Dimension 20 (2018-…): Season 15, Episode 5 - Through the Hedge Maze - full transcript

The pack of pixies navigate a hedge maze vying for the Crystal Heart.

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(dramatic tones resound)

(fancy instrumental music)

- To the churlish Captain K.P. Hob,

venerated soldier of the Goblin Court,

to the Master of Ceremonies
Delloso de la Rue,

pride of the Court of Wonder

to the illustrious Gwyndolin Thistle-hop

of the Court of Wonder

to the tenebrous Prince Andhera,
scion of the Unseelie Court

and to the notorious Lords of the Wing,

Lady Chirp Featherfowl,
Countess of Cluckingham,

and Lord Squak Airavis,
Earl of Peckersburg.

Honored Archfey, we are
delighted to welcome you

to "A Court of Fey & Flowers."

(birds chirping)

Salutations and welcome to

"A Court of Fey & Flowers"

here on Dimension 20.

I am your master of both hedges
and dungeons, Aabria Iyengar

and with me causing
scandals and shenanigans

are my beautiful pack of pixies.

Say hi, pack of pixies!

- [Players] Hi, pack of pixies!

- Our previous chapter was a
buffet of secrets and truths

as our Fey begin to really settle

into their roles within the Bloom.

Andhera and Hob found common
ground on the sparring grounds.

Gwyndolin made a brand-new brunch friend

in a human named Wannessa,

and the Lords of the Wing
took their stellar reputations

for hospitality and
maturity out for a spin.

At the seaside high tea that,

oh yeah, go ahead and check this out.

- Did we lose them?
- No, no, no.

Once it goes all the way up you reset.

You got your new reputation tags.

- Mm!

- [Aabria] And now you
drop into neutral again.

- Fuck yes!

- Fuck yeah, fuck yeah, fuck yeah!

I'm fucking mature!

- I'm so beautiful!

- You fucking set out
tea for fucking everyone!

- I'm gonna need you both
to start with inspiration.

(players laughing)
(Emily clapping)

- Good 'cause I hurt my fingernail

- Yeah, yeah.
- So hard.

- Smack!

- There is that. I hear that, yeah.

- But at this seaside high
tea, potions and potables

led to shocking revelations.

Rue revealed their true form,

a tall, statuesque equally
fashionable owlbear,

and Captain Hob hot on
the trail of the misdeeds

of the Court of Wonder got
the first kernel of truth

from Gwyndolin Thistle-hop.

So with a beautiful hedge
maze looming behind you

we pick up as the head
of the Court of Seafoam

known as the Wavemaster,
a tall, femme-shaped

sentient wave sort of-
(players laughing)

- I think I just found my partner.

(players laughing)

- Strategy change. (laughs)

- They are available.
(players laughing)

Sort of slowly makes their way
across the edge of the beach,

loudly addressing all of the attendees

in a voice that sounds like
water running back off of rocks

and moving into the surf
once more and just announces,

"We would love for all of
you to enjoy the wonders

that we have built to
entertain and dazzle you.

And for those of you who were waiting,

this is our time, our gift to you.

We are presenting as the prize

at the center of the
maze, the Crystal Heart.

And I need all of you to
make a history check for me.

- That's gonna be a 25.

- [Aabria] God damn.
- What?

- Wow!
- Okay.

- Cousin's strong today.

- Cousin-
- I got a 15.

What the fuck is the Crystal Heart?

- Cousin, let me concentrate
to try to remember.

- I got a three.
- Oh no! (laughs)

- Welcome back.
- Yep. (laughs)

- Dirty 20.
- [Oscar] 12.

- Dirty 20, 12, you know this, yeah.

- 15.
- [Aabria] 15.

- 13.
- 13.

Everyone from their courts

and from their strong, proud, old lineages

is deeply aware of the
importance of the Crystal Heart.

Gwyndolin, this is fairly
new information for you,

though the phrase itself rings a bell.

Every Bloom there is a prize and a title.

All it normally represents
is who's sort of led out

to lead the first dance at the ball

that happens at the climax of the Bloom,

but it's taken on a meaning
over long millennia.

The Crystal Heart is a
sign of being favored

by sort of fate and fortune

as well as being held in high esteem

by the entire Fey that
are surrounded here.

You would be remiss to
look at a storied family

or the leadership of
any of the major courts

and not find a Crystal Heart
somewhere in their line.

In different Blooms it's
been given out by the hosts.

Sometimes it's even been
put up to a vote by Archfey,

and for this Bloom it is the prize

at the center of the hedge maze.

So y'all, this is on the line.

- [Players] Ooh!

- Can I relay all this to Squak?

And I think I say like,

"Cousin, our reputations
are exquisite right now."

- [Lou] I mean, everyone's talking

about the Lords of the Wing.
- I know.

I almost feel like if we went for this,

that would be audacious, off-putting even.

- Yes, if they saw us sweating,
I mean, I can't imagine.

- [Emily] I wonder if I
should just use this time

in the hedge to plant other seeds.

- Oh, I love it.

- Throwing it out there.
Take it or leave it.

- Incredible, so with that you
see that every other pocket

of Archfey either seated or moving around

and enjoying their time
has gone to whispers.

Some of the more ambitious...

I'm not even gonna make you roll,

but I think just by virtue
of who the two of you are

you're able to give a quick scan

and you see a couple faces that
light up disproportionately.

- Ooh, who?
- [Emily] Who, who?

- [Aabria] Sensing an opportunity,

and the big ones you would notice-

- Sees blood in the water.
- Yes.

- Prince Apollo.
- Yes!

- And Suntar.

- Who? Oh, Suntar.
- [Aabria] Suntar.

- Right.
- Watch out for them.

- Cousin, I wonder if perhaps

we could use this hedge maze experience

to maybe start some rumors
about Prince Apollo.

- Oh, I mean, everyone
enters the hedge maze alone

so no one will know what Prince Apollo

is up to while in the hedge.

- Oh, I hadn't even
thought of that. I love it.

I'm just saying, Princess
Grabalba was on King Oberon's...

- Yes, and the prince
of the Unseelie Court

at the same time.

(Emily laughs)
- Get it, girl.

- Okay, beautiful.

- I am amongst the whispers. (laughs)

I think this is something
Squak does every hedge maze

and just goes, uh,
Wavemaster, Wavemaster...

(cast laughing)

I would be remiss if I did not ask,

but of course those of
us who are more gifted...

And I'm gonna gently float

about five feet up off the ground,

is this sort of thing allowed?

- You hear a little chuckle
from the Wavemaster,

and as they move over towards
the edge of the hedge maze,

their hand goes all to
water and and a small bird

made out of that foamy
surf begins to sail up

over the hedge maze and you
see three vines strike it,

destroying it out of the
air and pulling it down.

- Oh, that better be a fake bird!

- Oh wow, you could have said no! (laughs)

- It was made of water.
- Okay.

- [Aabria] That was a fake bird.

- Okay.
- I just, you know...

Just make sure you thank
Grandfather 'cause even the shape

is kind of, it sort of
belongs to him so...

- Okay, but how does that work with bats?

Because those are roughly the same thing.

- Okay.
- Bats run.

We all know bats run.
We all know they run.

- Do birds not run?
- [Lou] I mean, certain birds-

- Isn't there a bird called a roadrunner?

- Yes, I am sitting on a
bird that is an ostrich

that runs 100 miles per hour.

I mean, 100 feet in a round.

(cast laughing)
- 100 miles per hour.

- Yeah, it's really complicated.
It's really complicated.

- The Wavemaster continues.

And as ever, you must enter one at a time.

- Okay.

- You can find your friends in there,

but who could say what you will find.

The hedge seeks intention and
will help you down the path

of what you truly desire.

- Oh.
- Okay.

- So with that said, why don't we begin?

And you see some of those more eager sorts

moving quickly to the front.

You see a couple members

of the Court of Stone moving forward,

an assortment of goblins
from the Goblin Court

are kind of squatting up and
giggling amongst themselves.

And people are preparing to enter

and you see the hedge itself is solid

and it will open up an
individual door frame

at the height of different people here

and once one person passes
through it closes behind them.

- Okay, I was wrong
about spreading rumors.

I didn't understand the assignment.

- Hey, well, if our
intention is to spread rumors

once we enter the hedge maze

it would seem that it will aid us.

- Okay, okay.

- So maybe we'll just concentrate
on that, just... (laughs)

- Okay, okay, okay.

- Wuvvy sort of at your
side turns and says,

"Are you, I can take care
of the preparation for later

if you want to enjoy your moment."

- I think I'll participate
in this event, Wuvvy.

- Good luck.

She just kind of rubs your shoulder a bit,

reaching up for the first time
to really look you in the eye

and you can see she's just sort
of, it's not quite a blush,

but she's just beaming at you.

And then turns and disappears with a flash

to go take care of preparations
for the next 100.000 things

that are happening on the
isle today and tonight.

- So at their table, Gwyndolin
is next to you, right?

At the same table.

- [Oscar] I think so, yeah.
- Okay, cool, cool.

Gwyndolin looks at you and says,

"Uh, can you do me a favor?"

- Oh, well.
- Oh, not a favor.

A favor like a favor, but
can you find me in the maze?

I have something to talk to you about.

Something very, very
important, and I don't think

I can talk to you about
it here, but I um...

- Well, of course. I will
find you in the maze.

- Do you promise? Do you pinky promise?

- Well, I'll claw promise.

- Yes, yes.
(players laughing)

Perfect, good. Thank you.

- I'll see you inside.
- I'll see you inside.

- I love when Rue is kind of a jerk.

(players laughing)
- It's the best.

- [Aabria] It's great.

- I don't have a fucking pinkie.

- A claw promise.

- Okay, is there anyone that wants

to abstain from the hedge maze?

- Can I at least hang back?

I kind of just wanted to cast Identify

on some of these vials and see

if there were any Fly potions.
- Oh, absolutely, 100%.

I'll give that to you and sort of say

that as things were being announced

and plans were being made you've
got an assortment of vials

out in front of you and you're
just kind of picking them up.

- Just casting Identify on 'em, yeah.

- Giving a little Identify
and setting them down.

I'll just give you the list of them then

since you spent time doing it.
- Ooh.

- There are 12 colors.

Red is Invoke Duplicity, which
gives you a little double.

- Oh, I don't even need
that but I want it!

Okay, I pocket one of those.
- Yep.

Orange, light blue, and
gold are all poisons

(players gasp)
of various sorts.

- Oh, that's so sick,
but I know that they say

that poison is a woman's
weapon, but I don't take those.

- (laughs) Amazing.

Three gives you advantage on
performance checks for an hour.

Or three, yellow.

Yellow will give you advantage
on performance checks.

Look at me not knowing the difference

between a color and a number.
(players laughing)

Love to see it.
- Okay, I'll take one yellow.

- The green one, which is gone,
it's already been emptied,

but there are other
tables with more potions,

is a Potion of Plant Affinity

which might be very
useful in a hedge maze.

- Okay, I pocket one.

- The dark blue is a
Potion of Water Breathing

that lasts for three hours.

- Ugh, no thank you. I stay in the sky.

- Purple, as you well know now,

is a Potion of Detect Thoughts.

- [Emily] Mm-hmm.

- The pink potion is a Philter of Love.

The silver potion is a Potion of Truth.

The clear vial is a Potion of Speed,

and the black vial is a
Potion of Greater Healing.

- Okay, how many potions
would you allow me to take?

- I'm gonna say if you are willing to risk

going out of your way to
grab them from another table,

you can have whichever ones you want.

- Okay, I'll keep it modest.
I will just take one truth.

- The abilities don't
stack, for what it's worth.

- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
- [Aabria] Cool.

- I'm just taking one of
each 'cause, I don't know,

it's more interesting to limit yourself.

Okay, cool, do you want me to
tell you which ones I took?

- Nope, we can find out in
the moment. That's fine.

Give me a sleight of hand roll.

- [Emily] Okay.
- To see how discreet you are

at pocketing these,
and also if anyone else

is interested in grabbing
a vial before heading in,

by all means.
- That's gonna be a 25.

- Okay, yeah. You grab what you want.

And you're even moving
towards other tables

and people are greeting you.

- I think I just like, I pretend
like I'm doing a fan trick

with my little feather blade,

but kind of scoop them up
secretly, but I just pretend

like I'm just dazzling
people with some fan work.

- Everyone's just, "Ooh, so hospitable.

She's so hospitable."
(Emily laughing cordially)

Yeah, perfect.

- Hob does not have Identify
so he just goes over to one

that still has a lot of
the vials on it and goes,

(clears throat) and grabs
the edges of the tablecloth

and just hoists all the vials up,

throws it over his shoulder.

Says, "We'll identify these
the old-fashioned way."

(players laughing)

- Amazing.

- And as I'm wandering
past Lady Chirp Featherfowl

I smile and go, "Uh, best of luck

in the hedge maze or
labyrinth, whichever it is."

- Oh, thank you.

Do you fancy yourself
a winner for this one?

Do you desire that Crystal Heart?

- (laughs) I fancy myself quite a bit.

- Oh, wow, look at that. That's cute.

It looks like your sister really wants it.

- Well, we'll have to see if she's-

- [Emily] If you-
- Hmm?

- [Emily] You know what?
- Hm.

- I'd love to see your
sister swallow a loss to you.

And I give him the Potion of Speed.

- [Aabria] Ooh.

- Consider it a boon.

- Thank you very much.
- You're welcome.

- And I grab one of the other
vials and kinda clink it,

bottom's up, and I down
one of the orange ones

and I wander off.

- (laughs) What does orange do?

- That's poison. That's poison for sure.

- [Aabria] Okay.
- (laughs) Wait, no, no!

Oh, uh, uh, I didn't get there in time.

- Interesting, I'm gonna
need a constitution save.

- Great.
(players laughing)

All right, here we go. This
is not the diplomacy dice.

This is just straight up.
- [Aabria] Yep.

- Great, that's gonna be 22.
- Oh, the 22.

You feel yourself immediately sickened.

And you know that last stomach turnover

when you're like, "I do have to throw up"?

- Mm-hmm. (laughs) Yeah, I know that.

- The urge is there
but you can control it.

You have to get this out of your body,

but you can do it at your leisure.

- Have a good day. I'll see you inside.

- I'm sorry, are you okay?
- I'm great, I'm good, good.

I'm just gonna cast Lesser
Restoration on myself

at the earliest convenience.

Goodbye, Lady Chirp.
(players laughing)

- Wow.
- Open up, God damn you!

Open up! I need to go right now!

- Like knocking it.

- Why is my hole not working?

- Can you imagine trying to flirt

and then being like, "No, I gotta go."

- Just profusely sweating.
- Yeah.

The hedge eventually slowly opens for you.

- Great. Wavemaster, good
to see you as well, indeed.

No, close, close. Fuck it.

I turn the corner.

- (laughs) Amazing. Anyone else?

- I'm gonna grab two of the Love.

- [Aabria] Yeah.
- Or two of the potions

and just throw 'em in my pockets

and start off.
- Love it, nice.

You definitely know which ones those were

'cause Wannessa was absolutely
weak to it when you saw it.

- That's right.
- Yes.

- Very similarly to Hob,
I think that Gwyndolin,

in her ridiculously so much cloth dress

she also has bell sleeves.
- [Aabria] Yes.

- So I would like to
wave my bell sleeves over

and just take the remainder of the potions

in our little area.
- [Aabria] Okay.

- So it's all but Plants
and Encode Thoughts.

- Okay, yeah, sweet.

Then as you all move into the
hedge, let's roll initiative.

(players gasp)
- Ooh.

(Emily exhales sharply)

- 17.

- 11.
- [Emily] Eight.

- Ooh.

- [Oscar] 11.
- 16.

- Who's got the higher dex
between the two of you?

- I have a plus three.
- Plus two.

- Okay, then we begin
if there is nothing else

you wanted to do before.

- No, I think I just
have eyes on my cousin,

Prince Apollo, and Suntar as we all enter,

but that's, I think Squak is very much

engaging with the hedge maze.

- I also invoke my blazon.

- [Aabria] Smart.
- Yeah.

- And you actually see that
several of you are lined up

and you pass through the same
wall at roughly the same time,

and as you move through
this two-foot-thick hedge

and come to the other side, you are alone.

There's no check for this,
but you are in a hedge maze

and you know there are dozens upon dozens

of other Archfey here.

You know that at the center
lies the Crystal Heart,

but where do you want to go in this maze?

- I mean, with the prodding
from my cousin earlier

I do think a little
bit of old Squak is out

and just thinking, "Oh,
what if I just made a mess?

Just a big, old mess."

And so I think I'm
seeking scandal and ruin.

- Yeah, baby.
- Yes.

Do you have a target in mind

as the hedge begins to rustle behind you?

- I think the Court of Wonder generally,

Prince Apollo maybe more specifically.

I think that's, given
the moment we were in

and kind of just the general chatter

that has been around the Court of Wonder

and I think the end, I
think, some of my efforts

in the previous days, that's
who has my eye in this moment.

- Amazing, you feel a
little bit of a wind blow.

It ducks right below
the height of the hedge

and blows you to the right and you,

being a Lord of the Wing you understand

that this wind is deeply
arcane and blowing you

towards chaos and ruin.
- (laughs) Well, lead the way.

I'm gonna, I'll follow.

- I need you to make a roll for me.

I'm gonna let you decide
what kind of roll this is

to navigate through the maze
to find someone of interest.

- Ooh.

- I love seeing my cousin work.

(players laughing)

- I mean, would you take
survival or would you take-

- Yeah, I think this is
survival or investigation

or perception.
- [Lou] Okay.

- Even arcana because you know

this is a deeply magical situation.

- Skip that one, skip
that one, skip that one.

- Could be nature.
- Skip that one.

- I don't know why I'm giving, yeah, okay.

You can make a case
for just about anything

- [Lou] I think we'll take perception.

- Okay.
- We'll take perception.

(die taps table)

- (claps) 25.
(players gasp)

- [Aabria] Oh my God.
- Wow!

- On a natural 19.

- From a peacock dice.
- From a peacock dice.

- From a peacock.
- [Lou] Trust the birds.

- Well, there you go. You
always trust the birds.

And yeah, you let the wind
kind of bolster under you,

and I think because of
the nature of your gifts

and your talents and your magic,
you're even more sensitive

to the slight suggestion of the wind

as you very quickly find
yourself not just walking

but almost at like a jog moving quickly,

deciding authoritatively left
and right and left again.

And you find yourself
standing around the corner

probably 20 feet away from
Prince Apollo himself,

a figure of almost all burnished gold.

He looks statuesque.

His skin and hair gleam
in the setting sun.

And you see he's got wraps
of vines around his hand

and a small arcane focus
that he's gripping,

this golden spike as he's
trying to blast a straight line

through the hedge to get to the center,

but the hedge is not
giving up without a fight.

- Oh. (laughs)

- [Aabria] What do you wanna do?

- What do I want to do? I
think I'm going to aid him.

I'd like to assist him.
- [Players] Ooh!

- In taking, in his
efforts with the vines.

- [Aabria] Okay, what do you do?

- I'd like to cast Spiritual
Weapon at a third level.

- Okay.

- Which will be 2d8 plus eight.

- What does your Spiritual Weapon

look like as you summon it?

- Yeah, I think it's going
to be a giant bald eagle

that emerges out of the
center of my forehead.

- Amazing!
- You know.

(players laughing)

Oh, oh, I'm not helping that much at all.

That's 14 points of damage.

- Wait, you have to make an attack roll.

- Oh, okay.

- My hedge is a beast. You must hit it.

- [Emily] 19.
- 19 again, trust 19.

- Okay, yeah, you hit it.
(players laughing)

All right, well, way to make
me look like an asshole.

- No, no, it's perfect. Oh, and excuse me.

Yeah, no, that's it. It's 14.

Or excuse me, yeah, 14 points of damage.

- [Aabria] Oh, beautiful.

- From the center of my forehead.

And then I think I'm going to run up.

That's just a bonus action.

- [Emily] Yeah, I was gonna say.

- So then I will run up

and actually attempt to aid. (laughs)

- Are you attacking the
monstrous bit of hedge

in front of you or are you
trying to ungrapple Apollo?

- I think I will actually use,

so I will use my forehead bald eagle

to attack the vines itself
and then I'm going to run up

and give Prince Apollo the help action

for whatever he would
like to do on his turn.

- Ooh!
- [Aabria] So good.

- Prince, let me help you!

- Lord Airavis, this hedge sucks!

(players laughing)

- Yeah, Prince, it is a foul beast.

Did you see what it did

to that beautiful, beautiful bird earlier?

- The water bird?
- It's still a bird!

As long as-
- You got your revenge.

I saw that beautiful spiritual eagle.

- Yes.
- Thank you, hold please.

And he head-butts the hedge
and is going to cast Blight.

- Oh.
- And begins to burn it away,

but he burns one of his higher
level spell slots doing so.

- [Lou] Great.

- And the hedge sort
of corrodes and darkens

as a hole opens up between you

and he's kind of pulling the
dead vines off of his hand

and arms and goes, "Come here often?"

- (laughs) Well, I do consider myself

to be quite comfortable in a hedge maze.

I like the privacy.

- Incredible, so are you
a friend or a competitor?

- (chuckles) Why can't I be both?

- [Emily] Ooh.
- Okay.

- A little bit of help,
a little bit of harm.

We can do it all.
(players laughing)

- An interesting prospect.

Well, since I would still be struggling

with this terrible bush were
it not for you, after you.

- Oh, no, no, no. After you.

- And without demurring
any more he steps through

into the next layer of the hedge.

- Right, I follow.

- All right, next up we've got Andhera.

So you push into the hedge.

You find yourself alone.

- Queasy as fuck.
(cast laughing)

- Or did you empty your
bowels as soon as you got in?

And is that your turn?

Do you need to shit yourself?
- Oh wait,

if we're not allowed to
fly in the hedge maze,

are we allowed to take a
giant dump in the hedge maze?

(players laughing)

- You gotta find out.

Does a plant think like, oh,
an offering, how wonderful?

- Compost.
- There you go.

A little fertilizer.

- I'm not taking a shit in a hedge maze.

- [Lou] I don't know, but-

- You could. No one's watching.

- [Aabria] That makes
sense if you have to-

- When's that next rumor phase? Andhera...

- I can cast magic on myself.
I don't have to do that.

I can use a spell.
- I don't know.

- I'm going to go ahead.

I'm gonna cast Lesser
Restoration on myself.

- Yeah, you can absolutely cure yourself.

- And that settles my stomach.

And is this all moving sort of

as if we were doing rounds of combat

so that is a spell I used?
- Yeah, yes.

- And so I stand and I go,

shit, I could have
fucking called my horse.

- Well then in and around that

as you sort of settle your stomach

and settle into the hedge...

what are you looking for in here?

- I'm not sure.

That's, I think, my
answer is I'm competing

for the sake of being a part of the event.

And the Glass Heart itself
could absolutely bring

an air of decorum to
my presence in general

in the Unseelie Court, but I'm not...

I don't have a strategy.

I'm not really seeking out

any sort of particular interaction.

Andhera feels like a tinge,
like a little slight stab

of pain that is fear of just...


No idea exactly what
they're really gonna do

so they're just gonna sort of...

I'm used to caverns
that just sort of snake

through a mountain and so
I'm gonna do the strategy

of putting my hand against one
of the walls and just going.

- Give me, you pick the roll.
- [Omar] Okay.

- I need some sort of
check to begin navigating.

- Perfect, let's go with...


- Okay.
- Yeah, let's go with insight.

Okay, 15.
- 15's pretty good.

You put your hand up
against the outer wall

and begin to walk, and as your fingertips

sort of pass over the
leaves you sense a pattern.

And there's a sense of feedback here

that you're noticing
something very much alive

and deeply magical that
is trying to probe you

for a direction, and you are able to feel

that it's trying to reach out

bouncing off of your, not indifference,

but your unwillingness
to make a decision here

and rebound back to it.

And every time you turn a corner

you see three new portals and directions

open and shut.

This is a very frenetic maze to you

because it's giving you
all of these possibilities.

And as you pass by some
portals you hear voices

and the sounds of people that
you know that you've just met

and people that you've
known your entire life.

And then more often than
not, the sort of deep quiet

of the turns of a maze

that would lead eventually to the center.

- I want to hold my palms up
against the leaves themselves

and just kind of whisper into the hedge.

"What do you want to, what do you want?"

- I love this insight check

so I'm going to take
it into consideration,

but I do need you to make an arcana check

for me on top of it.
- Okay, great.

That is going to be a total of 23.

How's that? I've never played before.

(players laughing)

- It's fine.
- [Omar] Is that good?

- Did I break it?

- Thank you, I looked for
this die. It was very good.

- I put all their dice in the new moon

and they have been delivering.

- Not mine!

Mine rolled three twos when
I tried to warm 'em up today.

- Nobody wants the DM to roll well.

- [Aabria] No one, yeah.
- No one wants to see it.

- Even the new moon.

- Mine are cursed and that is fucked up.

- The moon is with us.
- Oh, yeah!

- Yeah, you feel with
a 23 a sense of looking

and longing and purposefulness.

And it resolves quite
clearly into a thought

to find the one that's worthy.

- [Surena] Ooh.

- That is interesting.

- And even as you're just
sort of with your hands up

and touching, everywhere you go

the verdancy of this place assaults you.

And even still in this hedge
the leaves are getting greener,

the hedge gets a little
higher as you walk,

but these leaves seem to be growing

and curling gently around your hands,

blossoming under your touch.

- I'm now realizing that my strategy

of putting my hand up
against a wall and tracing it

will not quite work because
you can move so that actually,

that wouldn't do what I
would hope it would do.

So I'm going to just sit
here. And I plop down.

Because I'm going to call forth a steed,

and that's gonna take a couple minutes.

And I'm going to feed my steed.

And I pull out the vial
that Lady Chirp gave to me.

- [Aabria] Oh, yes.

- Just to get a really fast horse in here.

(Aabria laughing)

- Galloping through a
hedge maze. Step aside.

- That's why I gave it to him. (laughs)

- [Aabria] You will kill countless.

- I'm used to being sort of alone

and just sitting in places.

And while I'm doing this,

'cause it'll take a while to cast,

feel free to comb my thoughts and memories

and feast upon them, I suppose.

I hold nothing from you.

- And even as you sit and
your hands kind of come away

as you're giving yourself
a nice little place

and you begin to cast your spell,

a little vine kind of creeps out

and just wraps ever so
gently around your shoe.

And you feel your mind being,

not like rifled through

but just sort of soothed.

And the one memory you
feel being pulled up,

it's not a memory, it's
sort of a realization

that though your family and your court

are incredibly storied and well-regarded,

your mother's refusal to engage with

the primary conceit of the Bloom

means that no one in your family

has ever been in possession
of the Crystal Heart.

And it isn't to say that this
hedge wants you to pursue it.

It doesn't want anything of you,

but it does give you just a little peek

as somewhere far away in
the strange geometries

of a magical hedge you see
your sister sprinting through

trying to find her way to the center.

- Interesting, okay.
Well, I'm gonna sit here.

I'm gonna summon the horse.
Thank you for sharing that.

And also just so you know, I
would never take a shit in you.

(cast chuckling)
That is so disgusting.

- You get a little like, plant.

- I still wouldn't, but good to know.

(players laughing)

- And from there,
(paper rips)

we move over to (laughs) Gwyndolin.

That was such an authoritative rip.

I thought I had done something wrong.

- I just didn't want
to interrupt the scene,

but I've needed to rip
that paper for a long time.

- That was the worst rip
of paper I've ever seen.

Hold up that paper shard
and admit what you've done.

- The shard.
- It's a paper shard.

(players laughing)

- [Aabria] Disgusting!

- I don't need a perfect page, okay.

- Well, you didn't get
one. All right, Gwyn.

- Okay, so in Gwyn's mind,
Binx is thinking, right?

- [Aabria] Mm-hmm.
- Binx is like, "All right.

I just have to go in
there and I need an ally.

I need to find Rue immediately.

I think they would
understand. They would know.

They would understand, and
they're not like the others.

They're not like the others so I'm gonna,

yeah, I'm gonna find them."

And so that is what I
wanna do, but I understand

that Rue isn't technically
in the hedge maze yet so-

- We're assuming that everyone's entering

at different, yeah.
- Okay, great.

And so I am going to, using
the knowledge that Binx knows

from a coloring book she found

that was a child activity book maze,

understanding how mazes
work she touches the wall

of the maze and goes left
and is just touching the wall

and trying to follow it
to see if she can sense...

(gasps) Are you glittery?

Do you have anything of you?
- Am I glittery?

- That I can track. (laughs)
- I do have a peony.

- I cast Locate Glitter.
- On my head that I touched

using the green potion that had
bloomed so if you can smell-

- Ooh, okay.
- Peonies you probably...

- Perfect, so in touching the wall,

Binx/Gwyn starts trying to
smell for the flower, yeah.

- Okay, I need you to give me a roll

if you're trying to track
down a peony by stink

in a green maze.
- Oh yeah, that's hard.

- You can give me an investigation
or a perception check.

If you want it to be a
different kind of roll,

you tell me what you're rolling.

- What is the ground like?
Are there footprints?

Are there so many footprints?
- It is just grassy.

And you see no other footprints.

It's as though you entered
this part of the maze alone.

- Okay, so as I'm going through the maze

with the greenery of the maze,

are there different flowers of the maze?

- Mm-hmm.

- Is there a spot in the maze

that looks more luscious,
more vibrant, colorful?

I want to go towards that.

- Yeah, I'll say there's an area

where most of it is just that solid green

and then kind of spilling
out over the top of the maze

of part of the hedge is a cascade

of sunny, yellow orchids.

- Perfect, I'm gonna run
towards those orchids

and see if I can find Rue.

- [Aabria] Okay.
- Yeah, rolling search Rue.

Rolling perception probably.
- [Aabria] Yeah.

- Natural 20!

(Brennan cheering)
(players clapping)

- [Aabria] Amazing!
- Yes, oh my God!

- [Brennan] Wow, oh my God!

- You come in with a pure driving intent.

- [Surena] Yes.

- And as you spot those flowers

drooping down over the hedge

you run for them and you
see them sort of fall down

as if dead and then the
vine they were growing from

regrows a massive pink peony.

And as you run and you're
moving left and right,

everywhere flowers would be
blooming up or out or down

the blooms fall dead and regrow

as peonies in Rue's direction.

- Oh my gosh, okay.

So understanding that the maze is kind of

the most secluded place that
we've been in so far, right?

- [Aabria] Yeah.
- Because everything

is shifting and changing, I
think that Binx finds you,

runs up to you.
- Yeah.

- Hi, um...

- Oh, uh, Lady Thistle-hop, you found me!

- I did, um...

I wanted to tell you that
what you did was amazing.

Well, what you showed...

Who, (sighs) who you
showed yourself to be...

is amazing,

and I needed you to know that.

And also, I don't think that you're

like the other people from
the Court of Wonder, are you?

You're not like them, right?

- The hedge closes behind
you and in front of you.

You are now in a 10-by-10-foot
secluded private cube

as the hedge gives you space.

- [Oscar] Privacy.

- You're not like them. You're different.

- Them meaning...

- Our, your court.
- (sighs)

I know, I suppose I'm not
like the Court of Wonder.

- Right.
- And...

- So I...

(tender instrumental music)

I'm trusting you because
you trusted all of us, okay?

And I need you to not freak out

so like, whatever you're
gonna see right now

just like, just be cool.

Like, don't freak out. Like, it's fine

- I put a-
- Like, just be fine.

- A hand on her shoulder
comforting, gently so.

- Uh-huh.

- I look intently into
your eyes and I say...

"Tell me."

- And with that the glamour starts to

shift and shimmer away,

and you see your hand is here.

Your hand kind of shrinks down

to a smaller moth girl essentially.

You know, she has her earth-tone
wings, messy black hair.

She has these branch golden
streaks across her chest.

Binx has revealed herself
to you and she says,

"I am not of the Court
of Wonder as you can see.

I am, um...

I am of the, um...

I'm the last one of

the Court of Craft.

I'm the last, final. There
was no more blankets left.

Just me, I was last.

And so I'm here to um...

to find where our magic went.

And I think that you're not like them

because they stole it.

The Court of Wonder stole it.

They stole all of it so um...

And I made a mistake. I think I...

I think that there has been some,

like there's been some confusion
and I want to make it right

and I need somebody that I can trust.

I feel like that's you, okay?

So like, oh boy. I don't get emotional.

I don't know what's happening right now.

My face is leaking! Um...
(players laughing)

It's okay, we're fine. I just..."

(Aabria laughing)

- May I say this?
- Yes, please talk.

(players laughing)

- It is difficult showing one's true self.

- Yeah.

- Especially to someone
you've never met before.

- Yeah.

- But I will tell you right
now, you and I have a connection

and you have full support from me.

- Thank you.
- I thank you

for allowing me to see you.

It is an honor that I will never disgrace.

- That means so much to me.

Do you have that key I gave you?

- Well yes, of course.
- Can I see it right now?

Just, can you give me that key, please?

- Of course, yes.

This key, I wrote you a letter saying,

"I hope you give me the
key to your friendship."

- Right, right, right,
right, right, right, right.

So this is cursed and I'm so sorry!

(players laughing)

And I take it and I stomp on it.

- My dear, what?

- I mean, give it back 'cause
it still goes in the box,

but yeah, that's great.

- And so I didn't, like I thought-

- It's cursed?
- Well, it was.

- You gave me a cursed key?
- Listen!

I thought you were, you know...

- The hedge is getting higher

and starting to grow over
you like, uh-oh, up, up!

- So I thought you-

- I can't believe you
gave me a cursed key!

- No, I mean, I thought
you were different.

- I allowed you into, I said-

- I thought you were like, so fancy.

- "Oh, you can open the
lock to our friendship."

- But I thought that was fake.
- And you gave me the key

and I thought it was so sweet,
I thought it was so kind.

- I thought you were
being a phony baloney.

- And you, and you-
- We're cutting from there

and checking in on Captain Hob. (laughs)

- Whew!

Oh, wow. That's so funny.

Maybe like minutes ago back on the beach,

Captain Hob was in a state
of a little bit of disarray.

He's in that state of disarray no longer.

The most affected that I have been today

is at Rue's transformation
'cause I think that moved Hob

from a position of, oh, this regal

master of ceremonies,

this titan of the Court of Wonder

was so disgusted by my offer of affection

that they sent their
assistant to come duel me.

And then seeing Rue's transformation

I think I have actually
gotten some closure

and I think still arrived
at a wrong conclusion,

but I think Hob went like,
what Rue was going through

was so much more massive,
and it just wasn't about you.

Like, you just didn't
matter to that person.

Like, that person was wrestling with stuff

that you could not have understood,

and you had ideas about how
much you mattered to this person

that were the height of arrogance.

And it was, you know, the Bloom has been

about so much more
important things to them,

and you were like a fool
to elevate your station

to the point that you very
much mattered to this person

when they had the definition
of other things on their plate.

So I think Hob was like, "You
are a fool, that's all right."

And is touched by their act of bravery

and more smitten than before
by an order of magnitude,

but is very much like, the
door is closed on that.

Like, that was about them and you were,

it would be amazing if
they even remembered you

or it clearly was not important.

So I think that closure allows Hob,

as the Crystal Heart is announced,

that he is unburdened by distraction.

He has found the threat to
his court, or so he believes.

He has all those papers
of the Court of Wonder.

- [Aabria] Yes.
- Being collected

and waiting for him back, and
you know, I think in my head

I just go like, "An end
to distraction, Captain.

The Crystal Heart."

But the Crystal Heart
is not what he desires

as he goes into the maze.

He desires the same
thing he instructed all

of his Salt Goblins to desire,
which is the other goblins.

And as he enters the maze I
think I go, "The goblins."

And that's what he is attempting to find

as he enters the maze.

- Okay, before you make your
roll to navigate the maze,

I need you to make an
insight check on yourself.

(Brennan gasps)
- Ooh, oh.

- What does that mean?

- Check yourself before
you wreck yourself.

- I am not good at insight.
- We are our own enemies.

- Against your own deception.
- Against my own deception.

(gasps) Okay, let's go, in
that case green is deception,

pink is insight.
- [Aabria] Love it.

- Oh my God, green plus two deception is-

- Five.
- Is five.

Pink, a five on the die plus one for six.

- Ooh.
- I see myself!

(cast laughing)

- And in that moment you
are saying aloud your orders

in that way that soldiers know that once

it is put before you there is
nothing to do but pursue it.

And even as you say it,
and maybe there's a bit

of the magic of this place
showing you yourself as well,

you get just a little breeze
that ruffles the hedges

that comes across your
nose and you smell peonies.

- I stop in my tracks.

I look in the direction of the wind

that was carrying that scent.

Do I see anything?

- This is where I need the roll.

You can decide what you want to roll.

If you use arcana, I
will give you advantage.

- Okay.
- Or nature, either one.

- See, how many dice does he pick up?

- I think he picked up two.
- [Lou] Did he pick two?

- These are gonna be low
rolls, but I will roll arcana.

- Oh, wow.
- That's some...

- He did the math in his
head like the statistics

and I think he chose it that way.

(Aabria laughing)

- Ooh baby.
- Dirty 20.

- Oh, he got a dirty 20.
- I rolled a 19 on the die.

Dirty 20 plus one.
- [Aabria] The breeze moved-

- It's like a golf announcer.
(cast laughing)

- He rolled a dirty 20.
(players laughing)

- The breeze moves from left to right

and your head instinctually snaps left

in the direction of the breeze.

And what you see is a hedge closed,

but strangely this beautiful

growing and deepening domed top

is on the far side of it 20 feet away.

(Brennan sighs)

As you're thinking,

'cause that was a pretty
close set of rolls, behind you

as you turn and face this
strange corner of the maze

you hear very faintly the sound

of goblins giggling and running.

They seem to be having a good time

and sort of scampering about,

but that seems a little farther away.

- [Brennan] This is heartbreaking.

- But it's there.

- Hob on his digitigrade
legs, those cat-like legs

that have the ankle come up
so just the tip of the paw

sort've what touches the ground.

He was already pressing into the earth

about to take a step in
the direction of the dome.

Due to pure enchantment,
the smell of peonies

he didn't even, he was reacting

before he could think
there was something deeper

and more profound at work than orders.

And then he hears the goblins.

And I think had he not heard the goblins,

this story would take a different turn.

But the chattering of the goblins

sounds enough like laughter
and a reproachful laughter

of scorn and derision, and he remembers

that the last time there
was a challenge of the Bloom

he forsook his duty

to make room for something greater

and his reward was scorn and humiliation.

And I think he turns to join the goblins

and in that moment knows himself a coward.

- You turn and you hear
just (mimics wind howling)

as a gust of wind blows you in
the direction of the goblins.

And looking back over your
shoulder the way is closed.

The hedges fall in on themselves
and there is no way back,

only forward, and you
walk for a couple minutes

and you find seven or eight goblins

ranging from small Salt
Goblins to medium-sized

all sort of circling
around Viscountess Grabalba

as she's looking back and forth and going,

(claps) "I would like to find the jarl.

(Oscar laughing)

Stone jarl or Oberon.
I have options. Hey!"

- Your Ladyship.

Men, at attention in
front of your Viscountess!

- They just start dry humping each other.

- Very good, that is goblin attention.

And I am going to open the tablecloth,

wipe a quick tear from my eye.
- Oh!

- And I go, "All of you
soldiers, into the sack at once!"

And I'm going to point to two of them

and I'm going to announce
this series of orders.

I say, "You two, call out the
orders from within the sack.

Any of you finding a purple vial,

pass it to one of these
two commanding officers.

You crawl out of the sack,
put it into my front pocket.

For the rest of you, find
matching pairs of colors.

When you find a matching
pair, one of you drink it

preserving the other unopened vial.

Report your findings of what you drink

and send the unopened vial with the report

to one of the two commanding officers

back to the other side
of my front pockets.

There are 12 colors and
there are 12 satchels.

Between my case, my uniform,

there are enough places for these.

You two, file them in the
order given at once!" (claps)

- Give me an intimidation
check with advantage.

- Whew! Let's go.

- [Aabria] And Grabalba-

- Nat 20!
- Shut up, yes!

- And just for fucking
around let's go ahead.

I'll do Commanding Presence
so even with a nat 20

that's gonna be a 33.
- Holy shit!

- Unreal, unreal.
- It's unreal.

- There are so few times other than like,

the heat of battle where
Hob feels perfectly himself

as both soldier and a leader and goblin.

And strangely in this hedge,
this is one of those moments

as the goblins look to you and all of that

rumpus and ruin and chaos and frenzy

falls away and they simply bow

in deference to a
creature of great purpose.

And Grabalba has pulled out her fan.

Where the fuck is my fan?
And just like, "Oh my God.

I'm gonna add your ass to the list."

- Yeah, she got more options now.

(players laughing)

- Okay, I'm just saying, it
could be within the court.

I understand what my point
is but like, but like...

I saw what I saw. Cool,
and they immediately begin.

- I'm gonna take a tiny, little
red velvet tasseled cushion

and affix it to a buckle on
one of my epaulets and go

"Your Ladyship" and invite
her to sit on my shoulder.

- Oh hell, yes. And she
starts crawling up you.

It is not dainty or feminine.

And she gets up there and
she's just leaning on your head

like, "This is nice,
what's your whole deal?"

- Remember to buckle your
seatbelt and I start running down.

- Amazing, I'll say with
that as you keep going,

yeah, you are getting
reports in real time.

You now have the identities
of all 12 vials as you go.

- That's what we call a
goblin Identify spell.

- Wow, yeah!
- There you go, amazing.

There are several dead
goblins in your bag.

- You wanna cast a spell,
you gotta kill some goblins.

- It's magic.
- It's what they always say.

- That's the cost.
- [Aabria] Amazing.

- That's how to make an omelet.

- Let's jump over to
Rue now for your turn.

- So this is like, I'm taking
a step back before I've-

- Nope, I'm gonna say that this
happens kind of here and now

and then your self-determination

will kind of lead us from this moment

into whatever happens next.

- So we're...
- Yeah.

- What curse? What does it do?

- It was going to make
you lose all of your hair.

(Aabria laughs)

But it's fine because
I just stomped on it.

- That's not that bad.
- So it doesn't even work.

It's fine.
- No it's fine, okay.

My dear, thank you for
taking back the gift.

- Of course, and thank you

for just being really cool about...

- What is your name?
- Binx.

- Binx.
- Binx Choppley.

- Choppley.
- It's my last name.

- And Gwyndolin Thistle-hop is?

- A friend.

- A friend?
- Yes.

- Give me a history check.

- 18.
- Yeah, Gwyndolin Thistle-hop

is absolutely a person
that has been around

so unless Binx has been
doing this since way before

the decline and disappearance
of the Court of Craft

you know Gwyndolin to be a real person.

- Ah.
- Mm-hmm.

So I thought maybe like,
you had a thing with them

and I was trying to suss it out,

but it seemed like we didn't
know each other so I was...

- Where is Gwyndolin
Thistle-hop at the moment?

- You know, we could
talk about that later.

(players laughing)
So right now I think Hob knows

what my deal is

so if we can find them,
if you can help me.

I mean, you could do you,
whatever. That's cool, but like...

- (sighs) Just the thought of Hob.

- What's going on there?
- Uh...

- Is there like a, you know?
- Binx, please.

- What?
(players laughing)

- And it's just at this moment

that you feel that ripple of breeze.

And the question is posed to you, too.

You are centered in this
moment with a new friend

who has revealed herself to you,

but this hedge is about what
you are trying to pursue.

- [Oscar] Hm.

- So what direction is
the breeze leading you?

- There is so much sense
of relief that I feel,

cathartic even of having this

(energetic piano music)

unbelievable sort of reveal of self

and for the most part received acceptance.

I am sort of trying on

my real clothes for the first time

and feeling what it's
like to be seen as a self

and accepted and you know...

I feel a lot of calm.

On the back of that is anchored with...

the thought of Hob.

It's on my mind, but it's not a sad one.

I just keep thinking that look

that we gave each other

when I was looking for him

'cause that's the only
one that mattered to Rue.

I cannot erase, it's
etched in Rue's brain,

the look of approval, just
a look, just a look back.

That makes me very happy,
but I snap back into reality

and the present moment and I look at Binx.

And I touch some of the vine, the greenery

and I think to it using

the plant power that I have.
- Yes, there you go.

- And I say, "Lead us
to the Crystal Heart."

And then I look at Binx and say,

whether you want to reveal
your true self or hold that

is completely up to you.

You owe no one the right to show yourself.

This is all about you, but I think we need

to make a declaration of your existence

at this Bloom, don't you think?

We will find the Crystal Heart together.

- Okay, yes.
- And on the way there,

explain to me the history of Binx.

- All right, I would love to.

- And a way is opened before you.

Not the twists and turns of a hedge,

but you turn and calmly move as the vine

that you reached out
for sort of guides you

back in the direction of center,

and gateway after gateway
is opened before you

and you are offered a straight shot

toward the Crystal Heart,
no roll required, you move.

So let's jump now...
(Emily chuckling)

To Lady Featherfowl, what
the fuck are you doing?

(players clapping)
- Uh, Lady... (laughs)

(players clapping)
- Yes, yes, good, yes.

- Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

- I think Lady Featherfowl is like,

okay, let's keep this Bloom interesting.

Do I get the sense that this love potion

would satisfy the demands of the-

(Lou laughs excitedly)
- Oh my God.

- Of the wager?

That if I were to take
it and purposefully fail

that I would satisfy the
demands of falling in love?

- [Surena] Hmm...
- Oh my God. (laughs)

That's incredible.
- Love has to be reciprocated.

- I don't think you said that.
- No, I think you did.

- I did.
- You did?

- Oscar, and I think you maybe
even stipulated no magic.

- No magic.
- Oh.

- We can run the tape back.
We run the playback on that.

- I think ultimately the bottom line is,

by the end of the Bloom

both of you must have worthy suitors.

- Ah.
- Fair.

- Yes, yes, yes, okay.
- Where love is valid,

love is true, and love is reciprocated.

- Ah.
- Without the aid of glamors

or any magic whatsoever.

- Fuck me.
(cast laughing)

Lady Featherfowl just
stomachs that realization

and is just like, all right,
let's see some shit go down.

And I think I'll just down
a Potion of Plant Affinity.

- Yes.
- And then I wanna be like,

"Ah, dearest hedge."

- Hey girl, hey.

- [Emily] Hi.
- Hi.

- So I just kinda wanted
to start some shit.

- [Aabria] I love that.
- 'Cause it is a Bloom.

- Yeah, of course, of course.
- Would you be okay with me

starting a little sibling rivalry?

(Omar gasps)
- Uh, with...

I mean, whatever you want. You
look incredible, by the way.

- Thank you so much.

I am on a flightless bird
that goes 100 feet per round.

- That's great. Okay, so what do you need?

I'm here for you.
- I was thinking,

I gave the young Andhera- you
might know him as Pillar Boy.

- [Aabria] Oh yeah, Pillar Boy.

- A bit of speed, but I thought,

"what if I just also
fucked over his sister?"

- Oh, snap.
- Could you just get me like,

a little window through
a hedge to see Suntar?

- Hold please, and you see as like,

just suddenly like a
chain of doors opening

as this hedge opens up and
you actually see Suntar

sprint by it.
- [Emily] Okay.

- [Aabria] And like a little
window sort of follows.

- From my little peeping tom hole, uh...

- Did you wanna go through? I can like...

What do you-? I want whatever you want.

- No, I just need to, I'm
just gonna cast Slow on her.

(Omar gasps)
- Yes, yes, yes Cousin.

- You know, sometimes when you spectate,

you just wanna stir shit
up just to see, you know?

- [Aabria] I love this for you.

Put shit in a blender and press
blend on the highest level.

- [Aabria] Incredible.
- Put shit in the maze.

- [Omar] And put maze
on the highest level.

- Blend it at that level.
- Amazing.

Is there any roll associated with Slow?

- [Emily] It's a wisdom save.
- All right.

- Ooh!
- Yes, Cousin, yes.

- Does a 12 beat it?
- No, it does not.

So now she has her speed halved,

minus two to AC and
dexterity saving throws,

can't use reactions.

On each turn she can either use an action

or a bonus action but not both.

If she attempts to cast a
spell with a casting time

of one action she has to roll a d20.

On an 11 or higher the
spell doesn't take effect

until the creature's next turn.

(players laughing)

- Whew!
- Yeah.

You absolute, you know what?

Do you wanna describe for
me what it looks like?

Like, how does your magic look?

- Because the bird's like, you know,

the power of flight is kind of our thing.

- [Aabria] Yeah.
- I think it's just like,

gravity hits her.
- Ooh, and you see

as she takes this step and
all of a sudden her body,

like, she's already a little
sweaty sprinting through.

You see the strain on her
face as she slows down

and as her foot lands she
struggles to keep moving.

And you hear-
- And then I'll be like,

"Hedge, hedge, close
up now, close up now."

- Yeah, hold on. Can I,
can I, I just wanna...

And you see as a vine
wraps around her other leg

and pulls her and trips her.

That was just 'cause I like
you. And then it closes.

- Thank you! (laughs)
- And the hedge,

you turn around now and
the hedge has built you

this little garden seat
with blooming flowers.

- Oh, fantastic, fantastic.
- I know what you're doing.

I should warn you that
there are two people

in the maze looking for you,

so what do you wanna do about that?

- (gasps) What?
- For me?

- [Aabria] Mm-hmm.
- Oh my God.

- This is the first time that
Brennan has been in a regency.

I'm like, "Scandal!"
(players laughing)

- Very, very interesting.

If that's the case, I
believe my work is done here.

Perhaps I might retreat.
- Oh, okay.

- Although I do enjoy your company.

- [Aabria] I will miss you so much.

- Are you allowed to leave the hedge?

Can you come over for tea?

- I'm a lot of plants and stuff here.

I'm also a little bit at your nest

so if you ever need anything, just-

- Oh my God, could I take a twig of you

and bring it back to my nest
so we could gab one another?

- (squeals excitedly) Yes!

- (laughs) Great, I
viciously hunk off a twig.

- Ow!
- Sorry.

- [Aabria] It's fine.
- Subtlety's not my skill.

- Oh, gotta get some
pruning shears. That smarts.

- And then I'll just put her behind my ear

and ride my ostrich out.
- Yeah, a way is opened

for you immediately back
out of the hedge maze.

- Ah. (claps)
- And I think the person

you're able to see just
sort of as you look

over your shoulder as the
hedge closes behind you

is Lady Sylmenar, one
of the ladies in waiting

to Queen Titania from the Seelie Court.

- And they were looking for me?

- [Aabria] Mm-hmm.

- Oh, actually, while you're here.

I have you on the
Bluetooth. Isn't that fun?

- Oh, that's fun. This is fun for us.

It actually curls around

so it grows just a
little bit into your ear.

- Fantastic, this has
been my essence all along.

Who were the two people?
Lady Sylmenar is one.

And who was the other one?

Did you catch their name
or a physical description?

- I didn't catch their name,
but they're a bird person.

- Oh.
- What?

- I see them moving around.
I think they're with you.

It's someone that arrived with you.

And they give a physical description

of a sort of long-necked,
long-beaked stately bird

in fussy clothes and you
recognize the description

to be of Caw, your fixer
that's here with you.

- [Lou] Hmm...

- What is Caw doing partaking in games?

Thank you so much.
- You're welcome.

I'm here for, honestly
like 58 more minutes so...

- Wait, so I'm not gonna
be able to talk to you

on this Bluetooth for the rest of my life?

- Oh no, my god, no. I'm so sorry.

- Are you kidding me? In 58
minutes our friendship is over?

- I mean, I'll still like you probably,

but I think maybe less
of the talking part.

- Ah, I just don't know how to...

I just, I guess tell me your story

and I'll write it down and
turn it into a children's book.

- Oh my God, I was born a blade of grass.

(cast laughing)

Move on from there.
- Ship Chirp and the hedge?

- Yeah!
- Absolutely do.

- I feel...
- Oh.

- Amazing, okay, let's come
back up to the top. Squak.

- Yes.
- You and Prince Apollo

are moving through the
hedges walking and talking.

He keeps gesturing like, "We
could just blast through,

you and I together and your head eagle."

- Okay, it's just an eagle.

It emerges from my head, but do not debase

such a beautiful creature.
- [Aabria] I am so sorry.

- As being of me.

No, I give all of that
credo to Grandfather.

(Emily laughing)

Yes, thank you.
- Long may he, yes, yes.

We could blast our way through.

How do you want to deal with this?

- I believe in the moment
in the choice for chaos,

I think Squak is now, my
goal is to help Prince Apollo

get this Crystal Heart.
- Ooh.

- So I, Prince, however you best believe

we could get to the center
of the maze quickest,

I will do anything I can to aid you.

- I think, fighting! I love fighting!

(players laughing)
- Sure, fighting is great.

- Is Prince Apollo kind of stupid?

(players laughing)
- Yeah, yes, let's hit 'em.

How about we, let's smack 'em around.

How about we get physical? (grunts)

- You hitting on Apollo?
- Maybe.

- Prince Apollo absolutely leads

with this sort of sun-bright
rapier and attacks the hedge

in front of you triggering
it as it sort of grows out

and down and you've now,

between witnessing the previous one

and sort of your new path
you realize the hedge

is triggering a small Shambling
Mound any time you fight it

so I'm gonna need you to roll initiative.

- Oh, wow, second initiative.
(players gasp)

- Ooh!
- Yeah!

- Now with hill.
- [Aabria] Yes.

- That's gonna be a cool 19.
- Ooh.

- [Aabria] Okay, you're gonna go first.

- What a dream. So do I
still have my forehead eagle?

- [Aabria] Yes, of course.
- Great.

So forehead eagle will attack first.

- I saw them live. They were great.

- Oh, cool.
(players laughing)

- The comeback tour?

- The comeback tour, incredible.

- Fucking two accordions
fucking slaps, bro.

That'll only be an 11
for mind eagle to hit.

(players laughing)
- Okay.

That's a little low to hit a hedge.

- That's okay, that's
okay. Mind eagle is chill.

But then I'll cast-

- [Aabria] Actually, you know what?

No, hold on.
- [Omar] Oh.

- Oh, oh!
- [Aabria] Because...

- I'm sorry.

- As mind eagle sort of soars out,

Prince Apollo turns to you
and says, "We've got this."

And gives you a little wink

and is gonna grant Bardic
Inspiration to you.

(Brennan gasps)
- Wow!

- [Aabria] So you can add a d8.

- Okay, great. I like this guy.

I picked the right horse, the
right violent horse for this.

That'll be only a three so
that only gets us up to 14.

- Just misses, I'm sorry.
(Lou groans)

- No, it's all good. I say, "Thank you."

And then I'm gonna cast
Shatter at a fourth level.

- [Aabria] Oh!

- So that'll be a
constitution saving throw

from said Shambling Mound, 18.

- Yeah, a nine isn't gonna do it.

- Great, un, deux, trois, quatre...

- Give us that cinq! Give us the cinq!

- I just be like, I'm
gonna give you that cinq!

Cinq, cinq, cinq, cinq, cinq, cinq, cinq.

I don't have another d8. Can I have one?

- Of course.
- Thank you.

- This one?
- Cinq, yeah, that's it.

Great, oh...

Oh, oh, bad!

- [Emily] Oh no!

- 15, 16...

23 points of damage on this

area of hedge.

- You absolutely blow the hedge away

and it even beings to impact
the next layer of hedge down

and you're able to chump
damage on a deeper level.

- [Lou] Got it.
- And Prince Apollo

happily bows to you like,
"No, but really, after you.

'Cause I'm just kinda cutting it.

You're really the one
putting work in here."

- Still incredibly effective.

And yes, I'll move on, Shatter.

Pass over that Shatter damage
and move on to the next hedge.

- Amazing, and you keep moving forward.

And we're gonna resolve the
joining of you in a little bit.

But first, Andhera, you've spent some time

casting and meditating.
- [Omar] Yes.

- And you summon a steed.
- I do.

In character voice I say this, "I do."

- The hedge is listening attentively.

- (laughs) I cast Find
Steed after 10 minutes

and I wanna say a pool of cave
water, pure, clean cave water

starts to sort of bubble
up from the ground.

- [Oscar] Delicious tea.
- Delicious.

- [Aabria] Do you drink it?
- I just wanna lick the walls.

No, no, no, no, this is my
horse. (laughs) I, I shouldn't.

- This is my horse.
(players laughing)

- You can lick your horse.

- [Aabria] Yeah.

- I cross one line, who knows what's next?

And it starts to take the
form of legs and then a body.

And it's this horse, but
as it's about to finish,

this sort of dark murkiness
starts to cloud up

from the bottom and fills
out the shape of the horse

and it becomes this Nightmare.

- Ooh, I love a Nightmare.

- And I smile and I turn
and I pet the horse's mane

and I go, "Mucky, my
trusted Nightmare, Mucky!"

- And Mucky kind of nuzzles into your hand

and gives you a little head butt.

And even as their tail flickers you see

it's catching the edges of
the hedge aflame as you go.

- Oh, I've missed you so much.

Oh careful, this is actually our friend.

Don't light it on fire if you could.

- And starts reaching
forward trying to eat it.

- Oh no, actually no. I don't
know what that would do.

Wait, no, I can get you...

There's like, salad and stuff out there.

I can get you so much food.
(players laughing)

- Yeah. (laughs) And kind of sits back.

- Okay, hedge, you gave
me a sense of my sister

and how much she wants to
find the Crystal Heart.

Could you lead me to
her? It's what I want.

- Is that true?

- Ooh.

- Yes, it is. In this moment
I want to find my sister.

- Give me a persuasion check.

- Persuasion?
- [Aabria] Mm-hmm.

- 12.
- With that,

even as your Nightmare kind of wickers,

you feel a little breeze across you

in the direction that would send you left.

And you feel that guidance,

but also a sense of urgency
behind it as the wind picks up

that you spent a lot of
time summoning this horse.

- [Omar] I did, yes. Mucky-

- And you're behind but
it's not impossible.

- Okay, great.

Well, luckily Lady Chirp
gave me this potion

- Oh, I forgot. Mm-hmm, mm-hmm.

- [Omar] So I uncork that.

- Good, and I'm having
a calm reaction. Got it.

- (laughs) I should
have made a bet on this.

- There's people outside.

They're like, "We're betting on this."

- I'll get in on it.
- Yeah. (laughs)

- Mucky, here you go.

And I pour the potion into Mucky's mouth

and sort of the yellow, I
would suppose, disappears,

mixes in with the black.

- This is technically a clear potion

'cause it's the potion of Haste.

- Oh, in that case, that's right.

The clear does nothing.
(players laughing)

- Amazing, okay, your Nightmare
is now under the effect

of the Haste spell.
- [Lou] Oh!

- So speed is doubled
plus two bonus to AC,

advantage on dex saves,
and an additional action

on each of its turns.

- This is a child and their
horse. We grew up together.

We just understand each other

and communicate without speaking

and just hop on top of Mucky

and just lean in and whisper,
"Let's go find them."

- You gotta tell me what the
speed on this horse is now.

- That's right! Yes, that's correct.

- Unseelie prince on a fiery-hoofed horse

charging through a hedge maze, that's hot.

- Yes!
- That's hot, that's hot.

- Very hot of you.
- [Brennan] Quite hot.

- Yeah, the robe opened.
- Yeah.

- So open chest.
- [Aabria] Ooh, yeah, yeah.

- And suddenly wind is-

- Chest, rain cloud following behind.

- [Surena] Yeah, rain cloud.
- [Oscar] Yeah.

- Does the rain cloud have
to orient slightly in front

with the wind so it's
gotta get a little bit-

- Well, 'cause it's gotta fall
on the face like, you know.

- [Aabria] Yeah, yeah.
- Yeah.

It's like, don't fire where the plane is.

Fire where it's gonna be kinda thing.

Yeah, exactly.
- [Aabria] Yeah, yeah.

- And I was thinking, you
know, actually as I leap on

to this horse that is made of,

sort of forms and transforms
out of cave water,

the elemental shard on the
back of my neck glows blue

and there is a rainstorm, but
it's not angry and tumultuous.

It's like a healthy spring rain.

And it just sort of, as it rains the water

just gets absorbed into my steed.

- [Aabria] Yes.
- As we gallop.

This is a 90-foot speed.

- Normally?
- [Omar] Normally.

- Oh no.
- Horse.

- Uh-huh, so that would
get doubled to 180.

So if you used just your
movement, that's 180 per round,

but if the horse used its action
that would jump up to 360.

- [Omar] Right.

- But you also get an extra
action if you used a dash.

I can't do that math.
(Omar laughing)

I can. It's so high.
(players laughing)

Cool, so with 540...
(Omar laughing)

Is that right, 540?

- Yeah, Haste doubles and
gives you an extra action.

- [Aabria] Yeah.
- Yeah.

- So that's three actions
a turn moving 180.

It's 180 times three which is-

- [Aabria] Yeah, 'cause
90 times six is 540.

- Yeah, 540.

- That's as fast as five ostriches.

(players laughing)

- This thing is ostrich fast.
(players laughing)

- All pulling each other.

- I think as you take off as a flash,

we get that side-by-side of you taking off

at an ungodly speed even
as your sister is slowed

by that sniper shot through the hedge.

And it's very apparent that
the hedge can't keep up

with how fast you're moving.
- [Omar] Yeah.

- So eventually... Mocky?

- Mucky.

- Doesn't have the turn radius.

- Mm-hmm.

- And just starts blowing
through the hedge.

So as you're going I need you to make-

- That's hot.
- Hot.

- Hot, still hot.

- Give me four dexterity
saves with advantage

as the hedge, even though
it's friendly, has its orders

to not allow being pushed
through without remark.

- If only we didn't know
Pillar Boy when he was a boy.

(cast laughing)

- If only I was untethered

to the sight of him
hiding behind a pillar.

- This is four with advantage?
- [Aabria] Yeah.

- Okay.

- I'm gonna let you know, if
you ever roll below an 18.

- Okay, can I borrow a d20?
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Well, you gotta roll them two at a time

so that you know which is the lower roll.

- Yes, you're right.
Okay, no, this makes...

Okay, here we go. Okay.

That's a seven. Oh wait-

- [Brennan] With advantage.
- With advantage.

- I rolled both of them. One
was a four, one was a seven.

- [Aabria] Dang, okay.
- And then you add your dex.

- [Aabria] Yeah, okay.
- Which is gonna be,

it brings it up to a nine.

- Do you add your paladin
bonus to that or no?

- Yeah, you get saves.
- Oh yeah, you're right.

- I don't know if you'll make 18, but...

- Yeah.

Oh no, 18 is the hit points. Hold on.

♪ I can do this ♪
(players laughing)

- Nine, AC-
- [Aabria] It's a 14.

- [Omar] 14?
- It's a 14 to beat it.

- [Omar] Okay.

- What's your charisma modifier?

- [Lou] He might make a 14. We're gonna-

- Is that a plus five?
- [Aabria] 14.

- Or is that plus two?
- Plus two.

- Okay, so that's only
gonna get you to 11.

- Only plus two?
- [Omar] 11.

- If you have inspiration,
I'd recommend you burn it now.

- I don't know if I do.
- Ooh, you can also,

can't you burn your items?
- You could also burn an item.

- Oh, I can burn an item?
- [Surena] Oh shit, oh shit.

- But do you want to?

- Which one are you gonna give away?

- Oh, this trumpet.
- You love the trumpet!

- Didn't you make a whole
speech like four episodes ago

how you'd never give your trumpet away?

- Let me explain why I'm burning this.

- Yes.
- Okay.

- If I burn this, does it
automatically just like,

this whole rolls that
would go for like an hour-

- Depends on how good your explanation is.

- If you all recall in
episode "when I got this"-

(cast laughing)

- Yeah, if we can just
bleep out what he said

and just fill it with-
- [Oscar] Yes.

- Episode "five", uh...

- That's this episode.
- It's this episode.

(players laughing)
- We'll take it out.

We can take it out.
- [Aabria] You're all wrong.

- Back to one, back to one.
- [Aabria] Yeah, got it!

- In episode "one"...

- The best part is it's episode two.

(players laughing)

- Who's to say?
- Who can say, who can say?

- I took this and held
it because it reminded me

of the times that I used
to make mouth sounds

deep in the caves and I
would just get yelled at

by everybody to be quiet.

And the idea of catching up to my sister

and proving myself in
this moment, my strategy

and my presence taking up that space.

- [Aabria] Yeah.

- I would like to burn this
if will catch me up to her.

- There's something important

about what this token represents.

- [Omar] Okay.
- It is a moment of triumph.

It's also a bond with Lady Featherfowl

of the Lords of the Wing

and her extending a moment out to you.

- Yes.
- So if you burn it

and make it just a little bit harder

to reforge that connection again,

I will happily allow you not
just to catch your sister,

but we'll get a shot of
you jumping over a hedge

and surpassing her as she
is slowed on the ground.

- Interesting, if I promise to-

(Aabria chortles)
(Omar laughs)

Put my character's foot in their mouth

the next time I see Lady Featherfowl

with the most horrendous pick-up line

that I had to look up on the
internet earlier this morning,

can I land next to my sister and not pass?

- You could just have that.
- [Omar] Okay.

- You don't have to do anything,

but you are gonna burn it.
- [Omar] Here it is, yes.

- That's it, amazing.
(players cheering)

So go ahead, narrative control
moves to you. What happens?

- We just blast through the leaves.

It's unfamiliar terrain
'cause we don't have

a lot of this type of
greenery down in the caves.

And my steed Mucky just is done with it

and just barrels through.

And we hit a curve and kind of like,

Akira slide past my sister.
- Ooh, baby.

- [Aabria] Yes, yes.
- Park.

(horse whinnies)
And I-

- Park.
(cast laughing)

- Parallel parking with other steeds.

- Some steam comes off and kind of like,

goes to the next pass through the wall

and whoever's on the other side

will just be confused by that.

- [Aabria] Yeah, absolutely.

- And I just kind of look down at them.

And I notice their movement

'cause they're still running, right?

- Yeah, she is doing
her best to keep moving

but she looks over at
you, "What are you doing?"

- I got a sense that you
were here trying your fastest

to get to the Crystal Heart
so I thought something.

- Go on.
- And now I see

that you're actually,
you've been afflicted

by what I can only assume

was a very carelessly
tossed spell your way.

- Right, and if I am?

- You are by far the most
capable of our family.

You are sort of the crown jewel. Here.

And I actually climb off of Mucky.

Since you're slowed down, this
actually doesn't seem right.

Go ahead, get on the steed.

You might be slow but this steed is fast.

- What are you doing? Is this a trick?

- It's not a trick, Sister.

Just, if we get it, our
family, our court looks good.

It just makes sense, I have-
- Why not you?

- Let's be quite honest.

It's very difficult for me
to look good in front of Mom.

And if she finds out that I assisted you

with your successful
retrieval of the Crystal Heart

and brought honor to our family,

that makes both of us look
good and that just makes sense.

- And she moves over to the Nightmare

and puts her hand on its reins.

Why do you trust me to tell the truth

of what happened in here?
- Oh.

- I am my mother's daughter.

- That's a good point. (laughs)

One that I had not quite
considered. Let me just say this.

The insurance that you would have to lie

about your successes might be
a feather in my cap enough.

(bright instrumental music)

- Make a persuasion check for me.

- Okay.

Persuasion? This is
going to come out to 16.

- Okay.
(die taps table)

And she looks at you and
you can't tell if this

is a moment that's sort
of dragging out infinitely

because she is slowed or
because she is thinking

through every permutation
of how you might be trying

to fuck her over with this.

But she holds for a long moment

and then eventually saddles up.

- Great.
- On the horse.

And even as she rears it around and turns,

the hedge just past you in
the direction you were moving

drops down and away and you
see 100 feet in front of you

the Crystal Heart is
just lying on the ground.

And in different directions all of you

excepting Lady Featherfowl have moved

through the center of the maze.

Like, you were standing with
your sister and the Nightmare

and across you see
Prince Apollo and Squak.

And you see a contingent of goblins

all sort of surrounding and covering

Captain Hob.

And you see both Rue and Gwyn

taking their leisure walking through.

They're the only ones that don't look

like they've had a hard day with this.

- As I see this, and
we now have this steed

with an unbelievable amount of speed,

I turn to my sister and I smile

in this moment that we are
both united in this goal

and have the absolute advantage.

And I say, "Dear sister, get fucked!"

And I click (snaps
fingers) and I want Mucky

to just run in the opposite direction.

- Amazing!
- [Surena] Oh!

(Brennan laughing exuberantly)
(Brennan clapping)

- Oh my God.
- [Surena] Oh my God!

- Yeah!
- [Aabria] That's unreal.

- Oh my God! (laughs)

- She doesn't have the ability
to react in this moment

and she just angrily sails
in the other direction.

Your sister is gone,
removed from the running.

- And I start to wander
and I just put a hand out

to the leaves and I go,
"I trust your judgment of,

it's not a matter of who
can get there the fastest.

It's who deserves it the most
so let's see how this goes."

- And the hedges move out and away

and you're all on a large blank field.

That was dope. What do we do about it?

- Wow, that's so fucking good.
- That's so good.

- Inspiration!

- [Players] Oh!

- Perfect, perfect.
- [Surena] What?

- Nice!
- Oh, magic.

- You lost an item but
you gained another one.

- Wow! Lose money to make money.

- So here's the problem is

we've got four groups at cross purposes,

and I'm not the one that decides who wins

so I need all of you to roll
initiative one more time.

Yours is a joint initiative.

You're each going to roll

and then whoever gets the higher one

is the initiative roll
between the two of you.

- I'm gonna pull out the new
moon here. See how we do.

- Yeah, baby.

- Nat 20!
- [Aabria] Yeah!

- On the new moon. How about it?

(players clapping)

- Amazing.

- Four.
- Oh no! (laughs)

All right, you-
- 18.

- [Aabria] 18.
- Eight.

- 13.

- Okay, so a 13 for the two of you.

All right, with that,
Captain Hob goes first.

You see everyone.
- Ooh.

- [Brennan] Incredible.
- Gosh.

- So...
- [Oscar] Oh my God!

- Here is how the potions
would have been distributed

(Omar gasps)
in our maze.

- Okay.

- The sack, long since dropped behind us

once the potions were removed from it

by our goblin corporals.

On my right shoulder are

Corporal Blash and Corporal Strump.

(cast laughing)

Corporal Blash has taken
the Plant Affinity potion,

and Corporal Strump...

I don't think any of
this is gonna matter now,

but this is how we, just for backstory.

- Yeah, I love this. Go ahead, buddy.

- For backstory, Corporal Strump

is giving me the help action
on an upcoming athletics check

I would like to make.
- [Aabria] Okay.

- Corporal Blash took Plant Affinity

to be giving us live intel from the hedges

as we made our way through the maze.

Lieutenant Gorbladder, my right hand.

- Gorbladder!
- Gorbladder!

- [Aabria] Love him!
- Lieutenant Gallbladder,

your right-hand man.
- My, yes exactly.

Had taken a Detect Thoughts in
case there were any disguised

or invisible assailants so that
we would have a live report

of any other mental presences.
- Incredible.

- Now, the last two
potions that were taken

were a Speed potion and an
advantage on performance.

Hob took the Speed potion to
make his way through the maze

as fast as possible.
- [Aabria] Yes.

- The Viscountess Grabalba took
the advantage on performance

because she's no longer on my cushion.

With your permission, My Lady,

I would like to hurl
you at the Crystal Heart

as soon as we are in view of it.

- Okay.
(players laughing)

- So coming into view
of the Crystal Heart,

taking the help action
on an athletics check

from Corporal Strump...
- (chuckles) Yeah.

- I, laces up, perfect spiral.

I have the Viscountess
Grabalba who has the advantage

on performance check and I would like to,

the moment we see it,

hurl her directly at the Crystal Heart.

- All right, you are hucking nobility.

We gotta have a roll about this.
Give me an athletics check.

- [Brennan] (sighs) Okay.
- This is wild.

- [Emily] Well, you do
have advantage, right?

- You do.
- I do have advantage.

I do have advantage on this.

Okay, come on, Your
Majesty. Let's do the thing.

Hold on. This where it all...

(Brennan gasps)
- Oh!

- Oh!
- Okay.

- Okay.
- We're gonna take 15 plus 10

is 25.
- Damn, that'll do it.

(Brennan laughs)
She is soaring through the air

in the direction of...
(Emily laughing)

Roll, give it the full
shot. Give me a d100 roll.

(Brennan gasps)
It's 100 feet away.

If you roll a perfect 100,

you can hit the crystal with a goblin.

- Tuck in, Your Highness!

- Oh my God, I really want this
to be 100. That's so funny.

- Okay...
(dice rattling)

At the very least, she'll be closer to it.

- [Aabria] Yes, 100%.

- I think that was the
thing the whole time

is that Hob was here to set up Grabalba

for the big win, right?
- [Aabria] Yes.

- And then he'll try to
close the distance if he can.

- [Aabria] Yeah.

- You know, I have the Haste on.

- Yeah, you're the fastest
mover on the field right now.

- 37.
- Okay.

Yeah, she's 37 feet closer to this.

The rest of you sailing
through the air like. (screams)

Having a great time.

Just keep in mind that if you guys

have anything to interrupt actions

or use reactions, now's the time.

She's closer and sailing through the air.

- So I'll throw her 37 feet. I have...

Speed is doubled with Haste, right?

- [Aabria] Yes.
- So I currently am moving,

I'm moving 120 so I throw her 37 feet,

immediately scoop her up again.

I'm like, "All right, a
little farther next time."

And I'm going to, I'll hustle.

I can move 120 feet.
- [Aabria] Yeah.

- Does that, like, I'm
trying to think how to...

Can I scoop her up and then...

But I wanna let other people
roll and have their turns, too.

- Yes. Oh, I'm gonna take
this from you in a second.

- [Brennan] Cool.

- As Prince Apollo absolutely catches you.

Like, you throw and then he
sees the way you're moving

and he goes, "Absolutely
not, Dispel Magic."

- [Players] (gasps) Oh!

- Ooh!

- So I'll...
- Oh!

- So Dispell Magic, oh
shit. So I only move 30.

- [Aabria] Yeah.
- Cool, okay, copy that.

- So you were able to catch up with her.

Once he saw that speed he was
like, "Oh, absolutely not.

We were playing games
with that tea earlier.

Go fuck yourself."
- Cool, um...

- [Aabria] Goodbye.
(players laughing)

- So in that case, I have 10-foot reach

so I'll move that 30 and snatch
her up off the ground again.

- And you're still going.

And next up, that was Apollo's
action, but it goes to you.

Lord Airavis, what are
you doing in this moment?

- Creating a ruckus.
(Emily laughing)

I'm going to look to Hob. (chuckles)

- Oh my God.
- And shout, "Prince Apollo!

Quick, the brave and tremendous Hob

is making his way for the crystal!"

I'm gonna give you Bardic Inspiration.

(Brennan cheers)
- What?

- And then yell, "We must stop them!

It would be unfitting for you
to lose to your ex-fiance!

I mean..."
- What?

(cast shouting)

- And I'm gonna cast Hypnotic Pattern

on the group of goblins so within

kind of a 30-feet cube,

kind of I guess in front of them so that,

yeah, I guess you said 37.

I don't know how far.
- Doesn't matter.

- Great, within a 30-feet
cube all of the goblins

are going to need to make
a wisdom saving throw.

- Would you like to roll
on behalf of the gobos?

- Sure. How many rolls should I make?

Just one roll for the whole
group or should I roll for...

There's four of us that
are active right now.

- Yeah, give me your roll

and then two rolls for the goblins.

- DC is 18.
- Oof.

- Oh.
- DC is 18, okay.

- And remember, you have Bardic.

- I have Bardic.

(snaps fingers) We make
it without the Bardic.

I add a plus one to this and
I rolled a 17 on the die.

- [Aabria] Amazing.
- Ooh.

- Okay, so you're fine.
- I'm okay.

- Second one is for Grabalba.
- This is for Grabalba.

What does she add to her wisdom save?

- Plus two.
- Plus two?

She does not make it.

- Okay, goblins are a minus
two 'cause they're little guys.

- [Brennan] I get it.
- They're little guys.

- They're little guys.
- Gorbladder...

What the hell did I call these guys?

Gorbladder, Blash, and Strump.
- Yep.

- Gorbladder, down for the count.

Blash, Blash gets a minus two so fails.

(players laugh)
- Oh!

- I mean, Strump needs a 20. That's it.

- [Aabria] Amazing.
- Strump...

- Get it, Strump.
- Strump, Strump!

- That was almost a 19 which
wouldn't even have mattered!

(cast shouting)
All my goblins are done.

I'm like, (sighs) at times it is hard

to work with this court!
(cast laughing)

- Incredible.

Yeah, and for what it's worth, yes,

Hypnotic Pattern does
have the range for that.

I just didn't want to talk

about exactly how far away it is

'cause then we'll start drawing triangles.

- So Hypnotic Pattern puts them to sleep?

- No, they are all incapacitated
and have a speed of zero.

- Yeah, for what it's worth,

you are holding Viscountess Grabalba

so she is kind of slumped in your arms,

but you can still run with
her if it's important for you

to make her touch it first.

- I literally go from getting
ready to chuck her again

to like, grabbing her little
hands in my giant ones

and being like, "Okay,
we're gonna grab the heart."

And like...
(cast laughing)

- You're running and doing this.

- Yeah, like putting a kid
on your shoes at a wedding.

Like, all right, we're gonna get it.

- Amazing, and even as you yelled

that accidental bit of information,

you can hear even from
here the (gasps) gasp

as we do a little smash cut away to people

who are Scrying and watching
this final showdown outside.

- Expertly done.
- [Aabria] Lady Featherfowl...

- Oh my God. Messy.

- You are, is it safe to
assume that in this moment

we find you running the gambling?

- Yes, absolutely, yeah. I
think I'm not betting myself.

- [Aabria] Okay.

- And I'm just like, running the numbers

on the probability of everyone to win

and taking lots of, just lots of cash

is coming in and out of my hands.

- Amazing, hedge is in your ear

giving you little bits of
data and intel and updates.

I'm gonna offer you, though,
this is a special time.

You are circled around
with a lot of the Archfey

that either moved into the
maze and got shunted out early

or never went in to begin with

and either already have their laurels

and don't need to seek glory

or are just too turnt to try
to wander through a hedge maze.

You have a captive audience.
- [Emily] Okay, then this is-

- You have a bonus rumor phase.

- Okay, great.
- Ooh.

- I think as we broadcast
this ex-fiance thing,

I just immediately am like, "Wow!

So perhaps Princess Grabalba
showing up on the arm

of two young gentlemen
really must have rankled

our dear Prince Apollo."
- [Aabria] Oh, yes.

- "Am I alone in this curiosity?"

- Absolutely not.
(Omar gasps)

And you see more than any of the others,

the sort of head gossipy tier
from the Court of Seafoam

inclusive of Efendra and Baroness Alvin

are leaning in and-

- 'Cause he did seem off, right?

- [Aabria] No, he was like-
- Prince Apollo's a bit off.

- So weird.
- [Emily] Yes!

- It was like, too big of an energy.

- [Emily] Yes.
- Like you're compensating.

- [Emily] Absolutely.
- It's a lot.

- Yeah, it must be
weighing heavily on him.

- That's amazing, and this
is such a good insight

and I would never ever...

I have to go to the bathroom. (laughs)

Get up and you are watching this rumor

immediately get deployed
in 100 directions.

- Finally, I found my purpose.
(cast laughing)

- And we (slaps hands) cut back to inside.

Anything else you wanna
do? That was a good round.

- [Emily] Yeah.
- That's action, bonus action.

And I'll hold on to my reaction.

- Love it. Then that
brings us to Rue and...

- Binx.
- Binx!

- [Aabria] Binx.
- Binx.

- And we don't recognize Binx, right?

- Right, 'cause I don't
think I changed back.

- Oh, so Rue and a moth-like stranger

have rocked up to the center.
- Wow!

- That's an important detail.

- Yeah, wait. You didn't
put your glamor up.

- Well 'cause we were
walking through the thing.

- Right.
- And so I mean,

I guess if I would've seen everybody

I would've been, (gasps) but...

- The hedges were suddenly dropped.

- Yeah, so I feel like it was just like,

time for action, right?
- Yeah, oh my God.

- So it's almost like
in slow motion, I feel,

in Binx's mind as she's
now running with Rue

towards the crystal.

I think that she, there's
like the flickering of...

She looks at Apollo and
there's the flickering

of Gwyndolin kind of popping
back but it's suppressed.

And she's kind of figuring
out like what Rue said,

it's up to me to decide when

and who I am revealing myself to.

And she thinks about the
thing with Gwyndolin.

The pact that they made,
but she also thinks

about the Court of Craft and how

she's the only one left.

And how if she were

to stand up and be herself,

that would be almost like a warning shot

to the Court of Wonder.
- Yeah.

- So in that, seeing that, those thoughts

are racing through their
mind as they're running.

She casts Fog Cloud to
obscure it from everyone.

- Counterspell.
- [Aabria] Amazing!

- Counterspell!
(cast shouting)

- Shit!

- Nothing will go unseen in this moment.

- [Aabria] Incredible.
- Fuck!

- [Aabria] So yeah-
- Right.

- Does anyone else have Counterspell

to counter that first Counterspell?

- [Surena] I don't have Counterspell!

- Can anyone Counterspell
the Counterspell?

- I don't. Oh, God.
- Can I do a thing?

- Do you have Counterspell
prepared as a spell?

- I mean, you would have to have taken it

as a magical secret.

- Wait, wait, you don't have
to roll for Counterspell.

You just say it.
- I just say it.

- [Aabria] Yeah.
- Especially Fog Cloud,

I think, is first level, right?

- Yeah, I have Lucky, though.

So I was like, can I reroll off it? No.

- No, you may not.
- I cannot, I may not.

- (laughs) And that is when
Lou Wilson turned heel.

(players laughing)
- [Aabria] Yeah.

- [Brennan] We love it.
- Damn, it's so good.

- A little bit, wait,
is this our first like,

true moment of PvP? (gasps excitedly)

- Did we get there in the
game with flowers and fucking?

(Brennan laughing)

- There has been very little fucking.

(players laughing)
- Okay...

- Thank you, by the way. Hero shit.

- [Brennan] We're holding
it down over here.

- And there'll be a lot more.
(players laughing)

- [Aabria] Yeah, if we could have it.

- (laughs) Don't do that with a bottle!

- [Emily] Oh no.

- [Brennan] No!
- [Aabria] Oh no!

- [Brennan] No!
- Bad touch, bad touch.

- That was our shared bottle, Lou.

- Okay, let's-
(players laughing)

- That bottle, we always use that.

- Oh my God.

- Hey, it's all yours,
buddy. I got my fill.

- It looks like you do not
have Counterspell prepared.

- And Counterspell just gets rid of all...

- It gets rid of this
specific spell effect

that's being called in
so as you run forward.

What does it look like
when Binx casts magic?

- Oh, it is like when
Gwyndolin casts magic

it's very like cotton candy
and like, very sparkly.

When Binx casts magic,
it's very dull and gray.

And it's almost like cigarette smoke.

- Ooh.

- Is what the Fog Cloud looks like.

It's dusty and gray
and there's soot in it.

- Oh.
- Amazing.

- When I see my cousin pull that move...

- [Aabria] Yeah.
- Can I enter initiative?

- Yes.
- Oh my gosh.

- Oh shit, oh shit.
- What?

- I loved that. (laughs)
(Aabria laughing)

- As that Fog Cloud is
cast, a peregrine falcon

shoots out of the tip of my hands

and just picks it up and flies away.

- Amazing, you literally see-
- [Emily] I love it.

- This creeping cloud and the
falcon grabs the heart of it

and swoops up and away and
you see as it bites down,

all of it dissipates immediately.

- The fog and the...
- The bird is gone.

The necklace is still there.

- Got it, so that was
how the Counterspell-

- That's what it looks like.

- Yes, that's what it looks like. Great.

- Roll initiative for me.
- [Emily] Okay.

- Get in here.

- 10.
- Okay.

You would technically enter
initiative just before Andhera.

- Oh!
- Yeah, oh my gosh.

- But before that, you guys are still up.

So a Fog Cloud was attempted.
- [Surena] Mm-hmm.

- It was Counterspelled.
- How far is it from us?

Can we sprint?
- [Aabria] 100 feet, baby.

- Okay, um...

♪ Not in one round ♪

Unless you have stuff
to make you move faster.

- [Surena] I don't.
- Or teleport.

- So I want to, uh, oh...

No, I can't do that 'cause that's a spell

and I've already used a spell.

Why didn't I use that other
spell? It's fine. (laughs)

It's all I have. I just,
I'm gonna keep running.

'Cause I have Mage Hand
and I was like, that's, no.

- Yeah, okay. So you are sprinting in.

- Yeah, I'm just... (pants)

- [Aabria] Rue, what are you doing?

- I wanna use Misty Step
just to get a little closer.

- Love that. You pop 30 feet
closer and continue to move.

- Yes, and then I would
like to use Pyrotechnics,

but specifically use the smoke magic.

So yeah, so I Misty Step, I
show up and then... (chuckles)

I say, "Okay, it's time."
(players laughing)

And can I, may I do a pyrotechnics smoke?

- Please do.
- Okay, great.

So yeah, so out of my hand shoots

a little firework, right?

And I throw it up and instead
of exploding into fireworks

it just like, poof, putters out

and all the smoke envelops over the area.

- Amazing, and I know you're
gonna say something at home

about being able to cast two spells.

It's pyrotechnics. It's cool.

And it's a flavor thing
so go fuck yourself.

(Brennan cheers)
It's fine and I allow it.

- [Oscar] Sorry.
- No, you're good.

I said it's fine.
(players laughing)

So yeah, that smoke begins to settle in

and you guys keep sprinting in.

- How big is that smoke?
- How big that smoke?

- How big the smoke is, though?

- It is a 20-feet radius
moving around corners.

And it persists for one minute

or until a strong wind disperses it.

- Ooh.
- Incredible.

- Hedge!
(players laughing)

- All right, let's insert
you into the initiative.

- Actually, I think I'm not gonna do it

because my thing takes
10 minutes to do anyway

so I'm good, yeah.
- [Aabria] Okay.

- Thank you, though.

- You slowly begin casting a spell.

We'll come back to you in 10 minutes.

- Also getting a horse?

- No, I was just gonna fuck
with everyone. (laughs)

- [Aabria] Everyone gets a horse.


- I am taking in everything
that's happening.

- [Aabria] Mm-hmm.

- And I turn to you two, recognizing Rue

and not recognizing Binx.

- Hey.
- [Aabria] Yeah.

- And the Counterspell, that
all happened in front of us.

- Yes.
- And putting it together,

I look in your direction.
- Uh-huh.

- [Omar] Do we make eye contact?

- Yeah, sure.

- Just for flavor.
- [Aabria] Yeah.

- I'm playing a paladin.
- [Aabria] Yeah.

- I can't be charmed, I can't
be thrown into falling in love

'cause of magic.
- Correct.

- And I can't be put to sleep.
That last one, not important.

I don't know why I brought it up.

- I mean...
(players laughing)

- I want to say, just because
of the nature of that magic,

I recognize your eyes even
with the charm turned.

- Mm-hmm, 'cause I think Gwyndolin

and Binx have the same eyes.
(Omar gasps)

- That's what I made true,
so you would for sure.

- So we make eye contact,
and I recognize you

and I think about the
magic that you just pulled.

And I straighten my posture
and I give you a nod

(warm instrumental music)

and a smile.
- Oh.

- And I turn and I princely
take my 30 feet to move

and I see the necklace
70 feet away from me

and I cast Darkness.
(player gasps softly)

pointing at a spot 60 feet away.

- [Aabria] Okay.

- And if you're counting
at home you're like,

oh wait a second, that's not enough.

It is a 15-foot spell
(Brennan gasps)

to engulf the necklace.

And then with the free action of speaking,

I would just like to turn to
the nearest part of the hedge

that is close to me and whisper,

"Again, I trust your judgment.

I don't see why this
has to be fought over.

Again, it goes to the person
who deserves it the most.

Please proceed, I suppose."

- Amazing.

- And I whisper that in that
voice and then turn and go,

(laughs) "Darkness, I've cast it."

And I, "Look at that, damn. (laughs)

Everyone, we all, did we all do, hello..."

(Surena chuckles)
- Amazing.

So yeah, you all see.

And it's a 15-foot radius
so a 30-foot diameter sphere

of darkness that cannot be seen through

unless you have some
very specific abilities

gets dropped over it and unless someone...

Here's how we're gonna resolve it

'cause the hedge doesn't get to pick.

It's on you all so I need

all five of you in here,

and I'll roll on Apollo's behalf.

(players laughing)

Everyone's going to make
an investigation check.

I would say with disadvantage.
It doesn't matter.

Everyone just gets one roll,

and whoever gets the highest
is the one that finds it.

- Oh!
- And they may be...

- Can I give Apollo the help
action rather than roll myself?

- Oh, that's good.

- [Aabria] Oh!
- I'm all in on Apollo.

- Absolutely do.
- [Emily] Yeah.

- Great, I'd like to give
the help action to Apollo.

- Can I action surge to give
disadvantage to Prince Apollo?

- Oh, what the heck?
- Oh.

- And you make it a straight roll?

- I'll allow it!
(Emily laughs)

I'll allow it. Okay.

- Is there any way I can help...

- Yes.
- Yeah, wait.

Just to understand the moment in time.

- Well exactly, if we're action surging,

can I give Bardic Inspiration

to counter that?
- [Brennan] Yeah-

- All right, now we're
doing a whole goddamn thing.

I think this is just,
that I'm gonna say no.

No other magical effects on top of it.

This is just a group of
people groping in the dark.

- [Lou] Great.

- Hoping that they come
up with the Crystal Heart.

So no extra effects.

If you find it and you don't
want to be the one with it,

we'll then adjudicate how
you can try to slip it

to your people in the dark.
- Oops.

- Ew! (laughs)
(players laughing)

- Yeah, I would say, 'cause
my question would be,

is the Viscountess Grabalba
with that Hypnotic Pattern,

is she just gone, she's out of it?

- She's gone so you would have to find it

and then get it in her hands.

- So in that case I think
it's more important to Hob

to prevent Apollo from getting it

than it is for him to get it himself.

Does that make sense?
- [Aabria] Absolutely.

- He's like, if Grabalba is toast,

then this ruins the whole plan

and I need to just make
sure Apollo doesn't get it.

- Well, I'm the reverse.

So I think we'll both bow out
and Apollo will roll straight.

- Cool.
- [Aabria] Okay.

- Wow.
- All right.

Let's get our rolls going.
(Lou chuckles)


- Just the three of us just... (grunts)

(players laughing)

- I'll let you know what
you have to beat for Apollo.

- [Lou] Okay.
- He's got an 18.

(players chortle)

- I'm sitting on a Bardic Inspiration

that was so kindly given
to me by the Lord Squak.

- Go ahead, roll it

and I'll subtract that
from Apollo's result.

(Oscar gasps)

- Five.
- 13.

- So I rolled a nine,
but I have Lucky and-

- [Aabria] Go ahead.
- Great.

'Cause my whole vibe is lost things.

- [Aabria] Yeah.
- That's my court.

- This is your exact stand.
- Court of lost things.

- Fuck! I'm so stressed out!

- Hold on, hold on, hold on!

This is the time to
roll in the Box of Doom!

- Yes!
(players shouting)

Wait, are you, I was gonna ask.

Are you searching for it as well, Rue?

- I, yes, but I would love to help.

- [Brennan] Yes.

- There's not really a way
to direct someone in the dark

so I'm gonna have you roll.

And if you just win then we'll talk

about how you found it.

- [Oscar] Oh, I see. Okay, gotcha.

- And then you got it to her.

- Okay, so that will be my
helping is participating.

- Yes, 100%.

This absolutely has to be a Box of Bloom.

(players cheer)
- [Emily] Yeah!

- Look at this little guy!
Look, he's so beautiful.

- Never looked better.
- [Surena] Oh my God.

- [Aabria] Okay, I'm just gonna
hold it like a full crate.

- [Surena] Okay, okay.
- What do you need to roll?

Like what do you add
to your investigation?

- Oh, I add-

- [Emily] Oh, rogue, so
you're probably really good.

- A one, I have a one investigation.

- [Emily] What?
- Come on, Prince Apollo!

- So what is that? Is that a 12 or higher?

- [Aabria] Yeah, a 12 or higher.

- A 12 or higher.

- [Aabria] Knocks Apollo
out of the running.

- Hey, under 50%.
- Okay.

- Come on, Apollo.

- [Aabria] You got this, you got this.

- Come on, Apollo.
- Oh please, oh please!

- [Aabria] What is it?
- It is a 16.

(players cheering)

- [Aabria] Okay, 17 is
now the number to beat.

I'm gonna hand that back to you.

- 16 is the number to beat.

- [Aabria] Oh, 16 is the number to beat.

- Yeah, mm-hmm.
- Okay.

Can you hold it for the next person?

- Yes, I will hold it for the next person.

- [Aabria] Okay.
- It is being held.

- Okay, here we go. I need to beat a 16.

- 16.
- [Brennan] 16.

- But I mean-
- Yeah.

- I'm happy with not beating a 16.

A nine.
- [Aabria] Okay.

(players clapping)
- Yay!

- [Aabria] You're fumbling
around in the dark.

You cannot find it.
- [Lou] Oh!

- I still want you to roll-
- [Lou] Great.

- On Apollo's behalf to
see if you can help him out

'cause he did a mediocre job.
- Sure happily.

- Look into the eyes.

- [Aabria] Of this little guy.
- Little guy.

I will stare deeply into
the eyes of little guy.

That is only a seven.
- [Aabria] Okay.

- Oh.
- All right.

Can you hold it for Hob?

- I'll hold it for Hob.

- You'll hold for me? Thank you

So in other words, me and Airavis

are not canceling each other out.

- Correct.
- Copy that, okay.

- If you roll the highest then we can talk

about what happens.
- Copy that.

And my investigation here-
- Ooh, ooh!

- Is, I only add plus one to this as well

so it's gotta be a 16 or higher.

- [Aabria] So it's gotta be a 16.

(Brennan blows on die)

- [Brennan] Not a 16. That's an 11.

- [Aabria] Okay.
- Wow.

- [Aabria] Last but not least, Andhera,

you walk into the darkness, your element.

- [Oscar] Ooh, yeah.
- Oh.

- [Lou] He's home.
(Omar laughs)

(die taps Box of Doom)
(dramatic music)

- [Omar] That's a crit.
(Brennan gasps)

- Shit!
- Shut up.

- Das crit.

- That was a crit, it's like-
- That is a crit.

That is a nat 20.
- [Aabria] Amazing!

(Surena slaps table)

- What?
- [Aabria] Um, holy shit.

I love when dice tell a story.
- That's incredible!

- [Aabria] Thank you.
- Technically a 21

'cause I have a plus one.
- Okay, calm down.

It's a natural 20. You did it.
(Oscar gasps)

- Holy shit, holy shit!

- You just said in my element.
- Yeah.

- I can't see in darkness.
- [Aabria] Correct.

- Because it's Darkness casted.

- Correct.

- But I can hear, and I'm
used to listening in darkness.

- [Aabria] Mm-hmm.
- I would like to say then.

- Yeah.

- [Omar] If it's all right with you.

- Please.
- I listen for the breeze

that the hedge is blowing
for a very particular sound

that I'm actually well aware of.

Granted, it's a bit
bigger in this instance,

but it's a sound I do know.

And I would like to very sneakily

push the heart into the hands of one Binx.

- [Aabria] (gasps) Amazing.
- Oh!

- [Aabria] Amazing.
- Okay.

- You feel in the dark

as you're scrabbling through the grass.

And regency question. Gloves or no gloves?

- Yeah, that's what I was gonna ask.

- It's the most important thing!

- Yeah, do our hands touch, like?

- [Aabria] Yeah!
- Oh!

- [Surena] I just need to
understand what's happening here.

- Please let them touch!
(cast laughing)

- I will, okay. If I may then.

- [Surena] Uh-huh.
- [Aabria] Yes.

- Unglovéd hands, with an
accent mark on the E there.

- Yes, thank you.
- Hands touch, not sure whose.

I don't make any sound myself.

- Yeah.
- [Aabria] Yeah.

- To the best of my ability.

And no one can see in the darkness,

but were the audience to be privy to this,

100% that Darcy-esque shaking, tense.

- Amazing, and you feel grass
and then the warmth of a hand.

And then something sharp
and cold pressed into it.

Binx, you are holding the Crystal Heart.

- Uh...

- [Aabria] You're in the dark.
- Mm-hmm.

- Before you dispel the Darkness,

I want to give you a chance to know

because you're a thing of lost
objects and liminal spaces,

and this is that so please
make a perception check

or insight with advantage.

- Okay.

(die taps table)

Oh God.

Uh, okay...

That is a, you said perception or...

- [Aabria] Or insight.
- Okay.

That is a 19.

- [Aabria] Make a deception check.

- Oh!
- [Emily] Wow!

- That's only a 15.
- Wow!

(cast laughing)

I'm the studio audience.
- Wow!

- It's so romantic!

- Chair of flowers just...
(players laughing)

- He smells like an oncoming storm

and dark water and eroded stone.

You know exactly who
pressed this into your hand.

(players gasping)
- Wow!

- Oh, ooh.
(players laughing)

- The hedge, of its own volition,

intercedes and drops your Darkness spell.

And you hear a great
set of shouts and cries

and swears of losing money and-

- Not from me.
- Not from you.

Sorry, I just meant that
you're the ringleader of it.

- [Emily] Yeah.
- And acclaim and curiosity

as the entire hedge falls out and away.

And standing at the center

with the Crystal Heart in her hand,

- [Emily] Yeah!
- Aw.

(players clapping)
(players laughing)

- Is Binx Choppley.

- Her last name is terrible.

(players laughing)
- [Aabria] Choppley.

- It's great.
- Choppley.

- The last member of the Court of Craft.

- (claps hands) Damn!

- Hi, hello.
(players laughing)

And sort of like a moth
to flame a little bit.

It's all very overwhelming.

Binx is used to not being seen.

Binx is used to being in the shadows

and using Gwyndolin as like

a bit of a key into finer society.

And so she's now without that.

And she goes, "My name is Binx.

I am the last of the Court of Craft.

And I am here on behalf

of the Court of Craft

as its sole leader.

Is that right? Does that make me a leader?

I'm thinking that's fine, it's.. (laughs)

(players laughing)

- And the Wavemaster slowly walks forward

and you watch across their face

changing emotions

kind of ebbing and waxing
and waning like the tide.

But the one that meets you as they do

is a realization

'cause what you said is correct.

- [Surena] Mm-hmm.

- You are the last of the Court of Craft

which means you are the
leader of the Court of Craft.

- Oh, I don't know. Okay, mm-hmm.

- And in a bow of deference
from one leader to another,

the Wavemaster bows and
takes your hand and says,

"All hail the Weaver of
Fate, Binx Choppley."

And that's where we're
gonna end today's episode!

(players cheering)
(players clapping)

And we'll see you next
time for a new chapter

of our regency Fey story.

- [Cast] Yeah!

- Thank you.
(players laughing)

- Binx is Gwyn and Gwyn is Binx!

- I know. (laughs)

- You knew?
- Of course I knew, yeah.

I figured it out yesterday.
- Well, shit.

- I am not good at relationship talk,

but I will hear the sounds you're making

and I will nod empathetically
at those sounds

so you feel heard and understood.

(dramatic music)

- Well, that comforted me very little.

- I have no idea what I'm doing, Advisor.

I think Lady Chirp's in love with me.

- I'm gonna leave the two of
you. I'll go see if I can-

- Cousin, Cousin, why would you do that?

- I'm gonna leave the two of you.

- [Emily] Why would you do that?

- I'm gonna see if I can scrounge up some-

- [Emily] What are you doing to me?

- [Lou] It's deep!
- Cousin, if you ever wanna-

- It's deep underneath the nest-

- Hey, Cousin-

- So I may not be back in a
second. Goodbye! (giggles)

- You're really cool. And do
you know how cool you are?

- My eyes well up with tears.

- Grabalba's throwing ass
right now and please don't.

- What do I have to do?
What do I have to do?

- What?
- [Emily] To buy your silence?

- Uh, money.

- You were the reason why

Grabalba and Apollo were to wed?

(Brennan gasps)
- Oh, what's he gonna do?

- I don't know. Maybe I'll
have sex with the prince.

(cast laughing)