Dimension 20 (2018-…): Season 19, Episode 4 - Grappling With Death - full transcript

The Fix finds himself trapped, while the rest of the PIs put together the clues.

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(cool opening noir music)

- Hello one and all.

Welcome to another thrilling episode of

"Dimension 20: Mentopolis."

I'm your humble GM, Brennan Lee Mulligan.

With me as always are our Prefrontal PIs.

Say Hi Prefrontal PIs.

- [All] Hi, Prefrontal PIs.

- Last we left off, oh boy.

Were we in for a wild time.
(tense music)

The Fix is in the middle
of the DA's office

with a shadowy figure holding a white key

made of a frequency from
outside of Mentopolis itself,

coming for the throat
of our friend, The Fix.

Meanwhile, everyone else
converges on Oblongata Station

after a narrow miss with the fuzz.

Anastasia has sundered a block of ice

and gotten her family key out
along with her cousin Imelda

as they race toward Oblongata Station

to meet up with Conrad Schnitz,

Hunch Curio, and Dan (emphasized) Fucks.

(players laughing)

- It never gets old.
(players laughing)

I keep waiting for it to
get old, it just never does.

Every show we do, one
person has to do a name

that's gonna fuck me up every time.

(players laughing)

- I need to be honest with you.

Freddie pitched Dan Fucks and I was like,

All right, Freddie, we'll see.

I was wrong to doubt
(players laughing)

and it is actually the
perfect name, Dan Fucks.

So all three of you are
racing here with Ivana Popov,

So all three of you are
racing here with Ivana Popov,

aka, the fight response of the brain

headed towards the switchboard
at Oblongata Station,

one of Mentopolis' few switchboards

that these sort of
incredibly significant keys

can go in to add influence

to the big guy's decision
making, Elias Hodge.

All of you race there
as fast as you can with

Hunch still holding onto the oculus,

which connects to De'lux Industrial

to the sort of raw vision
processing back in Occipital Park.

All of you have had various run-ins,

gangsters from the Avaricci
family pursuing you

outside of Sugah's speakeasy.

You had a run in with the
horrifying DA, M. Bition,

before the shadowy figure appeared,

who appeared to say that the
brain will only feel good

when he says it can feel good

and seemed to say that
the biggest impediment

to Elias' life was Elias.

What a horrifying prospect.

We also met self doubt and dominance.

(players laughing)

Dominance was really,
really not doing great

and self doubt was doing incredible.

(players laughing)

Folks, we return to the
rainy streets of Mentopolis

and Oblongata Station
(slow noir music)

as a cab pulls up in the rainy streets,
(car driving)

splashing through a puddle,

the brainstorm overhead.

You hear another crumble of
highway off in the distance

from that initial blunt force
trauma somewhere to the scalp.

The thing that Anastasia
discovered the last time

she was here at the station,
cab pulls up, a door opens,

and you see the pulsing of electricity

(electricity buzzes)

throughout Mentopolis as you
feel the presence of pressure

throughout Mentopolis as you
feel the presence of pressure

and I remind all of you about
the giant dial in front of you

measuring exactly how much
pressure the big guy is under.

Imelda and Anastasia, you
each have your keys with you.

As you exit the cab, you
still see those paddy wagons

with shock troops over there.

You see one or two of them clock you

getting out of your cab.

What is it that you do
as you exit the vehicle?

- Normally what I would do,
my first instinct would be

to use my famous cousin's famousness,
(typewriter clacking)

but that would work against
us right now because

people think that she is missing.

- I am cloak up, but in a way that's like,

look at that mysterious
woman, how mysterious she is.

Like I really think I'm doing a good job.

- What an eye-catching cloak.

(players laughing)

- Im, you look too pretty and mysterious.

- Oh, no.

(players laughing)

- We have to do something.

Walk casually with me behind this podium.

And we start casually walking.

We scurry behind the podium.

Quick, wear this.

And then I put my trench coat on Im,

and then I put my hat on her as well,

and then I put the cloak
over me and I'm like, see.

- Oh hey, see.

- Perfect.

- I'm a journalist.

(players laughing)

- I'm a cub reporter, see?

- You're part of the press now.

- Yeah, see.
- [Danielle] Perfect, perfect.

- [Trapp] Perfect crime.
- I'm gonna need sneak checks.

We'll call it a seven.
(players laughing)

- [Trapp] Now they'll think it's-
- I got a 10.

- Hell yeah.
- [Siobhan] Wait, 11.

- I got a three, but it is sneak.
(light curious music)

So with my sneak, I get a two.

I don't have enough to
cover the difference.

- No worries.

You see that, well, the main person,

the person that really needed to succeed

was the person that is wanted.

So as you emerge from there,
you see that they do clock you

going and this other
woman come out with you

and they see you sort of
(break for pantomime) sneaking.

- [Trapp] Casual.
(walkie-talkie turns on)

- Seems like some kind of flash mob

starting down at the train station.

(players laughing)

There was a- There was
a costume switch and

might break out into dance at any moment.

(players laughing)

You see-
- Improv Everywhere is here.

(players laughing)

- I feel like, now another thing about it,

I feel horrified that flash mob may be

a horribly dated reference
to a part of the internet.

- 100% is.
- [Brennan] 100% is.

- No, nobody flash mobs anymore.
- Nobody flash mobs anymore?

- [Alex] Really?
- Wow, what a beautiful time.

- We really did it, we got rid of it.

- I feel like TikTok is ripe
for a flash mob comeback.

- Don't encourage.
- Do it, you can do it.

You, out there, you, kid. (laughs)

(players laughing)

- You enter the station
evading the attention

of those shock troopers
at the paddy wagons

who clocked your entrance but

did not clock your identity in doing so.

Just another two people
walking into a busy rail yard.

However, it is the wee
hours of the morning,

as such exists in the sort of strange

circadian cycle of Mentopolis.

You see that with less going on,

it seems that there's
still lots of adrenaline

coming in off of the dock here,

but it seems to have been gummed up.

Like it seems like a lot of
the adrenaline got gummed up

and has been like stopped
and there's like embargoes

or tariffs or something
like that sort of waiting

for it to go through, and you
see Max, the station agent,

Max Medulla, over by that
sort of glass octagonal tower

that sits on top of the
big double staircases

going down towards the
different platforms.

- All right, we are going
to go see my friend Max.

- [Siobhan] Max.
- Just be cool.

- You just be cool.

(players laughing)

- I've never not been cool.

(sounds of disagreement)

- I have never not- okay, that's fine.

Let's go.

So we go up to go meet with Max.

- [Brennan] Looks and
says, oh, twice in one day.

To what do I owe the honor?

- Just a friendly visit
with my old friend Max.

Hi, Max.
- Hi.

- I've got maybe just a
bit of a question for you.

Whether or not you
wanna answer, it's fine.

That is another reporter that I work with.

- Oh, thanks for introducing us,
(players laughing)

hi, I'm Max.

- Hi, I'm on the beat.
- [Brennan] Okay.

- [Hank] That's your name.
- [Freddie] That's her name.

- This is Max.

Max, this is Stacy Fakename.

- Stacy Fakename, that's me.
- And Stacy will be training

with me because, you know,
she just isn't as good

of a reporter as I am yet.

- I want you both to make a snoop check,

difficulty of three for me.

(players laughing)

- Just let me be great, Brennan.

- Oh.

- [Hank] Exploded.
- [Freddie] Oh, double explosion!

- [Brennan] Double exploded!

- Okay, that's an 18.

- Damn, I got a five

but who cares.
- [Siobhan] Wait, I could've exploded

the last one. Eh nevermind, it's fine.

- So, you see, you get an 18.

As Anastasia is saying
that, you see this too,

but you whip up and see a
giant incredibly vague outline

of a face saying, wanted: Stacy
Fakename, passenger fraud.

(players laughing)

He says, (suspiciously)
Stacy Fakename, huh?

- Oh no, that's a fake name.

My name is Joanne Fakename.

- Phew!
(players laughing)

Go ahead and give me a slick check.

(players laughing)

Call it DC 4.

- Wait, can I plan?

I actually do get a four.

- [Brennan] Oh you do get a four?
- I rolled a two

and I have a plus two.
- You get exactly a four.

Okay, great, good, good, good.

So you just barely pass.

You get a two on a d20 and still pass.
- [Siobhan] Yes.

She goes, phew!
(Siobhan laughing)

We (sighs) have had over 300 incidents.

Stacy Fakename has committed
hundreds of crimes here-

- [Siobhan and Danielle] Wow.
- In the last few days.

- I understand that you've
been having a little bit of

problems around here.

I have a question for you.

- Sure.

- I'm gonna need to call
in one of my favors.

- Oh, go ahead and give
me a slick check here,

and we'll call this a difficulty of six.
(smooth music)

(players make sounds of
concerned nervousness)

- 10.
- [Brennan] 10! All right-

- [Trapp] You explode on that, right?
- [Brennan] And she says-

- Oh, yes, I did explode.

Ah, let's see if I can get better.

- [Brennan] Okay.

- So it's 15 plus two, 17.
(slick noir music)

- [Siobhan] Nice.
- [Brennan] 17.

Wow, okay.

See, Max says, hey, I owe you big time.

You've gotten me out of a lot of jams.

- Oh, it was always my pleasure.

Now I'm gonna need you to do one for me.

- You got it.

- I need you to allow me access.

You see that nice little,

you know that nice little area
where it's not a big deal,

it's just a keyhole with
several other keyholes?

- Oh, the master switchboard
for Oblongata Station.

(players laughing)

The reflex center of the brain,

the one that can override
in case of emergencies

so that we don't need to cognize.

We can actually respond moment to moment

and have a, you know, quick,

absolutely forceful response
to life-threatening situations?

- They're good.
- Very good.

- Yeah, you need that?

- Yes, yes, I do.

- Well, under any normal circumstance,

this abdication of duty would go against

every fiber of my being.

But it's you!

(group laughing)

Max says, I need to get coffee anyway.

You want something?

- Oh, I would, you know what?

I would love a nice hot tea

and a warm shot of room temperature vodka.

- Okay.

- One of the most complicated
drinks you can have.

(players laughing)

- I will have to go to
two different places

to make that happen.
(players laughing)

There is not a lot of places
that give a nice hot tea

and room temperature vodka,
but we'll make it happen.

And Max, you see that they take off.

- And I'll get a champagne!

(Alex and Hank laughing)

- He's like, a flute or a bottle?

- Both!

(Alex and Hank laughing)

- I like this one.

(players laughing)

17 is so high.

(players laughing)

17 is so high.

Sometimes the dice tell the story

and sometimes the dice
really tell the story.

So you see Max takes off and
says, obviously, you know,

help yourself, but you
need the switchboard.

Just outta curiosity, why?

- Um,

you know what?

We will tell you when you get back.

It'll be a fun little surprise.

- (light laughter) Under
any normal circumstance.

(players laughing)

Being playful with the
most important charge

of my extremely significant

would be a slap in the face
and incredibly disrespectful,

but coming from you, it's kinda cute.

- Oh.

- Trust us or my name
isn't Joanne Fakename.

- And we know it is because-

- And we know it is.

Why would I lie?

- Well, you did lie right
away when you first got here,

(players laughing)

but then you immediately corrected

to what I know and believe is the truth.

Time to get tea and vodka and champagne.

(imitates playful music)

(players laughing)

- So, we go over to the keyhole.

At this point, do we wanna

wait for the rest of the keys to show up?

- Yeah, I don't know,

like maybe we wait for
the others to get here?

- Um.
- Or maybe we just...

Okay, I'm just gonna put the key in.
(players laughing)

- I don't know why I asked.

I don't know why I asked.

- [Brennan] So you see Imelda,
- I can't wait that long.

- Imelda quite impulsively jams a key

in there. For Anastasia;

do you follow suit?

If you put a second key in there,

it's gonna (snap) trigger the machine

'cause you're gonna put yours
into one of the safeties.

- If we trigger the machine now,

we won't have as precise control

as if we would if we wait for the others.

- Yes, correct.
- Oh, all right.

(disappointed) I'll wait.
(Brennan laughing)

That's fine.

- Hey Im, hey Im.

Look at this it's a shiny key.

(Imelda gasps)
(players laughing)

- Moments afterwards, you
all hear what sounds like

an incredibly souped up hot
rod. (imitates tires squealing)

(players laughing)

- All right!
(players laughing)


(players laughing)

- Ow, damn, you're hitting my bruises.

Ow! Ow fuck!
(players laughing)

- Everyone get the fuck off of me!

You see Ivana Popov is like just

throwing Dan and Hutch around in the back.

- Did he have his fingers in your mouth?

- I bit as hard I could
'til I taste blood.

(players laughing)

- Yes, you did.

(players laughing)

- Justin's like,

- Is there something here? Is there vibe?

- Oh, there's only one way to find out.

- You wanna smack me, I smack you.

You know, I'm not that old.

(players laughing)

Now, as you get out of here,
you see the same situation,

which is there's those shock troopers

with sort of the armored cars back there.

Is there anything that you do
getting out of the vehicles

getting into the station?

- The vehicle that just
drifted in at 100 miles an hour

and there's a dog with millions
of dollars on its back.

What should we do.

- A saddled basset hound,
bills flying out of the bags.

Yes, absolutely.

- Suddenly the fact that he
can talk is the least unusual

thing about him.
(players laughing)

- Is he limping?

- Justin looks around and
looks over at the troopers

and goes, (barks). I'll take care of it.

(players laughing)

And starts to wander over and
he sees one of the troopers

looks down and says, hey there, Fido,

what's with all the moolah?

And you see the dog looks
over at you, Conrad, and says,

Funny you should ask.

I have an incredible reason

for why I should have all this money.

(players laughing)

And the dog starts, Justin
just starts launching

into honestly what sounds like a great-

- A shaggy dog story?
- A shaggy dog story.

A great explanation.

And all of you have a moment
to dip into Oblongata Station.

- I walk super casually.

(players laughing)

- Another flash mob begins to start.
(players laughing)

Your friends join you down there,

and Imelda and Anastasia,

you both look and see
Ivana walk in and say,

oh, hello, charmed to meet you.
(slow piano music)

I am Ivana Popov.

Conrad here tells me that there is

trouble with the big man.

- She and I go way back.

We can trust her, I think?

(Freddie stifles laughter)

- We've got big trouble with the big man.

- You should understand
once we turn the key,

if I turn my key, it
mean response stronger,

better chance for survival,
but without my siblings,

better chance for survival,
but without my siblings,

it mean he gonna choose,
you know, to be like me.

it mean he gonna choose,
you know, to be like me.

- [Siobhan and Danielle] Oh.

- Do you know where they are?

- (sighs) My sister,

I know she go by Fanny.

She work for Don Avaricci.

My other two siblings, I
don't know where they go.

I don't know what they
even call themselves now.

Flight gonna be very hard to find.

- Sure.

- Where Freeze go, Freeze,
he and me get in a big fight

before... we get fired.

- Well, Fawn sounds great.

- You see, she says,

- We are trying to fondle our balls.

(players laughing)

- She says, I mean if time is of essence,

it's not bad for us to turn key now.

I just wanted to warn you

what me being here going to mean.

- Can we check the oculus and see how...

- How far we've fallen.
- [Siobhan] How far away.

- You guys are working
at the speed of thought,

but even so you are another 50 feet down.

(players make cartoonish sounds of worry)

- I mean, I don't think that
having a little bit of fight

for the big man would be
a necessarily a bad thing.

- No, I mean, yeah, we can
at least start with that.

- We still don't even know
what's buzzing down there.

(players make sounds of agreement)

This is a cold trail, that's
gonna be a big problem.

- You see, Ivana looks at
you say that, Anastasia,

and starts to cry a little bit.

She goes, thank you for noticing.

- Fight's not just a, you
know, blanket aggression.

- No.
- It's also fighting for yourself.

- Exactly.
- It's fighting for your own survival.

- And fighting for other people.
- [Trapp] Yeah.

- It mean a lot.

I have thought for a long time.

Big guy, huge wuss.

(players laughing)

So finally you notice it's true.

- It's true, the big
guy is a big, big wuss.

- Okay, I ready.

- Okay.
- Let's do it.

- As they all stick their keys in,

I just stick my finger
towards one of keyholes.

- So I slap his finger.

- Slap your finger away.

I'll say this too.

You are putting your key into
one of the second ones there.

With Ivana here, she actually says,

your key going to one of the other places.

Is there one of those jobs
you kind of want to do?

Attention, if you are paying it,

can kind of create any of
those responses you want.

If we have fight, is there
another one of the four

you think maybe best for big guy to have?

- Flight.

- And she points at the
one right next to her,

so fight and flight are the top two.

You put yours into flight,

all of you turn at the same
time (pleasant light sound)

and you hear klaxons,
alarm bells (trilling)

going off all over
(alarms ringing)

the station.
- Now we don't know what that means.

It could be good.
(players laughing)

- This could be routine.

- This happens to me all the time.

- You see that this is
like an emergency override

to shut the conscious brain
out of decision-making,

but it takes over.

Lights come on all over
the different rails

(imitates lights popping)

and you see that there
is a flood of people

that have kind of been waiting

off in like some waiting rooms,

there's like a little coffee shop,

and all these sort of sleepy people,

couriers and stuff, leap
up and start shouting,

rushing off to trains to
head out into the body,

into musculature and the nervous system,

everything like that.

As you turn it, Ivana grabs
the loudspeaker and says,

everybody in this station,
we about to fucking die!

(players laughing)

- [Freddie] Hell yes.

- If someone is gonna
put their hand on you,

bite their hand off.

If you're gonna fall to
your death, grab anyone.

Kill anyone who try to stop you.

- I grab the mic.

Don't go around killing anyone,
but be care-, don't slip.

- Only use discretion if you 100% sure

it not going to fuck you.

(players laughing)

And you see that as people
start to run everywhere,

Hunch, you hear like a beep beep,

beep beep, beep beep, on the oculus.
(rhythmic beeping)

- Hm. I take a look.

- As you do so, all of you watch

as the iris of the
little remote unit opens

and as the remote unit opens,

you feel the head of
the big guy looking down

towards his crotch.
(all gasping)

- [Siobhan] What?

(players laughing incredulously)

- Grab it, grab it!

Fucking grab it!

Grab it and use it.

- Unbelievably, Elias Hodge,

who came up through projectiles.

- Yes.
- Was the place that.

- It was there the whole time.

(players groaning from missing the clues)

- Son of a bitch.
(Brennan laughing)

- Came up through projectiles,
a buzzing on the junk.

Dan, you're looking at the
screen and you even feel

a swelling in your own
groin of some kind of-

- I should get this checked.

(players laughing)

- The power of something
capable of firing off,

a some sort of powered
pistol with a grappling hook

at the end, buzzing near
the crotch that Elias

must have had the wherewithal
to take to this meeting

with Mr. Henry.

- That's a buck wild decision
to bring a grappling hook

to a meeting with your boss.
(players laughing)

Well, you never know.
(players "you never know"ing)

- I bring a grappling hook every time

I have a meeting with Sam.

(players laughing)

- Give me a savvy check.
- [Trapp] You wanna climb

the corporate ladder, you
gotta have a grappling hook.

- [Brennan] Give a DC 5 savvy check.

- [Hank] Rokay.
- We'll see.

Three, and then...

- [Hank] I'm not there.
- I'm not there.

I can give you some,

how short are you?

- Two Moxie to be able to get there.

- So you'd have to burn
through two to give one.

- I can burn two, so that's one.

- And I can burn through another two.

- Okay, that's five.

- Hell yeah, you know what
a pleasurable sensation

is and is not.

This is a heavy, dangerous
piece of equipment.

It doesn't make sense for
Elias to have brought this.

It's not just like a, I
guess that's a wild decision.

Something in you, even as
something that's primal

as pleasure, you're like, doesn't add up.

Wouldn't carry it unless
there was some fucking,

something we're not seeing.

- Yeah, yeah, yeah, okay.

- And as you say that, you feel the body

just start responding, however,
as the body is responding,

the pressure is going to increase

all the way.
(tense music)

- As your doctor, I'm very concerned.

- 140.

- Truly the fight or flight
response has kicked in.

You see also that the doors open wide.

Within the station, you
suddenly realize that all of you

are in a great bit of danger.

Like the station doors have opened

and all of those tariffs down there,

you see that the different
like customs agents,

one of the couriers straight
decks a custom agent

and they begin to ferry all
of the last of the adrenaline

out of the station into Mentopolis.

This is it, this is the fucking time.

However, you hear the sound
of those troopers outside

However, you hear the sound
of those troopers outside

beginning to rush the front door.

What do the five of you do?

- What's this room look like? Exits?

- It's like, you know, probably
12 sets of doors in a row.

Big sort of Grand Central vibe, right?

12 sets of doors in a
row, golden bars on them.

There's this glass octagonal
kind of like security station

that is at the floor
level of the entrance,

but it's at the edge of the
staircase that descends down

so it kind of overlooks the lower area

with all of the platforms and stuff.

- In order for us to
trigger this response,

do the keys need to stay in there?

- You think that you two
could take your keys out

and Ivana looks at both of you and says,

If you need to go, you can go.

I can hold them off.

- Okay.

- Are you sure?

- But for- But for how long?

If they,

d- don't we still need to
be in here and doing things?

- They're not gonna take
me, but if they arrest you,

who knows what happens afterwards?

- Okay.

- Listen, I'm not a big strategist,

but I know that we have this on the waist,

so I can try to make something...

You can hear the cops

like getting closer to the doors outside.

If you guys wanna do some stuff,

but you just see Ivana looks and is like,

we've seen the gun on the belt
and given the fight response,

so it's up to you.

Do you want to leave Ivana to try to

run like the autonomic
nervous system of the big guy

to like use this and save it?

Or do you think that like
some of you being here

is gonna be necessary
to help her fix that?

If you think it's necessary
to stay and help Ivana,

at least do the first steps
of saving the big guy,

someone's gonna have to
figure out how to slow down

or stop the cops outside.

- I start barring the door
and I just sort of say like,

I think someone's gotta
get this ball rolling.

- Oh, hold on, I have it,

an idea to stop them dead in there tracks.

I then march out the front door

towards the crowd of police.

- All right, you see a group of these like

sort of heavily armored SWAT team looking.

- Gentlemen, gentlemen,
stand down! Stand down!

Good news, it's finally happening!

(Danielle laughs and gasps)

It's finally happening.

Yes, we all know exactly what this means.

(players laughing)

- He had an idea.
- You, you!

All right, this is, this is a

difficulty 14 slick check.
(players laughing)

difficulty 14 slick check.
(players laughing)

- It's sex time, everybody!

That's what the feeling of
the dropping from the sky,

why, that's your heart a-flutter.

- Nobody in this city
knows what sex feels like,

so they're like maybe-

- Nobody knows, nobody knows.

- They don't know what
falling out of a building

feels like either.
- Yeah! Yeah!

- Butterflies in your stomach,

the weird tingling in your groin,
- [Freddie] Butterflies in your stomach,

- This must be sex.
- [Freddie] This is it!

- All right, this is a DC 14 slick check.

This is the most improbable lie possible.

(players laughing)

Actually, and we are gonna do Box of Doom.

- [All] Oh!

- If you're able to-

- The Fucks of Doom.
- [Alex] Fucks of Doom.

DC 14.
- [Brennan] Yes.

- D20, everybody.

- D20.
- [Siobhan] D20.

- Witness the roll.

(players laughing)


- (laughs) A two?
- [Siobhan] No.

You come out-
(players repeatedly saying "oh no")

- You come out and he's
charging, he's charging.

- Waving my hands.

- [Brennan] And you're like.

- Know what- You know what it is?
- [Brennan] Yeah.

- You remember the movie Gladiator?

- Yes, absolutely.

- Funniest scene in, like granted,

this is not the funniest
scene to anybody else,

but it is one of the funniest scenes to me

in all of movie history, which is when

you see like the Roman
soldiers marching towards

like Maximus' home and it's
like the kids like in the thing

and gets like, it's like a dummy but like.

(imitates body twirling through the air)
- Yeah, fully.

You watch out as you yell
like Dan Fucks runs out

and is like, good news everyone.

There's a moment where they stop.

What do you say after good news?

- Good news, everyone.

We're finally having
sex for the first time.

That's what this all is.

Everyone can just stand down.

Don't worry about it.

It's gonna be great.

- One of them takes an
exact replica of the oculus

you have. Looks at it,
(players laughing heartily)

and fucking nightsticks come wailing down.

(group laughing)

(group laughing)

- I turn to Imelda

and I slap her across the face.
(slapping sound)

(players laughing)

I say, you gotta get him moving!

You gotta get him to use the gun!

Oh god, oh god, okay.

- Incredible, so this is gonna buy you.

So first of all,

I'm gonna roll just in
front of the board here.

Let's see how badly Dan
Fucks gets wailed on.

That is a 15.
- (laughing) Oh no.

- [Danielle] Jesus.

- I'm gonna need a sturdy check from you.

Try not to fail by more than five.

- Oh it's not gonna happen.

- One, one, baby.
- Oh, it's a 14.

- Dan Fucks gets about 20 nightsticks,

in a perfect,
(players laughing)

you have a perfectly
circular chain of bruises

as (dozens of near simultaneous hits), and

bam, hit the deck outside.

(laughing) Dan Fucks is fully unconscious.

(players laughing)

- [Siobhan] Oh my god.
- His last words were

I have an idea.

(players laughing)

- I have an idea.

We're fucking right now!

(players laughing)

(players laughing)

However, Dan Fucks' heroic
sacrifice has bought you

one round of activity, so-

(players laughing)

- [Brennan] You can try to do something-
- MVP, baby, MVP.

(players laughing)

- Does the microphone still work?

- [Brennan] Yes.
- How does that work?

- Okay.
- Yes.

Ivana was yelling in
the microphone before,

so she's still on the mic
just yelling and, you know,

get him, get him, essentially, right?

For the rest of you-

- [Trapp] We're in like
a train station, right?

- Yeah.
- Like adrenaline and stuff's

been moving in here.

Are there any like neurotransmitters
or anything in here

that I can use against
these shock troopers

that are like in crates or anything

that have been shipped
up from other plants?

- Snoop, give me snoop.

Difficulty is five, eight is advanced.

(Trapp laughing and hming)

- Do it.
- Let's do it, let's do it.

- [Siobhan] It's time.
- [Danielle] Let's do it.

- Ah, fuck, that's a four.

I got no more Moxie, but I'll
take two more, thank you.

- [Brennan] You got it.

(ball sliding on a track x2

- Oh yeah, can Dan Fucks get
his one Moxie for passing out?

- [Trapp] You want one?
- [Hank] At least one.

- Oh yeah, come on, give
me one here for yeah.

- For getting absolutely
wailed on, incredible.

Oh, and I forgot to mention,
now being in the red,

Moxie is quadruple.
- [Trapp] Ah.

- Oh.
- [Siobhan] Okay.

- So very challenging now.

- Sure sure.

- That's Hunch. So on a four,

unfortunately, you look around,

you don't see anything at this moment.
- Okay.

- Can I do maybe a savvy
check to figure out

with these controls how I would use them

to get him to shoot the
damn grappling hook?

- Hell yeah, absolutely.

Go ahead and give me a savvy,
we'll call it a savvy of six.

- I halve it.

- Oh, sorry, this is a snap decision.

- I don't halve it.

Oh my god, it fucking flew off the table.

Stop, that's a seven.

It's not a one, it's a seven.

- Oh hell, yes!

Okay, so another, so
impulse through the oculus

on Hunch's belt, you watch as a hand

goes to the grappling
hook, swings up and as you

pull the levers on it, it
fires up towards the top.

That is happening still in bullet time.

Are there any other actions
to influence what the big guy

is or is not trying to do in this moment

from Conrad or from Anastasia,

or interacting with the station
and the immediate danger

all of you are very much in?

- Well, if we've already
got him, at this point,

if he's already fired the grappling,

there's nothing else for us to do.

He's already taken aim,
he's already fired it.

- [Brennan] Yep.
- So at this point,

there's nothing left
for us to do with him.

He either fucking makes it or he doesn't.

- Yeah.
- And so I wanna do what I can

to try to help Dan Fucks
not be Dead Fucks, I guess?

(Freddie laughing)
- Sure, yeah, absolutely.

- So yeah,

I go over to the shock troops,

I go over to the shock troops,

kind of doing like a little bit of like,

you know, doing, well, I started to do

that little hallway thing
and then I was like,

what the fuck am I doing?

And so I kind of walk
out and I open the door.

(coughing to gain attention)

- Okay, you cough, saying.

- (coughs) Gentlemen.

- All of them turn to look.

- Hi, gentlemen.

Do you have any comments
for the Daily Observer?

(Hank laughing)

- Ooh, okay.

So your roll was a DC 14,

but that is an incredible tack to use

with these guys in particular.

So I'm gonna say it's
gonna come down from 14

to a difficulty of nine.

- For...
- For a slick check

to try to get, to try to
like knock them off balance

and get them to focus up
and to immediately stop.

- (quietly) Okay, okay.

- Six, six plus two.

So then that is eight and then
I definitely have the four.

- [Freddie] Geez.
- Wow!

- To turn this into a nine.

- You see that the shock
troops all look at A. Tension

from the Daily Observer

and all quickly back off of Dan Fucks.

Ms. Tension, there's an alarm inside.

A crime's underway.

- I know, that's why I'm
here to document the crime.

(players laughing)

And I can't think of
anyone better to talk to

than you fine gentlemen here.

- Ms. Tension, no comment
for the time being.

We need to get inside.

R- Respect, as always,
to the paper of record.

- Of course, great.

So, and how about you?

And so she just starts going down the line

and asking every single.

I'm sorry I have to be thorough.

Do you have a comment?

- This is gonna give
everybody cover inside

in terms of what you're trying to do.

Ivana looks now, having launched this,

Ivana looks at you, Imelda and says,

all right, grappling gun is fired.

Do you want me, I should
stay here at the station,

wait for Max to come back,

or do we want to all get out before,

before Anastasia can't
hold them any longer?

- Let's make sure his
feet are facing the walls

so when he plants into it-

- Listen.

- He doesn't smash his whole face.

- Knowing that something's going on,

she actually goes ahead and
takes her key out as like-

The fight or flight response
has done what it needed to do,

and now like swinging through the air

with a fired grappling gun,
the big guy, as you said,

gonna have to figure
it out from here, man.

- Yeah, let's get outta here, Conrad.

- The alarms suddenly stop.

The cops outside sort of look
around at the sudden stop

of the alarm system and you
see Ivana looks and says,

better for me to stay
nearby in case of emergency

or to come with you?

- Oh, come with us, I think.

- Wait, the key's out.

Ivana, can I get one
last word in on the mic?

- Yeah, she like doesn't
pull the key all the way out

and turns the mic over to you, yeah.

- Okay.

H- Hello?

(mic feedback)

Ooh, there's a little bit of feedback.

(players laughing)

- The loudest you've ever been.

(players laughing)

- This is a message for Mayor Logic.

Mayor Logic, I need your attention.
(Brennan gasps)

This is Conrad Schintz.

We need to talk.

And then I give the mic back.

(players laughing)

- Ivana goes, nice.

You were really scared of doing that,

but it was really good.
(players laughing)

- I just, I peed a little.

(players laughing)

- Go ahead and give me a slick check.

- Go ahead and give me a slick check.

- Oh.

- [Brennan] And the
difficulty is gonna be eight.

(Hank groans)
(players laughing)

- I believe in you, I believe in you.

- You gotta explode?
- Gotta explode.

- Four!
(players cheering and rooting for Alex)

- [Siobhan] You can do it again.

- [Brennan] Explode again, you got it.

- No. (laughs)

- [Brennan] No good, no good.

Here, hold on.

- [Trapp] Where'd it go?
- If it's a four, it counts,

if it's not, it doesn't.

(players laughing)

- Floor rules, floor rules.

- You can borrow this d4 here.

- Good.
- [Brennan] All right, here we go.

- Two.

- [Hank] Aw.
- After all that.

(players laughing)
- [Trapp] Does anyone have any Moxie?

- So Conrad, you yell out,
(ball sliding on a track)

I mean you did not fail by
more than, by five or more.

It just means that, you know,

Mayor Logic's not here in this space,

but the message rings out over this place

and for the first time in as
long as anyone in Mentopolis

can remember, you have announced
your presence in this mind.

As you do so, you see figures emerging

from down near the train tracks

and a group of tall, lanky figures,

their fedoras deep over
their brows begin to emerge

their fedoras deep over
their brows begin to emerge

and you see one of them
looks up and you recognize

from earlier tonight is Charlie Hungry,

(tense noir music)

one of Avaricci's men.

They're way down to the
bottom of the staircase,

but having heard your voice,

begin to rush up the stairs to you.

So now you got Anastasia
with the cops outside,

Dan Fucks' unconscious body and
you see a bunch of gangsters

and you see one of 'em
calls down and says,

oh, Conrad, my friend.

- Oh, that's a generous term
there. (laughs awkwardly)

- (laughs) Listen, I got a pal
who's been dying to meet you.

- (laughs) Listen, I got a pal
who's been dying to meet you.

- Okay, well I got a meeting,

I got a meeting with the mayor, so.

(players laughing)

- What do you all do in this moment?

- Fuck it, I wanna blow past everyone,

get into Conrad's car and drive it...

(players laughing)

drive it through people
back towards Conrad.

Basically do a getaway driver thing here.

- Great, give me a sneak
check, difficulty of eight.

- Okay, that's gonna be hard.

It's a four.

- You step out and
basically immediately see

that there's no way to get
through the cops outside-

- Got it.
- To Conrad's car,

but you guys gotta figure
something out right now.

Anastasia is out there with the cops,

the gangsters are coming up
from the stairs down below.

Did we arrive at what we wanted
to do with Ivana as well,

if you wanted her to stay
here or to come with you guys?

- I mean, she's so good in a fight.

I feel like she should come with us.

- Yeah.
- Sure, cool.

So she looks and says,

who we wanna take chances
with gangster or cop?

- Oh boy.

- What's the difference?
- What's the difference?

(players laughing)

- Outside, Dan says
that and the cop's like,

You shut your fucking mouth!

We're not a gang!

I mean, well, you get it.

(players laughing)

- I say, I say we, cops.

- Oh gosh, I say gangsters
are much more fun.

At least you can drink with the gangsters.

- We've already put out an
invitation to the mayor here,

so worst comes to worst,
the cops drag us in,

we are in Cortex City where we maybe

can bend the mayor's ear.

- Oh.
- Because I've already kind of

got the cops covered,

my concern is is that we've
gotta make sure that Conrad

is taken care of.
- All right.

- Conrad, right, right.

- So you guys pick, take
your odds with the cops.

You surge out to the doors.

Ivana comes with you
staying close to Imelda.

The deal is concealing Conrad
and Dan's body's unconscious.

So, basically I'll leave
it up to the five of you

who are here in present.

Do you wanna try to talk
your way outta this?

'cause you gotta do a
couple things, right?

You gotta get to the car, hide Conrad,

and pick up Dan's body
without them arresting him.

- Yeah.
- [Brennan] What do you do?

- I have an idea that might be crazy.
(Brennan laughing)

- It worked great last
time, someone said that.

Let's do it.
(players laughing)

- This might be a little
bit too crazy, but

I push Conrad towards the cops and I say,

Hey, look who I found.

It's Stacy Fakename and she's wanted.

- What?

(players laughing)

- Incredible!

And wait, and who do you
point to as you said?

- The wanted poster of Stacy Fakename.

- Oh, of that, you see, okay,

go ahead and give me a slick check.

The difficulty is gonna be an 11.

- That's a 16 plus two.
(Danielle laughing)

- [Brennan] Uh. Cool!

- Conrad tries to smile like the picture.

(players laughing)

- You see the shock troopers go,

We got her.

(players laughing)

And they all say, Stacy
Fakename, you're under arrest.

And they arrest Conrad.

- Sirs, sirs, I would love to,

as a representative of the Daily Observer,

would it be possible for
me to do a ride along

so that I might be able
to interview Ms. Fakename?

- Go ahead and give me a slick check.

Difficulty of we'll call it an eight.

- Oh.

Nope, no, no, no, no we're
good 'cause I've got a seven

and then plus two, so that is a 10.

Or sorry, that's a nine, I know math.

- And while we're here, you
might as well take me too,

and I take my hat off and take,

undo the cloak that I had
underneath my hat and reveal

that I am Imelda Pulse.

- You see that one of 'em goes,

(gasps) are you Imelda Pulse?

- That's right, I heard
you're looking for me.

- Boss, you're not gonna believe this.

(players laughing)

We got Imelda Pulse too.

Stacy Fakename and Imelda
Pulse all in one day.

- And I say, don't worry, gentlemen.

I'll take Dan Fucks from here.

(group laughing)

- Give me a slick difficulty of four.

- [Hank] Four?
- Okay.

- [Hank] Okay, do it.

- My slick's so bad.

- What is with our d4s?
- It's a nervous...

- What is it?
- [Siobhan] It's a three.

- It's a three.

I'll burn my four Moxie to make it a four.

(players laughing)

- And they go, how long you
been on the case of Dan Fucks?

- Oh, I've been following Dan-

I've been, ask anybody.

I'm at Sugah's all the time.

(players laughing)

- Wow.

Hey, Hunch.

We know you're a real PI.

Congrats on putting down the Fucks case.

(players laughing)

- Thank you.

I pat, I give him a good
brotherly pat on this shoulder.

- Gives you a pat here as well. (laughs)

You should join the force.

- Hey, I'm a lone wolf.

- Ah, all right.

It's fun, we just, we're
just huge assholes.

(players laughing)

- I gotta be honest.

When I saw what you did today,
my first thought was like,

oh no, and then I was like,
looks a little bit fun.

- Hey, we have a state
monopoly on violence.

(players laughing)

- Ain't that the truth?

As I'm just gathering up Dan.

Bg ol' sack of potatoes.

- And you grab Dan.

Okay, so Conrad and-
Stacy Fakename and Imelda

are arrested in a ride
along with Anastasia.

You head out.

- Yeah.

Can I load him into,

I guess I'll take Conrad's car and-

- This is by the way,
not even Conrad's car.

You guys stole Self Doubt's car.

- Oh right, yeah, Self
Doubt's car, naturally.

And I am going to, I'm
gonna head towards somewhere

where I can bring Dan
back to consciousness.

- [Brennan] Incredible,
great, great, great.

- That's a hospital, or whether it's,

I mean I assume the amount I get beat up,

I probably have an extensive
first aid kit in my office

so maybe I'll just go back to my place.

- [Brennan] Hell yeah.
- Yeah.

- You head back to your office,

the rest of you are head off with the cops

back towards Cortex City
and from there, we return.

(players ooh and ah)
(retrofuturistic music)

We return all the way back.

A key of blinding white light
(light shooting and pulsing)

surges forward towards The Fix.

As it does so,

I cannot believe I just rolled a d20.

- Shut the front door.

- I just rolled a d20
and hit a natural one.

- [Anastasia] Oh!

(Brennan laughing lightly)

- You could possibly roll a one as well.

Go ahead and give me a sturdy check.

If you beat this by five or
more, it's very significant.

- Eight.
- Eight, okay.

You beat it by five or more.

A white key comes flashing out at you.

As it does so, there's
a bit of illumination

and the face goes suddenly like,

(light shimmering)

As this screaming face lunges
out towards you and goes,

we need you on the winning side, Fix.

Go ahead and let me know
what you are trying to do

in this moment.

I will say obviously there
is a survival thing happening

here, but also for
free, if you would like,

you may make a snoop check to see more

about what is happening in front of you.

- Yeah, no, I would love
to take a snoop check.

- [Brennan] You got it.

- And as I get a one snoop, I, thank you.

I, I say,
(ball sliding on a track)

honestly, I think we are
all on the same side!

- Is there any physical action
you take in this moment?

You can sense that you are
still in the DA's office,

but the DA is almost like a
faint figure off to one side.

You actually look and
see the district attorney

looking at this figure and
you see his face is slack

looking at this figure and
you see his face is slack

and his pupils have gone blinding white

and there is a small, white light,

a little vertical slit shining
from right over his heart

a little vertical slit shining
from right over his heart

as he looks at the figure
completely dispassionate,

witnessing something attempt to

kill you.
- Mm-hm.

The face seems at once
possibly like eerily familiar,

but then again, you can't place it.

It was just in this momentary
flash as the key went by

and you know that that key
is some sort of alien object.

It should not be here.

It should not exist in this place.

The layout of the room is the DA's desk,

DA off to one side.

He's got huge bay windows
looking out over Cortex Square.


How high up are we?

- Maybe like 30 feet

up above the ground.
- [Hank] Okay.

- There's a large double door behind you

and this sort of like adjourning,
almost like law library,

that the door opened to
the side that this person

was clearly waiting in.

- Okay.

Here's what- Here's what it seems to me.

I got- I got out over my skis here.

Is that a thing that
they said in the '30s?

- Sure.
(Danielle laughing)

- In the South.

My water skis.

(Freddie laughing)
(Brennan giggling lightly)

I'm not here to make
decisions for this mind.

I'm here to do as I'm told.

I have a job and I'm good at it.

I want to do my job.

I wanna get away from this,
away from these people

who made me think that
I could affect things,

that I could change how this works.

He's trying to make sure
that the eyes are connecting

and as he's doing it, his very large hand

is going to his waist where his gun is.

- Hell yeah.

- I want to do my job.

Just tell me what to do, he
says to whatever this is.

And as he says that,
he's got it and he pulls.

- I will say this.

You can go right for the sharp roll

right now.
- Mm-hm.

You can also attempt to roll slick here

to sort of mirror your deception.

If you roll slick and get a one,

the attack automatically fails.

But if you don't roll a one,

you'll be able to lower the difficulty

of this sharp check that follows it.

- Yeah, okay.

(Trapp laughing lightly)

Will Moxie affect this?

- You may spend Moxie,

but as you can see,
the body is in the red.

- Right, 'cause I have four
Moxie, so now I can't fail.

- (gasps) Ooh.

- Seven!

- Amazing, okay, this
figure is going to roll

their sturdy, they're
rolling this on a d20,

but they're gonna minus that seven from it

on that slick check.
- Oh shit yeah.

14 minus seven is seven.

That's what you're trying to overcome

as you pull the trigger.

- I rolled a one.

- Throw that d20 away.

(ball sliding on a track)

- [Hank] I don't need you.

(all laugh)

- The figure is fully entranced by you.

As you pull, (imitates gun firing)

you see the bullet leave,
hit the center of the thing

and get sucked into something
shadowy and horrifying

in this looming figure.

However, that slick check was so high,

that this is another opportunity to snoop.

Give me one more snoop roll.

Difficulty five.

- Three.

- In this moment, looking in front of you,

you see that the bullet
clearly does not connect

in this moment.

As it does so, this person's going to go

for another swing at you.

So, I'm gonna ask for a
commitment from The Fix here.

- Mm-hm.

- You're in immediate danger, you fire.

This thing knows that you have a weapon.
(tense string music)

It's coming for you.

If The Fix chooses to
remain in this encounter

to continue to fight, or learn more,

or face this thing down in some way,

its swing will be the
first thing we resolve.

If The Fix instead chooses to flee,

that is the like to flee
or to otherwise abscond,

do something that like stops
or exits this encounter,

that is the only type
of action that The Fix

will be able to resolve
before this next attack.

- What?

(players laughing lightly)

- If you try to do anything
brave, it's gonna go first.

- Well, I'm not liking this.

(players laughing)

- It's a bad situation for sure.

- Yeah.

The Fix jumps out of the window.

(players laughing)

(players laughing)

- So, so funny to fire a
gun at someone and miss,

be like, well.

(players laughing)

- Well to fire at someone and hit them.

- That's true.

- Honestly, that makes sense to me.

Okay, go ahead and give
me sneak difficulty of,

call it four.

- Okay, this is-
- [Trapp] Uh-oh.

- Not very sneaky.
- Not very sneaky.

- [Trapp] Got a ton of Moxie.
- I'm hard to see.

I don't have enough Moxie.
- [Trapp] Uh-oh.

(ball sliding on a track)

- [Hank] I'm getting there.

- Go ahead and give me a sharp
check, difficulty of four.

- Now I have enough.

Sharp check, difficulty of four.

That's a 19.

Where was that?

(players laughing)

- So you dive through the
window, but not with the grace

necessary to protect yourself.

You (glass shatters) fly from the room,

the shadowy figure goes after you,

but the neon lights,
sort of the street lights

of Cortex Square outside, it recoils from,

and as you fly out, (dramatic swooshing)

you do not have the dexterity
to do anything other than

hit (body thudding) the pavement below

and you are badly injured as you land.

The difficulty for all sneak
checks from this point on

will go up for The Fix as you
have been like badly injured

on landing on the ground beneath you.

As you do so, you look up and,

give me a savvy check,

difficulty of five.

- 10.

- As you land on the ground,

you had this moment of
falling from a window.

You jumped through the glass.

You touch and feel blood
from an injury on your scalp

and there's a scar on your face there,

and you feel some connection
to something bigger

and you feel some connection
to something bigger

and more important than
yourself in this moment.

There's a poetry in the
feeling you are feeling,

even though you can't
articulate it in a way

that makes sense to you.

Looking around, you see people gasping.

You see a bunch of people going (gasps).

You see that an organ
grinder with a monkey goes...

sacré bleu!

(players laughing)

- What's his,

job in the brain?
- Elias must have traveled a lot.

(players laughing)

There's the,
- [Freddie] Waiting room.

there's the one year of French classes.

(players laughing)

- You see that the organ grinder says,

hello, my name is Jaques Ennui

and I perform here all the time.
(players laughing)

- Oh, that makes sense.

- You hit the deck down
there and look up and see

Mark Bition like leaning out,

looking down at you from like 30 feet up

and then tuck back into the room above.

What do you do in this moment?

- How much can I move?

- You can get up and stumble out of here.

I think you quickly realize like,

Oh, I fractured my shin bone.

Like there's a bad fracture in my leg.

Putting weight on it
is incredibly painful,

but you can muscle through
it to move if you need to.

- Gotcha.

Would I have any idea
where this sort of like,

the vagus nerve kind of sympathetic,

parasympathetic nervous system,

an area of the body where
if you just do a little bit

of deep stimulation, maybe
some relaxation could come.

'Cause I don't think I
know where my friends are.

- I don't think you do either.
- [Hank] Yeah.

- I mean you knew that everyone
they were was getting back

to Oblongata Station
eventually, but it's been-

- It's been a while.

- Been a while.

In terms of the vagus nerve,

actually, we'll just call it savvy five.

- Savvy five.


- You stumble quickly through
Mentopolis as fast as you can,

(panting) arriving eventually
outside of Cortex City,

much sort of deeper and like, you know,

sort of maybe like parietal lobe area.

There is a huge neon sign saying

Las Vagus Casino,
(Danielle laughs)

but spelled V-A-G-U-S.

- Thanks, great.

- And as you walk in, you
see that all of the lights

of all of the like
roulette and slot machines

and everything else like that
are just pulsing so quickly

and like, (imitating
slot machines ringing)

you know, everything's
going absolutely wild

and you see a guy walks up and says,

hey there buster, how do
you like to make a buck?

Welcome to Las Vagus Casino.

Ha ha ha ha, we're dying!

(players laughing)

You gotta win and win big!
(Hank chuckling quietly)

- And I look at, I look
at this guy and I say,

did you know...

(players laughing lightly)

that people can have constipation so bad

that it will back up and
impact their vagus nerve?

And as they are finally
eliminating that impacted stool,

it can have a effect on
the nervous system so great

that they forget who they are,

called constipation-related amnesia.

A woman in Tokyo forgot who
she was for eight hours.

- Shit yourself stupid.

(group laughing)

- So.

- My job is hyperfixation

And so sometimes when the
big guy gets really obsessed

with stupid stuff, I'm around.

I find out things like
that, isn't that neat?

Can you take a deep breath for me?

- Go ahead and give me a menacing check.

(players laughing)

- He disappears again.

- Uh-oh, yeah, that's a five.

- You talk to this dude,
he's got a d8 sturdy.

I'll roll in front of the board, hold on.

(players cheering)

- So you look at this guy look up at you

who's just been like, you gotta win big!

You say that, he goes, and
you see he's smiling so wide

and squeezing tears out of his eyes

and you just hear him go.

(Brennan making shockingly
accurate sounds of defecation)

And he just shits in
front of you and he goes,

I think you wanted me to shit?

I don't know, you're so frightening.

I just took shit.

Everyone shit!

Everyone who works for me, shit now!

- Take a deep breath, I
said take a deep breath.

- Hey, we gotta do it, we gotta do it.

He runs over and you
see he hits a big button

and everywhere all over Mentopolis,
(cool eventful music)

everyone driving with
the cops, everyone else,

you see klaxons going all over.

There are very few emergency
systems that the city

has put in place
(players laughing)

that are like basically
like air raid sirens.

- Where is this going?

(imitating air raid sirens screaming)

And you just hear, we are shitting.
(actual sirens ringing)

We are shitting. We are shitting.

The big guy is shitting.

We are taking a shit.

- I do not wanna be on the
sidewalk underneath Elias.

(players laughing)

- I am going to ask for
a sharp check from you.

- I am going to ask for
a sharp check from you.

- Shart check?

(players laughing)

- Shart check.

You literally see that there's
something of like this guy,

the panic is so high,
the pressure is so high

and he's just had this
fight or flight response

and then hyperfixation goes
to like the control center

for the vagus nerve and is
like, you need to relax!

And he relaxes and his
sphincter blows wide open.

He's fucking terrified and he shits.

He's in mid grapple and he's
just shitting and swinging.

(players laughing)

- Oh my god.

- He's- Aaaahhh!

(players laughing)

- Why am I doing a sharp check?

- You're doing a sharp
check 'cause we wanna see

actually how much he can relax by.

- Oh, I wanna see how mu- oh.
- [Freddie] The more he relaxes-

- I can make him shit so much.

- [Brennan] You can make him shit so much.

So, I'm gonna say every
two is a 10 increment.

Basically every point
is five, essentially,

and we'll round up.

- Oh, I thought that was
a five, but it's a 17.

- Wow.
- Ooh.

- [Brennan] Okay.
- Ooh.

- So, what, it's 17
times five is 85 points.

- So, what, it's 17
times five is 85 points.

- Wow.

- When someone does math,
I go like, yeah, totally.

- I also have no idea.

I'm too stressed out to do math right now.

- [Trapp] Absolutely.
- Okay, so you're at 140.

- This what we cut out from the show

is us not being able to do math.

- [Brennan] So that's gonna be-
- 140 minus 85, go, go, go, go.

- [Brennan] 55, you move him...

just past 60 into the green.
(sounds of joy and relief)

- That's a hell of a shit, that's a great-

- Hell of a shit.
- [Freddie] I want one of those.

- [Siobhan] Legendary.
- I think you feel

in this like cut on your
head, it's still bleeding.

You have like blood on part of your face.

- I'm telling this guy
poop facts bleeding.

(players laughing)

- An eight-foot tall
bleeding gangster said,

(players laughing)

Do you know when you shit,
you can forget who you are.

And he went, oh, I'm gonna
die, I'm gonna fucking die.

You feel a like tremendous
howl of release of just like,

You feel a like tremendous
howl of release of just like,

of the big guy screaming as
he swings through the air,

of the big guy screaming as
he swings through the air

shitting as hard as he can.
- [Danielle] Oh my god.

- And as he screams, all that
carbon dioxide leaves his body

(imitating air whooshing)
(calm, relaxing music)

and the pressure comes
all the way back down.

Shit five points underneath
where it dips into yellow.

That happens after you had-
- That happened.

(players laughing)

- It certainly did.

- So that's my favorite narration.

Well, that happens.

- I'm glad I got a win out of that.

(players laughing)

I really need to find my friends,

they are not-
- [Brennan] What's the next-

- [Trapp] They're not gonna believe this.

- You see all of the pulses
in and around the city

kind of like soften and calm and come back

to something where like however,

whatever's happening in
the outside world resolves,

when it resolves, the big
guy will have some degree

of his faculties around him if
he manages to survive, right?

What do you do in this moment
now in terms of your life

as a badly injured person
who is like on the run

and doesn't know where the
rest of your companions are?

- Well, do I know anything
about the medical infrastructure

of Cortex City?

- Yeah, absolutely.

- Where would I go if I had
a broken leg. Or would I.

Am I afraid of that?
- Give me a savvy four.

- I'll give you a savvy eight.

- Well there's two things
you would know, right?

So there's hospitals, which
will be able to heal you

the fastest, but also hospitals are where

people like cops and
gangsters tend to wait

to find people, right?
And you know that the DA

watched you break your leg.

The person you know who gets
the shit kicked out of them

the absolute most and
always seems to look fine,

the very next day-

- Obviously, I don't know why I needed

a savvy check for this.

(players laughing)

- And I think you take off.

So, Hunch Curio and Dan Fucks.

(players laughing)

- He's like a 85 pound guy.
(light music)

(players laughing)

- Hunch Curio and Dan Fucks in their car

head to Hunch Curio's office.

You suddenly hear something
moving in the backseat

up towards both of you as you're driving

and you see Justin go, where's Conrad?

- Hey, you guys forgot about the dog.

- Conrad got taken by the cops,

but I don't think they made him, he's...

- (aggresively barking) What?!
- Yeah- Uh-

I'm gonna kill him.

(players laughing)

I'm gonna kill him!

(rabid dog sounds)

Just frothing out the mouth.

And from there we cut
to the armored vehicle

that has Anastasia, Imelda,
Conrad and also Ivana Popov

who's just going around and you see

she's just sort of muttering,

looking at the rest of these
cops in the armored car,

and she says, everyone's
got a gun on their belt,

baton on his butt, a nightstick.

Nightstick easy to take away.

Don't see very many thick
wrists on these motherfuckers.

And you see, she looks over and says,
(Hank laughing)

Kid, you're all right.

Very glad you came by boxing ring.

Got good people looking out for you too.

- Conrad, despite already
being a little pipsqueak

is in full Mrs. Doubtfire mode trying to

pass as Stacy Fakename.

(players laughing)

- (old British woman accent) Oh, hello.

(players laughing)

Oh, thank you.
(players laughing)

Ms. Popov.

(players laughing)
- She says,

why you make that strange?

- I never lied about who I am before.

(players laughing)

- Holy shit.

- You see, then she says, oh, right.

Something about that name Stacy Fakename.

Sounds so familiar to me
like I heard before. Eh.

She looks over at you, Imelda,
and you, Anastasia, and says,

You said maybe that you are
looking for my family, yes?

You said maybe that you are
looking for my family, yes?

- Yes, that's right.

- You see that she takes
her gray sweatshirt

and pulls it down a little
bit and to show a tattoo

at sort of the base of her clavicle

that has an F tattooed into it.

And you see she says, little family crest,

- [Siobhan] Amazing.

- If you notice anyone with
this, maybe is a clue for you.

- Amazing. Did you get that
on like a drunken night out?

- Yeah, we have one night where,

you know, it's a birthday

and it's like, ah, we get along.
- [Siobhan] That's cool.

- It's one of those
things where we had just

had a big meeting with the mayor

and sometimes when you're in the family,

you're like, we are so different.

And then you like interface
with outside world,

and you're like-
- Exactly.

See, this is what I'm saying.

We could have gotten tattoos
like five different times.

- We could have gotten tattoos
like five different times,

except you always wanted to
have a tattoo of a cigarette

or you wanted a tattoo a blender.

- Exactly.
- One time you wanted do

a tattoo of a hair's split end.

- How do you tattoo a hair's split end?
- It'll never not be funny,

it'll never not be funny,
I'll love it forever.

(players laughing)

- Our party has split once again.

Hunch Curio and Justin head
off towards Hunch's office

as The Fix limps through the shadows

towards the exact same
location and Conrad, Ivana,

Imelda, and Anastasia all head off.

I'm gonna need snoop
checks from Anastasia,

Imelda, and Conrad.

- Oh! I got an eight.

Ooh, and then I threw it off the table

and I got, Jesus Christ.
- Oh! Double eight.

- Did you just double?
- Go again.

- Double eight and another,
and a two, it's an 18.

- [Brennan] Incredible.
What did we get over here?

- An 11.
- [Brennan] 11?

- Yeah.
- [Brennan] Cool.

- Seven.
- Seven, okay.

It's gonna be just one time.

- [Siobhan] Let me show you how it's done.

(Danielle laughing)

- Anastasia and Imelda, both of you turn,

as you're talking about how alike you are,

you both suddenly turn
simultaneously and see pulling out

behind the cop cars on the highway,

a number of those black town
cars begin to follow the police

back towards Cortex City.

- (shakily) Wha...

(players laughing)

Uh, cops!

There- There's criminals behind us.

- So the cops are like in,

I assume like we're in the back

and then the cops are like up front.

- There's actually a few
in the back area with you.

There's like four in this back area.

- And they don't pay attention
or we're just very quiet?

- You're just very quiet.
- Okay.

Since I would be the only
one back there not handcuffed

out of everyone, I just go
up, I sit next to a cop.

Hello, excuse me.
- Hello.

- Hi, I don't know if we've met yet.

My name is A., Attention, hi.

There appears to be some
ne'er-do-wells following our car.

Is that something that's normal?

- Oh, you've noticed some ne'er-do-wells?

- Yeah, there are ne'er-do-wells.

- Oh, okay.
- [Danielle] They're

they're following the vehicle
- What about them

what about them sort of struck
you as being ne'er-do-wells?

- Um,
(players laughing)

mostly that they are, you
know, driving big black cars.

- It's not illegal.

(players laughing)

- It's certainly not illegal,

but it is definitely
interesting, wouldn't you say?

- I guess sort of in a broad sense.

(players laughing)

I consider myself a bit of a
bon vivant, so I guess a lot,

you know, I try to find a
lot of things interesting.

- I find it incredibly
interesting because, you know,

I have a nose for the
news and when you see

all of these cars following
behind us in a row,

doesn't that make you
just a little bit curious?

- Go ahead and give me a slick
check, difficulty of eight.

- Why do I keep acting like I have charm

souped up on this game?

This isn't any other games I usually play.

(players laughing)

You see what I'm doing?

Why am I doing this?
- [Brennan] No, I hear you.

- Ooh.
- Ooh, that's a 10.

Oh, it explodes.
- [Brennan] Wow.

- [Trapp and Danielle] It explodes again.
- What!

- My goodness.
- Three, three, three.

- [Siobhan] You can do it, you can do it.

- All right, so that is
25 plus two, 27, amazing.

- [Hank] That's a fucking roll.

- How interesting are these black cars?

- That's my cousin.

(players laughing)

- You see a face that I
think maybe some of you

have seen before, actually, no.

Only The Fix has seen this face before.

But something comes over the radio saying,

this is paddy wagon number 14.

I'm hearing something over the radio.

This is why I always keep
all the channels open.

This is Deputy Chief of Staff Lance.

I wanna understand something.

Is someone seeing something
interesting down there?

And you see the cop
says, hey, yeah, this is,

this is Officer Joie de Vivre.

(players laughing)

- [Hank] I love him.

(players laughing)

- You see he looks down and goes,

Yeah, there's a reporter
here who's doing a ride along

and she noticed that there's
some interesting cars.

And you see, get out of your vehicle now

and kill everybody in
every car on the road!

And you see he says, you got it.

That's old Mr. Lance for ya.

All right, boys, let's pull over.

And you see that they begin to pull ov-

You had rolled a 27.
(players laughing)

- [Hank] Thank god.
- You beat 10 by so much.

- I've just signed so many death warrants.

(Siobhan laughing)

- So yeah, you see the
cops begin to sort of,

these shock troops-
- Oh, hello, hello.

Mr. Joie de Vivre.

- No, Officer Joie de Vivre.

- Officer Joie de Vivre,
my apologies, my apologies.

If I could ask a simple favor from you.

- Of course.
- You know what else

I find really interesting?
- What's that?

- I love keys.
- Okay.

- And would it be possible for me to just,

I'll give them right
back after you're done

murdering all of these people,

but would it be possible
for me to just take a look

at your keys?

I just find them so fascinating.

- The keys to the vehicle?

- Just all of the keys that you have.

- You want my apartment keys?

- I'll take those as well.
- Okay.

(players laughing)

- And I'll have a champagne.
(players laughing)

(Brennan imitates cork popping)
(players laughing)

- Hands you some champagne and says,

well, we would hate for
anyone in police custody

not to have a wonderful time, please...

(players laughing)

- Thank you, this guy really is great.

- Ah.
- You saying that all too

also makes me think of Max Medulla

returning to the food store.

Like bottle of champagne in hand,

the hot tea and warm vodka.

Like, nah-huh, no.

(players laughing)

- Alarm going off as they
just stand there confused.

- Incredible, so you see
Officer Joie de Vivre

gives you, says, here's
the keys to my house,

here's the keys to the
vehicle, here's my wallet.

- Thank you so much!
- [Brennan] Of course.

- I'll give those right back

as soon as you're done with the pew pew.

- Hey, and if you don't,
what an adventure that'll be.

(players laughing)

- What a fantastic time.

- C'est la vie. All right.
(heavy mask clunking)

(players laughing)
(Freddie imitates rifle clicking)

He jumps out and you
see they go out and say,

all right, all you in those
cars, you're under arrest.

And you see a gangster like
leans out and says, for what?

And he is like, you're gangsters.

(players laughing)

- How do you know that?

He says, tropes!

(players laughing)

Cool, you have all of this stuff.

What are you gonna do right now?

- So the people up front
have left, correct?

- Yes, all of the shock
troopers have gotten out

to confront those gangsters there.

And I think you see like,

yeah, so you start undoing.

- I'm unlocking everybody
and then start ushering them

towards the front.

I give, obviously Conrad gets the keys

so that Conrad can drive.

- I give Conrad my high heels

so that he can reach the pedals.

- Oh, good to talk like me again.

All right, boys.

(car engine revving, driving crazily)
(players laughing)

- Paddy wagon tears off.

You see one of the shock troopers like,

oh no! They're getting
away with the paddy wagon!

Officer Joie de Vivre goes, c'est la vie.

(players laughing)

You see him sort of waving
and say, farewell, Anastasia.

I hope I find you someday soon

if only to get all my stuff back.

(players laughing)

All right, all right,
boys, let's turn around!

And just open warfare on a highway.

Just these cops and
robbers, just, yeah, see.

Tommy guns come out.

Conrad, you tear off in this
and the radio blares to life.

How's it going out there?

What'd you find?

Any threats, any danger?

- Who am I talking to?

- This is Deputy Chief
of Staff H.V. Lance.

- Oh, H.V. okay!
- Oh, I got it.

You're the mayors, you're
the, you, you, you, you...

- This city's full of threats

and I'm gonna find all of 'em!

- I grab the radio and I say-

- Yeah, you're better at talking.

(players laughing)

- Mr. Lance, I, sorry to tell you this,

but did you know that
we just shit ourselves

and maybe can't remember our own name?

(players laughing)

- Oh my god! Did we do it in public?

Can anyone see us?

- Oh, so many people.

- How many?
- Just maybe hundreds.

- He says, I mean,
where's my goddamn oculus?

He says, oh my god!

There's an entire crosswalk down there!

(players laughing)

Ah, we're ruined!

And you hear the radio goes silent.

You guys have stolen a police vehicle.
(players laughing)

Ivana's like, this group is good.

(players laughing)

I like what you do here.

Where's Conrad driving to?

- We're driving to the mayor.

- Hell yeah. Cortex City, here we come.


I'll tell you what, it's-

- [Trapp] Hey.
- Hey.

- Hey, it's been a minute.
(smooth jazz music)

- I love how it's always so smoky in here.

- I gotta put these
cigarettes out before I leave.

- So, within this space,
Hunch getting Dan Fucks'

unconscious body beaten
to pieces as it is,

and Justin behind you,
(snarling) we gotta find Conrad.

We gotta find-
- We'll find Conrad.

- What do you do with Dan
when you get him upstairs?

- I assume I've got just
like a full fucking pha-

I'm like, just like a crown-
- Like a crash cart.

- I open the freezer,

I put like a crown of frozen
steaks like around his head.

(players laughing)

There's like open, like
a bottle of whiskey,

just like pour it into all his cuts.
(alcohol sloshing)

I probably have like a big old,

just like a trunk that's just like,

a full pharmacy, basically.

Like the amount that I get
the shit kicked outta me,

just like, hey, here's this
like whistle a little too.

Like (whistling) whistle
along and like injections.

Just like basically giving Dan Fucks

the full treatment here.
- Incredible.

Go ahead and give me a,
we'll call this a six savvy.

- Okay.

Let's try it.

An eight.
- [Brennan] Hell-

- No, sorry, a nine.
- A nine.

Dan, as you come to,

I think like swimming through your vision,

there's a feeling of like...

(wishy-washy, sound blurring together)

That's right, you always
get the same cup of coffee.

I always know what to get started with

right when you walk through the door.

And you come to with
a feeling of something

that's stirred within
you deep and profound,

a kind of meaning or longing or pleasure

that... it's hard to elaborate.

And then you come to
wearing a crown of steaks

and looking up at Detective Hunch Curio.

- Like Pulp Fiction
style, like the syringe

right into the chest.

(players laughing)

(Brennan imitating Justin barking)

- It's just, hey, we've transcended
the mortal realm, I see.

Ah, heaven.

A fate for a hero such as myself, really.

- Fucks, Fucks, no.
- What, what?

What happened.

- This ain't heaven,

this is just my smoky, disgusting office.

- What happened?

How was my gambit?

How did it play out?

- Yeah, about that gambit.

I've never seen a more monumental failure.

- Ah.
(players laughing)

- At this point, you see
Justin turns around and goes...

(imitating Justin growling)

- Ah my money.

(players laughing)

- As a shadow looms in the doorway,

Fix, you arrive at Hunch's office,

your badly broken leg

hobbling up the many flights of stairs.

Come in through, Anna is long gone.

It's like way past working hours,

so your secretary's not here.

I'll say you guys got here with,

all the heat had been taken
off due to the arrest,

but let me get a sneak
check of five from...

- Oh, I exploded.
- [Freddie] Four.

- I got it.
- Hell yeah.

You get here slinking through
the shadows up the staircase

and see Hunch in his office.

- Damn, Fix, you look like shit.

- That's gonna take a lot of steaks.
(smooth noir music)

(players laughing)

Open up my freezer.

So many steaks in the freezer of steaks.

- A secondary freezer of steaks.
(players laughing)

- Anna has like labeled all of these,

so it's like, laceration, prime rib.

(players laughing)

- It's the cut and the
best place to apply it.

- [Brennan] Yeah, exactly.

- Just start, take gauze,
start wrapping frozen steaks

around The Fix's leg.

- I got this gash on my head too.

You can stitch that up for me?

- Yeah, man, I got it all.

Like between everything too,

I assume I'm still a little
beat up from the fight too,

so I'm just like putting
stuff on myself too.

It's just full on like
nursing the wounds in here.

- I can't believe I found you guys.

I got some stories to tell.

Fuck, we're in trouble.

- Yeah?
- Well,

what kind of trouble?

- He tells the story of
the man with the key.

- Full download, so
everything about M. Bition

and this figure with this white key.

- I have no idea who he is, but
I did shoot him in the chest

and absolutely nothing happened.

- Shit.

- That's what I said.

Well I didn't, I just
jumped out of a window.

- Shit.

- Shit.
- [Trapp] Shit.

- Shit.

And then everybody.

But the shitting was separate.

- [Trapp] Got it.

- That was a different
thing, I did that though.

(players laughing)

- Oh, that was you.

I saw it on the oculus, it was terrifying.

(players laughing)

- As all of you sort of
join back together here,

having talked about that vision,

give me a savvy of four, Dan.

- Really did not put the right
points in the right places.

- A four!
(players cheering)

- A four and more. What do we got? Seven.

- You're looking at The Fix's sort of scar

and you're looking at the cut on his head.

You're trying to remember
what Anastasia said

when she found that pain courier,

like something doesn't start to add up,

and as you look at that cut,

you wonder how that blunt
force head trauma happened

you wonder how that blunt
force head trauma happened

specifically because as
you're looking at that cut

on The Fix, you feel a
weird symmetry somehow,

as though maybe,

just maybe the big guy was not clubbed

over the back of the head.

- Hm.

- You can't be sure, but in looking at it,

you think back to that
weird sensation you had

about why the fuck the big guy

had that grappling gun on his belt.

- It's clear that someone
you, from what you saw,

The Fix, someone has used the
psychometer on the big guy.

- That's right.

- Now I've been assuming
that someone pushed

Elias out the window,

but I wonder if he saw this threat coming

and maybe jumped out himself.

- Maybe he grabbed that gun and figured

I can get outta here.

It's the only way out.

- I mean that's what you did.

- That's what I, I had the exact,

it was almost like I didn't
even make that decision.

- Justin, what do you think?

(Justin barks)

(players laughing)

- Can't remember back.

Was there any like anything
else on the grappling gun?

Was there like blood
stains on it or anything?

Was it clean on his, like was it,

it just feels like something about that

seems a little weird.

- It seemed like something that was clean

but something that he didn't care.

Like he didn't have a holster for it,

so it seems like something that got

hastily attached to the belt, right?

Like something that maybe was
a snap last minute decision

like quite recently.

But I think, Hunch, on
speculating that idea of like,

But I think, Hunch, on
speculating that idea of like,

now wait a minute now we sort
of assumed that he got thrown

and we sort of assumed that we got that,

like thinking about why he got thrown,

give me a savvy of four.

- Okay.

- That is a...

- 10.

As you think about it, you think like,

why did we arrive at the
conclusion that we were thrown

out of the window?

And you're like, well,
'cause we were looking up,

we were looking back up at the
thing and then suddenly you

realize that the information
you got way after that

was that Elias knew he had
a grappling gun on his belt.

What direction would you need
to turn as you were falling

in order to be able to...

and so I think that there's
a moment where you're looking

at some of the pieces
start to add up for that.

But as you're saying, right, as you're-

- He's hitting his head against the glass

as he's fallen back, he's planning,

he's going out the window planning

to use the grappling gun

- Which means that suddenly
this whole theory of like,

oh my god, he was thrown out the window.

Suddenly there's a strange
moment of maybe you don't live

in the mind of someone who's
just a patsy and a wuss

who's been yelled at and beaten

and taken advantage of his whole life.

Maybe he lived in the mind of someone

who saw some terrible fate
coming and dove headfirst

through a window like his
sense of hyperfixation

just did on his own mere minutes ago,

which clarifies some things in this moment

about the real present threat of...

that psychometer,

whatever that was able to do.

And obviously seeing that
white key in that room,

what you're aware of is that
like The Fix observed there,

the key is still here in the mind.

It's still moving around
and it kind of makes sense

that if this, you're all in bullet time,

you're just moving at the
speed of thought, right,

that the effects of that
psychometer might still be-

- What did that that lady say?

I forget about his worst enemy.

Was I there?

I'm a little rattled in
the head, as you said.

- I put more steaks on there.

- Oh yes, the T-bone, please, yes.

- Oh, M. Bition, the DA said
he he's own worst enemy.

- That'd be you to remember.

- And you also remember
seeing in that moment

where this person was slashing at you.

Go ahead and give me another
savvy check, call this a four.

- [Freddie] All right,
I know where we are.

Oh, fuck me.

It's a four.

- You look back and you
remember in that moment

where your life was
flashing before your eyes,

was coming for your throat.

Maybe it was not coming for your throat.

Maybe it was the figure looming.

It was hard to tell with all that shadow.

Maybe it's coming for your chest, but why?

You probably assumed throat

'cause why would you try to hit
someone right in their ribs?

It's a weird,

that's the strongest part
of you to try to hit.

And then you remember
that look from the DA

and that weird little slit
over his chest, blinding white,

the same consistency as that key.

- Mm-hm.

- Do I remember when we
were looking at the book

about the psychometry
project and there were all

these notes about safeguards.

Do I remember anything
in there that was like,

what are the actions to safeguard against,

uses of the psychometer, or
to counteract the psychometer?

- Ooh, give me a, I would
say give me a savvy check

and we'll call this a five.

- Okay.

That is going to be a one.

No, a two.

- Copy that.

- Can I make you win?

- Oh, we could've done a planned action.

- It's planned action, you could've-

- Sure, sorry, I totally forgot.

- No problem.

- We're doing so many snap judgements

Everyone's been shooting at us.

It's like, oh right, planning things.

- As the relaxation comes back in

and you're in your office,

this is like a planned actions
kind of time right now.

- Great, cool, yeah, I'll just do that.

Let's do it as a planned action.

- You halve your skill.

Look back through that savvy
and start thinking about that,

the curiosity there.

You remember a note, because
there was a long memory,

there's lots of bits and
pieces that you looked through.

There was a piece where in one
of those pieces of research,

there was Elias' own journal on the desk,

and it said,

buy copper supplement.
(mysterious music)

And you look back through and realize

that there was something in
his sort of super science

surrounding the psychometer in terms

of the safeguards against it

that what the machine
needed was copper filaments

through in the sort of
radial projecting device

that would keep it as
simply a mind-reading device

rather than having the
potential to accidentally alter

anything within there.

But you saw something
in his personal journal

about a copper supplement

and feel that there's a possibility

he may have started taking
steps to protect himself

against exactly this.

So there's a possibility
that this psychometer

went off on him and he...

had just enough resistance maybe

to make a quick decision in the moment.

And you think back to this white key.

I think there's a possibility,

the question of a murder
of Norrell Ojiccle

the question of a murder
of Norrell Ojiccle

and that piece of mental resistance.

Something happened at Cerebell Pacific

and there is still a white key floating

out in the city somewhere.

- So I relay all this to my
compatriots here and I say,

Sounds like there's maybe more,

more we might be able to
gather from that evidence cart

or from the Switchboard itself, but,

you know, last we saw Conrad,
he was on his way to jail

so maybe we take a little
trip to the police station,

see if we can get our way
into the evidence locker,

maybe get Conrad out.

I don't know, that's where
I'm thinking right now.

That's the best thought I got.

- I'll be honest with you.

I'm not comfortable in the shoes

that I have been placed inside of.

- I got something for that.

(players laughing)

- Thank you, these got
some good heels on 'em.

- I don't know, what do you guys think?

Should we head to the police station?

- It seems we should not trust anybody.

- Well, I don't think we're trusting them.

I think we're trying to get in there.

- Just overall, just wanted to say that.

Sounded very cool.
- [Trapp] Yeah.

- You know.
- We shouldn't trust anybody,

we should move fast, and we
should not think too much

'cause that doesn't seem to be helping.

- All right.
- [Freddie] Yes.

- There is something in
this city, it's moving.

Moving fast.
- If there's one thing I love,

it's moving without thinking.
(players laughing)

- I think it's taken control
of the district attorney

who was not a nice man to begin with,

but he looked at me with some
eyes that did not have him

inside of them anymore and
they tried to do it to me!

And I think you all
would've been pretty fucked

if that had happened.

(players laughing)

- I think your relationship
to the big guy's

actual love of science,
like what he fixates on,

I think that you recognize
certain like broad principles

of science and research and technology

of like following paths
of least resistance.

If you're gonna try to do
something technological,

try to do the thing that
is the most efficient,

the most fuel efficient, that
uses the least resources.

And thinking about Mentopolis,

the idea of trying to conjure an army,

the idea of trying to conjure an army,

a persona, conjure a full
thing that will like come in

and wrest control of this city away

from Elias Hodge himself,

that would take a
tremendous amount of energy

rather than just finding
the parts of Elias Hodge

rather than just finding
the parts of Elias Hodge

that already kind of want to
do what you want him to do.

(Hank and Trapp mm-hming)

All of you stay there with your steaks on.

(players laughing)

- How fast can a steak fix a broken leg?

Like is that like a four-hour
thing, two hour thing?

- I'm gonna say, I'm gonna
ask for a sturdy check-

- [Trapp] Sure.
- From our friend Hunch here.

We'll call it healing your
friends with cold steaks

in 30 minutes flat.
- [Freddie] Or your money back.

- [Brennan] We'll call it a DC 12.

- Okay.
- [Hank] Oh, fuck.

- That is a 12.
(players cheering)

- Sorry, that is an 11.
(Trapp and Brennan laughing)

I thought I had a plus one in this,

that is just a flat 11, unless-

- Unless you wanna
think about the pep talk

I gave you about healing your friends.

- [Brennan] Let's do the pep-
- Pep talk.

(players rooting for a pep talk)

(Freddie and Trapp
imitating playing the harp)

- You know.

- We're standing in front of a cow.

- You know, friends are a lot like steaks.

(players laughing)

- That's it.

(players laughing)

- A good friend is rare.

- [Freddie] There it is!
(group laughing and clapping)

- That's it, folks, for this season of-

(players laughing)

So you remember that in
these nice rare cold steaks.

- Ah, yes.
Fix, I think each of you in this moment

having sort of put this together,
(tense music)

you realize that like the brain
is flooded with adrenaline

and there's tons of
hormones running around here

that have never happened before.

There's a possibility here.

The circumstances
couldn't be more extreme.

The stress is so high.

Brains are very loathe to change.

Minds try to conserve and
rest and keep and maintain

as much as they can,
but you're in the thick

of the wildest experience
of the big guy's life

and there's a possibility,

maybe he'd come out on
the other side of this

a little bit different.

Maybe that's something
you get curious about.

Maybe that's something that
might even be pleasurable.

But it's certainly
something that deserves your

undivided fixation and you hear the bones

(crack) knit back together
and the three of you head out

as Justin goes, (snarls)
we're gonna get 'em.

- Hey, hey.

You're my best friend.
(music cuts abruptly)

(players laughing)

- You're not mine, but I-

(players laughing)

- We just met, that's totally fair.

- I understand, but I do really-

- It felt right for the
moment that you should have a,

it felt like if Conrad were
here, he would say that,

but it felt like you wanted to hear that.

- By proxy, I really appreciate it.

- Sure, yeah.
- Let's go!

(players laughing)

You guys get in the car and take off.

The paddy wagon, who
would think to stop you?

A police vehicle moves
through Cortex City,

up through City Hall.

(players laughing at Conrad driving)

Go ahead and give me a sneak
check of like getting as far,

I wanna see how far you can
get towards the mayor's office.

- This is a drive check?

- [Brennan] This is a drive check, yeah.

- Let's see, 17 plus two
plus three, so that's 22.

(players laughing)

- How close do we get?

- We are inside the mayor's office

at the top of the dome,
(players laughing)

and we see him going like,
(Trapp imitates crashing)

ah, yes, another day of papers

here in our glorious city of Mentop-

(Brennan makes crashing sound)
(players laughing)

He goes, Jesus Christ!
(players laughing)

And all of you emerge from the vehicle.

Ivana opens the back door
to like the sort of offices

you just come from and she
says, good luck in there.

I hold off the riffraff from bothering.

And the rest of you are able to exit

out of the front of the vehicle.

Mayor Logic looks and
says, great googly moogly,

what's happening here?

- Mr. Mayor.

Hello, I'm Conrad Schintz.

This is A. Tension and
this is Imelda Pulse.

- Imelda Pulse! Your
parents are looking for you.

They're some of my campaign's
biggest contributors.

- That's right, and this
little boy, he saved my life.

- Wow!

(players laughing)

- I don't know if we've
ever met before, Mayor,

but you seem like a nice guy.

We'd love to have a meeting with you.

- Well, if it's a meeting you want,

it's a meeting we must have
because you're important people

and when you're important,
you have to pay attention.

It makes sense!

- Yes, and you should also pay attention.

- Oh (chuckles), Ms. A. Tension,

thank you very much for the piece you ran

during the last election.

I thought it was very tough, but fair.

(players laughing)

- Oh, that's what they say
about me, tough, but fair.

- Ah, they certainly do.

How is Mr. Focus?

You know, he's an old friend of mine,

the editor of your newspaper.

- He's great.

- Oh!
(players laughing)

- I've never worked for a more supportive

and illustrious boss before.

Really makes you feel like
you're part of a team.

And he does nothing but
speak very highly of you.

I'll be sure to tell
him that you said hello.

- Oh, well, wonderful, please do.

Well, you've crashed
into my office, please,

(players laughing)

Pull up a chair, let's talk.

You have business you wanna
talk about, that's totally fine.

- Could I get an apple box for my chair?

- Oh, absolutely.

Lance, can we get an apple box?

Who's in there?

Nevermind, hold on.

Why don't you just sit in the big chair?

- Okay, oh, thank you, oh, the big chair.

(players laughing)

- He's so happy.
(players laughing)

- You see, he looks and says,

Now, I want to hear all the
facts straight and plain.

You can always count on me
to be a dispassionate arbiter

of simple sense and
right honorable reason.

Uh, I should warn you,

the highways in our city
have collapsed today,

all the phone lines are down,

and as you heard on the air raid sirens,

we've shit ourselves.

(players laughing)

So, I am just a skosh busy.

(players laughing)

- We'll just take a second.

- Conrad, you have quite the tale to tell.

- Well, as you know, Ms.
Pulse and I may have played

a role in having the big
guy take some action and-

- And I'd do it again.
- Wow.

- But in a different way probably

'cause after you've
done it the first time,

the novelty kind of wears off.

- I understand.

So the the rumor going around is true.

You did have us use your
key at Cerebell Pacific

on the night of Norrell
Ojiccle's murder to-

- Yes, that's right, that was me,

but I didn't murder Norrell
Ojiccle, that was somebody else.

- Do you have any idea
who it might've been?

- (confidently) I have no idea whatsoever.

Why is that my problem?

I'm just a humble citizen
of your town, sir.

- Well, you're a runaway heiress

who's the last person seen
at the scene of the crime

when a citizen was murdered.

- [Alex] Okay, yes, I-
- Again, my parents

give you a lot of money.

- Hey, I understand, but they'd
like to hear from you too.

Say, can I give them a
call and let them know

that you're you here?
- The phone lines are down.

- (laughs) Great point.

(players laughing)

- It makes sense.

(players laughing)

- Ergo.

- Mr. Mayor, I know we're confessing

to maybe a lot of crimes here,

but I thought it just might
be nice to come direct to you

and see what could be done about it.

It seems like the big guy
might be in a lot of trouble,

but maybe he also has a plan.

We just, we thought we'd come to you

so we can work together

to make the most sense of everything.

- Ah, well, if it's making sense you want,

then that's exactly what
we should do right now.

I wanna thank you for
bringing this to my attention.

Now, it seems like you've
got a little bit more intel

than I have.

I've been cooped up here
in City Hall all day

and by the look of this vehicle,

it seems like you've been running around.

You've stolen a police vehicle.

(players laughing)

- Well, technically we
just, stealing it is a bit-

we were in the police vehicle already.

How can you steal something
that you're already in,

you know what I mean?

- [Brennan] So you didn't steal the keys?

- It's not stealing if someone

gives them to you voluntarily.

- A police officer gave you
the keys to the squad car.

- Goddamn right.
- Oh, incredible.

Well, you ladies are truly impressive.

Now, you said we were in trouble.

- Yes, so we are currently
somewhere in the sky.

- Mm.

- [Freddie] You're in the the sky.
- You have an oculus?

- I don't.
- Oh, well, do we have one?

- Uh, no, I think-
- [Danielle] The boys.

- [Siobhan] Curio has it.
- [Brennan] Ah.

- Well...
- Well it's all right,

I'll take your word for
it, what's the situation?

- So we have been thrown out a window

and we have a grappling gun

and we've just shit ourselves,
and you know, I'm just a kid,

and we've just shit ourselves,
and you know, I'm just a kid,

so I'm not exactly sure what
next steps are after this,

but maybe you would be
able to logic it out.

but maybe you would be
able to logic it out.

- Well, listen, they don't
call me Leon Logic for nothing.

So we gotta take the facts and figure out

the right decision to make.

Now, let's take a look.

You said we've been thrown out a window,

so we're falling to our
death, now that's bad.

We've also got a grappling gun.

Now if we fire that grappling gun-

- We did.

- Well, all right, we
fired the grappling gun.

Now, that gun's going up into the air.

Now, if we were to use
that gun to swing in

to something else, we could hit a wall

and that could kill us and we would die,

so we don't wanna do that,

but obviously if we let
go of the grappling gun

to avoid smacking into a wall,

(laughs) we're gonna fall to our death.

We don't want that.

- No.
Now it's possible

that we could start climbing up the rope

while we're slinging, but if
we do that, then our hands,

you know, they're gonna pull
with the centrifical force

of the rope and we'll get
rope burn on our hands

and that's the last thing you want.

So, as we're-
- Second to last.

(players laughing)

- He goes, now, let's say that we go in

and we pick the wrong
window to crash through,

right assuming we hit a window at all.

Let's say there's goons in
the other side of that window.

Now if there's goons there,
we're as good as cooked.

And if that happens, boy,
that's a lot of trouble,

so that's the last thing we want.

(players laughing)

- I'm starting to get a sense

that there's a lot of last
things we wanna do here.

- So you're saying logically

we just wanna stay suspended in midair.

- The best thing that could
happen would be if everything

in the world were to stop.

(players laughing)

- Do you know how to make that happen?

- Well, I know hundreds of
ways to make it not happen.

(players laughing)

- I'm beginning to think
we need a new mayor.

- Oh, whoa, whoa, hold on, Ms. Pulse.
(chill, upbeat music)

Listen, Leon Logic is
the mayor for the people.

It makes sense, so that's obviously, look,

let me- let me ask a question here.

Given that this whole thing was your plan,

what was the plan given this heroic act

of stealing the papers?

- Oh, well- well, I don't, I don't,

I wouldn't say exactly the we had a plan.

- I didn't even know
Ms. Pulse before that.

- I didn't even know Conrad before.
(players laughing)

- I wasn't involved in this part at all.

- I know, I'm meeting Conrad
for the first time here

as well, so we're all meeting
Conrad for the first time.

- No, I just thought like, you know,

I'm ready to speak up and I
should speak to who's in charge

and then maybe we can
make some real change.

- So you speak up and you
get on a soapbox and you ask

for a change and then the change happens

and it throws the entire city into danger

and then we come to old
Mayor Logic to clean it up,

is that right?
- Oh no.

- Well, no, but yes, but
sometimes you gotta make a change

to make a change.

- And other times making any change at all

hurls us into the heart of peril.

- [Siobhan] Well...
- Conrad has started backing

back towards the squad car.
(players laughing)

- [Brennan] Mayor Logic, (laughing)

- Mayor Logic, we have
already gotten to the point

where we are suspended in
midair and covered in shit.

So at this point, we
just have to figure out

what our next steps are.

We cannot go back in time.

- Ms. Tension, I hear you loud and clear.

Every next step as I've
described it contains

the possibility of absolute
destruction, all right?

Sometimes when you are the mayor,

people throw situations at you

that mean every possible
decision leaves you

as screwed as you've ever
been, just like the ice skates.

- Oh wait, show us your chest.

(players laughing)

Show us your chest.

- [Hank] I don't think
you know about that.

(players laughing)

- As he looks and goes, as
you say, sir, let us see,

he goes, (gasps) (freezes)

(all gasping)

- Conrad like sort of
scampers up and jumps up.

- You jump, you pull his
white bow tie and pull it down

and reveal a big F.

- Oh, you frozen motherfucker.

- (frozen) Don't. Do. Anything.

- You don't make sense at all!

(players laughing)

- I make tons of sense, I'm
a totally valid response.

- I take the frozen
vodka that I still have

and hit him across the face with it.

- Pow! The vodka sort of, he goes.

- No, my vodka!

(players laughing)

- How did you know to look for that F?

- I didn't even hear the part
where you said ice skates.

You just seem like you're
not gonna do anything

and I know you, you said you
don't know me and you lied.

We know each other.

- Yeah, that's right, I
know you well enough, kid.

I know you just fine.

(tense piano music)

You're the reason that
we almost died out there

and we got that big hideous scar

across the front of our face.

Everybody laughed at us.

That big kid came right on over.

When has standing up for right

ever done anything for
anybody in this town?

- So you've been running
this town ever since.

- You hear a noise.

Coming out of the squad
car and you see Ivana

walk in and go, (gasps)


He looks and says, well, after that day,

when we had that big fight,

we tried to stand up for
the big guy's sister.

You know, my sister took
the reins and we mouthed off

and everyone started laughing
and our sister ran away

and she was so mad at us.

And then that big kid came
over and took our skates,

clobbered us over the head,

and of course I said I should drive

'cause the last time my sister drove

it started the whole
thing in the first place

because she listened to you!

So I did.

I put my key in 'cause he was
coming right for us and I,

you know, if we charged him

then maybe he hits us even harder,

and if we run away, maybe
people laugh at us more

and there's just so many
wr- wrong choices to make.

- Hey, you did the best you could.

- You're a valid response,

but I cannot stress this
enough, not for right now.

(players laughing)

- He says, I figured
no one would ever vote

for a Mayor Freeze so I
changed my name to Leon Logic,

'cause after all, I'm pretty good at,

thinking about what might happen.

He takes his little top hat off.

Truth be told,

there's been so many
people that have been happy

to have a lousy man
like me running around.

I know there's people
that have been glad to

run roughshod over me.

You see Ivana just sort
of shakes her head.

Leon looks and says, so what.

Falling out of the sky?

We have time to hold a citywide election?

I doubt it.
- No.

- No.

- So there's no mayor other than me.

The only things I can think
of are what might go wrong.

- What if you continue to think
about what might go wrong,

what would go wrong if we did nothing?

(Brennan imitating freezing)

- You see he freezes up.
(players laughing)

He says, If we do nothing, then, then...

You see he looks around,

he goes over to the mayor's thing

and you see that he opens up his desk.
(wooden drawer sliding open)

He says, you said we fired
that grappling gun already?

- Mm-hmm.
- [Danielle] Mm-hmm.

- It hits the roof, we're gonna swing.

If we hit cement, that's it.

But if we, if we hit a window

and there's no goons on
the other side of it,

and it's a room relatively safe.

- It's a soft window.

- And it's a soft window.

(players laughing softly)

- You're not here.

(players laughing)

- Then maybe, oh, that's awful scary.

- Conrad goes, this worked
once before, and punches

the mayor.
(players laughing)

- You punch him in the stomach and he goes

(regurgitates) and the
key pops out of his mouth.

Holy moly.

Holds the key.

He takes his desk and he
says, I don't have an oculus.

I'm terrified, but,

what do you think the
odds are, Ms. Tension,

that we're headed towards
a window right now?

- Considering the
circumference of the building,

considering how large the windows are

and their perceived softness,
(players snickering)

I would guess that we
are at about 85% chance

of hitting a window.

(cool tense music)

- (whispering) 85% chance.

- 90%.

(players laughing)

- You see, he looks
over at Conrad and goes,

I don't know kid, you think
this is the right thing to do?

- I do.

- He puts the-

- Wait, wait, just to
clarify, what were you saying?

Is it the right? What? (laughing)

- What are we doing?

- You see he takes the key, turns it,

there's a little microphone
on his desk and he says,

well, if we're gonna freeze,

let's at least try to freeze
in a way that's useful.

This is Mayor Logic.

I guess just Mayor Leon for now.

I'd like to send an emergency missive

to the waist, hips, legs and feet.

Freeze up as hard as you can.

Go erect, point it out
forward towards the building.

Freeze up and freeze hard.

And you see sort of
like signals lighting up

and as the big guy is
swinging towards the window,

those legs and feet freeze up

and you see that suddenly there
is a (imitating exploding)

a big alarm goes out throughout the city

and you can hear the intercom.

Deputy Chief of Staff Lance goes,

boss, we got more trains
coming in at Oblongata Station.

Looks like there's some,
too many pain couriers

for shock troops to stop
coming in from the feet.

And you see he says, how many exactly?

I might have overstated the level of risk.

There's a couple. There's a couple.
(players laughing)

But we might have some
shattered glass on our ankles.

And you see Mayor Logic leaps up and yeah!

ha! It was a window!

It was a window.

We froze up the legs and
we kicked through a window.

- Doesn't that feel good?

- Yes!

Yes! And you see Ivana goes
and just like hugs her brother,

goes, I could kill you.

(players laughing)

- Oh, great job, that's fantastic.

It was only like 45%, maybe 30.

- What?!
(players laughing)

- Fully a block of ice. Freezes up.
(players laughing)

What do you guys all
do here in the mayor's-

You see that Ivana like puts
her brother in a block of ice

on her back and says,

okay, well, we know that big guy is safe.

He smashed through window.

Where now we go?

- Oh, I don't think he's safe yet.

I think we gotta get outta here.

- Oh, you know, who would really be great

at helping us get out of here.

My sister, wherever she is.
- Oh, Flight?

- Flight, if we can find
her, yeah, for sure,

but for now, we should
get out of City Hall.

We crash police vehicle.

- Sure. Sure. Sure.
(players laughing)

- You guys take off.

We have our friends
Hunch, Fucks, and The Fix.

Hunch, Fucks, and Fix roll up

with Justin the dog.
- And Justin.

- Outside of the massive police precinct,

you see instead of protect and serve,
(snooping music)

it says "to control and regulate."

What do you do as you get closer?

- Well they're definitely here.

(players laughing)

- Look, it's the last place
they said they were going.

I see no reason why

they wouldn't be here.
- [Freddie] We have to just

go off of what they're saying.
- Looks like you fellas

are always right about stuff.

(players laughing)

- Here's what I wanna do 'cause
we all know how slick I am.

- Yes.

- Last they saw me, I
said I was taking you in.

Now I've done that, I've fixed you up,

and I think it's time to

take you into the police
station and maybe process

some of the contraband on you for evidence

so we can go to the evidence locker.

It's using you as bait, and
of course that's assuming

that my very slick skills
come through in a pinch here.

- And I suppose it's normal
for you to have a dog

and a very large bodyguard with you.

- Listen...

I'm curious!

(players laughing)

I do all kinds of crazy things.

- What do you do as you
approach the precinct?

- So, I'm sort of like manhandling,
- [Freddie] Fake.

- Fake manhandling Dan Fucks
here I come into the station

and I'm sort of doing the hello, hi.

- Unhand me you rapscallion.

- Yeah, shut up, Fucks.
- Ugh!

(players laughing)

- You see that there's sort
of a desk sergeant who goes,

well, well, well, if it isn't Hunch Curio.

When's the last time you
walked a perp in here?

- (laughs) I think we
all remember that case.

The case of what did I
come into this room for?

(players laughing)

(players laughing)

- Yeah, you put down some
pretty big ones, Curio.

- That's right.
- That's for sure.

You see that, they say, all
right, what's your name, sailor?

You see that, they say, all
right, what's your name, sailor?

- Daniel. Fucks.

Spelled the way you think.

- F-U-C-K-S?

- Sure!

- Okay, that's the word I'm thinking of.

- Well, listen-
- You dirty, dirty man.

- The big guy here and
the bloodhound helped me

track down Fucks here.

He had a lot of contraband.

I'm gonna have to process
that in to evidence

if you don't mind.

- Go ahead and give me a slick check

if you would be so kind.
- I need to be very clear.

When I said I had great vick- slick,

I was of course being hyperbolic.

I am absolute garbage at this.

- Call it a difficulty of seven.

- (lacking confidence) Okay.

- Okay.
(players laughing)

- That is a two.

- Five, six, seven.

(players laughing)

- Two, three, four, five, six.

- Seven.
- Great.

- You see the desk sergeant says,

yeah, yeah, yeah, just bring
it back to the evidence locker

and Pete will let you jump back in.

- Thanks, you're the best.

- Hey, it's all right, Hunch.

And you see that she says,

You, you're coming with me, and she-

- Wait, wait, hold on,
hold on, wait, wait, wait.

- And you see that she marches-

- Oh, we'll be back around to talk to you

a real intense interrogation later.

Don't you worry, Fucks.

- And for The Fix and Justin,
are you guys waiting outside?

Are you walking with Hunch?

- This is as far as my plan goes.

(players laughing)
Whatever you guys wanna do.

- Yeah, Fix, what do
you think you're up to?

- I think I was gonna go with Hunch.

- Cool, Justin.
- I'm gonna shove,

- [Brennan] Yeah.
- Fucks so hard.

It was like a little
too hard accidentally.

- He clonks the head onto a desk.
(head hitting table)

- [Brennan] I love that.

- They're all reeking of beef.

(players laughing)

- Justin's gonna split up
actually and go with Dan.

Justin will be like-
- Okay.

- I won't let Dan go off by himself,

and tucks along behind.

- I just figured they
wouldn't let me go with him.

- Justin walks along,
looks up at you and goes,

Why are you always so mean to Conrad?
(melancholy music)

- Conrad stands between me
and my ultimate ambition,

unfettered pleasure.

And the only thing
standing in the way of that

is this damn gnat that keeps biting at me.

Yes, it's, it's terrible.

You see, because without the conscious,

we were free to pursue
all the dreams that I want

and a life of unfettered pleasure

and that's what's
holding us back, you see,

so Conrad is my mortal enemy, that's why.

Plus he's a little shit.

(players laughing)

- Justin looks up at you and says,

You know, you and me
could work great together.

I can come up with
reasons for getting stuff

you want really easily.

But I don't think you see that.

I don't think you see a lot, Dan Fucks.

(players laughing)
(music stops abruptly)

- You see Justin looks at you and says,

You think Conrad's the reason

that there's no pleasure in the city.

Conrad's been living in a rainy hole

in a bombed out old shelter.

No one listens to Conrad at all.

- He's been putting
those signs on my door.

- Yeah, I think so because Conrad

doesn't have anybody other than me

out in the whole wide world.

- That's right, you are
his best friend, after all.

- And you have all this money
and lots of people like you

and come to your speakeasy.

- [Freddie] Yes, they do.

- If you'd looked after Conrad,

maybe he wouldn't have been so lonely.

- That's once again,
not my problem, but, mm.

- But, it's all right.

All I'd say is you don't
have to like Conrad one bit.

- [Freddie] I don't.
- But the reason you have to,

you know, sell your illicit oxytocin

out of a tiny dinky old
shack instead of having-

- How dare you sir.

- Instead of having a
big old pleasure palace,

you can be mad about that,
but that's not Conrad's fault.

Conrad didn't make the big guy miserable.

The DA, the mayor, all of those people,

all the decisions the
people in power made.

In fact, the big guy's so scared and sad

and that's what made him
miserable, not Conrad.

- Thank you so much for confiding in me.

I'd like to bring you in on
a scheme I have with Wilton.

You see, there is a
revolution coming, my friend.

(group laughing)

I think you could be one of-

- Please let me help write a manifesto.

I'd love to write a manifesto.

- My goodness, I found
a new ally here today.

Wilton will be overjoyed.

- Who's Wilton?

You see, you walk off
and you see the sergeant

opens the door and you see Chief Tightass

turns around and goes, well, well, well.

We finally booked Daniel Fucks.

- Oh, isn't this a banner
day for you and the boys?

- It is.

- You'd like that, wouldn't you?

But the trick is, this is a deception!

I don't have-

And I try to bust out the
handcuffs, but there are like,

there actually were.

- Give me sneak 10.

- I think I'm failing this
no matter what though.

- Who knows.

- On the wrong, oh, sneak 10, 12.

More than 12.
- Blew up on it.

- [Freddie and Hank] Double 12!
(players laughing)

- 12 plus 12 plus seven.

- You have a lot of
handcuff based experience.

- You've gotten out of so many handcuffs.

- Yeah you're in handcuffs all the time.
- You truly, Dan Fucks

is fully expecting

to, like, to like

not be able to get to be like,
huh, ha, but you say like,

it's a deception and you see,

you go ft-twang! And the handcuff shoots

and impales the chief of police
(brain squelching)

in the brain.

And he falls down dead.
(players laughing)

- What? You killed him.

- Gentlemen witness Houdini manifest.
(players laughing)

You see Justin goes, holy shit!

- Come up with a reason why that's okay.

- Well, how could there
be a Chief Tightass

if we just shit ourselves?

(group laughing)

I'm not mad at that, we're
gonna cut back downstairs.

(players laughing)

- I hope Dan's doing okay.

(players laughing)

- You rolled 31?

- 31 total, yeah.
- [Brennan] 31 total.

- That's like the highest I've ever rolled

in like any system.

Any system.
- [Freddie] Any type of dice.

I haven't even got 31 in
Boggle, you know what I mean?

Like that's wild.
(players laughing)

- So back down in the evidence locker,

Hunch and The Fix roll up
and you see that there's

a sort of almost like
librarian-esque woman

who's working down here at
the evidence locker and says,

(quietly) Hello do you have anything to

check into the evidence locker?

- Oh yeah, we got some new evidence here.

It's just like a collection
of shit from Dan's pockets.

(players laughing)

We gotta check this in,
(tense music)

but you know, I'm working a new case too,

so I'll go ahead and I'll file it myself

and I'll take a look at

some of the other stuff
in the other cases too.

- Absolutely, go ahead
and give me a slick check.

We'll call this a difficulty of five.

- I'm so bad at slick.

Oh, I exploded.

(players cheering)

- It's a five on the dot.

- Unbelievable. She says, oh, absolutely.

Help yourself in right over
here just file everything.

There's baggies and
markers over in the corner.

- I grabbed baggies and markers.

- Great, see she looks up.

- You wanna know facts about your bones?

- (quietly) Okay.

(players laughing)

- While you're doing that,

I just tell her so much about bones.

Bones are actually living

and do you know that the
reason we produce blood

inside of our bones is
because it's one of the places

that's safest from UV radiation?

- Just fun facts.

They're not scary.

(Freddie laughing)

- Go ahead and give me a slick
check, difficulty of three.

- Okay.

That's a six.

- You see she looks at you
and goes, that's fascinating.

Did you know...

(players laughing)
(Hank ebullient he's meeting his match)

Did you know that there
are some species of birds

that have a secondary
pouch in their esophagus

or in their digestive tract
where they actually contain,

referred to as a craw that has
stones or other hard material

referred to as a craw that has
stones or other hard material

to help break up food
matter before it passes

into the rest of their digestive tract.

- There are also some
birds that can produce

a kind of nutritious
substance that they'll,

that instead of
regurgitating their own food,

they will produce a kind of milk.

It's almost like lactation,
but it evolved separately.

It was a case of convergent evolution.

Pigeons do it.

- Did you know that pigeons,

(players laughing)

- Let's go, let's go, let's go, come on.
(Freddie clapping)

- I feel like I'm watching chess.

- I'm looking for the evidence cart-

- You quickly realize you have
all the time in the world.

(players laughing)

- What is this librarian's name?

- Yeah, is there like a nameplate?

- The placard on her name
says Pasha and then N.

as the last initial.

You are able to grab all
that evidence, no problem,

as she just goes back and forth.

(Trapp laughing)

(papers shuffling quickly)
(players laughing)

From the cart, you find the pocket square,

you find a ton of different materials.

And actually give me a snoop check.

- Sure.
- [Brennan] Which we must

do here as well
- We must do it.

- That is an 11.

You find a baggie

that has a heavy weight in it

and you see it has the
words murder weapon on it.

- Nice.
(slow tense music)

Something in my years of detective work
- [Freddie] What could this be.

- Makes me think this
might be the murder weapon.

- [Brennan] Crossed out.

- Oh, nevermind.
- [Freddie] Whoa, hold on.

(group laughing)

- Looking at the baggie,

it has a very heavy weight within it
(music begins building)

and instead it just has exhibit, you know,

it has another exhibit
number put underneath it,

rather than being labeled
as the murder weapon,

looking inside the baggie,
you see a heavy copper pistol.

looking inside the baggie,
you see a heavy copper pistol.

- Copper, all right.
- Ooh.

Is the trigger guard really
far off from the trigger?

(Brennan laughing)

- For a massive finger to go through?

No, but you do see that the
shells that go along with it,

which even for a handgun
is kind of strange,

are buckshot shells.

(Siobhan gasps)

You also see some writing
on the side of it.

On that 11 snoop check the
quite high snoop check.

There is a note attached to this.

There is a sort of
registry with the weapon

of where it was bought.

This gun was bought in downtown Mentopolis

by one Norrell Ojiccle.

- [Siobhan] Hmm.
- Ah.

- You see it's bought
from a Thalamus and Sons.

- That seems like everything
that I came down here for,

so I come back out and I
presumably still hear them trading

facts back and forth.

- You see she goes, did
you know that woodpeckers

have a tongue bone called a hyoid bone

that wraps around their brain because the

(getting titillated from the tidbits)

pounding into the tree can, of course,

you know it needs to protect
their brain from the impact,

that powerful feeling of,

you know

smashing into the wood of the tree to,

you know devour their common meal items,

which of course are
grubs and larval insects.

- (aroused and astounded) I
didn't know, I didn't know.

- Can I go snoop check to
see how horny The Fix is?

(group laughing)

- That's gonna be snoop one.
- Great.

(players laughing)

That's a four.

(players laughing)

- Well, I'll let Hank be-
(players laughing)

You see she looks up and says,

have you recently joined the force?


- No, I'm sorry, I work
for Detective Hunch Curio.

- No, I'm sorry, I work
for Detective Hunch Curio.

I'm a private investigator.

- Private inve- oh, that's, oh yes,

you work with Detective
Hunch, I understand.

Mm. Mm.

- It's been very nice to meet you.

- It's very nice to...

- Did you know pelicans
had three stomachs?

(players laughing)

- Should we?

- Oh yeah, so yeah, we got,
we're all filed away in here.

And Pasha, just in case
something else comes up,

could we get your number?

I'm sure we can send The Fix down here

if something else comes up.

- Oh, certainly, let me...

- She goes over to-
- You're wingmanning

Thank you so much.

- She says, yeah, with those
phone lines are are down,

but it's very nice to...

- That can't be forever.

(players laughing)

- Can I get a cigarette?

(players laughing lightly)

- [Brennan] You see...

(players laughing)

- So tiny in your giant face.

(players laughing)

- [Danielle] It's like a Tic Tac.

- She walks over to a
very small little desk,

writes down a number on a piece of paper,

walks back over to you, Fix,
and hands it to you and says,

please feel free to
follow up with me anytime.

I'm just here, you know,

I work here most days
just gathering stimuli

and categorizing them.

I used to be a, well, I am,
I'm a forensic scientist.

Give me a snoop check, difficulty three.

(tense music)

- That is a 12.

- I got a two, but it could be
if you care, does it matter?

(players laughing)

Yeah, that's probably the best.
(ball sliding on a track)

- You see a small portrait of her.

It's like an old daguerreotype.

Like this sort of is
like a 1930s style world

and so this is even like
a turn of the century

like early 1900s photo.

And you see that it's a
picture of her as a little girl

in like winter clothes,

smiling with her hand around a little boy

and they're both smiling together,

sort of waving out and
it looks like a little,

sort of like lovely picture
of her and like maybe

like a brother or a sibling
or something like that.

- Are there ice skates in this photo?

- You do see that they are
wearing ice skates in this photo.

- It doesn't feel right
to do what Conrad did

and demand show me your chest.

(players laughing)

I do clock all this.

Oh, that's a lovely photo.

Who's that little boy?

- Oh.

That's my brother.

My late brother, he passed
away when we were children.

- Oh, I'm so sorry to hear that.

- Yes.

- The Fix puts his hand on her shoulder.

Just looks sad.

- She says, thank you.

You look down at the photo

and remember childhood a long time ago.

- It's not my sister is it?

- No, no.
(players laughing)

- Took a turn.
- Took a turn

Real Star Wars energy.

(players laughing)

- We're getting real old timey now.

- You look down the photo and you see-

(players laughing)

You look down and realize in horror

that you know the little
boy in the photograph.

His name was Ichabod Ice Skates.

(players gasp)

- Oh, that is very sad.

And I say nervously,
there are some salamanders

that feed their babies their own skin.

I gotta go.

(players laughing)

- Oh, bye. And you see,

you wander out of there.

- I guess we gotta interrogate
Dan out of his situation.

I hope he's doing okay.

(players laughing)

- Justin is barreling down the
hall with Dan Fucks behind.

He goes, he killed the chief of police.

- Shut up, Justin. Shut up, Justin.

- He killed the chief of police!

- Justin keep it down.
- I saw it!

(incomprehensible yelling)

- Let's get out of here, let's go!

- You guys all run out as
you watch a SWAT vehicle

backing down off the dome of City Hall.

(players laughing)

(car reversing sound)

- Now I wonder what that's all about.

(players laughing)

- And you watch as Conrad
pulls up in front of you

and you have reconvened
here at Cortex Square

right near City Hall,

but also quite near
where the DA's office is.

- Finally, a vehicle I can fit in.

(players laughing)

- Get in,

(players laughing)

- Let's go to Thalamus and Sons.

I don't know what's
there, but I gotta know.

(players laughing lightly)

- You all take off in
the vehicle together,

driving towards Thalamus and Sons

back towards the final
piece of the puzzle.

You have this copper gun
that Norrell Ojiccle had

and somewhere out there
in the city, a white key.

(slow noir music)

A key that could be...

(sighs) the key to everything.

(Trapp snickers)
(Siobhan lightheartedly groans)

As you journey off in Mentopolis, breath,

an announcement over the sirens.

This is your Mayor, Mayor Leon...

Mayor, Mayor Leon...

Look, my name's Frank Freeze

and I ran for mayor under a false name.

Everyone in Mentopolis deserves to know.

You all, you all deserve to know that...

we're in great danger. And we
need to act together as one.

You see that quickly,
he says, now I'm gonna-

And then you see Ivana leaping
down the dome and says,

stop making announcement.

Jumps in the back of the van with you.

But we are gonna move the
pressure up a little bit.

(sound of something ramping up)

- [Hank] Stop it. Stop it.

- Pressure goes up a little
bit moving in that direction

as crashing through the glass,

it's the sudden there's
the shock of adrenaline

when something very physical is happening

and there's the follow-up
shock of adrenaline

when you're like, I've made it

and now I have to make decisions.

(players laughing)

Oh god.

- That man needs some beef on his legs.

(players laughing lightly)

- So Frank Freeze and Ivana
Popov are here in the vehicle

with you, Justin Fication is here as well.

- Reuniting with Conrad!

- You see, Justin says, Conrad!

- (yelling) Justin, you're my best friend!

- You're my best friend.

(players laughing)

Conrad also licks Justin.
(players laughing)

- You don't lick me, I'm a dog.
(players laughing)

- I wasn't thinking.

- It's okay, you didn't do anything wrong.

There's a lot of great
reasons to lick a dog.

(players laughing)

You love 'em.

(players laughing)

- Thank you, boy.
- I love you.

You tear off through the
streets of Mentopolis

towards Thalamus and Sons
(slow tense music)

awaiting whatever fate

could befall this vast city,

and knowing that a shadowy
figure with a white key follows

in the shadows behind.

And that's all for this episode
of "Dimension 20: Mentopolis."

Tune in next week as we continue our caper

here in the city of the mind.


- Capers.

- This mind is a terrible place.

You're so weak! Why couldn't you
do the right thing? Ever!

There's no reason to like
any part about the city.

- Conrad doesn't say anything back.

- Well... It seems that you saw fit to

air my dirty laundry.

Why don't you come with me right now.

- This feels like the kind of thing
I don't necessarily have a choice in.

- Oh. Have I finally got your attention?

Very good.

(gasp) There's a shadow downstairs.

(Everyone gasps and screams)

- You son of a bitch!
(Alex continues to scream)

- Wuh-oh. (laughs)

- You know... (flicks fingers)

You can't hum while
you're blocking your nose.

Give it a try.

(Hank continues to flick his fingers)

Where. Are. The. Key. Holes?

(Everyone laughs)

- Who are you suspicious of?

- You're not suspicious of me are you?

- I'm suspicious of everybody.

Aren't you suspicious of everybody

in this town?
- Well not generally myself,

but now I'm wondering if I should be.

(Everyone chuckles)

- Oooh! Hello there sister.

You looking so fine and fresh.

Who does your hair?

- (laughs) It's two wigs sewn into one.

(Everyone laughs)

- Double wigs for a triple good time.

(Everyone continues to laugh)

You're not mad at me are you?
Are you mad at me?

(Everyone laughs)

And you see he steps closer
and sort of runs a finger

along your chin and says,

I want to know what would
make you feel good, Mr. Fucks.

(Freddie snickers)

- Yes. (Everyone laughs)

(lively instrumental music)