Dimension 20 (2018-…): Season 18, Episode 3 - The Time Has Come - full transcript

The queens journey into the Tower of Tombs, where their intertwined destiny awaits.

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- [Jujubee] Ladies, stealth check time!

- [Alaska] Don't I have, like,
some, like, perception shit?

♪ Boss ass bitch ♪

- [Bob and Monét] Check your perception

before you come for me!

- Everyone think 20.
- 20!

♪ Boss ass bitch ♪

- [Bob] I have anxiety!

- [Jujubee] See? I knew it was that bitch.

Can I go invisible right now?

- [Bob] Twlya, you are a loose cannon.

♪ Boss ass bitch ♪

- [Monét] Kill her! Kill her now!

- I knew it.
- Oh fuck!

- [Monét] You assaulted a
man with a no-knock warrant.

- [Bob] Troyánn is saucy.

♪ Boss ass bitch ♪

- [Brennan] Ladies.

Wish I was alive!

I think we should get
naked and see what happens.

Servants of the fey realm!

There is legend of a witch.

- [Jujubee] Hey, that was
really emotional and beautiful.

♪ Boss ass ♪


- Hello, one and all.

Welcome back to another thrilling episode

of Dimension 20: Dungeons and Drag Queens.

I'm your humble Dungeon
Master, Brennan Lee Mulligan.

With me, as always, are
our questing queens.

Say hi, questing queens.
- Hi, questing queens.

- Last we left off...

It's beautiful.

Well, I shouldn't wonder

that we're all exclaiming
and making noise,

because we are in the depths
of the Underworld right now.

Last we left off, our four heroes,

each for reasons of their own,
some secret and some shared,

had traveled down the Gallows Road

after having met before
the adventure even began

in the city of Darktide
where you all came together

and realized that it was safer

to travel to the Underworld
together than separately.

You went to the village of Greeley,

where you began to see
some strange conspirings.

Villains were approaching

the entrance to the Underworld as well.

Rumors of a merfolk,

possibly your cousin, Keena of Everdeep.

We had the smell of cedar on the breeze,

a strange smell, not
smelled since the massacre

of the Foehammer family so long ago.

Rumors of a witch hunter
that had driven Gertrude

from her lakeside home.

And in a burst of mist,

after you defeated a disguised undead,

the face of Zaria Hex the Blood Queen

and architect of the downfall

of Titania and the fairy realms.

Many eyes gazed on the
entrance to the Underworld,

and many feet tramped their
way to that fabled realm.

However, you swiftly
ascended the mountainside,

got to Gargrim the Guardian
to the Gate of the Underworld,

and descended into the lands beyond.

You journeyed to the River of Sorrow.

We summoned a dead whale.

We quickly dispatched a
small army of the undead

that sought to make their way

to the lands of the living once more.

- We also remembered that we could've

just walked across the-
- We don't talk about that.

- I turned into a puddle.

- Turned into a puddle.
- I did.

- That happened as well.

We also met your Uncle Kerwyn.
- Yeah.

- The spirit of the long
lost Duke Kerwyn Foehammer

of the Foehammer family.

Kerwyn suggested, because
you were one soul short,

as Troyánn must deliver
a certain amount of souls

for what she believed was the
cause of keeping Everdeep safe

from dark forces at work
within the deep sea.

- I had really thought.
- You really thought,

and that is what you have been told

by none other than your mother
the Queen Inira of Everdeep.

- Inira.

- You-
- I don't know her.

- Inira, I just met her.

- You journeyed to the Longshadow Bazaar

outside of the Archive
of Forgotten Things.

- Oh god, not the bazaar.

- The bazaar, to meet Nyruth
the jackal-headed demon.

- It got bizarre, too.

- Successfully managed to steal a soul

for a short time before
some towering Genari demon

snatched it once again out of your hand.

And easy come, easy go,
you ended up showing up

a little bit short on your quota

to the inn of the Empty
Glass, where D'hamia,

your old vampire friend,
agreed to sell you

sort of a temporary soul that can fool

some of the servants of
the Goddess of Death,

but probably not the goddess herself.

Princess kindly offered
up some of her own blood,

you got your soul, Gertrude
made a wonderful tea

that sort of revivified everybody,

and you talked to Shalila the
sort of half-masked servant

and you talked to Shalila the
sort of half-masked servant

of Thanara, Goddess of
Death and the Underworld.

Shalila agreed to take the soul,

but not before spilling the beans

that it seemed that Inira of Everdeep

wasn't protecting her people.

She was selling souls to live forever,

and some quick spellcasting from Gertrude

saw that your father had
been in that role before you

and paid a heavy price to free the souls

that he had brought to the
Goddess of the Underworld.

The four of you, your Uncle Kerwyn,

now face an endless waste,

crimson storm clouds and red lightning.

In the far off distance,
the Tower of Tombs,

the realm and lair of the
goddess Thanara herself.

Shalila and her entourage
marched out into the wasteland,

and for your plan to work,

you need to get there before they do,

'cause that soul there is not a worthy one

that is the seventh soul in her amulet.

What could await you
in the Tower of Tombs?


The ability for things lost,

family and realms to come back once more?

Answers about a long-lost father

and secrets kept within a family?

Or even answers

concerning the gift of magic
and immortality itself?

All of this awaits as you delve finally

to the very heart of the Underworld.

We return. That was a big ol' recap.

- I know. It was amazing.
- Yeah. You nailed it.

- It was great.
- Previously on...

- Dimension 20!

- So, all of you look out and see

these sort of crimson storm clouds.

You can see Shalila and her four guardians

kind of moving towards a lonesome road

that moves through the wasteland.

The question I put before you now is,

do you try to follow the
same road Shalila is,

which is, of course, she's probably taking

the fastest road to the Tower of Tombs,

but she's not particularly in a hurry.

So the question remains,

how you want to try and
beat her to the tower.

- Well, we have lied. We've
lied a lot, my goodness.

We did lie to her and say that
we were going back upstairs,

so she's probably not expecting us.

She doesn't seem angry or anything.

She seems pretty chill.

She didn't seem suspicious of anything.

But maybe we should just be
walking right behind her.

- Who is Shalila?

- She's the one who told us about my dad.

- You remember when we said
four, and you said 100?

We were talking to her.
- Okay.

Okay, okay. Yeah, now I get it.

- She is expecting an invitation

to board game night momentarily.

- At our palatial mansion
where we can seat 400 people.

- Yeah.
- Yeah.

- Intimate.

- It's fine.

- How do we get there faster than her?

I mean, can we fly?

- It seems like she's not moving fast.

We can go another route. Hoof it.

- Do we ever split up? Is that a thing?

- I don't know.
- [Jujubee] Is that dumb?

- I don't think we should split up.

- This is not a scary
movie. We're not doing that.

- Yeah, that sounds like-

- Yeah, we're staying together, babes.

- I mean, you would be the one
that survives until the end.

- Which is why she's like, it's
in you three's best interest

to stay together.
- She's not wrong.

She's not wrong.
- She's not wrong.

- Princess has been coming
through Hercules's shit, okay?

Breaking backs, punching. Princess is-

- And I think Twyla's
escaped death all the time.

- And we are confused as to how.

- She probably can't die.

- You're immortal too?
- Probably!

- You don't know?

- She's assuming at this point.

- Twyla doesn't know a thing, so.

- She's definitely lucky. I'll say that.

- Yeah.

- What if we beat up Shanida and we take-

- Shalila.
- Who is Shanida?

- Oh, Shalila.
- That's her landlord.

She wants us to go settle a debt for her.

What if we leave here, beat up Shanida,

and then come back here and
play Dungeons and Dragons?

- What if we beat up Shalila
and take her metal guys

and use her, use them?
- Okay, so-

- How do we do that?
- Or befriend her.

- Why do we want to fight Shalila?

Shalila has been, she helped
us. She told us, though.

- I know, she was kind of nice.

I kind of like her.
- But she told us stuff

because she's kind of an idiot.

- I don't want to beat the shit out of
Shanida. - [Jujubee] Don't you think?

- You're the one who brought it up.
- Do you think it slipped?

- I know. I'm floating ideas here, okay?

- We're spitballing.
- We're spitballing.

- I think we can, like, I'm an assassin.

I'm very good at tracking people.

- Are you a lip sync assassin?

- I'm a lipstick assassin.

I am really good at tracking people.

I think we can just follow behind Shalila.

Because if we get there

before her, what are we going to do?
- Okay.

- Wait for her.

- No, there's that other soul.

What was it? The other soul.

- Another worthy soul,
because you know that Keena,

you feel that Keena stole
your kill, essentially, right?

- Yes.

- We lost, that worthy
soul we had was the one

that got taken back from
the guards, never mind.

- Yeah, so you know that
there's another soul in town

that's worthy, but that demon
has it, and your cousin Keena,

you believe, stole the soul
that you were supposed to get.

As we know, famed producer
Mark Ronson. Absolutely.

- Part of me feels like,
okay, this is crazy,

but the jackal guy, if this was a movie,

he's such a great character.

I would love to revisit him.
- I would, too.

- I kind of want to go back and, like-

- So, hey.

- Yeah, kind of go over

and be like, so I know how this looks.

- I'm scared, but I like it.

- I mean, I'm not mad
at going back to him.

- But you have to talk to him.

- I think the answer is, this
time we just gotta be real.

We gotta just give this man what he wants.

We cannot trick him again.

We gotta just give him what he wants.

- What if he asks if we're lying?

- He's going to want memories.
He's going to want souls.

- We'll say we lied. We'll say we lied.

We found out some new stuff.
My friend here is an assassin.

She's been doing this job. Also are you-

- I'mma stand like this the whole time.

- So we're going to be like,
so we found a lot of stuff.

We acted out of fear.

We were afraid that her
entire community, village,

would be destroyed if we
didn't get this one soul.

Now we know that's not the truth.

- It's more like a city.

We have over 2 million
people. We're not a village.

- It's a metropolis.
- [Jujubee] Tell me if this is crazy.

- [Bob] I apologize.
- Not a village.

- I mean, it's no Atlantis, but go ahead.

- Tell me if this is crazy. So, one of my-

- It's kind of like the
suburbs of Atlantis.

- So you know how one of my
spells is to disguise, right?

And it says use magic to
change your appearance.

Is there a world where
Twyla changes her appearance

to look like the person,
like Thanara, and to grab-

- Oh no, okay, we can't go so high.
- Why would Thanara be in town?

They'd be like, what are you doing here?

- But Miss Thing is going to Thanara

to give her the souls, right?

- Shalila.
- Be Shalila.

- My thing is, what if we don't trick him?

What if we just go in and
we just give him something?

We all have-

- Oh, I'm trying to trick Shalila.

- Right.

- Because Shalila's bringing
the souls back to Thanara.

- Oh!

- If she thinks that I'm Thanara,

then she's like, here you go, Thanara.

I'll be like, thank you, sis.

- But what if she be like, why are you...

Thanara's massive, isn't she? She's huge.

- Like 18 feet tall.
- She's 18 feet tall.

- She can disguise.

- Go to Thanara dressed as Shanida.

- I can change myself into
an airplane if I want to.

- That is true.
- I'm Twyla!

- No, but we don't have
anything to give to Thanara,

so I think to your point, you
disguise yourself as Thanara.

- Right, and then she gives it to me.

- And Shalila gives it to you.

- But what are we getting from Shalila?

Shalila doesn't have
the worthy soul either!

- [Jujubee] She doesn't?
- Yeah, no.

We don't need that.

- 'Cause Shalila doesn't
have the worthy soul.

Shalila has a bag full of
souls and one unworthy one.

- Time out.

If we know, why do I care to give her

the worthy souls now, knowing
what this is about now?

- Knowing what this is about now,

you may well have decided
that you don't want

to hand those souls over,
but the question is,

given all the stuff that
you do want from Thanara,

you don't know how
reasonable this goddess is,

so I think there are questions for you

about what your reception...

It's very, what's the
wizard going to think

when we get to the Emerald City, right?

What's Thanara going to think of us

when we actually get
to the Tower of Tombs?

So it's true that you
no longer care to uphold

the deal your mother
struck, but you do know

that the goddess of the Underworld
is expecting seven souls.

You could reasonably decide,

I'm not interested in pursuing that deal,

or you could reasonably decide
it might be worth it anyway.

- It also seems that if she
doesn't get the seven souls,

she probably won't be cool about it.

- And also I think that
I have never met Thanara,

so I think what we're trying
to do is, okay, okay, okay.

Disguised as Thanara, Shalila
gives it to us, and then you-

- I know what she looks
like, I can describe her,

because I saw her in the
memory, so I can describe her.

- Okay, yeah, describe
it, and then Shalila,

so that way we all have a
chance to talk to Thanara

and be like, here are the things you want.

We're all here. Can you answer
our four wishes, basically?

- Well, okay, so I want to reassess

what we're all doing here,

because I have not been completely honest

with all of you about why
I'm in the Underworld.

- Is this out loud or is this
through the brain? - This is to you.

- I'm talking to you all out loud.

- Okay, great.

- Yeah, you're all in a safe place.

You're towards the edge of
Hollowgrave in a safe place.

- You know, there is a curse
on me where I can't die,

but it's not immortality.

It's not like, girl,
it's not invincibility.

It's just immortality, so
it's kind of a curse, right?

So when I came down here, I was hoping

to just come down here, not
leave, have my soul taken.

Now I want to live my life.

I've just got a new perspective,
so I want to live my life.

I want to have a natural death

like everyone else is granted.

It doesn't have to be
here and now anymore.

So my perspective has changed
as to why I'm down here,

so I do want to go down to Thanara.

I do not know if this
woman is reasonable at all,

but I do want to go and
just kind of plead my case.

She seems to be able to
bargain. I watched her bargain.

She offered your father a
chance to give his soul.

She didn't take it. He gave it.

- Yeah.

- So she's not beyond
reason, you know what I mean?

I don't know if you're going to atone

in the way that your father atoned,

because you've been
doing this for a while.

I don't know, how do you feel
about your journey here now?

- You know, I think that Thanara,

I think she can grant me grace

knowing why I have been doing this.

Like you said, she seems reasonable,

and I think talking to her
and meeting her face to face,

she will be able to remedy a lot of-

- She acts quick.

Once your dad was like, I'll give my soul,

she didn't even hear his next words.

Boom. Take it, eat it, done.

He's just obliterated.
It was kind of bananas.

- And Thanara probably,
with all her soul power,

she has the power to restore
both your family and your-

- She does. I think that's
why Twyla's going down there.

Because the only being

that could restore the
dead to life is her.

- But before you bring
the dead back to life,

I just want to say, life is a gift,

but it's not everything,
you know what I mean?

So if you restore them back, to what end?

Do they have unfinished
business? Maybe they're at peace.

- Maybe there's some shops
that need people to work.

- They were taken away before their time.

- Yeah.
- Is there any chance

that you're bringing them
back without consult-

Because we should ask your uncle.

Does he want to be brought back?

- We'll do a show of hands from the souls.

- Or a show of bones.

- Kerwyn looks and says,
well, if you remember,

when you met me, I was desperately trying

to swim across the River of Sorrow.

- Yeah.
- Okay, seems pretty common.

Yeah, they're all trying to-
- They all want to swim out.

- Yeah, it's pretty common. Yeah, touché.

- You see Kerwyn looks and says,
listen, is there some world

where there would be
rest or peace after life?

I would more than happily consider it.

I don't know if you've
taken a look around.

You see this howling purple wasteland.
- It's not great, yeah.

- Right.
- He's like, I would describe

the conditions of the
afterlife as suboptimal.

- Yeah, it's no Everdeep,

which is apparently the
New York City of the ocean.

- Yes, honey.
- [Alaska] Yes.

Greatest city in the Underworld.

- Okay, so are we all on one accord?

Twyla, can you describe to
Twyla so she can transform,

or do we want to go see Thanos?

- Nyruth.
- Nyruth.

- Okay, oddly enough,

Nyruth scares me a
little more than Thanara.

- Who is that?

- The jackal-headed guy.

- Jackal face.
- Okay. I'm so sorry.

Listen, I know there are
people watching right now,

and they're like, what are these names?

Jujubee's there.

- Well, the audience has the benefit,

they're going to see big art

come up onscreen every time.
- [Jujubee] Oh, great!

- So we don't have the
benefit of that, but-

- Okay!

- So how do we get there, is the question.

Should we just trail behind?

- Yeah, Monét said we can, like-

- Trail behind.

- Conceal ourselves with a
spell and trail behind her.

- Oh no, we don't have to trail behind,

because we're walking right up to her

and saying, hey, it's me, Thanara.

I was going out for-

- [Monét] We need to cut her off, though.

- I was stepping out.
- We need to cut her off

so she thinks-

- We need to get to the castle before her.
- [Bob] Got it.

- Do we have a reason why
we're not on the throne?

- Yeah, that's a little fishy.
- What is she doing here?

If Joe Biden knocked on your door,

wouldn't you be like, huh?

- If it was Joe Biden, no. I'd
be like, wrong door, honey.

- What are you doing here?

I kind of expected you
in the Oval Office, not-

- He's like, oh, just delivering
some classified documents.

- It seems-

- Y'all don't really think Thanara

would leave the throne
just to go for a walk?

- I don't know her.
- No.

- Maybe she's been
locked up for seven days,

she's getting over a cold,

and she's getting 30 minutes
a day to walk around.

- There's a small chance
we could ask, okay,

we could ask the
jackal-headed guy for help.

He's very powerful.
- What's his name?

- Nyruth.

- Nyruth.
- Nyruth.

- I don't know if Nyruth
travels well. He's old.

- [Jujubee] He was pretty slow.
- Why would we bring him with us?

- Because he's powerful.

He probably knows, he
seems to barter with...

He's very good at bargaining.

He might say no. He has a business to run.

- So y'all want to go to-

- We could ask him if
could give us something.

- I think we're all going to die.

- Maybe he has something that can help us.

We're going to appeal
to his sensibilities,

and we're going to apologize,
we're going to atone.

Our options are pretend to be
Thanara or go back to Nyruth.

Which one seems, they're both very-

- They're crazy.

- They're both crazy.
They're both very dangerous.

We could definitely take Shalila.

I don't know that we can convince her.

I don't know that we can convince her

that, oh yeah, I'm just out for a walk.

- Yeah, that does seem
a little hard to do.

- Well, Twyla could start a rumor.

- About what?

- I don't know, get people to fight.

Then we could go take some souls.

- There are only souls up there, though.

- Oh, we're still downstairs.

- You see Kerwyn looks and says,

it's true that all of the
plans that you're talking about

seem very dangerous and reckless,

but it's possible that down here,

there are no plans that won't
involve some level of risk.

- Yeah, we gotta risk it. Okay, I think-

- Let's have a vote.
- My final thought is this.

We've dabbled in a lot of
dishonesty, and it might be time

to get honest and go talk
to this jackal-headed guy.

- [Jujubee] Okay.
- And then run to-

- We're wasting time. He's
all the way on the other side.

We are losing time.

- Again, Shalila's not in a
rush. She's leisurely pacing.

- If you look over,

you can see that the bazaar
is not far from here.

If the goal is to be honest, then-

- All right, I vote yes, bazaar.

- Let's go talk to jackal face.

- I'm going to vote against
myself. I vote bazaar too.

- Okay, we're going to go talk to-

- I think that's a good idea.
- [Monét] Okay.

- Incredible, so you go
to the Longshadow Bazaar.

You see, there it is,

the small shop with the golden embossment

and the glass windowpane in
the door, Nyruth's Curios.

Do you all walk in?

- She goes first.

- Okay, so I slowly open the door.

- [Monét] Hey, hey!
- [Brennan] So you see,

sitting on a tall stool-
- [Monét] How y'all doing?

- With one of those big
crane arm magnifying glasses,

looking at a tiny little
clock that he's fixing,

this jackal-headed dude looks up.

Welcome to Nyruth's...

- Gertrude goes,

Before you do anything,

I'm going to level with you.

This time, I am being fully honest.

And she decides to,

can I let him hear my thoughts?

Can I do honesty on myself?

- Do you want to cast Detect Thoughts

to broadcast your thoughts to him?

- Yes, so he knows I'm not lying.
- That's crazy.

- Nice idea.
- [Brennan] Incredible.

- So he knows I'm not lying.

I cast Detect on myself

and give it so he can hear
what I'm thinking. - Smart.

so he knows I'm not lying.
- Smart.

- And I go, now listen.

You know, all my cards are on the table,

so can I just let my friends come in here?

- Okay, so this is incredible.

I'm going to say with
this degree of openness,

I'm going to allow you to
roll a persuasion check,

and you can roll it with advantage,

because there is no way for him

to not know that you're being honest.

So we're going to roll
persuasion with advantage.

I'll say if you are able to get a 15,

he will hear you out.

If you are able to get a 25,

that will be like he's blown away.

- My persuasion's an eight,

so let's go.
- [Brennan] An eight.

- That's a 13.

- 13 plus 8 is 21.
- 21.

- Okay, roll again. If
you hit a 17 or higher...

So that's already a success.

Let's see what your second roll is.

- 20!
- Nat 20!

(Cast cheers and claps)

- [Brennan] Oh my god!
- Yes, baby! Yes!

- Your first nat 20 of the game.

- My first nat 20!
- What a roll to do it on.

- Oh my gosh, okay.

- This is going to be good for
us. This is going to be good.

- Oh my god! So, this
unbelievable bit of magic.

This is also, I feel like, for Gertrude,

who's spent her entire life as a hermit

concealed, hidden away,
not trusting the world,

you completely open your mind.

- Vulnerable.
- [Brennan] Vulnerable.

- Aw, Gerty!

- I'm getting vulnerable.
I'm getting vulnerable!

- To a demon!
- Yes.

- You see he looks up.

All of you that are in the doorway as well

look up and just see a
man who, let's be clear,

you robbed three hours ago

(cast laughs)

look up and go... (snarls)
(magic humming)

- And I go, okay, listen. I know.

I know how this looks, but
I'm going to cast a spell

on myself so that you know
that I'm telling the truth.

You can hear my thoughts.

Can I let my friends
come in so we can atone?

- By all means, see them enter.

- So Gerty just kind of
does her antlers like this,

her horns, to get them to come in,

and she goes, first of all,
we really want to apologize.

We came down here and we were desperate.

This is my friend Troyánn.

Do you know Everdeep?

- Everdeep, incredible
seafood. Unbelievable.

- [Bob] Yes. Really,
really, really, really good.

Really good. You eat
seafood too, don't you?

- I do.
- I had some scallops there

that were the best I've ever had.

- [Bob] Amazing.
- Truly just like air,

cutting through it with a knife.

- Yeah, it's really tender.

The thing is, we really
thought that her entire city

was going to be taken down by Thanara

if we did not get this
worthy soul from you,

so we lied, we cheated, we stole.

We did all steal from you.

And it was my idea.

It was my idea, and I
regret it very, very much,

and I'm really just here to
appeal to your sensibility

to see if there's any
way we can get that soul.

I don't want to trade her playing cards.

I'm willing to trade something that I have

to atone for what I've done.

I'm willing to do what it takes
to get that soul from you,

and any help you can offer us.

- Is that all we need, is a soul?

Don't we want something else?

- And anything you can...

So we're going to Thanara to basically,

we're going to meet the
wizard, you know what I mean?

She has some atoning to do.

- Not atoning, I want to
find out what really happened

with my father, and so we
need to cut off Shalila

who has the unworthy soul so
we can have a full seven set.

- So, the original soul
that you were interested in,

which, after killing several
of the demon enforcers

in town, I have recovered.

- You killed them all. Got it.

- But the soul is one matter, and you need

a means of outpacing Shalila,
who has already left.

- Yes.
- [Bob] Yes.

- It is quite a special feat of witchcraft

to so bravely allow a
demon of the Underworld

to see what most keep hidden.

You see Nyruth, on that nat 20-

- I rolled a nat 20. Keep that in mind.

- Steps down, holds out
a hand for your hand,

and gets down on one knee.

Few and far between are those sorceresses

who wield the gifts of both worlds,

Kelvorda and this realm of the Underworld.

I will offer a bargain.

It will be my first
offer and also my last.

You have paid me a grave
insult earlier today

and paid me a great honor now,

so one and one offer only shall I make,

and it is yours to decline or accept.

Should you decline, you will
always be welcome in my shop,

but we will make no
bargain, do you understand?

- Just come and look. We
can't get anything, got it.

- Browse, yeah. We have events
here sometimes, signings.

- That's nice.
- Meet and greets.

- Open mic night.

- Open mic night. Yeah, absolutely.

I actually do, if you know anyone

that's looking for a standup,
I'm working on an act myself.

Sort of observational
humor about the Underworld.

- I mean, there's some
stuff to observe here.

- Yeah, I tried a more storytelling style

but, you know, I feel like
audiences didn't connect.

They sort of want the one-liners.

(Jujubee snorts)

The point being, you see he says,

Nyruth looks at all of you, again,

incredibly touched by this
act of magical vulnerability.

incredibly touched by this
act of magical vulnerability.

I have beheld in Gertrude's memories

one object that you do carry

that you were right in
assuming is a worthy bargain.

The soul of famed musical
producer Oliver Leiber,

again, who composed Opposites
Attract by Paula Abdul, yes.

- Great, great song.
- Incredible song.

I actually have a tattoo
of MC Skat Kat on my body.

- Obsessed.

- Do you want to know where it is?

- Where?
- I'm going to guess.

- Guess.
- Your big toe.

- Oh. Pretty close.

- Your little toe.
- Bingo.

You see he goes,

I believe you hold a
corrupted Wraith Clasp.

A fair bargain,

and you may make that
by its own if you wish.

I will trade you the soul for the clasp.

He takes the soul right
out and offers it to you.

Splendid, you see he
exchanges them and goes,

and for a means to outpace
Shalila of the Half Mask

across the dangerous
sands of the Underworld,

I have in my possession

an object of some magical significance.

You see he holds a sort of
little furry hand aloft,

and you see in the corner,

there are a number of tall carpets

that have been rolled up into rolls

and are sort of in a bin together.

He snaps a hand, and one
carpet, and it is massive,

it's not like a throw.

Yeah, it's not a small one. This thing is-

- Area rug.

- Yes, it's an area rug. It's a full-

- 15 by 16.

- 15 by 16, exactly.

You could set a table and
have a dinner on this thing.

You see it unravels, and
it fills the room with dust

that smells like sort of rich spices

and something sort of
floral but ancient, too.

An herbal sort of smell fills the room

as you see incredible geometric patterns

sort of fractal-ing out
from this center point

of a sort of deep eye in
the center of the carpet.

He says, this should be
able to bear you aloft

over the sands quite quickly,

and I would be willing to part with it,

for there is something else you have

of deep magical significance,

knowing already how deeply
you value your memories.

- Playing cards. Oh.

- Again, I've got to be clear,

not going to give anything
magic for a deck of cards.

I hold myself to something
of a higher standard.

- They're rare cards.
- The important thing is this.

There is something you
possess, and it is something

that I think you deeply want to be rid of.

But it is quite valuable to me.

You have a curse on you.

- Oh.
- Oh my gosh, I do.

- He goes through a drawer,
and you see he takes

an empty vial of a deep green bottle glass

that you see has a sigil
on the bottom of it.

There's a rune inscribed.

Now, that curse was not put on you by me,

and I do not have the
strength to remove it.

But if removed, should you carry
this bottle on your person,

But if removed, should you carry
this bottle on your person,

if that curse were to be lifted,

the bottle would suck it up

and return once more to me.

The carpet is yours if you
agree to carry this bottle.

- And we can keep the carpet?

- The carpet is yours forever.

- Out of good faith,

he's going to trust that
you're going to do this.

- I don't even want this thing!

- You see he looks and says,

you have shown incredible courage

in revealing your inner heart to me.

Most would not do such a thing to a demon,

and though I am not the
most benevolent actor,

I am an honest businessman.

So, the carpet is yours
if you simply agree

to carry the bottle on your person always.

If you never manage to
have your curse lifted,

then you have the minor inconvenience

of needing to always travel
with a small green bottle.

But if the curse is lifted,

it enters the vial
there and returns to me,

and the curse becomes
mine to do with as I wish.

- Oh.

- So, Gertrude looks around.

Everyone's looking at
Gertrude, even the carpet.

- Carpet's got a big eye on
it. You see the eye blinks.

- (under breath) Is this thing alive?

- So Gertrude slowly
takes off her backpack,

and she lifts it open,
and she just holds it out

to the demon to place
the vial in and goes,

my word is my bond.

- Pleasure doing business. Boop!

And pops the vial in,
and you see the carpet

slinks towards the door
and awaits outside.

- Work! Magic carpet ride!

- You're amazing, thank
you so much. We gotta run.

- Pleasure doing business,
always feel welcome

at Nyruth's Curios.
- Bye!

- Please don't rob me again!

- I promise. We go out.

We're outside. We're freaking
out, this is amazing.

That really worked out for us.

We've got to be honest!

- Yeah, you know, we should've been honest

from the beginning, we should've.

- But...

- But what?

- Do we trust the demon?

- Listen, I don't know what
he's going to do with this.

He might take the curse and
just put it right back on me

and be like, ha ha ha.

- You know that it's just your curse.

It's nothing else that goes in there.

- Which is your curse
of immortality, right?

- [Bob] Yes.

- And you don't want it anyway,

so you should just open the bottle!

Oh no, it has to be lifted by someone.

- I can't remove it myself.

- But who's going to do that?
- Thanara.

- How do we-
- I don't know, I don't know.

All we know is we're going
to try to get her to lift it.

She'll think she's doing something fierce,

maybe, we don't know what she's planning.

Once she lifts it,

it's going to just zap back to the bazaar.

- Yeah.
- And she'll be pissed off.

- What he does with it is his business.

She might be mad.
- She going to be mad.

- So I think now that we
have the magic carpet,

we know we can beat Shalila there.

I think we should get on the carpet.

Okay, what's our plan?

We need to get the other
souls from Shalila, though.

- Yeah, are we going to
to Thanara or Shalila?

- No, you're not delivering souls anymore.

You are here to figure
out what's going on.

- But we do have the-
- We just got the extra souls.

- [Jujubee] But I do think we need-

- We might need to bargain with her.

- We need to bring the souls,

because we need Thanara to help us.

- Yeah, so now we need to get to Shalila

and fight her and these four guards

and get that bag of souls.

- There's five of them,
four of us. We are rested.

- Why you got to look at me like that?

- We are all rested.
- Well rested.

- In hindsight, we should've asked Nyruth

to give us some type of advantage.

- I think the advantage was speed.

I think he gave us what he had gave.

- So Kerwyn looks over and says-

- I forgot you're here, Kerwyn. Sorry.

- Kerwyn's very quiet.

- Very quiet. - I try to let
you all do your thing, you know.

- Girls' night.

- Yeah, I'm along for the ride.

I'm just honestly happy to be here.

You see he goes, depending
on what you wish to do,

we could either beat Shalila
to the Tower of Tombs

or intercept her on the road
there, and if you wanted to,

try to swap the soul out,
the worthy one you have.

You could do that as well. It's up to you.

You have the advantage, either way.

- I think we-
- Be like, Shalila,

I gave you the wrong one!

Can I see that bag again?

- Yeah.
- I put my car keys in there.

- The honest thing is that Shalila

is not going to give
this bag of souls, okay?

That is her job.

We're going to have to fight
Shalila and her friends.

- What do we have? What
do we have to fight?

I have a Fireball, I have a Counterspell,

I have a Scorching Ray,
I have the Thunderwave

that can hit a lot of people at once.

- Here's the thing, if
we fight Shalila, though,

and we have to get physical
when we get to Thanara

for whatever reason,
we will be not rested.

We will not be well.

- We gotta sneak attack.

- But if we fight them, we will be tired.

- That is true.
- We'll have no place to rest.

- What if we befriend her

and say, you know, join us?

- Is she friendly like that?
You know her better than we do.

- It would be you to
communicate with her, really.

- She was pretty nice with
us before. She was not mean.

- So are we going to
reveal to her that we...

Okay, too much honesty.

- Kerwyn says, I know
you're going to hate me

for saying this, but I am going to say it.

There is a way you could butter her up,

and you just really have to invite her

to that board game night.

- Yeah.

- You can invite her to
the board game night.

- And tell her that we
may have overestimated.

Maybe not 400, but we can do at least one.

- We'll switch to Scrabble.

- No, we can just tell her that
we already have 395 people.

- She's going to get there.
If we switch to Scrabble-

- Yeah, change of plans.

- Yeah, I don't think she's
really set on the game.

I think she just wants the companionship.

- To be included, okay.

- I think she wants the camaraderie.

- What if she's like, well
I don't know how to spell.

I never went to school.
- We have a lot of games.

- Okay, great.
- [Monét] Yeah, yeah, yeah.

- Connect Four. Connect Four is good.
- You know what, Uno is good.

- And you have your playing cards.

You have playing cards.
- Playing cards!

- Oh my god! Well, didn't I give one up?

- Nope, you didn't give anything up.

- Oh, thank the lord!

- We tried to rob him and almost died.

- Yeah, okay, so let's get on the carpet.

Let's get to Shalila.

- So we're going to be friendly to her?

We're not going to, like-

- We can't afford to fight her.

- Why don't we stop by and be
like, girl, you need a ride?

- Now, if she gets pissed
off and attacks us,

then we have fight, but
I say let's not try to-

- But then she'll get the first hit.

We don't want to sneak attack?

- She has four armor suit guys.

- They're strong.
- She's not a bad person.

- I think the smartest
thing is for Troyánn

to start a conversation with her,

because there's a relationship.

There's already a developed thing.

- Open and honest communication.

- I think so.

- I just want to quickly make sure

I have taken off my Detect
spell so that no one around me-

- Yes, you're all good.

- Also, I'm going to go back to 49,

because I am rested and healed.

- Yes, rested and healed.

Everyone's back at
their normal hit points.

- It's revealed that you're
thinking, these dumb bitches.

- So, the four of you
and your companion Kerwyn

alight onto this flying carpet, and-

- Twyla begins singing A Whole New World.

- But 'whole' is spelled H-O-L-E.

- [Bob] A Hole New World.

- The carpet alights over Hollowgrave,

and you see the twisting
sands and barren rocks

of the Underworld begin
to race underneath you

as ridges and mountains
and different cliffs

begin to peel away.

It's almost-, the ground's
racing up behind you

as fast as possible.

The wind whipping at your hair,

you see red clouds and crimson
lightning in the distance,

and the thrill of sudden
flight, this strange feeling

of the wind pushing you and yet everywhere

that your limbs, your feet,
your hands touch the carpet,

you feel the soft fabric
and feel completely safe

and anchored to it even as
the wind races past you.

As you travel, you see
the road winding away.

You've taken some amount of
time to go to the bazaar,

make this deal, and before
long, it's basically,

I mean, minutes before suddenly you see

ahead in the distance
Shalila and her entourage.

So, what has taken her hours of travel,

you in minutes have caught
up on this flying carpet,

and do you descend and approach?

- I think it's on you. This
is your friend, Troyánn.

- Okay, so the carpet pulls
up. (mimics wheels screeching)

- We're in front of her?
- We just cut them off.

- [Jujubee] Oh, so she
sees we got a carpet?

- Yeah.

- The carpet's loyal to me, I think.

- Okay.
- You pull up.

The carpet, you know, there's no other...

You can just back into a spot.

- Hey, Shalila.

- My goodness, very well.
You've all arrived here.

Didn't know you had such a ride with you.

That's incredible. Where did you get that?

- We just got it at the
bazaar. Nyruth, love him.

- Wow.
- It's a standard 2019-

- Me and Nyruth, we kind of have a...

We're cool. He likes me a lot.

- It is manual, though.

- I've never known Nyruth to like anybody.

He certainly does not
like me, so that's weird.

- Well, we wanted to talk to you

because in lieu of what
you told me about my mother

and why I've been bringing
souls here to the Underworld,

we've done some thinking.

We all have some requests of Thanara,

and we'd like to present
her with the souls, not you.

- At this point I use Message

to talk to Troyánn and go,

I don't feel like this
is what we agreed to!

- This is. We're being honest.

- Is that what we said we were doing?

Okay, then she said it back,
and I said okay, got it.

Just double checking.
- You see Shalila

looks at you and goes, you wish...

You wish to present these souls

to the Goddess of Death herself,

my mistress, who I have long served?

You four, you should not even be

beyond the bounds of Hollowgrave!

Journeying farther in here,
the very winds themselves

will drink your life force alive.

If you have already...

Have you already had a night's
sleep in the Underworld?

You know that you have not.

You've only rested that
one hour with the tea.

- Shalila, it's irrelevant.

We respect your work as
a hunter for the goddess.

- I thought we were being friendly!

- But we are all on a
journey here as well,

and we'd like to once
again kindly ask you-

- She has an accent now.

- To have the bag of souls
to present to Thanara.

- Gertrude, her eyes are
beating from left to right.

She is sweating profusely.

She just keeps looking
at Princess, going...

- Twyla turns into a rock.

- Troyánn, please give
me a persuasion check.

- Oh no!

- Big money, big money, no whammies.

- The difficulty, a 15
means she will hear out

some part of what you are saying.

- Jesus.

- A 20 means that she'll work with you,

and a 25 is like perfect.

- Do I have any advantage?

- If anyone wants to give
a help action, they can.

- Help, help! Help!
- Okay, what do you say

in order to help Troyánn with-

- Okay, I look at Shalila
and go, one moment please.

I pull Troyánn to the
side and I go, listen.

I feel like we gotta be a little...

We don't want to upset this woman.

- The game night! What
about the game night?

- Yeah, you can mention the
game night to sweeten the deal.

We can play Uno. We can play
anything she wants to play.

- Tell her we have like 80 games.

- Yeah.
- You turn back to Shalila.

To entreat with the goddess herself!

She has not seen a living mortal since...

Since your father!

- This makes me happy that we didn't

pretend to be her and walk around.

That would really be suspicious.

Glad we dodged that bullet.

- I hear you, Shalila, and you know,

I do also want to tell you,

we did formally invite you to game night.

I know you seemed very excited about it,

and we would like to still
invite you to game night

if you and your four friends,
guards, would like to come.

- Now you may roll with advantage.

Let's go ahead and do
this persuasion roll.

- Gertrude does want to know,
did she disguise your accent?

Because it changed.
- Okay!

- I'd really like to know

why you're speaking like that, Troyánn.

- Yesterday-
- It comes and goes.

- Before the nap, it
didn't sound like that.

- I'm literally pretending
to be American here!

- Wait, so I roll with-

- [Brennan] You're going
to roll with advantage,

so you're going to roll twice

and take the better of the two rolls.

- Or the be'er of the two rolls.

- Don't do that fucking
double one shit again.

Everyone think 20.

- We're thinking 20.
- 20, 20, 20!

- 11.

- Plus, what do you
add to your persuasion?

- Two.
- [Brennan] So 13.

So this has got to be a 13-

- She ain't got no persuasion skills.

- [Brennan] -a 13 or higher.

- If we all say 20 at
the same time on three.

One, two, three.
- [Cast] 20!

- 19!
- [Brennan] 19 plus 2 is 21!

- Whoa!
- [Brennan] Incredible.

There we go, there we go.

So you see she looks and says,

this is highly out of order
and extremely unorthodox.


And you see out of her one eye

that's not covered by the mask

she cries a little bit and just says,

I've just never really been
invited to anything like that.

You know, down here,

when you are the emissary of the goddess,

people either fawn over you or they cringe

or they want something from
you, and it's just very nice

to feel like people relate
to you on a personal level,

not just 'cause they
want something from you.

- Aw.
- I hear that, Shalila.

We will gladly have you at game night.

We are playing Scrabble, Uno,

and of course, your favorite, Parcheesi.

- Ah!

I love Parcheesi!
- I know you do.

- Wow, all right, well,

I am going to make a buffalo chicken dip

that will make your
socks roll up and down.

- Ooh!
- Wonderful.

- All right.

Listen, I cannot guarantee
what mood will strike her

when you approach,

but I cannot in good conscience say

that it is unprecedented,

as the previous hunter of Everdeep

did approach her with seven souls.

So I do not think I
would be doing anything

I am unallowed to do.

She reaches into her satchel

and returns the Amulet of Souls to you.

Feel free to approach her yourself.

I have other business in the wasteland

on my way to the Tower of Tombs,

but I assume you will get
there long before I do.

I will just say,

be very careful.

There are others currently at the tower

entreating the Goddess of Death.

- Already there?
- Bet it's Keke.

- Keke.
- Not already there!

We gotta hurry up.
- We gotta book it.

- I would hurry swiftly then, my friend.

Much business do I do with mortals

in the town of Hollowgrave,

and you have always seen
to your own business

and held yourself with your chin high.

But I've always felt

even amongst our very quick negotiations

the respect that you had for
me, and I return it to you.

- Thank you. As we say
in Everdeep, Malaso Kano.

- Is it normal or okay
for me to do that back?

- You can do it as well.
- Malasa Kano.

And you see that again, she
wipes that one tear and says,

farewell, and good luck flying there.

You will need all haste.

You have your Amulet of Souls back.

- Guys, honesty was the-
(Brennan laughs)

This whole time!
- Isn't that funny?

- The whole time!

- See, but you had to be stern.

Because if I came in soft, she
would've took us as a punk.

You had to come in stern
and then, you know.

- Malala Kano.
- Well done.

- Malala Kano.
- So we better hop on this.

- Let's jump on this carpet.

- We better hop on this fucking carpet.

- I'm going to just fly
right next to y'all.

- This good old shag carpet.

- [Bob] Can you fly as fast as the carpet?

- Baby, I'm fey.

- She's the fastest one here.
- On her legs. Okay, fine.

- You know what, ride alongside.

- Let me just sit in the back
though, because I get carsick.

- That's fair.

- All of you begin to
take off on the carpet,

peeling out over the wastelands here.

As you travel, you see the
tower off in the distance,

and journeying as fast as you can,

you look and see many
sights underneath you.

Anyone who wants to,

go ahead and give me a perception check.

- Who's the lucky...

Alaska's got the lucky hand.

- You can all make it.
- Damn.

- Perception, plus seven for me.

- I have an 11.
- Dirty 20.

- Dirty 20, incredible.
- A dirty 20.

- Two plus seven is nine.
- I have a 17.

- As you are flying, Princess,
you look down and behold,

racing over the wastelands,

you see there is a field beneath you.

Much of the Underworld is very barren,

but you see this field that at
first almost looks like crops

or there's some sort of
thing, something planted here,

but you know that nothing grows down here.

But you see it's actually
a field of swords.

You see that there are
swords planted in the ground,

point down, and there's
an entire field of them.

As you look down and behold them,

you see that there are soft
lights sort of dancing,

almost like motes of starlight

dancing in this field down beneath you.

It's a strange sight that
may not have any significance

to you in this moment,
and you're very busy

moving as swiftly as
you are, but you do see

it has a strange, sort
of eerie beauty to it.

On that high roll as well,
having gotten that dirty 20,

moving over it, you begin
to see all of these swords.

There's hundreds of them.

Then you see others, spears and axes,

and you begin to see that their hilts

are wrapped in vines and leaves.

There are holly branches
in the cross-guards.

I think you realize that
these are the swords

of fallen fairy warriors

scattered all throughout this place.

You do not believe that your
companions have noticed.

Perhaps there is too much urgency to stop

or to point it out, but I
don't know, it's up to Princess

whether you want to point it
out to your companions or not.

- Mm-hm, yeah, Princess taps Twyla

and points at the field of swords.

- Twyla looks up at Princess and says,

what are you talking about?

(Alaska grunting insistently)

My people. Okay, well, I think...

What does Twyla do now?
She's really confused.

- [Bob] Does she want to
talk about her feelings?

- I think so.

I think Twyla's a little, you know,

I think she's really sad now, yeah.

- How are you feeling?

Because all your people are gone, too.

- Everybody's gone, right?

And then thinking back,

the trading situation
was, it was the memories

that wanted to be gathered by that demon.

He wanted my memories,

and I think that because I've
lost everything and my people,

that's all I have left.

So for me to be down
here, to finally see this,

I think it's a step closer

to finally maybe getting Thanara

to bring the people back.

- Twyla, as you look down,

the carpet just sort
of slows a little bit,

still in the air, but as
you touch the playing cards

at your side, you see all
these little motes of light

sort of begin to swirl.

They're sort of down below you,

but you see they're sort of beautiful.

They sort of bob along,
and they begin to twist up.

The ones right underneath you
begin to sort of twist up,

and you see they're only
about that big, small,

and you see that they start to touch

the deck of cards at your side and just-

- They recognize you.

- So they're not playing cards, are they?

- They recognize you or something.

They also have memories
attached to these cards as well.

- Yeah.
- Anyone who would like to

can make an arcana check,
which is one of your skills.

- We all give it a roll?
- [Brennan] Yeah, anyone who wants to.

- Arcana.
- Anyone can do it?

- Anyone can do it, yeah, it's just to see

if you know anything
about what's happening.

- Five plus seven. I'm at 12.
- 12, okay, yeah.

- Five.
- [Brennan] Five.

- I'm at 14.
- [Brennan] 14.

- 17 plus 2.
- Perfect.

- 19.

- Twyla, you have heard
stories about this before.

These little lights coming
up from the field of swords

are called Will-o'-Wisps,

and basically the souls of fairies,

because fairies are almost
like living spirits themselves,

they do not become
corrupted in the Underworld,

and rather than kind of be in their bodies

and sort of be rotting, a lot
of the mortals you've seen,

they're still very
attached to their lives,

but fairies are so of life
and of the present moment-

- What are they called?
- Will-o'-Wisps.

- She won Drag Race.
- Willow Wisp.

- Ms. Willow Wisp.
- Wait, Will-o'-Wisps?

- It's the light spirit memory thing.

- Yeah, these are sort of
like the living spirit.

These are, yeah, the spirits of fallen fey

that are not corrupted by the Underworld,

but also by sort of remaining pure,

they just end up being
these little motes of light.

- There's hundreds of them?

- I'm imagining that the fey
people are made up of light,

and when they come down here,

they're just dimmed a little bit,

so their light still exists,

and Twyla is trying to release them.

- Is there any way we can find out

a little more about her seed?

- The Seed of the All Blossom.

- [Brennan] Yeah, if
you want to descend down

a little bit towards the
field, I think the carpet-

- (whisper) Do I plant that here?

- What?
- (whisper) Do I plant that here?

- I don't know, is
there a way to find out?

- Not here.

- They say nothing can
grow here. These veins.

- You land down and you
begin to look around.

Twyla, you look and see an ax

that you remember was Captain Martha's ax.

You see a tiny little mound of sand

that has a little sewing needle
and a button shield, and-

- (whisper) That's Alvin!

- All of these motes of
light begin to dance around,

bumping into you, but a lot
of them, you can see them,

it's almost like going
to a butterfly exhibit

and having them land on you,
these beautiful little lights,

and a lot of of them are going
towards those playing cards.

You realize, like Nyruth said,

the memories associated with that object.

Of the things you carry, you
know, some of them remember,

oh yeah, I remember that was
like Twyla's armor, her sword.

But the playing cards were a thing

that was meant to bring you all together,

meant to be a shared memory.

- Community.

- You gotta do something with
those cards or something.

- Yeah.

- Alaska, you're good at
this. Tell us what to do.

- (silent) I don't fucking know.

- I think in this moment,
give me an insight check,

and I think you can do it with advantage

since your friends have helped.

- [Bob] I'm helping you.
- [Brennan] Yeah.

- [Jujubee] Okay.

- [Brennan] So go ahead
and give me an insight.

- [Bob] We're all like, what's going on?

Tell us what's happening.

- [Jujubee] Insight.
- [Monét] They're just playing cards.

- That's a nine.
- Go ahead and roll.

You do have advantage,
so you can roll again

and take the higher of the two.

- [Monét] This is insight?
- [Brennan] Insight, yeah.

- That's an eight.

- Okay, and what do you add to insight?

- Four.
- Okay, so 9 plus 4 is 13.

I think in this moment,
you're racking your brain

for, what's a spell I can
cast or a thing like that?

And I think that there's
a moment of sorrow here

as you realize that there is
not some big arcane answer.

But you see that they're
bumping into the cards.

- The cards.

- [Brennan] You could
just take your cards out.

- Take them out?
- Yeah.

- Should we play cards, ladies?

- We could play a round of cards.

- Yeah.

- Take them out and
lay them on the ground.

- You take your cards.

You lay them out on the
ground to play a quick hand,

and as you do, you see all
the little motes of light

begin to bump into the face-up cards,

and when they hit the face-up
cards, you see they, ping!

And the little diamonds
or the little clubs

on the cards light up.
- Ooh.

- And you see that all of them,

and there's just this
enchanting sort of feeling

as all of the lights here in this monument

of these fallen warriors
join the the cards,

and your deck of cards is
glowing bright as the sun.

And the lights fades, and
they feel warm to the touch

as all the Will-o'-Wisps, every
last one, enters the deck,

and it feels warm, and your deck of cards

contains all of that light now.

- Awesome.
- You're like Gambit.

- So do you put them back?

What do you do with these cards now?

- I think I'm going to put
it back into my Snatch-el,

and when we get to Thanara,
we can have a discussion.

- I think your little
pixie firefly fairy things

have imbued you with a little fey.

- They seem to be some help.

- It's almost, I feel like
I've gotten to the point

where I've collected all of the
light and possibly these souls

where I've collected all of the
light and possibly these souls

and now we just have
to continue the journey

to get to where we all need to be,

because I think this is probably

what we're going to do
right here right now.

- We're in a pretty good position.

We haven't given up anything
that we started with.

All we gave up was one thing
we just took from some zombie.

- And we didn't need it.

- Some zombie twink, you know what I mean?

That's the only thing that we've lost.

- Right.
- The zombie twink.

- That was really beautiful.
Now my people are with me.

- Okay, we're about to
be at this bitch's house.

- [Brennan] You see Kerwyn-
- Kerwyn's still here!

- Kerwyn's still here. Still here, sorry.

Should I announce when I'm giving
you all a moment? - Oh my god.

- Your uncle's so quiet.

- Again, just happy to be
here. I've got to interrupt.

That seemed very sacred
and quite beautiful.

An issue that I foresee
looking in the distance

is we're in a lot of danger.

And you see he points.

On the horizon, you look,
and it's hard to see,

because at first you thought
it was part of the sky.

But you see

dust, sand, rock kicking up,

going straight up from the ground.

You realize, you're looking
at a mountain range?

You're looking at a wall of wind and sand

as a storm races across
the desert towards you.

- Oh!
- It is miles-

- It's moving?
- Miles wide. You look at it.

At first it's so vast that
you think you're looking

at a piece of the
landscape, and then realize,

you see a half a mile away,
a small, weird little vein

just get sucked up into
the sky by a storm.

It's like a desert sandstorm
racing towards you.

- God.
- And as the wind moves,

you see faces in the sand.

Kerwyn goes, soul storm.
Soul storm, soul storm!

- Soul storm?
- A soul storm? Oh god.

- Can I do a Rope Trick?

- None of our physical
magic is going to work.

- Can we fly the fuck out of
here with the magic carpet?

- Are we going to turn around?
- Oh, we got a carpet.

- We're on the carpet.

- Yeah, we don't want to go back.

We're trying to go forward.

- Can we just go higher?

- So where the soul storm is coming from,

you could try to outrace it.

It's coming right now from an angle.

- Is it chasing us or coming to us?

- It's coming towards you,

but it's not coming from the
direction that you're going.

- Got it, we're going that
way and it's going this way.

- [Brennan] Yeah, it's
coming from the side.

- Following us.

- So it's possible that you could try

to just get on that carpet and outrace it.

- I think so.
- Are there any speed spells?

- Who's the heaviest? They
should not be on this carpet.

- Hey!
- I'm just saying!

- I don't have any speed spell.

- Me either.

- Alaska moves the fastest,
but she doesn't have spells.

- We're not on foot.
- Y'all have the spells.

- But nothing that makes us move fast.

- Y'all can't make spells with
little items or something?

- I can't ask a forest creature

to come down here to do anything.

What is the Druidcraft?
- Maybe we just try our best,

just punch it.

- Yeah!
- Oh, like go fast.

- Yeah, we just-
- Outrun that shit.

- Hell yeah.

- We just, we grab some of this rug.

Everyone grabs a tassel,
and we just pull back,

and we're like, hi-ya!
- [Monét] Okay.

- Hell yes, all of you are sprinting,

and you can see the stones around you

shaking on the ground at
the approaching thing.

- [Monét] The Soul storm.
- Yeah.

You can see that the wind has kicked up.

Through the sand, now that
you're looking through

as it gets closer, there's
purple, indigo rocks,

you see the wind screaming ghosts.

Most of the undead you've seen

have been corporeal, like rotting bodies.

These are spirits that have
been in the Underworld so long

that everything rotted away
until it was just spirit left.

- Your father brought these souls here.

They went back. Sorry, they went back.

- He released all those souls. He's dead.

- My bad, sorry. That was uncalled for.

- Very sensitive.
- It's a tense moment, I have anxiety!

I don't act my best when I'm anxious!

- I don't mock your daddy. Damn.

- Screaming souls,

long trails of this
ghastly green-white energy

(Brennan shrieks)

as they scream, and all
of you jump on the carpet.

We are going to make
some rolls as you move

to outpace this storm.

- God.
- So what we're going to do is this.

This is going to be acrobatics
checks from the group.

- I have an eight.

- It's going to be acrobatics checks,

but it's going to be group checks,

so we're going to use the
two highest rolls, okay?

- Let's see those lucky hands.

- 15-
- What's your acrobatics plus?

- Plus three.

- Monét, we really need you to-

- So 15 means you keep pace.

If you don't have your two
highest rolls beat a 15,

that's when trouble starts.

15's the number you're trying
to beat to keep pace with it.

If you dip under that, the
storm's going to overtake you.

So let's go ahead and roll-

- If we go over 15, we outrun it?

- You'll keep pace.

You need to go over 20
in order to outrun it.

- [Jujubee] Which one are we doing?

- It's the very top one.
- Acrobatics.

- The very first one on skills.

- [Brennan] 10.
- I have a 10.

- [Brennan] Okay, 10 plus what?
- I got a 17!

- [Brennan] 17?
- 17 plus 3.

- [Brennan] Dirty 20.
- Dirty 20!

- [Brennan] Okay.
- I have a 14 plus 5, 19.

- 19, okay, 19 doesn't
get us all the way to 20,

so that's our second roll.

- Monét, what you got?
- Eight.

- 18.
- Plus what?

- 18 altogether.
- 18 altogether.

- Oh! 18, 19, 20!
- 18, 19, 20. Cool.

So we're going to go with that
19 as that median roll there.

It's not all the way to a
20, so you see, you guys,

so you're taking some
time to try to ascend,

so you're not getting far ahead of it.

You're going up, up, up.

You see it's about 50 feet behind

the back tassels of your rug.
- Oh my God.

- As we're going, Twyla
slips a little bit,

and she's rolling off, and
I grab her by her longbow.

- Boom. You grab her back, incredible.

We're going to roll again. Give
me another acrobatics check.

- Pull her back on.

- She is just, wings are just-

- Am I still a rock, though?
- That's up to you.

- 18.
- [Brennan] 18.

- I got an eight this time.
- Okay, 15 plus 5 is 20.

- [Brennan] 20.
- Dirty 20.

- Okay, we need two 20s
to outrun the storm.

Does anyone else get a 20?

- No, I got an eight plus three.

- I have a 10.

- 10 plus 3? Everything added up?

- All together, 10.

- What'd you roll, a two?
- Yes!

- Jesus Christ! Don't
touch the dice anymore.

- You see Kerwyn going,
we need to move faster!

We need to move!

And you see that he just
starts looking around,

just throwing stuff at the storm

because he can't help at all.

He just throws a knife
at it. Is that helping?

Now it's the third round we're doing this.

Stakes are going to go
a little bit higher.

So now we need two 20s.

If you get two 20s, it's the same thing.

You'll escape the storm fully.
- Dirty or nat?

- Dirty or nat,

but now if you get under 18s,

the storm gets you.

- Okay, so I think we should
all say 20 at the same time,

because that worked last time.

- [Cast] One, two, three, 20!

- Oh, nat one.
- Not a 20!

- I got a nat one!
- Nat one.

- So one plus five, I got six.
- I have a 12.

- I have a 13.
- Bad.

- 13.
- We're in a world of trouble.

- You see a mouth in the storm behind you.

- Jesus.

- All of its teeth screaming
spirits, the storm.

You feel the edge of the tassels
going back into the mouth.

(Brennan screams)

Above you, you hear... (screeches)

(Brennan mimics wings beating)

- There might be dead animals, too.

- Barreling down from the
sky, you see a winged shape

with a long tail made of shadow,

a dragon descending from the sky.

- You speak dragon!

- I don't know if he's
interested in talking.

- With a rider on it.

An armored figured descends from on top.

As the figure on the dragon
descends through the sky

towards you, you see a rope lowered down.

Twyla, you recognize this spell.

- I do.
- You see a rope descends.

- It's a Rope Trick!
- It's a Rope Trick spell.

I'm going to need everyone here

to make one last dexterity saving throw,

so it's not acrobatics anymore,

now it's a dexterity saving throw.

- I've got plus three.
Who's got a high one?

- I have a plus five.

- This is a lower difficulty than before

because this person is
helping you, so go ahead.

- I have plus eight.
- [Brennan] Plus eight.

- Ooh, nice.
- [Brennan] Let's go ahead and roll.

We need two of these rolls to beat a 13.

- 13 plus 8.

13 plus 8 is 21.
- [Brennan] Plus 8, 21.

- I have 19.
- I have 17.

- [Brennan] 17, hell yes.
- 18.

- Great, okay.
- So as the storm,

this giant mouth, this dragon
rider who appears from nowhere

throws a rope down, the
mouth, boom, comes down,

and in the moment it comes
down, you all touch the rope,

grab the carpet, and vanish-
- We vanish?

- You all vanish into shadow.

The Rope Trick spell momentarily creates

a safe pocket dimension.

You all look.

You're in a strange
extra-dimensional space,

but you see there's a pane of dark glass,

and you look out and see
spirits and swirling sand,

but you are momentarily protected

in this magical bubble, this sanctuary.

- We're in the storm?
- You're in the storm.

The storm is outside, but
you're protected by magic.

You see the storm raging around you

on this platform of darkened
glass, protected by magic,

and you see this figure

with this dragon of shadow,
who's a smaller dragon.

It's about 20 feet long. It's
not the size of a skyscraper.

- Tiny.
- Yeah.

- Is this dragon alive or
is this dragon dead too?

- It looks like neither alive nor dead.

It looks more like a spirit,
like a summoned creature.

- Got it.

- You see the figure remove her helmet.

Long, beautiful raven tresses emerge,

and you see this woman
behold you and smile and go,

I'm very glad I was able
to catch you in time

to save you from the soul storm.

I am Norelle Blaze.

I believe you met my grandson in life.

- Oh!

- Yes, hold on, I'm going
to write this name down.

Norelle Blaze.

- My grandson may have
referred to me as Norbert,

but it is a pleasure and
an honor to meet you here.

- Okay, yes.
- Who's the grandson?

- Who came to the house.
- The little kid.

- Yes, when you were like, your
grandfather Norbert was gay.

- I misread it. I didn't read it right.

I didn't read it right.
I didn't read it right!

- Well, you see here in
this moment that, yeah,

her long raven tresses,
her face has long eyeshadow

that curls down at the edges,
and she looks at you and says,

my grandson found those treasures,

and upon finding them,

due to the magic of that treasure I hid,

I found a little map of my own.

And she takes a Underworld
copy of the map you drew

and goes, and some of those
treasures were capable

of existing in both the world
above and this one here.

Thank you for the kindness
you did my grandson.

- It was my pleasure.

- And she scratches her dragon,

who (purrs) kind of purrs
and shakes its head,

and opens a saddlebag and
says, consider this a token.

You deserve to be paid with
more than just a warning.

I hope you and your friends
succeed in your quest.

And Norelle, she begins to
just pull magical treasures

out of this bag, and I have here

a stack of magic items for all of you.

- We randomly draw?

- Oh, you don't have to randomly draw.

- They're all ours.

- [Brennan] All of them are yours.
- Oh, got it.

- God!

- We should randomly draw.
That'd make it a little more fun.

- We'll take them all.
Let her randomly draw.

- We want them all, Norelle.

- Come on, Norelle!
- Erika Norell.

- Okay.
- Hell yes.

You see that she begins
to hand them out to you,

and I'll just tell you
as the Dungeon Master

what these objects do.

She has a hunter's bow
and a Bow of the Seelie,

which are plus one magical longbows.

She has a Greataxe of the Mighty.

- That's for you.
- A powerful magical ax.

And she also carries with
her a Javelin of Lightning.

You see this golden sort of
lightning-crafted javelin.

- And it's one that kind of
shrinks, and when I need it,

I just tap this and it gets long again.

- Isn't the bow yours?
Aren't you the bow girl?

- We both have bows.
- We have longbows.

- There's actually enough
for everyone to get two.

- Nice, we don't have to fight about it.

- Two of each.

- You see she also has
a pair of magical boots,

these tall, sort of cuffed
boots that you see have-

- Are those the Chanel
magical boots? Yes, they are.

- Yes.

(cast laughs)

- She has here as well, she
brings out a crystal ball

on an ornate silver stand.

- That's for me, too.
- Monét, calm down!

My god!

- You get the boots!
- Not everything's for you.

- A beautiful, what looks like
a sort of crystalline staff-

- A letter that says, for
Gertrude. That's for me too!

- She says, most
importantly for down here,

several potions of healing.

And finally, I'm not sure

who this should be for, but I do have,

and she takes out a very
small, very subtle ring.

It looks like a little sort
of, almost white ivory ring,

and she says, I'm not sure if any of you,

you may not be interested
in a power like this.

It is a Ring of Invisibility.

- Oh, I don't need that.

That's mine!

That's mine.

- [Monét] Finally.
- I am not worthy!

Twyla excitedly says, oh, there it is!

May I please have it?

- Incredible, all right.
- Finally!

- Ring of Invisibility.

- I'll take the one that changes my-

- Bow of the Seelie.

- That's so cool.
- We have the Javelin of Lightning here.

- Thank you.

- Ax of the Mighty right here.
- Thank you.

- Then we have the Staff
of the War Mage here.

- And a Volkswagen Beetle.

- I have a little quarterstaff.

This is much more powerful
than the quarterstaff.

- Boots.
- Crystal ball.

Then you have four potions of healing,

which, if each of you wants to take one-

- One of each, yeah.
- Yeah, here you go.

- Actually, I don't think Twyla needs any.

- I can heal, so y'all should keep it.

- Okay, gotcha.
- Who's got the boots?

- Me.
- Read the boots.

- ♪ Material girl, want
Chanel nine boots ♪

- While you wear these boots,
you can use a bonus action

and click the boots' heels together.

If you do, the boots
double your walking speed

and any creature that
makes an opportunity attack

against you has disadvantage
on the attack roll.

- Werk.

- If you click the heels together
again, you end the effect,

and when it's been used
for a total of 10 minutes,

the magic ceases to function
until you finish a long rest.

- Werk.

- If you click them again, you go home.

- To the land of Oz!

- Yes, mama.

- So all of you sort
of have gained a weapon

that gives you a plus
one to attack and damage,

so your bows, your ax,

your Staff of the War
Mage gives you a plus one

for spells where you make an attack roll.

Not every one of your spells
involves an attack roll,

but the ones that do,
you'll have that plus one.

And then the Javelin of Lightning

effectively allows you
to throw, and it creates

a line on the battlefield
of lightning damage.

The Boots of Speed increase your speed,

which increases your jumping

and makes you very good
at running past enemies.

And the Ring of Invisibility
allows you to turn invisible.

One thing to note about
the Ring of Invisibility,

attacking or casting a spell
ends the invisibility effect.

And then the crystal ball

allows you to scry over long distances,

to see and hear things happening far away.

- A little recon.
- The storm rages outside,

and you see that Norelle
looks at you and goes,

I'm sure you're aware that Zaria Hex

has already moved across the wasteland,

and her army waits outside
the Tower of Tombs.

If you want to gain entry to the tower,

you'll have to find some way around them

or to sneak through.

There are many thousands
of undead soldiers

outside of the tower.

- I know an invisible girl.

- You see that she then
looks at you all and says,

I know that Zaria has been
waiting there for some time

for two travelers from the mortal world.

I believe she has been
waiting there for some time.

I've been keeping an
eye out as best I can.

But I believe that there
has been some force

helping them navigate the Underworld.

I can't be sure, Shalila
of the Half Mask or some...

I couldn't say, exactly,

but there has been someone helping Zaria,

knowing the ins and outs of
the Underworld down here.

The Underworld has always
been a dismal place,

but of late, it has grown darker still.

Strange appetites of the goddess Thanara

making deals with mortals above,

rumors of bargains of
immortality and such like that.

I hope these treasures can
be of some help to you.

There was no hope for me

to assail the Tower of Tombs myself.

As a dead soul, the
goddess of the Underworld

could simply banish me
to the farthest edges

of the Underworld, but four living mortals

might stand a chance where I would not.

- All right.
- Okay.

- This is what we know.

We know that we cannot fight
our way through this one.

- No.
- What if we use our clasps

and pretend to be undead bitches?

- But then she'll snap us away, maybe.

- But we can get through
the army, at least.

- The clasps only...

The goddess's power is
not based on illusion.

She only has power over the dead.

The Wraith Clasps just make you seem dead.

So she would not gain power over you.

- Smart.

- But to get through the
Zaria Hex army, I mean.

'Cause they're, like, guarding outside.

- She'll think we're just undead.

- Like, hey!

- No, that's not going to happen.

- It's kind of like in Walking Dead

when they just pretend to be zombies.

- So who is Zaria Hex keeping out?

Is she keeping out the living?
Because she's not dead.

So is she keeping out the living?

- She's waiting for somebody, right?

- So she's expecting two living souls.

She's expecting two living people.

But if four dead people
walk up, or five, because-

- Thank you.

- Kerwyn.
- Kerwyn's still here.

- You remembered me! I'm here.

- Yeah, I remembered you this time.

I remembered you this time.

Maybe they're not expecting us.

- Can Kerwyn go first?

- Maybe let's see how convincing
these Wraith Clasps look.

- Okay, I'll grab mine.
- I have mine, too.

- So at this point, Gertrude
reaches into her backpack.

She pulls out her Wraith
Clasp. She looks at it.

It's really quite beautiful.

She puts it over one horn
and then the other horn,

and then it kind of, once
she clasps it in the back,

all of a sudden she just feels

her body convulsing and shaking.

She's foaming at the mouth.

She's like, wait, wait,
wait! Wait, wait, wait!

And then her body feels like
it's turning inside-out.

Then a maggot starts to
crawl out of her eye.

She's like, is there something on my face?

Is there something on my face?

- Do you want there to be or not?

- Then her arm looks
like it just falls off,

and then she just all of a sudden

looks like a half-decayed zombie.

She's like, is it giving?

- [Monét And Alaska] It's giving.
- [Jujubee] Yes!

You're giving me death.

- It's giving Death Becomes Her.

- You see Norelle goes,
(gags) those will work.

Those will work.

- Let's try them on.

I feel like Elle Woods at the
party dressed like a bunny.

Put yours on, too.

- I put mine on, and all
my makeup just comes off.

Here we are.
- That was under there?

- Yep.
- Woof.

- Now she's dead.

- Embracing your natural
beauty. I love that.

- I put mine on and, you know,

when merpeople start to decay,

I kind of look like I've
just had rigor mortis.

All of my limbs swell. I
look bloated, like I drowned.

- Oh, gross.
- Yeah.

- And Princess puts hers on,

and then she's just a really large zombie.

- Yeah, you look a lot
like Kerwyn, honestly.

Nice to have some company.
- Like a twin.

- The storm passes
outside, and as it does so,

you see once again,
passes into the distance.

Your carpet flutters and awaits you,

and Norelle bows her
head once more and says,

farewell out there.

If you are lucky, then
more than just Kelvorda

might be saved by your actions.

And you take to the carpet and whisk away.

As you begin to approach the
Tower of Tombs, you see it.

Monolith of obsidian,
basalt, volcanic rock.

It seems to drink the light.
You see the base of the tower.

These red veins attach to the rock

as though the stone itself
were the dead, unbeating heart

of the ancient entity
that was this Underworld.

Surrounding the base of the tower

that you can see from a far distance,

you know, you're way, way up high,

you see shambling hordes, zombie soldiers.

You see these are, unlike the dead souls

you've met before,
completely under thrall.

They have no will anymore.

Their unlife depends on the
magical power of Zaria Hex.

(Brennan groans)

- Put our acting skills to work here.

- Chattering skeletons
begin to move around.

Here's the thing.

Unfortunately, flying
overhead will give you away.

What do you want to do? Do you
want to land and go on foot?

- I think we park the carpet.
- We park the carpet.

- And just kind of walk up from the side

and just kind of Thriller up to the gate.

(Monét singing Thriller)

- Is there a world
where we could still use

a Pass Without Trace spell?
- Absolutely.

- What's that one again? What does it do?

- So what happens is, it disguises me, us,

in shadows to aid in stealth
and cover our tracks.

- I will say because this is so specific,

I'm going to allow the plus
10 from Pass Without Trace

to actually aid a performance
check of you passing

as undead in this space.
- Okay.

- Right, so I'm going to say
you summon those shadows,

and the shadows sort of
fill the spots in your body

so even all that rotting that
the Wraith Clasps are doing,

Pass Without Shadows finds the wounds

and actually opens the
shadow in your torso

so it looks like there
are holes in your body,

true rot and wounds and
injuries from long ago,

and the spell manifests.

Let's go ahead and we're going to roll

a group performance check
as you attempt to walk

to the Tower of Tombs disguised as undead.

- Oh god.

- You're going to add 10 to all
these rolls from that spell.

- Oh.
- [Bob] 10 plus what we have right here?

- [Brennan] Plus whatever you have.
- 25.

- 21 plus 10, 31.
- I'm at 33.

- 31 and 33?
- [Bob] I rolled an 18.

- I rolled a four, gosh darn it.

- I think we got high. We
got 30s, this is pretty good.

- Plus three. 17.
- So on a group check,

you use the two highest
rolls, so 34 and 31.

What do you all start to
do as you get the carpet

and, boop boop, get the carpet locked up?

It sort of rolls up into
a roll and lies there.

As you go over the ridge,

it's just suddenly thousands
of shambling zombies.

What do you all do?

- We start a conga line!

- Tiptoeing.

- So Gertrude looks over and goes,

all right girls, it's showtime!

- We should just go like this.

- We should put on a Thriller dance.

I think we should really
celebrate the moment.

- We're doing this dance,
but it does look very undead.

It is very convincing. No
one is suspecting us at all.

We are writhing and crawling.

I'm using my one arm
to keep scooting ahead.

- Who chopped the other one off?

- It looked like it fell off, remember?

- Oh, right.
- Incredible.

- It's still there,

but I don't want them to
see me using the gone arm.

They'd go, hey! That bitch
is using the dead arm!

- As you begin to walk,

you see the sort of
shambling figures around you.

(Brennan groaning like a zombie)

(80's style music plays)

- Oh they join us! Inspired.
- We start a flash mob.

(80's style music stops)

- As you begin to walk,

you're totally obscured,
and you see up on a dais,

as you sneak closer and closer,
you see one of the veins

in the base of the tower is
sort of attached to the stone,

but you see that there
is a seam in the side

and an opening into the base
of the tower that can get you

away from all of these
hordes waiting there.

As you move through and see
that the sort of flash mob

of zombies is disguising your approach,

you just seem like one of many doing this,

you hear a stern voice, and Twyla,

you hear a voice you
have not heard in years.

Minions of death!

Flash mob if you wish,

but heed my words!

The time has come.

(Jujubee gasps)

- That's very triggering
to Drag Race girls.

"The time has come"
- I know!

is a very triggering
phrase to Drag Race girls.

- And I did not stretch
today, so I'm really nervous.

- "The time has come," oh god!
- Especially for me.

- At first you're like, oh,

is there a throne or some
kind of podium or whatever?

And you see it's not.

The skeletons and zombies literally crawl

on top of each other to make a staircase.

- Oh wow.

- [Brennan] And a woman in blood red robes

with a crown of blood, Zaria Hex-

- [Monét] There she is!
- [Jujubee] Whoa!

- Walks up and says, and she's
like a quarter mile away.

You're getting close to the
tower, your plan is working,

but you just hear this address.

She says, my beautiful, rotting minions!

My soldiers of death!

We have come to entreat Thanara,
goddess of the Underworld!

We have come to entreat Thanara,
goddess of the Underworld!

Our mission is so close at hand.

You were so beautiful, so vile,

so wondrous in your
destruction of the fairy lands.

But one Seed of the All Blossom yet lives!

- Which I have.

- And until that seed is destroyed,

- And until that seed is destroyed,

then the chance, however slim,

that those disgusting fairies
might come back yet lives.

Heed my allies.

Look for the signs.

As you would listen to
me, listen to them still.

And you see two figures join her

on this platform of
animated bone and skeletons.

- Oh shit, here comes your
fucking cousin, probably.

- Oh, stop it.
- You see a merwoman.

- Ah!
- [Brennan] Her hair tied back.

- Your family's a mess!

- I'm so mad at your family.
- Your family is a mess.

- You see that she has a new weapon

you haven't seen her use before.

She has feet and feet of chain,

thick chain wrapped around her,

and a massive fishhook at the end

made of gleaming, almost chrome steel.

You see it's a weapon
just made to kill merfolk.

- I've heard of this weapon.
- [Brennan] Yes.

- Never seen it before.
The Canolin Hook of Death.

- The Canolin Hook of Death, exactly.

- This bitch.
- This is crazy.

- You see she stands
there gazing to and fro.

You just see her sweeping
around the crowd.

She remains silent.

You can tell Keena's not about
this public relations shit.

She's just looking out and being like,

trying to eye the crowd.

But on a 31 and a 34, you
have nothing to worry about.

- Keke's mother, she would not be pleased.

This is not how-

- She probably got the hook,
by this point in her life!

- You see a figure step up
that you have not seen before,

- You see a figure step up
that you have not seen before,

shrouded in a dark gray, almost black,

like a charcoal gray cloak, stands.

Light issues from underneath the cloak

such that you can't see a face.

I take this moment now
to address all of you,

and I thank proud Zaria the Blood Queen.

Dark times make strange allies,

and though I would not normally
work with a queen of death,

my service to the
glorious god of the sun...

You see the hood falls back,

and you see a woman whose eyes
have neither iris nor pupil.

and you see a woman whose eyes
have neither iris nor pupil.

They are milky white, pure, gleaming out.

Dull blonde hair

and a huge pendant of
the sun on her armor,

giant sword at her side.

She says,

there is a witch in these lands.
- (gasp) Goddammit.

- I am Morgan of the Glaring Sun.

- Morgan McMichaels.

- And I tell you now that
there is one who walks here

who even more than any of you

has cast her sinful ways

upon the circle of life and death.

Her eyes gleam and she says,

I've come here hunting this witch.

I will find her.

If you lay your bony hands
upon her, I ask only this.

If you lay your bony hands
upon her, I ask only this.

Do not kill her. Do not destroy her.

The sun gazes on us all in its time.

This witch cannot die,

and I have long dreamed of
finding such a wicked soul

so that she may burn forever.

- Oh no.

- Uh-oh.

- Jesus!
- What'd you do to this lady?

- I don't even know this bitch!

- Is she going to be the
one to remove your thing?

- No, she just wants to...

You never heard that quote,

"some people just want
to watch the world burn?"

I think she's one of those
types. So I gotta, okay-

- Wait, is that the last
person that's revealed?

- At this point, you actually see Keena

touch a red amulet on her
chest and sort of look around,

and you see that she just
walks down the staircase

looking kind of suspiciously,
and Keena just bolts

and heads into the main
entrance of the tower.

So Keena has left, but
you see that Morgan,

this witch hunter, turns over and says,

glorious times are ahead.

Zaria the Blood Queen says,

we are so happy to work
with you, Inquisitor.

we are so happy to work
with you, Inquisitor.

Morgan says, and I with you.

And here you see a pair of
ash and soot covered wings

And here you see a pair of
ash and soot covered wings

spreads from her back,
feathered wings, and she-

- Hex?
- No, from Morgan.

From the inquisitor.

She has a pair of wings on her back,

and she takes flight and
begins to fly around the tower,

and you see she casts
some spell and her eyes

become like spotlights,
cones of light from her eyes.

- Avoid the light! Avoid it!

- You arrive at the base of
the tower, at that opening.

That's the last thing.

It took you a while to get there,

but you saw all of that unfold.

You are at the base of the tower now.

- What was she looking for?
- Us.

- Because they can feel
your energy in the land.

She can feel your energy.

- But we have 34, so
we're hidden really well.

- But she can feel your essence, I feel.

- Yeah.

- She's got some kind of magic, you know?

- She knows you're here.
I say we get rid of you.

You are going to bring
this bitch over here.

- Your whole family's the
reason we're here, bitch!

- Yeah, but they don't know I'm here!

- Oh god. I'll tell them!

- She has echolocation on your ass!

- Oh my god.

- I think I have on my Ring
of Invisibility right now.

But I have a question for you.
- [Brennan] Yeah.

- Because right here it says,

you remain invisible
until the ring is removed,

and anything you are wearing or carrying

is invisible with you.

- [Brennan] Yeah.
- Can I carry my sisters?

- Unfortunately, I don't believe
you can carry all of them,

but you still have Pass Without
Trace, which I will allow...

That got you here, so
you have a lot of stealth

to get through this place.
- Okay, so we have enough.

- So you now have this opening
into the Tower of Tombs.

- We can get in. We can get inside.

- I'm also trying to hide my Seed.

- Yeah, you have the
Seed of the All Blossom.

- Read that thing you just read me.

- What?
- They should know about this.

- Oh, can I ask about this?
So it's Druidcraft, right?

One of the things is, you
instantly make a flower blossom,

a seedpod open, or a leaf bud bloom.

Since I have the Seed of All Blossom,

isn't that something

that I could cast a
spell on to make happen?

- You want to open it
down in the Underworld?

- No, I think it would get to a point

where I have my souls or my people-

- I think that's something

you actually do know that you could do.

So I think it's about your timing, right?

It's about choosing what you
think is the right moment

or the right circumstances
which to do that, but yeah.

- They have a bunch of seeds.

- You have just one of the All Blossom.

- But if it blossoms, you have
an All Blossom, which has-

- [Brennan] Theoretically more seeds.

- But if nothing blossoms down here,

then we can't attempt to do it here.

- You have magic, though.
- Not down here.

- I don't know.

- But you want it to bloom
when you restore your people.

- Where you want your kingdom to regrow.

- Maybe I want to be the Queen
of the Underworld one day.

- Oh shit, Twyla.

- So, you enter the base
of the Tower of Tombs.

You find a strange feeling
come over all of you.

You find a strange feeling
come over all of you.

I'm going to need everyone here

to make a constitution saving throw.

- I would go to a live D&D
reading. This is very exciting.

- [Brennan] Constitution saving throw.
- Oh!

- What? What?

- 24. (tongue pop)
- [Brennan] 24, incredible.

- 26.
- [Brennan] 26.

- You just had to one up me, didn't you?

- I have a 21.
- [Brennan] Incredible.

- [Monét] Blackjack.

- 16 plus 2, 18.
- Werk!

- Incredible rolls across the board.

- We're doing so well with our rolls.

- You're doing so well
with your rolls right now.

- Where was this when we were
fighting the fucking demon?

- I know.

- You all walk in here and feel,

you all walk in and feel

just the wind moving indoors.

Then you realize, as the
wind shifts directions,

its breath, the halls of this tower

filled with the raspy breaths

of the goddess that lives at its center.

- God, really? Jesus.

- And you can feel that the breath

wants to drink your life away.

As all of you steel
yourselves, you've come so far.

You're able to resist. None
of you take any damage.

But you can feel this is
what Shalila talked about.

You have come to the
center of the Underworld,

and even just the air itself here

is corrosive to the life
force of living beings.

You will need to act quickly.

The hallways here are at
such strange, odd angles.

It's not like hallways,
a ceiling, and a floor.

It's a floor and then two
angled points into a triangle,

and then they dip and tilt at angle

that you have to steady
yourself walking through.

These halls are not made for the living.

They twist and move in strange
staircases and inclines.

Some chambers open up, and
you look around and realize

that the shape is unfamiliar,

until you realize that
you're on the inside

of a chamber carved like a screaming face.

Everything about this place
is sinister and morbid.

Everything about this place
is sinister and morbid.

As you move through this space,

you find an area where you
don't feel that wind anymore

off to sort of one side.

You hear movement throughout.

Most of the undead are still
outside with Zaria's army,

but you've definitely heard
some noises of movement

or a scrape on stone
or something like that

that there might be other
figures within here.

You know, Shalila works
for the Goddess of Death.

She may have other servants.

But the tower certainly feels abandoned.

It's a lot more like a mausoleum here.

It's not packed with people.

As you get to the sort
of little safe place

hidden within the tower,
sort of having found a place

in the goddess's lair that
you can hide for a moment,

you see Kerwyn kind of
looks around at all of you

and basically asks, all right,

having made it all the way here,

there's a throne room of the
goddess somewhere in here,

but I'm not sure how
to get there, exactly.

Should we split up and
search for it? Should we-

- Okay, you know what,
I think this might be...

We're in a big place. It's huge.

- There's a big, larger chamber outside,

and you're in a smaller sort
of antechamber off to the side.

- Got it, okay.
- [Monét] Split up.

- I mean, divide and conquer might be-

- I think so.
- The answer, kind of.

- Use that crystal ball.

- Oh! The crystal ball!

- Does that help see where we're going?

- Yeah, absolutely!
- [Bob] Yeah!

- We did not look at our
powers enough, you're right.

- [Bob] We have so many powers.
- You're so right.

- Good suggestion, Alaska.
What does scrying even mean?

- Those powers there, the main ability

that the card kind of glosses over

is that you have the ability to scry,

so you can look into the
ball and see distances,

and especially here within the tower,

you could potentially
see multiple locations.

You could move your
sight through the tower

while just looking at the ball.

- Like a drone, almost.
- Yeah, like a drone,

but without even having
the ability to see a drone.

It's just your vision moving,

and there would be no trace of you.

- Okay, so let's use the crystal ball.

- Yeah, I want to use the
crystal ball to look around,

because I feel like we should try to...

If there is someone here that's not her,

we should try to maybe take them out

or immobilize them or
something before we get to her.

- So, you looking into the crystal ball,

all of you sort of gather around.

You see the crystal ball...
(mimics magic pulsating)

Gertrude, your eyes
filled with arcane light,

you first behold a sort of vision

of yourself and your friends
looking in a crystal ball,

and can kind of see that
mirrors looking into mirrors

of you looking at the crystal ball.

You see that you have the ability
just through concentration

to move the sight throughout.

Where is Gertrude's first desire

in terms of what you are
looking for within the tower?

- I'm looking for people
along the lines of Shalila.

Other people, I'm not looking for her,

because I'm afraid to look at
this lady because she fucking-

- She'll see you.

- She can see me through the magic,

so I'm trying to avoid
her, and I'm trying to find

other people that we
can take out, question,

knock out, disable, stuff like that.

- You start looking for, like,

where's someone that we can take out,

and hold on a second.

- It's a one. Are you
rolling for the enemy?

- You begin to look
for, and you see, yeah,

scattered throughout the
tower, there are some servants.

There are a couple of those
very frightening death knights,

the sort of hollow armor

just animated by their ancient spirits.

But you see there are some other servants.

There's a library where
there's sort of a ghastly pale,

undead woman sort of
moving through scrolls.

There's another place
that seems to have someone

tending to these weird, draconic,

they're like dragon skeletons

that seem to be animated
moving in a pit somewhere.

And you're like, no,

someone that you could just
grab and beat the answer out of.

And you look not very far from here,

with a sort of cast iron spiked mop bucket

and an ancient mop, you see
there is a rotting servant

with a familiar green jerkin.

Wallace is here.

- Wallace!

- When you killed Wallace,

where do people go when they
die in the living world?

- Guess who's back in the house!

- Back crack.

- Yeah, back cracked by Princess.

You see Wallace just
here shaking his head.

Mopping up again, piece of shit.

- If we can surround Wallace,

I bet as soon as we reveal ourselves,

he'll just tell us what we want to know.

He is terrified of us.

- He might be happy to see us.

- We'll find out. We know where he is?

- Yes.
- Okay, so should we go?

- Let's go to Wallace.
- We're still disguised.

He won't recognize us right
away, because we're pulling

what he was trying to
pull, but in reverse.

- So you guys roll up in
your undead sort of things.

As you walk up, you see Wallace again.

He's got a hole in his cheek you can see

some of his teeth through,
weird, pussing eye socket.

You see he looks around,
only half a head of hair.

The rest just bone.
- Drag me.

Only half a head of hair? Wow.

That happens to the living
too, I just want to say.

- You see he looks out
and says, no, no, come on!

I just mopped this hall!
There's other hallways!

Don't you see the cones?
Take another hallway around!

Has no idea who you are
with your Wraith Clasps on.

- So in this moment, Gertrude
grabs her Wraith Clasp

and looks at the other girls
and is kind of like, should we?

Then she snatches it off.

- Don't break it! We might
have to use it again.

- Yeah.
- [Bob] Not breaking the clasp.

- Okay.
- [Bob] Yeah.

She pulls it off, and
then all of a sudden,

the arm grows back, the maggot
crawls in, the skin goes up,

her makeup just comes
up, crawls on her face.

- When I take my amulet off,

I kind of just spin around
three times like Sailor Moon.

Moon Prism Power. Water
Prism Power for me.

And a rainbow.

- And I transform.
- Incredible.

- Yeah, same.

- Wallace beholds all of
your stunning, beautiful,

almost Sailor Moon-like transformations

and just goes (shrieks)

and just turns and starts to run.

He's like, why did you follow me here?

Our business was done!

- Can I use an action?
- Yeah, absolutely.

- So then Troyánn, I take
my net and I whirl it.

I throw it at him, because my net,

this weapon deals no damage,

but restrains an opponent for a moment.

- [Brennan] Incredible, go ahead
and give me an attack roll.

So you're just going to roll that

and add, I believe, plus 10.

- Okay.

9 plus 10, 19.

- You see Wallace
(shrieks) and Troyánn, you-

- So I whirl it around
and wheel it like a lasso

and I throw it around
him like Wonder Woman.

It gets him, and I bring him closer to us.

- Just truly like catch of the day,

Wallace scoots up in the net.

Please, please, please, please, please!

- Then Gertrude goes, having a hard day?

- You killed me and I thought...

Why? You entered the Underworld and you-

- Have you ever had a dream when you-

- When you, when you...

Have you ever had a dream
that turned into a nightmare,

and a bunch of women followed you

to the depths of the
Underworld to kill you again?

- We're not here to hurt you!

- I actually am looking
for some water, Wallace.

I'm a little thirsty.
- Don't drink the water!

- Hard to find water down here.

- Don't drink the water down here.

- What do we want to know?

What do we want to know from Wallace?

- We want to know where the queen is.

- Where she is, what
kind of mood she's in.

Does she need anything?
- [Jujubee] How to speak to her.

- How do we sneak in there?

I want to know, would
Wallace clean her quarters?

- I think Wallace can bring us there,

because Wallace knows the ins
and outs of this place, right?

- Yeah, so we can tell
him we won't rough him up

if he just takes us there, maybe?

Are we ready to go straight there?

- Wallace has been working
here for four hours.

How does he know the
lay of the land so well?

- When you die, I think
you just know everything.

- Also, are we ready to go? I'm
not ready to go see her yet.

We still have Hex outside.

We have the Inquisitor
of the Light outside

trying to come for me.

- What information can we get from Wally?

- I don't know. I don't know.
- Wally, what can you-

- Did you want to figure this out

before you caught me in a net?

You want to circle up
and get on the same page?

I'm here mopping!

My afterlife is doing
chores! That's what I do!

- Listen, we're figuring it out
all together, Wallace, okay?

At least we didn't have Princess
break your back this time.

- Right.

- Please don't do it again.
(Alaska growls menacingly)

I'll tell you what you want to know.

What do you want to know?
What do you want to know?

- Okay, what do we want to know?

- We're going to have to take on-

- Hex?
- Hex.

- Inquisitor?
- Inquisitor.

- Sun lady, Keena.
- Yeah, Hex, Inquisitor.

So I think-

- We don't even know that
Thanara wants to hurt us.

We know that Hex and the
Inquisitor of the Sun

are gunning for us, me specifically.

One for me, one for you.
- One for the two of them,

because I think Hex
wants to finish the job.

- Hex is coming for both of you two.

The Inquisitor of the Sun's coming for me.

Your fucking cousin's outside.

- Yeah. That bitch owe me money.

- Is she the weakest of them all?

She's probably the weakest between Hex-

- Keena?
- The Canolin Hook of Death?

- That's for killing merfolk. We're good.

- Right.
- It may not kill you,

but it'll hurt you real bad.

- Remember when you was
deciding who to get rid of?

- I remember you don't
have health insurance.

You're going to gag.

- How about, where is
Thanara? Just so we know.

- Yeah, what to avoid, if
anything. Where is she?

- Wallace looks at you and says,

she is in her throne room right now.

She can rearrange the castle

to look like whatever she
wants it to look like,

so she's made her throne
room into sort of...

She's awaiting an audience with Zaria.

Zaria is an ancient necromancer,
so Zaria's been here

many, many times before,
but now Zaria's come here

with some other mortals for some business.

And there's another person
that's been working with Zaria

that, I've never seen them,

but they had a deal,

a longstanding deal with Thanara as well.

The throne room, he says,

down that hall, all the
way to the main chamber.

You'll see the colonnade.

At the end of the colonnade is
the door to the throne room,

At the end of the colonnade is
the door to the throne room,

which she has prepared for
some entertainment for herself.

- (whisper) Drag show!
- What's she into?

Does she like the scary
kind? Does she like fun?

- I think she'll take
whatever she can get.

Fun and scary is usually
the order of the day.

- Dragula.

- You see he says,

but that door can only,

if you do not have audience with her,

she's not going to just
open her door to anyone

who goes knocking, and there's
three locks on the door.

- Three locks?
- Three.

- But Shalila, who should
be back but isn't back yet.

You guys remember that she had

other business to attend to in the desert.

I can tell you, you know, I
need to let myself in sometimes,

because, you know, after,

it gets pretty bloody in there
and everything like that.

- I think I know what kind
of entertainment she's into.

- [Brennan] But I need to
let myself in to clean up,

so I know where the keys are.

- Okay, I think we need to get the keys.

- We'll have to get the keys.

- You see he says, all right,
well, you better move fast,

because her audience with Zaria is soon.

One key is in the Pool of Morning Light.

The other one is in the Pit of Suffering,

and then the third one is in-

- It's giving split up! Oh god.

- Is in the Hall of Fairy Tapestry.

- Aw, fairies.

- Twyla, you should go
to the fairy tapestry,

and I should go with you
because I protect you.

- Okay.

- I'm going to the pool, obviously.

- Yeah, that makes sense.
- Because you like to swim.

- Yeah.

- So I'm going to the Pit of Suffering?

- Well!
- Because I'm sad?

- Well!
- Okay, okay.

Who's Kerwyn going with?

- Kerwyn looks at you and says,

if there's two of you
going to fairy tapestry,

I should go with one of the
ones that's going with one,

and respectfully, Gertrude,

I think the Pool of Morning
Light is a little more my speed

than the Pit of Suffering,
so I'm going to let you

but you have-
- Fuck Gertrude's drag.

- You got a curse on you. You
know, the goddess and such.

- That is true.

- So Troyánn, I will accompany you.

- All right, Kerwy. Let's go.

- Okay, not me going...

So I'm going by myself.

- This is what you love, you
little loner. You love this.

- My heart is changing.

- You see Wallace goes,
you can take me. Take me.

- Oh, you can take Wallace!

- All right, Wallace. I'll take you.

All right, let's go.

- All right. Can I be let out of the net?

- I'm not the one with the net.

- Sure.

- Don't try to run!
- Don't run!

- All right, I'm not going
to run. I'm not going to run.

I'll go with you. So Wallace is going to-

- What was that, Monét?

- Sit your ass down.

- [Brennan] Incredible.

So we'll go one by one through here.

So, you all split up.

The crystal ball shows you where to go

in each of these places.

The first place we arrive at

is going to be the Pool of Morning Light.

- Monét, you got this.
- Okay.

- I'm rooting for you.
- It got so aquatic in here.

- What a coincidence.
- You and Kerwyn both arrive.

- Yes.

- And you see that you're in a chamber

that actually fades from
black stone to white.

It's like a sort of bathhouse
marble. There's beautiful-

- I'm in my element.

- You see that there are
these beautiful caryatids,

these columns carved as robed
women who hold the ceiling up

these columns carved as robed
women who hold the ceiling up

with their hands, and their
feet touch the ground,

sort of like carven statues

that actually hold the room,
hold the ceiling aloft.

Deep pools, and you come
to a pool that ripples

from a central point as
the circles emanate out

and hit the rim of the
pool and emanate back in,

and it creates this shimmer

so that you can't see into the depths,

but it just has this light
emanating out from its source.

As you look down, you can sense

As you look down, you can sense

there's a glimmer somewhere in the water.

It's so distorted because
of all the rippling,

but you can see a glimmer
as if something metallic,

like a key at the bottom of this pool.

But looking down there,

you also sense that this
will be very similar

to the water of the River of Sorrow,

that there may be confronting
some things down there.

Kerwyn looks down into the water as well,

and you see as he approaches,
you see a voice says,

(echoing) You will not
approach the sacred water

of the Pool of Morning Light

dressed as you are in garb

that bears the dust of the outside world.

See yourself purified if you
dare to touch these waters.

You see Kerwyn kind of looks around,

seems a little bit nervous,

starts to take his shoes off and shrugs.

Troyánn, what do you do,
looking down at that pool?

- I mean, I know I
definitely want to change.

I want to disrobe.
- [Brennan] Yeah, yeah.

- Ooh!

- Nudity.

- I'm going to get undressed

into my natural birthday
mermaid suit state.

- [Brennan] Hell yeah, yeah yeah yeah.

- Not the DungeonFans.

- We're going to the
dungeon tonight, okay?

Dungeon after dark. So, I am now nude.

But I don't have Gerty
here to cast a spell

to shield me from the
dangers of this water.

- No.

- Can you use an arrow
or a net or a spear?

- There's nothing to kill.
- To grab it out of the water?

- We can talk, but we can't do anything.

- Yeah, you can talk above the table.

- So we're assuming the
key is in the water.

- The key's in the water.

- It's at the bottom of the pool.

- You don't have a rope?

- I do have my net so, I mean, can I...

Now I'm just naked because I want to be,

because I may not have to go in the water,

but I feel more comfortable this way.

- [Brennan] Yeah.

- So can I put my net onto one of my...

Oh, my seeking arrow.

- [Brennan] Yes.
- Ooh!

- Monét's going to find out afterwards,

oh, I had a thing just
says just grab the key.

I had a grab the key spell.

I had a key teleport to
my hand spell, oh god.

- On page two.
- I take my seeking arrow.

I see the glimmering, so
I take my seeking arrow

and shoot it into the water

so I know exactly where the key is.

- [Brennan] Yes.

- Then I can dive in and get it

and come back up as soon as...

Is that the plan?
- [Brennan] I love that plan.

- Okay.
- So you fire your arrow.

Bam, hits the key at the center.

You know exactly where it is.

You can hear and echolocate it.

You're going to dive in.

I'm going to need a wisdom saving throw

as you dive into the water.
- Wisdom saving throw, okay.

I have an eight.

- You dive in.
- Okay, so I-

- This fish is gonna die.

- So I climb up to this
perch over the water.

- You dive in.

- I take my arrow, I see it, and then I go

and I do get on top of
this perch, stand up,

and do Lara Croft-esque
dive into the water

and I go, I'm swimming,
swimming, swimming,

and I only have eight, so I-

- As you go deeper into the
water, you just begin to see

the faces of all the people

you've hunted for your mother.

Do you regret? Do you regret?

Do you regret now? Do you regret now?

Swimming, swimming
deeper, swimming deeper,

and you begin to become
almost surrounded by them,

and you hear a tremendous splash.

As you are being gripped
by spirits on all sides,

Kerwyn leaps into the water, grabs you,

and pulls you back, up to the water.

You see he's disrobed now as well.

He puts you back up on
the lip of the water

and goes, it's all right, it's all right.

You found it with your arrow.

Those faces, I do not
know if you will make it

out of this castle without
reckoning with them,

but for now, let me try and get the key.

And he swims down.

As Kerwyn swims down,

we're going to move to
another scene quickly,

but as we're about to leave
partway through, Troyánn,

I think on that eight,
you feel like definitely

you were not able to resist those spirits.

How is Troyánn feeling
surrounded by those spirits?

- I'm feeling really down.

I think I see why my
father did what he did,

and now I have this urge to reconcile

with these spirits as well,
now that I'm down here.

- Yeah, so you're there.

We are going to move now
to the Pit of Suffering.

We are going to move now
to the Pit of Suffering.

- That's not what I wanted you to say.

Okay, we're in the Pit of Suffering.

- [Brennan] In the Pit of Suffering.

- Me and Wallace. Me and Wallace.

- Gertrude, you enter a chamber

with a circular chasm

that drops forever.

You see that there are stalactites,

these sort of hanging
cave spikes up ahead.

Water falls from them

and drops into the hole soundlessly.

- Never hear a splash.
Okay, it goes on forever.

- It's an abyss.

- [Bob] The Pit of Sorrows. Or Suffering.

That's the pit.

- [Brennan] Looking into it-
- How close do I get?

- You don't have to go
close if you don't want.

You see Wallace looks at you and says,

well, do you think the key's in there?

- Oh god, it's in there?


Okay, oh!

No. Light...


Lightning Lure...


- What about a flash of light,

and see if it reflects, you know?

- Maybe.

I don't know if it's at the bottom

or if it's attached to the wall.

I don't know where it is in there.

- Couldn't you just use your
crystal ball to look for it?

- I could, yeah, maybe.

Okay, so I'm going to use my crystal ball

and kind of search down there.

- Go ahead and give me
an investigation check.

- So my investigation is a plus four.

And I rolled a six.

Wait, yeah.

- Six plus four.
- Six plus four is 10.

- As the crystal ball goes to search,

you wonder if the bottomlessness of this

is itself a sort of magical effect.

As you gaze into it, you know
the key must be down there.

I'm going to ask for a
charisma saving throw.

- Okay, my charisma is a plus eight.

- [Brennan] Plus eight.
- Oh, so charismatic.

- I just rolled a 13.
- [Brennan] Okay.

- 21.
- [Brennan] Hell yes.

Looking down,

you look into it,

and you hear a voice in your mind.

What are you coming to wish for, Gertrude?

You don't think I know
who skulks around my lair?

- Is this-
- You hear the voice

of Thanara speaking in your head.

- Oh!

- Okay, she knows I'm here.
She knows we're all here.

- Why? She only knows you.

- She said, you think I don't
know who lurks in my lair?

We're all lurking around.

- She was talking about you.
- I think magically-

- Yeah, she's talking about you.

- Okay, that's a bold assumption of y'all.

- Why are we in it? Why are we in it?

- To quote NeNe Leakes,
now how'd I get in it?

- For real.

- [Bob] I know for a fact
that she knows I'm here.

- Yeah!
- She knows you.

- Okay, I'm going to communicate with her.

I'm going to communicate with her.
- Are you?

- I have a curse on me.

And I want to live a natural life.

I want to be able to live my life.

I'll come down here when it's my time,

but I don't think it's my time right now.

I want the curse lifted.

- Not so lightly

are my gifts thrown aside.

Did you never wonder

who gave you that curse
in the first place?

- I did. Was it you?

- And you have come to give it back.

I think...

And you feel a beating in your heart.

However powerful this goddess is,

she is either not so
powerful or not so willing

to strike you down dead where you are,

and is there not some
secret magic to life itself

to be able to resist death?

Feeling that heartbeat, you
look in the crystal ball

and see a beating light approaching,

and rising up from the pit

as Thanara's voice leaves,
having shared with you,

you see the face of a man that
you've seen before in memory,

but now pale, translucent, and ghostly.

A beautiful elven man

rises out of the pit

with a key in his hand as
shadows pull at his legs

to drag him back, and he says-

- I'm going to just dash
over there, grab the key.

She's very nervous, so she grabs it

and she falls back into the corner.

She's holding the key
and she's freaking out.

She's shaking and freaking out.

- He smiles and goes,

take care of my girl!

And disappears back into the pit.

- Oh my god!

- [Brennan] And we are
going to cut from there-

- I knew I should've went to the pit.

I knew I should've went to the pit!

- I feel like at that point
Gertrude looks over at Wallace

and goes, are you fucking kidding me?

- We leave the Pit of
Suffering where we see,

as Roy of Karkyn vanishes once more,

having given you the key of this chamber,

Twyla, Princess, you move swiftly,

having followed the
path pointed out to you

from Gertrude's crystal ball,
and you arrive at a chamber.

from Gertrude's crystal ball,
and you arrive at a chamber.

You see that there's
actually a pouring waterfall,

a very thin sheen of water
falling in front of an archway.

a very thin sheen of water
falling in front of an archway.

The water is thin enough that
you can see through and see,

(sound of a running waterfall)

it's hard to believe, it's
almost like you forget sunlight.

You've been in the Underworld
for so long at this point.

You look through the
chamber and see light,

and for the first time
in a long time, green.

The look of growing,

something vibrant and alive on
the other side of this water.

But you see that the waterfall

is shimmering down in this place.

It looks like you would have
to either step through it

to get to the chamber on the other side.

Doesn't seem to be dangerous at all.

Just seems to be a little sheet of water.

But is there anything
you do as you approach?

- It doesn't seem to be dangerous.

- Can't you turn into something?

You're turning into objects all the time.

- I can turn into anything
I want, but I feel...

An umbrella, so you can
hold it and walk through it.

- Okay, okay, can we do that?

- That's cute, with the
tutu and the scrunchie.

Oh my god, that's adorable.

- Umbrella.

You pop your umbrella over your shoulder,

and as you step through,

go ahead and give me
perception checks, both of you.

- [Both] You want to check your perception

before you come for me!

- Check your perception before
you come for me. Ridiculous.

- Check your perception before
you come for me. Ridiculous.

- Five.
- 21.

- (shrieks) I'm screaming.
- 12.

- You're dead. No.

- 12.

- You move through as the umbrella...
- Just water.

As you step through, Princess,

you hear voices as you
step through the water

going into this next chamber, saying,

Princess, Princess, Princess,

Princess, Princess, Princess, Princess!

I'm so glad to see you.

The voices fade. You've
stepped through the other side.

You can't see anyone in this
room, but looking throughout,

you do indeed see
massive green tapestries,

you do indeed see
massive green tapestries,

forests, fields, meadows,
babbling streams.

You see the embroidery of a unicorn

sipping at an ancient pool.

You see rocks covered in stones.

You see birds of many colors flying

and breaks between the
leaves in a cloud-filled sky,

and in the center of the chamber,

in front of a massive tapestry,

you see that there is a
simple polished wood table

with a golden key on top.

- Someone got the easy one.

- Seems too easy.
- [Jujubee] It seems too easy.

- Right.

- And there's two of us, right?

- Okay.

- You're the strong one.
I'm the magical one.

- Do you want me to do it?

- I feel like as soon as you
grab it, you can give it to me.

I can go invisible, and no
one will see we have the key.

- Right, because when you're
invisible items can turn invisible.

- Right, if I'm carrying it.

And if you'd like, I
can give you a piggyback

and you'll be invisible too, right?

- Is that a threat?

- I'm going to need a DC 20 strength check

to see if you can lift Princess.

- You don't think Twyla,

with all this baggage, can lift Princess?

- [Brennan] Let's find out.
- We're going to find out.

- We're going to find out,
baby! Now what do I...

Tell me what to do so I can-

- So you're going to go ahead and roll,

and you're going to add
your strength modifier.

- Okay, so what I'm going to do is,

I'm going to go ahead and roll,

and I'm going to add my strength modifier.

- [Brennan] Which is plus what?
- Plus one. Werk.

- Plus one?
- [Brennan] Plus one.

Your strength is a plus one.
- [Jujubee] Why would you do that?

- Well, as you've famously said-

- You chose to be a 4 foot 11 fairy!

You remember when we were choosing?

You wanted to be tiny and petite?

- Fine!
- You have a 1 in 10 chance.

- What did Aladdin say?

You wanted to be all-powerful,

and everything that comes along with it.

- There's a 10% chance, 1
in 10. That's really low.

- But it's not nothing.
- We're just checking.

- Okay, well-
- So we can figure out a plan.

- We've definitely been in more
tense situations than this.

- [Brennan] Can Twyla pick up Princess?
- I believe in you.

- Everybody.

- One, two three, 20!
- Five.

- 15.
- Monét, you're so shady.

- 16.
- [Brennan] 16.

So you get under
Princess, and you get low.

So you get under
Princess, and you get low.

(Jujubee grunting)

- [Jujubee] Oh my god!

- Put me down! Put me down!

- It's fine, Princess!

- [Brennan] You hear a voice go,


- Yes?

- You look up.

The tapestry above the table with the key,

green vines move

almost in the shape of a bell, shifting,

and the tapestry begins to
move, the threads re-weaving

as the magic of the
tapestry comes to life,

and you see the bell shape
is not a bell at all.

It's the curves of a robe, of a cloak,

and the cloak opens from deep
forest green to a rich mint,

and the cloak opens from deep
forest green to a rich mint,

a cream, and a face appears,

rich, deep brown earth
with eyes like golden fire.

You see Titania,

queen of the fairies.

- Oh my god.

- Golden tears stream from her eyes.

She's not here as you truly remember her.

You realize that she is bound and captured

within the threads of this tapestry.

- Golden tears, sad but rich.

- Huge sad but rich vibes

are sort of, you know,
she's still a queen.


- Yes, Titania?

That's how I say your name, right?

- It could be Queen Titania,

but no, I feel just Titania's fine.

- Okay, let's start over.

- No, it's fine. No, I
kind of like it, actually.

- Queen T.


Cutie? Cutie!

- I love QT. Wow.
- QT, it's me.

I haven't seen you in such a long time.

- Do I now dream, or do you yet live?

- What?
- Bitch, are you alive?

- Yes, you're alive.
- [Brennan] Are you alive?

- Am I allowed to tell you
whether or not I'm alive?

- Yeah, she's your queen. She's okay.

- Oh yeah, you're my queen! I'm alive!

I'm here to save our people.

- Then there is still hope.

- What do I have to do?

- There is a charm

upon the key in front of you.

Hopefully you can resist it.

Lifting it will cause you to be charmed

by the Queen of the Underworld,

not able to lift a finger against her.

But it is possible, I suppose,

if I can try to help
you resist that effect.

But if you are looking indeed

for the key here to her chambers, when...

When Arcadia fell,

when our realm and our people
fell, Zaria brought me here

as a gift to the Queen of the Underworld.

I have been here.

But thankfully,

there was time.

A Seed of the All Blossom
escaped somewhere,

if it can be found or if
there is any hope for it.

But there is still a seed
left alive of the All Blossom,

a chance to restore our world.

- And what do we do with
this seed when we find it?

- Beats me. I mean, you gotta, you know.

- Oh, you don't know?

- I would hope you plant
it. That's my best guess.

- That's what you do with seeds.

That makes sense. You plant seeds.

- That is the best and
only hope for our world.

- But where do I plant it?

Not here.

- As long as Thanara
reigns upon her throne,

nothing living will
grow in this Underworld.

- But there's light down here.

- Well, there is light here,

but only because of the
spirits of the waterfall.

You see she looks at you and says, indeed,

even my ability to help
you with this challenge

would not be so, but some
very powerful spirits

moved to this chamber long ago.

They live within the waterfall

and have guarded these tapestries-

- Can I summon a beast?
- Sure, absolutely.

- Is this when I can do it?
- Yeah, absolutely.

- All right, Twyla gets
into her snatch-el,

pulls out a piece of candy,

puts it in her mouth,
because she's hungry,

and then she summons a beast to come help.

- You summon a beast, and
you see that the vines

move throughout this space,
the vines in the tapestry,

and even though they are made of thread,

with your pure fairy magic,

blossoms flowing from
your outstretched hand,

cat tree bursts-
- He's back!

- It's my baby!
- Your baby.

- My Buddy Bear.

- Nuzzles up against you,
moves through the space,

and you see this being, a spirit,

being neither living nor
dead, bypasses the test,

walks up to the table,

and like all cats always
do, goes up and goes...

- Pss, pss, pss! Come here, baby!

Good boy!

- Thwap, and the key falls to the ground,

clatters before you, and
you see the spell breaks.

- Werk!

- I go to the key and I grab it.

- You pick it up, you
found the clever workaround

for getting around the spell,

and you see Titania looks at
you and says, you've done it!

A key to seek audience with Thanara!

I know that you have come here

with companions of some kind, Twyla.

I wish you all the luck
and fortune you can.

I am safe, for the moment, here.

If you find some way to gather a boon

from the Goddess of the Underworld,

I may well be released from here.

But you may also leave this place.

I am safe here.

You are a brave soldier.

You have served so long by yourself.

- [Jujubee] Thank you.

- I see now that the bravery of fairy

has never vanished from this world.

It has lived within you.
- Aw.

- You see she smiles and
says, that's a very good cat.

(purrs) Cat tree perks up.

She looks and says,

and she looks at you, Princess, and goes,

have you...

Are you one of the
spirits of the waterfall?

(Alaska grunts)

You look just like them.
(Alaska grunts quizzically)

- (whisper) It's your
family! Is that your family?

- Yeah.
- Wait a minute!

So your family and my family
were together this whole time?

- Mm-hm!

- Wait, how do we...

Okay, so what do we do
now? I have the key.

- You have the key.
- I have the key.

- That's all you need.
- What are we doing with her?

Are we just now going
back to open the door now?

- Yeah, I mean, you walk
towards the waterfall,

towards the exit, and
you see from this side,

you see your reflections in the waterfall,

and you see other shapes
begin to emerge in the water.

You see, in fine clothes,

black velvet and gold filigree

with powerful axes and swords,

massive tusks and beaming smiles,

as tears streak down their
faces, your father, your mother,

your brother and sister step forward.

That's my little girl!

Waves to you.

We are so very proud.

Have you been all right?

Have you been sleeping and
getting rest and eating?

(Alaska grunts affirmatively)

Very good, and I hope that
you haven't had to resort

to anything menial like
a job or anything, right?

(Alaska grunts deceptively)

You haven't been working?

You've stayed a member of the nobility?

(Alaska grunting dubiously)

Very, very good.

- It's not work if you
love what you're doing.

- You see your mother and
father looks and says,

we have missed so very, very much.

Who's your friend here?
It's lovely to meet you.

- I'm Twyla. I'm a fey.

- Thank you for helping our daughter.

When we arrived here in the Underworld

we, with our pure might,
battered into the earth itself

and found deep water
running within the land

that we would escape the ire

of the Goddess of the Underworld.

We, knowing not how to escape
to the world of the living,

no member of our family

has even gotten close to
the world of the living.

We chose to protect
what good we could find,

and this light, your queen
in the room behind us,

we chose to keep this place safe.

Have you been journeying safe?

Have you met any other
companions along the way?

(Alaska grunts affirmatively)

Oh, who?

(Alaska grunts affectionately)

Just Twyla?

- Yeah, we know this woman named Troyánn.

- Yeah, we know this woman named Troyánn.

She's fine.

And then we know this really lonely woman

who's now opened up, and she's
really gorgeous and strong.

I forget her name.
- It's Gertrude.

- It's Gertrude, but I call her Ger.

- Princess, why did you
come to the Underworld?

- To bring you back to life.

- Did you ever discover who
was responsible for our death?

- Did you ever discover who
was responsible for our death?

- Zaria Hex.

- You see they look at each other,

confused for a moment.

You see your mother and
father look at each other.

Your father says, my
darling, that's not possible.

- What?

- Zaria Hex was in the fey realms

at the time that we were all massacred.

- What?

- Maybe the Inquisitor of
the Morning Sun did it?

- Who told you that we were...

Who told you that we
were killed by Zaria Hex?

- Who told us that?

- Just a guess.
- [Bob] We kind of assumed.

- Well, no, your uncle
Kerwyn told you that.

(Bob gasps)

- Oh!

- Is he fake?

- As she's with Kerwyn!
- Where is he now?

- I'm with Kerwyn right now.
- (shrieks) Wait!

- Who told you?
- Uncle Kerwyn.

- Uncle Kerwyn! You've met him!

We knew that he survived! He did not die!

(Alaska grunts in shock)
- [Jujubee] Oh my gosh.

- We cut back to the
Pool of Morning Light.

- Is he wearing a fake thing?

- I don't know what! He's with her!

- Why Kerwyn gotta be like that?

- Princess, as you stand there,

you begin to flash back in your mind,

the different things that people told you.

Someone said there was another.

There was another they were working with

that was giving them advice,
moving through the Underworld.

How did the two get here? Troyánn.

- I'm out of the pool, still naked, nude.

- Nude.
- Nude.

- Nude and rude.
- With a scary stranger.

- He's also naked and nude.

- You look over and see

Kerwyn's clothes by the side of the pool,

and you see a Wraith
Clasp on his clothing.

and you see a Wraith
Clasp on his clothing.

- Who the fuck is this?
- And it's red, isn't it?

- Oh no.
- No, because he's alive.

- It's white. It is milky white.

And give me one more perception
check with advantage.

- Who the fuck?

- [Bob] We can't help
because we're not there.

- You can't. I get to roll twice.

I won't tell you what the first one is.

- Okay.
- [Jujubee] Shady-ass family members.

- You saw it, though.

- These two over here, they
got shady-ass family members.

- 15, and I got a 9, so
I'm going to take the 15.

- [Brennan] Okay, 15 plus?

- You have a perception to add.

- 7.
- [Brennan] 22.

- 22.

- You see that Wraith Clasp for a second,

and then you see that there is something

poking out of a pocket of his jacket.

You see it looks like a small little,

fine little paper thing,
almost like a little book.

- As he's over there drying
himself off, can I take it?

- You take it and you open it.

It's not a book like writing.

It's a book of matches,

and you smell the powerful scent of cedar.

- Oh my gosh!
- No!

- [Bob] Girl, get out of there!
- Why you gotta do all this?

- Get out of there, girl!
Uncle Kerwyn is still alive!

He just didn't talk to
the family no more, girl!

- Oh girl, he wants to take
over that kingdom, girl!

- I said, I smell insurance
fraud when I told you

on Episode one!

- You know what, I think she was right.

You should've listened to her.
We should've came after him!

- What are you going to do?

- Troyánn, you hear behind you

the thunk of a chain hitting the ground.

Well, well, well.

If it isn't Cousin Troyánn!

- By herself! Can we get a-

- Is this Keena?
- [Brennan] This is Keena.

- This is Keke! Keke found me, girl!

- You know why? Because
your uncle told that bitch.

- You see that Keena looks
across at you and goes,

so funny to find you here
with your pants down,

but it doesn't have to
go much farther, cousin.

It was really a stroke of good luck

to be able to hear those
very first plans of yours.

- She knows everything we're doing!

- You hear a splash as Kerwyn gets up

out of the other side of the
pool holding the other key,

and you see you are now
in the room with Kerwyn,

so you know something's wrong with Kerwyn

because you have that book of matches.

You see the clasp.

He gets up and starts
stretching, looks over at Keena

and says, now fully
alive, goes, hello, Keena.

- So the uncle is fucked! He's fucked!

You're with two!

You're with the fucked
uncle and your cousin!

- You see Keena says,
you're always so lucky.

To be made the assassin of Everdeep,

born with those legs, of
the land and of the sea.

Me, I have this amulet
which, I'm sure you know,

I have to be in a body
of water every 12 hours.

So it's a pretty good thing
that you and your friends

had that first strategy
meeting right outside my well.

- No!


Is this my fault because I was thirsty?

- Yes.
- Oh my gosh.

- Your uncle's a traitor! I'm still shook.

- A traitor, the whole family.
Y'all's family's fucked!

- You see Kerwyn walk around,
sort of cracks the muscles

in his neck and says, Keena,
got one of the keys here.

We need the other two.

And he begins to put his
clothes back on again,

smiles and says, sorry for
the deception, Troyánn.

You have to understand,

when I made a deal to
wield the power of death

if I put every last Foehammer but me

in the Underworld,

I just didn't get my hands
on Princess fast enough.

- Oh?
- My Princess?

- Oh, she's all our Princess, Troyánn.

Now, there's two of us
here and one of you.

Nothing bad needs to happen now.

Why don't you just surrender, let us go

and take care of Princess,
and all will be well?

You can return to the world of the living.

You need not risk your life on her behalf.

- As he's saying this, I'm stepping back.

I'm walking back slowly
to where my things are.

I'm like, you might like that, Kerwyn.

But I would rather risk my
life to save my friends.

- Jesus!
- Than let you take Princess.

I'm reaching back to my longbow.

- Incredible, I'm going to
say it's two on one right now,

but go ahead and roll initiative.

- You want to fake surrender

until you get around your friends?

You don't want to try that strategy?

- I love it, I love it. Here we go.

- We was trying to telepathically
message you over here.

- Okay, well I hope you do something loud

so we can hear it and rush to help you!

- Okay, Kerwyn-
- Can I have help?

- We're not in the same room as you!

- [Brennan] Unfortunately you
can't have any help right now.

- We don't even know this is happening!

- But they both rolled
very low for initiative,

so it's possible you'll
be able to beat them.

- We don't even know-
- 10.

- Okay, plus?
- Plus initiative?

Kerwyn got the higher
with 12. What did you get?

- 5, so I have 15.
- [Brennan] 15. You are first to act.

- Okay.
- Okay, I'm first to act.

- [Brennan] First to act.
- Wait, wait, wait.

- What are you going to do?
- Do you have a magic-?

- One of these new items. - [Jujubee]
There are some that's super strong.

- Oh yeah, you have new stuff!

- My Javelin of Lightning, okay.

- I'll ask here, too,
what Troyann's plan is,

knowing there are two of them in the room

and you have none of your allies with you.

What is Troyánn trying
to do in this moment?

- Troyánn, I'm trying
to at least stun them.

- [Brennan] Okay.
- So I can escape

and tell them what's going
on, because they don't want...

If I surrender to them, they're
going to either unalive me

or send me back, and they
won't know what's going on,

so I want to let them know.

- Okay, amazing. You're
going to act first.

To give you the lay of the land again,

give me one last
perception with advantage.

- Perception with advantage.
- [Brennan] Yes.

- The adrenaline's kicking
in, she gets the advantage.

- Okay, six.

- [Brennan] Six. Roll again, take the
higher of the two. - Do we say it?

- [Bob] Do we say it?
- One, two, three, 20!

- And a 10.
- Okay, a 10.

- But then you can add-
- And I have 7. 17.

- 17, so 17, Keena's
between you and the door.

She's about 20 feet away from you,

but she has this chain weapon

that gives her extra reach, right?

She's in between you and the door.

Kerwyn is very close to you,
because you were by his clothes

to begin with, and he's come
back over to get his equipment.

Looking at that, Kerwyn also
is holding the key in his hand.

Looking at that, Kerwyn also
is holding the key in his hand.

Now, that's all for free.
You would get that on 10.

On a 17,

there's only one doorway,

but this room is filled with water,

and that water is being
pumped in here from all over.

You see that there are
pools, there are fountains,

and I think that there's a possibility,

as you're looking around,
that some of these

sort of aqueducts bringing
water in are pretty large.

- Uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh.
- [Brennan] So it's- Yes.

- So I want to use two spells.
- Okay.

- I want to use... (stammering)

- Prestidigitation.
- Uh-huh.

To perform a magical trick or illusion.

Avatar: The Last Airbender, Katara,

I'm going to take all of this
water that's pumping in here

and I'm going to freeze it in the air

to make icicles, right?
- [Brennan] Okay.

- Then I'm going to enact my
Gust of Wind and use that wind

to pummel at Uncle Kerwyn
and Keke and stun them.

- Okay, copy that.
- And get the key.

- Them icicles couldn't just
stab the fuck out of them?

- [Brennan] So,
Prestidigitation's a great spell.

- Minor magical trick.
- Yeah, minor magical trick.

So this is not going to do
hit point damage to them,

but it may stun and
distract them momentarily

for you to be able to grab
the key and get out of here.

It's going to be like a leap of faith,

just diving into one of these pipes

or diving into the water to
try to find some way out.

What we're going to do is
we're going to make it a roll.

This is going to be...

I'm going to say that
you're using the trickery,

but it's still your kind
of finesse in doing so,

so you may use either athletics
or acrobatics, your choice.

- Athletics? I'm going to do acrobatics.

- Okay, you'll do acrobatics,

and you're going to distract them.

If you are able to beat, I'll
say, a 15 on your acrobatics,

If you are able to beat, I'll
say, a 15 on your acrobatics,

you will be able to stun
them both and get the key.

If you go under a 15 but still beat a 10,

you will maybe still
be able to get the key,

but Kerwyn may be able
to get an attack on you

as you are doing so.
- Okay.

- So let's roll and determine,

and I think actually this is so important

that we're going to do this Box of Doom.

- Okay.

- No whammies, no whammies, no whammies.

- So 10, if we can't get a 10,
the spell fails completely.

Higher than 10, you succeed,
but maybe a grave injury.

Higher than 15, the spell works
completely and you escape.

- We're going to get a 17.

- What's your plus? You're plus eight?

- My plus is plus eight.
- We're about to get a 17.

- One, two, three!
- [Cast] 20!

- [Brennan] Three plus
eight still beats a 10.

- 11, yes.
- Okay, you get to 11.

So, I'm going to keep it rolling
right in the Box of Doom.

- You're about to get hit or something.

- Fuck.

- Is this Uncle Kerwyn's roll?

- [Brennan] This is Uncle Kerwyn's roll.

- Girl, you better slap
Vaseline on that face,

because you're about to get punched!

- Okay.

- We've seen how them orc punches be.

- They be breaking backs and shit.

- You remember the goblin?

- You want this, this
is Kerwyn's attack roll.

Kerwyn does quite a bit
of damage when he hits.

You want this to be an eight or lower.

- [Jujubee] It's going to be a two, baby.

(Monét shrieks)

- Oh my god!
- What'd he get?

- Oh my god!
- [Brennan] 17.

- 17?

- She's about to get fucked up.

- Oh my god!

- [Bob] You're about to get hit, bitch.

- It's okay, it's okay, it's okay.

You have a lot of hit points.
- Next time we see you,

you're going to be looking busted up!

- You have lots of hit points.

- Oh my god!
- It's okay.

- [Jujubee] I got a question.
- [Brennan] Mm-hm?

- Since I can help heal and
stuff, would that be helpful-

- With what's about to happen?

- [Jujubee] Yeah.
- For sure.

- With the injuries?
- [Brennan] Yes, 100%.

- Injured? Call me, I'm Twyla!

- I also have a potion of
healing, too, I can use.

- Oh, you do. That's true, that's true.

You should've had two of them, remember?

- Okay, take a deep breath.

You're getting beat up over here.

- Y'all, give her your potions.

- You have two. I need one of
yours when we see each other.

- You, ice. Keena fully flies back.

But you see Kerwyn turns to look,

and the same thing you've
seen in Princess's eyes, rage.

- Rage, god.
- Rage.

- He just lets ice shred
the side of his face.

You snatch the key out of his hand.

He grabs his sword, going, no!

You take 28 points of damage.

- What?

- How many do you have to spare?

- I have 21 points left.

- Are you dead? Oh, you have 21 left.

- So you have 32, so Gertrude would have

four hit points left after that attack.

- I have 21 left.
- You've got 21, okay.

- [Bob] How many points
do you have altogether?

- I have 49.
- Bitch, you just got hit.

- So the ice slashes his face,

and then he does that rage
thing, I snatch the key,

and then he takes the sword to

slash me right across my front here.

- [Brennan] Yes.

- The biggest slice I've ever been sliced.

- You feel two ribs
fracture, and as you do,

you manage to dive into
one of the fountains.

- As I do, I pick up my clothes,
too, because I need those.

- Yes.
- I'm still naked.

- Modesty's important at this moment.

- I'm going to say, as
you are hearing this,

in the Hall of Fairy Tapestry,

you are both having
this sudden realization.

Gertrude and Wallace come
from around a corner,

knowing to come meet you here
in this more central location.

- We're just walking. We're
just like, we got the key!

- Wallace is like, I think
that went really well.

- Yeah, that was really good.
- [Brennan] That was really good.

And I think in this moment, the waterfall,

you begin to see blood,

red blood coming through the water.

- Oh no.

- The spirits of your family move back,

and in the pool that collects underneath,

you see from up above one of
these dragon-headed fountains,

a badly injured Troyánn.
- [Monét] It spits me up.

- Yeah.

- I come through the fountain
and I fall. I'm like, ah!

- Girl, you okay?

- I was attacked!

- Can you do something?

- I do a healing. I'm
going to cure your wounds!

And I do this.
(magic humming)

Did you get that? Are you healed?

- My ribs! They feel better!
- Heal, bitch. Heal.

- I still have some pain.
How much am I healed?

- That's a good question.

- Bitch, I healed the whole
thing, bitch. You got it back.

- Is that how it works? I
don't think it works like that.

- Oh, I gotta roll!

- You're going to do some rolls here.

You can cast these up,
but I actually recommend

using your lower level spell slots.

It might take a couple castings.

Go ahead and you're going to take your d8

and you're going to add four each time.

- Wait, am I here too?
- You're here as well.

- We're all back, okay.

- You also do have those potions.

- I do. - But you might not
want to use them right now.

- Two.

- So that heals six hit points.

You could probably cast it

another one or two times
and heal most of the damage.

- Is there something that I could do

to make that stronger, or no?

- I think he's telling you what to do.

- No, you can cast it with
a higher level spell slot,

if you want, if you want to
use a more powerful magic.

- It takes away-
- Yeah, use the little.

Just give me the small, baby.

- [Brennan] So you healed
six on the first one.

- Seven.
- Plus four is 11.

So that second one heals 11 points.

- So I got 6 plus 11 is 17.

- 17, and you could do another one

if you want, yeah, absolutely.

- How much do we need now
to get perfect health?

What's that?

- I got 28, so I need 11 more.
- [Brennan] 11 more.

- I don't know if I'm
gonna get that, baby.

- [Monét] That's okay, whatever you got.

- But we're gonna get this one.

Well, that didn't count,
because it fell out of the box.

- [Brennan] Okay, let's reroll.
- Is that how that works?

- [Brennan] That's a
reroll. We can reroll that.

- Yes, that's how it works.

- We'll be nice. We'll be nice.

- We don't need another...

- Watch this, seven. Okay.
- Three.

- Three plus four, so
another seven healed to you.

Troyánn should have 45 hit points.

Normally you have 49,

so you're only four hit
points down right now.

- She has more hit points than I do now.

- She's strong. She's a warrior.

- I'm an assassin.

- You're so proud of your illegal job.

You're a damn criminal.

- So, all of you are here by
the side of the pool together.

Powerful fairy magic heals Troyánn.

The ringing of your family's voices,

of this incredible betrayal-

- I should tell you, your uncle
Kerwyn, he did this to me.

- Wait, what?

- Yes, I went to get the key
at the bottom of the water,

and Kerwyn helped me.

He went to go get it, because
I was not strong enough,

and as he came back out, I turned around,

and Keke was behind me, my cousin.

- Where'd she come from?

- [Monét] We saw her. I
think she was outside.

- Jesus.

- Keke was just waiting for her.

- And she was waiting for me at the door

while Kerwyn is in cahoots with her,

and he would not give me the key,

and he was going to
come and kill Princess.

- So he's still probably coming for her.

- [Monét] He's on his way here now.
- So who has a key?

I have a key.

- I have the key. I got it on the way out.

You guys, did you all get the key?

- Surprise!

- Wallace, we have to get to
this chamber before they do.

Now they're coming for you.

I got the Inquisitor coming for me.

- Give me the keys. I'll hide them.

I'll go and I'll unlock the chamber.

- We're all going.
- Oh, okay.

- You want to go to the
chamber by yourself?

- I can be invisible, bitch!
- Wallace looks at you

and says, all right,
we're all in it together.

We've come too far now to turn back.

- Wallace, you're really enthusiastic.

- Wallace, you're getting
invited to game night.

I'll tell you that right now.
That's what's happening here.

- Before we leave, do you
guys mind if I get dressed?

- Yes, please.
- You're still not dressed?

- By the way, the body is body-ing.

- Thank you.

- It's kind of wild. I've
seen half of you naked.

- I've never been naked.
- This is how we roll.

- That night at the pub

when you thought you were
invisible and Wallace-

- Yeah, you were actually
the most frequently naked,

as a matter of fact.
- I was invisible!

- All of you surge out
from this place, rushing.

You arrive at the chamber
outside of the throne room.

You see three magical locks.

One by one.

- Gertrude, she's sick of
being squeamish and scared.

She's down here. She's got a thing.

She takes that lock. She
doesn't even think about it.

She puts it in the middle lock

and then it starts to shake
and light's coming out of it.

Her eyes get big, she looks back,

and she's like... (screams)

- And we're like, ooh girl, we in danger.

- Well bitch, help me! Come
put your fucking keys in!

- Okay.

- I take my key, and because I'm short,

I fly up to the top and put it in there!

And I'm shaking! My wings are sparkly!

My eyes bulge!

I smell the scent of
something really nice,

like something floral.

- Nice.

- I'm still too weak, Princess.
Take my key and you do it.

(Alaska grunting)

- She had to get on her knees.

- Door opens.

Darkness, and sudden light,

a platform of stone
floating over endless void,

a platform of stone
floating over endless void,

crystal glowing with indigo light.

You hear a voice from
the emptiness beyond,

a voice that Gertrude has heard before,

but now you hear it speak.

You all feel the breath of
the Underworld once again.

- I just realized, I never told you guys,

by the way, real quick,
I did talk to Thanara.

She is really...

This lady knows me
intimately at this point,

and she wants my curse,

but she's going to ask for a lot.

I forgot to tell you that back there.

I just wanted to tell you really quick.

All right, here we go.
- Thanks.

- [Bob] Seems important.
- You hear a voice say,

Disturbing the peace of me,

an endless deity of unlimited power.

This had better be good.

The platform beneath you lights up.

(powerful reverb)

Well, well. You've made it all this way.

Step forward!

- Okay, as she says step forward,

Gertrude kind of jumps
and just runs there.

She just goes...

She goes, you know why I'm here!

- Ooh, getting loud.
- You're really far.

I just wanted to make sure you heard me.

I don't know how your hearing is.

- Do the rest of you descend
to the platform as well?

- Yes, I slowly saunter
down with my wings flapping,

looking very adorable, and
I look at you and I say, hi.

It's Twyla.

- Light surrounds a raised throne,

and a horned giantess,

18 feet tall, gorgeous,

a corroded bronze armored bikini,

big huge bat wings, draconic
wings, these glowing red eyes.

Demonic, almost succubus-like,
imposing figure,

this Queen of the Underworld.

- Now you're just literally
describing RuPaul.

This is just literally...

What about Thanara?

- What about Thanara?

She beholds all of you,
and she is petting,

sort of very sensually
petting the head of,

you guys know centaurs, right?

Half man, half horse,

with the upper part of a man,
the lower part of a horse.

This is a scorpion-taur.

It is a giant man's abs, shoulders, torso,

a horned helmet, these huge weapons,

but below the waist, it
becomes a scorpion's body.

- The Rock.

- [Brennan] Yes, got huge
claws, this massive tail.

- And a stinger?
- Stinger.

- Oh my.

- She sort of scratches under
his chin as he... (snarls)

This monstrous sort of warrior.

She looks out and says,

you've come a long, long
way, darlings, just to die.

You could've gotten here much faster

just by being a little more
careless in the world above.

Yet you chose to come here by foot.

So tell me, what brings
you to the heart of death?

- I come here to ask you to
restore the dead to life.

The dead of my fey people,

to bring light back into our world.

- I come here because I am daughter of...

- Roy.
- Roy. Roy Of Cardigan?

- [Brennan] Roy of Karkyn.
- Cardigan?

- He loved a button-up sweater.

- Roy of Karkyn.
- He was coldblooded.

- Who you took his soul to free him

of the burden of all
the souls that he took.

I am daughter of...

- Roy!
- No, my mother.

- Inira.
- Inira.

- I'm daughter of my mother?

- You don't say!

- Of Edgedeep.

Of Edgedeep, and I, for years,

gave you seven souls a
season to save my people.

But apparently, it was all a lie,

and I'm here to know the truth.

- You see she turns to you.

- I am here to have my curse released.

I know it's you who put this curse on me,

and I would like for it to be released,

she says as her chest is puffed out,

but her knees are literally shaking.

But her face is, like, stern.

If you look at her face,
you wouldn't even know.

- Is her butt clenched?
- Completely.

- Awesome.

- She could snap a coconut
in half. (tongue pop)

- And I want you to bring
my family back to life.

- Hm.

I have good news and bad news.

The good news is, I am
feeling generous today.

The good news is, I am
feeling generous today.

Normally I like the
number three for boons.

But today, I feel like granting four.

Bad news is, I see eight mortals.

Keena, Kerwyn,

Zaria Hex, and Morgan of the Glaring Sun

walk out from behind the
Goddess of Death's throne.

- Do they all have boons too?

- She says, I haven't granted theirs,

and I have no intention of granting yours,

at least not before the show.

- She likes entertainment!
We're going to fight!

We're going to fight to the
death! She likes entertainment!

This is the entertainment she wants!

- Oh my god, one on one, honey. This is-

Mortal Kombat!

(Bob and Monét sing the
Mortal Kombat theme)

- You see Thanara-

- It better be a dance
competition, because Twyla,

(House music)

she gonna do a two-step, a
backflip, and a tour jeté.

- You see she says, and Alacranos,

why don't you make it a little
more interesting as well?

She sort of pets the
giant scorpion monster.

The vibe is, she's kind of
fucking the scorpion monster?

That's what everyone's picking up.

- I mean, if he looks like
The Rock, I don't blame her.

- You see that, and I'm sorry to do it,

she goes, the time has come!

- Shudders.

- Ladies, let's get to work.

Your enemies, arrayed
before you, leap forward!

I'm going to need everybody
here to roll initiative!

- Okay, here we go.
- Oh my god.

- [Jujubee] Roll initiative.

- And that's all for this
episode of Dimension 20!

Tune in next week as we face
terrible, terrifying combat

Tune in next week as we face
terrible, terrifying combat

in the heart of death itself.

We'll see you then. Farewell!

- But I'm busy next week!

- We see the throne room of Thanara,

Goddess of The Underworld.
- [Alaska] Wow.

- [Jujubee] That's fierce.

- [Monét] That's so good.
- [Brennan] Incredible.

- [Jujubee] This is fucking cool.

- [Alaska] Werk.

- [Brennan] Surrounding the
throne are your assembled enemies.

Here we go.

- Face off.

- You about to get pummeled.

- It's giving.

- [Monét] Get one!
- Werk!

- It's easy.

- Oh, shit.

- Wow.
- Oh, give it to me, daddy.

- That's Dungeon Daddy to you.

- She's gagging, literally.

- Literally gagging.

- Fireball those hoes.

- [Brennan] You're gonna take-
- Do you see how nervous I am?

I'm like sweaty.

- Fuck, it was almost a fucking 20.

- Now might be a great time-

- To pray.

Lord Jesus.
(Monét and Brennan laughing)

- Hallowed be thy name.
- The beat goes on with her,

no matter how much we hit this hoe.

- Oh, come, don't do that face.

- Fuck.

- She's about to rage on us.
- Do some magic shit.

(Brennan gasps)
- Stop it!

- Oh my God, I'm gonna die!

- Wow, the poetry.

- Tell us what's going on.

Tell us!
- [Jujubee] Please.

- So.
- What?

- Shit.
- Oh, God.

[Bob] All's not lost.

(tongues popping)

(Monét screeching)

(Brennan screams)
(Jujubee screams)

- Yes!

- [Bob] I have sacrificed everything!

- The time has come

to peel those pretty
little wings off your back.

- Oh, hell nah.

- Ruin her.

- End her.

- Get her together.
- She is sorry she brought

her ass down to The Underworld.

(dramatic music)

- [Brennan] You have all
the spirits of your family,

and more than that, you
have these, your friends.

- [Jujubee] Thanks to you, bitch.

(Brennan gasps)
- [Monét] Brennan, that's shady.