Dimension 20 (2018-…): Season 18, Episode 2 - Welcome to the Underworld - full transcript

As the Questing Queens journey into the world of the dead, dangerous new circumstances emerge.

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- [Jujubee] Ladies, stealth check time.
(logo clicking)

(intense electronic music)

- [Alaska] Don't I have like
some like perception shit?

♪ Boss ass bitch♪
(explosion booms)

- [Bob] Check your perception

before you come for me.
- [Monét] Before you come for me.

(players laughing)

- [Bob] Everyone say 20.

- [Cast] 20!

♪ Boss ass bitch ♪

- [Bob] I have anxiety!

- [Jujubee] See, I knew it was that bitch.

Can I go invisible right now?

- [Bob] Twyla, you are a loose cannon.
(explosion booms)

♪ Boss ass bitch ♪

- [Monét] Kill her. Kill her now!

I knew it. Oh, fuck!

- [Monét] You assaulted a
man with a no-knock warrant.

- Troyánn is saucy.

♪ Boss as bitch ♪
- [Brennan] Ladies.

Wish I was alive!

I think we should get
naked and see what happens!

(players laughing)

Servants of the fae realm!

There is legend of a witch.

- [Jujubee] Hey, that was
really emotional and beautiful.

♪ Boss ass bitch ♪
- [Jujubee] Bitch.

(Monét laughing)

- [Bob] Ooh!

- Hello one and all,

welcome back to another thrilling episode

of "Dimension 20:
Dungeons and Drag Queens."

I'm your humble dungeon
master, Brennan Lee Mulligan.

With me as always are our questing queens!

Say hi, questing queens.

- [All] Hi, questing queens.

(players gasp and groan)

- Last we left off, our questing queens

had arrived in the Village of Greeley,

only to discover sinister goings on in

and around the tavern of Hero's Hall.

For indeed, it seems that merfolk

had been sighted with a witch hunter

there earlier in the day.
(adventurous orchestral music)

And some smell of cedar

reminiscent of the burning

of the Foehammer home clung to the wind.

We saw finally some
answers to these questions

as our questing queens descended

on a strange figure wearing
a corrupted Wraith Clasp,

which you had availed yourself
to after some quick thinking,

and a powerful punch to Bump Williams,

the goblin ware hawker
who frequented the tavern.

Pow, kablooey.

Summoning a Panther of Thorns,
and snapping our friend,

Wallace, in half, who
turned out to indeed be

a spirit of the dead masquerading

as a living mortal here in this world.

As Troyánn turned him to mist,

we saw the face, (growls)

of the Blood Queen Zaria Hex,

architect of the downfall
of the fairy folk.

Indeed all of these
things coming together.

With some quick thinking, and
putting together of clues,

we realized that there
was a small window of time

given that Troyánn's
cousin, Keena of Everdeep.

- Keke.
- [Brennan] Keke.

Cousin Keke was somewhere
in a body of water resting

due to the time period

that her amulet granting her the ability

to walk on land granted her.

So, you all made haste,

Twyla summoned the shadows,
and the spirits of grass

and leaf!
(magical tinkling)

And you made your way up the
mountain all the way to face

Gargrim, the vulture-headed guardian

of the gateway to the Underworld.

Troyánn spoke, as she often had,

revealing her Amulet of the Soul Keeper.

And each of you spoke your reason

for taking this dangerous mission on.

Some telling the truth,
(tense orchestral music)

and others keeping secrets
close to their heart.

With a flash of magic,
(imitates lightning crackling)

Swirling purple-lavender-indigo mist,

as a wasteland of the dead

erupts in all directions
(thunder rumbling)

before you, you see platforms and deserts,

some hundreds of miles long
floating in endless void.

You do not see the surface
of a world anymore,

but instead a shattered reality of stone

held together by what might be branches,

or themselves veins of some
long dead spirit of unlife.

or themselves veins of some
long dead spirit of unlife.

Mist and purple magic
fills this endless horizon

of dungeons, platforms, and wasteland.

As you arrive (imitates
crashing) in the desert,

the runes disappear in light,

and just remain faintly charred
as though singed by fire,

smoking here in the dust.

You see, (whistles) wind blowing,

and kicking up dust and gravel.

And each of you can feel subtly,

not enough to cause you
any immediate injury,

but just your mere presence
here in the Underworld,

you feel the wind asking
to drink your life away,

that you may stay here in the
realm of the dead forever.

As you look around, Troyánn,
you recognize this path here,

As you look around, Troyánn,
you recognize this path here,

and you see off in the far distance,

a winding thread of dark, almost midnight

purple water moving through.

And you recognize this
as the River of Sorrow,

which leads to the place
that you have always

come here to do your business.

Which is, as strange as it is to say,

one could refer to it as a town,

but really it's more of a cemetery.

The Village of Hollowgrave,
(tense mysterious music)

which is the last way station
at the edge of the Underworld,

before you come to this land of gateways

to the mortal realm above.

There is a lot of waste in front of you.

Long, it's a long, dangerous journey.

What do you all do in this moment,

for those of you that are
entering the Underworld

for the very first time?

- Do we need to use our

and disguise ourselves at this point?

Because the wind-
- Wait,

have we not been using that?

- No, we just got down here,

and I think that is a wise decision-

- Okay.
- With us, right?

- What, the bloop-bloop-bloop is,

is that what we just discovered upstairs?

- We got from dude-
- [Jujubee] Upstairs.

- Dude who I punched in the face.

- Okay.
- [Alaska] Yeah.

- We should use that.

- Well, I've been here before,

and I can tell you for
sure that the unalive,

they, the longer that you're here-

- The undead.
- The undead.

- Yeah.
(chill mysterious music)

- The longer that you're
down here, they can smell-

- The un-not-walking-dead.
(players laughing)

- You come here a lot, right?

- Yeah, I do-
- [Bob] The unbreathing-

- So, I'll actually, I'll say, Troyánn,

you know this in the
past, so, in the past,

you have been able to travel
here without a Wraith Clasp,

because you have that Soul Keeper Amulet,

and you have like business
here in the Underworld.

You're not sure how well
your friends would fare.

You know that if the
living are powerful enough,

that they can get here.

They are allowed to journey to
Hollowgrave, but not beyond.

They are allowed to journey to
Hollowgrave, but not beyond.

That is sort of the last
point where you come,

and do your business with the dead.

- Okay.
- And then head back out.

So, you might be okay
getting to Hollowgrave,

but any place past that, and Hollowgrave

is the farthest you've
journeyed in the Underworld,

because that's the meeting point

where the dead and the living
do their business here.

- Have a sneaking suspicion we'll be going

slightly beyond Hollowgrave
in this journey.

- But I have some spells that can help us.

- Okay.

- You know, like, there's a rope trick.

- Is it a lasso?
(Brennan laughs)

It matches your look.

(players laughing)
(light folk music)

- It's a rhinestone lasso, yes, it is.

I have a rhinestone lasso that I could use

to open a magical sanctuary
to hide me and my friends.

- So, for right now,
we don't need to hide.

- We should go to
Hollowgrave and look around.

- [Bob] We do stand out
like sore thumbs, you know.

- Right, so.
- Yeah.

But no one's trying to get
us, so we're good for now,

- And you should know,

we also don't know how long
your Wraith Clasps last.

I know my amulets are for-
- Right.

- I don't know how long it-
- Well, I,

how do we know?

How do we find that out though?

Is it a one time use, or
can we use it forever?

- 'Cause I don't even, I think
there's one way you find out.

- I've never used one before, so I can't-

- You plug it into the
wall, and charge it.

(Bob laughs)

- Also the little elevator-
- Yeah, it's my first time.

- That Brooke took us down, we need to,

we won't even be outta this
area before it comes back

because Keke's coming.

- Keke is coming, so, I
say we go to Hollowgrave.

- Let's go to Hollowgrave.
- Yeah.

And like, look around, and talk to people,

and see what's going on.
- For sure.

- Okay, you two walk in front,
(adventurous orchestral music)

I'll be the third one.

And you walk behind just because.

- Just because, why am I the-
- So you can be safe, bitch?

- Yes, 'cause I have wings and stuff.

(players laughing)

- Delicate little wings.

- So, Miss Spell Wizard is in the back,

protecting you from the back,
we in the front, protect,

what are you doing?

What is your contribution here?

- I'm waiting for-
- Oh, what?

- Something bad to happen
so that I can save us.

(players laughing)

- There you go. There you go.

- Noted.
- You know what I mean?

I'm just, I'm here, I-

- I'm the physically weakest
one of the entire group here.

- But you the oldest one
trying to die, bitch,

so, who cares?

(players laughing)
- [Bob] You don't know that.

Shut the,

Twyla doesn't know that.

- As you figure out your marching order

traveling from this place,
let me go ahead and ask,

you would probably have a route that

you take to Hollowgrave as someone

who is supposed to be here.

But with your new
companions, I put it to you,

would you wanna journey in a
straight route to Hollowgrave,

or do you wanna go a little
bit outside of your way?

Basically, you're
weighing get there faster

versus get there unseen.

- We need to go unseen,
(tense adventurous music)

it's safer to go unseen.
- Unseen?

So, there's a chance that Keeana
might get there before us.

- This is true.
- You mean Keena?

- Keena, Keke, there's a small chance

that she might get there before us

if we go the unseen way, so.

- This is true, but I think
with our powers combined,

we could take her.

- All right, got a point.
- Great.

- Journeying off on your way,

I'm going to make a little
roll in the Box of Doom,

because the Underworld
is always dangerous.

So, we're just gonna see-
- Cool.

- How much your luck holds out,

going a little bit out of
your way to remain unseen.

- Hmm.

- I'm gonna roll, it's a pure Luck check,

we're not adding or subtracting anything.

You just want a high roll, I'll say.
- It's our group Luck.

- [Brennan] And I'm just gonna
roll it right in front of you.

- Oh, this is for us. - So, all of
you get to see, this is for you.

You just want a high roll here.

(die clicking)

11, not too bad, not too good.

As you journey through the Underworld-

- Oh, great.

(players laughing)

- As you journey through
the Underworld, Troyánn,

you take them off to a series
of ridges that sort of,

shoo, spike up towards
a sort of sheening mist.

There's a strange storm cloud in the air

that you could swear almost
was like a concealing a mirror.

And you can almost see like the mountain,

and hilltops reflected in a
dark glass miles up in the sky,

some strange optical
illusion of the Underworld.

As you journey forward through this place,

you eventually arrive at the
banks of the River of Sorrow.

you eventually arrive at the
banks of the River of Sorrow.

(eerie music)

All of you look and see
this deep, dark river.

And on the other side, you see
that there are some figures

wandering out of the waste.

Their skeletal bodies sort of half formed,

some still with an eye, or other piece

of rotting flesh hanging from them.

And you see one of them, (gasp)

Look at the river, charge into
the water. (imitates splash)

Disappear under its depths.

No bubbles or movement.


a moment later.

(Brennan gasps)
(water splashing)

The figure charges up,
rushing back in the direction

that it just came from,
stands, looks around confused.


It howls out.


(Bob laughing)

- He stub his toe?

- Hah!


Looking across at all of you.

How'd you get over there?

- How'd you get over there?

- I got hit by lightning!

- Ooh, that sucks-
- Where?

- Where did we get lightning?
- That sucks, I'm so sorry.

I apologize.

We didn't hit him with lightning,
he just died, he's dead.

- He died, and got transported there.

- Oh, I thought you got hit by lightning,

and it helped you get
there, and I was like,

one of us has to have-
- No, no, we didn't know,


- I, when I was alive,

I collected keys, and I
had a big chest of keys,

and I was in, got caught out in the rain,

and I slipped, and my
keys went everywhere,

and I had to pick them up, and
put them back in the chest!

And I was out there, and the storm came,

and I got hit by lightning!

And then I survived, and I woke up,

and I had dropped the keys again.

- Yeah.

- [Brennan] So, I started
putting them back,

and then I got hit again,
and died on the second time!

- Yeah, and we understand,
and we're sorry.

And that is unfortunate,
(players laughing)

and we acknowledge that.

But you're, and that's kinda,
this is where you are now.

You're just over there now.

- Are you, you all look
great, how did you die?

(tense eerie music)

- Oh, I'm not dead, baby.

- You're alive!
- Shh!

- [Brennan] You're alive, hey!

- Is what somebody who
was alive would say.

(players laughing)
(Bob hooting)

And since I'm not alive!


(Brennan clapping hands)

- What'd you roll, a one on stealth?
- Good save, good save.

- I'm gonna need a
deception check from Twyla.

- [Monét] Yes, please.
- Deception check.

- Twyla.
- A deception roll.

Please give me a deception roll.

- Twyla says, JK, LOL.
- Roll it, roll it.

- (laughs) JK LOL.

- Cut your crap.
- [Alaska] JK!

- [Jujubee] Is that a d20?

- [Brennan] It's a d20,

and you're gonna add your deception skill

on your character sheet.

- Okay, plus three, now a-
- [Alaska] Mm.

Ain't your deception low?

- [Jujubee] What if I do-
- Oh my God,

here we go, okay.

- [Brennan] Here we
go, we gotta roll high,

come on.
- [Alaska] Deceive.

- 13.
- [Monét] Okay.

- Plus three, 16.
- Okay.

- 16, a 16 is a good roll.
- Yes.

- 16, he says, oh, that's what I would say

if I was alive too!
(players laughing)

That's what I would say
too, I wish I was alive!

I don't wanna be dead!

Huh, well, you're on the
right side of the river,

how'd you get over there?

- Well, we're coming over there now,

we're actually headed,
we're headed that way,

we'll see you in like 10 minutes.

You just hang out over there,

we will be on that side in
like 10 minutes for sure.

- Oh.
- Can we get them to,

'cause he's with a bunch
of other souls, right?

- There's a bunch of other
souls on that side of the river.

- To make a bridge?
- Can they make it

a soul bridge that we can climb over?

'Cause we can't cross the river.

- Does anyone have necromancy?

No. (laughs)

- Okay, the question,
can, because I can swim,

can I use my swimming power?

- You can use your
swimming power, absolutely.

- But can I take people with me?

- Can we ride?
- You,

I don't believe you can take
people with you. - Okay.

- But there, I think you might have some,

there's, I forget exactly
all of your abilities,

but there are some-
- Okay,

I have one, okay.
- [Brennan] Okay.

- Can I use, I wanna use my
Emissary of the Sea ability.

- [Brennan] Yes, absolutely.

- Because I can speak
to aquatic creatures.

So, what I'm gonna do is I'm
gonna speak to, what's a-

- Like a dead whale?
- I'm gonna speak

to a sperm whale, a dead sperm whale.

(Alaska gasps)
And have it crest,

and they're gonna ride
the sperm whale across.

(player gasps)

- Okay, amazing.

Go ahead.

All right, gimme a roll with advantage.

I'm just gonna say that this

is a persuasion roll with advantage.

- Persuasion roll with advantage.

- [Brennan] Mmhmm.

- If you get a 20, we get a sperm whale,

if you raise a, roll
a one, we get a guppy.

(players laughing)

- Basically, your roll, this
thing will definitely help you.

You're trying to convince it
to help other people as well.

- Okay, well, my persuasion is two, y'all,

so, this is not looking great.

- [Brennan] Here we go.
- All right.

- (whisper) Nat 20.
(tense eerie music)

(die clicks)

- 16.
- [Brennan] 16!

- I rolled 14, plus two is 16.

- Incredible, and you
have it with advantage,

so you can roll again if you like.

- So, I got-
- You roll again.

- You can roll again, and if it's higher,

we'll use the higher roll.
- If we bigger than 14,

can we at least have like a "Free Willy?"

- [Brennan] Yes, you gotta-
- Situation.

- [Brennan] Yes, exactly.
- Okay.

(die clicks)

Oh fuck!

- [Brennan] You're good. (laughs)

- What is it?

- It's like, oh, it was literally 20,

then it rolled over to two!
- [Brennan] Oh no,

so close to a 20, but we're
still gonna use the 16,

which is a great roll.
- [Monét] Okay.

- So you see, indeed, there's. (growls)

What does it look like as
Troyánn like calls them?

(tense adventurous music)
- Okay, so I jump

in the water,
(water sloshes)

and then I get, I swim to
midway in the bank, and then I-

and then I get, I swim to
midway in the bank, and then I-

- Yeah, boy, nah, just go
ahead and finish the trip.

- Right.

(players laughing)

- I swim around in a pattern,

and I put both hands
on the side of my head.

I'm like, I begin to.

(Monét imitating whale sounds)

(Monét imitating whale sounds)

- [Brennan] All of you above see-

- It's giving Marvel
copyright infringement.

(cast laughing)

- [Jujubee] Right.

- Well hey, first of all,
he is DC, so you wrong.

- Oh, Zack Snyder's gonna come,

and fucking sue our asses.

(Monét makes more whale noises)

- She sounds like a pigeon.

- And then a sperm
whale, two of them come,

but I tell them we only need
one because we got a 14.

And then so I send one back,
(Bob laughs)

and then the other one crests the water.

And I tell everyone to come.

- All of you see this
bone white sperm whale,

its skin and flesh bleached with death,

that has all of these
like serrated lacerations

of tentacles as though
squid in some ancient

primordial ocean had
raked across its eyes,

sort of bleeding sores. (groans)

This whale comes up, and
as it enters forward,

I'm actually going to need also,

having dived into the River of Sorrow,

I'm gonna need a Wisdom
saving throw from Troyánn.

- [Monét] A Wisdom saving throw?

- [Brennan] Yes, a Wisdom saving throw.

So, above your skills are
your saving throws, and-

- [Bob] Oh, does the water do damage?

How does that work?
- Not physical,

but it, there's a sort of spiritual effect

that happens in the water.
- Okay, so I want.

- You want a higher roll.

So, go ahead and roll, and
add your Wisdom saving throw,

which will be above your skills, yeah.

- 14, honey, oh no, that's four.

- [Brennan] Plus, okay-
- Okay, plus four.

- [Brennan] Plus four, plus four.

- I was close, 14, I wanted
to say, ooh, we got Wisdom.

(Brennan laughs)

Okay, okay.

Now, if I roll bad on this, I'm like,

gonna be spiritually fucked up.

- [Brennan] Could be, we don't know.
- Better than-

- We don't know.
(die clicks)

- Four plus four, eight.
- [Brennan] Eight.

- [Bob] Hmm.
- Troyánn,

as you summon these whales here,

you, this river,

you are of the living,

this river is not intended to repel you.

It is not made for you,

it is intended to keep the dead

within the boundaries of the Underworld.

But nonetheless, the
magic by which it does so

is a magic of sort of
eternal loss, you know,

these spirits dive into the
water to swim to the other side,

and emerge thinking
that they have done so,

only to find themselves facing the shore

that they have just left.
- Oh.

- And as they do so-
- Like "Severance."

- Like "Severance," yeah, like
trying to leave. - [Brennan] Yes.

It's exactly like "Severance."

So, this is not intended
to cast its magic upon you,

but the power that it
uses is itself the like,

grasp or feeling on the life
that these souls have lost.

And even though you
have not lost your life,

there are things that you have lost.

- Do you think she like
lost her sense of fashion?

'Cause that seems to be...

(Brennan laughing)

(Jujubee laughing)

..One of the first things I noticed.

(players laughing)

- [Brennan] You see, getting
to the bottom of the river,

you realize that the river-

- You're such an asshole.

- Is littered with bones, skulls,

all these sorts of like Underworld things.

- You're about to have some more.

(players laughing)

- We're on the same team.

- And you see, as you reach
down, and start to call out,

you see that there's like
reverberations that kick up

like dust and mud from the bones
at the bottom of the river.

And you see reverberations
in the water in front of you,

you can feel that already these like,

these beings are coming to
help you and your allies.

But you see something
reflected in the water.

You see the face of your father.


- [Bob] He's dead!

- Or reflected at least.
- You see your father.

(eerie mysterious music)

- Father?
- A beautiful elven man

looks at you, he smiles,

his deep eyes reflecting
the forest of his home.

See, he goes, sugar, I'm so sorry.

They lied to you.

And vanishes.

And there is a pang of
pain within your heart.

And there is a pang of
pain within your heart.

You suffer three points of damage.

(Alaska gasps)
(meter buzzes)

Which you have a lot of hit points,

it is not a fatal blow at all,

but you can feel some
part of you spiritually

is harmed by the vision of sudden truth

here in this magical river.

- Emotional damage.

- So, do I write that down?

- Yes, in your, so, write-
- Temporary, or?

- [Brennan] In current, so
you would just subtract three.

- We're good, we didn't jump
in the water, we waited.

- I'm trying to drink some water.

- Don't drink this water, do not.

(Alaska laughs)

I say this out loud, do
not drink this water.

(Brennan and Monét laughing)

I feel like I need to say it out loud.

- [Bob] I think you should-
- [Jujubee] I just thought-

and I thought it wouldn't need to be said,

but I feel like I need to say out loud,

don't drink this water.
- And here's Twyla just like.

(players laughing)


- Over on the other side, you
see someone just. (glugging)

Ugh, fuck, it's good!

It's good!

- As a drink, it's nice.

(players laughing)

- Does anybody know-
- It's got a kick!

- where the bathroom is?

- [Bob] Got a kick!

- So, this whale appears,

and can absolutely ferry you

and your friends to the other side.

Do you, having had that vision,

do you want it to ferry the
other spirits across as well?

- No, I am not, in fact, as I come up

from seeing this vision of my father,

I am swimming back to the top.

I am tired, I feel, it, well,
this was a short journey,

but I am drained completely,

and I try to get onto the whale,

and my friends have to help me on,

'cause I am physically exhausted

from this little thing into the thing.

But I do not help the other spirits,

I do not trust them hoes.

- Because I feel like
Gertrude reaches down,

she is not very strong.

She's pulling, and she's
looking back at Princess like,

please, can you help?

- Can I summon a beast to help
lift her up onto the whale?

- Sure!
- Well, we got a beast on.

(players laughing)

We got a beast.

- Princess has got it, yeah, for sure.

Princess, nothing, you hoist
Troyánn up on the whale.

- I'm still holding Troyánn's
hand, we're both in the air.

(players laughing)

- Thank you.

Thank you, Princess.

- And I'm just standing
there with my arms crossed,

just, really?
(players laughing)

This is what we're doing?

- The whale moves you across the river.

As the whale approaches,

you see the souls of the
dead gathering and waving.

(panting) The beast, it
can let us across, yes?

(eerie tense music)

- (sighs) Well, I consult my team,

should we help these souls?

Do we think that this
would offer us good favor,

and merit with these...?

- We might need them later.
- You know what,

you know what wouldn't do good for us?

Causing a scene here.
- [Jujubee] Yeah.

- If we, who are we gonna
get in trouble with?

- We may need their help later.

- [Jujubee] But yeah,
don't you think they know-

- They're gonna be gone,
they're gonna be gone,

they're gonna go back to the Earth if we,

or to Kelvorda if we let them go.

- They're gonna become like
undead, like zombies upstairs.

- [Bob] You don't wanna release this
into the world. - Which is like worse.

- [Bob] You got, go ahead, go ahead.

- They're gonna get
mad at us if we say no.

- So, we're gonna have to let them down,

we'll have to start fighting. (laughs)

- What about one?

Don't you have one of those amulets?

(Bob gasps)

Isn't there a reason for that?

That we kept that one?
- But once we,

we do have an extra, well,
she has an extra amulet-

- And I have one, no, I have, I have-

- No, you have the one.
- [Brennan] Yeah.

- Are you gonna give someone the amulet,

or are we gonna start just fighting these?

- If we give one, we're gonna have to,

the other ones are gonna be
very upset, I would be upset.

- Well, we need to find the
leader, is there a leader?

- I think we have to fight. (laughs)

- I think we have to fight.

- Oh no.

- Let's fight these motherfuckers.

- Let's fight.
- Lemme put on my-

- Tell them no, tell them no.

- They don't get to leave the Underworld

lickity split.
(Alaska snips fingers)

- No, I'm sorry, you can't.
- You don't get to.

That's what we do.

- Why, why?

So it's my fault?
(tense dramatic music)

It's my fault that I got
hit by lightning twice?

'Cause I didn't wanna leave my keys?

- Yeah-huh, a little-
- [Jujubee] It is what it is, honey.

- Yeah, you coulda, 'cause everyone knows

that lightning strikes, and
you were just out in the-

- And you got hit twice.
- So.

- And you had that really weird
umbrella, it's your fault.

- Oh, it's my fault?

Oh, hey, aren't you so
lucky to still be alive?

They're gonna leap at ya.

(Bob gasps)

- [Bob] God.

- Just looking through our spells.

- I'm getting in the back, I am wounded.

Let's get some sturdy spells-
- Oh, Monét's, oh yeah,

Troyánn's like tired and shit.
- Avada kedavra,

about over there, she
gotta study some spells.

Crucio, crucio.

- Everyone roll initiative.

- Okay, initiative, here we go.

- All right.
(dice clicking)

- Initiative.
- Oh God.

- What'd you get?

- I got a three.
- [Monét] Oh.

- Wait, is there a plus, was there a plus?

- Yes, it's the initiative's at the top

of the sheet next to Armor Class.

- I got a, I'm at a six.
(die clicks)

- You rolled a one?

- I rolled a three plus three.

- I got six.
- I got a 20.

- Okay, oh, ooh, I'm at a 20!

- [Brennan] Yeah, all right, amazing.
(Monét clapping hands)

- I did not get a nat, I
didn't get a nat though,

I just got-

- When you get a 20 like
that, we call it a dirty 20.

When you get it-
- A dirty 20.

- When you get an adjusted 20, okay.

- And I have a 29.

- So-
- What?

- Whoo!
- What?

- What's your plus initiative?

- [Brennan] Plus 14.
- My initiative is 14.

- Damn.
- And I got a 15.

- You better be a initiative-ish.

(Brennan laughs)

- I got my age, hmm, 29.
(players laughing)

- Aggressive.

- Incredible, okay.

- I'm gonna beat the shit out of them.

- Yeah, if she just hits
people, we're, I'm cast a spell.

- So, Twyla's gonna act first.

Your reflexes are unmatched.

- Oh shit.

- And then it will be
Princess and Troyánn,

and then it will be Gerty.

- So, are we fighting one,
or does he have buddies?

Just one guy we-
- There are a dozen

of these shambling-
- That's three each.

- There's 12 of these
sort of shambling undead

on the other side.

Again, these do not seem
to be the spirits of like,

great warriors, but
there are still a dozen,

you see sort of a mob of
them looking desperate

at a chance for life as though

they don't seem to be great wizards,

or have an understanding
of the Underworld.

They just are the souls of
normal people that died,

but they see your beating
blood in your veins,

and they see how close
they are to life once more.

So, Twyla, you're gonna be first to act.

There are a dozen of these
sort of shambling undead

that are charging at you,
what would you like to do?

- Oh my God, I have no
idea what I wanna do.

- Something, you're good at magic, right?

- Ah yeah, I'm good at
magic, but like, what do I-

- You have any group spells?

- The group spell that I
have is Pass Without a Trace,

or the Rope Trick.

- No, that's something
against a group of people.

- The group of people?

- Also, Twyla is a skilled markswoman,

so you can always fire
your bow if you want,

if you just want to attack-

- Oh my bow's really strong, isn't it?

- Your bow's very strong, that's true.

- Kill these guys.
- [Jujubee] So, wait.

- You make two strikes with
any of the following weapons.

longbow, your best weapon.

Okay, I should do that.

- Yeah, absolutely.

- You know what?

I'm Twyla,
(intense epic music)

and I'm gonna make a hit with my longbow.

- Hell yeah.
(tongue pops)

You attack twice, you
get to fire two arrows.

So, go ahead and give me two attack rolls.

And I believe you're
adding, I believe, plus 10.

- Okay, 17 plus 10, 27.

- That is a hit, go ahead and roll again.

- All right.
(die clicks)

10 plus 10, 20.

- Both of those hit, because
it is the first turn of combat,

you also get a third attack
because you are a Ranger.

So, you may roll a third
attack for free right now.

(Jujubee trilling)

- Is that a six or a nine?

- That is a nine.

- Okay, so nine plus 10.

Nine plus 10 is-
- [Monét] 19.

- [Brennan] 19 hits as well.
- Just kidding.

- [Brennan] That is-
- It's the easiest thing to add.

- That is three confirmed hits,

(players laughing and clapping hands)

- Good job, Twy!
- Okay,

but how do we know what-

- So, are three of them
dead now, or three of them-

- How much damage do they have?

- [Brennan] We're about to find out,

you're about to see how tough they are.

I think having adventured
here in the Underworld before,

you wouldn't assume,
it's not the toughness

of each individual that bothers you,

but rather the number of them here.
- The number.

- As individuals, they're probably

a little bit easier to defeat,

but you're gonna have to act quickly.

So, Twyla,

you're gonna take your d8,
your d8 is this one right here.

And we're gonna start rolling
damage for your three attacks.

So, you're gonna roll that,

and you're gonna add plus five each time.

- Okay.

- Come on, come on, big money.
(die clicks)

- One plus five, six.
- Oh God.

- Six, an arrow thuds into one. (shrieks)

As he, as this sort of
undead creature screams,

roll damage for your second attack.

- Okay.

- Big money, big money, big money.

- Is that?
- That's a six.

- Is that a six, yeah.
- That's a six.

- Six plus 10, 16.
- [Monét] Ooh.

- Is that 16, 10, yeah, 16.
(dramatic heroic music)

- Incredible, so, your
first two arrows, foo, huh!

And one goes through the
eye, the only remaining eye.

Guh! (gasps)

You see this figure collapse
in the shallow water

at the edge of the river, and kss, ah!

Disanimate into bones.

You have destroyed one of the undead.

- And Twyla goes. (snickers)

(Brennan laughs)

- Good job, Twyla.

- And now this, this is
your special third attack,

so this is actually, you're
gonna roll that d8 twice

for damage on this last one-
- Oh.

- [Brennan] And then add a five.

- Ooh.

(die clicks)

- Four.

- [Monét] Okay, nine.
(die clicks)

- Seven.
- 11 plus five is 16.

Twyla, you see one of these
shambling dead figures

looks at you, and says,
ah, do I recognize you?

- Do you?

- One of those fairies.

I served in the armies of Zaria Hex,

it would be an honor
to kill one more fairy.

- Ooh.
- Oh.

- And describe what happens as you end

the unlife of this dead creature.

- Wreck him.

- Okay, so this is what I do.

All right, I take off all my rings,

(rings clink)

(Brennan laughing)

I take off all my earrings.

(earrings clinking)

And then I do one of these.

Huah, huah, huah, hah!
(air whooshing)

(imitates wind rushing)

A storm of (grunts) like gemstone arrows,

(arrows wooshing)

(arrows thudding)

Shreds tatters and ribbons of flesh,

and bones clatter to the ground.
(bones clattering)

Twyla has killed two of the
oncoming undead abominations,

(players clapping hands)

- Good job, Twyla.

- You're welcome, you're welcome.

- Hell yes, Princess and
Troyánn, you share an initiative,

so you can decide between
you who goes first.

- You go first, you're stronger.
- Okay, okay.

Princess has been waiting for this.

(Monét chuckles)

So, she cracks her neck a little bit.
(neck cracking)

(Monét laughs)

She cracks her knuckles,
(knuckles cracking)

and she grabs her giant ax, and she says,


(players laughing)

- Someone of her-
- And she flies into a rage.

- See, a skeleton just goes,

I've never heard anyone
announce it like that.

(players laughing)

- Guys, I think-
- I got a skeleton

like a cigar.
- She's about

to get really mad at us.
(players laughing)

I think we pissed off the big one.

(Brennan laughing)

- The broad shouldered one.
- [Brennan] All right, perfect.

- Yeah, someone's in a mood.

- Incredible, you charge forward,

you are going to attack.
(tense orchestral music)

You are now in a rage.

Do you want to attack recklessly,

or do you want to attack normally?

- Normal.

- Great, go ahead and gimme
your first attack roll,

you will attack twice.

- Okay.
(die clicks)

So, that's a 14, do I
add something to that?

- Yes, you're gonna add eight to this,

so 14 plus eight is 22.
- [Monét] Ooh.

- [Brennan] That is a hit,

go ahead and roll your second attack.

(die clicks)

- [Alaska] 17.

- [Monét and Brennan] Ooh.

- [Brennan] That's definitely gonna do it.

- 25.

- Now, you're gonna roll
this big dice right here,

your d12 all the way on the
left of that little line.

- Okay.
- [Brennan] And now because you're raging,

you're actually gonna add seven
damage to whatever you roll.

- Okay.
- You're gonna rip

somebody's head off.
(die clicks)

- 12.

- Ooh, 19 damage.

One hit, kapow!
(weapon shings)

A little fountain of bones and viscera.

Boom, as one of the skeletons
goes flying into the water.

Roll damage for your second attack.

- Ooh, werk.
(die clicks)

So that's a nine.

- Nine plus seven is 16.

Just one, two, you're making
light work of these undead.

(weapon shings and crunches)

A rib cage is completely vivisected.

All of you watch just a
surprised pair of arms and a head

pop off as the lower torso and legs

go scattering into the water
(remains splashing)

from one mighty blow of Princess's ax.

- I'm gagged.

- Werk, Princess.

- Werk.

- It's giving Goro.

- Gertrude is like, my god.
- [Alaska] That was very good.

- Incredible.

Princess, you have suddenly like

cleared a path through these undead.

Is there anything that you
say to the remaining undead

as you begin to like carve through them?

- Dinner is served.
(players laughing)

- You see a, just a
rotting warrior goes like,

is she gonna fucking eat us?

(players laughing)

We're rotting.

(players laughing)

Troyánn, it's gonna be you.

- Okay, so I'm rolling.

- You may do whatever you like, you,

there are spells you can cast,

or you have a very powerful-
- Oh.

- Or you have a very
powerful longbow attack.

- Yeah, I wanna use my longbow attack-

- Okay.
- 'Cause, so I can

create two Arcane Shots.

- So, go ahead and roll your d20 twice,

and you're gonna add 10 each time.

- Got it.
- Werk

(tense orchestral music)
(die clicks)

Four plus 10 is 14.

- I know that's a very low roll,

but these guys have an Armor Class of 13.

- Oh. Whoo!
- So you still hit.

- That's how good Troyánn
is of like the training,

even on a three on the die,
or sorry, a four on the die,

you're still able to hit these guys.
- Well, let's not get a one.

- There you go.
(die clicking)

- 11!

- Hell yes, all right.
- 21, boom.

- Two arrows fire.
(bowstring strains and cracks)

- So, so what it is, so I
get energy a little bit,

and I run in like a little
zigzag Cheetara situation,

and I do a back flip,
(air whooshing)

and I get onto a rock and I perch, right?

- [Brennan] Yes!
- So, I get my d12, no?

- [Brennan] Your d8,
so you're gonna get d8,

which is that one right there.
- Eight.

- [Brennan] Yep.

- Uh-huh?
(players laugh)

And I'm rolling to see
how much damage I'm doing.

- Amazing, so yeah, you're
gonna roll the first one,

and if you wanna make
these into Grasping Arrows

to deal extra damage, you absolutely can.

- Yes, I wanna do Grasping Arrows.

- Incredible, so go ahead,
you're gonna roll the d8,

and I'm actually gonna give
you an extra one of these.

So, take that and your other d6 there,

and you're gonna roll.

- All three together?

- [Brennan] All three together
and add them together.

- What are Grasping Arrows?

- They're, so, they're these arrows

that are imbued with magic,

and they have restraining
and poisonous powers.

- Oh, werk.
(dice clicking)

- Yeah. - We are fucking
these fucking skeletons up.

- Yes, as I am perched
on this rock, and I am-

- I haven't done nothing yet, but.

(Brennan laughs)

You guys are doing great.

- You're like.

- I know, she watching.

- Like, I flip back on, I land, and like,

in like a lunge split
almost, you know what I mean?

- Incredible.

- Gertrude, the whole
time Gertrude just like.

- [Monét] So, three, five, a nine, a 12.

- [Brennan] Three, and then
you're gonna add five to that

just from your Dexterity.

- 17.

- So, all of you watch
Troyánn sail through the air,

and a like,
(bowstring strains)

the arrow goes on the
bow as a normal arrow.

And in drawing it back,

the arrow fills with poisonous
venom green light, whoo!

And a like aquamarine venom
green undersea poison.

- But I do it with a lot of things,

so as it goes back, as I let the arrow go,

I blow onto it too to give
a little extra sass on.

- Incredible.
(Brennan claps hands)

The breath, whew, exhales, boom!

- Headshot.

- Shoo!
(impact bangs)

All of you watch its like this effect,

the arrow hits through the
eye, and undersea briars,

and like poison kelp
erupt in an explosion,

and split the skull open
(skull booms and crunches)

of this undead.

(explosion and water running)

As it hits the ground.
(Brennan claps hands)

- And after the bodies is on the floor,

barnacles start to go out of it.

- Ah, sick as a hell!
(Brennan claps hands)

- Don't mess with these ladies.

(players laughing)

- Incredible, go ahead and roll damage

for your second attack, and you can use

your second Grasping Arrow
here if you want to as well.

- Okay, I'm gonna use my
second Grasping Arrow as well.

- Go for it.
(dice clicking)

- How many arrows do you have?

- I have two, this is my
own, it's my second one.

- You have two, and but
Troyánn's abilities reset

in a shorter amount of time, every hour.

- And we might need these later.

- [Moné] Yeah.

- Yeah, so I am off the split,
(house music)

and now I see another
enemy across the way,

so I jump and I'm running towards him.

And as I am running towards
him, I am drawing my arrow,

and drawing my bow.
(dice clink)

I roll a seven plus five, which is 12,

plus five, which is 17.
(Brennan clapping hands)

And then I am running toward
him, and I'm drawing my bow,

and then I, the venom is drawing in,

I let it go.
(bow snaps)

I run, I look at the bow as I'm running,

and I stop, and then I
get another headshot.

(Brennan laughing)
(arrow thunks)

- Pew!
- That's so fierce.

- Headshot and it just
leaves a stream of blood,

and briars.

Like, growing up out of
the ground in a line.


Well, each of these mighty warriors have,

you have halved the amount
of enemies chasing you

in a single moment.
- [Bob] Whoo!

- Gertrude, you see-
- You go, Gerty.

- Gertrude, what do you do?
(players laughing)

- Nothing.
- Hey, Gertrude is standing

as far back as she can.

First, she goes, ugh!

And she's watching all of
these, and she's like, oh, oh,

oh, oh!

Watching her friends just
annihilate these bitches, like,

'cause Gertrude is not,
she's not often around

this many people, so
she's like, all right,

so she has to will,
like, muster up the will,

and she sees there's
still six of them left,

and she's like, I gotta do something.

So, she's going to do Thunder Wave.

- Ooh.
(tense eerie music)

- Which will scatter
all the nearby enemies.

It has a great description, can I read it?

- Yeah, read the description.

- A wave of thunderous
force sweeps out from you,

each creature in a 15-foot
cube originating from you

must take a Constitution
saving throw on a failed save.

There's a big burst coming outta me.

- Unbelievable.
- Well, and yes,

she, okay, first what happens is she sees,

she sees her friends, she
musters up the courage,

and then she runs in, and she's kinda

cowering underneath Princess.

And then she decides to do Thunder Wave.

- Unbelievable.

Okay, you can cast Thunder Wave,

you can also cast it at a little bit

of a higher level spell if you want.

So, do you wanna put a lot
of oomph into this one,

or do you just wanna do a standard cast?

- It isn't gonna hurt my friends, does it?

- Actually, the way everyone's described,

like Twyla shooting at
range, Troyánn has run off

a little farther, and Princess has just

sorta cleared an area around her.

So, I'm gonna say in this moment,

you can protect your friends from
this burst of magic. - Got it, okay.

- So, if you wanna gas it
up a little bit, you can.

- You know what?

Let's gas it up.
- Yeah!

(Brennan clapping hands)

- There's six more enemy, get them-

- [Monét] Yeah, put the
pedal to the metal here.

- [Brennan] Pedal to the metal, hell yeah.

So you're gonna cast it with
a third level spell slot,

which means you're
actually going to roll 4d8.

- [Bob] Whoo!
- So you're gonna take your d8,

and you're gonna roll it four times-

- Ooh!
- And add all

of that together.

- Okay, so the first one is a.

- One.
- One.

- A one, I pulled the old Monét.

- Gerty, Gerty.
- Hold on.

- And then, but this one is a three.

- Okay, wait, stop and
take a Boniva, girl,

get it together.
(players laughing)

- This one's a three.

This one is a three.

- Okay.

- Wow!

- [Bob] So, we're at seven.
- Gerty.

- Gerty.
- Seven,

go on and roll again.

- This is too much pressure.

- You're doing great, Gerty.

- I don't do well in battle,
I don't even go around people,

just saying hi is a big deal for me,

so please just give me a break here.

- Wow.
(die clicks)

- And I rolled an eight!

- Yeah, there it is!
(Monét clapping)

- [Monét] Gerty.
- Okay.

15, so now they're gonna roll
saving throws against this

'cause they're trying to
avoid this happening to them.

Their Constitution saving
throw, it's only a plus two,

and your difficulty class, as
a very powerful spell caster,

is actually a 16.

So, there are six of them
left, and they need to roll

14s or higher in order to save.

So we're gonna, I'm gonna
roll this in front of you,

and we're gonna see how many
of them are vaporized, right?

- Well, I wanna describe
how she did it, okay?

- [Brennan] Yeah, yeah, go for it.

- So, she runs into the
middle, and she's nervous.

It's not like a fierce
run, she's like, ooh, ooh!

And she runs, but she leaps
her arms, are just flying,

she balls up this hand,
(electricity humming)

balls up this one, and all
the pressure you can see like,

the lightning, like,
she's condensing it down,

and then she waves it over
her head, as she lands,

she just smashes it into the ground.
(magic booming)

And then it just goes, pff,

and it casts the wave out around her.

- Werk.
- And she looks

nervous the whole time, she's like, ooh!

(electricity humming)
(Monét laughing)

- [Brennan] Incredible, let's see-
- Go Gerty.

- Let's see how many,

and the good news is,
even if they succeed,

they still take half damage.
- [Bob] Got it.

(dice clicking)

(numbers humming)
- Ah.

- Okay.

Gerty, you rush forward.

- This doesn't sound good.

- You hit the ground.

Having just watched half
their number be destroyed,

two of these dead sort of
have a moment's hesitation.

Those two that have a moment's hesitation,

that moment's hesitation is
what causes them to survive,

because four of them make
the decision to leap at Gerty

in the moment

that you let go of the spell, and

(imitates thunderous explosion)

All of you watch them
simultaneously separate

at every joint in their body-
- Ooh.

- [Brennan] Including the
joints in their skull and ribs.

- Ooh.

The storm tears them apart,
(thunder crackling)

four of them are
vaporized instantaneously.

- Werk.

- Two of them scatter backwards

that are the only two remaining.

In the midst of all of this,

you see it is now their turn to act,

and there are only two left.
(eerie menacing music)

And then something strange happens.

One of the two turns over, and
takes a sort of thick, like,

One of the two turns over, and
takes a sort of thick, like,

handaxe, and beheads
(axe clinks)

the one next to it,
even and partially like,

singed still smoking
from Gertrude's spell.

You stop that now, ooh!
(ax thunks)

And you look and see a figure stand up.


wearing sort of noble clothing
like a black military coat

wearing sort of noble clothing
like a black military coat

with epaulets, and medals, and

wearing a, you know, it's
like somewhat rotting garb,

but a big jaw with tusks.

Rotting flesh.

And you see this one stand up, turn,

and look at Princess raging.

Say, Princess, my niece?

Princess, you turn and
behold your father's brother.

- Ah.

- Mm-mm.

- Kerwyn Foehammer,
who turns you and says,

(dice clicking)

no, tell me it is not true, tell me.

Tell me you have not died.

Then you are still alive?

(Brenann gasping)

And you see this undead
figure collapse to his knees,

go to hold Princess's hand,
and like bury his forehead

as he weeps onto your hand, Princess.

You are still in a rage right now,

but I wanna ask everyone, you know,

it's the thick of combat,
you've dispatched, you know,

this was, they, you let them have it,

but suddenly this figure has
revealed itself from the crowd.

What do you do in this moment?

- Can I ask him what happened?

- You absolutely can.

Your Uncle Kerwyn is a
proud warrior, strong jaw,

he sort of has like this
salt and peppered hair

that's slicked back, and
these long muttonchops

that accentuate his
like big jaw even more.

He's got this massive
orcish sword on his back,

and he looks at you and says,

Aye, the fire came so fast,

consumed us all.

There was

a flicker in the mist,

the shade of some horrible thing,

a woman in red robes
like a queen of blood.

She came there in the night,

and I took my sword, and
she held one hand aloft,

pointed a finger, and said,
(tense ominous music)

this is the hour of your passing.

I felt my heart stop in my chest,

and I fell to the ground dead,

struck down by sorcery before
the fire could take me.

I know not what our
family did to cross her,

but I know her name.

Zaria Hex.


I have journeyed here in
these wastes for so long,

looking for any other member

of the Foehammer family I could find,

wondering if any bore
witness or had survived.

wondering if any bore
witness or had survived.

And piece by piece, I tried
to put the mystery together.

I came across one in
Hollowgrave, not far from here,

I came across one in
Hollowgrave, not far from here,

the town, who said, I
have asked as I often did

if any had seen Foehammers
still living in the world above.

And someone said, I had,
there was a orcish waitress

at a place called the
Fishtank in Darktide,

and that one, I said, what?

No, we're nobility.

And she said, well, I saw a orc working,

wearing a pink tutu in a place

called the Fishtank in Darktide.

And I said, well, I suppose
the home did burn down.

And I saw you here and thought you dead.

But if you are still alive,

why have you come here to the Underworld?

- To find out what happened.

- There she is, my little girl.

(Monét laughs)

My sweet Princess.

Look, if I can be of any aid
while you venture down here,

I will do what I can.

But I have not found your
mother or father here,

nor indeed your brother nor sister.

But I fear that they have passed.

It is possible that they have gone

deeper into the Underworld.

There are places here that devour souls,

hold onto them for eternity.

Places less wild than
here by the river's edge.

(mournful emotional music)

I am so sorry, Princess.

I wish,

I wish only that,

I'm sure there is revenge you seek

in knowing now the name of the woman

who was the architect of our downfall.

I can imagine there is some freedom

in having a target for your vengeance.



your best revenge is to leave
this place and live your life.

Do not fall here in the Underworld.

- I promise.

- And he puts his head to your head,

looks around, and says, sorry
for trying to board the whale.

My name is Kerwyn Foehammer,

I am the uncle of your
companion, Princess.

I am deceased.

- It's okay.

You look nice though.
- [Monét] Yeah.

- For a dead person.
(Alaska laughing)

- What sexy tusks you have.

- Oh, thank you very much,
I appreciate the compliment.

- He's cute.

- I was-
- [Alaska] Cool.

- I was not married in
life, and even if I was,

it's sort of till death
do you part kind of thing.

- Yeah, yeah.

- If there can be of any service to you

traveling here in this
realm, I would love to be.

Do you all accompany
Princess on her quest here,

or do different matters
bring you to the Underworld?

- We all have our own journeys here.

- Hmm, I understand.

Well yeah, I think I've
kept up pretty well.

The nice thing about being
killed by a death spell is,

you know, doesn't really mutilate you,

you just sort of, pow,
stop your heart, you know?

- So, do you, can he kinda hang out

with us for a little bit?
- [Brennan] Yeah.

- And come with us, and show us?

- Yeah, why not?

- Yeah, you know, if
you're not doing anything.

(player laughing)

- I was trying to swim across the river

to get back to the world of the living.

- But that means you know
everything where we wanna go,

like, right?

- I know some, certainly, but I can't-

- Well, how far could you get us?

- Depends on who you're trying to get to.

- Well, lemme look up my book.

- I wanna apologize to everyone,

because I realize that I fucked up.

I could've avoided all of this.

I had a spell called the Waterwalk

that can take 10 allies with me.

(players laughing)

We could've avoided the whale.

- Troyánna!
- I'm sorry.

- We just fought all these
skeletons and demons-

- I apologize, I apologize.

- The Waterwalk?
- And you had me here

crying because her uncle
came back from the dead.

- Sometimes
(Brennan laughs)

I don't know my own strength.

- Oh my God, I hope you got that.

That was beautiful, it
was a beautiful tear,

it just went, ff.

(Brennan laughing)

I am so-
- You got the find

your cousin spell too?

- Waterwalk, you and up to 10 allies,

allies gain the ability to walk on water-

- You didn't have to tell us that though.

(Brennan laughing)

'Cause now we're mad.
(Bob laughing)

I was sad, and now I'm mad.

(Brennan laughing)

- Kerwyn looks and says,

I would be more than
happy to accompany you.

I would be of whatever, I, you find me

in a rather humbled state.
(eerie droning music)

I have clearly been here
attempting to swim across

an unswimmable river for
what feels like an eternity.

But I certainly know the lands
on this side of the river

as well as any dead soul.

But what brings you here?

There are some things

worth seeking and others not.

I imagine, you, I recognize,

you are Troyánn of Everdeep, yes?

- I am, yes.

Tis I, I've been here many times before.

- Well, I believe your friend with whom

you do business awaits in Hollowgrave.

you do business awaits in Hollowgrave.

You've come certainly by a back channel,

which is good enough as it is, the Janari,

which you would remember, Troyánn,

are a type of demon that kind of like

enforces the paths to the living.

They're not much threat to living people,

but they specifically stop the dead

from leaving the Underworld.

Says, the Janari have been out in force,

and I think your contact
is waiting for you

in Hollowgrave at the
Inn of the Empty Glass.

Something tells me you
might be up to something

quite dangerous here in these realms.

- How's it work if we get,

if you go back up to
the land of the living,

will he become alive again?

- Well, we have to give him the amulet.

- Waterwalk that bitch.

- No, the waith, not the amulet-

- The waith, the-

- Wraith Clasp.

- Yeah, 'cause he's dead.
- The one with the red-

- It would do the reverse.

- Right.

- No, it would make him think he's alive.

- So, Wallace's gem now goes to you.

- I'm asking hypothetically,

like, I don't know how it works.
- Hypothetically, so,

what you would know is that it's possible

for him to get back to
the lands of the living.

But if he was not resurrected, if he,

if there was not a great healing magic

that could actually restore his life,

he would walk in the lands of
the living as a dead spirit.

He would be, he would be-
- But I could do that.

- You know, it might
be something that was,

that would be worthwhile if he had someone

in particular to haunt.
- You have Cure Wounds.

- Right.
- But.

- You have that?
- Couldn't I do that?

- Well, I don't know, read
your healing, what does it say?

- I think, Twyla and
Gertrude, you would know that

the magic to restore the dead to life,

there are forces that can do that.

- And I do know that.

- [Brennan] There are forces
that can do that, and-

- There's a heavy cost.

- Heavy costs, and as you
think of those forces,

I think you look, now
that you're on this side,

the far side of the River of Sorrow.

And once again, (long whistling wind)

- We're glad we're undead now.

- Oh, we're alive, we are still alive.

- We are alive.

- We are very much alive.

- And hear a whisper, oh.


And you see there's a
shudder that Kerwyn feels.

(tense droning music)

You have heard it then, the
name of the Goddess of Death.

(Alaska gasps)


You see Kerwyn says,

she reigns here in the Underworld,

unworshiped by the living, but
worshiped still by the dead.

To restore the dead to life,

a boon from her could be granted.

She would have that power,

but few living can wield it on their own,

not without her say so.

- Well, you're off to
meet the wizard here.

- So yeah, but that means
you have to come with us.

- So, we have options, we
can either send him back,

and he can kinda look
like he's alive up there-

- No, just come with us.
- But I don't think,

he doesn't seem to want that either.

- Yeah.
- Yeah.

I mean, this is your family,
he should come with us.

- [Alaska] Yeah.
- I think so.

- We'll have more help fighting.

- Even though he doesn't-
- And more eye candy

on the road, you know?

- [Jujubee] Yeah, I mean, he did tell us,

he did tell you to leave, right?

- Well, he said, don't get
trapped down here, like-

- Yeah, yeah-
- She said the best thing-

- He didn't say leave right
now, he just said, don't stay.

- We're not gonna get trapped down here.

- We won't.

- All right, so who
should, you gonna ask him?

Should we ask, should
I ask, who should ask?

- And you have your extra
Wraith Clasp anyway,

you're the one that has two.

- Oh yeah.

- Well then, who did have
have an extra Wraith Clasp?

He doesn't need it.

- But would that one
one work for him though?

'Cause he's undead.

- He's already undead,
he doesn't need one.

- Yeah, she's already dead.
- All right.

- He looks at you and says,
I know not your mission here,

but I would see my niece kept safe.

(eerie spooky music)

I already would've
protected you with my life,

and now I don't even have
to worry about losing that.

So, I will keep you safe if I can.

- Great, let's do it.

- If you can.
(record scratch)

I mean, look, a little
bit better than that.

- Like, this is-

- I will definitely keep you safe.

- Okay, great.
- [Bob] Be nice to her uncle,

Jesus Christ.

- All right, I got you, girl.

- [Brennan] I died, so, you know-
- Yeah.

- He looks, and basically says,

you have made it across
the river, the Hollowgrave.

There are some things I think
worth you attending to there,

if you're looking for more information.

And you see here he says,
Shalila of the Last Breath.

And you remember this, this is,

so we've now reached the
farthest that Troyánn

has ever been in the Underworld.

Shalila is who you meet
here to give your stuff to.

He's like, she waits for you there.

And I'll remind you,
Troyánn, in this moment,

that you only have six of your
seven souls that you need.

- Yeah, just missing
the one that Keke stole

when she killed Jon Favreau.

- [Bob] Which I guess we still believe-

- No, when she kills Mark Ronson.

- Mark Ronson, sorry.
- Jon Favreau?

- I don't know why I said
Jon, anyway- (laughs)

- Which who we believe
is on the way behind us,

we can still intercept his soul.

- Yes. So, are we already

at this point, or?

- It's up to you to decide what to do.

Kerwyn is here to help.

You can venture straight
into the wastelands,

deeper into the Underworld if you want,

but you see a short distance
away, Hollowgrave is there.

- I cannot get to
Shalila without my seven-

- What soul do you need?

What specific souls do you need?

- Mark Ronson.
- Mark Ronson's.

- Or one of equal value.
- Yeah.

- Which was stolen by her cousin.

- But which one, which
one is equal value though?

- Mark Ronson.

- Is your uncle equal value?

- 'Cause no one-
- His soul's already here.

- Yeah, no one else's, no one else,

everyone here besides us,
can I kill one of you?

- Not me.
- Can we let him go,

and bring him back?

- [Bob] You literally can't kill me.

- No.
- His soul's already here,

his soul's already been taken,

someone got his soul, and it's gone.

- Keke has the soul.

- Can I disguise myself as a soul?

- No, 'cause I need to put
you in my Soul Amulet bag.

- Kerwyn looks and says, there
is someone who is in town

in Hollowgrave right now.

If you wanted to try to sneak in,

and see them before going to Shalila.

I don't know if you would've

had much business with him before,

and it's rare that he
comes through Hollowgrave.

But there is Nyruth, he is a Bisaliane,

and he's a jackal-headed demon.

He sells many magical
wares, powerful artifacts,

weaponry, things of that nature.

And I think he's been known to dabble

in trading souls once or twice.

So, if you needed something specific,

it's possible he would
have something that could

fulfill that seventh slot for you,

but he will bargain for it dearly.

- We got two things-
- I think we go there

because I don't know how
long Keke gonna take.

- Yeah, we should go there.

- Yeah, let's go there,
and see what he's got.

- It's kinda the only way.

- Yeah.
- Let's go see Nyruth.

- Kerwyn throws the sword
on his back, and says,

well, an adventure I was not expecting,

but a very exciting one.

Ladies, allow me to show
you to the Underworld.

Walking up a shadowy
hillside, again almost,

it's so alien and strange here,

and no life or plant matter grows,

and there's only these strange
tendrils of pulsing magic,

and far off in the sky, distant
sights of other platforms

and dungeons floating off
in the lavender-purple

ether of the Underworld's
sort of pulsing light.

You journey along the river
up this small stony ridge,

and look down at the town of Hollowgrave.

Hollowgrave is a strange sort of place,

a town in the Underworld.
(eerie gentle music)

And you see that the
buildings kind of grow up

catty corner almost, it's
almost like the geography,

or the architecture doesn't make sense.

Things that should've toppled over

instead stay kind of leaning
at terrifying angles.

You see that some of the
shingles on the roofs will like,

deteriorate, and as they come loose,

will fall up into the sky,
rather than falling down.

The town is built around
the harbor of a ferry,

and this long, ancient
ebony wood ferry boat

and this long, ancient
ebony wood ferry boat

that has two sort of curling
dragons heads on either side

with a rope that allows the boat to move

from one side of the river to the other.

This is sort of the official entry point.

Troyánn has taken this ferry like,

many times in her journeys here.

The town's sort of grown up around it,

and you see for the first time that

not only are there some spirits
of the dead here in town

that seem to have some
reason to dwell eternally

in sight of this like exit
to the lands of the living,

but there are also many demons here,

spirits of the Underworld.
(eerie gentle music)

I think those of you who would know,

or have interacted with demons before,

their motives are not pure.

But when we say demons,
we don't necessarily mean

that they are intent on the destruction

of all living things, but
rather that they are just

creatures of the Underworld.

Their business concerns the dead.

They are a much different
sight than the dead souls

who have gathered around here.

You see, some of them you
recognize as the Janari

that we've mentioned before.

These are like seven foot
tall, they're like reptilian,

but almost sort of kind of amphibious,

got these broad wart-covered shoulders,

these squat frog-like heads,

but with rows and rows of
serrated teeth like sharks.

They have three eyes, one in the center,

and two kind of off on
the corners of their head.

And they move around
with these large weapons,

and spell books as sort of enforcers

of this way station of the afterlife.

- I know a club promoter
who looks kinda like that.

(Brennan laughs)

- I know the one.
- Yeah, you,

yeah, yeah. (laughing)

- Walking up, you see a
couple of different areas,

and Kerwyn points them
out, Princess's uncle.

There's the place you recognize, Troyánn,

which is the Inn of the Empty Glass.

This is where you've
met Shalila in the past.

Normally, when things are going well,

your life is supposed
to be, take the ferry,

cross the river, go to the inn,

make the deal, get out.
(pastoral acoustic music)

You see the inn of the Empty Glass there,

and Kerwyn also points
out off in the distance

that there is a squat
stone tower made of like

a black volcanic stone that
shimmers, almost glass-like.

But Kerwyn refers to that
and says, that there's the,

the Archive of Forgotten Things,
place of arcane knowledge,

magic, things of that like.

If you're looking for Nyruth, the-

- The abbey.
- What's that?

- The abbey?

- Yeah, he'll be outside the abbey there

at the Longshadow Bazaar.

- That's right, that's right,
he's a jackal-headed demon.

- And he says, now, you
gotta be careful with Nyruth,

because again, he drives a hard bargain.

So, I'll just say to be on your guard.

But you'll find him there
outside of the Archives.

So, where do all of you
journey to here in Hollowgrave?

- I'd like to just envision

you getting a piggyback
ride from your uncle.

(Alaska grumbles)

- My sweet little Princess!
(Bob laughing)

- [Brennan] Oh God, oof! Wow!

- Feet just dragging on the ground.

(Brennan laughing)

All right, well.

- We should go,

- You know this place
better than any of us.

- I do.

And I think,

let's do it.

- What do we do?

We just walk over there?

- I mean-
- I've never been here-

- Is it far?

- You're sort of up on a little ridge,

looking down at the town.

The big points of interest are, I mean,

there is the Archive that has the little

marketplace outside of it.
- Okay.

- There is the inn, which
is sort of, you know,

where you go to meet this person.

And then there's the ferry back
to the lands of the living.

So, if you wanna just go
deal straight with Nyruth,

you'd probably head
right over to the bazaar,

to the marketplace.

- And we have, and you,
we are in a water town,

so you have Waterwalk,
just keep that in mind.

(Brennan and Alaska laughing)

- I have a question, we can't, like,

you can't like buy things
in this game, right?

You can't like-
- You can buy things.

- Okay.

- Now, buying them in the
Underworld is something that you,

that Troyánn has not done before.

The market, the, you've heard some stories

about the fact that
people tend not to just

take straight cash at that marketplace,

they tend to ask for things that

are a little bit harder to come by.

- Now Troyánn, I don't,

I've never been down here, and
I do have a lot of anxiety.

So, I'm gonna be looking toward you

for a little bit of guidance,

since these are kinda
your stomping grounds.

- Well.
(tense guitar music)

- What do we want from Nyruth?

- A soul.
- We want the soul,

so that you can go to what's her name.

- Shalila.
- Shalila.

- Shalele.
(Monét laughs)

- Shanjila.
(Alaska laughs)

- So I can, because I'm trying to-

- Shanjila.
- Shanjila.

(Bob hoots)

I'm trying to get the soul,
'cause I have six souls,

I need seven, I can do
the swap with Ms. Thing.

- Nyruth.
- Nyruth,

so that I can get the seventh soul.

- Okay, so what do we have?

What do we have between us?

Okay, we have five
Wraith, six Wraith Clasps-

- No, five Wraiths, and
I have a separate amulet.

- No, you have the extra Wraith one-

- And a corrupted one, yeah.
- You have the corrupted-

- Oh yeah, like, right, the corrupted one.

- I have a Torch-
- So, yeah, we-

- A Tinderbox, an
Herbalism Kit, a Crystal,

a Dagger, a Quarterstaff,
and Witch's Garb.

What do you guys have?

- I have a Tutu.

(music stops)

(players laughing)

- That's all you have in your-?

- No, I have a whole bunch of like,

the things I'm, like,
weapons, and stuff I'm using,

but I also have a Signet Ring.

- Ooh, what does a Signet Ring do?

- Your Signet Ring is used by nobility.

It's a ring with your family's crest on it

that you use to seal letters in wax,

so that people know that it is
from a member of your family.

So, very precious.
- Ooh, that's some, yeah.

- Very precious, but it's also

one of the last heirlooms of your family.

- Yeah, I don't wanna get rid of it.

- We can get you some
new stuff, let's do that.

- I'm not getting rid of that.

- Well, also, Uncle might have one.

- Yeah, he got one.

- I have playing cards we can get rid of.

- You have playing cards?

- What if we beat his ass?

- But what do the playing cards do?

Are, is it like, are
we just playing "Uno?"

- You mentioned, so, I think

you may just have some "Uno" cards.

- Yeah, so I feel like we can
convince this motherfucker

that these playing cards
are really fantastic.

You don't hear this,
(Brennan laughs)

really fantastic playing cards.

- Well, let's see what deception we roll.

(players laughing)
- [Monét] You right.

- I think that between us, what,

so do you have anything
of value, you think?

- Yeah, I mean, there's a Crystal, and-

- Hmm.
- And I have a-

- How about the Seed of All Blossom?

But I need that.
(Bob gasps)

- [Bob] No, you trying to eat it-
- No.

- Maybe we can trade,
we have so many Wraith,

we have, maybe we can trade the-

- We have five.

- The Wraith Clasp-
- We have six.

- We have six, so we
can trade one of those,

'cause I don't need that, I have,

I already have my amulet
that lets me come down here,

so I don't need that.
- Yeah.

Well, the one that we
don't need is the one

that an undead would use.
- So,

maybe we can give that for a soul.

- [Jujubee] 'Cause the person's
an undead person, right?

- He's not, he's a demon, he's not undead.

- Okay.
- But they can probably use it

to put in a potion to make something else.

- We could ask him.

- So, I'd say let's head there.

- You journey down to
the Longshadow Bazaar.

Here in the lee of the Archives,

you see many stalls, and
different sort of little shops

selling potions and mysterious things.

It's again, strange to have a marketplace

here in the lands of the dead,

but you see many things being sold.

You see there's a strange
sort of like beetle-headed

sort of apothecary being
like, potions of memory,

long lost love, things of dream and hope

that have suffered and died
here in the lands of the dead.

And you quickly sort of
leave that place behind.

And you see a very well appointed shop.

A lot of these places are
sort of open air stalls,

but you approach an actual store,

it has a little beautiful gold
(eerie extravagant music)

embossment on a glass pane in
the set in the door that says,

Nyruth's Curios.
- Oh God.

- And you see many magical
objects through the window.

And you see there is
a demon inside wearing

beautiful silk robes of many different

shifting geometric patterns and designs.

Has long, sort of fur covered paws

that nonetheless have these
long, curling clawed fingers.

The jackal fur on his head is quite gray

as though advanced with age,

and he has a small little
pointed cap on his head,

and a pair of gold-rimmed
rectangular spectacles

that go all the way down
his long jackal snout,

and kind of rest towards
the edge of his nose.

He looks up and says, oh,
welcome, please, come in.

Customers, welcome, welcome.

- Oh, he's so well spoken.

- Kerwyn looks at you and says,

I better not show my face here, Princess.

- Mm.

- I'll keep watch on the street.

As the four of you enter,

you see Nyruth looks up, and says,

well, welcome one and
all to Nyruth's Curios.

If you're just here to browse,

feel free to peruse the goods and wares,

but if I may be of any service
at all, you need simply ask.

but if I may be of any service
at all, you need simply ask.

- Okay, before we go
ask, so we're gonna try

to sell your crystal,
one of, the extra amulet.

- I don't even know what my crystal does.

What does-
- What crystal is it?

- It just says 'crystal'.

- Your crystal is one of your arcane foci,

something you use in spell casting.

You could get rid of it,
but then you'd be let,

you'd be in a lot of trouble
if you lost your staff.

So, you'd just be down to
your staff for casting spells

if you got rid of your crystal.

- Yeah, just-
- Don't do that.

- Yeah, sell your arcane
stuff, hand off my crystals,

sell your stuff-
- Like, it just said crystal,

- [Bob] You're the one-

- I thought it was just
some obsidian or something,

I don't know what you got.

- You don't wanna sell my playing cards?

- You're the one short a soul.

Are we gonna do an honest deal,

or we gonna try to trick this guy?

- Well, if he wants the cards, it's,

he's not really being tricked.

- Do you really have playing cards?

- Yes, it's playing cards.
- It literally

says playing cards.

- Okay, (laughs) then let's
try to sell these "Uno" cards.

- You gonna try to, so what, if this,

what if this deal goes
wrong, and he's like,

gets mad or something?

- Then we'll fight his ass.

- We can fight, we just beat
up a dozen dead zombie people.

- I mean, I have medals of valor too,

I don't really care.
- You, what else-

You are holding out, just-

- I read my whole list,

what do y'all have on
y'all's goddamn list?

- Y'all weren't listening to me

when we were just going down the-

- "All I have is playing cards."

- Do you want me to tell you what I got?

- [Monét] Yeah.
- Yes.

- Well, you can't have this,

the fae armor, the longbow,
the two short swords,

playing cards you can have,

and medals of valor I'll
give to you as well,

'cause I don't think I need
that, I know I'm great.

I don't need those.

(players laughing)

- Nice.

- Okay, so we have medals of
valor to trade, playing cards.

Let's try the playing
cards and medal of valor.

And we have the extra
Wraith Clasp we can try.

- Yeah, we should try
like one Wraith Clasp,

and then if he doesn't
bite, we can do two.

- Now, you didn't hear all this.

- But what about the playing cards?

I'm pretty sure it's like a series card-

- Let's start with the playing cards.

- Yeah.

- It sound like they're weighing you down,

and you wanna get rid of them.

- I just.
(players laughing)


- She wants to get rid of them way more.

- [Jujubee] I have these playing cards.

- Do you go up to Kelvorda often?

- Oh, when was the last
time I was up there?

It might have been more than
a century ago at this point.

- Okay, so you don't know how
big these playing cards are?

They are kind of a big deal.
- Yeah, yeah.

- In fact, you, oh, put
your gloves on to show them,

'cause you know, you can't
touch them with your hands.

So, show him the cards,
they're really nice.

- Look at these cards, honey.

- He takes a like little telescoping set

of very powerful jeweler's eyeglasses.

And he's like, let me just put
on my appraising spectacles.

- Don't touch them, please.

(Brennan clicking)
(device clicking)

- Well, that looks like a set
of soldier's playing cards.

- Well, that looks like a set
of soldier's playing cards.


You see, he looks at
them, I'm going to need

a persuasion check from you,

and I'm gonna set the
difficulty ahead of time

to let you know how hard this is gonna be.

So, you're gonna roll your d20,

the persuasion check here,
the difficulty is 25.

- My persuasion is a plus eight.

- So you need a 17 or higher.

- Oh honey.
- Oh my God,

okay, you can do it, Gert.

(die clicks)

(Bob laughs)
- A one?

(downcast whoosh)

- Is that a one?

- It's a, it's giving a one.
- [Alaska] Oh my god. No!

- [Brennan] It's giving a one-
- [Bob] It's giving a one.

- Fuck the playing cards.

(players laugh)

- You sure, there's so many of them.

- No.

Nyruth looks at you and says, now,

it is a very rare and precious thing

for four living mortals
to come and visit me here.

Although mortals might
be a bit of a stretch

in some of our cases.

(Alaska gasps)

But I'll say this.
- Ooh.

- You are welcome to lie to
me as much as you'd like,

but if you do so again, I will simply

have to close early for the day.

- We didn't lie to you.

- Don't, don't, don't lie-
- Don't antagonize him.

(Brennan laughs and claps hands)

- Did you not just hear? What the?
(players laughing)

- We be clear, everybody
gets one, so that was yours.

(Bob laughing)

- Twyla.
- Wait a minute, where was the lie?

- Just stop!

- Where was the lie?
- Shh, wait, you, wait-

- Tell me where the lie was.

- Hey ladies, ladies, ladies, group up.

- Can you be a spell caster?
- Ladies, group up.

- You know what?

Lemme go invisible.

Oh wait, I can't.
- Group up, group up.

Twyla, you are a loose cannon.

- But we, I have Borderline
Personality Disorder.

- I, and I hear that,
but we are trying to,

we do not wanna upset this-

- But what did we lie about?

We just didn't lie, we were
just trying to sell him cards.

- No, we told him they
were rare, and they're not.

- It was, it, yeah.

- These are rare.
(Bob laughs)

- To you.

- You see, Nyruth interjects and says,

the cards themselves are not rare,

but your attachment to them is.

(Jujubee gasps)

- Ooh, shade.

- Wow, you're a steak, and it's well done.

(Brennan laughing)

- So, we gotta offer
the guy something fast

Let's not upset him.

Let's not upset him.
- [Alaska] Okay.

(Jujubee laughing)

- Actually, we need to come correct.

- We're looking for a soul.

(Bob gasps)


- Are we, did you just tell him?

Are we just telling him?
- Are we not?

- Look, look-
- We are,

are we telling him?
- That's what we need.

- [Bob] Yeah, are we gonna tell him?
- Well, now he knows.

- Are you trying to say a soul for a soul?

- Don't say that!
- [Jujubee] But y'all!

- No.
- [Bob] Whoo, whoo-hoo!

- [Brennan] You see Nyruth
perks, like his little ears-

- But-
- [Jujubee] Oh-

Are you guys planning

on giving me away?

- No, we're not.
- [Alaska] Shit.

- Yeah.
- I think you are.

- Now at this point, yes.

- Gerty, we said no
more lies, yeah, we are.

(players laughing)

We're thinking about it.

(Jujubee laughs)

We're considering it.
- That's more lies.

- [Jujubee] Okay!
- Ah!

- We're just thinking about-
- [Monét] We're thinking about it.

- We're just thinking about it.

- I wanna disguise myself as the water.

(players laughing)
- Oh my.

- So, you see, Twyla vanishes,

and there is a pool of deep water,

and the jackal goes, well,
I've never seen that.

(players laughing)

- All right, if this is
the three of us going-

- Okay, here's the thing,
I have Fog Cloud, okay?

It is a spell I can cast-
- Just standing

in a pool of water right now, go ahead.

- It's, and it just-
- And I'm just wet!

- It's a spell you can cast to create

a deep bank of concealing fog.

Can we steal from?

(Bob gasps)

- Yes, you can steal if you want.

There is, of course, a tremendous
risk associated with that.

But that is absolutely an option.

- No risk, no reward.

- No risk for no reward.

That's also a card that you
could keep up your sleeve

if things, if you like exhaust

one pathway-
- Okay.

- [Brennan] Having that
up your sleeve of like,

if things go really bad, we can always-

- I know what you're selling,

I know what you're selling.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.

You see Nyruth looks and says,
let me not be misunderstood,

You see Nyruth looks and says,
let me not be misunderstood,

to all of you, and this puddle of water.

(players laughing)

What I mean to say is,
I am deeply uninterested

in your playing cards as
dross, crass material objects.

in your playing cards as
dross, crass material objects.

However, there are things ethereal

However, there are things ethereal

and ephemeral associated with those cards.

Your memory of what they meant to you.

- You're talking to a pond right now.

(Bob laughs)

- And I wanna get wet.

(players laughing)

- Now I wanna keep the cards.

(players laughing)

Now I wanna keep them.
- My memory of the cards?

- If I'm not much mistaken,

you have the bearing, or did
before you were a puddle,

you had the bearing of a soldier.

(Jujubee mmhmms)

It's been a long time since
I saw the ferries coming

in hour by hour by hour
filled with fairies

in hour by hour by hour
filled with fairies

who had been slain in that war.

(eerie downcast music)

My belief is that those cards may indeed

have memories attached to them

of long nights of
camaraderie, friendship, joy.

Memories like that are
as nectar to the gods

Memories like that are
as nectar to the gods

for the damned souls who
dwell in this Underworld.

Memories of joy and friendship I can sell

to the withered souls of this place.

So, I'm not interested in your cards

unless they come with the
memories attached to them.

- So, if we give, if
she gives up the memory,

she'll forget, she'll
never, that's something she-

- I don't like that because
that means that I can't-

- Well, does it mean,
is that what it means?

- [Brennan] Yeah.

- That means I can't-
- Should we-

- I can't go with what I'm
supposed to be doing, so no.

- You would be-
- That's dark sided.

- Yeah.
(Brennan laughing)

Yeah, like, that means that like,

the whole like point of me being down here

makes no sense if you
take my memories away.

- Yeah, don't do that.

- You see Nyruth says,
perhaps you are concerned

that I would completely
obliterate your identity.

I am very surgical with my magic.

(Jujubee mmhmms)

Only those memories associated
with the cards themselves.

Any memories of your
family, or your leaders,

I'm sure you would keep,

it's just those nights around the campfire

I'm most interested in.

- Well, how about I give you one card,

so you get one memory?

- Might consider it,

but it depends on what
you're trying to buy.

And it sounds like you're trying

to buy something very dear indeed.

- Just tell him, just tell him,

just tell him what you want.

- How many memories is that?

- Just tell him what you want.

- I need a soul.

- You need a soul?
- I need a soul.

A soul for a memory sounds
like a great exchange to me.

- Some might say a Monét X Change.

(players laughing)

- Yes, an exchange of something
more priceless than Monét.

(Jujubee laughs)

I would consider it, but
a single card by itself

be hard to come by, the
memories are associated

with the hands, the deck, the game itself.

Is there anything else
(fingers drumming)

that you might be able to
throw to sweeten the deal?

- And we offer the extra Wraith thing.

Why am I whispering?

We offer the extra Wraith-

- The Clasp.
- [Monét] Wraith Clasp.

- We do have one extra Wraith
Clasp, that sweetens the deal.

- But-
- [Alaska] Yeah.

- But not the one that we'd use.

- No, but uncle doesn't need
the Wraith Clasp 'cause he's-

- We have one extra.

- You have the corrupted one, which the-

- I have a corrupted one.
- We have the corrupted one,

and one extra.

- Shit, I think we should
give the one extra,

'cause I feel the corrupted
one would have more value-

- Could be used for uncle.

- So, let's start with the
one extra Wraith Clasp.

- [Jujubee] Yeah.

- So, as you've heard, right,

like what he's basically said is like,

he sells to the dead.

So you know that corrupted Wraith Clasp

is gonna be worth a lot
down here. (claps hands)

- Yeah, yeah.
- Yeah.

- So if you throw that extra
Wraith Clasp in front of him,

I will give you another chance
at that persuasion check.

- Who should, well, should you roll it?

- Well, she has the extra one.
- [Monét] Oh yeah.

- She has the one, but
you can also add a d6

to your persuasion as well,

you have that commanding presence-

- Oh-
- That you can use here too.

- Okay.
- [Brennan] Cool.

- Yeah.

- So, go ahead and roll that d20,

add your persuasion.
(die clicks)

- Six plus five.

- Looking at the playing
card and the Wraith Clasp,

he says, a Wraith Clasp.

I haven't seen one of those in
a little while, very useful.

I would be willing to consider bargaining

with some of my souls for what
you've put in front of me.

But unfortunately, those are
only of use to the living,

and precious few of those
come through my shop.

(tense droning music)

(sighs) So, I'm afraid I'll need something

a little bit more to sweeten the deal.

- Ladies, gather up.

- Wait a minute, we just-

- Pss, pss, pss, pss, pss, pss, pss-

- Are we giving him three things now?

- Well, he's, they said
he drives a hard bargain,

we were warned probably three times

that it's gonna cost a lot.

- If I were you, I would let us do it,

because you are on the docket, baby.

- A loose cannon-
- You are-

- Well, you have it out for the, (laughs)

did you know this guy?

- Well, see, maybe he
hit me up online once,

and then ghosted me.
- Maybe?

'Cause it sounds like-
- And now I know

why he ghosted me, 'cause
he's a fucking demon!

- Demon, here's the thing, I just,

in case things go here,

I'm not saying we should go there,

but in case things go here,

I have something called Darkness,
creates an area of magical

shadows that obscure sight.

If we need to just grab and run,

I could throw some Darkness.

- Don't know where he keeps
the souls in the shop.

- We could, we're gonna, we can find out.

He, we'll have him bring it out.

We'll give him, we'll, we can,

we could give him an
offer he can't refuse.

I could cast Darkness.

You two can see in the dark.

Can I see in the dark?

- No, but can-

- No, I do, I have Eyes in the Dark,

I can see 120 feet in the dark.

- Can you see in the dark?
- With no light.

- I can disguise myself as a flashlight.

(players laughing)

- You are out of control.

So, we those are options,
we could, I could-

- Okay.

- We can either give the actual bargain,

give him the thing, which we could end up

using for someone later, or
just Darkness, steal, run.

- I think we say when we
offer him these things,

and when he brings out
the soul, power, snatch,

don't give him anything, leave.

- We're gonna double cross.

- But he's gonna fight us though, right?

- We don't know, he's old, he's an old
man. - [Jujubee] Yes, but if he does-

- So, we have agreed we
are going to give him

an offer he can't refuse.
- [Monét] Yes.

- And we're not actually
gonna follow through.

- We're not.

- All right, here we go.
- That's shady though.

- So fucking shady.
- Oh well.

- He said not to lie.

- [Bob] Well, I know.
- He did.

All right, here we go.

Oh shit.

- [Bob] We've decided, yeah, so.

- Wonderful, it went
completely quiet in here,

and you all were giving each
other these intense looks

like you were talking telepathically.

- [Alaska] Ah!
- Yeah, I was using,

I was using Message there for sure.
(players laughing)

So, it has occurred to me.

- Hmm?

- That I just remembered that we do

have a corrupted Wraith Clasp,

(Brennan gasps)

that you could use, it's
for your undead friends.

- You don't say.

- Show him. Wait!

what, what, what for?

Can we see?

I mean, you show us, show and tell,

you show us, we show you.

- Well, excuse me.

He moves a ladder attached to a railing

like the ones you see in libraries,

and he moves through this
huge like, index card,

like, sort of small little
files, and begins to root around.

And as he opens one, blood
red light emerges from it,

as you hear him clacking through

what you recognize must be
hundreds of captured souls.

(tense eerie music)
- Ugh.

- Let's see here.

And I think this is for who it's for.

And do give my regards to Shalila when
you see her. (Monét and Alaska gasp)

- Shanjayla.

- [Bob] Shayjayla.
(players laugh)

With her death drop.

- He says, ah, I believe this

might be what you're looking for.

This red gem pulses with light.

This is the soul of Oliver Leiber,

the famed producer who composed

"Opposites Attract" by Paula Abdul.

(Bob gasps)
- Oh!

- Remember MC Skat Kat?

- Yeah, I do, yeah-
- Yeah-huh.

- Incredible, yep, yep, "two
steps forward, one step back."

- Great guy.

Okay, now at this moment.
(Brennan laughing)

Now that we have the amulet in our hand.

All right, it is time.
(intense dramatic music)

It's on, ladies, well, first of all,

before I cast Darkness, I need you to look

where the door is so
you can make a beeline,

'cause you can't see in the dark.

- Where is, tell me where the door is.

- It's the one we came in.

(players laughing)

- Where did we come in?

- We came in behind us.
- The back left,

the back left.
- [Jujubee] Somebody hold my hand!

- [Monét] The back right, go for it.
- I'll hold,

can you grab her hand?

You're big and strong.
- Yeah.

- Okay.
- Just ride on me.

- All right. I'm gonna,
I'm going to cast Darkness.

- And I take the amulet,
I put it in my satchel,

I mean, the soul.

- And well, it is now
full on dark in this.

So, what happens is, as
Troyánn grabs the soul-

- The soul.

- Gertrude opens her
mouth, and then a pool

of just black fog comes
rushing out of her mouth.

It is just, ff!
(fog whooshing)

It fills the entire room,
it's swirling from the floor

like a liquid.

It has filled the entire room.

- And my skin starts to go bioluminescent

'cause that's how I see in the dark,

'cause I can see with over
60 feet in front of me

by the bioluminescence, so
you can see a little bit too.

- See, my eyes white out,
like, I don't have any pupils,

and I can see, yeah, about 120 feet.

And this shop is, how big is the shop?

- Oh, it's like 40 feet by 40 feet.

- Oh, so, yeah, I can
see great with no light.

- And I disguise myself as your hair.

- Okay, werk.

- So then, I'm just there with you, baby.
- (laughing) Werk.

- It's like 30 feet of hair, right?

- Yeah, yeah, yeah, that's her mop.

- Okay, on her, yes.
- Oh, well, I'm-

- That's her mop.
- That's my line.

- My hair's up in a ponytail.

- Okay, well, I'm the tip of the ponytail.

- There we go.

- Yeah.
- Unbelievable.

All right, so it's like this
tense moment of negotiation,

and suddenly it's just like, cheese it!

(players laughing)

We gotta get outta here!

(Brennan imitates eruption)

And darkness erupts from your mouth.

I'm gonna need everyone here,

'cause it's gonna be quick act,

I'm gonna everyone here to
roll initiative once again.

- All right.
- Oh God.

- Initiative.
- [Brennan] Whew.

- We still do the d20, right?
(dice clicking)

- Dirty 20.
- Oh, the dirty 20.

- Wait, really, wait, really?
- Oh, oh!

- [Brennan] A nat 20?
- I'm nat 20.

- I'm nat 20!
- [Brennan] A nat 20!

(players shouting over each other)

- Okay, okay, I have an eight, does that?

I have an eight.

- [Brennan] You have an eight.
- Aw, Gerty!

- So, you're taking-
- I have anxiety!

(players laughing)

- So, I think that you,

it's like that performance anxiety,

if you're like, all right,
time to make darkness, bluh!

And it's just too much,
it just keeps coming,

you just can't stop making
darkness come outta your mouth.

So, with these two nat
20s, I believe on a 20,

you get a 34.
- Yep, nat 20 plus 14,

34, damn. (snaps fingers)
- Mine's 25.

- Incredible, so, Twyla,
Troyánn, Princess,

as it goes dark, what is it that you do?

I'll also say this, Twyla,

you have the ability as
a Gloom Stalker Ranger,

you can see in this darkness.

- Oh, so I can see.

- You can see in the darkness.

And for you two, this
darkness is actually,

because it's of a magical nature,

even this darkness is
obscuring your vision.

But you remember where the door-

- I feel like you knew that
before we cast the spell, Brennan!

- [Brennan] You, but it's all good,

you remember where the door is.

- [Monét] Yeah.
- So you know,

but you might have to make a check

to like get safely through the shop.

Twyla, we're gonna start with you.

- That won't disguise us then?

I'm sorry to cut you off.

- No worries, you can help disguise-

- Well, no one can see anything.

- But you, yeah, you-
- Ooh, it's us.

- So, Twyla, you can see-
- And then I can lead.

- You can see, so you could actually

help your friends get to the
door safely if you wanted to.

- Oh, if I want to.

- [Brennan] (laughs) If you want to!

- Well, I would love to,
(player gasps)

because my friends are my family.

Even though there are
things that you say about me

in the Underworld that I can hear.

(Brennan laughing)
- We're sorry.

- We're saying them to you, so,

(Jujubee laughing)

we assume you can hear them
'cause we're saying them

directly to you.

- Ladies-
- [Alaska] Let's get out.

- Let's get out.
- [Monét] Let's do it.

- Yeah.
- Whoo!

- Come on, Twy.

- Incredible.

I cannot believe, Bob,
how good Darkness is.

This guy has so many spells
that can instantly kill people

that he has to be able to see.

- Oh, werk!
- And. (laughing)

- That's so insane.

- You're in so much danger
right now, and this-

- But he can't see them though.

- He can't see you, he cannot see you.

- We gotta get far from this tavern,

this bazaar, this haberdasherie.

Not a haber-, that's where they make hats.

- Okay, Twyla, you grab the
hands of Troyánn and Princess,

and all three of you are
just, you've got the soul,

and you're booking it for the door?

- So I'm like this.

- All of you burst with Gertrude's shadows

still like clinging to your
body as you burst from the door.

Kerwyn whips around, and goes, oh,

did something go wrong in
there, is everything all right?

And unfortunately, Nyruth is
going to act before Gertrude.

Now, I have to look up,
'cause he has a Dispel Magic.

- Wait, am I by myself in here now?
- Wait, we're already out?

- Well, you were all running
for the door at the same time.

(Bob gasps)
- I'm so sorry.

- Well, I can see in the dark,

I can see through magical darkness.

- Yes, you can see through-
- Which is nice.

- You can see through magical darkness.

- [Alaska] Oh no.
- Am I by myself in here?

- Yeah, Gerty, I think you are.

- I can't cast a spell from outside for-

- [Monét] Yeah, I can't do anything.
- I have anxiety.

- 'Cause you know I have that power

to turn his ass really tiny.

- Do you now, you have a shrinking spell?

- Yes, yes, girl, look at this one.

- What is it called, tell me.
- Enlarge/Reduce,

shrink or grow an enemy or ally.

- Oh my God, werk.
- I know.

Maybe that's why I'm so small.

- Maybe, maybe you're-

- Shrunk myself.
- [Alaska] Uh-huh.

- I am in here close to this upset demon.

- Well, you caused it, baby.

- Knees buckling.

- Oh man.

- Darkness is just, yeah,
darkness is just coming out,

it will not stop.
- [Jujubee] Didn't I tell you why-

- She's still like, ah.

- Okay, this is what's going to happen.

That darkness spell was an incredible

bit of sorcery on your part.

He has so many powerful spells,

but unfortunately, all
of the most powerful,

he needs to be able to see you.

So, he's going to spend his turn

doing the one thing he can do,

which is dispelling your Darkness spell.

So, in other words, all
of you burst out the door,

and you see Nyruth goes,

I'm afraid shoplifting is not
appreciated! (imitates vaccuum)

And his jackal lips purse,
and he sucks the darkness

into his mouth.
- Oh.

- (Imitates vaccuum) Hello, friend.

It is your turn to act,
the Darkness is gone,

but he's used his turn,
and it is now your turn.

- Now, what do you do now?

- [Bob] Okay.
- But we're just

all staring at, in the window like, no!

- (silent) Go out through the door.
- Okay, this is wild.

Okay, so I have, okay, so
I know that he can dispel.

- Yes.
- So if I cast spells,

he can dispel them.
(intense dramatic music)

- But not until his turn.

- Not until his turn.

And he can also kill me in
one move, with one spell.

So, I have Counterspell?
(Brennan mmhmms)

(Jujubee gasps)
Which can,

so, okay, would Counterspell-

- [Brennan] Wait a minute.

- Oh my gosh.

- You can Counterspell the
dispelling he just did.

I just wanna make it clear
'cause you're playing

with these rules for the first time,

and Sorcerer's very complicated.

Normally, Counterspell only works

if you can see the other person,

but you can see through magical darkness.

- Ooh!
- Got it.

- So, if you want to dispel his dispel,

if you want to counter his Dispel Magic,

you can absolutely do that.

- Hey, can I also, I can't dash as well?

- You can dash as well,
and then it's your turn,

you can take a double move,
and sprint out of the store.

- Yes, I'm dashing 60 feet,

and the room is only 40 feet, as you said.

- [Brennan] Yes, that's correct.

- We are just regurgitating
and regurgitating

the same red smoke all over the room.

It actually looks kinda disgusting.

(Brennan laughing)

So, they're both kinda floating in the air

with the smoke going between their mouths.

- Y'all said 'Covid who?'

(players laughing)

- Droplets everywhere,
and then as the smoke

is just refilling the
room, they're both just,

their lips are almost
this close to each other.

And then she decides to dash.

Once the room is refilled with smoke,

she decides to make a dash for the door.

And then she's like,
we need to fucking go!

(players laughing)

- Incredible, so, (gasps)

he just like, his lungs filled with smoke,

the lips so close together,
wait, (imitates wind rushing)

Hit outta the shop.

All of you hit the street, and bail, boom-

- And he can't move that fast,
he's old, so we gotta go.

- You hear, oh, just a howl from that,

and saying, return that
soul to me, thieves!

(coughing) Fuck!

(players laughing)

And the smoke, ugh, shadow
coming out of his lungs.

All of you sprint out of
there as fast as you can.

I'm gonna need a group stealth check

to try to like avoid, like,
he's calling for the guards,

they're those big like frog demons around.

- I need this to be good.
- Fuck.

- Let's get a stealth check.
- And he's got it out for me.

- Yeah. (laughs)
(panicked orchestral music)

- Nine.
- [Bob] What do you got, Mo?

Mo, what is it, Mo?

- Oh, not a one.
- [Bob] Mo...

- One.
- A damn one.


- Oh no.

- Oh God, okay.
(die clicks)

(tense dramatic music)

Oh my God!
- What?

- It's a one!
(players laughing)

Yo, we're fucked, this jackal is,

you need to, okay, can we rely on,

or are we just fucked already?

- Well, you got two nat ones.

If you were to cast Pass
Without Trace, which it's,

I'm gonna say that-
- Should I roll still, or no?

- You can still roll, if Twyla wants

to cast Pass Without Trace-
- Uh-huh?

- First of all, Twyla
would have to beat nine,

which would become a 19.

But the way group checks
work is you just use

the top half of the results.

So theoretically, we could
cancel these ones out-

- Okay, you get a high roller.
- As long as we get higher.

But unfortunately, a nine is
still not very high as well.

- So, what do we need now?

- So, we would, I think, Twyla,

if you cast Pass Without Trace,

it'll be the last of your
powerful spells that you can cast,

at least until you get like a full rest.

So, does it feel important
in this moment to do that,

or do you want to play it without magic?

- I feel like we should do that.

- (quietly) Yeah.
- [Brennan] Okay.

- 'Cause that's the only way to save us.

- Are we gonna be able
to get rest in town?

There is an inn here, isn't there?

- [Brennan] So, there's an inn.
- I'll just disguise

myself as a bed.

(players laughing)

- [Brennan] I love it.
- Oh my god.

- So, once again, you call-
- You're a twin.

- You call on that fairy shadow magic,

so now we're gonna roll
your stealth check.

So, roll your stealth check here.

We need to beat, we still wanna beat that-

- Come on, Twyla.
- Come on, we need like a-

- Come on, Twy.
- A lucky 13,

that's your number.
(tense suspenseful music)

- (whisper) Okay, I never
ask you for anything.

(Brennan laughing)

This is what I want, and
I know you're really busy.

(Jujubee gasps)
(die clicks)

Ah, no!
- What, a one?

- A one!
- A one!

- [Brennan] Three ones!
- This

is un-fucking-believable.

- This is crazy!
- What?

- Why did you make me do that?
- The table is weighted,

it's magnets.
(players laughing)

It's magnets.
- Oh, what?

I don't get this.

- It's magnets, I know what
you all are doing over there.

- [Bob] The producers are-
- In video village

- The game is rigged!
- I see you.

- I smell a stunt.
- Rigor mortis!

- So people, hold on-
- Okay, what's hap?

- What happened?
(downcast piano music)

- Okay, so, tell us.

- So, here's what happens.

You all, this went off
without a hitch, baby.

- I hate my life.
- You got that soul,

sprint down the street.

You turn a corner, and
all of you full, like,

"Three Stooges" style, brah!

Right into the chest of
a hulking Janari demon.

- Oh God.

- Is he bigger than her?

- No, he is not bigger than Princess.

- Okay.
- He's still seven feet tall.

But you see that there are
about five of them right here.

- Whoa.
- [Alaska] Whoa!

- Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom!

Turn, and you see that, I'm gonna need,

with three nat ones, we have
to honor how unlucky that is.

So, I am going to need-
- Oh we do?

- A Dexterity saving throw from Troyánn,

and it's gonna be a difficulty of 20.

- Okay, now, I think I remember

one of my powers is I can swap
for this die if I need to.

- Ooh, is that based on,

do you remember the name of that power?

- No, I'm, kidding, it's not a power.

- Ok, Monét, you are so shady.
(Brennan laughing)

- I was so ready, I was so ready to do it.

Let's go ahead, you're going
to need a 15 or higher.

- You've got it, sis.
- Oh God.

- You can do it.
- Nat 20, watch.

- [Jujubee] Troyánn, you can-
- [Bob] You got it.

(die clicks)

What, if you say one,
I'm gonna just leave.

- What is it?
- It's a five. (laughing)

- [Brennan] It's a five.
- Oh, okay,

we are gonna get beat,
- [Brennan] So,

- We're gonna get trapped or some shit.
- [Brennan] All of you turn the corner.

As you run, Troyánn, you,

with a mighty leap, sprint, bam!

Hit this powerful chest of this, (snorts)

snarling demon in front of you.

And on that failed Dexterity save,

you watch the soul

(Monét gasps)

pop out of your bag as you fall backwards-
- No!

- And one of the demons, hwah!

Grabs it in his hand.
- Aw.

- Hey, what's this?

Where to in such a hurry?

(Brennan sniffs)
(tense perilous music)

Hey, wait a minute, and these hulking

sort of like toad reptile
demons gather around.

(Brennan sniffs and snorts)

You're not dead.

You're not dead at all.

- Yes, we are.

- Stop, stop lying!
(players laughing)

- Stop lying, Twyla!
- You are lying.

- What about a, wait, our Wraith Clasps?

- But well, they'll see
us change, we have to,

do we have to hide the Wraith Clasps?

- Okay, you have your,

so, you can activate your Wraith Clasps

now if you would like, to try
to like disguise yourselves.

- But they're gonna see
us, does that matter?

- You know, and Troyánn,
you know that it's not,

it's like, you, it's not like illegal

for the living to be here,

but it is suspicious
that there are so many.

- Yeah.
- Like a white girl

in Compton.

(players laughing)

You can be here, but
bitch, what you doing here?

(players laughing)

- [Brennan] You see-
- You trying to gentrify this,

the Underworld.

(players laughing)

You trying to gentrify Hollowgraves?

- You see that the Janari
looks down, and goes,

(snorts and sniffs) smell
blood in your veins.

What gives?

They sort of crowd around you.

With those, with those-
- They're gonna get you.

- With those-
- There's five them?

- There's five of them.
- And I can't do

any more spells?

- You've used your last
most powerful spell.

- And it was a one.
(tense perilous music)

- You used your last most powerful spell.

So, the issue here is this, right?

You can hear behind you
the footsteps of Nyruth,

like, leaving his shop
to come to chase you.

So, you have a hard decision to make.

Do you bail out, and run
away from these guards

while they have that soul?

Or do you stay and try to
like negotiate with them,

and let Nyruth catch up to you?

- Okay, so let's just think about this,

Nyruth is very powerful.
- Yes.

- He's not terribly fast, is he fast?

- No, not fast.

- He's not fast, but if he
gets here, he is powerful.

So, I feel like our options
are, we try to intercept Keke,

and fight her, and take the
soul, is she a good fighter?

- We trained together,
Keke's just as good as I am.

- She, okay, she's an, okay,
she's an incredible fighter.

But there are four of us.

We can either try to fight these guards,

they're huge, they're five,
and we are not lucky down here.

- You've also used a lot of
your powerful magic already-

- There's three of us-
- [Brennan] And you haven't

had a chance to rest.
- Yeah.

- [Brennan] It's not been an hour

since your fight against the undead.

- [Bob] We need to rest.
- Yeah.

- We need to rest.

I think we have to cut our
losses, and just run, I fear.

That's what I think,
what do you all think?

- I don't think we can beat these trolls,

we used so much magic.
- No.

- I used all the longbows,

all my arc, like, I don't
have any anymore power.

- So we gotta just

book it and run?

- We have to run,

we just cut our losses with the soul.
- [Bob] And we leave the soul?

- And then where do we go?

Just outside to hang out?
- To the inn.

Probably to the inn to rest.

- To the inn, yeah,
yeah, and then just hope

to try to find Keke, or
intercept her on her way here.

- Yeah.

- Okay.

- All right-

- I love that the guards and nice enough

to let us confer with each other

before they start attacking us.

- [Brennan] Yeah.
(players laughing)

The, one of them says-
- Take a moment.

- Hey, speak up.

And you see another one
says, let them have a minute!

Let them have a minute!
(players laughing)

- They're very nice.

- We, we're here to police
the souls of the dead,

not be rude.
(players laughing)

- And since they probably
recognize your face,

can you just ask them to let us go?

And we'll, so, we gave back the thing,

you have it, you have the offense.

Can we just go?

- But you do realize also that if you,

if Nyruth gets his thing back,

he'll probably stop chasing you as well.

Is there anything you,
are there any powers-

- We don't even have it anymore.

- Yeah, but the guards have it.

- Yeah, we're letting the guards have it,

the guards are gonna give it back to him,

and we're gonna ask-
- Or honestly,

let them fight it out.
- Yeah,

that's what I'm thinking is gonna happen.

- Yeah.
- Yeah,

'cause they want, probably
want a soul too, for whatever.

- Are there any powers or abilities

you'd use in this moment,
or are you just gonna-

- I, okay, I can.
- Okay.

- I can use my Fog Cloud,

I can create a deep
bank of concealing fog,

which would help us escape
the clutches of these guards.

- Right, we're just gonna run again.

- Yes.
- Got it.

- Incredible, what does it look like

as Troyánn casts Fog Cloud?

- I begin to like, I open my gills up,

and I just begin to. (blows)

Like hold, I can hold
my breath, but push out,

and just, it's creating vapor
from the water condensation

in my body, and making a huge cloud.

(imitates steam rushing through)

The mist billows in all
directions from Troyánn.

- Is this magical darkness?

- Yes, you can see in this, absolutely.

- [Bob] Got it, okay.
- So, as this happens,

all of you are fine,
and you still have the,

that Pass Without Trace.

So, all of you are gonna roll stealth.

Because of Fog Cloud, you're
gonna roll with advantage.

- Okay.
- So roll twice,

take the better of the two rolls.

- Rolling has not been our friend.

- No, not so far.
(dice clicking)

- Oh, I'm rolling two now.
- [Brennan] You're rolling two.

- Ooh, 19.

- [Brennan] 19, okay.
- Nice.

- So I'm good.
- [Brennan] Yes.

- Gerty.

- [Brennan] Hell yeah.
- One time.

(die clicks)
- Okay,

so, ooh!

Okay, that's a 19.
(Brennan gasps)

Plus 10, 29.

Plus five, 34.
- 34,

okay, some truly mammoth
rolls here, incredible.

- I have a three, Jesus.
- Roll again.

- Record-
- [Monét] Gerty...

I'm not doing it on purpose!

(players laughing)

(die clicks)

A 10.
- [Brennan] A 10, okay.

- [Monét] Okay, good.
- Plus a three.

- [Brennan] Plus another 10, so 23.
- That's a 23.

- Okay, and Alaska.

- I rolled a 13 plus a three.

- 16, and then plus 10 from that is 26.

Kerwyn rolls a 28, all
of you band together,

the fog erupts, and you
flee to the shadows,

and make your way, and
can hear in the background

as you rush through the
alleyways of Hollowgrave.

Gentlemen, I think you'll find that

the curio you've obtained
actually belongs to-

Easy there, easy there, jackal face.

And you see that there's, you can,

you hear like a little
scuffle between the guards

and Nyruth back there.
- Good.

- Oh.

- Do we see it, or we just hear it?

- You just hear it, I mean,

you can circle back to watch, but you-
- We ain't going there.

- We have to go.
- Okay, we gotta go,

okay, I'm- curiosity, you got me.

- Yeah.
(players laughing)

- I kinda like-
- Curiosity killed the witch,

- Well,

that's kinda curious.

- So, the hour draws nigh, like,

you know that you have to go to Shalila,

you're a soul short, which
has never happened before.

But it is what it is.
(tense orchestral music)

Either you're gonna,
like, either you're gonna

leave her waiting for maybe, you know,

Keena to get here, or
you're gonna go talk to her.

But either way, you know, the
inn is sort of your last hope.

(Monét mmhmms)

- So, part of me thinks
that we're at the inn,

we are near water, maybe
we can catch her resting

to recharge her amulet near the water.

And we can catch her, maybe?

But we have to rest, we
know that we have to rest.

- Yeah, so I think that we

we need to recharge our powers.

I say we get to the inn,
everyone get some sleep,

and then we can reconvene in the morning.

- How long has it been
since we started this-

- [Monét] There's no time here.
- 'Cause it's been like-

- When you were in the mortal world,

you left Greeley in the
middle of the night.

So, it's probably been a
couple hours of traveling.

So, it's like you've
been hiking all night,

have survived two combats,
and now it's like past

what would normally be dawn for you.

Obviously the Underworld
has no sun or moon.

- Yeah.
- But for you,

you've been awake probably
for like 24 hours now.

- Werk, so it is nighttime
again upstairs, up-

- [Brennan] Yeah, yeah, yeah, for sure.

- All right, we need
to lay our asses down.

- Yeah, we just go to the inn.

- Walking into the Inn of the Empty Glass,

you see a number of sort of cobwebs

all throughout this space,
creaking wooden stairs,

everything, you realize
the wood of this place

is all made of coffin wood.
(tense synth music)

And you see behind the bar
are a number of bottles

with different symbols and glyphs on them.

The symbols seem to register
different feelings or emotions.

You remember Nyruth talking
about happy memories,

and you wonder if he
doesn't take those memories,

and make them into whatever
is in these bottles out here

that the dead drink as
they wait in this town.

Looking behind the bar
is a beautiful woman.

She wears a sort of black leather corset,

her skin is pale white.

She has long black hair
that covers one eye.

Sort of those like fingerless
black leather gloves.

And you see-
- Cher.

- Cher.
(players laughing)

- Cher.

- [Brennan] Cher's here,

Troyánn, you recognize this person.
- Hey it's me, Cher.

- She smiles with blood red
lips, two fangs extended.

This is D'Hamia, she is
the vampire bartender here.

- She makes a really good Margarita.

- I was assuming her Bloody Mary would be-

- Wouldn't it be a Sangria?

(players laughing)

- I was assuming the Bloody Mary

would be kind of your specialty.

That's where she gives you,

you'd think it'd be the Bloody Mary,

she's like, actually,
(players laughing)

I make a good Margarita.
- Yeah, yeah.

- Exactly.
- She's like, it's too hack.

- Don't put me in a corner,

I make a fucking great Margarita.

- It's too hack to make
the Bloody Mary. (laughs)

- Getting the Triple Sec
down here is a nightmare.

(players laughing)

So, you see that she
looks, and says, Troyánn.

- Hey girl!

- I've been expecting you.

She hops over the bar, and
gives you a cold embrace,

but as warm as she can make it.

And says, haven't seen
you with company before.

Everyone, welcome to the
Inn of the Empty Glass.

Can I help you?

Our libations are not
truly for the living,

but we do have rooms for.

- D, that's what we need, we need rests.

We have had a very long
journey, we need to relax.

- She nods and says, absolutely,

There's a room upstairs
for you if you want.

I should tell you,
Shalila's out right now,

but she's been waiting here all day.

So do you, if she comes back,

should I tell her that you're here, or?

- No, speak not a word
to anyone that I'm here.

And by the way,

can I have the suite?

- The suite?

(sighs) You can have the suite,

but if someone comes and
asks for it, I gotta sell it.

- That's fine, that's fine, that's fine-

- Okay, yeah, yeah, for sure, for sure.

- What if someone important asks for it?

We don't run, I don't
wanna run into anyone else

until I've have a full night's sleep!

(Brennan laughs)

I'm exhausted.

- She shows you up to this
suite, and as she opens it up,

it has cryptic lace, Victorian
kind of gothic ambience.

it has cryptic lace, Victorian
kind of gothic ambience.

Huge canopy bed with kind of
like funereal lace covering.

- What's her name again?

- D'Hamia, it's-
- D'Hamia.

- D'Hamia Lovato.

- She sings "Stranger
in My House," D'Hamia-

(players laughing)
- Tamia.

- Oh, Tamia, no, no, it's a different.

- Demon, there's a demon in my house.

- Dim. (laughs)

- Now, I look at D'Hamia, I know you

don't hear this much here,
but I'm living for this place.

(players laughing)

Little, little, little,
little living humor.

- She, you see, she smiles, and says,

hey, we, you know, I try to
keep a classy establishment.

A lot of the people that
come in here are like

dripping from eternal
sores and stuff, it's,

I wish I had a better class of clientele,

but them's the breaks,
what are you gonna do?

So, suite is yours.
(tense piano music)

I won't tell anyone you're here.

I hope you enjoy the place.

We have no food that doesn't
turn to ash in your mouth,

but you at least can
rest here for a while.

And I'll just say, I'm, and
I know Troyánn knows this,

but the room is obviously free.

And if any of you feel like

you don't want all of your blood,

or there's a little bit of your blood

that you could do without, then,

but that's for you to decide,

and I'm not gonna be pushy about it,

but it's just, I don't get
a chance to feed very often.

- How about some playing cards?

(players laughing)
- Oh God, oh God.

- We'll sleep on it.

- [Brennan] Sleep on it, sleep on it.
- Yeah, yeah,

we'll sleep on it.
- Thank you.

- You see D'Hamia, D'Hamia goes
to the door, and goes like,

and just sort of pauses
and says, you know,

some people say it feels really good.

So, something to think about.

- All right, noted.
- Ooh.

- Thank you.
- I have a question for you.

Okay, my, does the Herbalism Kit,

does this help heal us, or does
this this speed up anything?

- Yes, you can speed up the
healing process here for sure.

- And is this something
I use for all of us,

or is this like a-

- [Brennan] No, you can
use it for all of you,

yeah, absolutely.

- Okay, so, I wanna,
maybe so we don't have

to sleep as long, 'cause
we don't want Keke

showing up in the middle of the night,

and we're just sitting here.

We don't want Shalila to
find out where we are,

so I'm just gonna try to Herbalism Kit us

to make sure we can just,

instead of a full eight hours of sleep,

maybe like, I don't know,
like get it down to-

- 12 minutes.

- I don't know, what's realistic?

Well, I guess it depends
on what I roll, but I mean-

- Yeah, let's make a
roll, let's roll about it.

So, gimme a d20 roll,
you're gonna add a plus,

I'm gonna say this is proficiency
plus your Intelligence,

so this will be a plus seven.

- And I like the CBD, not the THC.

- You ever heard of-
(player gasps)

- [Bob] My intelligence is a
plus four, then plus seven?

- Plus four, and then your
proficiency bonus is plus three,

so we're gonna add the four
and the three to make a seven.

- Seven, okay.

I'm trying to get us, see
how quickly we can heal.

- Okay.
- Okay.

- Come on, 20, nat 20.
(die clicking)

- Guys, a three.
- What?

- Again?
- However,

I will point out that all
of you have the ability

to give the help action when
you are in like, downtime,

when it's a little bit quieter.

So, if someone wants to help Gertrude,

you'd actually be able
to roll with advantage.

- I'll help.
- Thank you for help-

- Yeah.
- Thank you.

- All right, so go ahead and roll again.

- Thank you.
- Thank you.

- Troyánn over there
sitting on her thumbs.

(Monét laughing)

(die clicks)

- That's all I had to do to help?

- 19!
- [Brennan] 19!

- 26, baby.
- [Alaska] Hey.

- [Brennan] 26.
- Whoo!

- So, Twyla, so I think
the way this help works out

is you have some really
powerful teas, different herbs,

potions, tinctures, things like that.

But as you begin to
unpack your Herbalism Kit,

you actually see that the Underworld,

that wind that's been like
drinking at your life,

you're all powerful adventurers,

so you've been able to withstand it.

But like, the herbs and leaves in your kit

have kind of like rotted a little bit.

And I think Twyla's help
is like a little bit

of your druidcraft, you can

breathe some life back into those leaves.

- Oh, oh.


(players laughing)
- Yeah.

- And all of you have
this very powerful tea

that actually does
like, fill your stomach,

and make you feel as though you have like,

almost like you feel satiated
as if you'd had a meal.

- So, Gertrude's wearing like-
- Work.

- Like a boot up to the ankle.

She kicks her shoes off,
she goes over to the corner

in the kitchen area, and she
starts mixing up these teas,

and she is exhausted.
(tense synth music)

She has her hands on the
counter, she is breathing heavy,

she's avoiding eye contact
'cause she's embarrassed herself

several times on this journey,

and she's hoping to herself
that, I just met these girls,

maybe if I give them this
tea, it'll help us speed up,

I can get back in favor,

'cause I don't want them to not like me,

because I really wanna be liked.

- (gasps) Aw.

- So, she's like mixing up her teas.

And then she brings the
drinks over, and she goes,

hey, I got some tea for everyone.

Here's a cup, a teacup for you.

- Thank you.
(teacup clinks)

- A teacup for you.

I put yours in a bucket.
(bucket clinks)

- Heh.

(players laughing)

- And they all sit down
and drink their teas.

- You feel restored, and
you see Kerwyn kind of sad-

- Hey, where's Kerwyn?

- Yeah, Kerwyn's right here
with you, with all of you,

you see-
- This whole time?

- This whole time.
- But he wasn't fighting.

- He hasn't said shit.

- See, he looks and goes,

(sighs) wow, the tea looks awful good,

but I suppose it wouldn't do a dead soul

any good to have some. (sighs)


I neither sleep nor rest,

if you want me to watch
guard out in the hallway,

or while you're resting, skulk around town

to keep an eye out, I can do that.

- Absolutely, that would be-

- Do you know Shalila?

- Yeah, I know her well.

- If you see her-
- [Monét] Let us know.

- Please tell us, and
describe your cousin.

- So Keke, she is kinda built like me,

but except her skin is green as I'm blue.

And she has long black hair.

And she's a very fit warrior,

so be careful if you see her.

- Well, I will keep myself (sniffs) ready.

You see, he steps out into
the hallway, heads out.

All of you have this time to rest.

The howling winds of
the Underworld outside,

enclosed in this suite here
at the Inn of the Empty Glass.

But within an hour of resting,

you have the benefit of
a full night's sleep.

- Whoo!
- That 19.

- Thank God.

There we go.

- Not only do you have like your spells

and abilities back to full,

but also, that damage you
took from the river is healed.

- Oh great.
(meter whooshing)

- You feel the tea restoring you,

and there's this warm feeling
of life, and stability,

and a little bit of being
centered here in this space.

After an hour has passed,
you hear a knock at the door.

(hand tapping)

It's Kerwyn.

I have come back after exploring.

There are guests downstairs.

I found neither hide
nor hair of your cousin,

but Shalila waits with her
entourage downstairs. - Shoot.

- She does not know you
are here, but she is there.

- How many people are in the entourage?

- Four.

- We cannot fight these people.

- I, you don't have to tell me twice. - We
should go out the window up onto the roof,

like a, you know, a,

shh, the sheets out the
window, that kinda thing.

- I would-
- Oh, can you, (indistinct)

could you pick us up?

- Yeah, but well, I could pick us up,

but couldn't we just do
another Pass Without Trace?

- Well, you can't really, remember,

you can't move a lot when you do the Pass,

you have to kinda like hide.

Is that the thing?

And so you can like-
- Yeah,

so you have to be trying to hide.

So, you would have to like

sneak out another way potentially.

- Okay.

- Which is possible to do.

Kerwyn speaks at the door, and says,

if you wish to avoid Shalila,
I can make a distraction,

and try to get you some space.


without a soul to give,

you will probably pay the price in
other ways. - Oh, we can't leave,

we gotta, oh wait,

we gotta, we can't, okay.

- What if you just say, hey, I got sick?

(players laughing)

- Yeah, it's just never worked before.
- Is Shalila the type to be like,

and don't (stammers)
just get me next time?

- Our edge...river?

- Everdeep.

- In Everdeep, my mother has vowed

to give seven souls per season.

Can't show with any less.

- [Bob] You had a whole season-
- Her season, or?

- That's 28 souls a year.

(Brennan laughs)

- Great job. Twyla.

- That's a lotta souls, baby.
(players laughing)

- [Bob] Like, she really
mathing over here.

- Yeah, I was really good in Math.

- I love that.

- So, we cannot, we, I cannot
show without less than seven.

- How do we get your cousin to come here?

- Maybe she's not coming.

- Maybe she's dead.

- Well, she, maybe she's
already there, we don't know.

We have to go get her,
we have to fight her.

The, okay, all right,
here's our other option.

We're not going back to fight the jackal,

he whooped our asses, okay?

- We're done with jackal.

- We're done-
- Although

we have rested now, we're
more powerful again.

- No, we're done with jackal head.
- Yeah, we're done with, yeah. (laughing)

So, we have to, we-

- We're not, we're done
with the deck of cards.

- I mean.
(Alaska laughing)

- We have to go, at this point, we,

our only option is to find your cousin,

and get the soul from her.

We literally have to, there's no other,

what other option do we have?

- Isn't she here?

She's not here?
- We don't know where she is,

we haven't seen her.

- Well, let's fucking find
her, does anyone have a-

- Do you like do some kinda
whale call? (burbling)

- Well, I do have a
thing, I do have a thing,

but doesn't she need to be there?

It's the Hunter's Mark.

- Hunter's Mark is a
power that lets you deal,

you put it on someone,

and you deal more damage
when you strike them.

- Okay, so, okay, so that doesn't matter-

- Yeah.
- Right now.

- I don't have anything
that can help us do this.

- Kerwyn-
- On the plus side,

we are rested, we got that going for us.

- Kerwyn at the door speaks up, and says,

(sighs) there is,

there is a way for you to
maybe buy some time, Troyánn.

there is a way for you to
maybe buy some time, Troyánn.

- I'm listening.

- Shalila is the servant
of none other than Thanara.

She reports directly to
her, the Goddess of Death.

- Mm.

- When the souls are given to her,

she will take them
directly to her mistress.

Her mistress, the goddess, will be able

to tell instantly if a
soul is worthy or not,

but Shalila may not.

It is possible that you could put a soul

in the amulet for a time.

And if you could somehow beat
Shalila to Thanara's castle,

And if you could somehow beat
Shalila to Thanara's castle,

the Tower of Tombs in the
center of the Underworld,

you might buy yourself some
time to find your cousin,

and find a worthy soul, or
something else like that.

It's an option.

- So, you are offering-
- Where are we

gonna get a soul from?

- Him.

- He's dead, he has no soul.

- Twyla.
(player mmhmms)

(players laughing)

- All right.

(players laughing)

Honestly, I'll disguise myself as a soul.

- Wait, so, here's a question.

If one of us offers our soul,
(Brennan mmhmms)

will we become undead in this moment?

- You, your soul will
be captured in the gem,

you'll be fully captured in the gem.

- The whole thing, you won't walk,

you're not walking around,
undead, you're in there.

- You're, you are fully in there.

- How do I get out then?

- Well, we don't, you don't,
don't sacrifice yourself yet.

- Yeah, we don't have a plan yet.

- However, all of the
dead wandering the streets

of Hollowgrave are themselves
like spirits, they are souls.

So, you could go find
someone off the street.

- What about Kerwyn?

- Let's go-
- That's what

I'm talking about.

- No, he, no, no, no,
he's nice, this is a trap.

Let's go just beat up someone,

let's go find someone who's-
- Beat up, yeah, you-

- Who's doing no good.
(players laughing)

- The true Gerty showing.

(players laughing)

Let's go kill someone and get their soul.

- No, they're all, first of
all, they're already dead.

We gotta find someone who's
up to no good, we gotta-

- We shoulda kept Wallace.

- Let's find, if we can get

one of those guards by themselves,

if we can find someone out there,

there's gotta be some
bad people down here.

Someone's, someone deserves it.

- I'm sure they're attracted
to faes, I can work my magic.

- We gotta get one.

- Kerwyn looks around,
and gestures to, like,

a sort of small external staircase,

almost like a fire escape
at the back of the inn,

going down to the street,
that you could sneak out,

grab somebody to stuff in that amulet,

and try to pass it off to Shalila

to at least buy yourself some time.

- I mean, that sounds like a good option.

- How many-
- But is there any,

is there any chance
that D'Hamia can offer,

if one of us lets her get a little blood?

I don't even wanna know what
happens when you do that.

- Oh, it's a good idea.

- Can she help us with something?

Well, do you think she'll let us?

- If we go get someone to get, oh no,

but we're the only people
with blood down here.

- She has the most blood
'cause she's the tallest,

so I volunteer you.

- We could offer her-
- Yeah, that's okay.

- Some blood if she will lend
us her soul for a moment.

We can't promise she's gonna get it back,

but we're, we can ask.

- This is not fair, she
has a business to run,

she is a single, she's-
- We're asking,

we're not demanding, we're asking.

- She's a single mom who works three jobs.

(Brennan laughing)

- Let's give it, single, just
had in the heart of a fire.

- She loves her kids, and she never stops.

- Kerwyn runs down, and
a moment later comes up,

and you see D'Hamia at the doorway saying,

hey, Kerwyn brought me up here.

You know Shalila's downstairs, right?

- We know.
(Jujubee gasps)

- [Monét] We know.
- Okay.

- D'Hamia, hear us out.
- Okay.

- If we let you drink
of one of us for blood.

- Oh yeah.
- Can you get us a soul?

- What, like a good one?
(tense droning music)

- It just has to be-
- Eh.

- Good enough for now.

- I got some souls, I got some souls-

- I mean, hopefully they did like

some charity work sometimes,
and they, you know.

- I got a, yeah, I can, I'm
trying to think of charity work.

Would you consider,

would you consider someone who,

there's a guy I have in a
gem downstairs who like,

had a thing in college
where he stood on a sidewalk

with a free hugs sign.

- Oh.
- Is that-

- We'll take it, that's,
but that sounds sweet.

- Okay.
- That sounds like

a double major of bullshit and bullshit.

(players laughing)

- I'll go get free hugs guy, does any,

and I really appreciate the blood thing.

Is there, is this something like,

everyone's gonna get in on it, or just?

- Urr.
(players laughing)

- Take as much as you want.
- Ooh.

- Wait, if we give a
little bit of all of ours,

then it's not a big deal, 'cause
if it does do some damage,

which it probably will-

- But I can heal her.

- If we all do just a little
bit, then it's not as big,

'cause this could hurt her.

So, if we all do just a
little, is that a thing?

- Yeah, D'Hamia look and
says, no, no, no, no,

ah, look, it's just,
you know, you know me,

people like, Princess,
like, a woman of your height

and build can probably give a
liter completely comfortably.

- A liter?
- Her veins

are the size of my neck.
- [Bob] You're a happy with a liter?

- You're gonna be fine.

- (sighs) I'd be happy with a
drop, a liter is gonna do me.

- A liter, I just met her.

(players laughing)

- She just said you-
(Bob claps hands)

- Pop a vein, baby,
slap them motherfucking.

- So that, so-
(Alaska clapping)

- So, at this point, Gertrude

takes her backpack off,
and undoes the buckle,

and straps it around her,
(buckle clinking)

straps it around
(Brennan laughing)

Princess's arm to get a vein.

- I didn't know that
you were a phlebotomist,

- Just pop that one,

gets a vein popping, honey.

- You see D'Hamia starts like
salivating blood, and is like,

I (smacks lips), I really appreciate this.

She's like, she runs
downstairs, comes back up with,

it's like, the other gem
saw was like pulsing red.

This one's red, but it's, you
just see a guy who's like,

sort of scruffy, he's wearing
like a stained sweatshirt,

and a cardboard sign that says free hugs

inside of this little gem.

- This is me every December

when I don't do drag for a month.

(Brennan laughing)

Playing "Fortnite" on my couch.

(players laughing)

- [Brennan] There's just huge
Dave Matthews Band energy

kind of emanating from the gem, and-

- Oh.

- Oh, (laughs) you see, she
hands the gem over to you,

Troyánn, and you,
(gem whooshes)

it enters the amulet,
and the amulet glows.

It is filled, even though one

of the souls in it is not worthy.

You see, she goes, thank
you so much for this.

I know you got, do you,

is everyone gonna stay in the room?

We're gonna watch, we're gonna not watch?

- Do you want us to be here?
- Yeah.

- [Jujubee] I think we should.

- We'll turn our backs,
(eerie electronic music)

but we'll give you a
little bit of privacy,

but we are, we are here.

- I'm actually watching.
- Yeah,

but we're turned on.

I'm just.
(Brennan laughs)

- D'Hamia goes-
- I'm enjoying this.

- And again, some people
tell me this feels good.

(slurps) Ah!

And fangs distend and she (bite crunches)

Bites into your arm, (gulping)

You see bits of blood
draining down her chin.

- A liter, don't get greedy!

(Brennan laughs)

- Go ahead and give me a
Constitution saving throw.

- Constitution, okay, all right.

(die clicks)

Eight plus seven.

- 15, a great roll.

What does it feel like to
Princess as this vampire,

like, wraps her lips around your arm,

and begins to drink the
blood out from your arm?

What's going through Princess's mind?

- I think it does feel kinda
good, she kinda likes pain.

(Brennan gasps)
- Ooh.

- So, it like feels kinda weird and good.

- Yeah, there's this feeling of like,

you can feel your heart
rate kind of pick up

as the blood goes through your arms.

D'Hamia. (gasps)

And you can see her body
like fills with power,

her eyes kind of shimmer for a second.

(Brennan sighs)

It's been many years.

Thank you.

- And that's royal blood, baby.

(Brennan slurps)
- It is sweeter.

- It's very special, and
I don't know, you know,

this, if this is a casual thing
to you, that's totally fine,

but if you wanna talk later,

I don't wanna put anything
on you, but I feel,

I feel very connected to people after.

- It's friends with benefits now.

- I'll see you around.

(players laughing)

- Princess knows how
to let them down easy.

- Yeah, yeah, I'll see you
around obviously, obviously,

and thank you, and thank
you so much for that.

(sighs) Be normal.

And you see, she walks out of the room,

and Kerwyn looks at you, and says,

as your uncle, that was strange
for me to be in here for.

(players laughing)

- She is a full woman now, so.
- He is a freak..

- I know you're an adult,
you have your own life,

but to me, you will always
be that little girl.

- [Jujubee] Oh.

- So, your full amulet.

- Finally.
- Are you ready

to go down there, and?

- I say let's go talk to Shalila.

- Is she friendly?

- Shalila is not friendly.

- Jesus, is anyone here nice?
- How tall is she?

- I'm just worried that she gets upset

by that amulet not being,
the last soul being tainted.

- She doesn't know, she
just, she's a collector.

- Yes, she knows.

- No, he just said she
doesn't know. (laughs)

- Oh, he did?
- She, oh yeah,

she won't be able to tell,

but her Mistress will be able to tell.

- Yeah.
- Mistress,

that's what I'm talking
about, Mistress Shalila.

- But then she has to
bring it to her, maybe she-

- She brings it to her,
so, the Goddess of Death,

Thanara, will be able to tell,

but Shalila will hopefully be.

- Thanara will be very upset
if we, so, maybe we can,

we have been able to
buy ourselves some time.

So, in the event that she takes it over,

that Shalila takes it over to her,

and by the time we get there, we're like,

haha, just kidding, sorry, I
put the wrong one in there,

I hate when that happens.

(Brennan laughs)

Can I get that one back,
and I'll give you this one?

She'll be pretty chill.

But we gotta-
- Yeah, yeah.

- We just bought ourselves some time.

- Yeah, we did, okay.
- Yeah.

- So I'm gonna head down.

- You head down.
(tense ominous music)

In the room down here,
you see there are several

suits of armor that within their visors,

you see there are no bodies within them.

But instead a pale, ghostly mist,

and two points of white light,

the spirits of these dead
knights animate their old armor

that just stands flanking a woman

that sits at the sort of main
table in the common room.

She has a black velvet
gown with silver brocade,

a long cloak that looks
to be made of almost oil,

a sheen of black fabric
that flows like liquid.

Her dark skin, and her
midnight black lips,

and two pure black eyes like sharks' that,

foo, shimmer with white
light as she blinks.

You see long decorated silver
braids cascades around her.

And you see that she has sort of a almost

"Phantom of the Opera"
style, a partial mask-

- Ooh.
- That covers a half

of her face, and you can see peeking out

from under the edge of the
mask, a hint of death and rot.

Troyánn, I have been
waiting here for some time,

you are later than usual,
and you come bearing

strange company.

(tense eerie music)

- We're in training.

- Gimme a deception check.

- Goddammit-
- Ooh, damn.

- Why did I say anything,
why did I say anything?

(Brennan laughing)

We're in training, and I just
rolled a nine plus a what?

Deception, is deception in here?

- Deception, I think it's plus five.

- Deception, plus five, so I'm at a 14.

- You see, she says, you're all training

to be merfolk assassins?

Incredible, well, I don't know

what's going on up in
the world of the living,

and I don't care to know.

But you are very late,
do you have your souls?

- My sincerest apologies.

Yes, I do.

I look, reach down, untie the
satchel, and hand it over.

- She takes it.


Seven souls.

Very well done.

Drops it in a bag.

So, I suppose you are all learning

to make this trek yourselves.

If you are working on Troyánn's behalf,

you will know me as
Shalila of the Half Mask.

I am a servant of these realms,

and tend to the collection of these souls.

How very odd to see you all here.

What of your journey now?

I presume you will return
to the realms above.

- I'm afraid to speak.

(players laughing)

(Brennan claps hands)

- Am I speaking for us all?

- I ain't got nothing to say.

- Talk for us, you're gonna-
- 'Cause I got nothing to say.

- She's your friend, she's
your friend, your colleague!

- Because you know her.

- Yeah, so, we, they came to get,

to help me to show them what it is to be

an expert assassin, and
get all those souls.

And now we're just gonna head back home,

and have a, we have a game
night we're planning for.

Playing a new game in Valhalla.

- Kelvorda.
- Kelvorda.

(players laughing)
- Valhalla.

- Yeah, called "Dungeons and Dragons,"

we're gonna go play that tonight.

- Oh.

How many people can play?

- Four.

- Oh.
- Hundred.

- 400.
(players laughing)

- Stop, stop, you're good-
- And she,

Shalila says, oh, because
I love board games.

- Aw.
(Monét laughing)

- Look, we-
- Twyla.

- Something, she could
bring her whole army!

- (laughing) 400.
- That's fine.

(players laughing)

- [Bob] Jesus!

- I have 395 close friends.

(players laughing)

- All you gotta do is
disguise yourself as the game,

and then we are gonna be
left to fight by ourselves.

(Bob laughing)

- That's so fun, so, how do you play?

Is it sort of like a collaborative thing?

Are you all like playing
against the game, or?

- We got, we actually,
we have to rush back.

As you know, her mother is a real-

- Yeah.
- Is a real harpy.

- Oh, yes, for sure, well, of course,

anyone who had made a deal
to live forever would be.

- [Bob] Oh, this is- (indistinct)

- What?
(tense rhythmic music)

- Of what do you speak my mother?

- I'm going to need everyone
here to make an insight check.

(dice clicking)

- I have a nine.

- 14.
- 14.

- You got lucky hands, bitch.
- I have a 16.

(Bob gasps)
- 16.

- Nine.
- We both have nines.

- Yeah.

- So, as you say, what do you mean?

You see, she looks at you,

and you immediately see a
look of concern on her face.

She looks at you.

Surely I do not say anything

that you are not already aware of.

- I do not know of this deal

of my mother that you speak.

- Who do you make such a deal with?

- With my mistress, the Goddess Thanara.

(Jujubee gasps)

28 souls a year.

- These, so, you're doing this
just to keep your mom alive.

- No, nope, nope, nope-
- You've been doing

all of this work to
keep your mother alive,

did you know this?

- We have been doing all this for to keep-

- We are, I just started
this week, I'm a trainee.

Do you know about this?

- I had, did not know of this.

- You didn't?

- No.

- So, you thought you were just

going out collecting 28 souls a year.

- Your mother told you
this was to save Everdeep.

- Everdeep.

- Your mama's a liar.

- It's just to save her.

- Uh-huh.

What a self-centered person.

- Well, I don't wanna start throwing,

and she's still her mother, I don't wanna-

(Brennan laughing)

Let's be respectful.

- Don't talk about my mother like that.

- Baby.

- Can you disguise yourself as a person

who thinks before they speak?

(players laughing)

- I'm disguising myself as an expert

on self-centered people.

She sounds like an alcoholic.

(players laughing)
(Brennan clapping hands)

- Well, and we can all agree,

there are some character
flaws with Troyánn's mom.

We can agree there's a few
character, I'm not trying-

- She's a liar!
- I'm not trying

to take her inventory or anything.

- We would all allow this. (laughs)

I'll take her inventory for her.

(players laughing)

- You see that Shalila
looks at you, and says,

I would've thought,
(tense droning music)

I'm sorry if this is news to you.

Perhaps I am betraying some secret

that I swore to my goddess,

but she never mentioned
to me to keep it secret.

I thought you would've known,

given what happened to your father.

- What happened to my father?

- Didn't you just see him recently in a?

- You remember seeing him in the river,

and saying they lied to you.

And you see, she says,

well, who do you think
had this job before you?

And who do you think

(Jujubee gasps)

paid the price when he discovered?

(players whispering indistinct)

- Wait, did her father
have the job before her?

- I think so.

- And then because he didn't do it,

well, they killed him.

- Yes.

- Because he was short probably one time.

- He probably had 27 souls one year.

- Wait.

So, we think that maybe
your dad used to do this-

- Would make sense.

- Because he was short one
time, this happened to him.

- But he said they lied to you.

- And also my father could not swim.

- Who's they?
(tense string music)

- He can't swim at all?

- He was an out-
- Your mom can't walk,

so where'd they meet?

- On the sand.

(players laughing)

- At the shore.

- They met at the beach.
- Got it.

- He was fishing.

- Got it, got it, got it.

- Oh my gosh.

- So, my father was killed

for not having enough souls
for you and the mistress.

- I believe it was a little
more complicated than that.

- Wait, don't I have a,
like, a mind reading spell,

or some shit?
- Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

- Can I get in this lady's head?

'Cause she's being very cagey.

- She is being very cagey.

You, if you wanna cast Detect Thoughts,

you cast this spell.
(magic whooshes)

You see Shalila, she is caught
off guard in this moment,

'cause she feels like she's
maybe spilled the beans

on something that she
wasn't supposed to know,

or wasn't supposed to tell you,

or assumed that you knew.

You see, in Shalila's head, this idea

that the deal was obvious to
the entire family of Everdeep.

And that when her father
had failed, that like,

his death was understood to be a failure.

However, you gain extra
information, not from Shalila,

but from these deathly
knights that surround her,

that are so ancient that they actually

witnessed what happened.

A memory that all of them
are reliving in this moment.

And you see Troyánn's
father, Roy of Karkyn,

an ancient forest, an elven archer.

And you see the memory that
they have in this moment

is of Roy standing on a platform,

floating in empty void, looking up.

And you see for the first
time in their memory,

a face of her.
(tense ominous music)

She is 18 feet tall, a giant.

With long horns, gray-purple skin,

in gleaming bronze attire,

a beautiful Goddess of
Death, with long wings

as of a bat or dragon
spread from her back.

She gazes down imperiously.

You see the sorrowful eyes

of this beautiful elven man looking up.

(tense dramatic music)

I'm sorry, mistress of the Underworld.

I did not know.

I thought,

I thought only that I was saving Everdeep,

these people,

I did not know the deal that

the Queen of Everdeep had struck.

And now I feel I have
doomed all these souls

to your pit for a cause I no longer

can say is true or just.

And you see that the goddess
Thanara looks and says,

what then would you do,

knowing what your actions have caused?

I would ask, mistress,
that you let them free.

And what would you pay to
right the wrongs I've done?


She says, a worthy price.

She points a finger, and you see, he says,

but wait, before I go,
can you tell my daughter-

And (whoosh) a spell

Roy, (gasps) dies, having given his soul

to free the souls that he had brought

here over long years of service.

You see that memory, Gertrude,

and in this memory that you see,

even though you are reading
the minds of these knights,

the magic shifts somehow.

In this memory, you see the
Goddess of Death (gulps)

swallow that soul, Troyánn's father.

(tense dramatic music)

And then even in a memory that
you are reading with a spell,

she goes,

(magic whooshing)

Looking for me, Gertrude?

- So then,
(Alaska gasping)

Gertrude immediately bolts out of there.

And she, she's like trying
to get outta this memory,

and she grabs the hands of the girls,

she goes, we have to leave right now.

(tense orchestral music)

And then we storm out
the door, can we do that?

- [Brennan] You can run
right out the door, so-

- To where, where we going?

- Shalila goes, thanks for doing business,

I'll try to be at board
game night if I can!

(Brennan laughs)

- Where we going, Gerty?

- Okay, we're out, we,
I just wanna get away

from Shalila for a second.

I don't know, okay, she-

- What did you see?

Tell us.
(tense piano music)

- Shit, okay, I don't know,
and I'm thinking to myself.

I'm thinking this in my head,

you all can't hear this thought,

'cause I'm thinking to myself, like,

if I tell her this, Troyánn this,

how much will this upset her?

Will this make her, she already
doesn't like her mom anyway,

and she thinks that her dad was killed,

but she doesn't know that
he nobly gave his own life

to return all the souls.

Should I tell her?

- Yes.

- Or should I just be like,

eh, it's nothing, and just keep going?

- You tell her.

- But you don't, you can't
hear me thinking to myself.

(Bob laughs)

- Well, I can hear you.

- Oh yeah, Juju being here, you get-

- I'm Jujubee, I can hear-

- Yeah,
(Alaska laughing)

you think I should tell her?

- I think you should tell-
- Would you?

- I think is it, wouldn't you wanna know?

- Well, it depends on
what it is though, what I-

- Well, I mean.
- Yeah.

- She just found out
her whole life's a lie.

- Well, I mean, but-

- She's in a dirty business.

- I think it's better to just hit her

with all the wounds today
(Brennan laughs)

than to wait-

- Okay.
- And let her know later,

- Okay.

- Good idea, Jujubee, now.

- I'd be a great parent.

(Bob laughs)

- [Bob] Troyánn.

- Yeah, what'd you see?

- One of the guards was there
(tense eerie music)

the night that your father lost his soul.

He wasn't killed in battle.

He gave his soul.

- For what?

- He gave his soul to restore the lives,

and the souls of all the
people that he had killed

after years and years
collecting over a hundred souls.

So, he gave his life to
the, he gave his life to-

- Thanara?
- Thanara.

- Thanara, he gave his life to her.

And he was trying to
send a message to you.

He wanted to say something
to you, but before he could,

she didn't care to hear
it, she just sucked it up.

And then she ate his soul.

And then I swear to God, she looked at me,

like, I know, she looked at me.

So, I think that she knows how I look now,

hey, which is very unnerving.

But she is ruthless.
- Was she intercepting

your thought of the memory
that she was seeing?

- She was just, it's like, it's,

I normally, I'm just like in the area,

but it was like I was there,
I was a person in the room,

she looked straight at me.

- Hmm.
- And it did,

she didn't look happy.

She didn't, it was not, it
wasn't like, 'hey girl.'

(Brennan laughs)

It was nefarious, this look.

- I can't believe this.

So, is my mother a liar?

- She lied.

And your dad found out.

- He fuck around and he found out.

- He fucked out and he found out, honey.

- Mm-mm-mm-mm-mm.

- And I'm sorry to be
the one to tell you this.

- It's better you than Twyla.

(players laughing)
- Well I didn't know this stuff.

I would've at least
texted it to you, girl.

- And Twyla, Twyla woulda been like,

your daddy dead to keep your mom alive.

(players laughing)

- Your mama's a liar.

- Liar, alcoholic, daddy's dead as hell.

- Baby.

(players laughing)

- All of you stand sort
of here on the street,

having divulged this.

You see Shalila, and those death knights,

those of sort of armored knights.

She has her souls, she's heading off

deeper into the Underworld.

You see Kerwyn standing
out here with you, saying,

well, your business is done, Troyánn,

but as we all well know,
(tense eerie music)

your true business brought
you here for other reasons.

Reasons I'm not quite sure of myself.


if there are boons you wish from

her, Mistress of Death,

Shalila is the one headed after her.

- So, do we go back and confront your mom?

That could take a very long time.

Also, I have a feeling if we
go back, and confront your mom,

and then T'Alia, D'Alia finds out that

she doesn't have the soul,
we're fighting your mom,

we're fighting all the merfolk,

and we're fighting her at
the same time, this is a lot.

We probably should just
keep journeying on.

- I think keep journeying on.

- What do you guys think?

- We have to like confront
Thanara, don't we?

- And that-
- I feel like that

is what we have to do.

- 'Cause you have business with her.

- Yes, I do.

- And kind of, so do all of us.

- As you look out at
Shalila traveling there,

you see in the direction
that she is traveling,

Twyla and Princess, both
of you look out there,

and see far off in the mountains,

(thunder cracking)

A flash of red lightning.

Crimson storm clouds gather.

Twyla, you've seen these once before.

And Princess,

you seem to recall that
red glow in the sky

over the fire that took
your family's home.

- This is Zaria.

- Both of you stop for a moment,

and you look around through Hollowgrave

in all these places here.

As Shalila travels out
across the wasteland,

you see that the expanse,
far from being untouched,

is filled with thousands of footprints.

(ominous tense music)

And you suddenly realize
the armies of Zaria Hex

have passed through this way, headed-

- Had a lot of them.

- Headed to the Tower of Tombs,

the home of the Goddess of Death.

- So, we're gonna get there, the,

she's there, her army's there.

- Her army, Zaria.

- Shalila's there, she's not nice.

- I have a sneaking suspicion that

my mother will have
something to do with this.

- You think she's there?

Maybe she's in a wagon.

- She's dug a trench.

- Yeah, maybe.

- Kerwyn looks at the
rest of you, and says,

for better or worse,

all roads seem to lead
to the Tower of Tombs,

and the mistress of the Underworld.

- We're rested, let's
head off to the tower.

- Yeah, let's go.

- We got to.

- He sort of shoulders his sword,

puts an arm around his niece,

and you see it standing in the doorway,

D'Hamia smiles and says,

best of luck on your journey.

I'll keep an eye out
for that cousin of yours

if she shows up.


it was really lovely to
meet you, and I did feel,

I felt a strong connection, I
don't know if you did or not.

- We gotta go.

(players laughing)

- Right.

No, of course, obviously.

And I didn't, and when I
said strong connection,

I didn't wanna make anyone uncomfortable.

So, great, thank you for,
thank you for your business.

- Bye D'Hamia, blood to see you.

- Oh, blood to see you,
(laughs) that's fun.

- Yeah.

(players laughing)

- [Brennan] She walks in.

- It feels like if you
flirt with this vampire,

we might have a extra person to

help us with-
- The vampire come up with us?

- She wants to run the hotel.

- She, girl, dead people
don't need to sleep.

(players laughing)

The hotel literally is only
here for the alive people.

- We'll keep going forward-
- And there's only four

that come down once in a while.

- We're gonna pimp out our orc friend.

- Yeah.
(Brennan laughing)

- Why not?

- And the four of you head
off on the trail of Shalila,

and her four death knight guardians.

As red clouds gather overhead,

crimson lightning strikes,

as in the distance,
(thunder rumbles)

you see it.
- Hmm.

- Raised aloft, the Tower of Tombs.

And that's all for this
episode of "Dimension 20!"

Tune in next week as we venture

to the lair of the Goddess of Death!

- Wow.
- I'm scared.

- I am too.
- Me too!

(tense ominous music)

- The Underworld has
always been a dismal place,

but of late, it has grown darker still.

- And now we just have
to continue the journey.

- Strange appetites of
the Goddess Thanara.

- Y'all don't really think Thanara

would leave the throne
just to go for a walk?

- No.
- I don't know her, I think-

- No.
(tense dramatic music)

- Maybe she's been
locked up for seven days,

she's getting over a cold,

and she's get 30 minutes
a day to walk around.

- [Bob] There's a small
chance we could ask.

(players laughing)

- It's true that you no longer care

to uphold the deal your mother struck,

but you do know that the
goddess of the Underworld

is expecting seven souls.

- Why don't we beat up Shalila,

and take her like metal
guys, and use them?

- Wait, why are we-
- Or befriend her?

I don't know.
- Why do we wanna?

- The jackal guy.

- Mm.
- Oh,

I would love to revisit him.
(player laughing)

- I do, I would too.

- Welcome to Nyruth's-, unreal.

- Before you do, don't, but-

- So hey.

(Brennan laughing)

- What could await you
in the Tower of Tombs?

One Seed of the All Blossom yet lives!

- We know.
(tense adventurous music)

- You know?
- Wait,

I'm like, wait, what, what?

- Yeah, that's a little fishy.

- Yeah, like, what is she doing here?

This is crazy.

- I think we're all gonna die.
- Maybe we have-

- Bingo.

- Oh-
- What?

- What do we have to fight?

- Girl, you okay?

- I'm scared!

- [Monét] Oh my God!

- Wait, wait, wait, wait!

- Ah!

- Wait, wait, wait!

- Whoa!
- Enough!

- Ah!
- Jesus!

- Oh great!

- We're in a world of trouble.

- [Brennan] The time has come!

(Jujubee gasps)
(tense suspenseful music)

And you literally-

- That's very triggering
to "Drag Race" girls,

"the time has come" is a very-
- I know.

- And I did not stretch today.

(ominous whoosh)

(house music)

(house music)