things are,

they're showing no signs of
slowing down or stopping.

Now, I'm not saying that
we rush into there headlong

and start fighting this
Light, or we even go there

with the intention of
interacting with it in any way.

But we have this, that
Lila has deciphered,

from another stoat, saying
to follow this Light.

There may be answers there that
maybe could break this cycle

and stop us from just being...

I'm not...

I'm going to appreciate that
I'm not in my congregation.

I am with my family,

and me talking as a member of this family

with children on the way,

all I want is to keep us safe,
and I truly cannot tell you

how my instincts are
screaming inside my chest,

telling me that I need...

We need to understand this.

There must be a reason why we
can understand these things,

and yet every other animal
just runs scared, terrified.

But we're here, having a conversation,

talking about these things,

able to embrace even the
concept of what this might be!

If we can understand it, maybe,

maybe we can forge a life for ourselves

that isn't just living in a hole

and waiting for some hideous
smog to smoke us all out.

I truly believe this is the way

that we keep this family safe.

- I think that's true.

- I'm sorry, Mum.

- I believe it, too.


- You know, if your husband
Geoffrey were alive today,

you know what he'd say.

- That doesn't feel helpful,
actually. That feels-

- You don't have to be brave.
I can be brave for you.

- Mom's the bravest person in the world.

- You're right. Mum, you're so brave.

I don't have to be brave for you.

I learned how to be brave from you.

- But Jaysohn can also be brave for you.

- I can be brave, too.
- Everyone can be brave.

- And Lila can be smart.
- I'm also brave.

- I think I'm braver. I'm braver than you.

I'm the brave one. You're the smart one.

- This moment's kind of about
your mom making her decision.

- If you'll allow me, I think
Thorn would offer his head

to sort of touch heads with you.

(Brennan sighs)

- (whisper) Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom.
- Yeah?

- [Izzy] (whisper) Mom.
- Yeah?

- I know you don't like this,

but I think that if we go,

and we make it go away-
- (whisper) Yeah!

- Then all of the bad things
that have been happening

because of the Blue don't happen anymore,

and then we can just find
a home and live there

and be happy and safe like you want.

- I exchange a meaningful look with Thorn.

- And then, and then, and then...

And then our cousins could
be safe and happy too!

- Yeah, but I'm not going to babysit them.

- Yes, you are.

You've got to learn how to
take care of others. - [Jasper]
You certainly are, Jaysohn.

We took care of you.

- I need my kids to be as quick as you.

Seriously, they need-

- Oh, I'll race them.
- Okay.

- Yeah, you could teach them to move fast.

Or you could race them, but
that's kind of cheating.

- No!
- Because they'll be babies.

- Yeah!
- I won't do anything-

- If you beat a baby, that's-

- Yeah, well, that's how they learn!

How is that cheating, just
because I'm faster than them?

That's not cheating, I'm just good.

- Jaysohn, that's pretty smart.

- I'm going to be just
like you. You're brave.

- Children! Children!

Everyone is smart and brave.

Everyone is smart and everyone is brave,

and so because we're all brave,

we're all going to do
something very brave.

So we're just going to be brave,

and then we're going to stay
together and work together,

which is why I'm excited to stay together.

- She's lying.
- You're lying.

- No, she's excited to stay together,

but she's not excited about
doing what we're going to do.

- You're so smart.

- I love you, I love you. I love you, too.

- I jump on Mum's back a little too rough.

- I think you do, and I
just thump into the ground.

- Mommy gave up! Mommy gave up!

- I try and pick up my mum.
- Oh no!

- I go, oh Lila, Mommy
gave up a long time ago.

- Oh no!

Oh no, Tula!
- I go, let's do it.

Viola, we're going to be so good.

I'm so excited for your babies.

Let's go to the massive blue light

in the middle of the strange stone

with no trees around,

where the stoats who can write- - Okay,
I'm going to need a little bit less

of this passive aggressive energy.

- Who's being passive aggressive?

I'm just a lady on the ground.

- I scoop you up, I scoop you up.

- Hooray, hooray.
- Grandma's so strong.

- Let's go to the strange
place where we don't know.

- Can I clock Olliver and
Teedles real quick and just say,

you have no obligation to me if you-

- Shut up.
- Okay.

You coming?

- Yeah.
- Cool.

- And Olliver and Teedles

just sort of nod at each other and take
off. - Why do they get to say shut up,

and when I tell Grandma to
shut up everybody gets mad?

- Literally, you hear a voice

as they sort of disappear into the brush.

You hear Teedles' voice kind
of emerging from behind.

Yeah, when you're an adult,
you can tell people to shut up.

And they take off and begin
their scout formation,

keeping you all safe.
- I don't know if that's true,

because sometimes Auntie
gets mad at Grandma,

and she still gets yelled at.

- Your grandma is the scariest
person that's ever existed.

- As we're walking, I'm
going to look over at Lila,

and I'm going to-
- I'm still-

- Oh, I'm still being carried by my mom.

- Horrifying.

- [Brennan] I didn't know we
were committing to this bit.

- Oh yeah!

- I think my head is near you,

so I'm just going to talk
to you and I'm going to go,

Mom, I'm really tired.

(tender piano music)

- You've been through a lot.
- Okay.

Please look after Lila and
Jaysohn in this new place.

I'm also going to do it,
but it can't just be me.

- I suppose I could spend a
little more time with them.

They always are a lot better
for me than they are for you,

and that's not any comment on
your parenting skills at all.

But what I'm just saying is, yes,

I can hang out with the little
ones a little more often.

- Thank you, Mama.
- Yeah.

- I actually will lean out of the arms

to say something to Lila
real quick, which is just,

sweetie, I'm very proud of you.

That's incredible that you
know what those scratches mean.

- I'm sorry.

- I'm sorry. I shouldn't
have raised my voice earlier.

I've been thinking about that all day.

I really am sad I did that.

(tender piano music continues)

I need you to do me a favor.
Can you do a favor for me?

- No, what is it? But yes.

- I liked your dad the most,

and there are so many
wonderful things about you

that are just like him.

He knew about scratches, too.

So when you don't like your
dad, it makes me scared,

because he was so like you,

and I think that you're
both so worth liking.

- I thought Jaysohn was like Dad.

- I thought I was like Dad!
- You are like Dad.

- Both of you are too
much like your father.

- But we're so different!
We're so different.

- Honestly, when I was little,

you can ask Auntie Viola about it,

one of my favorite things
to do when I was little

was jump off of rocks.

- What? But I like jumping off of rocks!

- And I don't all the time. Sometimes.

If it's a pretty good
rock, then I'll do it.

- You're doing a thing that
siblings do all the time,

which is when one of you likes something,

you try to be in opposite to that,

but everyone can like
jumping off of rocks.

Everyone can like the Blue.

Everyone can like learning scratches.

- Stoats contain multitudes, okay?

- But I have to like it the most.

- Yes, when she was younger,
your mother went around

to quite a lot of burrows,
if you know what I mean.

- Grandma!

(Jasper cackles)

- (out of character) Oh, she's a ho!

(dramatic orchestral music)
- And as you all move through the woods,

it takes you three days and three nights

to make your way towards that sun,

towards that rectangle,

towards whatever is calling
you, and the closer you get,

the faster you move,
because even without trying,

you can feel the pull
towards it, like gravity,

until eventually, in
an unremarkable moment

on an unremarkable day otherwise,

you find yourselves standing
in front of the biggest,

strangest structure, burrow, warren,

strangest structure, burrow, warren,

that any of you have ever seen.

(dramatic orchestral music continues)

And that's where we're
going to pick up next time.

(all cheering)
- Baby!

- We'll see you next week!
- See you next week!


(dramatic orchestral music ends)

- You get a little extra vision.

You catch the top of something
you've never seen before.

- A warren above ground?
That's strange, right?

- It's simply not done, not possible.

- Well.

- Hello.

- Hi.
- I can see that you are hurt.

- Why are you speaking
so slowly? What's wrong?

People come here because they
feel the call of the Light.

- The Light!
- Yeah.

- You guys know about the Light?

- Everyone here knows about the Light.

- These stoats have an entire culture.

We don't need to correct the mistakes

that they're making with
their culture within minutes.

- But we have our culture.
- I understand, but-

- Our culture is great.

- Can you all do the
lightning move that he did?

- Thorn's gifts are his own.

- But each of us are uniquely gifted

with the Blue.
- I can read!

- You find yourself on the inside

of this truly massive cement structure.

- [Erika] Oh my god!
- Stairs!

- Oh my god!

- It goes up higher than any
of you have ever climbed.

It just extends in every direction.

- How big were the rabbits

that you drove out of this burrow?

- This was not a rabbit burrow.

- Badger?
- No.

- Skin?
- Human.

(melancholy music)

(melancholy music continues)