Dimension 20 (2018-…): Season 15, Episode 10 - You Will Never Know a Lonely Day Again - full transcript

The pack of pixies attempt to save the connection between the fey realms and the material plane.

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(elegant classical music)

- To the churlish Captain K.P. Hob,

venerated soldier of the Goblin Court.

To the master of ceremonies,
Delloso de la Rue,

pride of the Court of Wonder.

To BINX Choppley, sole
survivor of the Court of Craft.

To the tenebrous Prince Andhera,

scion of the Unseelie Court.

And to the notorious Lords of the Wing,

Lady Chirp Featherfowl,
Countess of Cluckingham,

and Lord Squak Airavis,
Earl of Peckersberg.

Honored archfey, we are
delighted to welcome you

to A Court of Fey & Flowers.

Hello and welcome to Dimension 20's

A Court of Fey & Flowers,
the thrilling finale.

I am your Dungeon Master, Aabria Iyengar,

and with me, one last time,
are my pack of pixies.

Say hi, pack of pixies.
- Hi, pack of pixies.

- If you want a recap, go
back to the other episode.

It's the same one. There's
a poem, it's amazing.

So we'll give you some time-

- You guys should just
splice in the poem again.

- Oh yeah, just cut that in here.

Amidst the feral beauty of the Bloom

and surging fairy magic flowing forth,

will duty or will love soon meet its doom

as our fey grapple with
each value's worth?

We find ourselves here
standing on the stage,

our actors set and every piece in place,

one final war now ready to be waged

to save the mortal world or save face.

There's no one who can
tell you what to choose,

for that's the trap of good society.

Only your hearts know
what you dare to lose

or sacrifice to slake propriety.

So step we all into this final game,

as hunt and hunter take their careful aim.

Good, thanks.

So we pick back up

as a low rumble moves through the ground,

and the first thing I'm going to need

is a constitution saving
throw from Andhera.

- [Lou] No!

(Omar laughs)

- Oh, worry not, my friend. That's a nine.

- Oh!
- Stop with these opposites.

- You're supposed to do the opposite

when you pass, not when you fail.

I was going to say, he's strong!

He's built like a pillar!
Can't take him down!

- You're standing sort of looking at BINX

as these strange vines are coming up

to try to wrap her up and bind her,

and you feel that vibration
between your cells

as the magic in you that's trying to hold

these two ideas together
and coherent overwhelms you,

and you push all of
that energy down and out

and away from you into the ground,

into the Bloom and the
realm of fairy itself.

You are a being from the dark

who occasionally has
storm clouds over you,

but now it's not just over you as the sky

that was full of stars and
clear and bright and cool

rolls over with dark, inky, purple clouds,

and a storm rolls in, and
the rumble under your feet

gets worse and worse
until the ground itself

here in this place between places

begins to crack and split
apart with the energy

of whatever is being
wrought into the world.

It's about this time that everyone

that's still watching the
play sees that the sky

has turned to storm, and
though they are ensorceled-

- Oh, they got a budget for this play.
(players laugh)

- And though they are
ensorceled by Jeremy Renner's

breakout theater performance
as the Green Hunter-

- Wait, he's never done theater before?

This is his first theatrical performance?

- I looked it up, I don't really think so.

I think this is his first play.

- This is not Earth One,
this is an alternate Earth

with Jeremy Renner where
he hasn't done theater.

- Has he done theater?

I tried to Google it. It doesn't matter.

- He's been to the theater before.

That was in one of the shows,
that he's at a theater.

(Aabria laughing)

- Amazing, but very quickly,

the mood is sort of broken

and fey are getting up and moving away

even as the ground begins
to rumble and you hear

the rending of earth somewhere
not too far from you.

Suntar looks over, kind
of shielding herself.

She says, I'm gonna,

this has been lovely, and I'm going to go.

- Absolutely.
- Aye.

- We'll meet again later.
- Okay.

And even as she's getting up, you see her

look off to the side and
mutter under her breath.

Give me an arcana check.

(Lou hums in a disapproving tone)

- Six.

- That is a despicable roll, but you know-

- You know, why don't I,
I got all these things.

(players cheering)

- [All] Burn one, burn
one, burn one, burn one!

- Okay, I'm going to burn my teacup.

- Burn the little
teacup? Okay, bye teacup!

- Who needs a cup when it's raining?

- [Aabria] Perfect.

(players laughing)

(Brennan makes a BYOOOM sound
to intimate arcane burning)

You burn something.
- There you go.

- You burn something arcane
and powerful deep within you,

and you know that she's
responding to a Sending spell,

but you can hear her response,

and you know that she is
speaking directly to Apollo.

What you hear her respond
is, do you have her yet?

Let's be done with this portal
business. I'm on my way.

- I think I'm gonna let her go.

- Okay.
- And then follow.

- Amazing, so you hang back a little bit.

Give me a stealth check.
- Okay.

Ooh, gorgeous. Gorgeous!

That's going to be a 27.
- Oh my god!

Wow, you put those dice in the
moon. You did it really good.

- [Lou] There it is.

Yeah, especially in the chaos
and shuffle and weather,

you slip into the shadows
and you're able to follow her

as she takes off in
Prince Apollo's direction.

Squak, where are you?

- I was trying to catch up
to Lord Apollo after he left.

- Okay, so we're cutting back a little bit

before the rain really
started coming down,

and he kind of turns and sees
you and says, oh, hi, sorry,

I said I was just stepping
away for a minute, correct?

- Oh, were you coming back, or?

- Oh, I mean, yes, Airry.

Actually, why don't you come with me?

We are business partners.

- And soon to be other
partners, hopefully.

- This is the most important
business that we have.

- Mm-hm.
- You know what?

Give me a persuasion check.
- Great.

- Just to make sure the vibe is right,

that he's not catching
anything funky off of you.

- Okay.

Oh, yes.

That'll be a cool 28.

- Wow, yeah, you give nothing

but calm acceptance and
pleased expectation,

and he's going to lead
you back behind the stage

to this massive arch ruin.

A couple of the chunks of the stone

are just sort of floating in the sky,

connected by tethers of just arcane magic,

and on the sides supporting

are these two 12 foot tall caryatids.

They look like mortal
women, but they're so old

that they've been ground down

and the features are barely discernible.

- Mm.
- And this massive arch

is in front of you, and you
can feel, coming off of it,

just so much energy going in, coming out.

- Apollo, what is this?

(Emily chuckles)

- Nice.

- And he sighs.
(cast laughing)

- You just said that in the cadence of,

"What? Is? This?"
(players laughing)

- He's actually going to clap
you on the shoulder and say,

the last one,

it allowed the human players to come in

and give the first and last performance.

- Wait, Apollo, are you saying

that when you close this gate,

Jeremy won't be able to come back again?

- No.
- Dev Patel won't be able

to audition for the movie?

(cast laughing)
- Yes!

- What is this happening at the-?

- Michael B. Jordan won't be able

to come and star in "The Green Hunter"?

Is that what you're saying?
I just want to be clear.

I always assumed in this agreement

that there would be exceptions,

but you're saying that none of these,

Jeremy Renner would not be allowed to pass

between the material plane and here?

- Jeremy Renner will
be stuck here forever,

(Oscar cackles)

and can act out "The Green
Hunter" as much as he wants.

- Yeah, but that's...

All right, Apollo. Sure.

(players laughing)

- Uh-huh.

(players laughing)

- We're all on board.
Continue with your plan.

(players laughing)

But yes, this is the last gate
between the material plane.

This is it, right here.

- Once this is shut, the
magic that we generate

stays here, with us.

- Mm.

- Are you ready?

- Yeah, yeah.

Let's do it.

Hey, everyone, I don't know
where the fuck you are.

- I'm following Suntar.

Oops, hold on, got to do
birdsong again. Okay, great.

- Yes, everyone, I'm currently
at the last arcane gate

to the material plane, which
Apollo is about to close,

which will mean I will never get to have

Dev Patel and Michael B. Jordan

audition for "The Green Hunter",

and I guess I also can't
get drunk with my niece.

So if you could all get here immediately,

it's about to go down!

- You hear just the sound
of somebody's cell phone

in a pocket that's being jostled around.

- Yeah.
- Oh god! Ah, ah!

- Yes, I will try to stall.

And I'm going to be like,
Apollo, how can I help?

And I'd like to stand behind him

and rub my hands along
his giant, masculine arms.

- A flirt check.
- Yes, cousin!

Seduce him, seduce him!

- Can I just burn a token to succeed?

- Yes, of course!
(players clapping)

- Leave nothing to chance.

- I'm burning this
beautiful pineapple token.

- Amazing, so go ahead and tell me

how you're able to stall for time.

(Lou hesitating and
other players laughing)

- Bust the door down as
you guys are going at it.

- You've been training
your whole life for this.

- I think truly, it's a...

Will it require some movements like this?

(Emily shrieking and laughing in delight)

Perhaps movements

(Brennan thumping the table as he laughs)

like this?

(Emily and Aabria laughing)

Will we need to get physical?
- Oh.

- Is it something we do
by ourselves, or together?

- You left the line open,

so we can all hear what's happening.

- Of course.

- Please mute, please mute, please mute.

- I've never been so proud!
- You all need to know

if we're getting close, okay?

- And yeah, Apollo is
thoroughly ensorceled by you.

I like your guessing, so I'm
not gonna answer your question.

- Well, I know it's
about to be all business,

but there's some of my own business

I'd like to take care of before that.

- Oh yeah, he's definitely in his villain,

if he thought you were his enemy

he would be monologuing at you,
so he will be overconfident

at the cusp of victory and is
going to attempt to kiss you.

- Ooh.
- I accept!

It is an intimate kiss
that I break and go,

not bad, not at all.

- Can I hear the sound
effects that we hear?

- Of course.

(players laughing)

(Lou's lips smacking passionately
as everyone else laughs)

(Lou's lips smacking passionately
as everyone else laughs)

- Making those with a beak.

- I know, a beak!
- What's pressing together?

- How do you make out with a beak?

- What's creating suction?
- I don't know!

- I don't have a beak, all right?

I'm not a fucking bird, okay?

- Birds were inspired by us!
- Okay?

Not the other way around!
- Incredible.

I have to give you inspiration.

- Yes.
- Thank you.

- For your deep and profound commitment

as you guys are stalling for time,

and you are able to follow

as Suntar moves towards the gate.

- My raven also hugs the shadows.

- Oh, are you on the raven?

- No no no, I'm currently
not on the raven,

but whenever we get to a stopping place,

I'll hop on the raven, and
then I'm going to prepare

a reaction to call out my sword.

- Love it.

What are Hob and Rue doing?

- I think in the moment that I see Wuvvy,

Hob is deeply confused,
because he went from,

they have admitted that they
were the agent saboteur,

then they've confessed their love for me.

Why are they continuing the
lie after they just confessed?

And then they said, my other response,

I've told you this so many times,

and Hob has never received
a letter of any type at all,

so Hob goes, of what missive or epistle

do you now refer that you...

You have never spoken to me of any...

And then goes to the thing and says,

time is of the essence!

We must run!

If you are true in your belief

that these gates should remain open,

that the mortal world
should not be cut off

from all the magic of fairy,
then come and come now!

- Yes, I think that's the
right thing to do. Let's go.

- And I'm going to take
off towards Airavis.

- Sweet.
- I follow.

- Yeah, and I'll even say, give
me one more perception check

as you're taking off in that direction.

- Both of us?

- No, you've already clocked Wuvvy.

I'm just giving one more chance.

I was going to give you with advantage.

- Thank you!
- Thank god.

Saved from a nat one.
- Okay, there we go.

- Oh no!
- 22.

- Okay, I like the idea of
the nat one fiction, but...

So, she was hanging back into the shadows,

and as you pass by, she
pushes forward just enough

as a little flash of lightning,

she moves out away from a
pillar so she's illuminated

and makes sure to make
eye contact with you.

She just gives a little nod.

Everything about her is that feral form.

- Yeah.
- And this feels

very much like her sort
of protector instinct

as the ground is literally rumbling

and something strange and
powerful is happening,

and despite whatever you've gone through,

she would never leave you unprotected.

And you keep going by, and you know,

even though you can't hear it
through the rain and the storm

and the beating of your own
heart, she is following.

All right, my other two. How's it going?

You're just hanging out?
- No.

- You're able to dodge, duck,

dip, dive, and dodge these plants.

- I'd like to see if I can find a caster,

where they're coming from. Like,
who is controlling these plants?

- Give me an arcana check.
- Great, okay.

Oh god, doesn't count, doesn't count.

Oh, should've counted.

That is a 11.

- You could always burn
a token to succeed.

- What is this boy?
- Who could say?

- Who could say?

Yeah, I feel like my life is in danger

and your life is in danger, Andhera,

so I take a quick scan of
everything and I burn the token.

- Amazing. Good, yes, good, burn them all.

You, again, reach towards
something powerfully arcane

within yourself, and you feel
and you look at these plants.

There is no caster.
- Okay.

- The plants themselves
are deeply magical,

and you reach towards
that sense that you have,

lost places and hidden things,

and you're able to sort of
see and follow the roots,

deep and powerful and
strong, under the ground,

shooting off in a direction.

You actually see where
all of these other plants

were popping up in and around
this area in the theater.

They're all leading in one direction

towards something very powerfully arcane

that you can kind of see
with your arcane vision

off back behind the theater stage itself,

and you know that that's the
direction of Lord Airavis,

and that your friends
are probably headed in.

It all originates there.

- Okay. We have to go back to the theater.

It's not safe here. I'm dodging vines.

- Have I overcome my distraction?

- Yes, because you've
pushed it into the earth,

and this earthquake, and as things

are sort of shifting and moving,

you're not sure if it's
entirely because of you,

but something about that energy sparked.

It was that last little catalyst
of strange, chaotic magic

that's been pushed into the world

that is causing all of this change.

- I look to you and I grab both ends

of my double bladed scimitar
and I click them together

and lock them, so my weapon is prepared.

Are you feeling okay?

- It's hard for me to breathe.

- I, without even hearing any more,

I put a hand on her shoulder

and I cast Protection from Poison.

- Oh, okay.

(Players laughing)

- Nothing can happen to you.

- At that, I take out my crossbow.

I've never brandished a weapon before,

and it is in the shape
of sort of a wishbone,

and I load it, and I say,
nothing can happen to you.

- I whip some water off of the blades,

and I look up to the storming sky above,

and I imagine my elemental
shard is glowing,

but I don't know if that would
even show up in this torrent.

- Oh, in this storm
specifically, yes, it does.

- Interesting.

- And every time a flash of lightning

streaks across the sky,
almost as if it's reflected

in your shard, your shard lights up too.

- I have a feeling I know
where this storm's coming from.

Before we go, you said that
you could remove this from me?

- Yes, I can remove it,

and it would be my pleasure to do so.

- Could you now?
- Yes, yes.

- Here's what we're going to do.

You're all split in different places,

but a lot of things are happening at once,

so I'm going to need all
of you to roll initiative.

(Brennan gasps)
- Can I have prepared my reaction?

- For sure.
- Okay, cool.

- Anyone 25 to 20?

- 21.
- Ooh.

- 21 as well.
- Who's got the higher dex?

- I think probably you. I've got a 16.

- I got a 17.
- Yeah!

- 'Cause my moves are
mostly gonna be sexual.

- [Aabria] Yeah! All right!

- I need to get them done
before anyone else shows up.

- 19 to 15.
- I got 16.

- 14 to 10.
- Yes, 14.

- Nine to five.
- I have a nine.

♪ Working nine to five, what
a way to make a living ♪

♪ Barely ♪
(Surena hums "9 to 5")

(Oscar giggles)

- That's the legal limit.
- And we all knew it.

- Anything after that, we got to pay.
- And we all knew it, we all knew it.

- Who am I missing? Four?

You got a one?
- One?

- [Aabria] Okay, that's
fine. It's a fine thing to-

- Yeah, get it now.

- I feel like the ones
that roll ones are also

the ones that roll 20s.
- Get it now.

- That is a way to think about that.

Okay, we're in it. Lord Squak.

- Uh-huh?
- You are up first.

- Great, so we're just hooking up?

- [Aabria] Yeah, you're
fully hooking up right now.

- Great, is he wearing full plate?

- That's the fun thing.

You have this sense that,

were he to sort of shift
into his true fey form,

his body itself would act as heavy plate,

but he's not wearing armor.

- Got it, so it's not like I
could be like, hey, let me-

- Take your pants-
- Let's take our pants off.

- Yeah, exactly.
- That would lower his AC.

- Yes.
- That's not gonna happen.

- Are you trying to dis-armor him?

- If you would allow me
to use sexual intercourse

to in any way reduce

his AC or proficiency bonus, I would-

- I will absolutely allow it.
- Okay.

- Because I think that
shifting takes a bit of time.

- [Lou] Okay.
- So, yeah.

If it got into bullet time combat.

- Yes, great.
- He would not have

the wherewithal to do that quickly.

- So I would like to just be,

my hands roaming around his body.

- Hey!
- Go, how much time do we have

before the rest of them get here?

I'm assuming Suntar will be here for this,

or is this just us?

- I don't, I...

(Aabria as Apollo stammering)

The blood has rushed from his head,

and he does not know how to respond.

Eventually, we have time. There's
enough time, we have time.

- Oh, good!
- Do me a favor,

give me an arcana check
while you are getting busy.

I just want to give you
some more information

about how this portal works.
- Please, tell me

all about this ritual.

Wow, that's a dirty 20.

- Ooh!
- A dirty 21.

- Amazing, you see that-

- Can we say his back is
to it so that I'm looking-

- Yeah! 100%, perfect.
- Okay, yeah.

- Yeah, so you don't really
see any sort of shimmer.

This just looks like a portal,
but every now and then,

a drop of water breaks the surface.

You see that there's something happening

with the surface tension that,
even though you see the woods

on the other side of this gate,

you see at the very
edges where it interacts,

you get the impression of sand pouring in

as magic is getting pushed into it

to maintain the portal,

but the longer that you've
been here, vines are growing

up the sides of the statues

and sort of choking out those edges

where the magic is flowing in,

and you can feel a weakening of this.

- Got it.
- That if magical energy

isn't constantly pushing
and pouring into the portal,

it will shut and stay shut.

- Do I get the sense that
these vines themselves

are the source, are the
things that are preventing

the magic from flowing through?

- Yes.
- Got it.

And that by stopping them
or interrupting them-

- You could interrupt the vines.

You could also just push
magic into the portal itself.

- Okay, got it.

I would like to, while
slowly just starting to kiss

Apollo's inner thigh, pass
that along to the group.

- I will say that that's
your action and movement.

- Okay, great.
- And this is where

your tokens become interesting.

- Oh.

- Because if you're
within portal distance,

you guys have been burning those tokens

as great summonings of magic,

the thing that suffuses
this world and yourselves.

You can burn the tokens
to maintain the portal.

Now, here's what going to happen.

You need 10 successes.

If you burn a token, it will lower the DC.

These are all arcana checks.
You need 10 successful checks.

Burning a token will drop the DC by five.

Everyone's got to make them.

You can burn your tokens, you
can burn your reputation tags,

because names and titles are
important in this world, too.

It's everything that you've
been doing at the Bloom.

So you can spend actions and bonus actions

and even reactions to try
to reach 10 before the vines

choke out the magic and the
portal is shut for good.

Now, you have a bonus action left.

Do you want to do anything?

- I will, having relayed the information

and knowing, guys, I can only do so much

before we're just going to be having sex.

You guys got to hurry up.

And then I'm going to go behind him

and I will,

while probably doing some
butt massaging and shit,

look back and go... (grunts)

And attempt to...

(Emily and Oscar laughing)

Attempt to make an arcana check against,

to throw some magic into this damn portal.

- Oh my god.
- Okay.

- Butt massage?
- Do you want to burn anything

to lower the DC on that?
- I mean, I only-

- [Aabria] You can burn
as much as you want.

- Burning our reputation
helps us lose the wager.

- God.
- Oh.

- Oh yeah, you both have
two reputation tags.

- But I just became an icon!

- I respect if you want to stay an icon.

- Can I burn mature?
- Burn mature.

- I burn the shit out of mature.

- DC is 15 now. Anything else?

- DC is 15? I'm not going
to burn icon, I love icon.

- You have a bunch of stuff.

Don't forget that mask is one
too, as is the cup, I think.

- I'll burn the cup as well.
- Cool, all right. DC is 10.

- DC is 10 and I only get a plus two?

Do we burn just one more? Yes,
you know, fuck Grandfather.

(players laughing)

I'll burn this.

- Big toss. I'm not leaning anymore.

- This one's got a spike on it.

- Toss it!

- There it is.
- Yeah!

- So I just need to get a five.

- Can you break a five?
- Come on.

- Anything above a three and we're golden!

(players cheering)

- Success number one is on the board.

- Great, and then I go
back to massaging his butt.

- Perfect. Next up is Hob.

For the sake of getting
everyone relatively close

relatively quickly, I will
say that you were able

to arrive in this round
of combat if you want

to see the scenario.
- Hell yeah.

See the scenario. Okay, Apollo's
getting his butt rubbed.

(Aabria and Emily laughing)

I look at you and know
you are no longer mature.

(Brennan and Oscar laughing)

- Yeah.
- I can do an arcana

as a bonus action?
- Yeah.

- Let's go ahead. It starts at a DC 15?

- Starts at a 20.
- Okay.

One, two,

and we will burn formidable
as my reputation.

- [Lou] You didn't burn the feather.

- Wait a second, what does that mean?

You didn't burn the feather?
- Oh my god.

- Of course he didn't.
- I couldn't see.

- Five.
- DC five? Okay.

- You got this, Hob.

- All right.
- Come on.

- DC five, this is bonus action.

- Yo!
- Seven.

- Oh my god.

- Success number two on the board.

- Okay, I'm going to look at Apollo.

I'm going to say, Lord Airavis,
you don't mind, do you?

- Don't, please!
(bell dings)

- And I am going to go full
action surge on Prince Apollo.

- Let's go!
- Oh my god!

- Oh, did I catch you at
a bad time, your highness?

- No, my butt!

- No, my butt!
- Oh no, my butt!

- The way that you work ass cheeks.

- It's all in the thumbs.

- All of these attacks with advantage.

- Strategically, would we say

that the Prince Apollo
is prone at the moment?

- Oh god.

- That's what I should've done.

I should've gotten him on his knees.

- We'll allow it.
- Or on his back.

- He is sexually prone
right now. You're good.

- [Emily] Or his stomach.

- Well, never struck a man
in flagrante delicto before.

Wait, would we also
describe him as surprised?

- Deeply.
- We love that.

We love to hear that, in fact.

- There you go, look at us,
a perfect one-two, you know?

I get in there.

- We should do this more often.

- [Lou] Exactly!

- All right, attack number one.

Nat! Double!

Two nat 20s! Two nat 20s!
- Shut up.

One in 400 chance! I don't
get to play that often!

- Oh my god.
- My nose is bleeding.

- That's amazing.
- What?

- Okay, I guess I didn't
mention earlier that a crit

counts for double success.
- Kill him, right? Kill him?

- Oh yeah, you're going to, look,

we don't have to play the game
of rounds and rounds of this.

You're going to tell me

how you absolutely wipe
the floor with this man.

Just break me off a word.
You DM too, right, sometimes?

- Okay.

- Yeah, go ahead and
paint me a word picture.

- I just want to say that this would be

2d10 plus 2d8 plus 4d6 plus 4, but-

- And that's going to
count as four successes

as you eliminate the thing

holding concentrate on these vines.

- Ooh.
- Oh wow.

- As I look at you, I think
you've teed this up perfectly.

- You've got to stop
rubbing! It's the thumb-work!

- It's not even rubbing, it's pressing.

- It feels like you're
working two dimples.

- I think it's very fast.

Again, Hob is a soldier, not a gladiator.

He's not an entertainer, but
I think he does make a point

to hit him with the flat of
the blade across the shoulder

to spin him around and
knock him four steps back

so that he's facing me.
- Yeah.

- And then I say, "From
the front this time,"

and through the stomach with the glaive.

- And I'd like to say that
it goes right over my head.

- Just a rain of blood.
- Ooh, yeah, a little bit.

And a man built for flashy, showy words,

who has an ease with language,

has no words for the surprise

as he quickly and suddenly
dies on your blade.

The vines wilt and fall away,

four successes away.

Next up, Suntar arrives.
- Oh!

- Just as you finish killing Apollo.

Your stealth check is phenomenal,

but she is going to sort of wheel around

and see what's happening, sees Captain Hob

kill her partner in this,
and as she screams "no"

and it's eaten up by the
roar of thunder around you,

I need you to make a wisdom saving throw

as she attempts to cast a spell on you.

I'm going to say it up top,
we don't have to make this

a Box of Doom, because
that's for me, not for you.

Your DC is 17 as she attempts
Dominate Person on you.

- I do not succeed.

- You hear her command in your head.

You're so good at taking orders.

Kill them all.

- You've got it. And
I just go glassy eyed.

- Major Hob?

Major Hob?

- No!
- Just holding a corpse.

- Lord Airavis.

I remain, as ever, a fan. Hi-ya!

(players laughing)

- Holding his body.

- Holding the dead man by the
ass and just wheeling around.

(Lou making gasping effort sounds)

- BINX, you're up.

- Well, you asked me to remove the shard,

and that's what I want to
do, so in kind of a flourish

very similar to what it is in my workshop,

I kind of spin you

and I kind of put you to your knees, and-

- Hm? Okay.
- And I look at the shard

and kind of inspect it,

and I want to try to
remove it with arcana.

- Okay, go ahead and
give me an arcana check.

- Arcana check. Oh, that is a dirty 20.

- Woo hoo!
- Amazing.

You see, even as you move
in place and you touch it,

you feel it tethered
both above to this world

and you can feel off and far away

the seat of the Unseelie Court,

where this energy is sourced from,

and you feel just a
little bit of a connection

out and away in the direction of the roots

to Suntar, the one who actually,

if not the person that
installed the spike,

has enough wherewithal
to be in control of it.

- In that moment, I can see
her, and it's almost like,

through the vines of how the magic works,

it's almost like I can
touch her, almost, right?

- Yeah.

- And I whisper under my breath,

and it's unclear whether
or not she can hear me,

but if she can't hear
me, she can feel this.

- Mm-hm.
- You will not control him.

- And as you pull it free, those
of you that are near Suntar

hear her just yelling up into the sky.

He was mine to control!

And it's pulled free and away,

and you feel something about your magic,

the full force of what being
a prince of a court means

was wrapped around that
spike and bound and buried,

and it is untethered and unloosed,

and you feel your awareness,
your magical capabilities

spreading out to all dark
places and all lost places

as someone who is a member of two courts

that have more in common than they think.

You can reach up. The storm is yours.

What do you do?

- Thank you.
- I saw her, your sister.

She did this to you.

- And I hold out my
hand, and I want to say

that the rain doesn't fall

when I reach out.

- And I grab. We're going.

- And you head off in the direction.

That was your action.

- Mm-hm.
- You, via holding this spike,

are tethered to a person
that is next to the portal.

You still have a bonus action,

if you would like to attempt a success.

- Okay, in feeling

close to the portal

and understanding that the weight of it,

everything I've fought for,
everything I've worked for,

I think about the feeling it felt

to finally be seen and to reveal myself

and to understand what my court means,

and I burn the heart.

- Oh.
(players applauding)

No roll required. The Crystal
Heart is a different artifact.

- Oh.
- Mm.

- And even as you feel it disintegrate,

wherever it physically was on your person,

you hear a sigh of relief
and alarm and surprise

as the members of your court,

stuck and transformed as
they are, can reach out,

and they know that their
leader is reaching for them,

and you are filled with a
surge of hope and purpose.

And we move from BINX to Rue.

- Mm.

So I show up,

and I see the corpse of Apollo,

you holding on and dodging.

(Lou gasping frantically)

- I remain, as ever,
committed to your memory.

After I have killed you,

I will let the people
know of your great works!

- Hm, what to do?

I also see Suntar, yes?

- You see Suntar.

I will say, because you're kind of running

with Hob at the time,

you saw Suntar cast a spell on Hob.

- Hm, okay.

- You've got an action and a bonus action.

- I turn to Wuvvy, which I
assume is behind me, right?

- Yes, she's probably
20 feet back and away.

She's followed you, but
she's not intervening

unless she sees you in danger.

- I turn to her and I say, Wuvvy? Please.

- Her ears kind of flatten
out, and she steps forward.

- I know we left on strange terms,

and there's still much to discuss,

but I really need your help
at this moment in time.

- She looks out, sees Hob,

kind of turns away from him, and sees you.

She nods.

Whatever you want.

- Wuvvy, I love him.

- I know.

(Aabria sighs)

She's going to turn.

She also saw what Suntar did,
and she will throw herself

at the Unseelie princess

and tackles her to the ground.

She fails her concentration check,

and Hob, you return to yourself.

(Brennan whooshes and gasps)

- I meant everything I said,

but my actions were inappropriate.

- All right, I get it.
It was her, not you.

- Yes, absolutely.
- Nice swing, though.

- Thank you very much, and may I say,

your form's not bad, as well.

- All right, all right.

Well, I can see what happens when you get-

- Gentlemen!
- Sorry!

- You have a bonus action left

if you would like to make
an attempt on the portal.

- Yes, I will. I want to
give up the title of true.

- Okay.

- And I would also like to burn this.

- Okay.

You are making an attempt. Your DC is 10.

- 10.

Ooh, it's a 12.
(players cheering)

- Amazing.

You burn that thing inside of you

as you feel the love
for and of your friend,

and for someone that you
know the air isn't clear yet,

but it's getting brighter,
despite the rain,

and you push that magic into the portal.

Two successes left. Next up, Chirp.

- So, there's only,

like, basically only Suntar is
here worth attacking, right?

- Yeah.
- Okay.

- And she is currently being
throttled by a very angry faun.

- Okay, what I would like to do is,

I have Cockatiel Wind Strike,

AKA Steel Wind Strike.
- Steel Wind Strike, yeah.

- I have my Shadow Blade, which gives me

advantage in the dark.
- We'll count it.

- [Emily] So can I attack
these vines five times?

- Please do.

- Because that's what
Steel Wind Strike is.

- Oh, I know.
- You flourish the weapon

used in the casting-
- Don't read it, I know.

- Okay.
- Anyone watching, Google it.

Yeah, I get it. Do your
dark works, my love.

- Okay, and then since
I'm using Shadow Blade,

do I get to roll each one with advantage?

- [Aabria] Yes.
(Emily snickering)

- Double crit, double crit.

- So that's a 19 on the first one.

- Okay, hits. It's plants.

- That is a 26 on the next one.

- Hit.
- That's a nat 20,

which is going to be 12d10 on one of them.

- Jesus.
- What?

- [Aabria] Yeah, okay okay okay.

- Miss, probably, on the fourth one.

'cause that's a 13.

- No.
- Okay.

And then 24 for the last one.

- Three hits and a crit?
- Okay, three hits and a crit.

- Three hits and a crit,
so it's 6d10 for everyone

except for the one I crit on, it's 12d10.

- Yeah, for a total of a million d10.

- Wait, that's one.

Oh god, this math is gonna,
please edit out my math.

30 plus six, so 36 damage to each vine

and then 72 damage to the one, right?

36 times two? Yeah.
- Yeah, okay.

(thunder rolling)

- It's super effective.
(Brennan laughing)

- That's enough to kill a dragon,

and these were plants on a gate.

(players laughing)

Wild. Life comes at you
fast sometimes, you know?

You move as you disappear

and reappear near one of the-

- Oh, I come riding on my raven flamingo.

- Yikes, but literally, people
are losing sight of you.

This is the anime, sort of moving so fast

it looks like a teleport.
- Yeah.

- As you hit near the midsection
of one of the caryatids,

one just over the head,
one at the very top

where there is nothing but
the ether of arcane magic

holding this together, and
then down around the other side

and one last strike where you're standing

in the center of this
portal as you obliterate

the vines around it and you look through.

You have a reason

to care about the portal staying open.

You've been to the mortal
world. You have family there.

All of that rushes in you and through you

as you, I mean, we're
done with the successes.

You did it, that's it.

- Oh, okay.
- It's open. It is saved.

Magic will continue to flow

towards your wife and your daughter,

who is already proving herself
to be a very powerful mage.

And in that moment, you
reach out and reach forward

and you see, like oil on water,

just the little afterimage
shadow of your child,

little Peep, who is standing
holding a stick in the woods,

having a very different day.

It's sunny, but she's
in the same pose as you.

You know she doesn't
see you in this moment,

but you know that she is
yours, and you have preserved

the most important thing
in the world to her.

And that was never the magic,

that was you and a chance
at getting to know you.

And you finish. What are you doing?

- I bow to my daughter
that only I can see,

and then I say, I'm
coming for you, but first,

I have to absolutely fucking
destroy my reputation.

(players laughing)

(players applauding)

(Oscar humming Shania Twain's
"Man! I Feel Like a Woman!")

(Emily making an explosion sound)

(players laughing)

- You pop up, birdy-booty out.

You are up, Andhera, as
you move and see the scene.

- I see my sister and Wuvvy.

- Wuvvy was able to fully tackle her

and do enough damage to
break the concentration,

but she seems loathe to truly hurt someone

of a significantly higher
station than herself.

- Makes sense.

Dear sister,

I cast Compel Duel.

(a horn sounds and Brennan gasps)

- What?
- Oh my god.

- And I establish the duel by
throwing the elemental shard

that has been so kindly
extracted from my body

into the ground as it goes chunk

at an angle and sticks right there.

- Okay, what's the DC?
- That's going to be 14.

- Yeah, doesn't get it with a 12,

and she looks up at Wuvvy
like, if you don't mind.

And Wuvvy looks over at you.

And Suntar pulls herself
through the moss and mud,

gets to her feet, and she's
looking you dead in the eye.

You see her hand twitch

as she uses a Mage Hand to grab the spike.

She's holding her hands as
though she's holding the spike,

but the spike is floating
seven feet out in front of her.

- Mm-hm.
- So we're doing this?

- Yes.

(intense music begins, Aabria chuckling)

- Okay, little brother.

Go ahead.

- Please, actually, you first.

- Then while using Mage
Hand to hold the spike,

she reaches up with her other hand,

and is going to pull down a
bolt of lightning from the sky.

Please make a dexterity saving throw.

- Great.
- Ooh!

- Does someone want to intervene

and stop her from casting a spell?

- I look over at my cousin.
Should we do something?

I mean, I could fully stop this,

but also, I mean, the drama!

- I'm going to lean in and
be like, let him tank it.

He'll take it. It's going to look amazing.

- I think he's going to.
- No, it's all yours!

- It's all yours, Andhera!
- Go get 'em, king! Prince!

- That was a wonderful 11.

- Okay.
- Okay!

- As you take 44 points
of lightning damage.

- You got this, king! Zap!
(players laughing)

- She reaches up with that bolt

and pulls something darker than
the night sky down onto you

for 44 points of lightning damage,

and just smiles.

- I spit out what would, I suppose,

in the material realm, be blood.

- Mm-hm.
- But for me,

it's kind of like a
dark cave river liquid.

It's just darkness itself, and I spit it,

and I start to laugh at her.

- You're just going to laugh?

- Well, that's actually
not the exact extent

- Well, that's actually
not the exact extent

of my communications to you, dear sister.

You see, I spoke with Mother earlier.

- I don't care about our mother.

- Really?
- No.

- Fascinating. Of course.

Of course you don't,
because you've hatched

this incredible plan, and it's
been incredibly successful,

except for the utter fucking failure

it's been this entire time.

And I point to the elemental shard.

Was that your attempt at control over me?

- It was pretty effective
until very recently.

- BINX has her crossbow
on you, just ready.

If ever Andhera gives me
a nod, I will shoot you.

- Okay.

- You are now actively acting
against the Unseelie Court.

Your alliances that you've
made are eviscerated,

for the most part, after
getting a very easy distraction.

Very effective.

- I just do what I do.

(Emily, Aabria, and Surena laughing)

- Put the corpse down now.

(players laughing)

- I wouldn't. We might not
be out of the woods just yet.

- [Emily] I think rigor
mortis is setting in.

- You've become a pillar boy yourself.

- Oh no!
- You're the pillar boy now!

- Your plan and plot
against the other courts

has been completely exposed,

so much so that you actually ended up

uniting the rest of us against you.

You have no allyship but yourself.

You're standing in complete loneliness,

and all you have is your
broken and disproven pride,

whereas everyone has
found a way to connect.

And Rue, that full credit
goes to you. You did it.

This was a successful Bloom.

- So.

- I will accept your
resignation in this duel

and we can call it even,

or we can continue to fight,
and you might kill me.

Genuinely, you might,
with the next strike,

and then all of these folks will kill you.

- I am smart enough to know

when a fight's a bad one,

but we are incredibly long
lived, and I will see you again.

And she takes one step back,
and is going to Dimension Door.

- Counterspell.
- There we go.

- I'm sorry honey, did you just
try to make a graceful exit,

and it just got stopped?
- Backed into a wall.

- Honey, you're gonna walk
away. You're gonna walk.

- Wait, you Counterspell
the Dimension Door.

Is she a little bit off balance?

- Yeah, sure.

- Cool, you do that, and I'm gonna go, hm!

And kick her through the portal.

(players laughing)

I have an action surge I never used.

- That's very good. She goes, no!

- Yeah, have fun in the sewage streets!

- Yes, the sewage running
streets of gritty Los Angeles!

(players clapping)

- Speaking of which,
I have to find Jeremy.

- Mr. Renner! He'll be frightened
and alone in the storm!

- Mr. Renner, I could really
destroy my reputation with him.

- Well yeah, the problem is
solved. The portal is preserved.

It's still raining, the ground
is broken and disheveled,

but everything begins to stabilize

as a new order and a new understanding

about the world and what it could be

when people aren't separated,

when they're brought
together and held together,

and everything calms and stills,

and we move from this time and this place

to a bit of a denouement
and the last things

that can be said and need to
be said here at the Bloom.

So, I turn the floor
back over to you again.

Where do you go? Who do you seek out?

- Do you want to talk to Jeremy?

(players laughing)

- Yeah, I'll talk to
Jeremy really quickly,

because there's not much
to be said there, but-

- You will find him back on
the stage, just screaming.

He's just screaming.

- Jeremy, Jeremy!
(Aabria screaming)

Jeremy, Jeremy! Jeremy, Jeremy, Jeremy!

Jeremy, Jeremy, Jeremy, Jeremy, Jeremy!


- You are reminiscent of a bird.

- Yes, but they were based on, okay.

The birds were based us.

- I hate that we have
to keep explaining that.

- I don't know what that means.

- Jeremy, you're incredible.

- Thanks.
- And I'm assuming

that you were kind of
kidnapped by some means

and forced to play the
role of the Green Hunter.

- No, this was a role, I've
always wanted to do theater.

I chose this, and I read this
script, and it's brilliant,

and I'm already good at using a bow.

- Wow, well, it's kind of, that's funny.

(Brennan cackling)

Is there any chance, I
know you love theater,

and I would love to take
this show on the road, but-

- Are you going to
introduce yourself to him?

- No!

But I, Airry Pearry, author of-

- Oh!
- I wrote it.

I wrote it, I wrote it.

- That makes sense.

- Yes, that's why I came to talk to you.

- Yeah, okay.

Yeah, no one really talked to me

as the world was tearing apart.

They kind of just left me there.

- This is fey-dom, people
jump into each other's dreams

and eat each other's hearts.

Crazy shit like that is
happening all the time.

- I'm gonna let that wash over me,

because if I think about
it, I will go insane.

- But Jeremy, would you
consider doing what you do best

and being in a really gritty,

kind of nasty cinematic interpretation

of "The Green Hunter"?

- I need you to make a persuasion check

as he kind of steps onto his back foot.

- I would burn all of the
tokens that I have left.

- Oh my god.

- You don't have to
burn multiple! Just one!

- I'll burn the mask.
- Yeah.

- Yes, the theater mask.
- The theater mask!

- This is just the most important thing.

- And you see his trepidation
move toward excitement

as he's like, I got this letter.

It was weird, and it yelled at me.

- Yes.
- With a mouth

that only I could see in my heart.

- Yes.
- To not take the film.

But for you, Airry Pearry, anything.

- Jeremy.
- Call me Jer Bear.

(players laughing)

- Oh my god, only his
deepest acquaintances!

- Jer Bear?

- Jer Bear Renner, I'm
gonna tell you right now,

I've been vulnerable with
very few people in my life.

- Cousin, quick, don't fall in love, okay?

You can't fall in love!
- Okay.

- Or we'll lose the wager!
- Oh my god!

(players cheering and exclaiming)

- Jer Bear, you know what,
I would invite you over,

but I'm staying at a
friend's place right now.

- I totally understand.

- But when everything kind of calms down,

would you want to just grab coffee

and just talk about how
gritty and nasty the city is?

- He just gives you the mid-tricep clap.

I'd absolutely like that.

I'm gonna go, because this
is honestly horrifying.

- I'll see you soon, Jer Bear.

- Real quick, and he
leans in really close.

- Yeah.
- How do I leave?

(Brennan and Oscar laughing)

- Well, you need to kiss me,

and then you jump through that portal.

- Understood. And he goes for it.

He leans up, big old smooch.

- I feel like I'm that
woman in "The Town".

(players laughing)

- What?
- You know, "The Town".

We all love "The Town", right?

- That movie we all definitely saw.

- I feel like that woman from "The Town".

- It's not the main one,

'cause that's who Ben Affleck is dating,

but Jeremy Renner must kiss
somebody in that movie,

and if not in the movie,

in the deleted scenes,
and I feel like her.

- And he falls backward through
the portal, eyes on you.

We'll talk. We'll be in touch.

- Later, Jer Bear.

(Aabria and Emily laughing)

Oh, thank god he's gone.

Otherwise, I would have lost the wager.

- I saw that!

- We would not be getting those eggs.

- I saw that coming. Quick, get wasted.

- All right, yes.
- We have little time.

- Yes, we've got to throw an orgy, STAT!

- As you go into your orgy prep,

who else would like to step
up and have a conversation?

- I would like to go after you.

- Oh, wonderful.

In that case, I would
like to call upon Advisor.

- Okay, where do you find Advisor?

You know that he has spent

a lot of time in the library
since you found that for him.

- Yes, in that sea cave library.

- Yes.
- Advisor.

I would assume that you
are privy to the events

that occurred following,
or during the theater,

that probably rudely
interrupted the production.

- I heard.

- It would seem that I have taken up

a more pertinent and higher
status in the Unseelie Court,

considering the disfavor of my sister.

- Let me stop you right there.

You were already the heir.

You have simply secured your place

from one that would usurp you.

- Well, in that case, Advisor,

I must say, I think that as
the true heir to the throne

and someone considering the future of it,

your services are possibly
redundant and unnecessary.

You represented my mother, the queen,

and for that, you enacted her practices.

Of course, sometimes you strayed from that

and you showed me kindness,

so much so that we had to cast Darkness

in order for you to show me that kindness,

for you would be punished otherwise.

I don't want you to be
punished, Advisor, for that,

so I am asking you to
relinquish your position.

Instead, I would like to assign you

as the official librarian
of the Unseelie Court.

And as your first order,

I would ask that you extend

one of the wings of the
library to include space

for what might be a new collection,

a collection of unfinished
manuscripts and works

that we might soon share
with another court.

- I understand.

I tender my resignation

and gratefully accept my new position.

- I hold out my hand to Advisor.

Two things before I depart.

One, thank you, really.

And two, my man, what
actually is your name?

I've been calling you Advisor
this entire freaking time.

Grandpa dog has more
of a name than you do.

That seems so unfair. Like,
what's your first name, man?

- And he will immediately
close the distance and hug you

and just say, I'm not telling you that.

- I'm gonna get you! I'm
100% going to get you!

- That's so fun. God, I got to know now.

- I'm incredibly proud of you.

You will be a great ruler one day.

- Thank you.

Before that, I hope to just learn

how to be a good person, I suppose.

- You're well on your way.

My new position doesn't start

for, oh god, what is an amount of time?

A mahnth? Is that how it's pronounced?

- Yes.
- Mahnth.

- Yeah, I'll be back in a mahnth.

- Yes.
- Back in a mahnth.

- Bye. And he just disappears.
- Oh shit!

Oh, he had plans, all right.

And I'm just alone in
the library for a bit.

I kind of just look around as
if someone was watching me.

- He lives a whole life
outside of you, man.

- Yeah of course, yeah of
course. Great, I'm going to...

Who am I talking to?

- I'm going to burst in, if I can.

Your highness, when we
were in the tailor shop,

you were reading minds.
- Mm-hm.

- Did you...

I assumed you heard some
stuff that I was thinking

and were just being very polite
and not mentioning anything.

Did you hear anything
that either the Lady BINX

or Delloso de la Rue were thinking

about messages or anything
else of that nature?

Did you hear anything else that they said?

- To be quite honest, I
was trying to be polite,

so I was only listening to
how much I could listen to,

but I was picking up a
lot of vibes, a lot of-

- Be more specific!

(players laughing)

- Oh, K.P., just go. Go tell them.

Go tell them! Aw.
- Aw!

- I heard a bit of your
earlier conversation.

You very much are a good person.

- Thank you.

- Your highness.

And I'm going to sprint to find Rue.

- Let's just follow it right there.

- Can I talk to someone
before that meeting, though?

- Yeah, for sure.
- So I summon Wuvvy.

- Yeah.
- And I say, Wuvvy, um,

I want to thank you for what you did,

and what you have always done for me.

I know you know that I have
left the Court of Wonder,

and I will no longer be
the master of ceremonies,

so your contract is done.

You are no longer bound by
me. You no longer work for me.

- Let me make something incredibly clear.

I was never bound to you.

I made a choice, and
I would make it again,

and there are a lot of things,

I guess just a couple things,
that I will apologize for.

And you see her left
ear kind of flicks up,

perceiving something in the distance.

Now's not necessarily the time for that.

- Hm.

- I love you with my whole heart,

and I do want you to be happy,

which is why I'm going
to turn and walk away now

and leave you to it,

and we will pick this up again

as friends and peers

and whatever we're gonna
be next later, okay?

- I love you.

- I know.
- And I forgive you,

and I hope you can forgive me.

(Aabria breathes out shakily)

- Of course.

And as she's just going to
kind of turn away from you,

in the direction of Major Hob,

and just from far away,

just gives you a little
nod, and dashes away.

- Major Hob. (clears throat)

That was a battle, wasn't it?

We did it.

We were successful in our
mission. Congratulations.

I'm sure you have to report to
the Goblin Court and debrief.

I'm sure you have to report to
the Goblin Court and debrief.

Whatever it is that you do.

- I think I was looking
for clarity from Andhera,

and Andhera, to tell me something

so that I wouldn't have
to be afraid of rejection,

but I'm holding this, rests within me,

and I...

This should be scary.
I'm a goblin, after all.

So I approach and say,

no word of any sort or kind
did I receive at any point

to indicate to me that there was sentiment

as you have described.

You asked me, and before you say

if you did say indeed words,

whether in writing or in speech,

that simply never reached my ears,

I take this moment,
then, not to be certain,

for I need you to hear this
knowing that I am uncertain

of the world that awaits
me when I finish speaking.

You spoke to me of honor.

Honor, to me,

means something deep and profound.

It is the pursuit of what is right

when circumstances are against you.

It is the doing of what is good and noble

when the world conspires
to prevent you from it,

and in that sense, I have
never lived an honorable day.

Every service I have done

has been the path of least resistance.

Every suffering of mine

has been because I feared,
and feared greatly,

to disappoint, to earn scorn.

Each day, I have been a coward,

and seeing you in this Bloom,
I have seen true bravery,

without which there can be no honor.

So, if you would let me

act with honor for the
first time in my life,

I would ask you for your
hand and for a kiss.

- Honorably, I accept.

- I lean in and I kiss Rue.

I will stay in that kiss
for as long as I can.

- And I will stay. To fey, what is time?

I'm going to stay there for
as long as I possibly can.

- When the kiss ends, I step
back and smile, weeping.

You are beautiful beyond words,

braver than the morning sun
which dispels the night,

and there is one injury of
yours that must be amended.

And I plant my halberd in the ground

and I begin to undo my military coat.

- Okay.
- Leave my cap on the ground.

- Okay.
- I leave my coat.

You said that you felt alone.

Never here, not while I draw breath.

I renounce the Goblin
Court in its entirety

and forswear all oaths of
loyalty to king and kin.

If you are orphaned, then so am I,

and you will never know a lonely day again

as long as I draw breath.

- You are all I need.

And I go again, a passionate kiss.

- Big, furry bugbear chest.
Two furry fairies in the woods.

And that's all that Hob will ever need.

- Amazing, before we come
back to BINX and Andhera,

my Lords of the Wing,

you make your way back to the nest,

and there is one final letter

from your grandfather waiting for you.

- Cousin, would you like to do the honors?

- Yes, I know you get paper cuts easily.

(players laughing)

- These delicate fingers.

- I read it.

- My sweet grandchildren,

I have worried for you

my entire life,

your entire life,

because I didn't know how you could be

anything more than what I was.

But I have seen much here,

and heard more,

and my concern

for the behaviors

that I have lived through
that drove our family to ruin

were somehow thankfully lost
before they reached you.

I thought you would be nothing
but leeches and lechers,

I thought you would be nothing
but leeches and lechers,

but I had too little faith.

Lady Chirp, you are stronger
than you've ever let on.

- It really says that. It really does.

I know I'm saying the compliment about me,

but it does say that, it does say that.

- Oh!

- Lord Airavis. Airry.

(Lou chuckling happily, players laughing)

- Word's gotten out.

- You have talent, true talent,

and it is my last wish...

I'm still alive.
- Okay. Ah!

- Ah!

- That you pursue your truths

beyond just here and now

and at the knife's edge of ruin.

Enjoy your nest, and your future.

The Lords of the Wing

have never been in
better wings than yours.

- Wow.

- I'm glad he left before the orgy.

- Yeah, right? We're about
to tear this place up.

- We absolutely are. I start
waterproofing the nest.

- Oh, Caw's back there with the spray.

(Emily and Oscar laughing)

He knows what's up.

- Clear some space for 55.000
eggs the following morning.

- Ha ha ha!
- Amazing.

And finally, we move to Andhera and BINX.

Andhera, do you make your way

over to BINX at any point?

- At any point? I think it's immediate.

- Okay, that's on me. All right, go ahead.

- So BINX, you would find
them by the portal still,

and they're just staring into it

in sort of wonder.

- My dear BINX.
- Oh!

- I'm sorry, didn't mean to interrupt

if you were scrying or-

- No, I...

I hear them.

- I'm sorry?

- I hear them, my court.

They reached out.

They're not gone.

- That's fantastic!

So I suppose you don't have
to open your court anymore.

I suppose you've found-
- No, no no no.

My court, again, you
keep calling it a court,

and then courts have so
much formality and rules.

My court is no court.

It is a home,

and you are welcome in my home, always.

And, staring into the
portal, I'm not a leader.

I've never been a leader,
ever, of my entire existence.

It's entirely scary. It's so scary.

But I...

I am so grateful to
everything you've done,

and I feel ready.

I feel excited and scared,
and I'm going to use my last,

this is tied to the mortal realm.

- Yes.

- And in it,

I reach my mind out to everyone,

to Rue, to Captain Hob,

to Lord Airavis, to Lady Chirp,

and I say,

my home is always, always,
forever open to you.

my home is always, always,
forever open to you.

Should you need a place to rest your head,

a place to find comfort, laughter,

my home is yours.

And I would love for you to see it.

Come with me to the mortal realm.

- I would absolutely love
that. That sounds incredible.

And I'm sorry that it's scary.

- It's terrifying.
- Oh my god! Like, what?

- I wasn't in line or anything.

It's just that I survived.

- No, no no no, no.

I want to grab you by the
shoulders a little bit.

Not forcefully, just very tenderly.

- Yeah.
- You didn't just survive.

You already led something.

You led the revolution
that changed everything,

and quite a bit has happened,
but just as a reminder,

and I want to take a knee,

I have pledged fealty to you.

And I would like to burn my last token

that I earned from K.P. Hob,

and for the rest of our existence,

anytime you are scared,
I will reassure you.

- I take sort of your hand,

so I'm standing, you're kneeling.

I'll kneel to meet your
gaze, and I will kiss you.

- Oh!
- Aw!

- Ah!
- Woo!

- And the kiss is received
and returned immediately,

and above both of us,

a late spring cloud

forms and starts to rain.

- Do you go through the portal?

- Yeah, and I will stand.

Still holding your hand, I'll say,

we have so much to experience together.

And I walk through the portal.

- As do I.

- And you disappear forward and through

to experience something new and different,

but you leave something
new and different behind,

you all do, and each of you

feels a little brown string

ties itself in a bow
around your pinky finger

as a little tether to the home

that is the Court of Craft is created,

an offer extant and persistent,

because the things that
you guys have done here,

you don't need to be a part.

The Lords of the Wing never
needed to be a part of a court.

You two have renounced your
courts and found each other,

and that's all you need,
is interconnectedness,

but it never needed to be this system,

and you two moving forward and through,

creating something together
and something new, the world,

this world and the one you
saved, is different now

because you archfey dared
to reach for each other,

and you reached back, and
I'm getting emotional.

(Brennan laughs and Aabria
breathes out heavily)

Thank you for being here.
- Wow, wow.

- And a part of this very
strange, very lovely story.

I love you all so, so much.
(everyone blowing kisses)

So let's go one more
time out into the world.

Will you lead us, please?
- Of course.

- [All] Hi-ya!

- Bye.

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